Prominent scholars, respected leaders of religion, and world leaders of various endeavors, I warmly
welcome you to this Special Convocation entitled, "True Family and World Peace."
We now stand in the historic period of great transition where we must liquidate the grave moral confusion, world-conflicts, environmental problems, and crimes which have stained the 20th century, so that we may welcome the 21st century with hope. Humankind longs for a world of peace free from war and suffering. Yet it is difficult to be hopeful when the future is threatened by a "money-solves-all" mentality, which is utterly insufficient in the face of youth decline, family breakdown, drugs, and AIDS. We find a deeply diminished degree of positive influence on youth from national and religious authorities. Advances in science, communications and information technology, economic development, and political proposals all fail to bring about human happiness, or a peaceful world through true families.
Throughout the long course of history, humankind never has achieved complete happiness. Individuals and whole families have experienced much sadness. Despite this, human beings never gave up their tenacious longing for happiness. This is because God originally created mankind to live in happiness in true families. Although human beings lived a life of sin and suffering due to the Fall, they still searched for the original happy self.
Then what is the essence of true happiness? How did God plan to make human beings truly happy?


God is the embodiment of true love. God invested unconditionally and created because of the ideal of true love. No individual can fulfill true love alone. Therefore, even God needs a relationship of give and take between the subject-partner and object-partner in order to establish and to experience love. Ultimately this takes place in a true family.
God's fundamental purpose in creating is true love whose ideal is the true person. How can human beings stand as the partner of God who is absolute? It is not possible by mere effort or external position. It is possible only with a relationship of true love. A subject-partner and an object-partner can immediately possess the right to equal position, the right to equal participation, and the right to inheritance when they establish an ideal relationship of true love.
God's true love made Him create human beings as His object-partner. As such, the most precious thing to human beings is the fulfillment of a true family centered on this original true love by which humans were created. True love is the origin of human happiness. Within true love there is infinite joy, eternal freedom, and eternal harmony.
God is the human beings' subject-partner of true love, true life, and true ideal. Therefore, human beings became the object-partner of true love, true life and true ideal. God is Father, the Creator, and human beings are created as His children who are to become one body with Him in true love. True human beings are originally made to live joyously as mind and body unite with God's love, and become intoxicated by it. God created human beings so that He Himself can experience infinite joy watching true families live in happiness. Through His true love He can live together with them. God desired to achieve harmonious oneness with human beings through true love. However, the first human ancestors fell.


As human individuals, we constantly live with a sense of intense conflict within ourselves. It is a conflict between the inclination of the self-centered mind striving to fulfill evil desires, and the inclination of the original mind striving to fulfill good desires. We say 'my body' and 'my mind' but we also realize that our own selves are divided between the body and mind. Such contradictory reality as body and mind struggle is due to the Fall of the first human ancestors. Such division and conflict between the mind and body has extended itself to become division and grief for families, societies and ultimately for nations, the world and the cosmos.
The Fall violated heavenly law through Satan's selfish and false love. Consequently it brought about ignorance of God, and ignorance of true love. With this human beings lost God and their own original value. By following Satan they could not establish a true family centered on true love. Without this fundamental element of happiness they could not become true people, able to fulfill the oneness of mind and body and thereby completing the original ideal.


All creation is created by and exists within the prescribed law of love. Perfection of a human being is not accomplished through knowledge, power, or money but by true love. In other words, a true person can be perfected into a being that resembles God's fundamental true love through experiences of true love.
Individual perfection means achieving the harmonious oneness of mind and body. Mind and body unity can be accomplished when human beings come to be one with the nucleus of God's true love. Mind and body can become completely one and mature into the personality of true love when they have give and take throughout life based upon God's true love. True family, which is the fulfillment of God's true love, can be settled when the mind and body establish a base of unity.
Only true love can build an eternal, ideal relationship between mind and body. When God's true love resides within the unified base of mind and body, the door of true love opens wide so that a true person resonates with the true love of God and the universe. Such a true person cannot help but see, hear and feel true love in everything. That person automatically becomes the master of infinite freedom and bliss. At such moments, the true person will become intoxicated in true love and live in the highest state of artistic emotion. The being of true love will fulfill the overall purpose of creation while naturally harmonizing with and enjoying the environment. That person has the heart to experience beauty in everyday life.
When that is accomplished one can become the complete object-partner who resembles God and inherits His true love. Such a person will feel what God feels and appreciate what God appreciates.
For human beings, true love is the most holy and precious thing. True love is not created by an individual alone. Neither is it created amidst self-centeredness. True love desires to give, give again, and then forget what was given so that more can be given and shared. This pattern brings forth unity. It enables true love to embrace everything. True love is never one being's possession. Once true love is inherited, it belongs to its original owner as well as to all people and to the universe.
God's dream is to realize true love together with human beings. God desires to feel the joy and happiness of true love eternally in the world of heart together with human beings, who are His children, as well as being the highest and the most precious beings of all creation.


Once true love is perfected in the human world, what possible political, economic, cultural, or environmental problems could persist? There is no problem that cannot be resolved in the world of true love. A world of true love is one of bliss, peace, happiness, and freedom filled with ideal. it is the world where joy and happiness are magnified infinitely and eternally within the domain of the rights to equal position, equal participation, and inheritance of true love. The problems that humanity faces today can be resolved fundamentally only with the perfection of true love.
Human beings should mature in stages as they experience the true love of God during their growth period. Born through true love, human beings first experience the true love of true parents, true love of true brothers and sisters, true love of true husband and wife, and true love of true children. According to this order one is perfected.
Once an individual achieves the unity of mind and body, true love emanates from that person. Next, a man and a woman both of whom have perfected mind and body unity marry and truly love one another as a true husband and true wife. Thus they become true parents, connected with the true love of God. This gives them the ability to truly love their children. The true love of God resides within the mind and body of true husband and wife. When such a couple becomes one children are born. That is how a complete ideal family is formed. Essentially there are Four Great Loves, and Four Great Hearts; parents' true love, brothers and sisters' true love, husband and wife's true love, and children's true love. True family is the smallest unit where the Four Great Loves are perfected and the Four Great Hearts can be experienced. This true family is the foundation of true human love and true happiness. It is the place from which true life and true lineage sprout forth. it is the training ground and school
A man and a woman are the substantial object-partners of God representing God's masculine and feminine qualities, respectively. God's creation philosophy is to divide God's inner, harmonized qualities of masculinity and femininity into two poles and then re-unite them into one body that resembles God's original oneness. A true husband and a true wife each represents God's extreme poles and both exist to form one harmonious body as the respective representatives of heaven and earth. In other words, men and women are not created to live in self-centeredness for the sake of the self. Each is created to exist for the sake of his or her partner. We should clearly realize that true husbands and true wives exist for their respective partners.
I have already stated that true love cannot be realized alone. Only through a reciprocal base can true love be realized. True love between husband and wife is not only for the sake of that couple. It is also the true love that centers on God's ideal of creation. God is the owner of absolute true love. The absolute true love of God dwells where one finds the desire to unite with one's spouse who embodies God's true love.
A true couple embraces God's true love and moves toward the future with one unified hope. Conception of children and the prosperity of the family take place upon this foundation. It is the ultimate hope that a couple's true love moves beyond the mundane realm of the daily environment so as to form a family that is one with God's ideal of true love.


The purpose of restoration which returns to the original state is to complete the restoration of Adam's family; for the Fall took place in that family. God seeks His partner and one central family before seeking to restore a church, a people, a nation, and the world. Throughout history, God sought a true family which could be His ideal object-partner. Such a true family is fundamentally different in its essence from the families we have typically come to know. God cannot establish an ideal nation and world unless He first finds an ideal true family united with God. There lies the principle that an original true family must first be established. The individual is not the purpose of salvation, but rather true families are the basic unit of salvation.
Had the Fall not taken place, how would Adam's family, formed through true love, have propagated? Adam and Eve would have become the ideal true couple of true love and would have become True Parents and true ancestors to their descendents and to all of humanity. Humanity, having been propagated through Adam and Eve as true parents, would have formed one great family and a peaceful world of Adamic culture. Therefore, the culmination of the history of restoration lies in establishing the true family that is centered on true parents and true love. The central true family is the hope of humanity as well as the hope of God. This true family is the origin of true love and true life, and it is the foundation of peace and happiness for humanity.


There is a saying that you reap what you sow. Due to the false love centered on Satan, human ancestors became people of evil character. They became evil spouses, and evil parents, spawning a history of evil and falsehood. At present, even the parent-child relationship and the basic standard of ethics and morality which have somewhat held human society together have been shattered. Acts of decadence and immorality worse than those committed by animals continuously occur, and the severity is getting worse. It signifies that these phenomena which were sown initially by the act of Fall in the Garden of Eden are coming to fruition at this historic time of harvest on the worldwide level.
Original true love is perfect as is. It does not change over the ages. The original form itself is truthful, unchanging, eternal, and absolute. However, the human ancestors became the origin of false love by falling during the growth period while they were still in the state of imperfection. The human civilization built upon this foundation of selfish, evil, and false love cannot be sustained as is. It cannot work. If it persists humanity will face ruin. What good are external development and material wealth when the foundation of family is crumbling, and our deep problems will be bequeathed to our descendents? Historical mistakes and violations must be resolved fundamentally. What is needed most urgently is a revolution of true love initiated by True Parents. We cannot expect happiness and a peaceful world without the presence of fundamental changes. The problems of today must be resolved by a True Parents-centered, True Family ideology, and God's True Love ideology.
Dear respected leaders, I hope that you will research and evaluate seriously the peace movement and ideology of True Love that I have planted throughout the world. The True Love and Pure Love movement for the youth, and the True Family movement of true love, which transcends nationality, culture, race, and religion, should not be looked upon as a sectarian phenomenon.
A peaceful nation is needed before there can be world peace. The precondition for peace in a nation is peace in the family. Power, wealth, and knowledge, which worldly people have ordinarily desired, cannot be the necessary and sufficient condition for peace and happiness. True happiness is not proportional to how much property one owns and is not dependent on the external degree of comfort. One can attain true peace and true happiness when such things are accompanied with true love. Genuine peace and infinite happiness can only be gained when we serve others with true love and when that love is returned.
Dear respected leaders, I know you have brought forth tremendous accomplishments, advancing human welfare and social development in each area of your endeavors through exceptional dedication. And, of course, you should continue to make even greater contributions. However, humanity now faces grave peril. Remedies from any one specialized area will not be sufficient. As leaders, you should become the conscience of the age, and should lead by actively providing examples to guide and create true families which are the prerequisite and fundamental basis of a peaceful world.
The first stage of the marriage Blessing of the 360 million couples, which I will officiate this Saturday June 13th, is one of the fruits of educating about ideal family throughout my entire life. Those participating in the Blessing ceremony have already promised God that they will be the people who will form true families by becoming true couples and true parents, centering on God's true love. I am boldly carrying out the historic revolution of true love for the realization of world peace through the True Family Movement.
Dear leaders, what can be more urgent than to save humanity from its path of family destruction? Again I urge all of you actively to join with the True Family Movement for the sake of world peace.
I sincerely wish for God's true love to come to you, your family and your nation.
Thank you very much.

