DAE MO NIM’s words from July 11, 2014.

(Unofficial notes)

"Good evening, everyone. The weather is so nice this evening. Tomorrow morning, I will leave for Japan at 7:20 am, so I better deliver this speech to you tonight instead of tomorrow. Back from Africa a week ago, I am recovering from water problems. However, Japanese members are waiting for me, so I am giving this speech tonight.

CP works started 20 years ago, 23 years ago if I include when HParents talked with me. The first words that DMN said to HFather were "I am insufficient." Heavenly Parent said: "That is why I am using you." All the construction around CP has been a big work but making Satan into angels and ES into AGS was a much larger work. The liberation goals were given in numbers to be completed by certain dates.

DMN asked HParents how to do this work. She had many worries and offered severe conditions such as 10,000 bows in one day. So much devotion was offered that one of DMN's teeth came out. HParent said to DMN, you need 1) to be sincere, 2) to work based on fact with no falsehood, and 3) to do it with love. DMN thought to herself, why did HParent say things in this order? She realized that love can only come after being sincere and working truthfully. HParent further said 4) have the mind of sacrifice and devotion and 5) work diligently, then HParent will do the work.

After making the training center in the SW, since spirits could not see themselves and their house in the SW, DMN decided to show them and let them know and listen to the DP. She showed Satan the past: before the fall, and after the fall when 2/3 of the angels fell with Lucifer. Why couldn't the spirits see themselves and their house in the SW? This was because of deep resentment. Spirits at the SW training center receive lectures and are shown the scenes of the creation of AE, and HParent creating all things and humankind. They are also shown the scene of the fall that occurred due to excessive desire and lack of love. They also see the central figures and providential contents for 100 days, after which they have become AGS.

Likewise, education, culture and medical services have to be "made" here in the restored Garden of Eden. The construction of the Wanglim Heavenly Palace (the main building at the training center) had to be completed in time for True Father's 80th birthday and the ceremony of the Coronation of God's Kingship. At the end of December 1991, on a dark, cold night, the sites for construction of all the buildings around CP were shown to DMN and Hoon Mo Nim. They went together to the site for the construction of the Cheon Cheong Gung. It was difficult to push through all the pine trees. They saw the site for the main building, building A, and building B, and were shown the amount of money needed. Despite the huge amount of money needed, without any fear they said yes to HParent, that they could finish the construction by the end of 2005. The Peace World Center had to be constructed quickly to attend TPs beautifully and to have TF's Seonghwa there. Pine Ridge resort is the first place that TPs went to after the helicopter accident. A hot spring emerged at Pine Ridge and that spring water cured True Father. Back pain can be cured there. TF did walking exercises in the spring and recovered quickly. A fishing area was also made there for TF.

By 2020, all the non-profit organizations around CP should become profitable. Originally we did not own the land beyond the Water of Life. We bought the mountain with the Tree of Blessing and a lot of other land around the area.We have also bought the mountains on the right and left sides of the Cheon Cheong Gung mountain and also behind the CCG mountain. So there will be no development around CCG in the future. We need to know the sincerity, honesty and living for the sake of others content of the CP providence. We also need to know the contents of the indemnity conditions made by TPs to remove Osin. These are the works by TPs to let us become one so that Satan cannot work. Then there can be a revival of the church. Even if a church leader gives a good sermon, it is not sufficient. You need to receive it well.

Reflect on yourself and become a person of character. We must become one -- one is heart, mind, body and mindset -- and also one with our church leader with absolute faith, love and obedience so that the sacred Heavenly Parent can live within us. We should not have fallen nature. No drinking, smoking or taking drugs, and no looking/touching/eating. Be afraid of public money, including tithing. Also, don't infringe others' hearts. If you speak thoughtlessly, a descendant may be mute. Witness to your family members and church members and offer a tithe of your time. Take pride in the Principle and TPs.

2014 is a difficult year and June, July and August will be difficult internally for our movement. Let's become one! Let's make this culture! Such filial sons and daughters of HParent and TPs I hope you can become. I will close here. Thank you."

God bless, itn, David Carlson

(Taken from the notes of a long-time foreign missionary who attends CP frequently)
Heung Jin Moon 문흥진's photo.
Heung Jin Moon 문흥진's photo.


DP Life — When You’re Stuck in a Rut

When You’re Stuck in a Rut

We all set out on our journey with the best of intentions, but life inevitably throws the occasional road block, flat tire, or thunderstorm our way. It’s easy to stay positive when everything is going according to plan, but when we find ourselves in difficult situations it can be hard to see beyond our immediate frustrations.

