Cosmic Assembly for the Settlement of the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind and for the Proclamation of the Word by God's Substantial Self - Sun Myung Moon

The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 2012

Cosmic Assembly for the Settlement of the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind and for the Proclamation of the Word by God's Substantial Self

Sun Myung Moon
January 8 -- 15, 2012
Public Rallies in Korea

Sun Myung Moon January 12, 2012
Distinguished guests participating in today's event, I am truly happy and grateful to see you at this new assembly.
What I am about to proclaim to you today is part of the course of True Parents' tour that is to proclaim the ultimate conclusion and fulfillment of all aspects of the providence of restoration during the lifetime of the True Parents. The path taken by the True Parents shall serve as a tradition and historic example; thus, I am proclaiming that all of you should model your life course on this path, become families that pledge to inherit and fulfill the will of God that True Parents have already accomplished, and be true to this pledge.
On April 18, (2011) we celebrated our 52nd year of marriage. On that occasion, I brought to a close the era before the coming of heaven, which was marked by sin and indemnity [atonement], and proclaimed the era after the coming of heaven through which a new heaven and new earth will be realized by returning to true love.
Through this tour, I am leading a lifestyle befitting the era after the coming of heaven. Please engrave this point in your hearts.
All the blessed children in the heavenly and earthly worlds, who are related to the True Parents by blood, should keep this comprehensive and final proclamation in mind. This proclamation is being given in order to fully establish the ideal nation that comes from the incorporeal God and corporeal God, the God of Night and the God of Day, and from the ancestors of Jesus and of the True Parents.
The details of True Parents' life course have already been disclosed and conveyed to you through my autobiography. I pray that you will all become the representatives and heirs of True Parents before the conclusion of the Cosmic Assemblies for the Settlement of the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind and for the Proclamation of the Word by God's Substantial Self. Please take heed of my autobiography, which is a record of my life's work to enable the True Parents to succeed in their mission during their time on this earth, and build on my achievements. Please also inherit the teachings I have bestowed upon this world. In doing so, I pray that you will surely be triumphant in your course of life.
Like the True Parents have done, you too should become heavenly bridges for all your relatives and the members of your clan that are around you, and also a God-centered leader that can guide your clan to God's kingdom.
I ask that you take this proclamation of True Parents to heart and pledge to put it into practice.
I will now quote from content read at the 44th True God's Day and the Coronation Ceremony for the Kingship of God. This represents the content in the textbooks and teaching materials that summarize all the content I have taught throughout my life course.
Respected leaders from around the world, distinguished guests from home and abroad, ladies and gentlemen!
On behalf of True Parents, True Family, the Republic of Korea, and Unification Church members who are blessed throughout the cosmos (i.e., spiritual world and physical world), I sincerely welcome and express my deepest appreciation to you for coming to participate in this Cosmic Assembly for the Settlement of the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind and for the Proclamation of the Word by God's Substantial Self.
In the past year, thousands of representatives and top leaders from 120 nations of the world have honored us with their presence on several occasions, including our Golden Wedding Anniversary and Coronation; the Legacy-of-Peace Memorial Festivals held at the United Nations headquarters building and in cities around the United States and the world; and many other significant events.
Once again, I would like to express my appreciation on behalf of all the people of the Republic of Korea and all of humankind.
Ladies and gentlemen, this is a very eventful time in God's providence. Last year I celebrated my ninetieth birthday and took my first steps toward the hundredth year of my life. I have been blessed with a long life, beyond the average human lifespan. Last year my wife and I were also able to commemorate our fiftieth wedding anniversary. From a providential point of view, last year was not simply the year of our golden anniversary; it was also a Jubilee year.
We have fourteen children. Five have graduated from Harvard University, and among our forty-plus grandchildren several are already studying there. Moreover, a great number of good men and women from 194 nations have come to recognize and follow us as the King and Queen of Peace and the True Parents.
Throughout our lives, we have established many international organizations and institutions to promote world peace. We have invested unreservedly in many fields including inter-religious cooperation, humanitarian projects to benefit society, intercultural activities, sports, education and the media. We founded all these initiatives with the aim of promoting peace and bringing salvation to humanity. After working to succeed in all these things, some people would commend us and say that we deserve to look back and comfortably enjoy the rest of our lives. They encourage us to forget about the world situation and sit back and enjoy the successes achieved during the past ninety years!
However, my wife and I cannot look at the lives we have led in such a worldly way. We have had to complete the mission of the actual True Parents, given to us by God, who is Himself the vertical True Parent of all humankind. Now, with less than two years remaining in this mission to make God's kingdom, Cheon Il Guk, a reality, we are leading each day of our lives with more seriousness than ever before.
Throughout my life, I have offered myself for the liberation of God, the one and only True Parent of heaven and earth, to restore to Him His rightful position as Parent, to save all human beings who suffer in the realm of death, and to return them to God's bosom.
For this purpose I have persevered and triumphed over countless tribulations while leading the people of the world, who are living like lost and unaware orphans searching for their heavenly parent, toward the goal of global salvation. Due to the Fall, brought about by our first ancestors, people are born into the false lineage. Every one without exception wanders in darkness even now, unable to break free of Satan's bondage. Under such circumstances, how could we be anything less than completely serious in our lives as we guide the 6.5 billion people of the world along the path toward the building of God's kingdom on earth?

