Opening Of the First International Training Session in Washington, D. C. Reverend Sun Myung Moon

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
December 9, 1972
Opening Of the First International Training Session in Washington, D. C.
Translated by Mrs. Won Pok Choi
Ten days before yesterday is one year since I visited you last. You have been working on the mobile
team buses for about nine months now. I really appreciate what you have done so far as mobile team members working for your nation and for the whole world, while in the outside world there are many young people who go astray and are
corrupted, and do as they please, against God's law.
The person who put you into that kind of difficulty is myself. So I apologize to you for having led you into hardships like that. I imagine during those nine months you have thought of many things - all different things according to individuals. You must have thought about our True Parents, the Divine Principle, our movement, and about what it is going to be, and about Oriental people. You have meditated on all sorts of things like that, I am sure. Amid difficulties and hardships, if you find yourself progressing towards a higher dimension or a very meaningful goal, it is wonderful and it is profitable. But if you are sinking down in the midst of difficulties and are defeated by the difficulties, you are losing. I think all of you have experienced the former. You have all gained, you have all progressed by going through the difficulties. So I thank God, and I am happy for you. Is there anyone here who is seeing me for the first time? How many are there? Can someone count? [Twenty two] You must have been wondering what I would look like. You must have heard about me from your friends, from the newsletters, and things like that. But here I am before you; you can look at me. My subject this morning is going to be: the way the "tong-il" members should go. "Tong-il" means unification. Our unification members are not going the path of life for ourselves alone. First of all, we are going this way under God's will-the great cause God would have us accomplish. God's will is to establish an ideal world, ideal kingdom on earth. The world must be composed of an ideal society, ideal families, ideal individuals. When we view things from the standpoint of idealism or the ideal world, we must question if there is really an ideal individual in this world, an ideal family, an ideal society, an ideal nation, and if this world is an ideal place. There is God, all ideal and absolute Himself. But is there any single individual in this world who is the accomplished pattern of God's intention, God's ideal? I should say is there none. So God is working His providence of restoration, to restore man into the original form. In order for God to make this world ideal and make it into His kingdom, there must be an agency, a group of people representing His ideal, and that is only to be done through religion. The reason why God set up religions is to make this world ideal, and the people under religions are supposed to do the work for God. And through those individuals, through those people of religion, restored personalities and ideal individuals can be created, or reproduced, I should say, and this world can turn into the kingdom of God. Among the people must be a central figure, and that ideal person alone can play the role of making the world ideal; and  through that person, God works. That person, that individual, is called the Messiah, the Savior. The Messiah is the only person with whom God can love and consult about the matters He is going to do for the world. He wants to live with that person, centered around that person with other people; He wants to live in great love. The person who was responsible for all these things was the Messiah, Jesus Christ. Before sending the Messiah to the nation of Israel, God had prepared for so long a time, so the nation of Israel might be-as it had to be-cooperative with Jesus, and become one with him in good harmony. The Israelite people should have known that
God was pleased with Jesus Christ, and when they saw God loving this person, they would have loved him too. They should have. God loved him, God lived with him in love and harmony. And the nation of Israel, the people of Israel should have done the same with him-loved and lived with him. The Israelite people and the people of Judaism at that time were in the position to beg God to let them know how much God loved him, and in what manner they should love him, and in what manner they should live with him and  work with him to make this world an ideal one. They were in the position to want God to show them in what manner they should be in accordance with God's will. They saw that God loved him, and they had to understand
how much and in what manner God loved him. And they knew that God lived with him and they had to understand in what manner He did. And from then on, they had to learn to do everything in the same manner as Jesus did. Through those things alone, the people of Israel could understand God's will and carry out God's will. Furthermore, the Israelite people and the people of Judaism should have worked in accordance with Jesus' project, and looked into the manner of how he loved his people, loved the nation, and loved the whole world. And if the people had done the same, they could have established the Kingdom at that time. But there was no one, practically no one, who really understood that God loved Jesus, who really saw God loving him, and who really understood Jesus' loving the people. And they didn't understand in what manner they themselves had to love the people. Jesus' three years of public ministry were not years of living with the people in love, but restoring the people by paying indemnity, restoring them back into the bosom of God. So his course during those three years was one of struggle, difficulty, and hardships, and untold misery too.
He chose his disciples and took them around to teach them and to show them how to love people. But people around them, outsiders, did not understand what he was going to do, and under whose will he was carrying these things out. He was in great agony to have to win over Satan and bring the people back to God's bosom. He alone tasted the bitterness of his struggle. Nobody else understood. We must recall that after those three years of bitter struggle, all his disciples rejected him, denied him, and he was deserted. He was all alone, put on the cross, and he passed away in resentment. So we as Christians inherited the bitterness, the struggle he left undone in this world; and we did not inherit the love, harmony, and all those beautiful things. We are not allowed to taste the glory and love of God, because Jesus himself was deserted without experiencing those things. That is because Jesus himself could not have love from God to the fullest extent, because of the world which did not receive him. So we are not qualified for that. He was not loved as an individual, he was not loved as a family, or by family members around him- he had no such experience. The nation, the whole world were there, left unfulfilled under God's will. That is to say, there were no love and harmony created and realized on the national base and the worldwide base. This leaves
the ideal of the Second Coming of Christ, because Jesus Christ left things undone, unaccomplished.
So we Christians must start from the point of having to go through difficulties and hardships in order to restore and indemnify God's original world. And we must have this as our goal. Until we obtain the goal, we must struggle hard under God's will. Then the question is, in what situation are we Christians in order for us to carry out God's will? We are in the position right in the middle of the battle, but we must be resolved to go through all obstacles and fight through until we gain the goal. And in accomplishing those things, we must be anticipating what is to come-the love, harmony, and all the beautiful things which are ahead of us, which are to be ours after we have gained the goal. That's why in the Bible, Jesus said, "Blessed are those who fight through to the last moment." And in another place, the Bible says, "You must love God with all your sincerity, heart, mind, soul," pouring out your soul in sincerity and love. You must love God alone. That is because the Jewish people rejected Jesus, who brought God's love, who was the incarnation of God's love, and he was rejected and went through bitterness. So we must start right from that point we must go through the bitterness and struggle in order to obtain the happiness and love. In order for us to do that-to love God-we must deny ourselves. And there goes the Bible verse: "Those who want to die will gain their lives, and those who want to live will lose their lives." It means we can attain the goal, we can receive the Lord of the Second Coming who will bring God's love, and we can love him, live with him, and work with him and accomplish what he is going to accomplish only when we practice these things. So we must be ready to give away, give out our lives, lose our lives, deny ourselves, in order to obtain God's love. And through that love, and through that person whom God sent, we can accomplish the mission. We must be ready to lose our lives for God and for God's will. You must bear those two things in mind: you must be able to love God, and to love God's will. In God's will, there are many levels of things-to recreate or save individuals, to save the
family, to save the nation, to save the whole world, to save the macrocosm, including the spirit world. And only after having done this, having accomplished this much, are we really qualified to enjoy God's love.
The Messiah is the person representing God's will as an individual, as the core of the family, and as the central figure of the nation, the world, and the whole macrocosm. Because the Messiah is such a person, he is supposed to teach us on the individual level how to love God, and he teaches us how to love God representing the family. And representing the nation, the world, and the whole universe, he teaches us how to love God and God's will. Because this person, the Messiah, lives completely in accordance with God's will, in loving individuals, in loving families, in loving the nations and the world and the whole universe, he is with God and in conformity with God. So he is an example to be followed by us.
And have we learned how to love God on the individual level, according to the Messiah's standard? Has there been a single person out of all the Christians who has done that? There has been no such person as that. And there has been no such family, no such society, no such nation, no such world, and no such universe. So we must start right from the beginning. From the viewpoint of God, He is discouraged. He has not been able to see any such individual, any such family, any such nation or world up to the present moment. God cannot abide in a world which is against His intention or His will. In this dark world which opposes God's will, God is really looking for one person who can be responsible for God's will, and such a family, such a nation, and such a world. He longs for that kind of world. If there are no such people in the whole world, suppose God found a group of people who are willing to deny themselves and lose their lives for the great cause of God, and who are eager to establish the Kingdom of God under God's will. God is compelled to love this group. Even if He has to desert the other groups of people, He will be with those people and abide among those people. We members are supposed to carry out that kind of mission.
And we are confident that we are in that position. We are the people who are going to carry out God's will on this earth in our lifetimes. We Unified Family members must be different from other Christians, who
deserted God and disappointed Him. And we must be different from the democratic world, which, though God prepared it to accomplish the mission under God's will, could not carry out the mission. We must be different from those societies. We must be resolved to work hard while other Christians, other people in the democratic world are at ease without working for the cause of God. We must go the other way if the people outside go a different way, and we must struggle hard without sleeping, without eating, forgetting about every worldly worry and going ahead with our goal and our vision. The way we have to go through is the way or path of restoration. The way of restoration is one in which we must go the reverse way. And we must just not walk the way but go the way restoring ourselves through indemnity. When we go through the course of indemnity, we do not do that without a purpose in mind. We cannot just go blindly, but we must according to God's principle of indemnity; restoration through indemnity. That is the way of recreation. When we are being recreated, we must know that we are in the position of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, before the Fall. With Adam and Eve, God's intention of having created man was not accomplished, so we must accomplish that through ourselves. We must remember that in the Garden of Eden there was no Satan. In order for the word "recreation" to mean anything, we must start from the point that there is no such thing as Satan. However, there is Satan around us, so we must win that position by struggling to defeat Satan on
the individual level, family level, national level, and worldwide level. So, after we have gained that much, from
then on, we have to go through the course of recreation, and there cannot be anything like indemnity. This is only after we have won over Satan. Is there any one of us placed in that position? No, not yet.
QUESTION: What about Master?
ANSWER: He may have won the position, but his mission is to take you along the way, so he has not quite won the national level of things. So far, he has gone through the way of indemnity and could restore himself and could restore his family by going through the course of indemnity, but not yet the nation or the world. There is still a certain course of indemnity left for those things. Although he has so far restored himself to the original position, there are individuals -so many-around him; although he has restored his family, there are many Satanic families all around his family and the nation and world do not recognize God's sovereignty as yet. His mission is to win the whole world so that Satan has nothing to do with the world. There is a long way to go yet. He must be able to restore other families at the cost of his family, other nations at the cost of the chosen nation of Korea, the whole world at the cost of every nation of the world and the whole universe at the cost of the world. He has his own family, but he is not in the position to love his family with all other families being pleased with it, and he is not in the position to love his family with the whole world being pleased with it. There are many blessed couples around his family, but they too are not quite entitled to live with his family and in the love of God. They don't know yet how to minister to his family. In other words, it is only after he has gained the nation and the whole world without anything to do with Satan, that he can really enjoy the blessing of God and the joy of God's love. His mission is to carry out the providence of recreation, so what he is going to do is to do what God did at the time of creating man. When God created heaven and earth and everything therein, He could not create anything without pouring out His energy, His power. To pour out His energy and power means to have His energy and power consumed, to have put a part of Himself into the creation. Again, that means to put into the created a part of Himself. And when God created man and everything else, He created those for the sake of those created things, not for His own sake. Without his pouring all of Himself out into the created thing, He could not create on the perfect level He had to pour out Himself. He poured out His love, His life, His ideal and everything else into the created thing.
The Principle says that God created man in order to get joy out of him, this is what the Principle of Creation says. But when we think in what manner we get joy, can we get joy all by ourselves? No. Joy is not produced when you are alone or by yourself. That is because joy does not come out from you, but is returned from the object. You must know this clearly. When I think of the word love, it is a reciprocal thing; you cannot love by yourself. Happiness is the same thing; you cannot be happy when you are all alone. Suppose you have a lot of money, and you are full of dreams, full of ideas. But are you happy if you are all by yourself, in solitude? When God created things, the creatures, He created them not for Himself, in the first place, but for the created. God created men for the sake of men themselves, but after that he was going to get joy from them. The question is: For whom are the created? For men, on the side of men, where men alone cannot play the role of subject. We must know that men are created for the sake of God, when we speak of things on the side of men. Then God exists for the sake of men and men exist for the sake of God. Love does not come out from one's self, but comes from the other, which means the object. In God's creating man, we can say that God did that in order to have joy from him. Although there may be love in God Himself, He may be full of love, if He does not give, if He doesn't have any object to give the love to, the love has no life. The love is not love; the love is dead. When He finds the person as an object, love is animated. And when the love abiding in God's heart comes out and is given to the object, we see the fruit of His love. When Adam and Eve, man and wife, can form a couple and can reproduce and multiply, we see that love. With those three things separated, we cannot think of any love. When God loves men, men love one another, between man and wife-there we really experience God's love.
QUESTION: Do you have love in your mind, in your heart?
QUESTION: (From Master) - Do you feel that when you are alone?
ANSWER: (From audience) - No.
Master: When you find a beautiful girl, an ideal one whom you think is for you, what happens? You experience love! However perfect God's love may be and however great God's love may be, if there is no object to receive God's love, the love does not act, cannot act, cannot appear. [In English] - Do you understand clearly? Our life, with which we are born-where does it begin? When God created the first man, He was thinking of making one who could really receive His love and return it to him. In the course of recreation we are going to fulfill that. Then the question is, which is first, love or life? Which is first? God, being, the source of life-life is more important to Him. But, man is born out of love, out of the act of love, so love is first and more important to human beings. God had life and then required or wanted love to exist, but man has been born out of love and we pursue life. Man's life is erected on the basis of love. Then life, as such, must be fruitful in love. Because man is built on the basis of love, he has life, and that life God can love; and man can return love or joy to God. God cannot but love man, because man is created in such a way. From God's standpoint, man should be born out of love and live joyfully in love, and die in love. That's what God would have men do. You are not born out of the life of your parents, but out of the love of your parents. Do you understand? Since you are born out of the love of your parents, your parents are all ready to love you at the moment of your birth, from the moment of your birth. Since you are born out of love, you must live in love and must die in love; and by doing that you will have joy. Even in the United States, where individualistic ideas are growing, is there anyone who does not want to be loved by his or her parents, does not want to be loved by his family, by the people around him, by the whole world? Are there any such people? Why is it so? That is because we are born out of love, we are supposed to live in love, to get joy in love and die in the love. That is the natural law. So, that is why we desire such love around us. We think it is a bitter thing to know that there is such a high rate of divorce. The more money you have, the more friends you have, the happier you are. But the more parents you have-are you happier? You don't want to have thousands of parents, but just one pair-the smallest unit. That is the proof that the path of love, the path of happiness begins at one point. You must know this clearly.
What is the most valuable thing in the whole world? If you were asked that, what would your answer be? Before marriage your parents. There is nothing more valuable to you than your parents' love. It is not because they have life, but they have love, that they are so dear to you. The next most important thing is married love, marital love.
The third precious thing is love of children, your own children, who are born out of your love. Those three are the most precious things in the whole world: parental love, marital love and love of children. The reason why, we, under the Divine Principle, take those three loves to be so precious is because those three loves represent God's love. With those put together we feel, know and understand God's love. Without experiencing all those three loves, we cannot experience God's love fully. We cannot really know the existence of God without experiencing all those things.
Is there a single person who does not like the idea of being loved by his parents, by his spouse, by his children? How does love operate? First there is God, full of love, but just by Himself His love does not move. If He has an object, His love flows and is returned in the form of joy. If you feel you exist for your husband, for your parents, for your children, the stronger your love becomes. So whether you love God or another person, you must love with all your heart and with all your might and with everything you have; and then it will be returned in the form of joy, to the full extent, perfect joy. On the part of God, when He created man, He poured out all of His energy, all of His life, His everything-so from that point of view we can say that He was consumed in creating. Suppose you are a businessman and you are going to invest a million dollars. When you do that you are ready to lose it? If you have it in mind that you are going to gain by investing that amount of money, you are joyful, you are glad, you are happy to invest it. We are happy to give it up for investment. When you invest your money it is gone from your pocket; but if that investment of yours, at the amount of a million dollars, will return to you with another 100,000 added to it, it will bring you more joy. If the amount is doubled, tripled, or four times more coming back to you, you will be so glad that you will dance around the place. With God, it is the same way. When He created man, He knew that if He created man in the perfect form, after perfection, the joy that man would return to Him would be a thousand fold or more. He had that in mind when He created man. What He looked forward to, was that Adam and Eve after being perfected would bring back so much more love to Him. When He poured out His life and love and everything else into man, He was not sorry that He was losing those things, because He knew very well that all would be returned a thousand fold, with added joy and happiness. The more He poured out His whole being without reservation, the more He knew that perfect love and joy would be returned to Him. This is the law of creation, or Principle of Creation, centered on human love.
Without love, man could not have been created. So in the course of recreation, too, without love we
cannot recreate the people of the world or recreate the world. For us fallen men, we have to recreate our own selves, because our first human ancestors fell and we are responsible for that, so we have to recreate our own selves in the place of God. After having recreated ourselves, our object to recreate is our spouse, our family, our tribe, our nation, the whole world. This is why religions teach us sacrifice. When they demand sacrifice, they want us to pour out our whole selves, to give of our life, give of our love, money and everything else. If we pour out those things completely, what will be returned to us? For example, you pour out all your being, all you have into one person, and finally that person himself will be yours, including the love and the heart of that person. If you desire love, the secret of gaining it is to pour out yourself, your life, your love, and your everything. This is the law of recreation-simply to win the heart of people. Do you understand? Suppose you had ten friends and you tried to define who was the best friend. You immediately think of one, and that person is the person who has given out all that he has to you-love, life and everything. Whoever did that most for you is your best friend. Isn't this true? Out of the whole history of the United States who do you think is the greatest patriot? The person who has fought, struggled and has given up everything he has for the sake of the country. Then all the citizens of the United States will be willing to give out all that they have to that person, with their love added, their heart. That is the formula which can be applied to any nation without difference of background; to people of any culture, people of any custom, people of any tradition.When we come to think of that, we think of God as a wonderful God. Seen from the viewpoint of who gave out the most, who gave out everything he has, then it is God. If the people of the world really knew that God was like that, and that God is still pouring out all He has-His life, His love and everything-to us, they could not but love Him and return joy to Him. They would want to live for Him, die for Him, and belong to Him. God knew that and knows that still. If you know that you are loved by a person, for the first time, 100 percent without reservedness, you would want to return it not 99 percent or less, but more than 100 percent. Isn't that true? That is a wonderful thing, a great thing.
If there exists any person who receives God's love to the full extent and knows really how to return it to Him, then we must be learning from him how to love God. If there are any such people who can follow this person and try to love God through him, those people too will be loved by God. The more you try to love this person, the more you are loved by God, and by loving this person you are loving God. If you do that, the next person will love you and be attracted and something more is added to your love when it is returned to you. When love is multiplied, what is returned?-more than 100 percent. But you must remember the wonderful fact, that love starts only from sacrifice, giving of yourself, investing yourself, your life and everything. So, a person resembling God fully 100 percent is the person who is prepared to give of himself completely. That person we can call an ideal person. Between man and man, the same may be applied. When we are born, when we are created, we are not created for ourselves. We are created for our spouse. Do you understand? Is a woman born for the sake of women? No. A man is born for the sake of a woman. You men folk, don't get too proud of yourselves-here you are born a man, but you are nothing if you don't have a wife. Right from the time of our birth, from the start, we are born for the sake of others, not for ourselves; we must remember this. So we reach the conclusion that if there is any good man, ideal
man, happy man, respected man-the best man is ready to sacrifice himself for the sake of others. Isn't that true? There is nothing erroneous in that. Then, let's come back to American individualism: "I am born for myself, I must do as I please." Is that right? Is that a good thing? It is destined to lead us into destruction. I want to cry out to American youth, "You must remember that if you go on like that you are doomed." With our Divine Principle formula in mind, when I look at the country of the United States, I am sad. This country is doomed to destruction, ruined. Don't you think so? Then who is going to save this country? We are only a handful of people, but we are ready to save this nation, at the cost of our own lives. We must be confident that we are those who can save this nation. In our eyes, there are no President, Senators, Congressmen if they are against this heavenly law, this divine law, by which alone we can save the nation. In the United States, I find that many young people enjoy love for their own sake, just the fleshly side of love. They misuse the most precious thing, the divine love; and I am most unhappy to see this. Without God's love, without the precious side of love, there is no life, no anything. There must be eternal love, eternal give and take of love and then there will be an ideally happy society, created by us. What is the most precious in this whole world of live, and when we find that love, experience that love and are ready to multiply that love, the ideal world cannot but come. This precious love is obtained only through the person in the object position, so when you love, you must respect that person, treasure that person and cherish what he has. That must be your attitude. Only by living that way can we realize the ideal and find our ideal happiness.
No one in the world likes dictatorship. Yet love is the greatest dictator. If you want to be dominated by love, you must be occupied by love, you must be dictated over, bossed over. You are ready to, as you say, be bossed by the greatest love. In that case you like that dictatorship. Is there anyone here who wouldn't like that? When you are embraced you want to be hugged until your bones are crushed. Even though your whole body would be crushed and out of joint, you would be intoxicated in love and joy. Love is the greatest thing and love is the greatest dictator, and in this dictatorship we find joy. Then you make love with your spouse, do you let any others interfere there? Is that democracy? Well, there is no democracy there. Democracy will be gone; we will have dictatorship under God's love. Then whose love do you want to receive in that manner? Even though he may be boss over you, under strongest dictatorship, you are ready to receive it and only too glad and happy to receive it. Whose love is like that? God's love. When we come down to the level of men, a boy would like to have the most perfect woman-most beautiful, externally and internally, a perfect creature, a perfect girl for your wife. A woman wants a perfect man for her husband. You want your love to be more perfect, more perfect and more perfect until you reach God's love. You want God's love, and then you want your own love centered on God's Love. But alas, there is only one God. What should we do? Shall we fight against each other to win God? If we know that anything and everything is the object
of God's love and God's love is infinite-the question is solved.
I have a handkerchief here. It is like any other handkerchief, but if you people really want to be loved by me and I am the only one you respect and love, then my handkerchief is more than other handkerchiefs. Mine has a sentimental value. You want to have this more than anything else. You want to be given anything by the person whom you love. When you find God, and find that God is loving you, God is perfect and absolute, full of love, the original love. If you find that you are loved by Him, you wouldn't desire anything more. The Divine Principle teaches that we become one in the love of God; that's a wonderful expression. Suppose you have just one thread of hair of your loved one. That has infinite value. As a child, you love your doll and if you have a thread of her hair, it belongs to her, it is a part of that doll, and it represents-when you have that thread in your hand, you can feel as though you have that doll in your bosom and that means everything, that means that that doll itself is there. For us fallen men, the most important thing is to love God. That is why the Bible says, "You must love God with all your heart, with all your might and with all your being." In that case, by loving God, you are not losing anything, but it is returned, doubled, tripled and more than that.
I think we have understood the method of the ideal way of restoring ourselves, recreating ourselves-the Principle of recreating ourselves into ideal men. Love is reciprocal, and only through love we can recreate ourselves. That means that we must have an object in order to recreate ourselves. In order to find an individual to be our object, we must pour out love. And in order to find a family, nation, and whole world, we must give out our love and everything we have. That is the way to recreate an individual, family, and the whole world. Have you ever done anything to recreate such a family, such a society, such a nation and such a world? Have you? Adam and Eve fell and caused God's will to be nullified; so in order to recreate ourselves, we must find our original selves on the individual level and then we must restore our families and do the same on the national level and the worldwide level, and then the universal level-which means the level including the spiritual world. In what manner and how much have you participated in recreating the world? Do we have our own nation? Do we have our own world? No. That means there is no world which God can love, and no nation whatever. In order to recreate or restore yourself, you must pour out all you have for that purpose; in order to recreate or restore the family, you must pour out all you have, your life and your love and everything there. And in order to restore or recreate the nation, you must pour out yourself, family included, for that purpose. In order to restore the world, you must give everything, including family and individuals into this. Without your doing that much, you can never dream of restoring the whole world.
hen you do things, do you want them to be done perfectly or imperfectly? [In English] Perfectly-everyone wants to do things perfectly. If you want things to be done perfectly you must be ready to pour yourself, your whole being into your actions, perfectly, 100 percent. You want yourselves to be perfect, but have you been doing whatever you can for that? If not, you cannot think of your being restored. That is the Principle, that is the formula. Some of you here may be very proud of what you have accomplished-1 have done this, I have done that." But have you really put your whole being into that business, into that thing? Have you loved each other and harmonized with each other? And in oneness did you pour out your energy for this great cause? If you have done that, even if you did not win many members, this whole nations of yours will be touched and moved and stirred up by that and it will return to you. Have you done that? Please answer me. [NO!]
Did you try to? You didn't even try to. Before God, you must always be humble and think, even after having done what you could, "I have not done quite what I could, I want to do more." And, you must apologize before God for what you have not done, that you should have done and be ready to do more for the future. That must be your attitude. After a day of hard work, you are tired and exhausted and you sink into bed. When you are praying, before God you must be like this, with this attitude in praying to God: "Oh, I have not done all I should have done. Oh God, I apologize before you. Please help me do more tomorrow. You wanted me to do this much and that, and I could not quite accomplish it. Please give me more strength to do that tomorrow." And there comes God's sympathy. God's heart is touched and moved and then His energy is poured out to you and you are strengthened for the days to come. Have you ever loved anyone with your whole heart? If you have never experienced that, if you have never loved a person with all your heart, how can you love God? When you have not loved man with all your heart, you cannot say you love God. Then Jesus said that he came not to be served, but to serve the people. His love was not that which would be poured out just to those persons who loved him, but he was ready to love the enemy. Have you ever been so serious, that you think that a person's life or death is in your hands? So when you want to speak to that person, you are really serious and you almost tremble before God to think that there is the possibility
to fail this person. Then you will be doing right. At that moment you must pray to God, "Help this person from your part, but use me as an instrument to love this person. Save the life of this person. All is in your hands, all in your hands. So, please use me to do your job." When you are that serious, God will be working with you. Even in the work of recreation, God must work with you, you alone cannot do any. thing.
Have you ever loved any person in your family, in your neighborhood, people on the street in that seriousness? You have learned the law of restoration through indemnity based on the Principle of the relationship between Cain and Abel. Recreation is more difficult than creation. Creation is like sprinkling water and molding the clay. It will work when the clay is obedient. But, recreation is something like pouring oil mixed with water on the clay, and it scatters and will not be molded according to your will. You must try to get rid of the oil. And when you have removed that oil, you can use water to mold the clay to form. It is something like getting rid of the Satanic element from man. Between Cain and Abel, we must have Cain obedient to Abel. By doing that alone we can mold people back into the original form. That is something resembling God's work; fighting against Satan. He tried to get rid of Satan, remove Satan, who comes attacking God. By loving His people and even by touching the heart of Satan, everybody becomes like clay in His hands, obedient, utterly devoted, and then he can mold the clay into other forms he would want it to be. The course of recreation is like that. Then, how much have you done for one person? How many visits have you made, how many telephone calls have you made, how much have you done? What you have done, under God's will, if you pour out your whole being into that person, that is never nullified. Even if that person might not have been fruitful, even if you were not able to bring that person into the movement, your effort will be harvested in other places, be fruitful in other persons. You have not done this in vain. Who is the person we must miss and love so much in the course of restoration? That is the question. Who is it we miss, we love and whose example we would follow? God is not dead, either. The course of restoration goes the reverse way, so we must start from loving the servant, the person in the position of the adopted son; then after having loved the son, by grafting yourself to that son of God, you can be loved by God, and you can meet your True Parents. There are terms like "the foundation of faith" and "the foundation of substance." Without Cain and Abel becoming one like this, they cannot meet the True Parents. That is the Principle. Even if they are here, they don't belong to Him. I am here, but I don't want you to come directly, but to go out and bring some Cains with you to meet me. In order for you to do that, you must love and even serve your servant and love the adopted son and those in the position of the adopted son and those in the position of the son and then you can come to me. Jesus was the Son of God, but he came to bring the whole nation to Him. If Israel had cooperated with Jesus, he could have established or carried out his mission, but they could not do that. He could not set up the True Parentship. Only on the foundation of Jesus and Judaism in harmony with one another, in oneness, there could have come True Parents. The people, by becoming one with the True Parents alone, could have come to God. The human fall caused Cain and Abel to be corrupted, and they were separated and lost their parents. Cain and Abel were separated from God by the fall and lost their parenthood, and their children are scattered. There is disharmony created between Cain and Abel type of persons, so in order for us to recreate men, we must go the reverse way. One Cain and one Abel must be brought together in good harmony, in order to meet their Parents. So the person whom you must be missing and loving the most is who? Cain! Then, from the part of our Leader, who is the person whom he should be missing and loving? You people, representing the whole nation. Jesus failed to do that, so Father must be able to accomplish what was left unaccomplished by Jesus. After winning those people in the Cain position, by bringing them along, he can really reach God. Everything is the same with him. He loves you so much, more than he is loved by God. He is confident that you miss him, you love him and you want to return to him, more things added, more than 100 percent. Am I right in thinking like that? [YES!] If you put yourself in the position to find yourself like that, you can meet Father with open eyes. That means that you can see visions of him, even if he is away from you; you can see him, you can be with him. Is there anyone who has had such visions here? If you reach that point, you will see me in dreams and visions. You must foster that sensation to 100 percent level. Then you will see and know what he is doing back in Korea, what he is thinking, what he would want you to do, everything like that. We call ourselves the members of the Unified Family, Family members; it means we are brothers and sisters under common Parents. And, when we are really brothers and sisters in one family, would you not be sad when your parents are sad, would you not be angry when they are angry, would you not be missing someone when they miss him, when the Parents miss him? The way for the members to go-what the members should do is to solve the agony or ease the heart of the True Parents. Then you must study what our True Parents have in mind, what their agonies are. The True Parents' request to you is to become the restored individual, for you to have a restored family, for you to win a restored nation, world and universe. We have Unified Family members all over the world. We are a special tribe living on earth, destined to carry out God's will. We have a different tradition from others. The law of our living is different. Our goal, our purpose is different from others. Everything we have is different
from what others have. We desire things of a higher dimension, greater, more beautiful, more perfect.
If you can sacrifice yourself on a small level, God will request that you sacrifice yourself for greater things, bigger things, things of a higher dimension. And would you like to sacrifice just for yourself, for your family, for the whole nation or for the world? That is the question. For that purpose, our Master has been fighting in Korea. He has done what he should for the nation of Korea and now is ready to work for the whole world. But he hadn't been doing things by leaps, just overnight. He has had to lay the foundation after a bitter struggle and hardships; lay the foundation on the individual level, the family level and the national level, and the way ahead of him is the same. In the Divine Principle, you are taught that we are going to restore, through indemnity, what we have on the vertical level, through the history being played out on the horizontal level. That means we must be able to restore 2,000 years of Christian history on the horizontal level in 20 years of our Unified Family history, the history of our movement. That history started in the year 1960. We are entering the thirteenth year. The Satanic power is doomed to decline and by the year 1980, we are sure to see that the Satanic sovereignty will have fallen. Now, he is treading the way, all by himself, without any people knowing or understanding his heart. He still has no one to consult with. That is because he is in the position of Adam and Eve before the fall. At that time there was only the Archangel with them and no other created beings. So, they are all alone without having anyone to consult. From this standpoint, you must understand, that people all over the world, especially the Unified Family members, must be ready to follow our Master wherever he goes, even though you may not understand what he is really doing.
What he has gone through during those twenty years, you must be able to restore through indemnity within seven years. For fallen men, they are destined to go through a seven-year course at least.
According to the law of indemnity, he has been able to indemnify, restore through indemnity, the
2,000 years of Christian history in the course of twenty years. And now here you are, having to be able to indemnify the course of what he has gone through during the interval of twenty years, in the time space of seven years. It is narrowed down like this. In order for our Master to reach this point, he has gone through the position of servanthood. Then, he has had to go through the period of adopted sonship. He won the sonship, and then was blessed by God in the year 1960. In the year 1960, after he had been blessed, he had to create a family and from then on his purpose and his intention was to bring you up to the position of sonship, by blessing you. That is to be done after you have gone through the seven-year course which corresponds to God's creation of the things and man. He created, during the six days and during the seventh day he had Sabbath. You have things different from other people-that is, the descendants of Adam and Eve did not have True Parents, but you have them. The relationship between Christians and the Savior was that between the son and the servant, but now the relationship between the Unified Family members and our True Parents is that between parents and sons and daughters. Up to the present, in the past, the son and servants were related on the horizontal level. But now we are on the vertical level, the Parents there and you, as His children. So you must concentrate on the idea of your having God and True Parents, God and True Parents. And you must put your whole effort into creating or establishing the kingdom of God, centered on God and the True Parents, the Kingdom of God on earth. This kingdom must be won, welcomed and received by the whole of mankind. It is not to be rejected; it must not be rejected. In order for us to be able to establish that kind of kingdom on earth, you must become one, perfectly one with our True Parents. And they and us together can realize the goal. We are now living in such an important age. We have never had such a age and we will never have one in the future. This is the only chance. here are on earth must we erect that kingdom? You may say Korea, but Korea includes the United States. Would you like to bring Korea to the United States? [YES!] We do not want to talk of the matter in a geographical sense, but under God's will, Korea is in the position of Adam and Japan is in the position of Eve. And across the Pacific Ocean, there is the vast land of the United States, in the position of the Archangel. These three are most important. Maybe you are hurt that you are in the position of the Archangel? The United States has a larger population of Christians than any other nation. In the course of restoration, God has had to restore reversely, so the nation in the position of the Archangel had to be restored first. God's will was working behind what happened after World War 11. The United States, in the position of the Archangel had to help Japan, which was in the position of Eve, even though that nation was defeated in the war. And up to the present, the United States has been helping Japan to grow, to recover and grow. There had been no such instance in the past history. And the United States has been helping Korea too. You are in the position of the Archangel, and now we are entering the age of restoration and you have to return every material blessing you have to Korea, to some extent at least, so you have been helping Korea. In the United States, women are highly esteemed and you men folk, have to help the women when they want to get out of a car, like servants. The human fall was that the Archangel trampled upon Eve, the daughter of God; but we see reversely this time, the Archangel must go the reverse way with a respect for those who are in the position of Eve. In the future, the American men will be in the position of disliking women. What he means is that you do not treasure your families.
So we often see many bachelors here, who don't like the idea of marrying girls. Those people are increasing in number, isn't that right? But on the other hand, they also want to have premarital sex, and we often see boys and girls making love under the trees in the park. Well if you go on like that, you are apt to lose your family relationship, your nation even, and finally you will lose the whole world.
In your eyes, there are no fortune, no science, no anything; but you want to enjoy freedom. It is
because nothing belong to the position of the Archangel. The Archangel has no right to possess anything, originally. You are the citizens of the United States, but there are not many real patriots of the nation, or individuals really loving this nation, his family or himself, in a sense. Seen from the standpoint of Eve, she-being tempted of course, but by receiving the temptation, by welcoming Archangel's proposal-corrupted both the Archangel and Adam. Japan is in the position of Eve. Japan must play the role of uniting the United States and Korea, reconciling or putting them in harmony with each other. But, in case Japan fails to do that, it means Japan will not have carried out the mission assigned to her. For most people, they think that western culture is declining, has come to a dead end. They come to long for what is Asian, what is Oriental. The United States must be in the vanguard, and play the role of the restored Archangel and help bring about peace on earth, but if the Archangel, the United States, would lose Japan-if Japan became
Communist-God's will would be difficult to be carried out. Master has been trying to influence the government figures of Japan, through the political party of the Liberal Democratic Party, in order not to put the United States and Japan into a position of rupture. If there comes to be a split between the United States and Korea, and even the United States will be failing into the pits of Communism. It is even now beginning to fall prey to Communism. This is the condition we have now. But Master says, nevertheless, there is another history being created, being woven. If, under the Divine Principle, the United States, Korea and Japan are united into one and carry out their divine missions, however hard the Communists might attack us God would be on our side. We are sure to win over them, and the victory will be ours. Human history will be from then on under God's will. Even if Japan had to fall under Communism, if the United States and Korea would become one in democracy and win the freedom-loving nations of the world, with those two put together in a fight against Communism, we are not destined to fail. We are on the edge of great danger; that is why Master wanted to come over to the United States. He is here to fight against the evil force. From now on, he is going to bring more people from Japan and Korea-not just any members, but staff members, important people who are holding important positions. After having brought them to the United States, he is going to have them work with the staffs in the Unified Family of the United States. I think you have heard of the Japanese members who have come to the New York center to work with the New York members. Do you know the reason why Master did that? Japan, being in the position of Eve, must go through more difficulties, twice as severe as others may. Because of the fall of Eve, all mankind lost their nation and their people, so the nation in the position of Eve must work hard to restore those things. The nation represents Eve, so they must be able to restore a nation and the restoration must be in their hands. In the first place, the Japanese brothers here must be able to restore financially. Financial restoration is their mission. If the Japanese brothers work hard, twice as much as the American brothers do, heaven will be on their side and they will be blessed with fortune. The only difficulty is their language problem, that they cannot speak English well. But I am telling them, "You cannot speak the language, but you can work hard-twice as hard as the American members-and you are sure to win the goal." It is the responsibility of the people in the position of Eve to learn to earn money, to learn to use the money and learn to play the role of custodian of the money. It is because
they are in the position of the mother, Eve. Eve, the mother, is in the position of running the home financially,
though she has more to do. She will teach you how to live, how to minister to your Father, how to love your
Father, how to live under His dominion. That is why I have brought so many Japanese members over
here. I have so far brought twelve, but by June next year, there will be some 120.
Then you American members, do you like the idea of being defeated by the Japanese brothers? [NO!]
But the Japanese members, even though they don't speak the language, will never be defeated by you. They have been here only less than a year, but I have read their record and it showed me, surprisingly, their profitable work. The average money they brought in was more than what the American members did. I told them, I ordered them, to make $1,000 each per month from now on, and they feel challenged. They will carry it out, I am sure. If they don't do that, I will either chase them away or bring no more Japanese members here. My goal is not just to have them make money, $1,000 each month, per person. Even though I would leave them in Japan, they would do that and more than that. In the history of restoration, the fact is that Korea, the nation in the position of Adam, and the nation in the position of Eve must be helping the nation in the position of the Archangel. That is why I brought members from Korea and from Japan, to develop the work here. You must be working harder than ever, while you are being helped by the Japanese brothers. If we are really brothers and sisters in the Unified Family, you must be willing to live a humble life, humbler maybe than the Korean members and Japanese members. You must be willing to do that. Now I must reveal my plan for the coming two years. By 1974, we must at all costs be able to open big centers in all the states. We have only two years ahead of us. That means, according to my estimation, I have to spend some $40,000 for each state in buying or in paying the down-payment for the centers. So, a total of 2 million
dollars is needed. In the United States, there are many Christians. They are in the position of Cain and we, the Unified Family, are the Christians in the position of Abel; and we are going to bring the Unified Family members from all over the world to put into this country. That means that those in the position of Abel are going to win those in the position of Cain and then, alone, we can restore the whole world. America is the stage for that. So, from now on, I command that your hair be cut short. Not only that. You must be different from those in the Cain position. We hate to follow that way they do; let them follow us. Let's be the examples. I must make you into clean-cut young men, hair cut neatly, shaved well, with your suits on tidily and all that. You must love your family, your nation more than anyone else outside of our Family. When I talk to you, I want to make you go through struggles and hardships for the sake of your nation. Do you think this is the way leading to destruction and ruin or to prosperity? If we are going to prosper at all, or rise from corruption, we are eager to do it now, in the shortest possible time.
By the end of 1974, 1 am planning on sending out some 2,000 mobile team members, throughout the country. The number of the members must be something like 8,000, in order for us to send out 2,000 members on the mobile team vans. We have only two years left. Are you confident to do that? [YES!] That will be no easy job. But if we cannot carry this out and make it a success, the providence of restoration will be a failure. What you are doing here in the United States will influence the whole world. If you leave your country like this, do you think it will prosper or get destroyed and ruined? We cannot sit still looking at things, but we must be able to stop it from being ruined. In Belvedere Estate, surrounded by the natural beauty, I prayed to God, "Father, I am here, I am ready to fight. I am ready to save this nation. Please be with us and work through our members and we will show you how we can save this nation, under Your will." But in my heart there is one thing which I was worried over and that is whether the people of the United States hate to go through difficulties. In that case, what would happen? What must ~ do? In that case, if you are unwilling to go through these difficulties to attain the goal, I must bring people from the Eastern world and from the European nations to help this nation and from here on to save the whole world. Don't you remember-have you forgotten that your forefathers fought for the great cause of God and they sent out
missionaries to other countries, underdeveloped, savage countries, and fought in order to spread the gospel? And you have that tradition. If you forget all those things and are unwilling to take up the job, your nation is doomed to be destroyed. So, I warn you to fight for the great cause, inheriting what your forefathers left to you. We must become new Puritans. Your Puritan fathers established this land and fought for that great cause. Let's become new Puritans of the New Age. In the way of the Puritans, there must be obstacles, there must be persecution, there must be many bitter difficulties and hardships; but if we are ready to fight those things as a challenge, then God will be on our side and our battle will finally be a victorious one. We are born into the age of being blessed with a goal. After having won the battle, we will be the victors, and we must be grateful to Father that we are born in this age and that we are the warriors to fight for the cause of God.
We are here, meeting with each other in one place like this, and it is no coincidence. Behind the scenes, there has been a long history of tears, sweat and blood. And in order for us not to nullify those bloody battles fought by our forefathers, we must at all costs make our battle a success, in order not to make the future generations suffer the same things. If we are reluctant in doing this, and if we fail in doing that, our descendants will have to go through more bloody battles with more tears and with more sweat. We hate to leave the mission to our offspring. So, let us fight through this battle and make it a victory.
That is why we are here for the training this time. You people of the United States have hitherto been proud of your country. Your country has been a leading nation of the whole world, wealthy, blessed in every way. To this great nation is added, people from Japan, people from Korea, people from the European countries. If you are not willing to fight through the battle until you make it a victory, God will not leave you alone. So I warn you to be resolved to fight and make this a success. Otherwise, your descendants will accuse you of having made the greatest mistake in the history of mankind, and their bitter pride will be resounding in your ears in the spirit world. You must never be a failure. So, I want you to be resolved, at this moment, right here, that you are going to fight the good fight, to make yourselves victors and your descendants, the citizens of the kingdom of God. What do you think? Must we be more diligent and enthusiastic in fighting for the cause, more than the Japanese brothers, the Korean brothers and the European brothers? [YES!] Then can you promise that, before me? [YES!] Before all, I am going to bring some thousand members from Japan. I will set the example in your eyes of their working hard, by going through untold bitterness. In that case, it is natural for me to drive you out in the same way. Is this good or bad? [GOOD!] Good for whom? [US!] Good for the United States, your country. I am a Korean, by nationality. Why am I here driving you out, getting you on the spur to fight for this nation? It is because your nation is blessed by God and your mission is to save the whole world being used as the instrument of God. You don't realize what a difficult situation a man is in when he doesn't speak the language. The language barrier is something really difficult. The brothers from the Eastern world and from the European nations will gather to fight here even though they don't know the language. You must understand their hearts, and you must love them and encourage them and fight more than they do. Don't you see the Japanese brothers working here, selling candies-they do not know the language, but they are eager and enthusiastic to sell the candies, for the sake of our movement, your nation. And then you can imagine what difficulty they are going through. When I met Japanese
brothers here, I felt that I was guilty of having put them into such a difficulty. They have well-to-do families, loving parents and brothers and sisters; and in the Unified Family too they have loving brothers and sisters,
working together, so dear to them. But, they are over here working for a greater cause, of course, for this nation and for you. They are going through such difficulties I could not stand looking at them.
I took their agony, their difficulty as mine, just as God took my burden as His. And I want you to be cooperative and encouraging to the Japanese members. On the other hand. I am the person who has driven you American members, who have not had the experience of going through difficulties, to the front fields to fight on the Mobile teams. If you had not met me, you would not have done that. You are going through difficulty and I sympathize with you. In my heart, I want to soothe your hearts, console you, make you happy and relaxed, but I am here again and have to say the same things or more severe things to drive you out to the battlefield. That makes me agonized. With my aching heart, I have to do this, because there is God's will still unaccomplished, and we can fulfill it. I can look around, but there is no one else except you people who are really concerned about the nation, who really love this nation and love the will of God and will do the job. That is why I have to call upon you to do the job. I look up at God, my Father, and pray for you-for Him to give you the strength to carry this nation. And when I look at you, I very frequently do so with tearful eyes and aching heart. But, I have to do that for you, while you are doing this for the nation and the whole world. I want you to realize that. Tne thing I promise to you, even if I am in the United States: I don't want to be a debtor, I don't want to be indebted to you. I want you to remember when you go through these hardships, that there is God, there is Heaven-God, our Father, who has gone through more difficulties, more bitterness, more hardship than you are going to go through. When you are faced with untold difficulty and you are frustrated-well almost collapsed without being able to stand up again-well, you must gather yourself together remembering God, who has gone through more difficulty than that and who is ready to give you strength if only you are deserving and you are ready to receive His love. You are in the position to reject and turn away and fall away and turn your back on me, but I am not in the same position. I have to go ahead. God also cannot turn the other way around. He must go until He wins the goal. Even though you may have to die on the battlefield, you must not forget that. You are going to be the victor, as are others. If you are so resolved and go out to the battle field again with a high and uplifted pride, our battle will be a victorious one.
You can believe this. If you are resolved to do that, the United States will be a nation of hope, a new nation. By our doing this, the whole world will become a world of victory, a world that belongs to God. We are fighting the final battle, and you cannot be discouraged or frustrated. Joshua and Caleb inherited what Moses left in their hands: they had to fight on, and God gave them strength and encouraged them to be strong and courageous. Then what shall we do? Can you really promise me that you are going to fight through and be the victors in the battle. [YES!] Thank you. Let's go to the conclusion. We must be the symbol and the subject of recreation. We must be proud to be the soldiers fighting for God's cause, for the Great Cause, on the individual level, family level, national level, on the level of the whole world and the universal level. Don't you feel that by our pouring out the whole of our being into this cause, the whole world is being changed, being re-shaped, being renewed? And although I am a small being, like a grain of sand in the ocean, as I worked through my course, I always experienced that God was there, helping me, sometimes going ahead of me and doing things for me. Let's believe in God and trust in Him-the God whom our forefathers, our first ancestors Adam and Eve deserted and did not believe in. We must be prepared to minister to God, whom Adam and Eve failed to serve. Let us love God, the sad God whom Adam and Eve failed to love. Let us be ready to lose our lives for the sake of God and His will, while Adam and Eve failed to do that. If our Family is to prosper at all, the descendants, the children must be greater than the parents. What I want you to do is to love God more than I have-love God whom I have loved, but more than I did. I want you to serve
God and love God, more than I served and loved Him. From the start, I was resolved to throw away my life, to lose my life, to deny myself for God; but here I am, still living. And I am sometimes shameful of that. But you have youth; you are in your twenties and thirties. You have a long life ahead of you-why can't you fight for the cause? By your doing that your ancestors will be benefited in the spirit world; your family, your neighbors, your friends and your nation will be saved by you, by your doing this. Like a parent looking at his children and wanting them to do greater things than he has done, I expect, I want you to do the same. I want you to do greater things than I do. I imagine often that I am in my deathbed, and in writing my will, I thought I would say this: I imagine there are many of you-all of you, in fact-who will cry over my death. What I want you to do is to shout out before God, "Let me love You, more than my Father did, more than my Master did. He said he could not love You enough. Let us be able to love You, more than anyone else in the world."
If you really love me, I want you to love God in place of me, more than I do Him. If you really love God, you must be loving your brothers and sisters whom God loves. When I bring more brothers and sisters from Japan and Korea and elsewhere, please love them more than I love God and more than you love any other member of the American Family. If you can do this, even if you may not have seen or found the kingdom of God or established the kingdom of God while on earth, you will enjoy the kingdom of God in the spirit world. With a new resolution, I want you to go through the training course this time, so that with renewed strength you can go out to the battlefield in order to make the battle a victorious one-and, at the soonest possible date. Let us join in the pledge that we will fight through our way with a new resolution like that. We pledge that we will win this battle.
[Master's Prayer]
Source: www.tparents.org/Moon-Talks/SunMyungMoon72/SM721209.htm