Family Federation for World Peace and Unification International

World Culture and Sports Festival 1998


Inter-religious and International Federation for World Peace Inaugural Address

REV SUN MYUNG MOON, Lotte Hotel, Seoul, Korea, February 6, 1999

Distinguished leaders from every walk of life:
It gives me great pleasure to host this Inaugural Assembly of the Inter-religious and International Federation for World Peace (IIFWP). Although it was last year that I made the official proposal for its founding, in my heart I have been preparing for this occasion for decades.
The purpose of the various ecumenical and interfaith activities and organizations I have been developing over the past forty years has been the realization of a world of peace that God and human beings have been longing for. A vision for peace is the heart of any interfaith activity.
In the 20th century humankind has suffered two devastating world wars, and experienced confrontation and conflict for seventy years under the oppression of the atheistic communist ideology and the Cold War era. When that came to an end, the world drank a toast in celebration of peace, albeit briefly. All too soon we came to learn that the end of the Cold War era did not lead automatically to a time of peace. Violent conflicts continue to occur throughout the world today. Even now, massacres are being perpetrated in Yugoslavia, the Middle East, Sudan, South Asia, and elsewhere. It is common knowledge that many such disputes have behind them deep-rooted religious conflict. These are only some examples that awaken us to the importance of dialogue and cooperation among religious orders.
Often, in the modern era, religions work toward the realization of their ideals while keeping a certain distance from the realms of worldly power. This is generally accepted as the norm. I believe, however, that it is time for those international organizations that serve the cause of world peace to re-examine their relationship to the world's great religious traditions.
Perhaps the United Nations, more than any other international organization, serves as a good example. Many regard the UN as the institutionalized organization of the human ideal for world peace, and set their hopes upon it. At the UN, representatives of all nations combine their efforts to solve the world's problems and to promote peace and human prosperity
However, these efforts by the UN to realize world peace have always met with serious obstacles. While its accomplishments cannot be denied, one can observe that the UN could be improved in many ways. The time has come when cooperative and mutually supportive relationships among the world's statesmen and religious leaders is desperately needed.
Originally, human beings were meant to live with their mind and body united, responding to the complete love of God. It is because human beings were created to be God's sons and daughters, resembling Him, that their mind and body should not fight. Instead, they should create true unity. God's mind and body are not in conflict: Almighty God could never have any conflict within Himself.
The human ideal of unified mind and body is realized when a person is fully possessed of the true love of God. The words, "Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God" (Matt 5:9) also premise that the ideal of unity of mind and body is to be attained on the basis of our relationship with our Heavenly Father.
It was due to the human fall that people lost the standard of unity and harmony of their mind and body, and have thus been living in self-contradiction and conflict. Moreover, the battle of the mind and body within the individual has expanded to the level of the family, society, nation and world. Cain's killing of his younger brother Abel originated from this. All the conflicts and wars that the world has witnessed since the beginning of history have been, in essence, the battle between the Cain side, which is relatively on the side of evil, and the Abel side, more on the side of goodness. The struggle between the Cain and Abel sides should be terminated and everything restored to its original state. Likewise, the confrontation between our mind and body should be brought to an end, and harmony and unity regained.
We have to apply the principle of individual mind-body unity to the global level. For this purpose, I established the Inter-Religious Federation for World Peace representing the world of the mind, and the Federation for World Peace representing the world of the body. Together, they embrace the total concept of world peace.
Since the root of human problems is not merely political, social and political solutions alone will always be insufficient. While most societies are politically governed, religion lies at the root of most national and cultural identities. In fact, religious loyalties far outweigh political loyalties in the hearts of most people.
It is now the time for religion to exert genuine leadership in the world. I believe that religious people should feel responsible for the situation of humankind, and for resolving the various inequities of this age. Profound self-reflection is surely prerequisite to this. Religious people have failed to set an example in the practice of love. Now is indeed the time for them to repent for not having exerted themselves fully for the sake of world salvation. Instead, they have been absorbed with the pursuit of individual salvation and denominational interests. Mere belief in love is not enough. It must be accompanied by its practice.
God is calling the leaders of society, but in particular the religious leaders. He wants us to challenge the injustices and sins of the world and establish true love in their place. All religious people should become one in heart, representing and carrying out God's aspiration for all people.
World peace can be realized through the synergy of the statesmanship and measures taken by politicians who represent the body and the secular world, and the wisdom and efforts of the world's religious leaders, who represent the mind and the world of the spirit. The time has come for us to seriously reflect even on such a matter as restructuring the United Nations. Might it not even be possible to imagine the UN as adopting a two-house structure?
What if the existing United Nations comprised of national representatives serving in one house that speaks for national interests? Then a religious council or UN senate could be established, comprising distinguished religious leaders and leaders in the those fields of society pertaining more to the heart, for example, culture and education. As a body representing a global perspective, this religious council would have to address the interests of all peoples, transcendent of regions or nations.
Through mutual respect and cooperation, these two houses would be able to contribute enormously to the realization of world peace. The political wisdom of the world's leaders could thus be effectively complemented by the wisdom and vision of the world's most prominent religious leaders.
I am confident that the moral vision and exemplary lifestyle of religious leaders can be a lamp for humankind, not only pointing the way to the world beyond this one, but also teaching the road to genuine happiness and peace on this earth.
Religious leaders should become ideal leaders who not only inherit and pass on the precious and holy wisdom of their great traditions, but also lead lives of unselfish service. The great disqualification of any leader -- whether religious or political -- would be selfishness.
Through the regular holding of conferences to bring religious leaders together, I have been striving to carry out true-love education transcendent of religious denomination and nationality. Last year, religious leaders worldwide took the lead in suggesting that all religious people donate money of an amount based on the number 7, and thus pioneer the creation of a fund for world peace. Individuals and nations have different economic circumstances. For some, seven rubles would be a lot to offer, but then someone else might offer 7 million dollars. If all religious people of the world were united in heart, they would be able to not only raise funds, but also use the money to teach the wisdom and vision of peace -- and to work together effectively to promote the ideals of true love and the value of raising exemplary families.
Respected leaders, we should work together to implement a system through which the highest expressions of religious wisdom are brought to the table at which the world's most serious and urgent problems are being addressed. Such a system can be achieved by creating a council of religious leaders within the framework of the United Nations. Today, I would like to ask you to establish the IIFWP as a first step in realizing this goal. In addition, it is my sincere hope that you will generously offer your own experience, wisdom and effort as we work to realize these highest of ideals.
I am confident that the IIFWP will make a decisive contribution to the realization of world peace, and I pray that God will bless you, your families and your work. Thank you very much.



REV. SUN MYUNG MOON Speech given at the closing banquet of the , Second International Hoon Dok Seminar , Sheraton National Hotel , Arlington, Virginia , September 19, 1999 ,Translator - Tim Elder