The Three Stages of Life

Ladies and gentlemen, God created us as His children. As the original, absolute, unique, unchanging and eternal being, God created human beings by breathing His love into them to endow them with a soul. If not for the Fall, we would have been able to perfect ourselves, including our spiritual self, as God is perfect, fulfill the way of absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience, and attain eternal life.
But unfortunately, human beings are living as descendants of the Fall. In order to live a perfect life, all people without exception must receive new life through the blessing from True Parents and pass through the three stages of rebirth, resurrection and eternal life. Rebirth, in this context, refers to an individual attaining new life. Resurrection is when a family and nation attain new life, and eternal life refers to all of humankind attaining perfection and living forever in God's homeland after establishing the kingdom of heaven on earth and in the spirit world by attending True Parents, the King and Queen of Peace.
Your ancestors who are in the spirit world shall now return to this earth at this time of the True Parents, who directly govern all life and all things as the substantial entity of God who exists without form. They will go through the three-stage blessings of rebirth, resurrection and eternal life and complete the Original Divine Principle education -- the education on absolute marital fidelity -- organized by True Parents. Only then can they take part in the original authority granted by the Sunghwa -- ascension and liberation -- and attain the qualifications to become citizens of Cheon Il Guk while on earth.
We can clearly see that each person's life goes through three stages. Everyone is conceived as a new being through the grace of God and the love of True Parents through a blessed family. The first stage of life is the nine months spent in the mother's womb. No one is exempt from this! Whether or not we are conscious of it at the time, all of us without exception do spend nine months in our mother's womb. Even though a woman's womb is smaller than some rice cookers, from the perspective of a fetus, it is larger than the entire universe.
What about our birth into the second stage of our lives, which occurs on earth? How could we find words adequate to describe the struggle of a newborn baby as it is faced with a completely unfamiliar, new world? The first lonely cry of a newborn as it experiences the large and wide world that it finds upon exiting the womb also represents the promise of a one-hundred-year future, the blessing and celebration of entering a new time and space.
We have all received the blessing of birth that enabled us to live in the second stage of our lives. Although a hundred years is much longer than the nine months we spend in the womb, please do not forget that there is still a course we must follow to a higher end. Although we have all forgotten the standard of consciousness that we possessed in our mother's womb, and though you may think that we are now enjoying our lives fully in this big, wide world with a higher standard of consciousness, there is yet one final stage of our lives, which is the way toward eternal life.
This third stage occurs in the world of eternal life, the spirit world, which we enter upon ending our life on this earth. We were originally meant to enter the spirit world having first perfected our spirits during our life on earth. It is a world that cannot be imagined by people descended from the Fall. It is a world in which we transcend time and space. Just as the fetus in his or her mother's womb cannot imagine life on earth, we, as people living and breathing air in this earthly world, cannot easily understand the spirit world, where we will be reborn in our spiritual bodies, living and breathing true love.
Ladies and gentlemen, as people face death, they may tremble in fear and terror if they do not understand the true meaning of passing on. Although human history has continued for more than six thousand years, no one, unfortunately, has clearly taught the truth regarding death. Now, in the Last Days of history, I, as the True Parent of humankind, have been able to reveal this truth, this heavenly secret.