The Kingdom of Heaven and True Parents

Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Two - True Parents
Chapter Five - The Kingdom of Heaven and True Parents
Section 1. The Meaning of the Characters for Cheon and Bu-mo

If we analyze the Chinese character for cheon, meaning heaven, it consists of the character for two and the character for person. The character for in, meaning virtue, also includes the characters for two and for person. Two people. But what kind of people are they? They are people in whom heaven and earth can become completely one, both vertically and horizontally, by virtue of their perfect love. The fundamental basis for realizing the harmony of heaven and earth is love. It begins from love. (186-60, 1989.1.29)
In the term "heaven and earth" (cheon-ji), which should be mentioned first -- heaven or earth? Should it be earth and heaven or heaven and earth? What about with parents (bu-mo); should it be written father and mother or mother and father? Should the term couple (bubu) be written wife and husband or husband and wife? It has to be husband and wife. There is no one who wants earth and heaven; everyone wants heaven and earth. So what should come first? Heaven must come first, and earth second. And with parents, why should the father come first rather than the mother? This does not mean that women are disregarded.
Bu-mo (parents) must have the character for bu, meaning father, first. However, it is interesting to look at the character for mo, meaning mother. It is written by putting together two of the characters for yeo, meaning woman, upside down. This is very interesting. Thus the character for mo, meaning mother, puts two women together, albeit upside down. This is a mother. This is why a mother should be someone with the heart of heaven and the heart of earth. In other words, a woman can only be a mother if she is able to bring two hearts together within herself: a heart connected to heaven and a heart that represents the women of the earth.
Now let us look at the character for bu, meaning father. What is it? If you separate its strokes, it has two of the characters for in, meaning person, but is formed by combining them. It binds them together. What does this character mean? A man becomes a man, and a person becomes a person, not only by himself: here two must be bound together. Only in this way does one become a father. What this means is that to become a father, the person of heaven and the earthly person must be bound together and be able to act as one. It is interesting to think about this.
On the other hand, what comprises the character for cheon meaning heaven? Heaven does not exist alone. There have to be two for heaven to come into being. Hence, we can have cheon, meaning heaven, simply by putting two people together. Then what about the character for bu, meaning husband? This is a funny one. It has a hat and goes up even above heaven. What does this mean? It means that when two people like each other, they go up to the top of heaven. This is how the words "husband and wife" were composed.
Is there anyone who says, "Because I am such a great and handsome man, I do not need a father or mother?" Would anyone say, "Because I am a man, I don't need a father, who is a man. When my father dies, I will be the father and thus the master in his place; so let my father die and allow just my mother to remain?" No one would say that. Similarly, there is no daughter who would say, "I want to be the female head of the household, so let my mother die and my father remain!" Then what do we need? We need both. There must be a father and a mother. (59-182, 1972.7.16) 
Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Two - True Parents
Chapter Five - The Kingdom of Heaven and True Parents
Section 2. The Reason We Must Attend True Parents on Earth

The spirit world is a realm controlled by our ancestors, starting with Adam. Moreover, the Kingdom of Heaven on earth is a world controlled by their descendants. This is how it works: when you die, you will surely find yourself in the realm inhabited by tens of millions of your ancestors. You will then have to face each one. If you have any faults, you. will receive judgment from them. What is the basic standard for receiving a passing grade through this judgment? That is the question.
What do you have to do to be awarded a passing grade by the families of your ancestors? You must follow the basic rule. Even in the other world there are connections among the numerous ancestors, families, and peoples living there. These are all connected in that world.
From this viewpoint, the question of what will allow you to pass is answered quite simply: It is the ideal tradition of true parents. True parents bring about a true family, and thus serve as the president of the family. Then, what about the president of a country? He or she should be the true parent of that country. Let us say that nation was the United States. It would be a nation having true parents.
In that case, the people should serve and unite with the president as they would with their mother and father. The basic principle in this case is that one should go beyond one's family, beyond one's wife and beyond one's parents in order to become one with the nation. An ideal is even greater than the family. The ideal is to serve the true parents of one's country more than the true parents of one's family because they stand in the higher position. Why do you have to live like this? Because if you do not, your path will be blocked in the spirit world. They will not welcome you there. Even if you have a doctorate, it will not matter. This is how it will be.
The principle of the world of the original ideal is that one should serve the parents of the nation more, for they are superior to the true parents of the family. Similarly, the parents of the nation should be under the influence and governance of the parents of the world. The national parents should serve the world parents.
In the Unification Church we are preparing the way for the world-level True Parents. To pave this highest path in the human world, we must willingly sacrifice the true parents of the family and even the true parents of the nation. This degree of sacrifice characterizes the Unification Church. The Unification movement seeks to overcome all barriers in order to realize the family ideal of the world- level True Parents. In order to do this, we must sacrifice all family-level parents and national-level parents. If we become the center of the world in this way, it will be recorded that the primary source of the world's new tradition will be the degree to which we sacrificed individuals and families and the degree of effort we made to go beyond the nation and its citizens. (118-234, 1982.6.6) 
Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Two - True Parents
Chapter Five - The Kingdom of Heaven and True Parents
Section 3. The Kingdom of Heaven is Possible Only Through True Parents