Respected leaders and scholars from all walks of life around the world, I am truly grateful that so many of you have taken time out from your busy schedules to gather here for the Second International Hoon Dok Seminar.
We see today that people in many fields of society are doing their best to prepare for the new millennium in various ways as they believe are necessary. In my opinion, though, a more sober and serious examination of human life today reveals that understanding the Will of God, who is our eternal True Parents, is the most urgent and most pressing task we face now, just a few months before the new millennium.
Over the past fifty years, I have had close to seven thousand occasions to communicate the Word of God in public settings, and this content has been published in a series of some three hundred volumes. These are being read by tens of thousands of people around the world every day.
From among this vast content, I would like to share with you today a sermon I delivered in New York on February 21, 1980 to world leaders who had gathered to celebrate my sixtieth birthday. It has been nearly twenty years since I delivered this sermon. I would like, though, to read and study this content together with you leaders from around the world as a way for us to enlighten ourselves on where our responsibilities lie in bringing about the new ideal world that God yearns to see on Earth.
What would you say is one thing that God and human beings have sought to possess throughout history, but still are not able to have? Is it monetary wealth? No, that is not it, because there is certainly more than enough money in the world. Is it people? The world is filled with people, too. Is it power? There is enough power as well. What is it, then? The correct answer is that God still does not have a country that belongs to Him. So today I would like to speak to you about God’s fatherland, that is, God’s ideal nation.
What is your country of citizenship? For most of you here, I think it is the United States. Thus, the United States is your fatherland. Where is my fatherland? It is Korea. Where is the fatherland of Mr. Kuboki here? It is Japan. What about Paul Werner over there? His fatherland is Germany. So there are people here with many different fatherlands.
Where, then, is God’s fatherland? Right now, God does not have a fatherland.
What is the origin of all the countries in the world today? Did they originate with God? If not, did they come from some place else? The historical origin of all these countries is the issue here. All the countries in the world today came about as a result of conflict and division. Take any two neighboring countries in the world, and you will see that in many cases the international boundary separating them has a history filled with grief and sorrow. We know all too well that, in most cases, the fiercest and bloodiest fighting has taken place between neighboring countries, as opposed to countries separated by some distance. Thus, the walls of division are highest between countries and peoples who share a common border.
It was not always true that wars were fought by sending planes to attack a country thousands of miles away. Historically, wars were most often fought along international boundaries shared by adjacent countries. For you as individuals, as well, conflicts tend to break out with those who are closest to you. The reason for this lies in the Human Fall. It is one result of the Human Fall that people today tend to fight the most with those who are closest to them.
What was the Fall? The Fall was the beginning of conflict between God and human beings, as well as between God and Satan and between human beings and Satan. The fact that there have been a great many countries in the world illustrates that there must have been a large number of conflicts.
Once a country is formed in this way, where does it go? All countries seek to establish a world of peace, but are they capable of achieving this? This is the common challenge that remains today for all people in the world. A world of peace is a resultant existence, so it would be a logical contradiction to think that such a world can be achieved on the basis of a mistaken beginning, that is to say, an erroneous cause.
The beginning point leading to an ideal world can be found only in a place where a movement is being conducted that is capable of overcoming and transcending the origin of wars. If the cause is perfect, then the result will also be perfect. It is reasonable to think that if the origin is in peace, development will occur through a peaceful process, and the objective finally achieved will also be one of peace.
Seen from this perspective, it is clear that people who continue to view their neighboring country as their historical enemy and treat that country with hatred will never achieve a world of peace. No matter how much they may yearn for an ideal world and move toward this objective, it will be impossible for them to actually accomplish this goal. In order to nullify the motivation that caused all this conflict and erase the history of evil, there needs to be a movement that teaches a content that is the opposite of what has been the origin of conflict.
If God exists, do you suppose that He will observe the background of these countries and just leave them as they are? Or else, do you think that God will guide these countries into a good direction, that is, toward the ideal path? I believe without a doubt that God will guide us. This is why in the Unification Church, members from countries that are historical enemies to each other will often want to receive the Holy Blessing as husband and wife.
If a person wants to inherit the Will of God, what do you think he should teach? Such a person certainly could never teach people of the world that they can do whatever they like. The key phrase for this person’s teaching would be, "Love you enemy with a heart of love." The Word of God that tells us, "Love your enemy" holds the power to reverse the history of evil. These words are like the anchor that can save a ship being blown off course by a hurricane.
In the course of the history of God’s restoration providence, no one has practiced the Word of God to "Love your enemy" at an absolute standard. If there exists a group of people who understand how to love their enemies, then these people should be brought together to form an organization, and they should build a worldwide foundation. Since this is our conclusion, we must expect that God will initiate such a movement. I hope you can understand that the various religious movements that have appeared in history have been reflections of such a movement initiated by God.
Who was the person until now that God could love the most? It was Jesus. Jesus presented a new direction to a world torn with conflict. Jesus’ philosophy was that the high wall standing between an oppressor nation such as Rome and an oppressed nation such as Israel should be torn down. The two should not see each other as enemies. Jesus’ thinking was, "Rome may try to overpower me with physical force, but I will instead conquer Rome with love." That is why even as he hung on the cross he prayed to bless his enemies.
Please understand that it was this philosophy that lay behind Jesus’ incredible declaration in reference to the Roman soldiers: "Father forgive them; for they know not what they do." Because he acted in this way, he established an archetype, or model, for the way in which nations can rise above a state where they see each other as enemies and international boundaries can be transcended.
Jesus understood that enemies of the individual were not the whole problem. He knew that in addition to these, there were enemies of the family, enemies of the tribe, enemies of the society, enemies of the nation, and enemies of the world, and that these were all around and intertwined in a complex relationship. This meant that anyone who chose to follow him – anyone who walked the same path as he walked – would find many enemies waiting for them along the way. If a person chose to go as a family they would come up against enemies of the family, and if he chose to go as a tribe he would come up against enemies of the tribe. He could expect to find himself in a fierce fight. So Jesus taught that each time a person found himself facing an enemy he should love the enemy. He said that as long as a person maintains this spirit of loving his enemies, he will eventually be victorious.
If God had acted in the same way as Satan or many people in the secular world – that is, to seek revenge against His enemies – then, this world would have perished a long time ago. That is why He has taught us, centering on Christianity, to love our enemies.
Where, then, is God’s starting point in this effort to realize His ideal country – that is, to liberate His fatherland? It is the person who has the philosophy to love one’s enemies. That is why, as long as it is true that God exists, it is only natural that Christianity should grow to become a worldwide religion. This is because Christianity has put forward a movement to break down international boundaries, and transcend all cultural and environmental barriers through love so that we may embrace even our enemies. If a person plants soybeans, we will harvest soybeans, and if he plants red beans, then it is red beans that he will harvest. The seeds of a red flower will produce a red blossom. In the same manner, if we sow the seeds of Satan, who seeks revenge against his enemies, we will find that a tree of evil will grow out of those seeds. On the other hand, if we plant a seed of goodness, which loves its enemies, then a tree of goodness that loves its enemies will grow there. This is the law of nature.
Why is Christianity today divided into numerous denominations? It is because people have impeded the Christian spirit that teaches us to love our enemies. The Christian spirit that teaches us to love our brethren has been forgotten. From a perspective centering on Jesus, the Presbyterian Church, the Methodist Church, the Holiness Church and all other denominations are brothers to each other.
True Christianity based on the mainline philosophy is a religious body that pioneers the formation of a spiritual climate in which people love their enemies. People who love their enemies are the people who will be able to bring about God’s true individuals, families, tribes, societies, nations and world. Yet, today’s Christianity cannot even dream of uniting as one body or of coming together with the many countries that exist today. It is distressing sight to this.
What is the role of the Unification Church, then? People in established churches criticize the Unification Church as heretical. This sounds simple, but you should understand that there is a continuity of history here. The pulse of history is beating here.
Does America have enemies, or not? If so, then who is America’s enemy? Is it Reverend Moon? Isn’t it true that the great majority of Americans think this way? Mothers and fathers of Unification Church members also say that Reverend Moon is their enemy. The enemy of the Communist Party is also Reverend Moon. The enemy of the business establishment is also Reverend Moon. The enemy of the religious establishment is Reverend Moon. The enemy of the mass media is also Reverend Moon. Isn’t that true? If you look at this way, is not Reverend Moon America’s enemy?
Since I make life difficult for those of you who are Unification Church members, am I not your enemy as well? Or else, do you say that even if your father and mother are opposed to Reverend Moon, and your spouse opposes Reverend Moon, you still cannot bring yourself to turn away from Rev. Moon? Is it your position that you cannot turn away from me even if the government opposes me? Is that your thinking? Is it your determination that even if you are eventually forced to turn away from America and turn away from your mother and father, you can never turn away from Reverend Moon?