The Sunghwa Ascension Ceremony

Ladies and gentlemen, the word death is sacred. It is not a synonym for sadness and suffering. True Parents have created the term Sunghwa [ascension] to explain the true significance of death. The moment we enter the spirit world should be a time that we enter a world of joy and victory with the fruits born of our lives on earth. It is a time for those of us remaining on earth to send off the departed with joy. It should be a time for great celebration. We should be shedding tears of joy instead of tears of sadness. That is the way of the sacred and noble Sunghwa Ceremony, the first step the spirit of the departed takes toward enjoying eternal life in attendance to God, within His embrace. At the moment of death, our spirits should feel more excited and thrilled than a newlywed bride feels when she goes to her groom's home for the first time.
In order to open the door for all people to experience this kind of precious eternal life, I held a Sunghwa Ceremony at the United Nations headquarters in New York on March 18, (2010) last year in honor of world leaders who had recently passed into the next world.
The following are the names of those commemorated on that occasion:
General Alexander Haig, a former U.S. secretary of state, who with the UN forces saved my life, through the bombing that liberated the North Korean Hungnam Special Labor Camp where I was imprisoned during the Korean War;
Mr. Kim Dae-jung, our former South Korean president, who won the Nobel Peace Prize;
Mr. Hédi Annabi, a Tunisian diplomat and head of the UN Stabilization Mission in Haiti, who died in the 2010 Haitian earthquake; the one hundred UN workers who died alongside Mr. Annabi;
Mr. Rodrigo Carazo Odio, a former president of Costa Rica, who is known internationally as the Peace President;
Mr. Abdurrahman Wahid, a former president of Indonesia, who gave his entire life for the sake of his great nation;
Mr. Steingrimur Hermannsson, a former prime minister of Iceland, who helped host the meeting of then Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev and United States President Ronald Reagan, which accelerated the end of the Cold War;
Shaykh Hassan Cissé of Senegal, who is respected as a great scholar of Islamic authority; and
Mr. Laxmi Mall Singhvi of India, who is remembered as the Ambassador of Reconciliation and Peace by India's 1.1 billion people.
There are other people whom we also remembered through this ceremony and sent to the spirit world with the Sunghwa Blessing. I'm sure you have heard about the sinking of the ship Cheonan in Korea where 46 sailors suddenly lost their lives in the course of duty. During my four-city speaking tour in Korea in April last year, my wife and I bestowed the grace of the Sunghwa Blessing on these unfortunate seamen who died.
Later, during another event at Las Vegas, I bestowed the Sunghwa Blessing on one Dr. Reiko Kawasaki, a 17th-generation descendant of Tokugawa Ieyasu, the last shogun in Japanese history, who united the Japanese archipelago in the 17th century. She was a medical doctor from Las Vegas, and recently passed away after living a life of continuous service to others. Before her passing, she played an important role for the sake of the realization of world peace by setting a foundation for the future resolution of various issues in Korea, Japan and the United States, including political and economic issues. Thus, I have included her in the list of those who received this sacred Sunghwa Blessing.
However altruistic and philanthropic people's lives may be, none of them can be guaranteed entry into the world of eternal life without receiving the Marriage Blessing and the Sunghwa Blessing of the True Parents, Rev. and Mrs. Moon. This is because the parent-child relationship between God and humankind was severed due to the Fall of the first ancestors. Please take this point seriously.
Ladies and gentlemen, this era, when God has introduced the heavenly calendar, is a serious one. It is now the time in which all 6.5 billion of the world's people must understand the teachings I received from heaven, which I bequeath as the True Parent who is responsible to give eternal life to all of humankind. Now is a time that you can share the good news of the coming of the True Parents throughout the entire world.
The time has come to honor and inherit the tradition and spirit of the Korean people, from which the True Parents emerged, establish the heavenly tradition, and bring about world peace by uniting all 6.5 billion people of the world with the United Nations. With the start of the heavenly calendar, please do not forget that the Sunghwa Blessing Ceremony is a sacred rite in which anyone can inherit the worldview of a holy citizen of the kingdom of heaven and celebrate God's liberation and all humankind's liberation.
In this way, the ideal of a family based on true love can be completed, and God and all people, the heavenly spirit world and the earthly physical world, can be completely united to usher in a reign of peace over the world. Please take this time to express your gratitude to God and True Parents for giving the keys of the Blessing Ceremony and Sunghwa Ceremony to all the world's nations, allowing for the establishment of the traditions of God's kingdom, Cheon Il Guk, through True Parents.
Please join me in giving a round of applause to our Heavenly Father and to True Parents for their benevolence, through which we can receive the grace of precious life without being asked for anything in return.