You cannot br1ng about the Kingdom of Heaven on your own. It requires the coming of the True Parents. You need to become one with the Holy Spirit and harmonize with the love of Jesus. Only then will you have the possibility to engraft to the olive tree on God's side. However, since this is a spiritual engrafting, it is only partial; a complete engrafting cannot take place until the True Parents come in the era of the Second Coining and fully engraft you.
This is fundamental to building the Kingdom of Heaven. The formula is the same. The relationship between God and God's son is absolute; it is a bond that no one can break. No one can sever the father and son relationship. In a similar way, when the husband and wife become one in love, no one can divide their love. Even God cannot divide it. It is eternal.
The question is whether you have become a united couple, as a brother and a sister like Adam and Eve, who can attend the True Parents. Another question is whether God's love and the Parents' love can dwell in your family. In other words, are you conveying the love of God and Parents through your own love such that your sons and daughters are born and nurtured in this loving environment? This is a serious question. You should know that if you do not do this, the door of the family Kingdom of Heaven will not open. (137-185, 1986.1.1)
We need to go through True Parents to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Without going through them we cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven. This is why True Parents have appeared. Once True Parents have appeared, they will give rise to True Families. Even in the midst of the satanic world, we must begin from this point in order to bring about a True Family. We must fight, and deny everything. (44-140, 1971.5.6)
Do you have a sovereign nation? We are people without a nation. Although we have a country called the Republic of Korea, the nation we are moving towards is a different nation. It is God's nation. However, you cannot enter this heavenly nation without receiving certified citizenship in that nation. Satan cannot accuse those with certified citizenship, regardless of whether they are from the East, West, North or South; or whether in the past, the present or the future. Without such a citizenship, you cannot enter the heavenly nation. (148-288, 1986.10.25)
The people of the world must pass through True Parents' love. Without going through this gate, there is no way they can return to their original hometown in the heavenly world. There will be no path available to them other than the one towards hell. We must reverse this and go up. We must fight and prevail over the opposing nations.
For this reason, the Unification Church has inherited the victory of world-level messiahship, having gone beyond national messiahship and come down to tribal messiahship. It is on the tribal level of the satanic world that the victory is to be won; we must transform these satanic families and thereby restore the world.
Thus, the activities I have proposed for breaking through in local neighborhood activities (tong ban gyeokpa) are for the purpose of creating True Parents' sons and daughters on the family level. We must create the kind of husband and wife that can embody God's love in the family. They must recover the lost clan, nation and world by embodying God's love and thereby establishing the loving standards of grandfather and grandmother, father and mother, husband and wife, and children.
Only when we declare the emergence of a world where all people are embraced and loved as sons and daughters will the realm of liberation begin on earth. (210-42, 1990.11.30)
The Bible says that you cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven unless you are like a little child. What does this mean? Children only have their mother and father. When they eat, when they sleep, and at all times, they are with their mother and father. Even when they grow up and get married, they cannot forget about their father and mother. They can never forget these words.
God is our Father. God the Father is the vertical father and the True Father is the horizontal father. Therefore, you have to learn Mother and Father's language and customs so as to be able to go to your original hometown, or wherever you go, and fit into that nation. What do Parents wish to achieve through paying all this historical indemnity? They wish to liberate all people. Why? Because God's liberation requires the liberation of humankind. (225-19, 1992.1.1) 
Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Two - True Parents
Chapter Five - The Kingdom of Heaven and True Parents
Section 4. The Kingdom of Heaven and True Love

The coming of True Parents marks the beginning of a new love, a new culture, and the birth of an ideal history. Through True Parents there begins new life, a new family, a new nation and a new world. They also represent the beginning of the heavenly nation and of God's love. The term True Parents represents far more than just the words themselves. You should know that many individuals, families, and nations have suffered and died in order to make a relationship with the coming age. The blood of hundreds of millions of sacrifices is crying out to you at this time.
The Bible says that Cain accused God when he killed Abel and shed his blood. This is the only place where such a history can be set right through the liberation of resentment. The people who have gathered to inherit this mission and undergo the amazing task of restitution are the Unification Church members. If you truly come to know this, you cannot complain about your life or situation even in your dreams, even though you may die a thousand times. (67-226, 1973.6.27)
What is God's ideal of creation? It is to build the Kingdom of Heaven, both in heaven and on earth, through the name of the True Parents. Without the name of True Parents, there will be no Kingdom of Heaven on earth or in heaven. If you would ask today's Christians, "Why is Jesus in paradise instead of in the Kingdom of Heaven, even though he is God's beloved eldest son?" they would not have an answer.
The Kingdom of Heaven in heaven and on earth is established only on the basis of True Parents' fully perfected love. Unifying the Kingdom in the spirit world is the mission of True Parents rather than of any other. Jesus is in paradise because he was unable to become the True Parent. In the fallen world, there has not yet been anything or anyone who has received True Parents' love, nor has there been any trace of True Parents' appearance. Even if such a foundation emerges in the spirit world, therefore, it is of no use. The vertical and horizontal standard and formula of the Principle is firmly established. You cannot just act as you please. (131-182, 1984.5.1)
The Kingdom of Heaven begins from the love of a man and a woman. Based on what? The original Kingdom of Heaven is where the horizontal line unites with the vertical line at the center, based on God's love. In God's presence, a man and a woman become the nucleus at one stroke, and their mind and body together form a circle. In this model, the mind is the vertical self, and the body is the horizontal self. This much is clear. The vertical mind is God, and the horizontal body is True Parents. They are one. Although the mind is invisible, it is nevertheless vertical. And although the body is visible, it is horizontal. It is this ninety-degree angle that people like.
The family is an encapsulation of the whole universe. The spiritual realm exists within us. Each of us has a spiritual aspect, which is our mind and our heart. The visible body, however, represents the world. When these two aspects, spiritual and physical, are able to revolve in all directions around the center, they then form an ideal person -- provided that they do not leave the central point. This is simple. When the invisible mind and visible body become one based on the core of true love, this signifies the ideal man or woman, and the complete spiritual maturity of the individual.
When and through what do your mind and body become one? They become one through true love. What kind of true love? Two kinds: vertical true love and horizontal true love, which are at ninety degrees to each other. This mind and body is the fruit, comprising the love, life and lineage received from God. It should become a unified core of vertical and horizontal true love. (217-150, 1991.5.19) 
Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Two - True Parents
Chapter Five - The Kingdom of Heaven and True Parents
Section 5. True Parents and Eternal Life

In order to meet your spouse and receive children you can love, you must follow the Parents. When you have received your children, you should be able to say, "Oh, I am following the path through which I can command an entire heavenly nation." How splendid this is! It is the same in the earthly world. You are walking the path in order to receive the unified tribe, unified world and unified heaven together with your family. Why then do you have to follow True Parents?
You follow them in order to inherit this entire universe. How wonderful this is! God and True Parents embrace everything. This is the Way of the True Parent, and what a tremendous ideology it is. Those Unification Church members who are determined to be loyal to God's will consider the Unification Church as their own, whether they are in Korea, in South America, in Africa or elsewhere. The amazing thing about True Parents is that, through them God will bequeath this entire universe to us. We gain this amazing inheritance through True Parents when we meet them, make a determination to be eternally one with them, and follow through with this determination. (124-39, 1983.1.16)
How would you find me if I were on a far away star? You would set the direction automatically with a loving heart. When you set the right direction and say, "Teacher, Father!" it will immediately strike the core. In fact, you would rush to where True Parents were even if I told you not to come. This is the True Parents' ideology of love. It will click into the right direction and you will know immediately. You should therefore live your daily life with a heart that longs for your True Parents until you die. You should live a life in which you can shed tears for your True Parents before you leave this world. Only then will you enter the Kingdom of Heaven after you pass away. This is a basic principle. Because this has not happened, True Parents have come in order to remedy the situation. True Parents' efforts to revive this movement will lead you to the heavenly kingdom. (124-41, 1983.1.16)
There should be no objection to my assertion that I am the clear owner of our Unification Church. Why? I have invested and served more than anyone else. Also, I am the teacher. No one can replace me. No matter how much someone may try, he cannot match the effort I have put forth. He would give up in less than a month. For this reason, even if I were to climb a mountain, dig a hole in the ground and hide there, you would try to take me back even by digging me out of the hole. Why? Because there is no teacher like Rev. Moon.
The term "true parents" brings with it all the blessings in heaven and earth and a certificate that guarantees eternal life. The name itself is a form of certification before God and Satan. You should know that. Once you attain this, your ancestors will all bow to you, even if you do not realize why they are doing it. On the day you receive it, your third-generation ancestors will come and bow down. This is an amazing fact. (200-73, 1990.2.23) 
Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Two - True Parents
Chapter Five - The Kingdom of Heaven and True Parents
Section 6. True Parents and the Nation

Why have we sacrificed until now? It was to become the parents of the tribe. How splendid this is! What do we do after the nation and world are unified through such sacrifice? The place of unification does not disappear. You stand in the position of the father or mother in that place of unity.
What a holy thing it is to be parents! Parents always sacrifice and serve with love. If you think about it, you realize what a joyful thing it is to be able to become true parents. This is true even in America, where I have been working in this way up until now. When I unify the American people by way of love, they will know that I did it with the resolve of the Parent. Then, the indivisible nation and world will be established here. When that happens, the True Parents will be welcomed wherever they go. These will all be places that belong to the Parents, for they will be fully connected to God; as such, they will be where the vertical realm of heart is connected.
You should know that no connection will exist without going through this center. This is a perpendicular relationship. First is the husband and wife; next come the parents of the family, the parents of the tribe, and then the parents of a people. Thus, the scope increases. What this means is that based on the center that has inherited the tradition of True Parents from the beginning, the parents are the parents of a family, parents of a tribe, parents of a people, parents of a nation, and parents of the world. Later on, the nation will become the central entity based on this realm of parents and give rise to a world centered on that nation. (118-267, 1982.6.13)
Since you have become a tribal messiah, you have inherited the right of the first son and right of the parent. You are working to find the nation which can inherit the right of the first son and the right of the parent, and which can connect with the right of kingship. When you eventually recover Korea, all nations of the world will be recovered. This is the final stage. The logical conclusion according to the Principle brings us back to this point, after which, there is nothing more.
In the future, we can use as a bulwark the ideology of True Parents, True Teacher and True Owner. These three roles form the Three Subjects Principle. True Father and True Mother are True Teachers by virtue of their true love. They have taught something this world does not know, including heavenly secrets and earthly secrets in full detail. This is why they are the best among all teachers. This is how God is. Furthermore, God is the Lord of lords. I am also the Lord of lords. When the right of kingship is restored, the Lord of lords will appear. What, then, is the Three Subjects Principle.? It is the ideology of the True Parent, the True Teacher and the True Owner. This is why the Unification Church has True Parents at its center.
It is the same with the nation. A nation has a hierarchy with the president at the center. In the organization of a nation there is the ministry of education, which is a group of true teachers. The administration is like the owner of the nervous system. Because the entire system of nerves converges upon the administration, it should be in the position of the owner. The president at the top is the master of the nation. All of this is incorporated into the three-subject ideology.
Hence, True Parents always stand in the vertical position while the education ministry and administration are in a reciprocal relationship with each other. These relationships can be compared to that of Cain and Abel. When Cain and Abel become completely one, this right of kingship will become an eternal and indestructible right of kingship. Kim Il-sung has his own version of three-subject ideology, which is autonomy, creativity, and consciousness. However, this is human-centered; it cannot be considered a complete ideology, for it lacks the doctrine of the Original Being. They do not know God. With this understanding, you should march forward with strength. (208-341, 1990.11.21)
Now the time has come when you can develop a vision for the nation. It is an amazing fact that you can stand in the frontline as a fighter for sake of the independence and deliverance of the nation. Those who do this become representatives of human history and the history of the universe. When God sees this, how proud and content He will feel!
It is also an amazing fact that True Parents have appeared on this earth. We have severed that which has come from the false parents. Based on this accomplishment, we want to bring everyone through the gate to the True Parents on the opposite side. Accordingly, we aim to turn the path to hell back toward heaven.
Without passing through the gate of the True Parents, you cannot enter the Heavenly Kingdom. However, Christianity does not have this gate. Only the Unification Church does. Passing through this gate will enable you to go directly to the Kingdom of Heaven. In return, however, you must completely clear up your past. You should not even remember the names of the friends you have known. Married women should not be thinking of the man they first loved. They must reach the point of completely forgetting him. Those who think about how they lived in the past cannot enter the Heavenly Kingdom.
This is why we must put together all our devoted effort to focus our thoughts solely on True Parents and God. If something else is mixed in, you will not be able to travel in a straight line. You will not be able to walk the path of love. Just because you have received the Blessing on earth does not mean that everything is finished. You must also pass through a church-level Blessing, a national-level Blessing and ultimately a world-level Blessing. You will need to go through these three stages. Why? So that you can effectively reach the point of total self-denial. Just because you have sons and daughters does not mean that they are your possessions. You must reach the point of total self-denial. These sons and daughters belong to God and True Parents. (208-342, 1990.11.21) 
Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Two - True Parents
Chapter Six - True Parents and Us
Section 1. The Essence of the Teachings of the Family Federation

1.1. The philosophy of the Parents

To be a child of filial piety, you should know what kind of people your parents are. Do you really know what kind of people they are? Have you ever considered whether your knowledge of your parents comes just from the teachings you have received, or do you truly know them? You have come to the Unification Church and are walking the path of sons and daughters of filial piety. But you used to be little babies with dirty diapers. You used to be little babies biting and sucking your mother's milk. You grew up that way, receiving your parents' love. If there is a philosophy which is the best one in this world, it must be the parent-centered philosophy. Parent-centered philosophy is the best. You are not little children anymore. You all must learn. This is what parents want.
Although you were born from Mother's womb, you are still adopted sons and daughters, so you must be loyal to those parents. When you become a parent yourself, a four-position foundation is created. You can never have heavenly children all by yourself; having heavenly children clearly requires that heavenly parents appear first.
For these heavenly parents to come, the eldest son must come first. Since the elder son Cain, betrayed the heavenly way, the eldest son must walk Cain's course in reverse and rise to the position representing God. The four-position foundation must then be established. Before that point, you are all babies. No matter how great you may be in the world, you should have a heart like that of a baby. This way, you have to be born again through Mother's womb and Father's bone. (16-191, 1966.3.22)
Although religions differ from each other, they have been prepared to follow a path of goodness. They will surely continue. However, religions that insist that only their way is correct are losing power because the connection of heart could not take place in the direct dominion... This is because a period remained that corresponded to the seven-year course that began from the formation level of the completion stage and went through the growth level of the completion stage and the completion level of the completion stage; thus we have entered the stage at which we can retrieve those who had fallen away from the original line in the indirect dominion so they may cross back over the line into the direct dominion. This cannot happen without True Parents being at the center. Now there is no ideology you need other than the ideology of True Parents. There is nothing else. We should not accept anyone's unrighteous ideology. I cannot endorse Kim Il-sung's ideology or anyone else's. There is only one ideology, that of the True Parents. (136-51, 1985.12.20)

1.2. True families determine the center of the universe

When True Parents appear, a true family will be established, and a true person's purpose can be realized. True Parents is the name that can he praised eternally from the past, to the present and on into the future. The fact that the True Parents have appeared on this earth, that True Parents are here, is the most joyful gospel of all gospels.
Humankind these days is wicked. Due to the power of evil, a realm of death is emerging, and the world cannot find any direction. The establishment of True Parents is the fruit of God's historical work of over six thousand years. In this age, when countless people are wandering around aimlessly, True Parents are the ones who have appeared as a central model to find their destination for them and show them the direction to take. With the advent of the name True Parents, the eternal heavenly kingdom of the future begins, a world that reflects God's ideal at the time of creation in the Garden of Eden.
This was true in the past; it is true in this age, and it will be so in the future. Therefore, you should know that, judging from all of history, encompassing the past, present and future, the True Parents, who have appeared on earth are the central point that determines the center of the universe. History starts anew from here, becomes ordered from here and bears fruit from here. It is because history bears fruit here that the past resurrects here. The world becomes ordered as one world and a new Kingdom of Heaven is realized.
Through the historical ages until now, where have the hopes of humankind resided? Their hopes have resided in the future. In other words, humankind has been thinking of hope only as something belonging to the future. Where is humankind going? We are going towards the one world that is to be realized in the future. Looking to the future, we have been seeking one world. There will be rejoicing if a way is found for True Parents to be welcomed among false humankind. So what is the desire of humankind? It is to meet True Parents. True Parents are the highest hope of humankind. When True Parents appear, the historical tradition will be realized at that time, rather than in the future. Where True Parents appear is the starting point of the fulfillment of history, rather than the starting point of just seeking that fulfillment. In other words, it is not the beginning point of hope but of the fulfillment of hope. (44-132, 1971.5.6)
What kind of family is the family of True Parents? The family of True Parents is a fruit of history, the center of the age, and the origin of the future. Hence, when our world becomes the heavenly kingdom of hope in the future, True Parents' entire lives will be the origin of its traditions. This is the original source of the national ideology. Also, this is the original point from which to establish that world. You should always establish the three-generation realm with True Parents, based on the connection as children of True Parents. The three generations are God, Parents and you. Horizontally, there are also three generations: I myself, my own children and you. Heaven and earth will not be unified until these three generations have been completed. (44-169, 1971.5.6)
The family is the heavenly base. You must firmly settle in a family. You should firmly settle in a family and decide the direction in which you will go. Centering on True Parents and God, all families should put up True Parents' picture, and your four-position foundation should bow there together. Three generations must offer a bow. The four position foundation involves three generations. Three generations -- grandfather and grandmother, mother and father, and children -- should offer a bow.
After establishing a four position foundation, when you bow down in the name of True Parents this is not within the fallen domain. You will be in the realm of liberation because God has direct dominion over you. All the spirits in the heavenly world will come to earth and protect you just as the archangel was meant to protect Adam's family. We have entered such an age. In the past, the Cain domain was the spirit world and the Abel domain was the earth. Abel was being used because it was the time when Abel had to sacrifice to rescue Cain.
But now, since the right of the eldest son has been restored, the spirit world is the angelic world and today's Unification Church families constitute the Adam domain; so the spirit world is meant to support the Adam domain and not use it for its own advantage. Through this, the land wherein Satan can interfere and operate is disappearing. There is no room for him. Satan is being expelled. When we march forward strongly and boldly, without sacrificing our standards of being the forefront even by one step and keep a progressive attitude and unwavering standard, the devil's forces will fall off a cliff. Let's light a fire under each family. (211-349, 1991.1.1)

1.3. God's love and True Parents' love

God's love is the love of a vertical parent, and True Parents' love is the love of horizontal parents. Since you are the people that have inherited these, your minds are the fruit of the tradition that has received the love of the vertical God and parents. Likewise your bodies are the fruit of the tradition that have received the love of horizontal True Parents. In order for these fruits to form the horizontal basis of a family and form a sphere with a vertical center you need to be a husband or a wife and have children. So it is a sin not to bear children. You should not be a childless person. Is there flesh without bone? No, because it would have nowhere to attach itself. (184-309, 1989.1.1)
God's masculine and feminine characteristics are separated into the forms of Adam and Eve. What unites them and makes them one again? Love. As they separate and reunite, God can experience how strong the love is that is contained within Himself. Otherwise, He would not know. Although God has love within Himself, He does not experience that love. He knows about it only through meeting a partner. Through people, He feels the love that is inside Himself. God is the vertical Father, and Adam and Eve are parents centered on horizontal true love. (185-187, 1989.1.8)
God is the bone of love. God's love is like the bone and human love is like the flesh. The bone and flesh become one in order to take shape. This is the principle. Just as you have bones, God's love is the love that is like the bone. True Parents' love is the love that is like the flesh. (181-206, 1988.10.3)

1.4. Parents and family members

In our Unification Church, we call our church members family members. Until today, no one has helped us understand this term "family member." Family members do not exist separately from a family. Having family members means there must be a family the existence of a family means there must be brothers and sisters, and the existence of brothers and sisters means there must be parents. In Christianity, religious people use words such as "church members" and "believers," but they have not been able to use the term "family member." Today, people are proclaiming the idea of one great global family, but building a great family requires the presence of parents who can be the father and mother of that great family. The one who comes as such a parent is none other than the Messiah.
Among the family members of the Unification Church today, there are members who are true members and those who are the opposite. There are also family members standing in the midway position. What kind of person is a true family member, one with the name of "family member" in the sense of the heavenly family established by God? This is the question. To be a family member, one first needs to have parents. Also, to be brothers and sisters one needs to have parents. The principle is that although there may be many brothers and sisters, there can be only one set of parents. In other words, although there are many family members, there is only one head of the family. Then, who is the center of those parents? Who is the head of the family?
They cannot be people who are self-centered heads of families or self-centered parents. They are parents who focus on the brothers and sisters, on the family members. Can they connect with evil in the evil world? They must have nothing to do with evil. If they are parents and a family head living in the way of true goodness, will they mainly serve their family or the Korean people? No. They should be the parents of all humankind and the central point for the one great family. Then, who can stand in the position of the owner, parents, and center? God, who has created heaven and earth, should stand there. Who should stand there next? The Savior, the representative of God who can bring order to the evil world, should stand there. Thus, a true family can be realized only when we have the Savior, who has become one with God, as our parents on earth. Only those who truly attend the Savior can become true children and true brothers and sisters. (15-294, 1965.12.7)
You should only walk the path that conforms to God's will. You should become brothers and sisters with people who are not actually your brothers and sisters, and follow parents who are not actually your parents. The Unification Church is making a movement that goes beyond the affections of flesh and blood. This movement focuses on God and is formed of brothers and sisters who are not actual brothers and sisters attending parents who are not their actual parents. A new culture will be created as we transcend races and the world. How are we able to do this? Through what aspect of God can we do this? Through God's power of life? Through His creative ability? Through His wisdom? Through His knowledge? No. It is possible only through God's love. (83-177, 1976.2.8) 
Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Two - True Parents
Chapter Six - True Parents and Us
Section 2. The Value of Working with True Parents while They are on Earth

In this world, there cannot be two sets of True Parents. In North Korea, they call Kim Il-sung "Father," and in the Unification Church you also call me Father. But the father of the Unification Church and the father of North Korea are qualitatively different. They are confronting each other: both are saying they are the parent. Also, God and Satan are fighting, each claiming a parent as their own. Who should render public judgment over this matter? Human beings should. Human beings should choose their parents, saying, "Our parents should be such and such people." They should make the decision, saying, "The fallen parents are evil parents for this reason, and good parents are good parents for this reason. Since it is God, not Satan, who has been seeking good parents, God is the father of the good parents." So where does everything come down to? It all comes down to the point where we meet True Parents.
There cannot be two sets of parents. When parents die, do they come back after a thousand years? Since the one appearance of the Parents of humankind is the desire of history, the desire of nations, the desire of ideologies, and the desire of the providence, the time of their appearance is an unprecedented and unrepeatable time. It is the pinnacle that comes only once in history. If it is narrow, how narrow is it? From the viewpoint of the eternal world, a person's lifespan is like the time required to take one breath.
I do not know if you are lucky or blessed, but you have managed to live in this era, encounter this one time, and join the Unification Church. How did you come to be here? Countless ancestors of yours devoted their efforts again and again until they could bring you to this place. Innumerable people perished and died when goodness was trampled upon, but the connections between these countless people turned around and around and reached heaven, rising like a high mountain where the sun rises. You are the ones who have followed the sunlight and gathered there.
When the conditions for love emerge in human history, it will be for the first time. It will establish the point from which the value of life can be bestowed. There is no other time when the sovereignty of the nation and world can be acknowledged to have a higher value. This time is the origin of history, the focus of hope, the starting point of all blessings, and the source of eternal life. It is that kind of era. The fallen world has been seeking hope for the future; this time establishes the eternal standard of hope in the future. Because you live in such a time, you should deeply learn the heart of this era and thereby save the world. It is that kind of time. For this reason, the True Parents, who come as the substance of that summit, have to live according to the norms through which they can belong to the place of True Parents' heart. I do not think you understand this. What should those parents do? They should be different from evil parents because they are good parents.
How should they relate to evil children? They will have to treat them based on a deeper heart than any parents in history have ever had. Even when they face a child with a miserable fate, instead of stumbling over him they should run to him in tears, beg him and comfort him to resolve the sorrow of tens of thousands of ages. They should cry their hearts out while acknowledging their mutual error in order to avoid separation. I am saying people should be like this if they are to be true parents. They are different. As parents, this is how their attitude of heart should be.
What attitude of heart and standard of behavior should the children who can receive such parents have? They need to have those. They should be representatives of the children of filial piety from all nations. Just as each nation's champion runs in a world marathon event, they should be champions chosen by their tribe. What are they champions of? They are champions of practicing filial piety and loyalty. You should be such a group of champions. In the sense that children should be this way and parents should be that way, the one known as Rev. Moon in the Unification Church has a different root.
If you miss this time, you will have deep regrets for hundreds of millions of years. Can you buy this opportunity with money? Can you buy it with knowledge? Can you match it with something you have? You absolutely cannot. Even if you bear the burden of the world, people, tribe and family who are connected to you all at once, can you inherit this? Again, no, you cannot. This time is so precious that even if the communist world and democratic world were allowed to perish, this opportunity would not be allowed to come to naught. God would think that even if all humankind were sacrificed, this opportunity should not be destroyed. This is what we should think. There is no way you can say all you want to say and stand in such a focal position. There is no way you can say all you want to say and still be a child of filial piety. There is no way you can say all you want to say and do all you want to do and still become a patriot. (51-354, 1971.12.5)
What is the current situation? You are living in the same age as True Parents. You only get this chance once in a lifetime. Among the many currents of history, it is a period that can be compared with the tastiest part of a fish. (46-167, 1971.8.13)
From the viewpoint of God's will, although God wants the most important church in Korea to pray and make wishes as God's representatives, they are now reduced to kneeling down in the snow and praying to God with loud wailing instead of holding worship, so that He will save their pitiful church or temple. You should know that establishing this Unification Church has been a history of sorrows in the providence. But now nations are welcoming us. In America, we are an issue that concerns the whole nation. It is the same in Japan and in Europe. The world has finally entered the time when people can think of our Blessed Families as lighthouses of hope, saying they are model families among humankind and the path to preventing family breakdown and youth promiscuity.
You should know how much blood and flesh was cut from me and how many sorrowful, tearful situations I passed through before this came to be. Nobody can separate the blessed couples. God wants them. To bring even one couple to the Blessing, God used the efforts of many of their blood relatives to lead them to an encounter with me. This is not coincidence. It is a historic event. It is an amazing thing that you are alive at the same time as True Parents, that you are breathing the same air and living together with them in this age on earth. More than this, it is remarkable that you have inherited the foundation of the Blessing.
Being a millionaire is not important. Would the Unification Church as it is today have come into being if I had been like you? Everywhere I went, I went straight to prison. I entered prison by the front gate and left by the back gate. In finding the family I can live in, the church I can stay in, and the tribe I can stay with, I have now finished securing a global foundation. In other words, I have finished setting up the external conditions.
I have finished creating more than one hundred chapters of the Professors' World Peace Academy, a forum for global scholars. I have created media organizations and a summit council that can move the world. Furthermore, by bringing together the religious world, representing the mind, and the political world, representing the body, I have created the Inter-Religious Federation for World Peace and the Federation for World Peace. I am doing these things all alone because there was no way to pioneer a path for humankind to survive and no way to advance toward a peaceful world without creating my own mind-body unity. In other words, I am doing this alone even though I face opposition. (211-336, 1991.1.1) 
Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Two - True Parents
Chapter Six - True Parents and Us
Section 3. True Parents' Effort and Us