Some religious people are praying to God with the mind that it would be better if I were to disappear. They are praying, "God, please take that enemy, Reverend Moon, into the spirit world quickly." On the other hand, Unification Church members are offering a different prayer, saying, "God, it doesn’t matter that I may be persecuted. Please let Reverend Moon live a long life on Earth."
God listens carefully, and He sees that one group is praying, "May he die," and the other group is praying, "Let him have a long life." At the same time, God sees that Unification Church members continue their witnessing work even when they are mistreated, and continue their economic work when they are cursed. With the other group, people from the President to cabinet members, generals and politicians are all saying, "May he die." Therefor, God’s ear, naturally, goes toward the Unification Church members, who are being mistreated. Because God is fair, he tends to listen more to what the Unification Church members are saying.
I was so amazed by all this that I took a look to see who is listed in the Book of Life. I found that all the people listed there are those who are tormented as lowborn and people who are chased from one place to another. Do you think that, since all Americans think of Rev. Moon as their enemy, he should be pitied? It may be true that many Americans hate me. You must understand, though, that when I am able to truly love those who see me as their enemy, a way will be opened for their hearts to be melted in a single day.
That is why I went before God, and prayed, "God, they throw rocks at me so that I may be able to form individuals, families, tribes, societies, and nations that possess the philosophy to love their enemies. So please let them be." When there is a nation in this world that is made up of people who have the spirit to love their enemies, that nation can become the ideal society that God longs to see. It will become the ideal society into which all humankind can enter. This was the reason that I, immediately following the Washington Monument rally, declared an intention to hold a rally in Moscow.
Where did I say is the starting point for God’s fatherland? How does it come? It comes by way of the path of loving our enemies. God’s fatherland comes by way of the path by which we establish a tradition of loving the enemies of the individual, enemies of the family, enemies of the tribe, and of the nation and world. I hope you can understand that God’s fatherland cannot be brought about by any path other than this.
Just wait and see. America has opposed me. The U.S. State Department has opposed me. The Congress has opposed me. Eventually, though, there will come a time when I will receive a certificate that says I was victorious in Congress, victorious in the State Department, and victorious in America. I have friends now, even in the State Department that has opposed me, and I have many friends in Congress as well. It is inevitable that victory will eventually come to me, due to my life of loving enemies.
I am convinced that even if I had no such friends I could still overcome all opposition and bring about victory. The more opposition I receive the more I am able to accumulate experiences of having loved my enemies. There is no reason, then, for me to be discouraged in the face of great opposition.
The law of nature is that if there is an area of low atmospheric pressure in one place then there is sure to be an area of high pressure somewhere else. If I form an area of low pressure when the State Department opposes me from a high place, then the State Department will eventually succumb to me in the same way that a high pressure area is naturally absorbed by a low pressure area.
Even when I was being cursed, I did not fight back but loved them instead. After a while, I found that they were becoming my friends. Then some time later, I found that I had the families of friends, the tribes of friends and the nations of my friends.
You are engaged in the work of family church. People in your family church area may try to keep you from coming back by hitting you in the head, knocking you down, and even kicking you angrily when you are down. If that doesn’t satisfy their hatred, they may roll you over, spit on you, and curse you. Even if someone treats you like that, try going back to that person and see what happens. When a person beats you up like that, they will assume that you will never return. If, however, you return even after being beaten, knocked down and kicked out, people watching this series of events will realize that Unification Church members truly practice the life loving enemies. This will move them to be contrite about their misdeeds, and become much closer to you as friends. They will have no choice but to praise you as an excellent member of the Unification Church.
In such a situation, some people will begin to take greater interest in you and look more closely at what you are trying to do. They will see that in reality you are not crazy, and that in fact you are wholesome, clean cut young people, and that you are well-educated. They will have to say to themselves, "Oh, I didn’t realize that the people of the Unification Church were like this," and little by little they will grow to like you. If you explain to them about God’s fatherland, and give them opportunities to hear the Divine Principle, they will say, "Oh, I never realized that the Unification Church had such profound teaching!" They will repent, and begin to follow you. You need to be able to teach people in this way.
When people who live by such convictions are beaten and kicked out, then the number of people on our side will soon increase to a hundred and then a thousand. You might be nearly beaten to death in a certain neighborhood and are kicked out. You return later and are beaten and kicked out again. Then the same thing might happen on the third visit. If you go to that neighborhood three times like this, that neighborhood will be completely restored.
I am a man with no remarkable characteristics. That is actually true, don’t you think so? You may say this is not true, but people in general society know me as an undignified person. God, though, likes me more than any other person. It does not matter that the world may treat me disgracefully. Because God recognizes me, I am able to launch offensives against the world with a bold attitude.
Once a person possesses a heart of loving his enemies, there is nothing he cannot say. Why is that? A man sent by God. If anyone deserves to be called handsome, he is that man. If anyone deserves to be thought of as fashionable, he is that man. If anyone deserves to be thought of as daring and brave, he is the one. It inspires a sense of honor in me to think of myself in this way, and so I can stage an offensive against the secular world with confidence.
Do you know what happens when I work in such a state of high inspiration? When I do this, young men and women who give joy to God are created. Families of all races who give joy to God are created. Nations that give joy to God are created, and the liberation of God’s fatherland becomes possible.
God told us to love our enemies, and that means we also have to love the ugliest person. Even if the most handsome man in the world is paired with the ugliest woman, he needs to love her even more than he loves his enemies. Such a person, in loving the enemies of this world, will be a good candidate to carry the flag of the greatest prince as he marches forward. If such a man actually exists, think how wonderful he would be. Such a man would easily be able to jump over the barriers between nations.
Some time ago in Britain, Mrs. Moon and I matched people to be engaged. For the most part, we paired up people from nations that were historical enemies. Since they could not understand each other’s language, they would communicate their love for each other by smiling. The sensation of holding hands was more powerful than spoken communication. They could not understand what each other was saying, but that made their kisses all the sweeter. Gradually, they learn about each other. They can learn about each other by sitting down to a meal together. They learn a little at breakfast, a little more at lunch, and still more during dinner. Eventually, they come to know everything.
When people come to live with a heart of love, all barriers will be broken down, the history of the restoration providence will be shortened, and the Kingdom of Heaven will draw near.
I have a simple philosophy. I have tried to experience everything that I can. I was a farmer, and I was a laborer. I have become a fisherman and caught tuna. This is how I have lived the last sixty years. I thought I was walking this way alone, but now I look behind me and see that British people are following me, Americans are following me, and many other people from around the world are following me. If I tell someone I hate them and kick them away, they still follow me. That is why I say a person can study the Unification Church and yet still not be able to understand it.
I will give my conclusion now. Today’s topic is God’s ideal nation, God’s fatherland. Members of the Unification Church need to work for the liberation of God’s fatherland. Today is my sixtieth birthday, and the number six is a number of indemnity. Thus, I hope you will look on this day as a time when you can begin to go beyond the number six, and move toward a new world of the number seven. There are people from all races in the congregation today, and all of you need to live your lives with such a philosophy. The liberation of the Fatherland will not be accomplished by seeking revenge. The Fatherland will be liberated only when nations do not fight other nations.
Where will you go to pass across the stage of your trials and reach the Fatherland? The family church is a miniature form of the whole world, so you need to go the way of family church. All the loneliness, difficulties, and suffering that you encounter as you carry out family church is the same loneliness, difficulty and suffering that I myself have experienced. Please understand that you are learning the process of victory by which I have overcome my enemies through love.
When you are victorious with family church in New York, you will transcend New York. Then, you will transcend the Midwest. You will easily cover all of America. Not only that, but you will cover the whole world, and the spiritual world. You will be able even to conquer the realm of God’s heart.
God will welcome the people who are victorious with family church, and tell such people, "You are the sons and daughters that I have longed to see." He will say that your family church is His dwelling, His country, and His world. He will tell you that since the family church has been established you should receive both your parents and live happily. All of you should become victors in the family church, liberate God’s fatherland, and greet the day when the constitution of the heavenly nation is proclaimed. We must establish a day of victory from which time forward we will never be conquered. It will be a day that will be commemorated forever.
Do you think it likely that God’s nation will be brought about through democracy? That would be impossible. There needs to be a birth of a new philosophical movement that can supplement democracy’s imperfections. This means we need to be active in every field of life, including religion, economics, politics, philosophy, scholarship and other areas. Please recognize that this is your destiny.
I believe the Earth should have no international boundaries. In a sense, America is my enemy. But I have put my life on the line in order to love America. I have done this for the sake of liberating the fatherland of God and all humanity.
Where is your enemy? Everything the physical body enjoys is your enemy.
The enemies outside of your body are not the problem. Instead, it is the enemies that are within you. Drugs are the enemy. Free sex is the enemy. Homosexuality is the enemy. Everything that is bad for you is your enemy. You must conquer these and overcome them. You must overcome these in order to liberate God, and liberate God’s fatherland, that is, a world of freedom and peace.
I hope you will be brave soldiers who will march tirelessly toward the liberation of God’s fatherland.
Thank you.