One Family Under God

Ladies and gentlemen, what is the path that humankind should take today? Even now tens of millions of innocent lives are being lost each year to war, disease, starvation and natural disasters that arise in all parts of the world. In every field you observe, from the individual to the collective level -- whether religion, politics, education, culture or ideology -- people are deeply mired in the swamp of self-centered egoism, raising walls around themselves. We now live in a world brought to ruin, where genuine communication has broken down.
Ultimately, the problems afflicting humanity can only be resolved through the worldview of One Family under God, in other words, the ideology based on true love, which my wife and I, the True Parents, have learned from Heaven and have championed and taught throughout our lives. This is the only way for humankind to find the path toward peace and happiness.
Ladies and gentlemen, we are living in a historic time of great cosmic transition. It is a time for a great cosmic revolution to change history, to unite the spiritual and physical worlds and to create the ideal kingdom of heaven that God has longed for since the beginning of time. We can no longer postpone or prolong the fulfillment of His wish. I have already proclaimed that January 13, 2013 will be Foundation Day. That day will be the actual beginning of God's Kingdom of Cheon Il Guk. That day will be the origin. Yet, less than two years remain until then.
Therefore, it is time for all people to be humbly obedient to Heaven's decree. An unavoidable time is upon us today when we must invest ourselves completely with a life or death commitment for these remaining two years under the guidance of the True Parents who carry out the providence on earth as the substantial representatives of God, the King of Kings. All the good spirits in the spirit world are mobilized and are already moving forward a step ahead of you.
Ladies and gentlemen, do you have any idea how much pain God suffered the moment our first ancestors, into whom God had invested His complete and unreserved devotion since time immemorial, fell and disappeared into darkness, becoming part of Satan's lineage? Are you even remotely aware that our Heavenly Father -- who endured tens of thousands of years of excruciating heartache so great that His bones shed tears and His flesh quivered -- had to go through the long, dark tunnel of indemnifying the human Fall in order to save His lost children? How many of you have spent days and nights in tears, yearning to comfort our Father in Heaven?