3.1. We absolutely need True Parents

The True Parents are needed to establish conditions of indemnity. We are to inherit their foundation based on the standard of having become one in love. (137-116, 1985.12.24)
America is like my enemy, but while I was in prison I established six organizations to save America, beginning with the Washington Times newspaper. A person in the secular world would have sought revenge, but I did not. One must give love. We absolutely need True Parents for three reasons -- to complete restoration through indemnity, to become one in true love, and to receive rebirth based on the change of lineage. (137-113, 1985.12.24)

3.2. We are a branch engrafted to True Parents

Originally, human beings, as horizontal parents, were supposed to make a joyful beginning of love with God as the vertical parent. But Satan invaded that moment. So now it is necessary to take it back again and reconnect it, so that you will become the sons and daughters of True Parents. Since you are wild olive trees, you need to receive a branch of the true olive tree and be engrafted to it. Religions are meant to do the work of engrafting. This is Christian thought. This is why it is said that the marriage supper of the lamb must occur on earth. (58-218, 1972.6.11)
The hope of humankind is to meet True Parents. Meeting True Parents is the fruit of history, the center of this age, and the foundation upon which to begin the future. You who are engrafted to them are becoming branches. Until now, all the hopes of the historical ages have focused on the future, but a connection with True Parents during one's lifetime comes only once in eternity. It is a precious chance that comes only once. Your ancestors could not have it, nor will your descendants. (46-167, 1971.8.13)
Through the Fall, Satan took away all humankind. He carried them all off to hell. From among those who were taken away God separates people out one by one. This world used to be a wild olive tree in the satanic world, but God has turned it into a heavenly olive tree. God made Christianity in the democratic world be a wild olive tree on the heavenly side, so it could lead the world. When the satanic world weakens and the Christian cultural realm is established, the Lord will come at his Second Advent, cut them off all at once, engraft them completely, make them one, and turn them around. Today, the left wing has perished, and the right wing has almost collapsed. Who brought this about? God and True Parents did. Families who have become one with True Parents inherited True Parents' path, so they should be strong and courageous wherever they are in the world. Then, just as God and this universe protect me, it will protect them, and winning the heart of a nation will be no problem.
If someone asks you where you go to church, proudly tell them that you are a Unification Church member. "We belong to True Parents. We are True Parents' sons and daughters." Please do not fight. By fighting you are acknowledging Satan. So go around proclaiming these things. Say to them, "We are number one Moonies, number one children of God!" Then Satan will not be able to accuse you. Carry such thoughts firmly with you. (201-128, 1990.3.27)
The final destination of God's will is the family. Without the family, God has nowhere to settle. Since all families prosper when they have True Parents as their center, without families nothing can be achieved. Comparing this with a tree, it is like the branches spreading out from the trunk as the center. If you cut a branch and plant it in the ground, the tree multiplies. The ones who are to accomplish such a mission of the branches are the tribal messiahs.
As tree branches grow bigger in all four directions, the central root grows bigger as well. The central root grows in proportion to the growth of the branches. As it grows horizontally, it also grows vertically. When the root grows long this way by sacrificing the horizontal standard, the branches also go up all the way. When you work hard for God's will, things follow along like this. At the same time, since the power that has extended horizontally becomes condensed, we can conclude that we can connect to the cosmos through a life lived for the sake of others. So if a husband and wife live a life of horizontally serving, using the vertical standard that has God as its center, the realm of cosmic unity is automatically achieved. If they become one this way, they will necessarily rotate. Although they rotate, they do not fall down. They do not fall down because they have the horizontal standard. They rotate on the axis. They must rotate.
Movement occurs when centrifugal and centripetal forces become one. If you reach the state of perfect self-effacement, things will automatically rotate. When you start rotating, the axis goes up. When it comes down, an automatic reaction occurs. So it moves up and down, like taking a breath. When a person in such a perfected form establishes a family in the heavenly world, such a foundation will keep them from falling off. They can eternally live together with True Parents. Thus, when you create resonance in heart with True Parents, this standard of deep experience in life becomes a foundation for the eternal world of heart.
Unification Church members live together with True Parents and God. They are born with the love of True Parents. Since love makes an eternal connection, the connection of love cannot be cut. Until the day you die, you cannot forget about love. Even when parents die, they die with a heart of love for their sons and daughters. It is the same with the husband and wife. There is no one who forgets about love before he dies. Love goes beyond death and becomes connected to eternity. This is why you, a man or woman who have received life through love, cannot forget your parents who are the fundamental root of love. If your parents are the root and you are the trunk, your sons and daughters are the buds. When they grow together, they will extend to the realm of the tribe, people and nation. (218-127, 1991.7.14)

3.3. True Parents' investment for our sake

Do you think it was easy or difficult for True Parents to give birth to the true children? How difficult do you think it is to recover what has been lost? I have been pushing forward even when individuals, families and entire tribes, peoples, nations, the world, heaven and earth, and the spirit world were opposing me. Do you think I did this for commercial profit? Why do you think I did it? I did it because I was trying to find love. Normally, you should know that with your current qualifications you cannot stand here.
Actually, I should kick you away at the front door even if you came here a hundred or a thousand times! Nevertheless, I came here to speak to you. I am taking all the tough persecution upon myself. You are blaming me for your mistakes. In America, I have done nothing that caused me to deserve to be cursed or opposed, but I am still being cursed because of your faults. If this happened in ordinary society, I would abandon you, but I have not been able to do so. As for the court case in the United States, I did not have to return there. I could have just let it be; and yet still I came back for your sake. Without me, how much will you be torn apart? So I am protecting you by being struck. (116-113, 1981.12.27)

3.4. True Parents' expectations of us

In the Unification Church there are many different kinds of people: Western people, Eastern people, people of mixed colors and so forth. What did you come together here to do? Why did you come? Even if you meet me, all I can give you is curses. I only have insults to give you, but you still like it and come here. Why is that? You are gathering here in search of love. You are coming for true love. You know the taste. It is like bees; once they taste the nectar in a flower, they will follow the fragrance of the flowers even for hundreds of kilometers without feeling that the distance is too great. It is not easy to be True Parents. I would willingly hand over the authority of the True Parents, so if there is some representative here who wants to take it, please step forward. I never thought about becoming the True Parent, but as it turned out, I could not avoid taking responsibility for the Unification Church. And so on the way, I found myself as the True Parent.
If I had known from the beginning that I would be the True Parent, it is reasonable to say that everyone would have known it. Rather, I was digging into the fundamental problem of human life without knowing it, and came all the way here as a result. As I was disentangling these complications, the liberation of True Parents took place and I came to know that God needs liberation. Since God was liberated through me, He cannot help but absolutely love me. What have you done after meeting True Parents? I am asking you, what have you accomplished? Until now, I have gone through the family, tribe, and race, organizing individuals, families, and tribes while being beaten up in the devil's world. Our Blessed Families have organized a tribe. This is global. Now the satanic world cannot take them away and do as it pleases with them. Why? When they observe closely, our way of life is very good. Today Eastern and Western people fight, and even if they do get together, they divorce after a short time. In contrast, our Blessed Families are living together well after ten years, twenty years, or however long. (211-323, 1991.1.1)

3.5. The standard we should meet

True brothers and sisters, true husband and wife, and true parents who embody the three subjects principle should appear in your family. They are that principle's incarnation. You have to be true brothers and sisters to become a true husband or wife, do you not? And a true husband and wife have to appear in order for true parents to appear. When you stand in the position of true parents, you, of course, become a true husband or wife, and, furthermore, true children appear. True children stand in the position of object partners, becoming one with their parents' consciousness and subject philosophy. Through love, they become one.
Only love can bring these things into harmony. All elements and tiny creatures follow the path of love; they move towards the cells that can come into direct contact with the love that creates oneness with God -- that is, human beings. So love requires sacrifice. You need to invest yourself. Because of the tradition of investing all of one's life and possessions, entities at a lower level seek to invest their entire selves in service to those at higher levels. Thus, Darwin's theory of evolution is not true but the logic of absorption through love can explain this. When a tiny creature serves by being absorbed as an element used to create beings of a higher order, how much will their value increase? (204-129, 1990.7.1)
What kind of religion will remain in the end? It is the religion of the True Parents. This is why I declared that the True Parents' religion must appear. I have declared that a religion does not become the religion of the True Parents just because it has a long history. I have declared that this religion is the servant-level religion, the religion at the level of the child by a concubine. This was the content of my official speech. Even though I declare, "You should know that the person who received the mission of the religion of the True Parents is Rev. Moon, who is delivering the keynote speech for this conference at this podium," the world is quiet.
Christians are making a big fuss, discussing the rumor that I am the returning Lord. Western society has concluded that if the Lord is coming as a human being, it is no one but me. Do you think so, too? Yet instead you are saying, "People say Rev. Moon is the returning Lord, but he is just like me, speaking Korean and so forth. How does he speak so fast?" are you not? I speak fast because I am trying to cope with a very busy schedule. I have to speak rapidly to catch things that are running away. So I studied how to talk fast. In Japanese and English, too, nobody can match me. Then, is it a good thing that you have met me, or not? Those who feel it is good that they have met me must do well. (214-175, 1991.2.2) 
Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Two - True Parents
Chapter Six - True Parents and Us
Section 4. Grace and Self-Realization

4.1. True Parents is a term that has appeared for the first time

For God's will to be realized, parents must come; not fallen parents, but True Parents. You cannot find True Parents from the position of not having thought about it. This is not that kind of matter. This is a term that has appeared in history for the first time. Even a revolution does not compare with this fact. This is a miraculous and great event, unprecedented in history. The fact that you have come to learn the words True Parents and say the word "true" is possible because they have appeared with the love that surpasses the love of the countless parents who have come and passed away until now.
Theirs is a love that cannot exist more than once. You can say the words True Parents because they have such a standard. The love relationship with them at this time represents the highest standard. If the love of God exists, a person can finally receive God's love for the first time. This is the place of the highest ideal that cannot be imagined even by Jesus, who already came and left. Until this point was reached, the price was paid in the course of history. Satan, knowing that he would be completely defeated once True Parents appeared, tried to prevent that from occurring and to prevent that time from coming.
As the false parent, he tried to accomplish this by sacrificing countless people and making them pay a price in blood by any means. Terrible sacrifices were made up until today. These have been the works of Satan who sacrificed all those believers who tried to uphold this philosophy and follow this path as individuals, families, ethnic peoples, nations and the world. You should know what a terrible price in blood was paid by our ancestors who were sacrificed, and by our brothers and sisters who sought goodness and pursued the way of truth and the path to the True Parents. (67-225, 1973.6.27)

4.2. The appearance of True Parents is the greatest news

If you want to find a utopian world, where do you have to go? Without going through the realm of original family love, you have no place else to go. I connected the realm of indirect dominion and the realm of direct dominion by means of God's and True Parents' love. Accordingly, the way opened to go back and forth between the spiritual and physical worlds over a bridge of love. As our Principle explains, the realms of direct dominion and indirect dominion are distinct realms, as God originally created them. Then how can we make them one?
This is possible only through true love. The only time they become one is when human beings, Adam and Eve -- reach maturity. At that time, true horizontal love automatically appears. When they embrace each other at that point, saying, "Oh, you are my partner," true love appears at the center of that couple. When positively charged love appears in perfection, negatively charged love is bound to appear immediately. When positively charged love comes down to negatively charged love and they engage, they determine the standard of true love. Then it is complete.
When true love appears, everything follows automatically. Only true love works for everything. This way, the world is converted into a utopian sphere. Where does true love start? It starts from True Parents. This is the gospel of all gospels. Although there are good words in the world -- although husband is a good word and wife is a good word -- there is no news better than that of True Parents. In the fallen world a true husband and wife will not appear without True Parents appearing first. (131-187, 1984.5.1)
This True Family was found as a result of experiencing the deepest sorrow of all sorrows, enduring the greatest hardship among all hardships, and paying the highest price in blood of all such payments throughout the course of history. To resolve historical sorrow, such miserable indemnity conditions had to be made in history. The price paid through people's deaths throughout the course of history is redeemed when the True Family is found. Accordingly, the True Family's appearance on earth is a cause for unparalleled joy and has unparalleled value. For such a true family to come about, there have to be True Parents. At the same time as True Parents, a true husband and wife must emerge. Becoming a true couple, they must give birth to true children. These True Parents should have no condition permitting Satan to accuse.
A true husband and wife should not fall into the condition of providing a basis for Satan's accusation, and then groan in travail. The children in a true family cannot be the sons and daughters of a true family if they leave behind some condition to be accused by the satanic world.
You are using the words "True Parents" and know the title True Parents. Nobody in history has been able to call out or think about the name True Parents. But today you are in the glorious position of being able to call their name, know them and attend them. So you are in a happier and nobler position than anyone in history. Until now, those seeking the True Parents have offered a lot of hard work and a tremendous amount of sacrifice to lay the foundation for their Victory.
Considering this, you should know that the words True Parents portend the greatest blessing for humankind today. History is being brought under control through the True Parents. True Parents are the starting point of our advancement toward a new world. True Parents determine the internal conditions that can subjugate Satan. In them, the central couple is finally defined who can liberate God by conquering Satan, the one who is occupying the external world.
Therefore, you should first be thankful for this amazing grace by which you can live together with True Parents, receiving and carrying out their instructions. If there should be a way for you to align yourselves with True Parents' path, even at the sacrifice of your lives, there should be nothing that makes you happier. If a soldier marches toward the enemy camp in accordance with True Parents' command, he will be a holy soldier standing on the highest summit of hope desired by humankind, in full view of heaven and earth and drawing the attention of history.
If you are in the position to fight on behalf of True Parents' heart or on behalf of the nation and people, this heart will enable the nation and people to open the gate of the garden of happiness for the first time. The nation and people of hope who can march in and join in the glory of victory will appear. Considering all this, you should realize on your own, that you who are upholding the flag of True Parents' heart are the flag bearers who can revive history and judge the world of death again. (43- 142, 1971.4.29)

4.3. The future secured through True Parents

The title True Parents used in the Unification Church is a great one. Of course, the content of the Principle is very deep. It can ensure one's confidence in the future, and give meaning to it. Also, if there is an original point that can guarantee value on the stage of real life, it comes from these words. So, what do we have to do? We must unite. With whom should we become one? You should not become one with yourself as the center. Nor should you try to become one with your family at the center by pulling in True Parents. On the contrary, you should be pulled by True Parents. In being pulled, you should not be pulled just by yourself, but take your parents and husband or wife together with you. Moreover, you should take your children with you and even your material possessions. You should become one in this way. (35-274, 1970.10.25)

4.4. The value of True Parents

There is one focal point to the purpose of God's providence. It is precisely the point where God's ideal is realized, where we can meet the lost parents, the lost True Parents. This foundation is thus the center of everything. That position is known as the True Parents. There have been many positions in history, but this is the most valuable one. Think about how important it is. All the saints have fought for this foundation. God considers it important, as do all the spirits in the spirit world. So all the people on this earth should also understand its importance. You have not understood its true value. It cannot be exchanged even for thousands of pieces of land. It cannot be exchanged for a diamond as wide as a stretch of land. You would not be able to attain it even if you offered the United States to God as a sacrificial offering.
How happy would you be if you can see this place directly with your own eyes! How miserable you will be if you cannot see it! You should think deeply about this again. God's eyes and the eyes of all spirits and all people must be focused on this. To look at history from this point of view, there has been no history. There is nothing in history that connects with this. Since this place is the place of the first human ancestors before the Fall, there can be no fallen history after it. A new beginning starts from this point. In other words, the center of everything, the substance of everything, and the result of everything will begin from here. Those who can participate in this will be the first winners on earth.
From this, we can start forming a family centering on God's love. We can defeat the sovereignty of Satan and build a new, heavenly kingdom on earth. Moreover, the fruits of history will emerge from this point. It will be the center point of the entire world, the starting point of the future. The culmination of all past history will occur, the fulfillment of present history will be preserved, and the completion of the future world will begin. If you take hold of this point, this place, you, as a human being, can be the conqueror of everything. Then, how great the value of this place must be! How splendid it will be, how much you will love it, and how much you will praise it, respect it, and come to like it! This place has to be the highest place. It is unacceptable if it is not placed in the highest position in history. All those great people, however great they were, cannot compare with this. When you see it, you will surely be deeply moved by joy.
Have you ever danced in a dream while you are asleep? Every time you come to think of this place, this position, you will have that kind of feeling and be able to dance even during your sleep. Your heart should be drawn to this place more than to any other places, your life, or anything else. You should want to see it again, want to live with it, and feel that you cannot live without it. (52-94, 1971.12.23)
If you want to become the parent, heaven and earth must respond in harmony. You must go to the heavenly world and win over God. Adam turned reality into a non-reality by saying "Yes" to something that God said "No" to. For this reason, without acknowledging a non-reality as a reality, regaining the original standard will not be possible. Whoever can physically resolve all problems in the process to become True Parents in both heaven and on earth brightens heaven and earth, resolves all the complex issues of history, and removes the nail embedded in God's heart. The liberation of love desired by God results in rejoicing, dancing, and laughing while embracing and loving these sons and daughters. Great shouts of victory, will rise up from every being filled with tremendous joy, to resound throughout all of creation and all of heaven and earth.
Without suggesting something affirmative in the face of denial, the parent cannot come to the earth. How serious this is! In the heavenly world, Confucius, Buddha and Jesus get together to perform this kind of test. God pushes this aside and negotiates this Himself. In God's ideal of creation, there is a heart that cannot be expressed in words. Adam should realize this by himself in the period of perfection and bring the devil to surrender. He should be the sovereign of liberation. Adam is the ruler of all nations, the master of salvation, and the one who can be the first son among all brothers and sisters. The opposition of the satanic world put the spirit world into chaos for forty days. Since God is the judge, he must receive fair judgment from God. It was here that I received the verdict of victory and appeared on the earth. (215-86, 1991.2.6)

4.5. We should be grateful

How can we offer gratitude to God? How can we offer gratitude to our True Parents? How can we offer gratitude to our church? How can you show gratitude for being re-created? After the process I have been through, a true family will appear. At the next stage, a true tribe will appear, and at the next stage, a true nation, then a true world, a true universe, and a true cosmos; at the next stage up, God appears. This is our final goal. After the Fall, human beings inherited Satan's lineage. This is the problem. For countless generations, instead of receiving God's lineage, humankind received Satan's lineage. So how can we eliminate this satanic lineage? I am asking you how can we eliminate the dirty lineage Adam and Eve inherited from the Fall? True Parents are the ones who have come with true love, true life and true lineage in order to eliminate it. They have been raising up lives using Satan's lineage as fertilizer.
But in the new age of resurrection, the body grows based on God's love, life, and lineage and uses true love as fertilizer. One side disappears and the other prospers. From that point, God is present with you and Satan is separated away forever. No one knows the pain that is in God's heart. We know this only because God appeared in history, and through me here, revealed this profound mission; otherwise, we would not know it.
It is truly amazing. Even Jesus did not know it; or even if he did know it, he could not say what was in his heart. Also, no religious leaders have been aware of this hidden secret of the universe. I have come here before the world to reveal the secrets of the universe for the first time in history. From now on, we should turn our direction from the individual foundation to the national foundation. If the leader of a nation repents of his past and turns around, God forgives him. This is part of God's new tradition and signals a new lineage. Otherwise, we cannot separate from Satan. This also signifies the ceremony of the transfer of lineage that takes place before the Blessing Ceremony of the Unification Church.
In the very beginning, because of the Fall, true love, true life and true lineage became connected to dirty things in the satanic world... Now we are connected horizontally to God's true love, true life and true lineage. This means a conversion of 180 degrees. We cannot put our hopes in America or this world, which are connected to the satanic side. All the people of the world have followed the wickedest parents on the satanic side since the beginning. But now, for the first time, the direction has been turned 180 degrees. This is the starting point and the zero point. In this place, there is no meaning, no existence, no concept, no tradition and no culture. This is re-creation.
God first created all things in the natural environment and created human beings by combining soil, water and air. At that time, human beings had no fixed concepts. It was a zero point. Today, we are turning around 180 degrees from Satan's tradition. We are turning 180 degrees and becoming reborn. To be reborn is to be born again. The first to accomplish this rebirth is not the nation, but the parents. Brothers and sisters are next. Husband and wife are third and the children are fourth. God wants three generations but has not had them. The first generation is God, the second generation is Adam and Eve, and yet God has not had the third generation until now. Humankind has not been multiplying under God, but has belonged only to Satan. Satan is an enemy of love. How can this lineage be eliminated? You are not born as a Japanese or as a citizen of any other nation, but as one of God's people.
What should our lives be focused on? God's love, God's life and God's lineage -- these three roots are the standard. So, what should you be grateful for? Do not offer thanks for living a comfortable life. You must feel grateful for bearing a cross. If the remains of a defeated army are bleeding and rotting with a bad smell, who will make the funeral arrangements? Who will train them and turn them into a regular army? Also, if there is nothing to eat, what should be done? Should they just be killed off? No. You thought that by winning everything would become nice and smooth, but actually you will have to bear a bigger cross. Your time will come after you have resolved all that, after you have rebuilt it. You can live happily only after you have established a new family, a new nation and a new world.
No matter how difficult it may be, if there is a railway to the eternal world, the original hometown, that railway and the railway of your life on this earth must be the same gauge. It must be the same as the railway going to the spirit world. How about you? Do you think the railway of your current life is the same ac the railway in the spirit world? Can you run straight to God as you are? True Parents are needed in order to make the railway the same. (215-171. 1991.2.17)

4.6. Our connection with True Parents is destiny

We human beings are one hundred percent foolish, but God, who is more than one hundred percent wise, is our friend, and our ancestors in the infinite spirit world are our companions and supporting army. I am grateful to think about this. I know very well the feeling of taking risks on the frontline, like the time David stood in front of Goliath. It is the feeling of courage and confidence. If I fight a hundred wars, I can win a hundred wars because God is protecting me.
I have actually become this kind of person because I thought all along, "If you hit me, it is you rather than I who will be shattered." Just as God raised me like this, I have the responsibility to raise you this way. This is why you have to inherit the destiny to become a wise person. This is not an acquired task, but a task that is your destiny. Being True Parents and children of True Parents is a destiny that does not change for eternity. Nobody can separate from this. We must go this path for a thousand years, even ten thousand years. There are not two ways: only one way. There is no other method or some secret way. We all must walk this path. (203-192, 1990.6.24)

4.7. We must carry out our responsibilities

What do we have to do to go through the twelve pearly gates of the spirit world? The question is how many people can we rescue from Satan on earth and help to become heavenly citizens before we enter the spirit world. To do this, we must shed blood, sweat and tears based on a heart of true love for the sake of recreation. You cannot bring your own people to the heavenly kingdom without investing a higher heart than that of satanic parents, husband, wife, and children, and walking the course of shedding blood, sweat and tears.
You must understand that all the conditions that enable you to come close to God and that position of glory in the other world will be determined in proportion to the number of people you have rescued. Throughout my life, I have lived not only for the nation but also for the world. Why? Even those who are in the spirit world should receive benefits from True Parents. On the first of February, while I was in Danbury prison, I conducted a ceremony to open the gates of hell and heaven. I had to prepare everything for opening those gates. This is why I also had to go to prison. In this way, I have to go through great suffering and pain and climb over the hill of bitter sorrow.
No matter how vast the ocean, I must swim across it. No matter how high the mountains, I have to cross over them, even if they are the snow-covered Himalayas and I have to walk with bare feet. In the same way, I established all the foundations for victory by reaching beyond the misery of history itself. I went through a path of suffering so great that the devil himself could not follow me, and so he had to fall away.
In your homes, your sons and daughters hold a solemn position. They are a second God. The grandfather and grandmother represent the past on behalf of God, the mother and father represent the present age, and the sons and daughters represent the future. We should be able to serve these representatives of the three ages as past, present, and future manifestations of God. Those who deceive their sons and daughters, deceive their wives, deceive their husbands, and deceive their parents will go to hell.
The family, nation, and heaven and earth are supposed to be linked through the core of love that lives for the sake of others, the kind of love in which one invests even his life and forgets about it. There is no other way. Restoring many heavenly people with a standard of heart connected with such a core of love is the secret to accomplishing the unification of my country.
Even if you go to another country, you should offer that nation first to heaven, devoting all your effort for that nation so it does not fall behind other nations -- as if you were unifying your own country. In the Old Testament Age, all things were offered; in the New Testament Age, the offering was the sons and daughters. In the Completed Testament Age, it is our own couples; and next it is God.
Through the Fall, we could not be with God on earth. We separated from God and served Satan, so now we should bring God in and connect everything back together. Therefore, your possessions are not really your own. Things correspond to the Old Testament Age, and sons and daughters correspond to the New Testament Age. In the Old Testament Age, the things of creation were sacrificed to pave the road for the sons and daughters.
Today, the returning Lord, the True Parent, suffers here to bring God to this earth. Since human beings brought Satan to earth, it has been made into hell. We must bring God here. We must do this through true love. Re-creation is accomplished through the origin of true love that invests and invests and forgets about it. All things, children, and one's own self that can serve God must be linked through true love and acknowledged as possessions of God. When these are connected to true love, you will receive your share again and become connected to the age of children's possessions. These will be distributed for ownership to mother, father, and children. (211-352, 1991.01.01) 

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Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Two - True Parents
Chapter Six - True Parents and Us
Section 5. What We Need to Do