If good experiences bring out the best in us, then negative ones often bring out the worst. The Divine Principle tells us that we all possess these two natures and all have the potential for positive or negative reactions:

“We find a great contradiction in every person. Within the self-same individual are two opposing inclinations: the original mind that desires goodness and the evil mind that desires wickedness.”

It’s not always easy to follow our original mind, the part of ourselves that is connected to our divine nature. In fact, it often feels easy and natural to slip into negative patterns. It takes effort and mindfulness to build up our “original mind muscle,” but when we are aware of the contradiction, we can learn to choose our response instead of just reacting to the moment.

When you find yourself in the midst of a breakdown—car related or otherwise—follow these four steps to keep your cool:

1. Pull Over - Give yourself some space to breathe and process. Within this pause, allow yourself to let go of whatever expectations you may have had so that you can deal with the situation as it is, and not how you wish it could be.

2. See the Broader Picture - Try to step outside of your immediate situation. What is the ultimate goal? Getting to your destination safely, or getting there on time? What is the most important thing? Who wins the argument, or the health of your relationship?

3. Ask for Help - If your car breaks down on the road, most of us don’t hesitate to call road-side assistance. If you get into an accident, you may need the police or an ambulance. When life hits you with a metaphorical breakdown, who is on your 911 list? Who is your police officer or fireman, who will drop everything at a moment’s notice to come to your aid? Who is your doctor, the one who will help you patch up and heal your spiritual or emotional wounds? Allow the people in your lives the blessing of coming to your rescue, and let them know you’d be willing to do the same.

4. Practice Gratitude - When you choose to be grateful for what you have instead of worrying about what you don’t, every situation will take on new meaning. When we look for the positive, a traffic jam becomes an opportunity for a deep conversation with our fellow passengers, an unexpected stop a chance to explore a new place. By embracing spontaneity and gratitude, life’s little bumps, though frustrating at first, can lead to valuable lessons and meaningful experiences.

Do you know someone who has fallen upon hard times? Share these tips with them to let them know you care. How do you get over the humps and bumps in life? Help your fellow readers out by sharing in the comments below!

More Insights DP Life — When You’re Stuck in a Rut

FFWPU USA » International Peace Education Center

International Peace Education Center

The Big Picture

In the final years of his life True Father initiated a project in Las Vegas aimed at offering a new vision for peace and human development to world leaders. He sometimes called this vision the “Shining City” project because he hoped it would change the reputation of Las Vegas from “Sin City” to a city of educational enlightenment.

He proposed the realization of a major educational institution where world leaders would be inspired by the worldview of Family Federation and its associated organizations while enjoying the region’s natural wonders such as the Grand Canyon as well as monumental achievements of human ingenuity such as Hoover Dam and Las Vegas itself.

Where We Need Your Help

True Father was filled with the vision to make Las Vegas known as a center of God’s love and truth, not as it is now—a city catering to the physical and selfish desires of human beings. In 2011, he personally directed the purchase of the International Peace Education Center site.

When purchased, the site was a 135,400 square-foot warehouse at 6590 Bermuda Road situated on six acres of land near McCarran International Airport. True Father guided the architects to create a monument in the style and tradition of the Cheong Jeong Gung palace in Korea.

The steel framework is already complete and the roof, framing, and exterior will soon be finished. We are now working hard to complete the project.

Our goal is to raise $5 million and finish construction for in time for a grand opening ceremony in August. All contributors will be listed on the “Giving Tree Wall,” which will be housed in the International Peace Education Center. Your name will also appear on the opening ceremonies program and on our virtual “Giving Tree Wall” on our website. But most importantly, for your contribution, you will receive our eternal gratitude and a sense of ownership of what can and will become one of the most influential buildings in the country.

Grand Opening Ceremony: Fall 2014

When complete, this will be our church’s flagship facility in the United States, as well as an educational, workshop, training and education center for the world. With the steel framework and exterior almost finished we need your help with completing the interior. Here are the various components the facility will feature:

  • Convention Center A large digital sign in the lobby

  • Digital Museum A showcase of True Father’s life as a peace-loving global citizen

  • Restaurant and cafe Serving both attendees and locals.

  • Educational Center A meeting space with 1,200-person capacity

  • Hotel Rooms Temporary rooms for guests attending conventions or conferences at the International Peace Education Center.