The Mission of the Korean People

All people of the Christian faith recognize that God sent His true son Jesus Christ to earth two thousand years ago to save humankind. However, Jesus suffered a miserable fate. The leaders of Judaism and the people of Israel were supposed to receive Jesus as the Messiah and follow him with absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience. They should never have allowed Jesus' crucifixion to take place. He suddenly left this world, leaving behind the words, It is finished. Yet these words apply to spiritual salvation only, and he promised to return.
Ladies and gentlemen, God quietly raised and prepared the Korean people over a period of thousands of years. After two thousand years of preparation, His labor has finally borne fruit with the Second Coming of Christ on the far distant Korean Peninsula. The Korean people have, from long ago, served God with the sense that He is their original ancestor and that they are descended from Heaven. They have referred to Him as The Honored One, that is, Hana-nim, and attended Him as the Lord (Creator of night and day). Thus it is, that the origin of all numbers lay in one and two. Because Koreans attend such a God as their original ancestor, the spirit of interdependence, mutual prosperity and universally shared values is alive in the soul and tradition of the Korean people. They have maintained themselves over five thousand years of history, yet not once have they invaded or plundered another nation or people. The spirit of benefiting all mankind still flows in the veins of the Korean people. The spirit of filial piety, fidelity, and loyalty, which are the fundamental virtues of human life, are still alive and breathing in Korean history. These values can be found in the men and women of Korea and reflect the pride and spirit of the Korean people.
I have inherited such traditional values as the true filial piety exemplified in the folk tale Shimcheong, about a devoted daughter who offered her life so that her blind father could see; the profound love and fidelity displayed by Choonhyang, who overcame the fear of death in order to keep the promise she had made to her husband; and the unbreakable loyalty exhibited by Admiral Yi Soon-shin, who gave his life to save his nation and people despite being abandoned by his king and other leaders. These lofty Korean values and traditions are not just matters of historical chance. Based on these values, Heaven has prepared this people; this was all part of the providence of creating a foundation to send the returning Messiah. On the foundation of such preparation, and riding on the energy of this peninsula, I finally came, having received Heaven's seal as the True Parent of humankind and the king of kings.

The Path Humankind Should Take

Distinguished Guests, your Excellencies, Ladies and Gentlemen:
The path that humanity must now take is clear. What would give you cause to hesitate in the face of the D-Day that Heaven has revealed through us, the True Parents? There are now only six hundred days remaining. Heaven's blessings will be with you on your ambitious and busy course.
If you view the flow of history through eyes that focus on God's providence, you can see that the changes of the times can be broadly classified into three stages. First was the nature-centered era, a time when instinctual feelings, materialism and a closeness to animals and the things of creation were prevalent. Next came a human-centered era when people's knowledge, feelings and emotions took precedence and dominated the world.
However, these eras were transitional. They were courses of preparation necessary in order to enter the era in which people could rid themselves of their fallen nature, return to their original selves and live as one united family where they attend God as their father. When that happens we will enter a God-centered era, the final stage in which human beings who know and feel God's Heart and Will follow the path of living for the sake of others. They will do this through establishing an absolute standard on the foundation of purifying themselves, both inside and out, through the holy Blessing Ceremony. This is the time of opening up the era of God's kingdom, Cheon Il Guk, a time in which we can return to the heart of the one true God. Please engrave this point on your hearts.
Once the actual era of Cheon Il Guk begins, the spiritual and earthly worlds will be connected and brought into oneness, and all things will be governed under the Union of the Spiritual and Physical World's Association, which will be established on earth for the first time. Moreover, the providence will be carried out according to heavenly law and the heavenly way. Elections conducted in a purely secular fashion will disappear from the face of the earth. All people will become one family through cross-cultural marriage and the World Peace Marriage Blessing; and we will enjoy tranquility and true love in happiness during the sacred reign of peace. Let me say it again: this day is drawing near.
As part of preparing for that time, on February 14, (2010) last year I proclaimed to all of heaven and earth the start of the new heavenly calendar. The Gregorian calendar and Lunar calendar shall now stand in the positions of Cain and Abel and serve the role of supporting the Heavenly calendar, by which we will record and indicate the progress of God's providence.
You must all now engrave True Parents' teachings onto your bones and practice them in your life. We have no choice. If we do not prepare now, we will surely be left behind. We should learn from the courage and fortitude of the white-necked cranes that fly across the Himalayas -- which are more than seven thousand meters high -- in preparation for winter.