5.1. Our responsibilities

You are each walking the path of restoration as an individual, but you are not walking it individually. You are always walking that path on behalf of True Parents. Otherwise, you will not be able to prepare True Parents' victorious foundation at the tribal, ethnic, or national levels. For you to proceed correctly on behalf of True Parents, if True Parents are going out to establish the worldwide spiritual standard of victory, you should go out to establish the national standard of victory.
You should know this clearly. Now that True Parents' standard of victory is established spiritually, it must be established on earth. You are going beyond the level of one people, carrying out True Parents' responsibility on their behalf. To explain this from another viewpoint, you are going over the national level towards the worldwide level, to spiritually establish the cosmic standard of victory. The Lord, who is coming as the True Parents for us, has to spiritually pioneer the cross we must bear, achieve substantial victory and take responsibility for everything. This is the difficult aspect of restoring parents.
Looking at heaven, earth, and humankind, has Heaven ever been able to attend the victorious True Parents? Heaven could not yet do so. Has the earth been able to attend them? It has not yet been able to do so. Has humankind been able to attend them? They have not been able to, but they are now on the way to doing so.
Then, is it enough just to attend True Parents? It is not. After attending True Parents, you need to restore a true family, a tribe, a people, a nation, and the world. The people of Israel was prepared for this. To stand before True Parents as true children, the children's course of individual-level restoration, course of family-level restoration, course of tribal-level restoration, course of ethnic-level restoration and course of national-level restoration are to be accomplished. Through the completion of the parents' course of restoration for the individual, family, tribe, people and nation and the children's course of restoration for the individual, family, tribe, people and nation, the standard of parents and children having become one and victorious is established. Only after this can we finally conclude national-level restoration and make a fresh start toward the global level.
Then, what is the mission of the Unification Church and in what kind of position are you who have joined the church? You have been called into the Unification Church, of which I am the central figure. You are in the position of having to horizontally and physically develop what has been a sorrowful six thousand years of vertical history. What kind of resolution do we have to make? What is the goal we must aim for? We must establish the nation of True Parents on a worldwide foundation. We must establish the world-level nation of True Parents.
We must eliminate the remaining sorrow, pain and tears of the world as soon as possible. This is the responsibility and mission of our Unification Church. You are now on the path you are meant to follow. You should not turn to look back, either with your heart or with your body, as the Israelites did when they were on their way to Canaan.
What is the hope we should harbor? We should have the sincere hope to be able to truly attend the True Parents who are coming to earth on behalf of God. In attending them, we should not desire to attend them when the victorious foundation is already laid and all people have come to admire and respect them; rather, we should desire to attend True Parents as they pass through history's sorrowful course. Our ancestors are deeply pained that they were unable to attend the True Parents who have walked through the sorrowful course of history. All humankind harbors the hope of being able to sincerely attend True Parents.
Thus, you must become true sons and daughters of filial piety who attend them from a miserable situation rather than trying to attend them from a glorious position. To be such true sons and daughters of filial piety, even in difficulty, despair and misery that makes one cry out, we should be able to say, "Dear God, dear God who is guiding me, True Parents are walking the path of the cross of suffering that is more severe than that of Jesus. As someone who attends True Parents, I therefore accept any kind of heavy cross as a matter of course. I praise that, so please, God, do not worry on account of me."
I am saying that we, on our own, should be able to indemnify the worries, pain, and sorrow that reach us, instead of giving them to God to bear. Only then can we be engrafted, on the individual level, to the parents' individual victory. Currently, our Blessed Families are spread throughout Korea. Why have I spread the Blessed Families out everywhere in Korea? God works with the thirty million people of the Korean people and the entire Korean peninsula, and True Parents are coming to the thirty million Korean people and the Korean peninsula.
The entire Korean peninsula of three thousand ri -- every village, valley, mountain and field -- desires to attend the coming True Parents. Serving True Parents is the desire of all people in history. You, as children, should establish the individual and family standard of indemnity and become substantial representatives of True Parents. You should be people whom those in the village want to serve without any regret. Of course, the True Parents are in the center and make a spiritual relationship with everyone.
Since there is only one set of True Parents, however, they cannot relate with everyone personally. That is why the Blessed Families are the representatives of True Parents and stand in the position to relate with all people. True Parents have the responsibility to go over this nation and bear the cross on the worldwide level. Therefore, the cross of the people should be carried by the Blessed Families who live locally as true children of True Parents. All Blessed Families must serve as the foundation of a tribe and of a people in order for the works of Heaven to gain victory based on such a people. (13-288, 1964.4.12)
We must love True Parents and separate from Satan based on the standard of original love. We must fulfill our responsibility to go beyond the standard of perfection on the world level. (137-116, 1985.12.24)

5.2. Our mission

In the future, we must prepare a foundation to attend True Parents and assemble the brothers and sisters of the world before them. We are the ancestors with this responsibility. Therefore let us remove the path of the cross and persecution that may occur to our descendants. This is our original mission. (20-135, 1968.5.1)
When God stands in the position of the Parent unifying the human world and on the foundation where the Abel world and Cain world became one, God can finally appear as the master of all creation and the Parent. All people alive today are like children living without their parents. As such, they are fighting among themselves and so God has to appear as the Parent and teach them, saying, "Those you are fighting are your elder brothers and younger brothers." Nobody knows this but God. True, ideal parents departed because of the false parents, and the foundation for the position of ideal children was lost and sacrificed to Satan. Therefore, ideal parents must now appear, and the time has come when God can educate ideal children again; a religion to take over this mission must appear. This is the Unification Church.
So what is the Unification Church proud of? We should be proud of True Parents' achievements. Next, true children must be brought together. True Parents should not just love their clan but should be global and universal. True children do not say, "I only know the American people." They should not do that. They should transcend ethnic feelings. In whose name? In God's name. In whose name did the Fall occur? In Satan's name. In God's name, we should jump over the line of the Fall. So God should be above our head and should command us directly, just as God was above Adam's head.
True Parents have no connection to the Fall. Thus, the path of the Unification Church is to make a new world by gathering people with the true lineage from throughout the world, who are connected to True Parents and God. Then, a family will be a tribe, a tribe will be a people, and a people will establish a nation that takes dominion over the world. The fallen world has been sinking. Now we must make a new start and go up. There has to be a time when the fallen world and the new world will meet and things will reverse. The question is when we will be connected to the central line. You should all know this. (86-229, 1976.3.31)
Our Unification Church has True Parents, but in what position are they? They are True Parents only in the Unification Church, and have not reached the national or world level. Thus, Satan still remains on the national and the world level and is firing his guns. This is why our Unification Church is battling so that our movement expands to the nation, world, and spirit world the capacity of the True Parents that is now limited to the church. This is the movement of our Unification Church. The time is now approaching. The environment in which True Parents can be welcomed as national parents is at hand. (124-309, 1983.3.1) 
Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Two - True Parents
Chapter Six - True Parents and Us
Section 6. Things We Should Cherish as Our Own Life

6.1. Insisting on your own way is not acceptable

What you have is surely gold dust, but it is gold dust in the sand, contained in ore or in the earth; hence, it needs to be placed in a furnace and melted down. It must be smelted. This is the standard procedure. As the granules of gold melt and become liquid, would they say, "This is good!" or make a big fuss, saying, "Oh no, I am dying, I am dying?" Although they may say they will die, granules of gold do not actually die. If you want to be pure, you have to deny up to 98 percent of yourself. That which is truly you is only 2 percent. So then, what do you think you need to do?
How miserable this is! Think whether the life of a Unificationist is miserable or happy. Then would Rev. Moon, the center of the Unificationists, be happy or miserable? I have a hope that although I was miserable at the beginning, I will be happy later. When there is persecution, you should think, "I am going into the furnace. This is coming because I am still not perfect." If persecution comes, let it come. If people want to persecute us, let them persecute us! You should want to be inside the furnace until you become pure gold. This is how you can become pure gold quickly. As for those who are walking the path of abandoning their 98 percent and becoming 100 percent pure gold, how much endurance do you think they have to have? How much pain do you think they will endure? But you should still have the conviction to go forward.
Even if the people of the world evaluate you as 100 percent pure gold, the question is whether you will be a 100 percent when God picks you up with a tweezers and evaluates you. This is my worry. God has His view of 100 percent pure gold and I have my suggestion for 100 percent pure gold. Between the two, I want my 100 percent to be greater. How about that? I want my claim to be greater. Then, there should be no impurity, no insisting upon your own way. Does not God insist on His own way? Yes, God insists on His own way. God also has a nature to insist on His own way. In order to be purer, we should not insist on having our own way. Then, we will be 100 percent pure gold and be at a standard higher than the pure gold evaluated by God. We can think this way. If we are totally and eternally free from a mind of self-insistence, which thinks of the self as the center, we can be something that is more than 100 percent pure.
What is pure gold? It refers to its original form, without any impurity whatsoever. To meet the standard of pure gold, a nation must be a place where the people live enraptured in love, without any self-centeredness for hundreds and thousands of years. Those who possess such love are like a great queen or king. I am telling you to be such a wife or husband. When you become pure gold this way, do you need God? God is already contained within you. You will not need Him. So you should be such people. (128206, 1983.6.26)
Are you genuine pure gold or fake "pure" gold? When I look at you, I see you are not genuine. Perhaps if we put together four or five of you, beat you up, and remold you, you will be the real thing. This is how I see it. I cannot place you as if you were in a real market or store and sell you as genuine items. I cannot display you there. This is how I see it. So, there is a lot of training through adversity and the smelting process; a great deal of this process still remains to be completed. If you are asked if you are pure gold, I do not see you that way. Since a lot of the metal smelting process still remains for you to go through, you all have to be put in the metal smelting furnace whether you like it or not. Until you are put in there and all the bad things get burnt up, resulting in pure material in a form that is the same both inside and out, you cannot be called a Unification Church member. (138-200, 1986.1.21)
We need a device to measure the time period, the moment, and the time for calibrating ourselves. We should set these in accordance with the standard clock. Scales also have an absolute standard measurement, of which there is only one in the world. There is only one standard measurement for one meter, not two standards. Then, do you think there was originally a standard for the calibration of humankind or not? Are you a person whose current arbitrary standard naturally fits in with the absolute human standard through a zero calibration, or are you a person that it does not fit, even by force?
You do not fit even by force. But you are still asking to be recognized as people meeting the original standard or standard meter measure. Then, the person giving that recognition would be a crazy person. That kind of person should be smacked on the head! God will say, "You fool, he looks that way and you are approving him? He should be rejected and chastised, yet you are going to sympathize with and help him?" Among the Blessed Families today, there are many who respect the word "family" and yet ignore the essential nature of the family. (127-202, 1983.5.8)

6.2. We must become one

To what extent do you know True Parents' heart? And how united are you with True Parents in matters of lineage, character, God's Word and daily life? How about your view of the nation, world and cosmos? This determines whether you can become true sons and daughters of God in a true sense. You are insecure if you are on your own, so the question is how to link you to True Parents. It will not work if you do not have the original source. You absolutely need the original source. In other words, you cannot manage without the core. (28-247, 1970.1.22)
True Parents are the ones who stand in place of your own father and mother. The original parents are True Parents. You and your parents should be one. Then, who is the grandfather? God. With regard to God's commands, even True Parents cannot do as they please. Parents should lead their sons and daughters along the path the grandfather wants. This is the way of the parents. If True Parents have gone the way of restoration, you cannot help going the way of restoration as well. You have to fulfill the minimum five percent portion of responsibility. You should know this. You should love God more than you love your wife and more than you love your parents. You should love God more than you love your children. If this foundation expands worldwide, it will become the ideal world that the Unification Church speaks of -- the original world. (128-30, 1983.5.29)
I already have both the root of the first Adam and the root of the second Adam. Therefore, you just have to engraft yourself into the first Adam, second Adam, and third Adam, and everything will be over with. The root is all one and the same. So, it is love, life, and then lineage. Lineage comes into being as the vertical and horizontal love of God interacts with life. Hence, you should love me more than anyone else. You should be more united with True Parents than with anyone else. Since this is a lineage centered on true love, you have the right of inheritance, right of equal position, and right of equal participation. This is why Satan cannot come near. (189-223, 1989.4.6)

6.3. We should love True Parents

How much love do True Parents receive? Have you ever thought about that? If there is someone who condemns the declaration that God is dead, he would love True Parents more than God does. If you pray to God to enable you to meet such a person, and you do meet such a person and they come to love True Parents, God will be joyful. If that person is the smartest person, and you agree, you absolutely cannot be defeated by the spirits in the spirit world. If you love True Parents, you can absolutely not be defeated. If you can accuse the spirits, "I love True Parents this much, but what have you spirits done?" then you will be the people living in the greatest abundance.
If a fight breaks out among our family members as each of them tries to love True Parents more, what would God say about that fight? If one of them were to die during this fight, how would God judge him? Would God drag him to the guillotine? Without a doubt, God would call both of them, establish them as a model of loving True Parents, and tell other people to love True Parents as they have loved them. This is the standard. In other words, God, spirits, and all people need to pay close attention to True Parents. We should think about this in our daily life. If my words are true, this is an important issue.
How far away are you from this standard? You should pray for this from this point on. Those without tears cannot follow True Parents. In such a case, your face cannot be bright. You should live for the sake of others. And even though you may do your best, you should always have an apologetic heart towards heaven. You should be able to imagine how we should act. (52-97, 1971.12.23)

6.4. We must attend True Parents

Even if you went through the wilderness course, crossed the Jordan River, and fell in a fight with the seven tribes of Canaan, this would not be a victorious death. You can be an original person, worthy of a heavenly appointment from God, only after you have conquered the seven tribes of Canaan and established a new nation of Israel there. Otherwise, it is the same as staying in paradise; you will not be able to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. (13-296, 1964.4.12)
Who are the True Parents? They are the ancestors of humankind. You should therefore attend True Parents as your own parents. (118-147, 1982.5.23)
You should serve your parents for three years or more. In serving them for three years or more the family should serve them, then the nation should serve them and the world should serve them. This is really how it should be. Only then can we advance to the realm of global restoration. Based on the number three, you have to serve them for three years or more. Thus the principle is that for three years you live with your parents, eating with them and discussing with them. This is how your household should be. As a family living with the parents, you should have a three-year period in which you live in peace and happiness, use only good words, and share joy with one another. (44-169, 1971.5.6)

6.5. We should be obedient

The children must show absolute obedience before the Parents who have come in the original name of God. There is no objection to that. This is not something done by force. We are creating an environment where this can be done centering on love. The wife loves her husband and the husband loves his wife. You should become parents centered on love and create an environment where your beloved children can naturally and absolutely submit to you. Only then can the foundation of the Kingdom of Heaven not be destroyed. (101-282, 1978.11.7)

6.6. We must inherit the tradition

Until now, we have not known what would become of humankind. We have not known what would become of ourselves. In other words, people have not understood history. They have not understood where history is headed. They have not known what would happen in the future or their purpose. Why is this so? It is because they have not had true parents and ancestors.
But as for us, because we are attending True Parents, we can say, "Ah, I know history; I know the circumstances of the history between God and each of us." Also, we have come to know the present and future. We can both know such tradition and inherit it. Now we can have the tradition with which we can win over history and the future. From whom? Why? It is because you have met True Parents. You follow what True Parents teach, and what they do, and you desire what True Parents desire and inherit from them. You are inheriting these things from them. (71-21, 1974.3.24)
Until now, there have been no parents in this universe. Those who acted like parents were evil parents, using and ruining their children. What got broken through this? Brothers and sisters, brides and bridegrooms, and fathers and mothers, who are meant to become perfect, have split apart. They have not had children of goodness, meaning they ultimately lost the family. The family is a representative of universal history; it represents the world, the heavenly kingdom, the nation, and all families. God is trying to find its center. History also has been looking for it.
People living today should be connected to this center. In other words, the common purpose pursued by God and human beings is this alone, and there is nowhere else that the past, present, and future can be bound together. Then who should do it? True Parents must accomplish the tasks that Adam and Eve were meant to do. Hence, what you have now is something Satan does not own -- you should have the best brothers and sisters; the kind that are not found in the evil world. You must have brothers and sisters who are not from the satanic world. This is how it should be for you. This is until your twenties, before you marry. You need to establish such a tradition. You should leave your sons and daughters a tradition that teaches them how to live.
The reason you are fighting such a hard battle in the countries you have gone to is so that you can leave behind a tradition for your descendants. This is a great opportunity that comes only once, an opportunity to educate your children saying, "We worked amidst this kind of hardship." You have the chance to establish a tradition you can leave behind as your testament. That is why tradition is the issue. This cannot be changed. It is an eternal tradition.
Since we have transcended the world, white people and black people should be brothers and sisters. This is to realize the brotherhood realm of humankind, the realm of Adam and Eve, which has nothing to do with the Fall. Then, what is the basic philosophy to establish that tradition? Everything will work out if we live for the sake of others. From here, your sons and daughters will grow up without suffering in this kind of environment. They will become descendants who can go straight to the heavenly nation with actual accomplishments that surpass the satanic world and can directly connect with heaven.
Next, these brothers and sisters will marry one another. For us, marriage transcends nations. We have the mindset that we can marry a black person if told to do so, marry a white person if recommended to do so, and marry a yellow person if recommended to do so. Such a tradition should be established from now. This has not yet been established. We should create oneness from now on. So you must guide your descendants and the world with this. The two must become one. When you become one you should not bear evil children. To bear children of goodness, the husband and wife should be completely one. Without becoming one, no children of goodness will come out. Thus, they should become completely one centering on God's will. (71-19, 1974.3.24)
You can roughly see how I look and what shape I have by looking at me two-dimensionally. But you do not know what kind of path I have walked before coming here. If you do not have a firm conviction from the beginning and just follow this path, God's will cannot be accomplished. You should have firm conviction. I brought this victorious result because I knew this as an absolute and sure path and started with the resolve to bring victory without fail. Countless individuals, families, tribes, peoples and nations opposed me and tried to shake my conviction and block my path. The world, too, has opposed me. Such things have intervened.
You should inherit such a tradition, but can you inherit it without understanding it? When you inherit such an amazing thing, you have to do so with a new resolve. In other words, you should inherit it with a conviction that enables you to say, "I will do more than run to the end of the world and to the top of the sky" while being strong, bold and so grateful as to amaze God. The hearts of Heavenly Father and True Father are such that when they see your attitude, they will want to bequeath everything to you. The stark reality is that God is gathering and teaching those who know nothing and have no idea what is happening to the world. This is sorrowful indeed. (67-228, 1973.6.27)

6.7. We should be proud of True Parents

What should make you proud? You should be proud of God's love and True Parents' love. You should praise them more than what you own, more than what belongs to the nation, and more than what belongs to the world. Such love is the combination of God's love and True Parents' love. On earth, the Unification Church is putting into practice initiatives for unity on the basis of the ideal love of the direct dominion and on the foundation of the family. These are the footsteps of the Parents. This is the domain of the Parents. This is the realm of the direct dominion. (131-48, 1984.4.1)

6.8. You should pay your debt to True Parents

You must have a clear concept of True Parents. Are you indebted to True Parents or not? There is no way you can pay the debt. If you calculate your debt, it is impossible to pay. But you can pay off everything with just a small sign of your love. This is what we need. (116-121, 1981.12.27) 
Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Two - True Parents
Chapter Seven - A Life with True Parents
Section 1. True Parents' Day and True Parents

You are all interested in me, aren't you? When I go somewhere and say something, you should all carry cell phones so that you can listen to me anywhere. On this True Parents' Day, you should know how great your Parents' suffering has been and how much pain your Parents have carried in their hearts. Now the time has come when you need to learn about your Parents. Otherwise, you will not know the tradition; you will not have a tradition. (131-62, 1984.4.1)
Originally, the idea of True Parents' Day was the central idea in God's concept of the creation. After creating all things, God created human beings to rule over them. The purpose for which God blessed human beings to take dominion over all things was none other than to establish True Parents.
Originally, Adam and Eve would have become True Parents by uniting with each other centered on God; then, Parents' Day would have been established and the entire universe would have sung praises in the name of the Universal Parents. Thus, True Parents' Day should have been a day of joy with the entire universe singing praises together in the name of the Parents. It was God's deepest desire that this day be celebrated. Due to the Fall of the first human ancestors, however, heaven and earth never saw this True Parents' Day. Thus, God has never ceased working to realize His original plan for True Parents' Day. Before we can celebrate True Parents' Day, however, we must first receive True Parents. The True Parents are the central beings. They must judge history, rule over the present and pioneer the future. The desire of people throughout history has also been to receive such True Parents.
Why are we trying to restore a people? We are creating a people to attend the victorious True Parents and to attend them truly by realizing a free heaven and earth as sons and daughters of filial piety. The True Parents will appear before the entire cosmos on a national foundation that can stand on behalf of heaven, earth and all humankind without accusation from the satanic world.
Until now we have attended True Parents only in sorrow and pain, but from now on we should attend them in joy and in freedom. When God can dwell within our hearts, only then, when we are joyful, will God be able to say, "Yes, your joy is my joy!" We should also establish a standard by which all people can say, "What you are grateful for? We are grateful for True Parents!"
Today is True Parents' Day. Only when you truly establish True Parents' Day as your own True Parents' Day, your own family's True Parents' Day, society's True Parents' Day, and the nation's True Parents' Day will it be established as the global True Parents' Day. Only when you establish it as the global True Parents' Day and then the cosmic True Parents' Day will God's original ideal of creation to establish True Parents be completed; only then will there be relief from the sorrow that came from being unable to establish True Parents' Day due to the Fall.
Furthermore, only when we establish True Parents' Day throughout all of heaven and earth will the sorrow of restoration be completely removed. Even though we have established True Parents' Day and True Children's Day, we have not established True Parents' Day on the levels of an individual, a family, a people, a nation, the world and the cosmos. The same is true for True Children's Day, and for the Day of All True Things. Only when we have developed to the point where we can be governed by the standard in which True Parents' Day, True Children's Day, and the Day of All True Things have globally triumphed will God's original purpose of creation be completed.
Only then will True Parents' Day finally become True Parents' Day for all humankind and at the same time True Parents' Day for Heaven itself. In the same way, True Children's Day and the Day of All True Things will be True Children's Day and the Day of All True Things both for all humankind and for Heaven. When we have reached such a position, then the time will have finally come when God can say that everything has finally been accomplished. We must establish True Parents' Day, True Children's Day and the Day of All True Things on all levels from the individual, through the family, peoples and nations. Only when we have established these days on the level of one nation can they become the central days of the nation and of the entire world. This is the issue. (13-294, 1964.4.12) 
Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Two - True Parents
Chapter Seven - A Life with True Parents
Section 2. We Should Fully Understand the Words "True Parents"

There is a term cherished in our Unification Church. Some of you might be hearing it for the first time; it is the term "True Parents." We say, Our True Parents! Did Jesus have True Parents? We have something that Jesus did not. Did Jesus have True Parents?
Are not parents responsible when they do not protect their children? Parents ought to protect their children. They must be a protective barrier against Satan and say to their children, "Be happy in our embrace." Did Jesus have that experience? For his entire life Jesus grew up and was treated as a stepson. This is why the Bible does not contain the words true parents. It does not contain the words true parents or true brothers and sisters.
These words are a part of our Unification Church terminology. They are not something I invented. They are words discovered to be part of the heavenly Principle. We use the words true parents and true children. We should understand how true children should act. True children should be able to offer their lives and everything they have for the sake of God's Son and should be grateful even if they themselves end up in hell. Without going through such a process, nothing can be accomplished. In this way, you can return to the Father through having the heart of true children. (76-73, 1975.1.26)
We use the words True Parents. We say that we should go forward together with True Parents and together with God. Next, we say that we should be true brothers and sisters. Centering on what? Centering on Jesus. Jesus' parents were unable to serve him, but we should reverse that failure through indemnity and stand in the position of parents who can serve him and who are better than his earthly parents were.
Which do you think is easier to accept: my referring to God as the Parent, or your referring to me as the Parent? You do not know how much I have suffered. You do not know how many walls there have been and how complicated it has been. Until now, myriads of people have struggled on that path and all have fallen into the pit.
When you joined the Unification Church and began to understand me from the perspective of theory, it must have been easy for you to say, "Ah, he is the True Parent." Then, which do you think is greater, the joy I felt when I realized that God is the True Parent or the joy you felt when you realized it? I could utter the word "Father" only after having gone through life-threatening suffering, but you were taught everything without suffering. This is why you can say, "Okay, I have come to know the True Parents; so what?"
Who would rejoice more? Which do you think should be greater, the joy I felt when I met God in the parent-child relationship or the joy you feel when you meet me? Although my encounter came only after suffering, your encounter took place without suffering, so you should be more joyful. If I had paid hundreds of billions of dollars, wouldn't you be you happy that you paid nothing? What have you paid? When you come and listen to the Principle you can understand everything. So, when you hear "True Parents," you merely say "So that's how it is!" and understand everything. (116-121, 1981.12.27) 
Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Two - True Parents
Chapter Seven - A Life with True Parents
Section 3. Learning True Parents' Language

Language is one of the most challenging problems. When Koreans are here, those who do not know Korean have a difficult time. They look pitiful. How great it would be if language were unified! When I first came to America, I only knew "Yes" and "No," although I had studied English through books. Can you imagine how stifled I felt! You need to know how necessary the unification of language is. Do you wish to listen to my speeches through an interpreter or directly from me?
Of course, you want to listen to them in Korean. Why? Because Korean is the original language. Therefore, in studying the Principle, if you do not know the original language, you will not understand the meaning of the words. Furthermore, when you go to the spirit world in the future, will you be proud if you can say, "I understood Father's speeches directly, without translation" or if you have to say, "I listened to his words through an interpreter?" Which?
Moreover, they are words that express the ideal world of love. Does it mean anything to whisper words of love through an interpreter? The fifth paragraph of our former pledge says, "We are proud of the one culture." The question is how that one culture can come about. You should know that in the world of heart you have no choice but to become one. The one who truly desires one world of heart cannot go without knowing this. Now, when you reach out to someone because you love them so much, your feet move first before any thoughts about love. Your feet move first, and not the loving thought. How foolish this is! If you think about eating in the same way, it is as though you enjoyed eating leftovers. Without the tradition and spirit of the ideal family the ideal world cannot appear.
Even in the spirit world everyone uses the language that true parents and true grandfathers use. Would it work to say, "Oh dear, I don't know that language!" You will realize, then, how difficult it is for Orientals to learn English. I myself learned English after the age of sixty. Do you think it was easy? You cannot make excuses.
As you young people are coming into the Unification Church, you have to do it. You have to learn, even repeating words again and again while walking on the street. Learn Korean by repeating words and phrases while going back and forth to the bathroom. You have no escape. The reason I am telling you to learn Korean is because I have become the True Parent; there is no way out. No matter what nationality you are or what situations you are in, you have no alternative. When everything is unified, people will say, "This is the glory of True Parents! They have swiftly unified the world's languages!" If they give me an award, what kind of award should they give me?
You should respect Korean more than the language of any other nation in the world. It is because of their language that Koreans are smart. There is no sound that cannot be pronounced in the Korean language. Japanese does not come anywhere close. Japanese cannot pronounce "McDonald's" properly and end up saying "Makudonarudo."
Can you understand what I mean? This is why things must work through the new culture. I am not saying this because I am a Korean, but because it is the Principle. If I told you to learn Korean without that being rooted in the Principle, I would be chased away. It is because I am talking about basic principles that you listen quietly and say, "As it fits the theory, what choice do I have but to accept?" In the future, the original language for scholars will be Korean. The Korean language will be the original language. (130-272, 1984.2.5) 
Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Two - True Parents
Chapter Seven - A Life with True Parents
Section 4. Revelation in Folk Songs