The impact of the International Peace Education Center

Though Las Vegas is often viewed as “Sin City,” this city is precious to God because it has the potential to become a thriving center for families seeking entertainment and the riches of ecological wonders nearby.

Las Vegas has changed its vocation from that of a simple vacation getaway to the world’s most popular convention and event venue; every year the city hosts over 21,000 conventions and events. Major corporations hold expos and trade fairs there to show off their newest products, and more than 40 million visitors stop in Las Vegas annually.

True Father saw this as an ideal environment to bring leaders of the developing world for a chance to study the Family Federation and the Universal Peace Federation’s world vision and mingle with people who have the heart to share the prosperity and technology of America with those who have the greatest needs.

How wonderful would it be if Las Vegas was known not as a city where people go to grab money for themselves, but as a place where finance could be harvested for great works such as peace education.

Other Ways You Can Help

  • PRAYER. Never underestimate the power of prayer!
  • SHARE. Please share as much as possible, whether it be on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Emails, or word of mouth!
Thank you all so much for listening to our hearts and partnering with us on this amazing project.


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A Time to be United, Inside and Out , On July 1, 2014 True Mother gave her bi-monthly Hoon Dok Hae to Unificationists at the Cheon Jeong Gung in Cheongpyeong, Korea. During this time, True Mother announced the appointment of Sun-jin Moon, her fifth daughter who is married to In-sup Alexander Park, as the director-general of the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification.

There is no distinction made between the children of the True Parents based on their sex. You can become a central figure depending on the extent of your unity with True Parents. God created the heavens and the earth, then Adam and Eve, and then said that it was good to behold. When True Father named our children, each name had a meaning. I gave my sons a period of three years to show their unity with True Parents.

I will talk about appointing my daughter, Sun-jin Moon as the director-general of the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification (FFWPU) International Headquarters. My daughter truly recognizes the devotion and hard work of the first generation among the blessed families (a family that received the True Parents’ blessing in marriage at a Holy Marriage Blessing Ceremony is called a blessed family) in our Unification family. In all respects, there is still much to be fulfilled in their responsibilities to meet the extent desired by Heaven. Nevertheless, my daughter recognizes and appreciates the fact that they did the best they could, in their own way, in attending True Parents during those difficult times. My daughter is one who would say, “Are not the children of True Parents, the first-generation and second-generation Unificationists, all children in front of True Parents? First-generation Unificationists are also True Parents’ children. As a direct child of True Parents, I am younger; first-generation Unificationists are older; therefore, I shall treat them with respect like an elder brother.”

My daughter makes effort to live up to the principle of true love, of living for the sake of others, without being attached to her position. That is why I appointed her to the position of director-general to assist me during this period. Are there any objections?

God’s only begotten daughter

There are now only forty-two days left until the second anniversary of True Father’s Seonghwa, counting from today. What goes on in your mind while you prepare for the second anniversary? Do you know True Parents? If you wish to stand as a blessed family that meets the standard Heaven desires, you have a long way to go. This entails responsibility. Are you all making your utmost effort right now, regardless of whether you assume a public responsibility? Once again please bow your heads, your mind and body united, and repent before Heaven. Please purify your mind and body once again. I wish to forgive you once again as of today as we have not yet met Heaven’s standard collectively. [Two years ago, I asked you to drop all the lawsuits? Yet, what did you do?] In my heart I am ashamed and sorry that we still have not met Heaven’s standard and we are coming so close to the second anniversary of True Father’s Seonghwa.

Do you know True Parents? In particular, do you know True Mother? After Adam and Eve fell, Heaven could not just wait idly for Heavenly Parent’s lost children. What I mean is that our Heavenly Parent went on a course to remove the conditions for Satan’s accusations. How difficult and miserable was this course! What happened to Heaven’s stature within this satanic world where Satan, the devil, ruled as king? Despite all this, God chose a race of good people and raised them up for four thousand years. Aren’t we all well aware of this providential history through the Bible and the Divine Principle? Are you aware of the hardships Heaven had to go through for Jesus Christ, the only begotten son, to be born in a position free from the conditions of Satan’s accusations? God’s only begotten son was to create a nation. If the people of Israel at that time had united with him, they would have obtained a nation and could have advanced in the world beyond Rome. He should have become the True Parents. Yet, what happened to the people of Israel and those of the Jewish faith who failed their responsibility at that time?