Everybody Wants True Love

SPEAKS , Fourth True Family Values Ministry Annual Awards Banquet 

Westin Hotel O’Hare, Chicago, IL Nov. 20, 1999

Respected religious leaders, I am truly grateful that so many of you have taken time out of your busy schedules to gather here for the Fourth True Family Values Ministry Awards Banquet.
We see today that people in all fields of society are doing their best to prepare for the new millennium in a variety of ways according to what they believe is right. In my opinion, however, a sober and serious examination of human life reveals that understanding the will of God, who is our eternal True Parent, is the most pressing task we face at this time, just forty days before the new millennium.
Over the past fifty years, I have communicated the Word of God in public settings nearly 7,000 times. My followers have published many of these speeches in a series approaching three hundred volumes. Tens of thousands of families around the world are reading from these volumes daily.
From this vast content, I would like to share with you a sermon given to the 360 million newly blessed couples, delivered in New York on March 14, 1999. Through reading this together with you prominent religious leaders from greater Chicago, I hope we can realize that we are responsible to build the ideal world by building the ideal families that God has wanted to see for so long.
Dear Ladies and Gentlemen:
What is the most important thing, that which we need more than anything else? It is not money, power or knowledge. It is true love. True love is more precious than life itself and more important to us than air or water.
Why is true love so precious and important? It is because it is the means by which we can meet God. Just as human beings desire to meet God, God also wants to meet true human beings because of love. The love by which God can see, touch, and share with men and women at the same time, is the love by which men and women love each other. If anything other than love were to be recognized as the most valuable thing in the universe, men and women would fight each other to try to claim it for themselves. Once we realize that love is the highest value, however, we can strive to live for each other and become one with each other, sharing the happiness of possessing love together.
Everyone desires love. Love is the only thing that can satisfy all human desires. It is humankind’s, and God’s, unfailing attraction to love that makes God’s providence of salvation possible.
Fundamentally, love belongs to God. Yet even God cannot possess love all by Himself. Love requires a mutual relationship. A man by himself or a woman by herself cannot experience love. Women exist for the sake of men’s love and men exist for the sake of women’s love. Regardless of external appearance, in our heart each of us desires a mate with whom we can give and receive the highest level of love.
When we examine the universe, we see that all beings exist in pairs relating to one another as subject and object. In the mineral world, we observe the relationship of plus and minus. In the plant world, the animal world and the world of human beings, we see the relationship between masculine and feminine. This is because God created the universe in order to fulfill the expression of love. All beings desire the experience of true love through a mutual relationship. Love is the one power in the universe that absolutely no one can possess by himself. Once we have a partner, however, love gives us the power to share the entire universe. Likewise, a husband and wife need children in order to experience the profound joy of parental love.
Thus, we can say that God created human beings and the universe as His reciprocal partners in order to bring about true love. All types of love—including love of children, love of siblings, love of husband and wife, and love of parents—come about through the unity of subject and object partners. When two partners become one in true love, it is impossible to separate them. If for any reason separation occurs, true love is destroyed. Therefore, in true love there is no concept of divorce.
When a man feels love, the feeling is not generated on its own. The feeling awakens in his heart because of a particular woman. Likewise, the fire of love is kindled in the heart of a woman not by herself alone but by the man she loves. In other words, our love belongs to our partner. Thus, we should honor our partner’s love as being even more precious than our love. Each person should be grateful to his or her spouse, and should live his life for the sake of the other. This basic reasoning will make it possible for the 360 million blessed couples to live together eternally. When husbands and wives live for each other, respect each other, and become completely one through true love, it will be possible for the fallen lineage of Satan to be rooted out completely.
True love comes through both horizontal and vertical reciprocal relationships. A horizontal relationship of true love is gradually elevated in a vertical direction until it eventually reaches the pinnacle. This pinnacle is the position of the "King and Queen of True Love." In this position, everything is synthesized, everything is embraced, everything is crystallized into love, and everything blooms. This is why all beings in the universe want to be transformed in love and live in the midst of love. We are born for the sake of love, live for the sake of love, and finally die for the sake of love.
Not only people but all beings desire true love. This is why human beings, as the highest beings in creation, should embrace and love the masterpieces of God’s creation, and teach creation how to love. All creation is longing to receive and experience God’s love through men and women who have become one with God at the pinnacle of true love. It is a shame that we have not yet realized this degree of love.
All beings exist at a certain level in mutual attraction with another. At the same time, all beings want to be absorbed into higher levels of love. Thus, minerals want to be absorbed into plants, plants want to be absorbed into animals, and finally all of creation wants to be absorbed into human beings. Through this process they ultimately reach the position where they can experience the essence of true love, which is the love that is nearest to God – the origin of love. God created everything with an intrinsic nature to provide value to a higher level. For example, creatures such as eels, and worms which fish like to eat also provide ingredients for natural medicines for humans. Creatures on a higher level are meant to consume beings on a lower level. Without this process, the universe could not exist.
Darwin's theory regarding the survival of the fittest needs to be reexamined in the context of this logic of love. Even ants and microorganisms want true love so much that they will die to become part of an entity of greater love. Because of this principle, human beings, created as the highest partners of God's love, can consume all creatures. We can enjoy everything we desire, on one condition: that we do so with a heart that represents the love of God, the Creator.
God’s ideal was for one couple, Adam and Eve, centering on true love, to become the seed from which all the world’s families, clans, nations and, finally, the multitudinous citizenry of the Kingdom of Heaven would be descended. Citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven can be created only in accordance with God's tradition of true love.
The view I’m sharing is very different from the theories of Charles Darwin. Yet it is through this perspective, and not Darwin’s theories, that we will achieve a world of peace. This is because my words witness to the fundamental principles of creation.
Darwin proposed in his theory of evolution that species evolve through a process of natural selection based on random mutations. Such a theory implies that there is no fundamental meaning, order or goal in the development of the natural world. Today scientists and others debate the theory of evolution vs. the creation theory. The word "creation" acknowledges the existence of God the Creator and that there is purpose embodied in God's act of creation. Each subject and object partner unites to achieve a higher purpose.
Together with Darwinism, communist theory, based on materialism, also lacks the element of purpose. God's creation embodies the purpose of true love, whereas Communism posits only struggle and destruction. Thus, it is destined eventually to disappear.
In all creation, the most precious entities are human beings – men and women. Furthermore, the most precious part of the human body is not the nose, the eyes, the hands, or even the brain. It is the sexual organs, the main organs of love. Everything in the universe can be recreated through the sexual parts.
Most living things—whether plants or animals—multiply through sex. The most precious and outstanding family begins with a husband and wife who are one with each other. Our love organs are the main sanctuary of life, occupying a position of incredible value where blood lineage and history are connected.
God's fundamental principle is to create through male and female. For a man and woman to share absolute love, however, they should have only one partner. We must not have two or more partners, but only one, eternally. There is absolutely only one man for each woman and one woman for each man. That is why God did not create two Adams or two Eves. Tragically, in the world today we see children who have had as many as ten stepfathers. How false and degraded love has become!
When men and women uphold and preserve chastity, they are protecting the universe. The discipline of love between men and women is the foundation of the universe. We must not abuse our love as if we were animals. Our love can only have one owner. The word "true" in "true love" does not allow for the possibility of more than one partner. There can be only one. This is an absolute law.
Not just anyone can say they have "true love." Only God can really love with true love, and only God absolutely owns true love. God's true life, God's true lineage, and God's true conscience emerge from true love. In this way, the most fundamental essence of God is true love.
Therefore, to connect with true love, we must first relate with God. A child might say, "My mother and father don’t fight and we live well," but that doesn’t necessarily mean that this is a family of true love. A young man and woman may say, "We are so much in love that we could die," but that doesn't mean this love is true love. If God is not present, then it is not true love. True love always centers on God. To become God’s son or daughter, we first need to connect with God’s love, life and lineage.
Power, knowledge, money, and military might cannot ensure that a person will be welcome in the world of true love. Everyone wants true love, but such love is only possible when we live for others. We need to sacrifice for and serve our partner. Everyone avoids a person who relates to others with the mindset that says, "You should live for me." This kind of selfish individualism is Satan's strategy, purpose, and tool. The result can only be hell. We must live for the whole. If a person lives for others, sacrificing himself or herself and serving the whole, then everyone and everything will come to love him.
We are created as God’s children. As we grow in love, relating to brothers and sisters, becoming husbands and wives, giving birth and raising children, God is present each step of the way, harvesting true love. God observes and guides us as we develop, and He becomes the owner of love at each stage. In this sense, it can be said that human beings, through whom God comes to own all love, are more precious to God than He is to Himself. In the same way, we attach a thousand times more value to the person we love than to ourselves.
God invests Himself for those He loves and then forgets this investment. Then he invests again. He invests Himself one hundred percent and then forgets one hundred percent. That is why He can continue to invest.
In the same way, a wife who wants her husband to be a success invests herself in her husband and then forgets this investment. By investing herself and forgetting, she enables him to achieve his full potential in life. When we as partners continue to invest in each other and forget, the level of our love is elevated, and we will ultimately find ourselves connected to God. This is how we can fulfill our parent-child relationship with God and have eternal life.
Everyone wants to go to heaven, but those whose attitude is "Everyone should live for me," will not get there. True love begins with embracing and living for the sake of all God’s masterpieces of creation. The way we can reach heaven is to live for all humankind and ultimately for God.
During our lives, each of us should have at least three experiences in which we dedicate our lives to someone or to some higher purpose. This is how we can indemnify the selfish acts involved in the fall of Adam's family, the crucifixion of Jesus, and in the persecution directed against the family of the Lord of the Second Advent.
And then even after we figuratively pass through death and resurrection three times, we should not ask for God’s praise but instead pledge our lives to Him even more. This is how we can meet God. When such people populate the world, this will be the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. This is the path that I am teaching, and this is the kind of world that I am building.
Children are the fruit of the love of the mother and father. We need to understand that children embody their parents' love, life, and lineage. Little children often say "This is mine," but parents are the origin of everything that children refer to as their own. Parents are the root and the trunk. Without parents, we would all be orphans. We cannot live if we break the ladder of love that connects us to our parents.
We are the sons and daughters of God, the parent who is the origin of true love. Parents are the highest masters of love for children. The parent-child relationship is vertical, and the husband-wife relationship is horizontal. The lines of these two relationships should cross at right angles. The relationship among siblings forms a third dimension, a front-to-back axis. When all are equidistant from the center, and are freely circulating in love, their relationships form a sphere. That is why all beings existing in love, and the universe as a whole, are spherical. The entire universe achieves balance centering on these relationships. All love is united and achieves a peaceful dynamic harmony in the central point of this sphere of love relationships. This center, where all these relationships intersect, is where God resides. If we picture this three-dimensionally, we see that God is the ultimate origin of love, life, lineage, and conscience.
In the God-centered family, vertical and horizontal loves are united as one. Such a family will multiply to become a clan, society, nation, world, and cosmos of love. The fundamental center though, is always the one God.
If Adam and Eve had not fallen, they would have realized the ideal of the God-centered family and become the True Parents of humankind. As True Parents, Adam and Eve would have provided a model of true husband-wife love and true parental love. God’s providence of salvation has been a providence of restoration. Throughout human history, God has been working to restore True Parents who can establish, as a model for all humanity, the ideal of true love, true life, and true lineage.
After Adam and Eve had children, who would have overseen the marriage of these children? Adam and Eve, as their parents, would have done this. We need to look seriously at the deficiency of parental involvement in their children’s marriages in today’s society.
The Unification Church, which has True Parents, is standing in the position of parents to give the marriage blessing to all the peoples of the world. These marriages transcend not only racial, religious, and ethnic differences. By knowing True Parents and being engrafted to them, even saints and evil persons are being blessed in marriage with each other. The True Parents reject evil love, evil life and evil lineage, but they do not cast out Cain, who murdered Abel. Everyone, including Cain, receives the same blessing.
In the ocean, there is a point during the changing of the tides when the forces of outgoing and incoming tide are at equilibrium. There is a similar turning point in the Providence of Salvation in the balance between the forces of good and evil. By blessing good and evil people at the time of this turning point, Satan can be expelled completely.
The human fall occurred when there was an error in the Garden of Eden that involved marriage. Now, the True Parents have corrected that error and are blessing marriages with the original foundation restored. By clearing up the problems created by Adam and Eve as fallen parents, the True Parents are eradicating hell and giving the blessing to tens of billions of ancestors in the spirit world. In other words, by centering on true love and restoring the original true love, true life and true lineage, we restore the true parent-child relationship.
In this way, we come to perfect the master of love, the model of true love in the eight stages of God’s ideal of creation. That is, we establish the eternal unchanging true love tradition by going through life in the womb, infancy, life as brother and sister, as an adolescent, which is the engagement period, as newlyweds enjoying conjugal love, as parents, as true parents and finally as true king and true queen. Upon this foundation, we can perfect the true love model, the parent-child relationship.
In God, love, life and lineage are absolute, unique, unchanging and eternal. Humankind is to inherit this as the model of true love. This model will not change through tens of thousands of generations. Centering on true love, we can reach oneness between parent and child, between husband and wife, and between brothers and sisters.
A father becomes the owner or master of love through his son. A husband becomes the owner of love through his wife. An elder brother becomes the owner of love through his younger brother. On the other hand, children without parents, women without husbands and elder brothers without younger brothers cannot find the central position, the position of the owner of love.
In order to become the owner of true love, we must serve and honor our parents. By doing so, we will attain mind-body unity as individuals, conjugal unity as husband and wife, fraternal unity as brother and sister, and world peace as nations. In this way, we can perfect the realms of love defined in the eight stage ideal model.
Again, the ideal family and ideal nation are the places where all of us—as parents, children, couples, brothers and sisters, and nations—want to establish ownership of the eight-stage model, centering on true love. From there, eternal world peace will emerge, the Kingdom of God on Earth will dawn, and the Kingdom of God in Heaven will blossom.
Beginning from the year 2000, in every corner of the globe, countless blessed families united with the Parents of Heaven and Earth will initiate a new family revolution and worldwide moral revolution, centering on true love. God is longing to see the eternal ideal Kingdom of God built on Earth as well as in Heaven. Let us join in this holy task. I pray that all of you will become the owners of God’s true love. May God’s blessing be abundant upon you and your family.
Thank you very much.


The Coronation Ceremony of the Kingship of God

Sun Myung Moon,  January 13, 2001, Chung PyungKorea

What do we celebrate today? (The Coronation of God!) What a strange term. God? (Coronation!) Who did the coronation? (God!) Can True Parents do this by themselves? We can hold this ceremony because all the people on Earth and in Heaven were blessed and form a homogeneous nation.

Therefore, to do that, religions from Judaism, to the second Israel centering on Christianity, to Korea, went through the realm of the first, second and third Israel and the Old, New and Completed Testament eras. The Completed Testament is the era of the blessing of all. Because of the fall of the human ancestors, all things created by God couldn’t stand in the realm of blessing. God taught people by establishing numerous religions, leading them through the salvation providence and raising them step-by-step to the era of Completed Testament.

The people of the peripheral religions were not aware of this. Only Judaism and Christianity paved the road of serving God as our Father. And in the failed history of Adam and Eve, only one son was born on Earth whose blood lineage God could love. The elder son was born. Although the son was born, no "only daughter" appeared. God struggled greatly throughout the four thousand year salvation history. It can be said that God createdAdam again. After making Adam, God created Eve as Adam’s counterpart. God created Eve by imitating Adam, applying same principle and blueprint used when creating Adam.

The Bible says that God created Eve by taking the rib of Adam. It means that God adopted the core of Adam to create Eve. God found the only son through the direct lineage of love, but did not find the only daughter. After finding Eve, God would have restored fallen history through a family. God prepared Jacob, twelve tribes thought of as chosen people and Israel, to establish the nation. Jacob’s twelve children gained ground and expanded the area of victory. This was the nation of Israel and Judaism until Jesus’ advent.

The nation of Israel was external and Cain-like, while Judaism was internal and Abel-like. The mother would be chosen on the foundation of Cain and Abel. After that, by serving JesusIsrael and Judaism would unite asCain and Abel. Then, centering on the blessed family, a clan and nation would have been established. Nobody can deny this.

Even though Rome dominated the world, it would have been no match. External things are like flesh, while internal things are like bones. Flesh cannot defeat bones. Centering on Israel, the unity of all nations and the liberation of God would have been achieved two thousand years ago. But, because Jesus couldn’t form a family by restoring EveIsrael and all prepared things were destroyed.

Because the foundation of people was lost, Israel perished. And in the seventh century, the religion of Islam emerged among the central people. Muslims were brothers but became adversaries. Ishmael and Isaac were direct descendants of Abraham. But they became enemies and fought throughout history. They fought centering on Jerusalem, and Israel was lost.

If Cain and Abel had achieved peace in Jesus’ time, the history of war between left wing and right wing on the national level would have been solved on Earth and in spirit world. But because the prepared nation Israelfailed, Christianity became the second Israel. Because Jesus lost his body, Christianity representing the spirit world expanded its influence worldwide. After World War 2, Christian culture unified the world. By unifying the world, the era in which the mind and body can become one arrived. Satan was completely conquered. The allied nations and opposing nations could have been restored to God. Centering on this foundation, if Catholics and Protestants had became one representing Christian culture and welcomed the Second Advent of the Messiah; the world would have been united by 1952, seven years after 1945. The Coronation of God would have been held at that time.