How great it would be if you could, while attending God, say "I want to live for thousands of years!" A verse in a Korean folk song that goes,
"Moon, Oh moon, you bright moon, moon loved by the poet Lee Tae-baek!
Oh moon, on you grows a laurel tree.
I want to chop it down with a jade axe and trim the branches with a gold axe to build a thatched cottage to bring my parents to..."
These are nice words, but where are the Parents? If they are parents based on their own desires, they will completely disappear. Where are the Parents who can reveal the great way of Heaven and earth and plant the tradition? My life's purpose, until I die, is creating the way for the world that is like that folk song. (127-281, 1983.5.15)
Religious leaders prostrate themselves and pray in an effort to receive blessings, but I have never prayed to receive any blessing. The Old Testament Age was the age of finding God's people by establishing all things; the New Testament Age was the age of finding the Parents by sacrificing the sons and daughters; and the Completed Testament Age is the age of liberating God by sacrificing the Parents' family.
This means bringing the Original Parents to this earth and living with them for thousands of years. The Korean folk song about the moon and the laurel tree sings of bringing parents and living with them for tens of thousands of years. This Korean tale contains a revelation: "...wanting to bring the heavenly parents to earth and live with them for tens of thousands of years..." Whenever I think about this song, I cannot escape the intense longing in my heart.
Don't ever feel bad about having been born as a Korean. In the past, you might have felt pity for yourself for having been born Korean, saying "How is it that I was born in a thatched-roof among these poor Korean people, although Korea boasts of its five-thousand-year history?" The Korean song that goes "Moon, Oh moon, you bright moon" sings of building a thatched cottage and living there for thousands of years.
I do not feel happy when I hear this song. Only a thatched-roof cottage? How can we fulfill the wishes of the people there? However, its reference to "build a thatched cottage, bring my parents there and live with them there for thousands of years" must refer to the ideal parents of humanity. The song connects with the Christian belief in the Second Coming and with the belief in a savior to come that is present among all peoples and nations. (85-80, 1976.3.2)
The song "Moon, Oh moon, you bright moon" tells of attending the parents, but which parents? Attend the parents and the grandparents on both the father's and the mother's side... The song sings praises to the long-cherished desire of our people. This is why we have the concept of True Parents. The love that can bring us to live together for thousands of years comes from True Parents. We want to live with both sets of parents. (126-190, 1983.4.19)
If True Parents symbolize masculinity and femininity with the highest authority of God, the authority of their sons and daughters should be at least as high as their shadow. You should not seek to come into the Unification Church maintaining the old habits and greed acquired in the satanic world.
Our church is different from the established churches. It is a place where we wage a battle of life and death, building an altar of love and preparing the arrows of love. We do not go to the Heavenly Kingdom to be judged by God above. No, He is here and judges our lives every day. Attending God together with me, we share in God's pain and in His joy in our daily lives. Because of this we have not come to ruin or perished in the turbulent ups and downs of this age of tribulation.
Can God die? No, He lives! Today, having achieved global victory, I have returned to this nation. Our nation is divided and I must reunite it. While we build a unified nation you must also establish your own nation, people, tribe and family. It is simple now for Unification Church members, because your Parents have completed the entire indemnity mission.
Everything will be finished once you know the real God, the real True Parents, the real, true husband and wife, and real, true sons and daughters. You have to go out, fight and win because you want to know these sons and daughters, these husbands and wives. You must love them. When you love them and liberate your brothers and sisters, the twelve apostles, and 120 disciples on the satanic side, then you can love your own sons and daughters, and bring them to live with you forever.
"Moon, Oh Moon, you bright Moon, Moon loved by the poet Lee Tae-baek!
Oh Moon, on you grows a laurel tree.
I want to chop it down with a jade axe and trim the branches with a gold axe to build a thatched cottage.
I want to bring my parents and live with them there for thousands of years"
are the words of a song through which the Korean people can receive the mantle of the chosen people. It is a song the chosen people can sing.
This song is a prayer that sings praise for eternity. Its meaning is living with and attending one's parents for thousands of years. Where? In a thatched cottage. Do you know what a thatched cottage is? You have to start at the bottom. Without serving your parents in a thatched cottage you cannot find the royal parents. You have to begin serving them in a thatched cottage. Organize a tribe and then a people from the tribe. Only when we have organized a people can right of kingship be established.
We have to find a nation. Already, in the world and among the nations, I am carrying a victory sign and standing in the vertical position. Since I am in the vertical position I cannot go to the side. The vertical position on the level of the individual, family, tribe, people, nation, world and cosmos centered on me are aligned in oneness with God as the center. (212-51, 1991.1.1)
Where is the foundation upon which human love and God's love can harmonize together? God created human beings because of love. Why did God create human beings for love? God is lonely by Himself. God created people because He wanted to live in love for thousands of years. Even if we have only a thatched cottage, we still want to live with our parents there forever. It is the same with the ideal God. It is amazing that God can go into a place even smaller than a thatched cottage and still embrace Heaven and earth, and breathe and live. Is that a small house? When God is there, even a thatched cottage is a palace in the Heavenly Kingdom, a universal palace. (204-106, 1990.7.1) 
Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Two - True Parents
Chapter Seven - A Life with True Parents
Section 5. Prayer in the Name of True Parents

God is the greatest teacher for fallen people. Among teachers, He is the great King of teachers, because there is nothing God does not know. Among parents, God is the First, in other words, the True Parent. As a king, He is the King of all kings. God is the best teacher and the first parent. If He is the First Parent, would He be a false parent or a true parent? He is the True Parent. This True Parent was unable to be a True Parent because of the Fall. In the Unification Church we close our prayers by saying "I pray in the name of the True Parents." God is the first True Parent.
When you desire something in prayer, whom do you ask? We are supposed to call upon the Father whatever we do. When you are drowning who would you like to rescue you? When a savior is supposed to come and rescue you, would like some grandfather from a neighboring village to be the one who saves you? Or would you rather have your younger brother save you? Would you like your savior to be your elder brother or your younger brother? Who would you like to come to save you? You want your parents to come to save you. You would like your parents, the highest ranking saviors of all, to come to rescue you. Since parents know their children's pain as pain penetrating their own bones, children are looking to their father and mother to be their saviors. (41-307, 1971.2.17)
When you pray, you pray in the name of True Parents, but who are the True Parents? Do not think of this term only with regard to Mother and me. No, think of True Parents from a higher point of view. Think of them in terms of the mother and father who can embrace the world at a higher level and truly love all people as one, transcending the emotions of any people or nation. This is why I also pray in the name of True Parents. (33-141, 1970.8.11) 
Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Two - True Parents
Chapter Seven - A Life with True Parents
Section 6. The Power of True Parents' Name

The Bible says that humankind fell. So God must be liberated. Through the Fall, the sons and daughters, husband and wife, the nation, and even the world that was to be ours were forfeited at one stroke. True Parents must come, recover all things, children, families, nations, and the world, and return them all to God.
Those who once belonged to God fell under the sway of false love after deviating from the true path of love. Although they were created on the principle of ownership based in love, they were destroyed by fallen love. Now they must be salvaged through the love of True Parents, and all things, children, husband and wife, nation and world must be offered again to God. Then, God will sing praises of that triumph, the return of His universe through true love, and then He will give those offerings to True Parents. They will become God's possessions and thereby True Parents' possessions.
In becoming True Parents' possessions, they will become the possessions of the sons and daughters, and then again be distributed in the four directions. Without the world becoming such a place, the Kingdom of Heaven cannot appear on earth.
What is the local-level breakthrough (tong ban gyeokpa) we are pursuing? We must unite South and North and offer the Republic of Korea to God as the homeland of all humankind. This must be done in God's name and in True Parents' name, centered on the achievement of victory in all nations. This is why we have been investing everything. It is for this reason that we are now like a group of beggars. Why beggars? Because we already offered everything decades ago.
Now we must unite South and North, and in God's name and in True Parents' name we must take back all ownership historically claimed by Satan. We must restore the ownership to the throne of God, the Original Parent, so that Korea will emerge from this as the first ancestor nation among all nations throughout history. Working to bring this about is my final purpose of love. (211-126, 1990.12.29) 
Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Two - True Parents
Chapter Seven - A Life with True Parents
Section 7. Enjoy Eternal Glory in True Parents' Name

Once we offer something, we have to offer in the name of God, and from God's name it must return to True Parents. Just having True Parents will not be enough. Our offering must return to True Parents from the name of God, the Creator. It must become a possession of Adam and Eve. In other words, we need to receive it back.
The inheritance must take place in True Parents' family. After this occurs, then first will come an age of redistribution. We will have an eternal heavenly nation, where there is no Satan to have to separate from. Second, life according to the ideal of creation will be possible, and there will be no accusation from Satan. There will be no struggle or breakdown there. Since life under the ideal of creation starts within a completely unified system centering on true love, we will have the perfect Kingdom of Heaven on earth.
After having lived here we will go straight to the Kingdom of Heaven in heaven. There will be no need for religion. Thus third, the Kingdom of Heaven in heaven and the Kingdom of Heaven on earth together existing for the sake of true love will be realized.
Next, the conclusion.
May you receive eternal glory in God's name, in True Parents' name, and in all of our names!
May you receive eternal glory in God's name, in True Parents' name, and in all of our names!
May you receive glory without end!
There will not even be any religion. That is it. (212-143, 1991.1.2) 
Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Two - True Parents
Chapter Seven - A Life with True Parents
Section 8. Bequeathing and Inheriting True Parents' Heart

8.1. Bequeathing of heart

How will you deeply experience True Parents' heart and God's love and heart? This is the issue. The question is how to enter that state. For this you have to become the Adam and Eve who have not fallen, free from Satan's accusation. How, then, will you become liberated from the satanic world? You have to win in the battle with Satan. To achieve this, how hard will you have to work and how much will you have to suffer?
Jacob and Moses were each deceived ten times. Jesus Christ was also deceived in the same manner. It was the same with me. We must overcome this. We will come to know God's heart through this. We will come to know the Parents' heart. Otherwise, we will never know. Without this experience, Satan will never leave you alone. As long as you do not triumph over Satan, you will never be able to know True Parents' heart or God's heart.
Thus we must go to the frontline. Everyone must go to the frontline. As long as we do not do this but, instead, live a comfortable life, we will not be able to find God's love, the Parent's love, the Parent's realm of heart, or God's realm of heart. I must send everyone to the frontline. You need to be persecuted, despised and beaten, and receive all sorts of harsh treatment. Only then can there be an inheritance of heart. A ceremony of inheritance will take place there.
You must therefore always stand at the forefront and march forward like me. How harsh the persecution is on the frontline! But this is natural. When you digest it, God will protect you. You will be able to deeply experience the same heart as you stand in the same place. The question is how to experience this heart deeply. The question is how you can come to know that True Parents are the real True Parents and that God is your Father. How will your bones and flesh know? The question is whether those cells, that body of flesh, know it even when you are not thinking. You must overcome the situation of being exposed to Satan's accusation. This is the biggest problem.
The question is how to experience True Parents' love deeply, but it is simple. You must be able to stand in a position like that of the original Adam and Eve, who have defeated Satan on the global stage. To achieve this, how much blood and sweat you will have to shed, and how much accusation you will receive from Satan! How hard it will be, because it can happen only after you have triumphed over the course of indemnity! If you do not appreciate being in that situation, then it will not matter how hard you pray or what you do, you will not be able to go beyond it.
You have to experience it deeply yourself. You will experience it deeply immediately upon entering into such a situation. You will receive direct guidance. In understanding the Parents' heart, the great problem is how to feel what is called oneness. It will never happen until you have defeated Satan. It will not come. Power transmission towers have been established. They have been erected in individuals, families, tribes, peoples, nations, the world, the cosmos, and even in God. Now the power lines of heart must be hung there. Who will hang them? It is not I or God, but you who must do it. (125-206, 1983.3.20)

8.2. Sons and daughters inherit from their parents

If there is a gift God can give to the human world, what would the best gift be? It must be for all of you to become the ancestors of humankind and true mothers and fathers. There is nothing higher. Even being a cabinet minister or the president cannot match it. This is the greatest gift God can give to people. When there are True Parents, there will automatically be true children, true families, true tribes, true nations, and a true world. Then, what is the most important title? It is the name and title of True Parents.
What was the Fall? The Fall was that people did as they pleased. Therefore, we must tear down that which was not done centering on God and True Parents. Men should become incarnations of Father and women incarnations of Mother. Wherever God enters you, whether through your eyes or anywhere else, you should welcome Him. You cannot say, "Oh no, you cannot come in." Do you want walls to remain in place? God's love comes through you. You need to study all this. You must not be negligent. You should all do this. When you inherit the tradition, True Parents will come to you. True Parents will come to you as God's messenger and give you the inheritance. (118-271, 1982.6.13)
Since True Parents had not appeared until now, neither could true children. So far, since no true person had existed on earth, True Parents had not appeared. So the Unification Church is saying, "Let us acknowledge True Parents, discover and serve them." We are saying we should be sons and daughters of True Parents.
What do we do when we become their sons and daughters? We inherit what they have. The True Parents' rights of inheritance include heaven and earth, and even God. We too should inherit even God. If there were no owner of heaven and earth, heaven and earth would have no value. We have to be people who can fully acknowledge the value of heaven and earth, and claim their value for eternity. We also need to meet the one who can officially recognize that. That being is God. Thus, we should gain True Parents' rights of inheritance. Then, what are True Parents' rights of inheritance? They include inheriting not only heaven and earth, but also God. (24-322, 1969.9.14)
The path we are walking has not ended. You will receive the Blessing through the gratitude you show before Heaven. You should be grateful individually and you should also never forget the value of having received the Blessing representing your tribe, your clan, such as the Kim or the Pak clan, and, moreover representing the thirty million people of Korea and all the people of the world.
Furthermore, you should know that you have inherited the responsibility that True Parents are to carry out on earth. Why do the Blessed Families have to inherit this? If the Blessed Families are going through the course to restore a people, True Parents should be going through a course to restore the world. In other words, they should be going one step ahead. Yet without establishing the victorious standard of having restored a people, True Parents cannot walk the course of worldwide restoration. That is why you must inherit the responsibility to restore a people to ensure that True Parents can walk the worldwide course. Until your death and until the sorrow of this people is removed, you must shoulder the responsibility to restore a people. (13-293, 1964.4.12) 
Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Two - True Parents
Chapter Seven - A Life with True Parents
Section 9. What You Need to Take Heed Of

Without entering the realm of heart, we will not be restored. Therefore, the person who is responsible for restoration must proceed while holding onto True Parents. Even Jesus has no way without going through True Parents. With True Parents as the central axis you should form a perfectly horizontal line centering on True Parents' love. You cannot have any complaints. You cannot complain. If you complain, you will become warped and deformed. (136-67, 1985.12.20)
You say this and that about True Parents, but if you think of True Parents as if they were just some rich or famous parents in your village, you are gravely mistaken. For the world to be unified, it must receive True Parents. Humankind cannot find the way to unite the world. True Parents are the visible fruit of our hope throughout history and the visible fruit of our heart's desire. They are the visible fruit of the victory that has indemnified everything. You should know this. True Parents cannot be exchanged for anything. (55-155, 1972.5.7) 
Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Two - True Parents
Chapter Eight - The Three Great Subjects Principle and The Proclamation of True Parents
Section 1. The Three Great Subjects Principle and the Parent-Centered Ideology

1.1 The Three Subjects Principle is our desire

What do people want? What do fallen people really desire? It is to become true parents who give birth to and raise sons and daughters who are able to go straight to the heavenly kingdom without being persecuted by the satanic world. But, this has not happened. People's desire is to be representatives of True Parents who can give birth to true sons and daughters and send them straight to the heavenly kingdom. Surely you all want to give birth to good sons and daughters! You want to give birth to the best children in the world, but you have been unable to do so.
Then the question is how to do so. Then what is next? The archangel failed to raise Adam and Eve who were God's children. The most important thing is to raise our children as God's sons and daughters by whatever means possible, and educate them as people that God will need. I am sure you all want to be teachers and good examples. You want to work hard and be the president's right-hand man who can represent the nation, or the owner of a company or the head of a branch of the country's administration. You want to be successful. It means that you want to become a true owner.
We have three great ambitions: to be a true parent, to be a true teacher, and to be a true owner. You want to succeed and become a leader of your region, even the nation's president, right? Before achieving this, you have to become the master of your own household. You have to stand in the position of the master who can inherit the family tradition, representing your ancestors and God. Through this you will be respected by all families and by the nation itself. These three ambitions contain everything in the world: true parent, true teacher and true owner.
You should each become a true parent, a true teacher and a true owner. This is the Three Subjects Principle. What is the root of this three-subjects philosophy? It is true love. True love means being willing to invest more than a hundred percent, invest again, and then invest still more. You should be a parent, a teacher and an owner who has this kind of philosophy. The root is one. This is why, when we say true parent, a true teacher should come to the right side and a true owner to the left. They all go around together. You do not become true parents just by having sons and daughters. You must give birth to them and raise them. Sons and daughters should depend on their mother and father. You must teach them. (205-19, 1990.7.15)

1.2. The Three Subjects Principle is the philosophy of True Parents

The core of Three Subjects Principle is the philosophy of True Parents. Why are true parents the core here? On the perpendicular there is only one vertical line. Since there is only one vertical standard based on true love, it is the representative standard rooted in the family where True Parents and the vertical God meet. Thus, a teacher or sovereign who follows the pattern of parental love will pursue the environment of a heavenly nation which Satan cannot invade. Since the evil one's sphere of false love cannot invade, a realm of liberation will unfold and create the heavenly kingdom on earth. (213-124, 1991.1.16)

1.3. The essence of the Three Subjects Principle

The false parents' betrayal of the heavenly principle of love has brought ruin. Since the True Parents have reversed that, we have been able to return to our original hometown. The age has dawned in which all accounts will be settled and we may once again travel together on the proper course. Everything will see its end. Everything, including Christianity, Buddhism and Confucianism will come to an end, as will politics. So, by bringing all these together, I have established the Inter-Religious Federation for World Peace (IRFWP) for the sphere of religion and the Federation for World Peace (FWP) for the political sphere.
The divided mind is being made one and its worldwide fruits are being harvested. Upon what base are they being harvested? Based on the love of True Parents. True parent, true teacher and true owner are the essence of the Three Subjects Principle. With this three-subjects philosophy, even prominent people in the world are certain to kneel down before me, saying, "Please teach us!" The politicians of the world who used to claim to be owners -- false owners -- all have some connection with me. The Three Subjects Principle refers to me.
Then, where is it that I live? I do not stand only in the teacher's position or only in the owner's position. Even the president of a university returns home as a parent in the evening and even the president of Korea returns to the Blue House. Even the one who commands the royal courtiers must go home to sleep and there he becomes a father, a parent.
When we see these things, we realize that parents are the center. The school is based on parents and the position of owner is based on parents. Everyone may go out, but they will eventually return to their parents. The place where you can live without having to return is the place where your parents are. That is how it works with all things involving true love. The saying that the king, the teacher and the parents are equal has its basis there. I am now conveying a true teaching to you. This is why I am the best of all teachers.
Among rulers there has been none who ruled with love. This is why your mind and body desire to live forever resonating with me and the way I am going. Those who really love the Unification Church and those in the Unification Church who have the heart to love God, love humankind and love the fundamental essence of human beings, are unable to leave me. This is because I have the heart of a parent, the heart of a teacher and the heart of an owner. Through me, you can become parents, you can become owners and you can become teachers. (215-78, 1991.2.6)

1.4. A parent-centered ideology

Is Jesus a man or a woman? He is a man. If such a man, who has received God's love, God's life and God's lineage, had met a woman who could create a relationship with him and they bore children, then new children of God's direct lineage would have been born on this earth. Then, neither Christianity nor the Vatican would be needed today. With the appearance of sons and daughters of Jesus' direct lineage, a kingship and a true royal family would have finally begun on this earth and created one world.
This right of kingship would not initially have been a right of kingship for the whole world but one starting in a single family. From the family, it would have advanced beyond being a family kingship, to have become a tribal, a national, a worldwide and a cosmic kingship. Then there would be no need for any Christian denominations or ministers. The Vatican would not be needed. Democracy would not be needed. Democracy is an ideology based only on brotherhood. This is why people are fighting. Brothers are fighting among themselves. Hence, the ideology upholding brotherhood should return to a parent-centered ideology and from there to the God-centered ideology of Godism.
What is the parent-centered ideology? It is the character of true parents that Adam and Eve were to have fulfilled on earth. Next, what is the God-centered ideology? Since True Parents are the horizontal parents, we also need the vertical parent. Therefore, the vertical parent-centered ideology is the God-centered ideology. What we term as headwing thought is the true parent-centered ideology and the vertical God-centered ideology. That is how it works.
Human beings are born when heavenly life and earthly life are connected, heavenly love and earthly love are connected, and heavenly lineage and earthly lineage are connected through the unity between the horizontal true parent-centered ideology and the vertical God-centered ideology. That is why we are beings with a dual structure. We consist of an internal person and an external person. The internal person is the vertical self and the bodily person is the horizontal self. These are the fruit. (224-277, 1991.12.15)
Democracy is an ideology of brotherhood. When there are many brothers, the one among them who receives the most love from their parents always creates an issue in the family. When some of the children take after the father and some after the mother, a mother's group and a father's group will emerge based on which child takes after which parent. Such a scenario takes place based on love.
This is why after the Second World War we saw that the victorious nations allowed the defeated nations to keep their independence. This signified that the world had entered the realm of the brotherhood ideology. When we reach the point closest to the appearance of the ideology on God's side, the two brothers will fight in front of the one God.
In the final period of history, America has played a leading role based on its Christian culture, which has laid a unified foundation. Instead of judging the other nations of the world, America allowed the defeated nations to maintain their independence.
These things suggest that we have entered the age of God's providence when the abandoned sons and daughters, the prodigal children, can be brought back into the fold. This explains why the age of democracy, as a brotherhood ideology, came about. As the time of the brotherhood ideology comes to an end, the parent-centered ideology will arrive. Unification can occur only under such a parent-centered ideology. This is providential history. (213-10, 1991.1.13) 
Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Two - True Parents
Chapter Eight - The Three Great Subjects Principle and The Proclamation of True Parents
Section 2. The Proclamation of True Parents

2.1. Background to the proclamation of True Parents

How can I declare the coming of True Parents? The democratic world and the communist world are brothers, Abel and Cain. The two worlds are like two sons and yet they are fighting. But since I have reconciled the two fighting sons and stood in the position where I could be welcomed, I was finally able to return to Korea with the special authority of the Parents and I declared the coming of the True Parents throughout the nation.
This news is spreading throughout the whole world. The CIA in America is supposed to make a daily report on my whereabouts. It is the same in the Soviet Union. So, they surely know about me! The fact that True Parents have been declared in this way places me in a global position. Everything that has been prepared in the world is waiting to be engrafted onto Korea. What is the problem? We must quickly achieve "the unification of my nation." The people of Korea are waiting to be engrafted onto the unified foundation. This is precisely how it is. (204-187, 1990.7.8)

2.2. The standard for the proclamation of True Parents

Strictly speaking, my hometown is not your hometown. The branches, buds and leaves are all the same, but the locations of the branches are each of your individual hometowns. Hence, if you cannot determine to restore your tribe, you do not have a hometown. Those who have no hometown cannot be born. That is why we are engaged in the restoration of parents. You need to complete tribal messiahship through three generations.
Someone must prepare the circumstances in which all the fulfilled responsibilities -- both those under the direct dominion and those in the sphere of the indirect dominion -- can become one. Centering on God's love, that person should conduct a ceremony declaring that all of us, together with all of the creation, belong to love. No one, however, has been able to do such a thing, so the sphere of God's ownership is not yet determined. Whereas the declaration ceremony should have been conducted in oneness with God's love, it was conducted in oneness with satanic love, which exists as a corruption of the Principle. Thus, Satan usurped ownership. (213-123, 1991.1.16)
Democracy, too, has its conflicts. These are like fights between brothers. Fights between brothers are more terrible than those between neighbors, because if one brother is the east, the other is the west, and when east and west do not harmonize, the east becomes closer to north or south, and the west becomes closer to south or north. That is, when brothers fight, they separate. But neighbors do not separate even after they fight. They do not pack up and run away. The most vicious of all disputes are those between brothers. Two nations at war in this age of brotherhood are bound to perish.
Korea has also fought, not knowing who the elder is or who the younger. The question is, "why do they not know?" They are badly raised children who do not know who their parents are. Brought into this world and raised as orphans, they will only stop fighting when their parents appear. That is why parents, the Saviors, must come. The fighting and conflict cannot end in an era of democracy -- of brothers -- but will only come to an end in the era of parent-centered thought.
The Unification Church has proclaimed the coming of the True Parents. If Adam and Eve had not fallen in the Garden of Eden, God would have become the True Parent. Adam and Eve would have become true parents also with God as the vertical True Parent, and Adam and Eve as the horizontal true parents -- true parents within whom the vertical and horizontal are united. Viewed from this perspective, all four directions are the same. Even if things were turned upside down and east traded places with west, no matter how things were rearranged, all would remain in harmony.
If America continues to serve its own interests, it will not be able to turn the world around. Even communism should not serve its own interests, but should serve the world. Communism should become a system that is praised even by the democratic world as well as by itself. It should become an ideology which everyone can cheer. In this world gone bad, where vicious fighting has taken place and still continues, what kind of ideology is needed? In order for groups to stop fighting, brother against brother, the mother and father must appear. In that light, I have declared True Parents today.
For True Parents to be proclaimed worldwide, they must accomplish their mission as True Parents at all the stages of the individual, family, tribe, people, nation, world, and cosmos. They must reach the point where God Himself can acknowledge True Parents, where True Parents themselves can acknowledge True Parents. This announcement is truly historic. (202-165, 1990.5.20)
The proclamation of the True Parents should go out to and be received by at least one third of all humankind, but what is the reality? For this purpose I have set up conditions for the remaining two thirds. Japan is within my sphere of influence as is America and China. Everyone is within my sphere of influence.
When the age of parents comes, the fighting will be over. Even if brothers are still fighting at eighty, ninety, or a hundred years old, when their parents come, should the brothers stop and run to greet, their parents, or should they continue fighting? How should they run to greet the parents for whom they have waited thousands of years?
I have conquered through love -- a love that serves others rather than myself. (202-170, 1990.5.20)

2.3. The place where the proclamation of True Parents is made

You should understand why I have suffered. If it were for my own country, why should I suffer? I am a smart man. I am very well acquainted with Korean customs. I am going this way because I want to serve the world and the heavenly kingdom. Korea has done all kinds of things for the past forty years. The nation has committed many sins against me. I have set up everything, carrying the burdens of my brothers and sisters and those of all the Korean people, all of whom are related to me in varying degrees. After all this, I have come this time and given the Blessing. This is why I proclaimed True Parents. Where did I make this declaration? It was not in Moscow. I did it in Korea. The Korean people should be grateful for this. (204-187, 1990.7.8)

2.4. Phenomena occurring after the proclamation of True Parents

2.4.1. The world today is rapidly changing due to the announcement of the Ceremony of the Settlement of the Eight Stages.