God found and established the position of His only begotten son after four thousand years; this position remains intact. That is why Jesus said he would return. Then wouldn’t there also have been the only begotten daughter of God? Did God create only Adam? He created Adam and Eve. If the only begotten son of God existed in the history of the providence of restoration, there also should be the only begotten daughter of God. Wouldn’t there have been such a providential history? There was. We learned from the Divine Principle that when a central figure chosen by Heaven fails his responsibility, he is replaced. The only begotten daughter of God was not sent through Israel. The omniscient and omnipotent God cannot fail. He has been nurturing His only begotten daughter. Satan was the king of this world. Thus, God has been searching among the good royal families and royal realm within the satanic world. This is something you must understand.

I, the True Mother, sitting before you today, am the only begotten daughter of God born after six thousand years! (Aju.) This can be explained; I have all the proof here. When I was born, Satan tried to kill me. Through my birth Satan would die. So he was intent on killing me. This means that Heaven has been guiding providential history for six thousand years through the Han (Korean) race. Why does the word “han” appear in Daehanminguk (Korea)? In providential history, the Han dynasty is the owner of Asia. They are the race from the East, the Korean race. God chose this race and raised them.

He promised to send a son of Heaven through my family. I am sure you have heard this story about grandfather Han-jun Jo. Heaven ended up sending a daughter of Heaven instead of a son of Heaven because of three brass coins. Do you know that story? This is not a legend but is a fact. It is less than a hundred years since Christianity took root in Korea. After Korea’s liberation, a spiritual revival movement arose centering on Pyongyang. Although Christians were waiting for the Messiah to come on the clouds, people like Sung-do Kim, Ho-bin Heo and the New Jesuit Order were waiting for the Messiah to come in the flesh. Moreover, they made preparations. One well-known pastor, Ho-bin Lee, was the officiator of my parents’ wedding, which led to my birth. Until God sent his only begotten son among the people of Israel, the providential history had been one of selection.   

The process of changing the lineage occurred while I was in my mother’s womb. This is something you have to believe. That is why the three generations in my family centered on me believed that Pyongyang would become the palace of Eden. We believed this. That was when I was six years old. After Korea’s liberation, the political situation of North Korea was becoming communized and a border was drawn at the thirty-eighth parallel. Our faith prevented us from leaving Pyongyang, because we believed that the Lord would appear there. It was around this time that True Father went to North Korea after receiving a revelation. My maternal uncle was studying pharmacology at Waseda University [in Japan] at that time. He was supposed to return to his hometown, but we got information that he joined the army in South Korea. My grandmother, my mother Soon-ae Hong (“Dae-mo nim”) and I were three generations of only daughters. We were not fleeing; rather we were on our way to meet my uncle.

There is no denying that this was the providence. Ho-bin Heo was imprisoned at Daedong Prison together with True Father. When True Father found out that Ho-bin Heo had been incarcerated, he sent a note telling her to “deny everything and leave.” What did he say happened to him after that? Didn’t Father say  that he was tortured because of this? Since her daughter was in prison, Ho-bin Heo’s mother was entrusted with all the spiritual works in that group. This elderly lady summoned me and gave me a benediction. Ho-bin Heo’s group was making actual preparations to receive the returning Lord, who they believed would come in the flesh. What do you think would have happened if True Father had gone to that group and met them earlier? That elderly woman blessed me.  

After we had come south, a border was drawn at the thirty-eight parallel, preventing us from returning to the North. Two years later, the Korean War broke out. My life during those years was entirely under the protection of Heaven. There is no other explanation. Think about this. When Japan was preparing for the final battle, it expropriated all the iron goods in Korea, even utensils that were used in ancestral rites. Yet, why did all these iron goods end up in the yard of the house at which I was born? How can you explain this?

The same kind of events happened in True Father’s life. The moment when True Father succeeded Jesus’ mission, when Jesus appeared to him this qualified True Father as God’s only begotten son. Do you understand? This is something you have to know. The two-thousand-year history was one of searching for the only begotten daughter of God. Christians today call us heretics, but perhaps they are the heretics and cult. I am talking about Jesus himself.

I am unveiling these historical secrets. For six thousand arduous years, Heaven went through hardships while anxiously searching for Heaven’s only begotten daughter and the True Parents. That is why I am the one. You are all lucky to have met me.

On that day in 1960, heaven and earth rejoiced. It was the day when all creation was in joy. God had waited impatiently for that moment. Yet, what was the reality at that time? The prince and princess of Heaven fell to the lowest of all positions, rather than being elevated to the highest.