But Judaism, Israel and Christianity did not serve the Unification Church. To this day they have tried to chase the Unification Church. As the first Israel and Judaism opposed and chased Christianity and almost perished, Christianity opposed the Unification Church and almost perished. All religions perished. Christianity, Buddhism, Confucianism and Islam now have the form of religion, but they have perished. Not only religions, but also societies, nations and the world have become hell.

God’s ideal realm of love was not on Earth. In America, there is no family in which husband and wife, mind and body are united with the original standard. There is no family in which parents and children do not fight. All are separated in a world of individualism. God’s ideal is the pair system. The pair system exists in the mineral world, plant world and animal world. Heaven and Earth should have become one, but everything separated.

How can we turn this around and unite them? Who should do that? At the beginning, Adam’s family failed. Then the Messiah failed at the national level. Jesus was to have restored the nation and world. Because it should be recovered on Earth, the Messiah at the Second Advent inherits the realm of Christian culture on the world level, even as the world is perishing and religions have perished.

Christianity, Catholic and Protestant, is in the position of inheritance but are fighting and not even thinking of uniting. Until unification, they will fight and religions will fall further to the ground. In the end they will reach a dead end and the Messiah will relegate them to the last place.

Now people lost Heaven, religion, the world, nation, society and the family. They deny grandparents, parents, husband and wife, and children. They deny God and religion. Men and women all fell to the isolated individual position of a fallen archangel. No matter how much they desire, train or resolve to do so, they cannot overcome lust. Therefore, when someone attempts to achieve perfection, Satan will attempt spiritually to make him fall. A beautiful woman will appear and ask him to embrace her. If he surrenders and embraces her, it is over. Centering on love, life and death divide. Unless they have spiritual experience, people do not know how deep this problem is. Our body is the stage of Satan. To restore this stage to the ideal position, God worked and experienced disappointment over and over. Therefore it has taken thousands of years. Buddhism, Confucianism, Christianity and Islam remained as forms of religion that educated people the world over about the mission of the messiah.

Who is Lord of the Second Advent? He is the True Parents. True Parents bring true love and true blood lineage. False parents have fallen love and lineage. In the original world, people create families centering on God. To achieve a family of true sons and daughters, true blood lineage should be connected. To become children of True Parents, the blood lineage should be connected to True Parents. Without blood lineage, the parent and child relationship is impossible. Even God cannot separate blood lineage. Fallen Satan cannot separate it. We should be engrafted into the blood lineage of God, on the original standard.

When one goes over the national level, he goes into the direct dominion of God. Therefore he cannot have a relationship with Satan. If Jesus had married, Satan could not have killed him. Because he came at the level of completing his responsibility, he entered into the direct dominion of God. In direct dominion, God’s blood lineage is connected; therefore there is no way for Satan to separate it. The problem is that we have not advanced to that level. If Adam and Eve had married and loved, the fall could not have occurred. They would never have been able to fall. Satan could not have separated them.

But, during the growth period, the fruit was not ripe. Unripe fruit does not produce seeds. It has no eternal life. The place to dispose of those lifeless things is hell. It has no relationship with God. Therefore, what kind of problems exists in the father-and-son relationship? The son inherits the parents’ blood lineage. Inheritance of blood lineage does not just happen by itself. Can it take place through a single individual? It cannot take place with just a single entity, whether it is parents alone in the parent-child relationship or man alone in the man-women relationship. With the foundation of the harmonious unity of man and woman, the internal and external character of blood lineage becomes completely one with the fundamental cosmic principles. Then the substantial mind, representing the internal character, results in a substantial body representing the external character, and man is ultimately created (a life is brought into the world).

Likewise, the meeting of the invisible content and visible form causes an explosion. Heat turns water into steam. As the temperature rises, it turns to vapor, becoming invisible. Analogously, when the invisible God, who dwells in this super-heated invisible environment, meets with a visible form in the deep freezing environment, there is an explosion.

Therefore, God Himself took spherical form centered on the internal and external character of love. However, the relationship between the two extreme characters reflects merely an internal movement and does not appear on the surface. Thus He cannot feel stimulation. However, if there exists a physical form that could function as a stimulating object … It is like an explosion caused by collision of hot and cold, or of two extreme elements through the mind.

If love becomes the axis and if the couple is willing to love forever, they can have eternal relationship. They can become a family centered on God. Its seed will grow in an eternal motion. The seed will become a sprout and the sprout will become a fruit, a God-like fruit. Branches and buds will grow. The tree will grow big and branches will grow in all directions. Adam’s family was to have become that tree. Adam and Eve were supposed to have multiplied their descendants to fill the whole world. They would have made so many factories to create citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven. They would all have lived with God in the spirit world and True Parents on Earth. When they entered the spirit world, they would have lived there forever as one body. They would have made the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth and in Heaven. Do you understand? [Yes.]

Christianity, until now, has been trying to unite Cain and Abel on the spiritual side. It tried to restore the spiritual foundation centering on physical bodies, but it was not able to restore the substantial, physical world. But God had to restore the physical world. Battles ensued. God went above nations and tried to make of humankind one people. Thus, after the Second World War, the allied nations were victorious over the axis nations and helped rebuild them.

In other words, the time has come for overcoming the CainAbel conflict. Based on this condition, during the postwar era, if the primary nation, America, along with England and France, had realized and accepted God’s will, God would have overcome the most difficult obstacles within three years. And within seven years the entirety of God’s Will would have been realized. In other words, based on having created the foundation of unified people under God, we would have realized our wish for a Heavenly Kingdom on Earth, where both spirit and physical worlds unite harmoniously.

Since body and spirit could not become one in Jesus’ era, we have suffered a 2,000-year history of indemnity. On the victorious foundation based on such conditions, someone has to step forward to assume the position of spiritual parents and has to fit everything in its right place. Jesus could not do this. Since he could not marry, he could not officiate the marriages of others. Thus even God could not give Blessings. What this does is to bring forth the concept of True Parents, who can reverse and change the blood lineage through initiating the Blessing. The fact that false parents bred and spread their seed caused the struggle between God and Satan in the beginning of human history. True Parents can stand in the middle and end this struggle.

After reconciling God and Satan, the unity of Jesus, centered on the foundation of his family, and Judaism and all religions around him, the restoration and God’s Will would have been accomplished and a divine sovereignty would have become possible. However, since this did not take place, it eventually led to World War 2, and in the post war era an analogous situation came about. America and the world represent Judaism in Israel and the other religions, respectively. Since this once again could not unite, it has taken this long so far … more than 55 years, going on 56. Thus, to hold this Coronation Ceremony to honor God is like a dream. Who was supposed to hold this ceremony for God? Who destroyed the hope for such a ceremony? Did God? SatanAdam and Eve—all three are responsible for the mess. Because Adam and Eve could not assume the True Parents’ position,Satan entered the picture and the foundation of True Parents’ blood lineage was not established. Since the fall left trails of Satan’s blood lineage, neither God nor Satan for that matter could deny or reverse the consequences. It is difficult for Satan as well as God to destroy what he has created thus far. No body likes to destroy and entirely modify what he or she created. This is true even for Satan.

God cannot reverse the consequences of the fall. If He had the ability to do so, He would never have lost Adam’s family to Satan. By principle and even by simple reasoning, this is clear. The only person who could repair the damage was the perfected Adam. You have to understand the fact that the [perfected] Adam’s family is the only family that can possess the love of the original nature [that originating from God]. All of you blessed families should assume that position of [perfected] Adam’s family. Representing the rest of the world, you should pray in the name of a blessed central family.

How many people do we have here? (About 4,000 people.) Is it 4,000 couples, or 4,000 people? (4,000 people.) 4,000 people are here representing 4,000 families, right? (Right.) No matter how many millions of people run in a marathon, there is always a winner, the best out of millions of runners. Who else gets awarded? 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places, right? What kind of medals do they get? Gold, silver and bronze. How come there is no black medal? There are three, because of the principle. Everything consists of the number three, in three stages. Heaven and Earth …

Like the center of a 360-degree circle, everything needs a central position as a reference point. The completion of restoration is no exception. Then what is the center of the blessed family? Who gives the Blessing? The parents do. Who officiates the marriage? Who should officiate the ceremony through which children can resemble their parents and inherit their parents’ blood lineage marked by their parents’ harmonious unity? The officiators are the parents. Today’s typical marriage is an act of stepping up next to someone who is famous for using a ladder, because humankind has been dragged up to the archangel [in the sky].

On October 14 of last year, all the holy saints and those families that were matched with Father’s children attended. This was to perform a unification ceremony of all religions. In summary, the True Parent is the king of the family. Has this term ever existed? Has there been anyone who could claim that he or she is the king or queen of the family, standing as a representative of Heaven and Earth? In order to become the king of the family, you have to be the parents among the parents and the first son among first sons. The first son should marry first and start his family first. Everything has an order. There is a term in Korean called "reverse marriage." [This refers to reversal in the order of marriage, especially between brothers.] The order is violated quite often today. This reflects the content and concept of restoration. Thus one tries to go this way and that way and even follow the reverse order. The "reverse marriage" should not take place. If the order is reversed, everything will go belly up. The world has become this way. Now, how are we going to repair or undo this? Incest, illicit love relationships and all such problems stem from this confusion and chaos. Grandfather and granddaughter, grandfather and daughter-in-law, etc.… These incestuous relationships occur because people revolve around without knowing their center, and consequently they catch and consume one another. In this era of confusion, of great chaos and family-level confusion, whether of immediate family or relatives, everyone revolves around randomly to hook up with one another without any order, without knowing 1 degree, 10 degrees, 360 degrees or 180 degrees.

So, who can bring order to this world? God could not interfere with the fall as it took place in the Garden of Eden. Further, God could not interfere with Satan’s marriage. Likewise even in the last days, there is no way God can interfere. If one is sick, one cannot survive without eliminating the root source of the disease. Since false love, false life, and false parents were created, True Parents have to reject these and restore love, life and lineage through indemnity. What does it mean when one says, "those who seek death will live"? Until the indemnity is complete, those who live in the world of death and who walk to the edge of death with the spirit and energy to say, "even if I die, I will still have the energy to live," will live. There is no resurrection for those who find death sad and fearful and run away.

That is why the Bible says that those who seek death... (Will live!) And those who seek life (Will die!). Live? (Will die!) That doesn’t sound too good. Then, what about God? What if God takes the position where He seeks death? (He will live!) He will live. If God seeks to live then there is no consummation. What about me? It is the same. If I decide to live, I will die, and if I seek death...? (You will live!) That is the case. Do you think about whether Reverend Moon of the Unification Church thinks about being Messiah or True Parents? If I did, I would have to die every day. What do you think? If we seek death, there would be a huge commotion everywhere, everyday. But it makes sense to say we should seek death, even in the environment where it is not possible.