You must have heard the words "Ceremony of the Settlement of the Eight Stages." Do you know what they mean? On August 31, 1989, I declared the Ceremony of the Settlement of the Eight Stages, in Kodiak, Alaska. At that time, even you would not have believed what I said. When I said that the world would transform rapidly from that time on, you must have thought, "Oh, can it really happen?" The next day, the first of September, I proclaimed "the ideology upholding the Heavenly Father." I declared the parent-centered ideology there at the very end, on top of the world. If the true parent-centered ideology had appeared on this earth before now, there would be neither Satan nor the sinful world that exists today. Now that such an ideology has been established, we can conclude that the satanic world must inevitably retreat.
On November 9, 1989, two months following this ceremony and declaration, the Berlin Wall crumbled. Then, after I held the Moscow conference, in April 1990, the top ranking communists and the brightest, most outstanding members of their second generation turned around completely 180 degrees in my favor. As the top echelon of the Soviet Union and the brightest members of their second generation turned around, they reached the point of no return.
We selected three thousand people from the Soviet Union who could understand English fully and educated them completely. Gorbachev even declared that they would give up communism. That was the end. Amid the turmoil today, what is the one single hope? What is the ideology that can take the lead? Now we have reached the stage where everyone can conclude that there is no ideology other than that with God at the center. Up to now, history has been led by people, but once they realize that God exists, they will arrive at the conclusion that they cannot help but follow that ideology. (218-157, 1991.7.28)

2.4.2. The forces of the devil enter the realm of death

Until now, the first son has been in the devil's position. All the good spirits in the spirit world have used those on earth standing in the position of the second son. All spiritualists, therefore, have made use of other people on earth. However, now that we have restored the true rights and obligations of the first son, of the parents, and true kingship, the situation has been turned upside down. From now on, those who oppose the Unification Church will be struck down. Just wait and see.
Since true primogeniture has been restored, and Adam has been perfected on earth, we have entered the age when he can command the archangel in the spirit world. This is global. I have proclaimed True Parents throughout the world because I have restored the true rights and obligations of the first son and of parents, centered on myself.
Whereas the emergence of the false parents turned the world into a satanic place, the proclamation of True Parents under God will expel the forces of the devil, whether communist or any other. In terms of evil, the Republic of Korea is the worst. They are trafficking in men and women, not to mention children, for profit. It has plummeted to the depths to the most evil position. Who will clean it up? Not the present regime. It will be done by my hand. The hand of the True Parent will cleanse it all; not by force but through education. Thus will the world be put in order. (210-246, 1990.12.23)

2.4.3. The coming of the heavenly fortune for unification

With what do we settle down? We settle down with the love of Adam and Eve, and with True Parents. We should settle down with God's vertical love and True Parents' horizontal love. From here true children's blood connection with the original True Parents will finally emerge, horizontally expanding from the individual, family and tribe and leading to the formation of a tribe and people.
Until now, I have been fighting to find and establish these things, and I have triumphed. I have been proceeding under the persecution of the satanic world. When I started out as an individual, all the individuals in the satanic world opposed me. When I went based on my family, all the families in the satanic world opposed me. When the Unification Church was pursuing the formation of a tribe and people, the tribes and peoples all opposed us. They all opposed us based on whatever conditions had been established. But as I triumphed in this process, America submitted and the Soviet Union came to the brink of collapse; so there is nothing left to attack us. After being victorious on the battlefield, I have returned. The summit cannot be surpassed. In returning, where do we go? Having mastered the satanic world, we return to our hometown.
Thus, we should enter North Korea through the land of South Korea. When the Right and Left all collapse, who gains supremacy? The heavenly side will gain supremacy. Through our declaration of True Parents, the communist world stands in the position to collapse completely, and Satan will decline rapidly from now on. He will not fall at the angle with which he ascended; he will plunge straight down because this is not Satan's path; it is True Parents' path. True Parents won the victory in the satanic world, and now can go beyond it, and come down to the plain.
This is not a place Satan can occupy; it is where True Parents are going, leading all the people. This is why everything is declining now. It is said that the present world is an age when material things have almighty power; but in terms of the spirit, it is an age of nothing. Thus, the mission of the Unification Church is to deemphasize material interests, and make the spirit the central focus. Today's schools teach skills but not character. They teach that God and humankind are not important. But we must preserve the value of both and go down the right path. We should start on the downward path and match this as one cyclic law. We must return to our hometown and achieve the reunification of North and South Korea.
Korea is a sacrificial offering representing the division between the left and right, that is, between the democratic and communist worlds. Our minds and bodies are also divided, and our families are divided. Everything is in two camps and these camps are in conflict with each other. They have become factions that are divided front and back, and are fighting instead of being vertically aligned as upper and lower. The upper and the lower houses ought to be vertically aligned, yet they are fighting. So we need to establish this vertical relationship. (202-270, 1990.5.25)
The Unification Church can unify democracy and communism, and unite all religions. It can also unite religions with the word. We came with the responsibility to unify heaven and earth in front of the great way of heaven, and we were attacked. So as we rise higher and higher from the individual, through the family, tribe and people, those who have opposed and attacked us must go down. They have reached their peak and now must lose all their power. Hence, there is no country, no matter how large, that has confidence in the second and third generations; there is no country that can have hope in the second and third generations. All nations have become like that. Such a time has arrived.
My visit to the Soviet Union and other activities put an end to the communist world. The world has been laughing at us. They thought that we would shrink away and disappear, but this will not happen. It may seem that they have supremacy and can control everything as they wish, but that is an illusion. The Republic of Korea is on the verge of chaos. This problem cannot be solved by anyone. Everything declines after reaching its maximum height. We are rising by piercing through these barriers.
What is the original standard that enables us to pierce through and continue going up? It is True Parents' teaching. Adam and Eve become family and tribal level true parents. Viewed historically, everyone is a part of one family, but Adam and Eve are the ancestors of True Parents. When a nation is formed, who are the ancestors of the nation? They are True Parents. Who are the ancestors of the family? They are True Parents. Who are the ancestors of the world? True Parents.
This is why the appearance of True Parents on this earth leads to the formation of the families in the heavenly nation and the organization of entire tribes, peoples, nations, and the world under the dominion of True Parents. What does it mean to be victorious here? It means that all go into the domain of True Parents. This is why Satan attacks this domain from every side, and strikes it to keep it from growing. But we achieved victory in all these battles over the last forty-three years and have triumphed in America.
With respect to the Cain and Abel issue, America is a nation in the Cain position before me. I have fought against and won over this Cain, just as I won over the Soviet Union. Cain and Abel, communism and democracy, and the Left and Right-wings have reached their peak. headwing thought is standing at this point. Headwing thought is the perfected-Adam philosophy. Due to the Fall and since Adam failed to become perfect, a son on Satan's side, Cain, and a son on Heaven's side, Abel, were raised up in order to restore Adam. Thus Left and Right have been fighting to claim ownership. This is what has been going on.
What is headwing thought? It is the perfected Adam's philosophy. What are Adam's philosophy and headwing thought based on? In terms of the Principle, the indirect dominion and the direct dominion are not yet unified. By Adam's fulfillment of his responsibility the indirect and direct dominions will be unified. They become one after having gone beyond ten stages of growth. What does the number ten signify? It is the horizontal line. Ten finally constitutes the horizontal line. Even nine cannot constitute a horizontal line. A horizontal line forms when the number ten is reached. Centered on love, heaven and earth, and mind and body will settle completely on the horizontal line. This settlement is for eternity. (202-270, 1990.5.25)
From this standpoint, we must proclaim True Parents. The proclamation of True Parents will trigger unification. We have three organizations dedicated to this. They are the Unification Church, the Federation for Victory Over Communism, and the Citizen's Federation. The Citizen's Federation was founded in order to unify North and South Korea. The Federation for Victory Over Communism was established to offer protection against the communist world. We can unify the North and South only when we are protected from the communist world.
I founded the Unification Church for the purpose of providing spiritual guidance in order to build a firm foundation for educating the conscience. This had not existed. Satan has been attacking the Unification Church to prevent us from building that foundation. However, I have now made all the indemnity conditions, returned to my homeland and proclaimed the True Parents.
I have proclaimed the True Parents throughout the Unification movement and then to the people who have some relationship with us and to our relatives. The True Parents have already been proclaimed in the Unification Church. Have they not been proclaimed throughout the entire Unification movement? Because the Cains and Abels need to be one, the proclamation will be made to the nation. At that point, those in the position of Cain who have opposed us, will become one with us. Now the proclamation is finished. That is why spiritual mediums all receive the revelation that the day when True Parents are proclaimed is the day the world ends.
Since the world began with evil parents, a new world will begin when everything that is connected to those evil parents is brought to submission and the True Parents can make their beginning. When a Korean wrestling champion and his challenger battle on the mat, the champion is still the champion until he falls down. But once he falls down, he goes into the pit. It will happen exactly like that. (202-273, 1990.5.25)
I have proclaimed the True Parents. The Republic of Korea will not perish because I have done so. If Adam and Eve, in the Garden of Eden, had become true parents, there would have been no devil. Since your deceased ancestors are in the position of archangels, they are standing behind you members of the Unification Church. The spirit world is helping us because I performed the proclamation ceremony. From now on, if you have confidence and just trust my words and act, all kinds of things will happen.
A while ago, when we were holding rallies to welcome True Parents in cities, counties, and districts, I said that you district leaders would bring results in accordance with the breadth of your mindset. When I suggested to the regional directors the idea of holding rallies for three thousand people, they all opposed me, but I said, "Trust me, believe in me, and just do it," and when they followed what I had said, it worked. (203-292, 1990.6.26)

2.4.4. There will be no conflict in the future

Until now Koreans have never even once invaded a foreign land. The Korean people are a race who have deep affection and love for humanity. From this point of view, I can say that the Korean people are close to the realm of God's heart because they have sacrificed more than any other people. The highest things in the world, the highest and most precious things in the world of fallen humanity are the True Parents and the right of the first son. Next come the rights and responsibilities of parents, and then comes right of kingship.
This is an exclusive authority. God has been active in Korean history in order to secure the authority of the first son who inherits the heavenly kingship. It is the same with Japan. It is the right of the first son to carry on for the emperor in the final days. The first son has to become a true parent. Adam was the original first son of humankind. Thus, the right of the first son must necessarily connect with the position of a true parent, and the realm of the first son must be restored. Otherwise, he will be unable to stand in the position of a true parent.
I returned from Russia and proclaimed the True Parents. The proclamation of True Parents! After restoring the right of the first son, True Parents must stand on the world level. Having gone beyond the nation to the world, based on how circumstances expand, that leads to tribal kingship and national kingship for True Parents. Thus, when True Parents succeed on the national level, true kingship will begin. When North and South Korea are united, the true kingship will begin.
The kingship that proceeds from God will be established. That is why the nation where such a kingship is formed will have the three main components of a nation: sovereignty, territory, and citizenry. Without sovereignty, territory, and citizenry, kingship cannot be established. I am now calling for global citizens. We now have sovereignty, but lack people and territory. Consequently, a citizen that brings unification to North and South Korea, as a citizen of heaven and earth, should go on to establish kingship in alignment with the Unification Church.
In the future there will be no conflict. The struggles until this time have been self-centered and pointless. They were struggles to take something from someone else. A unified world, on the other hand, is a world where God's kingship is established and where people live for the sake of others. Then there is no need for war. There is no need for brothers to deprive each other of their possessions. Instead they may run away because the other is trying to give too much to them! That is why, if you live unselfishly in your town, everything will be offered to you. You can receive a room in that town. With the utmost devotion people will prepare breakfast, lunch and dinner for you. You will be able to sleep there on your way. Such an age is coming.
In the future, the separation of the three powers will not be needed. Laws and everything else will disappear. When the autonomous realm of love is fully established, the law will automatically be fulfilled. In the place where living for others is realized, no problems arise: upper and lower, front and back, and left and right are one. (224-171, 1991.11.24)

2.5. The remarkable proclamation of True Parents

I have brought together the right-wing and the left-wing. Nobody knows how much I have suffered while walking this path. We need to build a domain where Godism, the God-centered ideology centered on headwing vertical thought, can be publicly recognized in schools and at all levels of leadership. So the Soviet and American governments should say that when they live centered on Rev. Moon, America will live and the Communist party will live.
When I visited Moscow, the CIA kept an eye on me, but Rev. Moon will digest the Communist party, rather than ever being digested by it. I am the one who showed the direction that US policy should take over the next six months. When the Americans were hesitating over the Soviet proposal to reduce arms, I educated them and helped them go over all the hurdles. When we turn around, where do we have to go? We should return home through the world; we should go over the nation and return to our hometown.
Because the fallen ancestors started with the family of Adam and Eve, we need to get rid of this mask. We need to clear the names of the three great ancestors of the three great ages. Adam fell. Satan killed the true ancestor of humankind. The first generation, Adam, became God's enemy through his fall. The one who came next as the second true parent was Jesus, the Messiah. This Messiah, who had come as the Savior, was killed by humankind, by his sons and daughters, by the people.
How great is the sin of the country that imprisoned and killed the true parent? They could not escape from this. This is why the people of Israel have wandered around in other lands for two thousand years. When we look back through history, we see that many among their number were stabbed to death, or kicked by horses, or have disappeared like the dew through resentment or curses. After barely making it through two thousand years of history, they managed to create an independent nation with the support of America.
The devil killed our parents, the devil's sons and daughters killed the second true parent, and devils throughout the entire world have attempted to mobilize all the ideologies and systems to kill the third true parent. Yet it is amazing that True Parents survived all kinds of perils and hardships and have been able to proclaim the way of the Parents, the True Parents on earth! How much God has longed for this! (219-333, 1991.10.13)

2.6. How we should conduct ourselves after the proclamation of True Parents

I told Gorbachev to get rid of the statues of Lenin and Marx. In the history of the Communist party, nobody except Rev. Moon ever said such a thing. The Communist party leaders were all in commotion, saying, "Is he really speaking about Godism in front of us? How can he talk so arrogantly?" No matter how much they may have hated me, today's communist world has become like that. The one whom they had feared most in the world has turned into their only hope. They have no other hope. So I taught them clearly saying, "Listen to my words and follow me; otherwise, there is no way to go forward!" How proud God must have been of me, saying, "I have always wanted to declare this to the Soviet Union. You are a great son!" Since He said, "I want to set you above all humankind," I have become quite famous.
American leaders said, "Wow, how can he do that?" European leaders also said, "How can he do that?" and the communist world said, "How can he do that kind of thing in the Kremlin itself?" When God came down to take a look, He must have said, "This is really interesting!" I know that is why I made such a clear declaration.
Everything is connected to the True Parents. Your ears want to seek out the True Parents; so do your nose, mouth and eyes. Everything is like that because True Parents have a strong power to attract everything. I know this. Even all of nature desires the True Parents. The creation says, "True Parents, please stay here with us always." Nature cries out. Everything likes True Parents. They like the sound "True Parents." When someone says, "I have met True Parents," another says, "Where?" "Follow me." Everyone will want to follow that person. That is what True Parents are like. True mother, true husband, true wife, true children, true grandchildren and true patriots all emerge from them. Everything starts from there.
This is the gospel with the greatest hope. We do not need the Bible. The purpose of the Bible is solely to find the True Parents. So the name "True Parents" is most precious. How do you want to be related to True Parents? That is the question. If you think of True Parents as a tree, you are its branches that can thrive wherever they are planted. These branches live well wherever they go as long as there is love, regardless of whether they are planted at night, in the day, in winter, in spring, or in the rainy season. This is so because they accept everything. (202-351, 1990.5.27)
Our purpose is to liberate and save God, humankind and everything under the satanic dominion. This is our goal. This is True Parents' purpose. We are declaring the heart of such parents as we march on. Satan cannot survive in such a place. This is the Principle view. It is the same with all things. They will shout Mansei! as they see you being saved. You have to be able to hear this kind of sound.
Wherever you go, all the things of creation will welcome you and all people will welcome you. The original world, centered on true love, is filled with the true-love sound of everything in creation. In the world of true love, you can understand everything as God does. It is there that you will inherit everything and have the right of participation, enabling you to join in wherever you are. True love provides these privileges. This means that we can grab hold of true love automatically. We inherit God. God becomes mine. We can be with God wherever He is. How great this is! How happy we are! Nobody can deny this. We have such an amazing thing. How can we worry in our hearts? There can be no shadow. It is bright like broad daylight. This is the pride of Unification Church members. (202-354, 1990.5.27)
Therefore, from now on there will be no opposition from Satan on the path that Unification Church members are taking. From now on, whatever we shout will be absorbed and resurrected; whatever we shout out will appear.
There has been opposition until now because we have been on the rise. But we have reached the top and since there is no right-wing or left-wing at the top, the vertical thought has appeared. Headwing is higher. Everyone likes it because it is higher. Communism is an ideology of master and servant. There is no freedom. Democracy is an ideology of brotherhood. As such, it is about freedom. People have freedom among themselves. This is why fights continuously arise. They fight among themselves, each claiming to be the best.
Headwing thought is based on the parental heart and viewpoint. In America, senators and congressmen fight, and Republicans and Democrats fight. Why are they fighting? Because there have been no parents. When the parents come and ask them, "Hey you kids! Why are you fighting? You are not servants, but our sons!" Then all the fighting will stop. Parents should be happy to see black people and white people intermarrying. Parents want their sons and daughters to love one another rather than merely showing filial piety toward their parents. This is how children can love their parents.
If you make God's true love your central focus, you will be eternally one. You will be connected with me from that point and once that connection is made no one can sever it. (202-356, 1990.5.27)
You will decide, "We also will walk the path of True Parents." It is the same. You will also in the future take roots, rise as a trunk, spread branches, have blossoms and bear fruit. Everything is the same. This means that you will be true parents in the future. Things will happen this way in the future. How proud we should be! Open the door and try shouting, "Look here. What an amazing master is this person who is appearing here!" You will feel great. All the animals will feel the same. The spirit world will also say, "You are a savior with true love like your center, like Jesus the Messiah. Wherever you go, everyone there will be saved."
With the proclamation of True Parents, Satan's authority will disappear and, centering on religion, all the struggle due to the laws of indemnity will disappear. Since the good spirits will attain a position equal to the angelic world, an unfallen world will come about and the time will come when good spirits can help the earth as much as they want. Those angels are your ancestors. So from now on, all kinds of things will happen to those who oppose the Unification Church. They may get sick and die and all kinds of other things will happen.
You should become bold. This means that you should exercise the rights of ownership. Then, no matter how difficult an environment you may find yourself in, no problems can arise. If you say, "God does not want these things. Get lost!" they will be gone. They will rapidly decline. It is the same with the spirit world. If you say, "I do not want such things!" they will immediately disappear. You will be able to exercise such power all around you. When the center of love appears, everything will turn around towards it. When the morning sun rises in the east, all of nature turns towards it. This is the essence of life, the essence of love. True Parents are the central foundation for universal true love.
Thus, when True Parents appear, the entire world of creation will turn towards them, just as all of nature turns towards the rising sun in the morning. All creation is like the leaves or branches. In the spirit world everything faces God. Likewise, in the Unification Church, when I go somewhere, the attention of all the members is automatically upon me. It is the same.
Your entire purpose is true love and the center of the world is true love. God is the parent of true love. All liberation takes place there. When you stand in such a place the doors of the four directions will open automatically. The spirit world is the same as this. In the spirit world, wherever a master of true love may go, there are no closed doors. Doors will open automatically everywhere. Such a person is welcome everywhere.
People in high positions will come and say, "Welcome. It has been so boring for too long. I welcome everything that is fun." How splendid this will be! So you should understand this clearly from now on. You have inherited everything of True Parents'. No one can tell you to do this or that. You will automatically be the owner. You will be a teacher and true parent. No one else can teach you. You need no other teachers, owners, or parents. You will stand in such a position in the near future. (202-358, 1990.5.27)
Until now, because of the Fall, it has been difficult for the hearts of people on earth to be vertically connected to the heart of God. The appearance of True Parents will connect them. Your relatives who do not oppose True Parents at that point are not in the Cain sphere. They have entered the Abel sphere on God's side.
Thus, from now on the realm of religion will break down. Until now, through the realm of religion centering on the chosen people, the spiritual and physical worlds have been connected in a mainstream type of relationship. Now, the Cain and Abel environment has disappeared because the Old Testament, New Testament and Completed Testament Ages have reached the same degree of completion. This has taken away the authority of religions. Thus, those families who are centered on you and who do not oppose you stand in the position of heavenly Abel. So things will turn around as you set them in motion and push. Today is such a period in history. That is why it will become our world.
You should understand this era. The proclamation of True Parents will put an end to the parents with satanic lineage.
True Parents have fought against the satanic world, won back everything, risen up, and reached the stage where the democratic and communist worlds will collapse. Thus, since they have created these victorious conditions, on the basis of that proclamation the satanic world will come to an end. What does it mean for the satanic world to come to an end? It means being liberated from Satan.
Until now we have lived within the culture and environment of the satanic world. But now we are being liberated from the satanic world, satanic lifestyle, and satanic lineage. Where do we go after being liberated from Satan? We must return to God. The world today does not know God. Satan made it that way. Humanism does not recognize God, either. American humanism today has expelled God. What is the basis for humanism? It is the body.
The body focuses on itself. It seeks pleasure. If you chase after it you will be ruined. That is reality. So we need to be liberated from Satan and liberated from a satanic lifestyle: lifestyle means culture. We need to be liberated from such a lifestyle. Next, we need to be liberated from that lineage. Then, where do we return to once we are liberated from Satan? We must return to God. Although we need to return to God, neither communism nor secular humanism knows how to return to God.
More than that, where and how should we live? We are not meant to live according to our whims, like animals. Ideally our lives would begin centering on True Parents from the outset. We should live in the domain of the global ideal centered on True Parents. Thus, you cannot go to the Kingdom of Heaven without believing in True Parents. Right now it is as if there were many branches that have not been engrafted. (202-275, 1990.5.25)
You have to go out to the countryside and lay the foundation for True Parents. True Parents have to prepare the foundation for heaven. God goes ahead to prepare the path that True Parents will travel and True Parents prepare your path. Thus, you just have to follow True Parents. God goes one step ahead of the coming True Parents. For this reason the providence of restoration has consisted of the age of the providence to lay the foundation for restoration, the age of the providence of restoration, and the age of the completion of the providence of restoration.
God laid this foundation without True Parents' knowing about it and True Parents laid this foundation without your knowing about it. You also should lay the foundation without your descendants knowing about it. In this way, we must go beyond the national level and beyond the global level. Then, God will go beyond the level of the history of the cosmos. If our members go beyond the national level, True Parents will go beyond the global level and God will go beyond the level of the history of the cosmos. In this way, humankind centered on God must itself go beyond the level of the history of the cosmos.
In light of this, you are two stages behind God. Since you are two stages behind God, you cannot allow yourself to be disappointed or tired. True Parents are going ahead of you on the path, for your sake; and God is going ahead of True Parents, for your sake. The efforts of God and True Parents are something you cannot repay with anything, even through your own death. You are going ahead with such a debt. True Parents inherit God's will and you inherit True Parents' will -- you should never lose that philosophical tradition.
What is that philosophical tradition? Since people are born into the lineage of the enemy Satan, they must first cut off the lineage of this enemy, Satan, and then restore the lineage of God and True Parents. In order to do this, everyone must become one in heart with God. Based on that oneness of heart, people should connect with the heavenly lineage, become a branch and leaf of the tree whose root is God, and become an incarnation of God, thereby establishing an absolute standard on earth to subjugate Satan. Only then will the history of restoration move forward. (13-296, 1964.4.12)

2.7. What we need to do after the proclamation of True Parents

2.7.1. Be grateful for the proclamation

What will happen through the proclamation of True Parents? All the good spirits in the spirit world that have served God and all the evil spirits centered on Satan will be sharply divided. When you are centered on True Parents, you stand in the position of perfected Adam and Eve. Perfected Adam should always be protected, nurtured and helped by the archangel. When you stand in the realm of perfected Adam, the archangel must not only help you, but must also serve you as the real master in keeping with the ideal of love. This is the stage where you can give the orders. You will rise to such a position. This is why this is the end of the world.
Everything in the spirit world that started with the love of false parents will come to an end and there will be a new world centered on the new love of True Parents. With this as the soil, a new world will spring up. With this proclamation, those who unconditionally oppose our Unification Church in the future will all fall sick, little by little, and collapse. They will wither away like trees that have lost their sap and immediately become food for beetles.
Thus you should follow a new lifestyle. The origin of new life is new love. What is new love? It is the love of True Parents. It is the new love of the ideal of creation. This is why you should be grateful to me. Be grateful because you have been liberated from Satan. You have been liberated from the satanic world through True Parents. What is the next thing you have been liberated from? You have been liberated from the satanic lifestyle. Next, you have been liberated from satanic lineage. Lifestyle is grounded in culture and accompanied by habits. You are liberated from Satan and from the satanic lifestyle. Lifestyles differ according to cultural background.
The British live according to British culture and Americans live according to American culture. They are all different. Their living environments differ. You should be liberated from this kind of lifestyle. What follows? It is lineage. Three great liberations will occur. This is why the Unificationist culture will automatically emerge. What do you do after you are liberated? Since you are liberated from Satan, you will go to God.
If you are liberated from Satan that which has been shackled through its connection to the false parents also becomes liberated. Therefore, you will return to the free heart of the Parents. When returning, you cannot carry on with the habits of the satanic world's lifestyle. You must thoroughly burn them away. (202-273, 1990.5.25)
When you say True Parents there is God, who is the vertical True Parent, and there are the earthly True Parents, who are the horizontal True Parents. You should be created through the love arising from the union of the two. Because at the zero point -- that place where there is no love -- you will finally develop the character of a true subject; if you desire love, you must start from nothing. You must ignore your own fundamental existence.
This is why in the Bible we find the paradoxical expression that those who seek to die will live and those who seek to live will die. Thus, you should be grateful for your having been liberated from the satanic world. Next is lifestyle. A history and tradition are established on the basis of culture, so when I say lifestyle I mean culture. Next is lineage. Lineage revolves centered on love. You need to be liberated. This is why you should say to yourself, "I am part of God's lineage. God dwells within me." Your mind and body should not fight with each other.
From now on, ask your mind and heart. God has already entered your mind and your heart; you are God's bud and leaf because you attend True Parents and have the root. Everything experiences the ambient atmospheric pressure, but, because that pressure is completely balanced you do not feel it. Everything is protecting you to prevent you from deviating but because it is all perfectly in balance, you do not feel it. However if you act against your conscience -- against God's will -- even a little bit, the power of the universe will strike you, saying, "You numbskull!" This power is so strong that even if you try to go one way, your body will be spun around.
So if you pray for God to be in your mind and for True Parents to come into your body, they will come; God will dwell where mind and body intersect and correct the angle between your mind and body. You need to be liberated from the three great satanic realms. First, you must be liberated from the vertical representative, Satan, and next from the cultural realm, or lifestyle tradition you have received from your natural parents, such as the Korean culture or the American culture -- and all other cultures. All of them are heading towards one center, but the farther away they are, the more trivial they are. (202-278, 1990.5.25)