You have to be aware of the hardships I had to go through so that the holy day ‘God’s Day’ could emerge. It was a day that could be established by virtue of the victorious foundation of my two sons, Hyo-jin and Heung-jin. You have to love Heung-jin. Satan tried to kill him when he was born. The environment in which he grew up was not a completely good environment. It was the satanic world. Furthermore, True Father’s life was threatened by communism. Knowing this, my son was determined and ready to die instead of True Father. Without such children, providential history would not have continued to this day.

Although I was young at that time, it was still no easy feat to give birth to fourteen children in a span of twenty years. It was not as if I was giving birth to children in a pleasant and quiet environment; I was going to the battleground and had four children through Caesarean section. Just this fact alone should be enough for you to respect True Mother.

I have brought everything to order. Now all that remains is your responsibility. That is not something I can do for you. You have to fulfill your responsibility as tribal messiahs. Should you be the only ones who live within True Parents’ privileged realm? What about the other seven billion people of this world? Even if I am pained because of my children, I still must think about the seven billion people of this world because I am the True Parent. A person who respects me and views me favorably, even though he does not fully understand God’s Will, conveyed a message that said, “True Mother, you seem to be having a hard time; I hope you can forget everything and find peace.” You, the leaders in charge, do you know what it’s like in my heart?

There is one more thing that you need to know. Do not speak poorly about the spiritual work at Cheongpyeong. This falls under Dae-mo nim’s special authority. This is the family of the only begotten daughter of God, whom God raised after a long process of sanctification and selection. That is why other people cannot do what Dae-mo Nim does. Only Dae-mo nim can do it. Hence, do not speak poorly about Hoon-mo, as Dae-mo nim is working through Hoon-mo. You have nothing to worry about while I am alive. Do you understand?

Uplift the stature of the living Heavenly Parent and True Parents

This is a time when we must be united inside and out. You must make effort in the direction of bringing unity between the mind and body, within the family, church, tribe and nation. The church needs to make more effort to let people know of True Parents. We need to reach out and witness. The same goes for all the providential organizations. True Father said that there is no perfection in ignorance. You have to make effort so that people know. These people have to have a chance to do their responsibility. You have to enlighten them so that they can fulfill their responsibility. The course of all the problems that are occurring throughout the world can be changed once people come to know the True Parents.

A couple of days ago I went up the twelve peaks of the sacred mountains in the Alps. Do you know why? It was so that once again I could forgive and embrace you. True Father said that once we have a united world, we no longer will need judges and lawyers. We have to create that world. The secular laws cannot dictate what we can or cannot do. Now you have to know what the priorities are.

There is one more thing that I will announce. During the events for the third anniversary of True Father’s Seonghwa next year, I will grant a Peace Prize. The Korean Headquarters staff should invest themselves completely to become an example to the world during the Foundation Day commemorative events. In all respects—in doubling membership or in its witnessing efforts—the Korean Headquarters staff should become one with the other providential organizations and invest themselves completely in restoring this nation and people. Do you understand? The third anniversary of True Father’s Seonghwa shall be held next year under supervision of the World Mission Headquarters. It shall be elevated globally to a higher dimension through the regional presidents, special emissaries, the UPF (Universal Peace Federation) and all the providential organizations in the world. Please keep this in mind and make preparations.

All the national headquarters throughout the world should focus on building internal stability. You should not be saying that it isn’t this or that. You have to make your identity clear. Do you understand? In this light, you should reflect on your inadequacies and repent during the next forty days. I do not know how many years remain in your life, but you should do your best to return glory to Heaven in response to Heaven’s expectations. With this heart and body you should make sure not to give Satan an opportunity to infiltrate our church. We must become one. I am asking you not to be voicing things differently from Heaven’s expectations. We need to be of one voice. Do you understand? (Yes.) If we can do that, then we can show our results to this nation and the world.

You have to uplift the stature of the living Heavenly Parent and True Parents. Isn’t that what you should do? You should do it while I am here. Only then will you be unashamed before your future generations as a person and blessed family who lived in this age. Please have such hearts and bodies and offer prayer devotions for forty days as we welcome the second anniversary of True Father’s Seonghwa and please make this promise to Heaven as we set off toward the third anniversaryCitizenship USA, UK, EU, Russia, Canada, passport, visa | The best and for free is Heavenly Kingdom - Cheon Il Guk – God’s country citizenship, get it now! - Citizenship USA, UK, EU, Russia, Canada, passport, visa | The best and for free is Heavenly Kingdom - Cheon Il Guk – God’s country citizenship, get it now!