Those who seek death should form ties that are closely associated with Heaven and Satan, according to the time periods of three stages. When you tie knots, you are making new knots. When you make new knots, are you making big knots or small knots? As you make new knots, the thinner robe is better, right? That is ideal. If they become big, give them big hats. When they become narrow, nothing can come in.

It is the same with God and True Parents. What about those who want to enter the Kingdom of Heaven? Is it the same? [Yes, the same.] Because I wore a heavy crown this morning, my head hurts, so please answer quickly. In order for Him to save even one man, even God has to go through the circumstances of death. He must throw down the rope and pull the person falling off the cliff with all His might. For God and us to live, we must have that standard.

God has gone through death so many times. Those who want to go to the Kingdom of Heaven must be able to go through such hardships. So in the end, God must tire out before you. Who is older, God or you? God is the oldest, right? We must cling to the rope and reach the highest ground. How difficult would this be? By the time we make it to the top climbing up the rope, God will collapse from the exertion. Then what should we do? Should we carry Him on our backs and take Him to the hospital? If there is no hospital, we must do whatever we can on our own to save Him. We can pray, or we can go over the hill of suffering.

Who is the Messiah and Savior? Should he relax and enjoy life, or should he go through suffering so that God can rest? Can a person who enjoys life and allows God to die as a result be the Messiah? So, if I suffer, shouldUnification Church members play around and enjoy life? Should people who play around go to the Kingdom of Heaven or to Hell? [Hell.] Should I do what they want me to do, because I think Father doesn’t know the world? Life and death are at hand, and they just want to live a comfortable life. We should say that we all will die together. If we do, then we all can live. A person should not say that only he should live.

If it is absolutely certain that a father wants to give his life to his son, that son must follow that father to the end. If he does not, in the end they will separate. If the father wants to die and the son wants to live, what will happen? Will they separate or not? If the father’s act is different from the son’s act, it becomes an act of Hell. The grandson born through that kind of son cannot even come to his grandfather to give him a kiss.

Among the Unification Church members, is there anyone who wants to suffer more than me? Western members in particular must desire to receive more persecution than I have. Did you come here to go sightseeing? Or did you come here to listen to me and go through a suffering course? It is a problem. There cannot be individualism here. Graduating from Yale or Harvard makes no difference. Lowly laborers can do better than such. Who likes free sex more, white people or black people? If black people like it, they do because they learned it from white people, right? Free sex, homosexuality and lesbianism will end due to AIDS and drugs. In large parts ofAfrica, 60% of the people have AIDS. They will collapse in 15 to 20 years. The AIDS virus hibernates for 8 to 12 years. They will be destroyed in two generations.

Are the 120 people who were standing here confident? Can you follow me? If you are confident, why do you hide your faces? If I liberated God, you should liberate me. Many countries are still not liberated. You have to liberate those 120 nations. The 120 disciples of Jesus represent 120 nations. They have to become the kings of 120 nations. You must become admirals of each nation and bring the nations back to God.

What are the 160 families? They have to bring back all the nations of the world. If you are unable to take back a nation, you cannot become an officer of the Kingdom of Heaven. If you become a king on Earth, you can become a king in Kingdom of Heaven. Good kings can become kings of the future, but bad kings will go to Hell. They will be forgotten.

Did you fulfill your responsibility? Blessed families here, who are trying to earn regional victories for the unification of North and South Korea, are you fulfilling your responsibilities? If you get regional victories, can the world become united? Without the UN, can the world become one? As you do battle in the region, I have to work with NGOs? The NGO representatives from across the world talk about societal evils and other issues within their realms of influence. When they hear about the large perspective of how the UN should unite the world and solve the problems of Communism and other problems, they are overwhelmed and don’t have a solution Andtherefore they appreciate someone with a plan. They say that I am correct. They think we can hand down pure lineage while indulging youth immorality, family breakdown and AIDS.

I have worked in South America for a few years now. The people there say that the Pacific age has come, and they want to catch whales in the sea and do other ocean-related activities. Will you follow me? [Yes.] If you want to follow me, then you have to learn to become captain of a boat. You all have to go to Antarctica now and live at least one year as krill fishermen. You have to go as couples. How may couples are here? There can be about 20 couples per boat. Even women should work.

Are you all confident to register into the Kingdom of Heaven? There is a difference between Heung Jin, God, and Jesus. If I represent God, Heung Jin is like Jesus. You must understand that you registered into the Kingdomof Heaven with a course remaining to pass through. If you don’t want to die by accident in some Bermuda triangle, you must pass the test.

What is today’s topic? The coronation of God’s kingship. The speech before the coronation is finished now. No matter what, you must go the way of suffering. You must learn what the course for you is after God’s coronation. So the problem is lineage. Say "Pit joo!" [Pit joo!]. What does it mean in English? Blood lineage. Say "Blood Lineage." [Blood lineage.] That is the most important. Kingship is not important. Parentship is not important. Society and government are not important. School is not important. The many nations of this world still belong to Satan and not God.

But now the nations have nowhere to go but to follow God and True Parents. Is George W. Bush the center of America? Gore won the popular vote. He lost because of the electoral college. It’s over. What does the UStell to the third world? It says that they should choose democracy and the bi-cameral legislative system. And those countries say to the US, "Worry about yourself. Don’t come here and preach to us. Look at yourself." Without democracy, what will Western people do?

the four-year presidential term should be changed to an eight-year term. After four years candidates have to compete for the presidency again. What time do they have to do any work? They waste so much national wealth on elections. It should be eight year terms. Even in democracies it should be 16 years if you count 8 years for the husband and eight years for the wife. And if it is a family it should be 32 years. That will give hope. What can you do in 4 years? They start their election campaigns after 2 years. It’s all over. Democracy will collapse. The principle doesn’t allow it.

One reason why a free, democratic nation like America struggles is because of the unions. I will tell you how you can resolve problems with the unions. In the same way blue-collar workers form a union, stockowners and executives should also form a union. They can work together to raise money for their family members. Then each year will be much more productive than the last. There must be mutual benefits for both parties, the employees union and employers union. They can compete with each other and see how much money they can make within three years without returning any profit to the owners. If employees have worked hard, we can give a bonus to their union. If the employers have worked more, they deserve to receive more. In this way they will never fight. In western society, there is no one who has given this any thought. If this doesn’t work out, I will call all the religious organizations and blessed families of the world. We will make a religious union. We can do that, can’t we? Let’s say I make a religious union. Will you join with me? Will you make it? (Yes.) Your answer should be yes.

Our unification members work all their lives and receive modest pay. Not only that, they even offer some of their earnings. Can a union exist in this kind of environment? No way.. I can clean the mess America has within three to seven years.

So, unions eventually will disappear. Does Russia have unions? Does China have unions? Does North Korea have unions? What is this? Why do advanced societies have unions?

From now on, whether you like it or not, no matter how you look at it, whether you are oriental, a westerner or black, you must listen to me because you are having a lot of trouble. So, you decide not to stand in a troublesome area. Today you decided to stand with me and your determination should not change. You must have affection.

The clothes you are wearing (pink color gowns) look like the color of Jesus’ paradise. This symbolizes Jesus ChristWhite symbolizes God. Green symbolizes the Holy Spirit. That is why nature is green. The ocean is blue and the mountains are green. The sky is blue. Pink flowers and white flowers look fine together. You are wearing this kind of symbol. You should not be ashamed of yourselves. You must have strong shining lights so that bees and butterflies are attracted by you. This I wish dearly. (Amen!) Please try.

A person who prays, "I pray in the name of blessed central family" must resolve all the problems with families, tribes, people, the nation, world and cosmos. Centering on my clan and tribe, we can guide our nation. Our tax could form a stronger nation. If there is a palace in Satan’s nation, we must build better palace. Don’t you agree? (Yes.) The Blessing Offering fund cannot be touched. Even I will not touch that fund. I will spend that money to build a palace where all your descendants and all people can freely settle, and a place of government, a parliament.

Shouldn’t the palace of the Heavenly Kingdom be ten times, a hundred times better than the one of Satan’s? We should realize this before we go to spirit world. You have no right to go to the Kingdom of Heaven if you have not realized this. Do you want to earn that right? Do you just abandon your relatives? You must witness to them. You must unite them into one and reach the presidents in Satan’s world.

What is a filial son? He is a son who dies for his parents. What is a patriot? He dies for his king. It is the same for saints and sages. You should write this important teaching on your notebook. What is this year’s motto? The liberated parents of Heaven and Earth, True Parents and liberated children tightly unite into one. There is no gap in this union, no gap for water to enter. There is no gap for air to seep in. There is no gap for light to come in. After uniting into one, then what? (True love.) Indeed, true love comes next. After the Parents of Heaven and Earth become one and parents and children become one, true love can come alive. True love is one mind and one body. Within true love, the center is the subject. May we accomplish the center of subjectivity. This is not only one year’s motto, but every one must practice this truth for a 3,000-year period.

Do think this motto is good or bad? Am I dumb? Through this time, blessed families have the registration ceremony for the transition of the four-position foundation over three eras and three generations. This is all you need. Today all things of the new millennium are liberated, but God is not yet liberated and True Parents are not yet liberated. Nonetheless, the Parents of Heaven and Earth and children are liberated, so you should not be afraid. Even if you are locked up, you must not be afraid. I am so curious about Heaven that I want to go to the Kingdom of Heaven as quickly as possible. If I go there young, is this good or bad? All the cosmos is in my hands. You should not deny that you are the ultimate one. You should not worry. That’s how it goes.

Have I searched for food or truth? (Truth.) Can you see truth? No. Can you see God? No. Can you see love? Can you see life? Can you see blood lineage? Can you see conscience? No. They are not visible. That’s why people who are not thinking do not know. Let’s say, you are asked to sell five body organs. Does anyone want to sell them? What if you bought them from someone? Would you have an operation, changing your nose, changing your lips, and changing your hands? Would you like to sell them? What kind of business is that? Where can you find profit in losing things? Always people who have bought things lose many things. God is that way. Parents are that way too. Parents who have many children have many losses. If you meet with ten people once, that’s fine. But if you have to meet with ten people everyday, you have to spend so much money.

Today, by having God’s kingship ceremony, the nation has changed. For the providence, should we be worried or not? (Not.) Then who should be worried? God has been pained with resentment. We need to be the supporting force so that God can do whatever He wants to do. Why does God do that? This morning I had a very busy schedule so you should have wakened me and come with me. Sons and daughters should prepare for parents to have the kingship ceremony. Now God must have full authority centering on this kingship. Please come out, I will guide your way. You know how to guide, right? Whether God can visit or not, you know how to guide Him, right?