2.7.2. Accumulate results

NBC, CBS and ABC have reputations as the best broadcasting companies in America. They are recognized around the world but they have done all kinds of wicked things to destroy me. The newspapers have also attacked me, but since I already knew everything before their propaganda came out, it did not work. They put their stories in the newspapers and beat their drums, but since there was no one dancing to that rhythm, the drummers became exhausted and gave up. Now we will mount our counterattack. Since we have a media company, we will challenge them through our newspaper. I called the responsible person in the editorial department at one of these papers and asked him to come see me. I gave him a hard time. I am waging this kind of battle.
That is why the issue is the actual results. It is not ability but actual results that will unify the world. Although you may not have ability, you must nevertheless have results. To achieve results is to gain power from the universe. Presidents of nations are no match for me. They will come to their knees because they cannot match me in terms of great results and business. You should also have results that you can pass down to ensuring generations. You should bring this as a gift when you go to the spirit world.
When a woman gets married, she should bring at least a small gift to her grandfather-in-law and to her other relatives. Then they will speak proudly of their new daughter-in-law. When you go to the spirit world, your ancestors will call you in front of them and chastise you, saying, "You joined the Unification Church through the merits of your ancestors, so what did you accomplish before coming here? Have you fulfilled your role as a tribal Messiah?" Would they not chastise you, when through your actions you could have liberated seventy-two generations of your ancestors but did not? So your mind must be properly educated.
You should recover all of God's people lost to the satanic world by engrafting them into the heavenly world. How many will you bring back to God's side through your efforts? How will you create the eternal tradition of the ideal of creation? How will you create the eternal tradition of true love among your relatives and among all restored people? How will you connect your own sons and daughters with this eternal tradition? That is the issue. In the other world, this will be the key to having authority in your eternal life and your having a position in the hierarchy of life. You should take care of your relatives and bring 120 families or more with you. So prepare yourself in order to avoid being ashamed. Not only ashamed; you may even be chased away naked.
Now I have already proclaimed the True Parents to the world. As the age of the world's chosen people passes by and we enter the period of welcoming the True Parents, the age has arrived when all people from the entire world will enter the realm of Israel. That realm will be organized according to the level of people's accomplishments. (213-139, 1991.1.6)

2.7.3. Rallies to welcome True Parents

Since we are holding welcoming rallies for True Parents these days, all around the country Korean people are talking and wondering, asking themselves, "Hey, who are these 'True Parents' we hear so much about?" They should turn around and seek out the True Parents. Since they descended from false parents, they cannot find the direction God is telling them to go without first transcending the limits of the false parents and then connecting with the True Parents. This is the Principle. It is logical and undeniable. The Fall created false parents. Because they were driven out, they were the false parents. People should seek parents who have never been chased away, through whom they can live together with God forever.
This is how we Korean people are. We have songs like the one that goes, "I want to bring my parents here and live with them forever." This is because we are a people of revelations. We also have a song that goes, "The blue sky and the milky way..." This shows that we are a people to whom things have been revealed. That song showed everyone that satellites would appear, and that the world would be that kind of advanced world. What a great feeling for the arts this race has! It is a great thing that we have such a cultural background, a refined background with a deep philosophy. (206-80, 1990.10.3)
Rev. Moon has proclaimed the True Parents before all the people of the Republic of Korea through the rallies to welcome True Parents. True Parents must be proclaimed. Only then will Heaven be able to set up camp and repel the evil Satan. Now wait and see what happens. Look at the future path. We have held welcoming rallies for True Parents all over the country, but no one knows what they were about. I did not hold these rallies because I am crazy. Through the welcoming rallies for True Parents, we are solidifying the heavenly foundation to replace those on the side of evil. (204-144, 1990.7.6)
I proclaimed True Parents nationwide through the welcoming rallies for the Parents. Now what do you have to do? Since I held welcoming rallies for True Parents on the foundation where the nation and the world are connected, you Blessed Families should now hold welcoming rallies for parents on the tribal level. Then, everything will be concluded.
You need to complete your tribal messiah work. After completing messiahship on the world level based on a nation, we need to manage the tribal realm. Tribes spread throughout the world. A nation will then naturally emerge. Such a time has come. What is making this happen? The democratic world has finished its experiment. The communist world has finished its experiment, so have Christianity and all the religions in the world. Why am I saying that they have finished their experiments? There has been no group that has not opposed the Unification Church. All of them have attacked us. (202-270, 1990.5.25)
After we have finished the welcoming rallies for the Parents throughout the entire nation, we will enter a new age. Spiritualists are receiving revelations that this world is ending and that we are entering a new world. Because of the rallies the spirit world is coming down. There is an Old Testament Age, a New Testament Age and a Completed Testament Age. In the past, those spirits who had believed in one of the major religions, who left a good legacy and who are in the good spirit world, helped the providence on earth in accordance with God's will. Until now, without going that way, there has been no way for spirits to relate with the earth.
Since True Parents have now appeared on this earth, establishing individual, family, tribal, national, and global traditions and have been victorious, then now is the time when we will leave the sphere of religion behind us. Religions will disappear in the age of True Parents, because they have achieved global victory. Had Adam and Eve not fallen but become True Parents, religion would never have been needed. In that case, they would have been able to join with heaven as one, and ancestors would always be connected with their descendants on earth in that ideal of oneness. Because the Fall blocked this route, however, we need to create the proper realm for the chosen people in order to open the way.
The age of our release from the religious realm is coming, because everything has been indemnified through the people of Israel as the chosen people, Christianity as the global chosen people, and the Unification Church as the cosmic-level chosen people. So now the time is coming when the spirit world can contact the earthly world on that foundation. Thus, even non-believers will be connected to the spirit world through the realm of the chosen people and through religion, and the past ages will fade away.
Through the triumph of True Parents, there will come a time -- the era when the Old Testament, the New Testament and the Completed Testament have all been fulfilled -- when even nonbelievers can enter the mainstream of religion. Then, all of the ancestors in the spirit world will be able to visit their earthly descendants and work with them. This is what the spirit world is like. For this reason, from now on, if someone refuses to believe in the Unification Church, his ancestors will come to him and give him nightmares, sickness, and bitter medicine.
Until now, the earthly world has been divided, and occupied by Satan. However, as the good spirits in the realm of the good archangel and those in the religious realm as a whole enter the realm of evil on earth and fully expel it, everyone who has served in the shadow cast by the devil so far, whether Kim Il-sung or any other, will be washed away. Thus, as one, two, three, and four nations become connected to the Unification Church, the whole world will see the age of complete liberation. From 1988 to 2000, that is, until I turn eighty is the era of the mission to accomplish this task. This is why the role of tribal messiah has been set up.
Having proclaimed the worldwide Messiah, I have proclaimed the role of tribal messiah with the mission to head towards the realm of the national Messiah. Then the realm of national Messiah will unfold in which the tribal messiah is connected to the realm of the global Messiah. In the same way, as the establishment of heavenly states and provinces takes place, we will enter the age of the unified kingdom. (202-255, 1990.5.24)

2.8. The parent in the North and the parent in the South

As we learn in the Principle, during the Old Testament Age material things were sacrificed to pave the way for the sons and daughters to come and in the New Testament Age sons and daughters were offered as sacrifices to pave the way for the coming of the parent, the returning Lord. Why did the Parents suffer in the Completed Testament Age? They walked the suffering path in order to bring God down to this earth. My lifelong dream is to bring God down to this earth.
I was not able to attend God in my hometown. So I must go back to my hometown holding high the flag of global victory. There is an evil lord of the second coming in North Korea; an evil parent. Thus Kim Il-sung is called the "beloved parent." What does the word parent mean? Because Satan knew that True Parents would appear in South Korea, and that True Parents' hometowns are in North Korea, he wanted to attack and kill the True Parents through North Korea. This is why Gorbachev and Kim Il-sung conspired together to assassinate me. In February of 1987, they dispatched twenty-five Red Army soldiers to America, and the spirit world caught them carrying my home address. The CIA caught them, and while they were being investigated I entered Moscow.
It is a risky path. My path is risky because in accomplishing God's will I have the responsibility to shorten this history even if only by one day. I have been paving this road, investing my whole self as if pouring all my capital into the Pacific Ocean and around the countryside. I cannot leave any historical blemishes in such a place. This is something holy. Something holy! This is why God can come and dwell in our country.
The South and North are like the body and mind. When they become one, God will come to them. God enters where they become one in love. This is why we need to unify the South and North. First, the Parents should be attended in South Korea. They should be attended better than the North Koreans attend Kim Il-sung. North Koreans carry Kim Il-sung badges. Unificationists should not be ashamed and stand even more proudly before the world than they do. North Koreans are all armed with Juche (self-reliance) thought. So we should arm ourselves with the Three Subjects Principle centered on God's unshakable and absolute love and widen the gap with the North Koreans so that they cannot interfere with us. Walking such a path is our mission. (212-56, 1991.1.1)
Kim Il-sung is the false father. North Koreans call him their parent, do they not? Why has he appeared at this time in history? The person who is the most villainous in all the communist countries, the greatest of all devils, will appear. However, I am called the True Parent. The True Parent should be able to subjugate the false parent through natural surrender. He should not be struck down by force. God's providence of salvation and God's victory or defeat is not determined by force. If force were to be used, everything would be over immediately. If the communists had had their way, everything would be over. The fallen world, which used to show off its mighty armies that created such a history of strife in this earthly world, and which passed down Satan's tradition, will have a miserable end.
God, who knows such things, is trying to bring Satan to surrender naturally. He tells him to do everything he wants. After letting him do everything he wants, Heaven will be hit first and then it will take it all away, saying that the one who struck the side of justice must pay for all the damages. When Satan arrives at the end of the world, he will be left with nowhere to go. He will surrender at the end of the world. God cannot bring this to pass by Himself. Rather, He has to prepare a person on earth who can inherit this task. This is why He sends the Messiah in the Last Days. (210-231, 1990.12.23)

2.9. The religious founders and True Parents

Essentially, what have we been trying to do during the Old Testament, New Testament, and Completed Testament Ages? We have been trying to bring God inside us. Who is the root? God is. God is the root of humankind. Originally, True Parents were not the root. True Parents also came from God, who is the root. Before Adam and Eve fell, they were in the position of God's son and daughter. But after their Fall, all things of creation came to be in a higher position than Adam and Eve.
This happened because Adam and Eve fell. Through the Fall, they sunk lower than all things. Since all things became higher than people, they have given their lives for humankind. They have shed blood in our place and through this, have worked to reverse the positions. This is why, in the Old Testament Age, offerings were sacrificed to pave the pathway for the sons and daughters to travel on.
In the New Testament Age, Jesus came and sacrificed himself as a child to pave the way for Parents. Through martyrs shedding a great quantity of blood, Christians paved the road for the coming of the Parents in the age of the Second Coming. What is the relationship between Jesus and True Parents?
Jesus is in the position of the Son, while True Parents are in the position of the Parents. I have said that Buddha is my disciple, Jesus is my disciple and Confucius is my disciple. Spiritual people can know everything if they pray. Wait and see. The Unification Church will be the center of religious unification in the end, correcting the standard for presidents, prime ministers, and all the proud politicians of the nations. This is my work, to accomplish this not by force, but by natural submission. (211-312, 1991.1.1)
You don't know how rigid religious dogmatists can be. Syria belongs to the Islamic cultural sphere. I brought an elite group of leaders from Syria to East Garden and we shared the Divine Principle with them. Our Unification Church is not a branch of Christianity but its main trunk. Because Jesus brought salvation by being sacrificed in the role of the son, Jesus himself must have parents, and because Jesus did not have a son of his own, his authority as a parent must be restored. For this reason the term "True Parents" is so wonderful.
Established Christian churches are making a big fuss because I said that Jesus is my disciple, but they will see everything when they go to the spirit world. Why do I say such things, when I know clearly that doing so will cause me to be inundated with curses?
How about the established Christian churches? Through Unification Church members, I will clean up anything that is unclean in their back rooms and hold worship services transcending all denominations. After this, I will go to the spirit world. I will go there after completing that trans-denominational worship. You may not know this, but there are already a large number of ministers using our Principle. Some of them read the Divine Principle on a blanket and when a deacon or elder comes in, they quickly hide it underneath the blanket, and then take it out again when they leave, and read it all night. They memorize it and diligently use it.
Autumn leaves do not fall all at once. Do they fall all at once? They do not. They fall one by one, rather than as a whole bunch. Although they fall one by one, before long the tree, once clothed with green, is left with no leaves. Whether they know it or not, I am dealing with things in that way. (213-34, 1991.1.13) 
Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Two - True Parents
Chapter Eight - The Three Great Subjects Principle and The Proclamation of True Parents
Section 3. The Proclamation of True Parents and Kingship

3.1. Adam's family, the original starting point of the royal palace

God's will was for Adam to reach perfection. Adam was the eldest son, the first son. He was the son who received the first love. This is the right of the first son. Since Adam was able to receive that first love he could have become a parent centering on that first love. After inheriting this vertical love from God, Adam was to form a couple with his spouse and they were to be connected through horizontal love. This is where the words "restoration of the right of parents" comes from. Until now, throughout all of history there never existed any foundation upon which parents could appear.
Human history has been knit together by war. It has been a battle, this history of fighting between Cain and Abel. To put an end to this, brothers and sisters must become one. When will we come to realize that those enemies are our brothers and sisters? They used to be our elder brothers and younger brothers. Who will teach them this? The parents will teach them. They did not know about the divisions among their ancestors. Who will teach them? The parents will. Since the parents teach them, the children will come into harmony. They are to be children centered on the parents. Only when the children harmonize can the true authority of parents appear. This, therefore, is the restoration of the right of parents.
When the lost children are found, parents can regain authority over their children. Next, the right of kingship which has been lost must be restored. The ideal starting point of parents is the royal palace. Adam, must exercise his right as the first son, restore the right of parents, and true kingship and establish himself centering on God's love. This settling is the origin of the royal palace and parents.
Next is the point where the first son's rights originate. By following this tradition, the universe fully adapts itself. When this is achieved, even the fallen archangel will have to bow his head. The relationship between the communist world and the democratic world is a Cain-Abel relationship. Cain and Abel fought, did they not? In a vertical sense, the political and religious spheres represent Cain and Abel. The vertical aspect was struck by the horizontal, so the foundation to restore the right of the first son was lost.
The foundation to restore it automatically includes the right of parents. Parents come into being on the foundation of the eldest son. When the right of parents is established, right of kingship will grow. Adam's family is the starting point of the royal palace. As the royal family grows in numbers, there will be more citizens. When the tribe inherits this kingship centering on the right of the eldest son and centering on that tribe, the tribes from other blood lines will become citizens. This is part of the principle. Because of this, they are all part of the royal family.
You can return to the original standard of Adam's family only when you have the consciousness of being a royal family in the heavenly nation. You are tribal messiahs. Tribal messiahs are parents, and also kings. They are to represent the rights of the eldest son, and to inherit the tribal kingship, the rights of tribal parents, and even the rights of a tribal eldest son. The formation-stage and growth-stage Adams come to life through the completion-stage Adam. What does this mean? The rights of the eldest son and tribal messiahship take the form of a family that has been resurrected by Jesus. Moreover, before this is achieved, Jesus cannot resurrect the formation-stage Adam. Jesus himself cannot resurrect him.
Because the perfected returning Lord has come, exercising the victorious authority to complete the mission of Jesus in the global sphere, and because he has come having victorious supremacy over Satan, only the returning Lord can exercise the authority of Jesus and the authority of Adam in parallel. So the returning Lord is the representative of the perfected Adam and the perfected Jesus, who have triumphed on that foundation. To combine the formation and growth levels and perfect them is to become the third Adam. When we say "the foundation for the completion of the third Adam," it includes Jesus and Adam. So centering on the foundation for the perfection of the third Adam, and on the basis of this victorious supremacy, he should firmly establish global messiahship. (218-69, 1991.7.2)

3.2. The establishment of kingship

On True Parents' Day, what we can think about first is the restoration of brotherhood, and second, how the restoration of the right of parents is complete. Next, as the third step, the restoration of the right of kingship remains. Now that I have restored the right of parents, I am sending out tribal messiahs to put everything in order, just as God sent the returning Lord and just as He sent Jesus. This is possible because the vertical standard has been established. Vertically, the three standards of Adam's age, Jesus age, and the age of the Second Advent have been established. Since they have been established through my having fought and gained victory, they must all be extended from this point on into the age of the Second Advent.
What must you achieve through this? You must build your own family. A circle will arise. Through me, three parents were established in this way; they are the Adam parents, the Jesus parents, and the Second Advent parents. Therefore, I am sending you in the same way that God is sending the returning Lord, as if He were sending Adam again. The third Adam came to save the second Adam and first Adam. Just as the third Adam came and restored the second Adam, you have to save your parents who are the first Adam.
Your mothers and fathers will rise to the position of Adam. Through this, the traditions in the sphere of religion will disappear. There will be no further need for religion. The entire world will enter the realm of the chosen people. What will this do? Horizontally, your birth parents will be tribal messiahs and those born into your lineage will be national messiahs. This has become possible. This is horizontal. Through this, everyone will stand in the position of being connected through one set of parents. The third Adam is also one set of parents. Thus, the land of your birth, your hometown, will become the heavenly nation -- the Kingdom of Heaven. And your father and mother in your hometown will become your ancestors -- true ancestors.
What comes first? Standing on God's side comes first. Next is the family standing on God's side. Once that is achieved, the global foundation will all be connected to the Parents. Where is the original hometown? Although the original hometown is where I was born, not every tribe can have my birthplace, Jeongju in North Korea, as their hometown.
Your hometown must be where you were born. Your hometowns are different; Satan has been occupying them. But as heaven-centered parents are born in your hometown, that place will become the Garden of Eden. In this way, your descendants of goodness, who are born in the unfallen, original garden, will expand throughout the world. It is along this vertical line that you will all be connected and tied to my clan. You should love what is vertical more than you love your own clan. Then, Satan will be unable to occupy it. The establishment of such things will make possible the restoration of the right of kingship.
Originally, when Adam reached perfection, the Heavenly Father would be perfected, and when Eve reached perfection, the Heavenly Mother would be perfected. Hence, if they become the lord and lady of the family, the kingship of the family-level heavenly kingdom would have arisen. Thus, Adam and Eve were to become king and queen on the level of the individual, family, tribe, people, nation, and world. Since we have reached the time when we can go beyond the national level, we can go beyond the kingship of the satanic world and establish the kingship of the heavenly world. This day is March 27, 1990. Through this, the world will turn around with the wind I have whipped up. (201-130, 1990.3.27)

3.3. The restoration of kingship

Why do we need the right of parents? We need it in order to restore the right of kingship. To restore the right of kingship, we should not be stuck on any one of the four directions of east, west, south, and north. When the king comes into your home, you should always be able to serve him twenty-four hours a day, 365 days a year. You should be able to swing a stick whose length is three times the span of your outstretched arms, through 360 degrees without it hitting anything. You should always be able to welcome him. Then, the clan will follow. This is a blessed tribe of love. What kind of love? True love.
What is true love? It is the love that causes you to invest yourself eternally and forget about it, and then invest again. Why should we do this? It is a principle that we wish our love partner to be better than ourselves, and our children to be better than we are. In order to achieve this, even God has to invest more than Himself. Since there is no other way of investing more than oneself other than by investing and forgetting, we can go the way of true love, where we give and forget.
The unification of the heaven and earth begins from there. After investing your life, you should not think, "I died because of God and because of the Unification Church." We must sacrifice ourselves. You cannot say, "I did this much but the church does not recognize me," or "I have followed the Unification Church for dozens of years, but Father does not recognize me."
As for me, although I have suffered my whole life, God has not recognized me. But I do not think of it as God not recognizing me. Just like God, I allow myself to be hit and then invest and invest again. Since I continue investing up until the end, nothing is lost; it just accumulates more and more, and I naturally rise to the mountain top. This is strange, isn't it? While investing myself again and again, I find myself on top of the mountain and on top of the world; then, the right of the first son, the right of parents, and true kingship will be automatically restored. This is the line of reasoning that explains the logic of re-creation. (206-268, 1990.10.14)
Now we have fully laid the foundation to proclaim the True Parents. There is no one who can say, "Rev. Moon is not the True Parent." Let Christian ministers try coming before me. Among our country's president and party leaders, let those who can say, "He is not!" step forward. Let the president of the United States, or anyone who rules a nation on this earth and speaks big words, step forward and argue that I am not the True Parent. Not even those people will be able to move an inch when they listen to my words. (204-84, 1990.7.1)
I am not a fool. I am smarter than you. I am someone who lived his life embracing under his wing and guiding the distinguished and famous people of the world. Our Professors World Peace Academy alone has chapters in 120 countries. Its membership includes many Nobel laureates. It is because we have such a foundation that we could establish in less than four years The World and I as a world renowned magazine, a champion among magazines in the world. I am a person with such a foundation. (204-84, 1990.7.1)
I have the title of True Parent. Then, what do I do? I am a person who likes God more than anyone else, and who knows God better than anyone else. I am also someone who clearly teaches you the path of eternal life. What is it that the True Parent is supposed to do? The True Parent, Rev. Moon, is the global and historical representative of humankind carrying out the responsibility to liberate you from the realm of death, and transport you onto the path of eternal life.
Since True Parents have true love, they are the ones with the place of completion and the place you must return to where God's love and essence converge in unity. This is why false love is removed through true love. False love does not know how to invest even one time. It just seeks to receive. But with true love, if you invest, you can resolve everything; and then redemption is possible. This is possible only in true love. This is why you can come to know God through me. Next, the True Parent must teach true love. That is my responsibility. (203-360, 1990.6.28)
Now, there is no one in the wor1d,who can get rid of me. No one can match me in strength. Do you know what would happen if I put out negative propaganda? This Republic of Korea would be in trouble. Do you know who handled the leftist students? At a time that was supposed to be the most chaotic since the founding of the Republic of Korea, I swept through the nation, bringing the contents of my meeting with Gorbachev. This led the people to say, "Oh, I cannot trust the government. I will have to trust Rev. Moon." In this way, I pointed them in the right direction.
What did I do on that foundation? I proclaimed True Parents. If we came as the True Parents, I had to declare the True Parents; otherwise, how could I raise my face before God in the spirit world? If we have really come with the mission of the True Parents, I must declare that we are the True Parents before all people and the world. Otherwise, how could I lift up my face and go on? Jesus could not proclaim himself as the True Parent. That was the problem. If he had, Christianity would not have had to shed blood. Jesus himself would have been able to indemnify ten times as much as what Christians were able to restore through their shedding of their own blood. But since he was unable to proclaim himself as the True Parent, Satan has been in control until a global standard could be revealed.
The false parent, Kim Il-sung, has appeared in North Korea, occupying the throne of the satanic true parents. This is usurpation and plundering. It is plundering. The communists in North ruined Christianity there, but now that I have proclaimed True Parents, Kim Il-sung will go down. Through this proclamation, I am taking hold of him. It is because such a time is approaching that I am planning to go to Pyongyang and hold a rally there. This is not something I will do myself. Does Adam fight with the archangel? Adam does not fight with the archangel. Since the archangel fell, I must give him directions.
Thus I have been giving directions to the Soviet Union, the worldwide archangel, and to China, the Asian-level archangel. Then, by creating oneness between the archangel and Eve, with Japan in the position of Eve, I will bring Kim Il-sung to submission. I am bringing these people into oneness and then using that as a vehicle to move forward. If I can declare the Federation for World Peace in Pyongyang in this way, how good that would be! I will call Gorbachev, Jiang Zemin, the Japanese prime minister, President Bush, and so forth, to come. There is no one in Korea but me who says such things. Can the president do this? What will it take to do this? I have already laid that kind of foundation. (204-178, 1990.7.8)
I am not a man who is fading away. I am not someone who is ignorant of what is behind all the politicians in history. Although the leaders of the Christian churches do not know these things, I certainly do. Has either the Unification Church or Rev. Moon perished, although both of them have been branded as historic representatives of extreme foolishness? Can God perish? What kind of relationship do I, Rev. Moon, and God have? What do we mean by True Parent?
I have proclaimed that I am the True Parent. If I were not the True Parent yet declared myself to be so, I would be stabbed by spirits from hell and by good spirits when I went to the spirit world. So why would I proclaim myself to be the True Parent in the face of such a dreadful outcome, if it were not true?
What is the True Parent? I have heard that at a doctrinal discussion between Won-Buddhism and the Unification Church, one leader asked, "While Won-Buddhism talks about the Savior, the Unification Church talks about True Parents. The Savior can be forsaken after one is saved, but parents are a matter of absolute destiny, so how can they be forsaken?" That's how it is. Try forsaking them, and the entire universe, heaven and earth, and everything else will say, "You wretch, you deserve to go to hell!"
The place of True Parents is a place of pride. Since the devil knows this, he has attacked me from all four directions, mobilizing the whole world. Even the Communist party joined in this effort, and all the denominations and religions have opposed me. Furthermore, even the mafia and terrorists joined forces to expel me. They have shot at me with all kinds of tricky weapons. (203-144, 1990.6.24)
You call me the True Parent, but I do not like the words True Parents. Think about how fearsome these words are. Once we became True Parents, we had to bear and raise true sons and daughters. This is the issue. After becoming True Parents, we had to head up a true family. When a tribe arises from this, we must lead it as a true tribe; when this expands to a people, we must lead that people; if this expands into a nation, we must lead that nation; if this expands to the world, we must lead the world; and if this expands to all humankind filling heaven and earth, and the spiritual and physical worlds, we must have the ability to lead them. This is a huge undertaking. I am aware of all this.
Then, why did I proclaim "True Parents"? I did not want to do so myself. But if it had not been done, the doctrine of the Unification Church would go off course. If such a proclamation had not been made, Unification Church doctrine would be a lie. Because I cannot turn the truth into a lie, it was inevitable that I do this; in order to have the truth reveal its true light, I had to act, even under tribulation and persecution, even if my body had to be torn apart, be stepped on, and receive all kinds of abuse. This is why I have become such a man. This is how the Rev. Moon of the Unification Church differs from the founders and leaders of the other religions. (203-324, 1990.6.28)