From now on things have changed. People who worry should die. What did I say? People who know and worry should die. Should they die or not? (Don’t die.) I will stay even if everyone dies. You have to think of it that way. Do you know how to achieve individual perfection? Do you know it or not? Yoo Kwang Ryul, do you know the experience of the individual’s mind and body becoming one? Do you know it or not? After the fall, the body that inherited Satan’s blood lineage became stronger than the conscience. This is the problem.

You should not follow your bodily desires. "My body, my body." Even if my body bursts into tears, you should just be grateful. Why tears? If you don’t want to die, pray to be willing to die.,. Jesus went the same way.

From now, you have to abide by an immutable law, even to the point of dying—the law that one must not stain the blood lineage. The second point is not to infringe upon human rights due to a mistake in the area of insajocha (moving people, hiring and firing). Whether a woman or man, black or white, everyone is equal. One must not discriminate or violate human rights. For this reason, the leaders of the Unification Church have convened here. Regional leader or national messiah status doesn’t mean that you have the right to change someone’s position according to your own desire.

There are plenty of people whose ancestors are better in nature than the ancestors of the regional leaders and national messiahs. Hence I refrain from insa jocha. When I do, however, I select from the highest level. Do not infringe upon human rights. Wherever I go, I do not discriminate against blacks or those who did not complete college. The person who practices true love, realizing human rights in the correct way, possessing love for the sake of others, is in the mainstream. The creation of Heaven and Earth began from that point. I cannot forgive the act of diluting and squandering this main current of thought. This is the second of all sins.

The third point is to refrain from stealing public money. It means not to use public funds to fulfill selfish desires. There are three types of sin, and of those who go to jail, at least 70% go for this reason. Will you understand this only after being put into jail? Human rights infringement and lineage violation are problems concerning men and women. Then come the money problems. Following these are the problems dealing with power. Money, knowledge and power have ruled.

Article I of the constitution of the Kingdom of Heaven is that you will not stain the blood lineage. The purpose is to preserve the lineage, keeping it completely clean. It means to maintain the purity of blood lineage for eternity. From this point, the blessed blood lineage that has been inherited through God’s love and God’s life cannot be contaminated by the actions immersed in the habitual pattern of the fallen world. Can you abide by the rule? (Yes.) All those couples that are certain to follow the rule, regardless of whether you’re a man, even if you are not sitting with your spouse, all those who are willing to keep your lineage from being stained, close your eyes so that only God can see you and make a determination. Raise your hand firmly and pledge. People sitting next to you… since all are couples, if someone is not with a spouse, it is okay even if you are here without your spouse.

You must not forget this memorial day. Even if there is a quarrel between a husband and a wife, if you provoked it, you must resolve everything on January 13th. In the West, thirteen is the worst of all numbers. If the center consists of 12 months, the principle of Heaven and Earth must circulate through the year. However since this does not exist, everything is in chaos and this place has become an irrational, confusing world. God’s desire is to straighten this out; therefore, once you understand this, you must abide by this principle even if you have to die one thousand times. Think of this moment as a time of making unbreakable, impermeable determination.

The second point is not to violate human rights, and the third point is not to steal public money (nak chwi), using public property for yourself. When you see something you desire, even if gold falls from a building, you’re committing (nak chwi) if you use it to purchase something. You cannot use it for your self-desire. It’s public money. Even if you bring it to me as a church offering (yun bo), I would not accept it. Even if I received it through Mother, I would not spend it. This is more fearful and terrible than poisonous drugs. You will surely be caught when you go to the spirit world.

If there is anyone here to whom this applies, you should repent for everything before this year passes. The most fearful thing is Article I of the constitution, which is to maintain the pure lineage. You must not stain it. There are many possessions of women that can be taken away (but not that). If you women carry a knife, you must stop the act by stabbing any part of the enemy’s body within reach of your hand. Don’t take his life, but if he still continues the behavior, defend yourself strongly. Lineage is more precious than life.

Now, if a couple is ideal, would one be happy to see the other sleeping around with other women or men? How about black people? They feel the same. And for whites? Would you be happy to see your wife standing next to another man? Is the person sitting beside you your wife? No? She is not your wife? Is she your wife? Is he your husband? Why is he sitting over there? Where is your husband?

What’s the first? Purity! Second? Abuse of human rights! Third? Nak chwi of public money! On this memorial day, in order to maintain the sovereign power, the kingship of Heaven, and to stand before it as a people (beksung), parents, wife and children (chu ja), and brothers and sisters, this is absolutely necessary. Therefore, you cannot neglect your older brother. You cannot neglect your younger brother merely because he is handicapped. You cannot neglect in-laws or relatives. The world neglects everyone, doesn’t it? You who graduated from a university neglect those who only completed high school. This violates human rights. Following that offense is the misuse of public money. The nak chwi of national property! This is a sin having to do with public money. I don’t ever take such actions. When people make donations, I don’t even handle the money. So how do I make a living? I earn my living. If I am in need of a car, I know how to make money.

Therefore, first keep purity, especially the western members. The question is how to maintain the lineage. So what is the second point? Human rights! To protect human rights. Third? [(nak chwi) of public money!] You already took a large amount from the public funds, didn’t you? You all don’t do work yet are hoping that I will allow you to go home once a month, or once a week, right? The poor new Unification Church members. They come to this place and what is it to which they are contributing? All the troublemakers gather here seeking a comfortable place to sleep, without even following the rules and regulations. That’s all nak chwi. It completely destroys the public environment. This is equivalent to nak chwi of national property. It is horrible. Those who lead such a lifestyle will not succeed regardless of how much they try to live a good life. Try living such a way. No matter how much you pray to God, you will not be able to evangelize effectively. Even if you bring a guest, he or she will come as far as the front door and turn back and leave.

The whole universe dislikes those who incur a debt. Do you like to be in debt? Within your clan, if one person from the Kim clan induces a problem for everyone else and causes the clan to fall into debt, who would like it?Later on the Kim clan will nail him upside down. This time will come.

So do you understand the three points? (Yes). Count the number of determinations you have made in your heart, one, two, three.., one, two, three.., one, two three… try it a several times. Do you pledge to do that? Purity, equalization of all people, and then nak chwi of national property. You must understand everything well and make it your habit. You will avoid the wrong actions only when you reach the stage in which as soon as your mouth and eyes open these words come out.

There is no doubt you will face these challenges in life. There will probably be many such circumstances, but if you make an effort to abstain from violating the law, the challenges will turn you into a victorious person; therefore I won’t have to tell you anything. Amen! (Amen.) This is the conclusion.

So, what do we do next? Where are you going to reside? You want to live well, right? Do you consider living alone to be a good life? (We have to live together.) Of what does a life lived together, a happy life, consist? I ask you, for a good life built based upon the official law of God, what kind of environment, what kind of pe, and with what group of people must you live? It is simple. There are three answers. Parent-children relationship, conjugal relationship and brother-sister relationship, with brothers and sisters in the position of children to the parents. It is a relationship among children of the same parents, the relationship between brother and sister.

This is why one’s family has a mother and a father, then from that couple there are sons and daughters. Therefore you have the brother-sister relationship because you stand before the same mother and father. In my eyes, third cousins, the in-laws and all the cousins and so on including all people are related, having the brother-sister relationship.

Therefore, once the parents-children relationship and conjugal relationship are connected, brothers and sisters will automatically come to exist. The relationships within this wide range of humankind may be called brother-sister relationships. They must live a good life in harmony. To live a virtuous life, guidance is necessary. Each person has to be an example for the others. That defines a virtuous living. If you cannot become a model for others, you are not leading a true life. This turns your life into a debt. If you serve as a good model, if your life can serve as an example before the mother and the father, the husband and wife, and children, then you are living a virtuous life.

So, what will result from living such a life? The day will come when the king of Heaven and the king of the Earth will visit the family with the exemplary life. Early in January of each year the kings must visit. The time will come when the nation will recognize the family within its borders living the best life. The family receiving the recognition has three generations that form a perfected four-position foundation.

The time will come when the president will present the award in family’s home. There are three relationships, those of parent and child, husband and wife, and among the children. Brother-sister relationship is a consequence of the harmony of all these relationships. Therefore, whether in a brother-sister relationship or children’s relationship, in order to become a person standing in the position of subject, you influence others positively, such that not even one person can live without me. If it is true say "Amen" and if it’s not true say "No-men". (Amen). Raise your hands and say it again. (Amen). A-men! A-men! Cheer to the enthronement of Heavenly Father! 1,000 years… 10,000 years!

No matter what you may come across, even if you are confronted with death, even if you are accused as a traitor and executed, if you keep these things absolutely, then your family will belong to the heavenly royal family that possesses unabated freedom, unity and liberation. I want you to remember this clearly. Keep is as a motto. In the motto of the third millennium, I mentioned pure lineage, then the equality of human rights, and next the preservation of national public assets. That means do not be thieves. What is next? Be an example! Be an exemplary parent, exemplary spouse, exemplary children and exemplary siblings. If your cousins, nephews, relatives are doing well, then your children will follow their example. If you form such a family, people in your village will say, "We should follow that person. I want to live with him." Then that person is surely a citizen of Kingdom ofHeaven and Heaven will remember him. [Amen!]

I am also living that way. Wherever I go, whenever I see a grandpa or grandma, I want to serve them and buy them a meal, because I was not able to attend my own grandparents. So, it is not an easy life, but my foundation becomes bigger and bigger because God is on my side. More and more people flock around me and are concerned about me wherever I go. Dozens of years have passed and now even grandpas and grandmas, old people who are almost about to die, await me. Even the village dogs do not bark but want to follow me around.

If you live a life of goodness to the degree that dogs do not bark at you but want to be tickled by you, then people will be close to you also. Why would people oppose the master of love? They want to be close. You have to make it so. Even the passing birds would feel the same. Am I right or wrong? [You are right.] Do you like me? [Yes!] Do you want to live with me? [Yes.] Would you still want that if I spanked you three times a day? [Yes!] Do you still want to live with me? [Yes!] If I hit you, it will have the beneficial impact of the indemnity ceremony, right? So it will never be a loss to you, even if you are persecuted and attacked.

I explained to you on this historical day, the day of the Coronation Ceremony of God’s Kingship, the three most important things that humankind must uphold and by which you can be truly liberated in your family and in your nation. Thus, I hope you can remember these memorable contents and keep them as the goals of your life. [Amen! Applause.] May you realize all the things to which you say "Amen." Amen!