My Final Words for Humankind

True Parents have already prepared the last words I will give to humankind. These have been prepared based on my triumphs over six or seven life-or-death situations, including six periods of unjust imprisonment. I am leaving behind eight textbooks and teaching materials for humankind to use for all eternity. Altogether, these are published in almost a thousand volumes.
They are:
The Sermons of the Rev. Sun Myung Moon,
Exposition of the Divine Principle,
Cheon Seong Gyeong [Heavenly Scripture],
The Family Pledge,
Pyung Hwa Shin Gyeong [Messages of Peace],
True Families -- Gateway to Heaven,
Owner of Peace and Owner of Lineage, and
World Scripture.
These are textbooks you will have to read and study even after you go to the spirit world. They are not just teachings that come from the mind of one person; they are textbooks and teaching materials that teach the heavenly way that God has granted to His suffering children for their salvation.
You should now set up the Hoon Dok Hae study tradition in your families using the books I have mentioned. That is the tradition where three generations of a family start each day by reading Heaven's word, and lead a life of practicing what they read, with a new heart. Let's create a world where people in the spirit world and the earthly world can both attend True Parents at the same time, and read the word on the heavenly path together.
Once this happens, no matter how hard Satan may try to worm his way in, to infest your lineage, once he encounters the Hoon Dok Hae tradition he will find no room to move. If a family is aligned with God as at high noon, where no shadow is cast and still does not receive God's blessings, who then could ever be deserving of them? When such heavenly families fill the earth, the world will automatically become the heavenly kingdom on earth and in the eternal spirit world, fulfilling the vision of One Family Under God.
Ladies and gentlemen, two years ago, my memoirs, "As a Peace-Loving Global Citizen," an honest and candid account of my life, was published. Through this book I share how I discovered God's will for humankind and the path that we, as God's children, should follow. My life has been a typical model of the saying, If at first you don't succeed, try, try, and try again. I have as much faith in this book as in the Hoon Dok textbooks and teaching materials I have mentioned. For this reason, I recommend it to you, believing that it will show you how to lead your lives according to true principles. It does not subtract or add anything to the ninety years of my life, which I have led under Heaven's decree. I pray you will carefully read this articulation of true love and find great inspiration.
I have already mentioned that a life of vertical noon-time alignment casts no shadow. If we can all shine as we live such glowing lives, there will be no chance for the shadow of sin to be cast. Those who receive the light will be indebted to the light. I pray that we can now wipe away the tears of people in misery and poverty, and lead an illuminated life of eternal true love that dissipates all darkness.

Proclamation of the Era of the Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind

Ladies and gentlemen, last year in Las Vegas, there was a special proclamation centered on God that was given by the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind on two separate days -- one part at 2:20 AM on the 8th day of the 5th month of the Heavenly Calendar (June 19, 2010) and the other at 3:25 AM, on the 15th day of the 5th month of the Heavenly Calendar (June 26, 2010).
The number 3 from 3:25 AM represents the three eras from the saying Success comes at the third attempt. It also symbolizes the Old, New and Completed Testament ages. Twenty-five minutes, or the number 25, is a quarter of one hundred. The True Parents have achieved ultimate unity and offered and proclaimed the era of God's full transcendence, full immanence, full authority and omnipotence upon the standard of perfection, completion and conclusion.
Furthermore, with the Sunghwa Ceremony for former United States Secretary of State General Alexander Haig, I proclaimed that the ceremony for the victory of the first, second, and third Israels, which completed the ceremonies for rebirth, resurrection and Sunghwa during my lifetime, was transferred to Korea.
Korea will now become God's homeland and hometown. Declaring that Korea is God's homeland, the World Assembly for the Settlement of the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind and for the Proclamation of the Word by God's Substantial Self was completed in Korea on July 8, and again in ceremonies in the United States, representing Christianity, the second Israel, and in Jerusalem. Through these proclamation ceremonies, all the borderlines in the entire cosmos have been abolished. Consequently, centering on God, heaven and earth shall exist eternally, night and day, under God's reign and with the support of the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind.
Distinguished guests, at this serious and important time, a revolutionary and cosmic change must now take place in your lives. In light of this let us summarize the message Heaven has given to us today.
First, all blessed families should attend God at the center of their families and every day carry out Hoon Dok education, which can completely unite parents and children. In other words, you should thoroughly teach the Divine Principle, the textbooks and teaching materials True Parents have bequeathed, True Father's autobiography, and absolute marital fidelity taught through the 'Original Divine Principle.'
Second, Heaven has permitted the grace of the authority of Sunghwa for rebirth and resurrection to be bestowed on the family unit. Here, a requisite condition is the complete unity between parents and children. In other words, you must establish the standard for absolute parents and absolute children, and establish an absolute family in the normal course of events.
Third, humankind has moved out of the authority of the era of restoration through indemnity, thanks to the grace of True Parents who have suffered hardships through which they sweat blood. Therefore, do not forget the fact that during True Parents' lifetime we all have the responsibility to liberate families, tribes, peoples, nations and the world in which God can dwell, from the authority of hell. Now that the era of restoration through indemnity has ended, what kind of era is dawning? The reign of tranquility and prosperity in the victorious authority centered on God and True Parents shall be eternal.
Fourth, we are now entering the era of the authority of God's direct dominion. Ladies and gentlemen, I have said that less than two years remain until the D-day proclaimed by Heaven. I beg that you inscribe in your hearts the fact that we have entered the era of the authority of the cosmic Sabbath in which your direct family members in the spirit world shall return to the earth to receive the Original Divine Principle education, and where eight generations will live together in a single family. Aju!
Ladies and gentlemen, these concluding remarks explain the broad outline of all my endeavors. They bring to a close this rally that is being held for the religious circles, the earth, the spirit world, physical world, and Cain and Abel-type world, in order to finalize what I, the Rev. Moon, have achieved through the course of my entire life with God, the master of the spirit world and physical world. This is not something that could have appeared in history before now.
We have come to today's assembly through the starting point of the Seoul Assembly that represented both Korea that will become God's homeland; and the central nation of America, through the Washington DC-New York Assembly. These have been held in order to establish the realm of victory, and to make headlines that summarize my life course, which decisively brings to a conclusion the realm of victory, creating a world in which God, completely victorious in the providence, is liberated and completely freed through the life course of the True Parents; and in order to bring perfection, completion and conclusion to the era after the coming of heaven.

True Parents' Special Instructions:

(I am conveying the following instructions to the 387 ambassadors of the 194 Abel UN member nations and 193 Cain-type UN member nations, to boon-bong-wangs and Ambassadors for Peace, to the presidents and national leaders of each nation who are present in Washington DC/New York, and to all of heaven and earth.)

Establishment of the New Tribal Messiah Global Federation for Peace in the New World:

1. Centering on Hwang Sun-jo, the President of UPF-Korea, the Sunghwa Ceremonies for the realm of the tribal messiah and for the first, second and third Israels were to be completed between October and December 31, 2010. The three-day ceremony and indemnity stick ceremony (of the Blessing) are also to be completed. Korea is God's homeland and hometown; because it is True Parents' nation, we should have all the people of Korea take part in these ceremonies.
2. Those who have accepted the responsibility of boon-bong-wang or Ambassador for Peace should hold and complete spiritual–physical world Blessing Ceremonies at the same time throughout the world, by D-day.
3. The ancestors from the realm of the original lineage and people belonging to the heavenly realm who received the Blessing centering on True Parents -- including Adam and Eve, the Moon clan, boon-bong-wangs and Ambassadors for Peace, each nation's president and leader of the national assembly -- should realize the realm of oneness embodying all of God's all-transcendent, all-pervading, all-capable and omnipotent qualities.
4. With October 14 sixty years ago as the beginning point, now, after sixty-years of restoration through indemnity, and in relation to the three days of the 14th, 15th and 16th day of the 10th month, by the heavenly calendar, in the 10th year of Cheon Il Guk, this proclamation rally being held on the 17th day of the 10th month by the heavenly calendar [November 22], in the first year of Cheon-gi (2010), is one of perfecting, completing and concluding the final stages of all the proclamations given in heaven and on earth up until the D-day proclamation of True Parents, and which correspond with the documented record of proclamations True Parents have made.
5. True Parents' proclamation at the Assembly to Proclaim the Substantial Word and the Era of the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind -- the Washington DC-New York Assembly, the Hoover Dam Assembly in Las Vegas and the Seoul Assembly in Korea, which is becoming God's homeland and hometown -- signifies the ultimate perfection, completion and finalization of the providence. This mission must be completed within the next one year and eight months, by the D-day designated by True Parents.
6. In this way, Korea, which gave birth to the True Parents, will be perfected, completed and finalized as God's homeland and hometown. Centered on President Lee Myung-bak, who represents the governments of Korea (south and north), which is God's homeland and hometown, former US President George Bush and US President Obama, whose positions correspond to the presidents of the Cain-type UN and Abel-type UN, and all the presidents and citizens who participated in the G20 meetings must unite to bring about the success of these rallies and perfect, complete, conclude and offer them according to True Parents' heavenly decree. If any among these are unable to participate, True Parents will select others and bring them to perfect that work in their place.

Advent of the Era of the New Substantial Image

Ladies and gentlemen,
As I believe you have seen in the video today, we are now in a time where God is concluding the providence and harvesting its fruits in the final stages. Not long ago, Prime Minister Danny Philip of the Solomon Islands personally visited True Parents. He was deeply moved by God's Word, and before he left, pledged and promised that his nation would become an ally nation of True Parents. He showed his resolve to become God's laborer and a soldier who stands in the frontline of the providence. In Nepal at this very hour, Original Divine Principle lectures received from True Parents are being broadcast by a national television station in Nepal, to educate all its people.
Activities centered on the United Nations are now on track and gaining speed. The Women's Federation for World Peace, which my wife and I founded, has been recognized for initiating activities that are in line with the UN's founding purpose and goals. Thus, it is becoming recognized as one of the top tier organizations among the 3,400 plus NGOs registered with the UN. Furthermore, WFWP has achieved outstanding results in its activities promoting women's rights, and solving problems of poverty and education for children. WFWP has already been awarded for its work on a number of occasions.
Recently, control of The Washington Times, which had been taken from my hands by trickery, has now been taken back. If this isn't a miracle, I don't know what is.
Top officials from the Cain-type realm, from the black and white races, will unite to create a federation centering on The Washington Times board of directors in order to promote the truth of God's will for His homeland and hometown and to protect the nation of God's sovereignty.
Ladies and gentlemen, the world is now revolving centering on True Parents. Historically, Korea and Japan, Japan and the United States, the United States and Russia and other such nations have been enemy nations. The people from these nations will also take part in the cross-cultural marriage blessing on a nationwide scale in order to eradicate the fallen lineage received from Lucifer and inherit the new heavenly lineage.
The ongoing project to build undersea tunnels between Korea and Japan and across the Bering Strait, which I have proclaimed to all the world, will be spearheaded by religious leaders on a worldwide scale and completed in attendance to our liberated God.
In this world, atheism and communism, which deny the existence of God, will be discarded, paving the way to building the world that God originally envisioned, where all people can freely communicate in harmony.
The historical conflict and strife experienced by the four great representative kings -- that is to say, the God of Night, the God of Day, the King of Kings, and True Parents -- and which arose because the first ancestors fell, has finally been completely resolved by the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind. A world where all people are equal and all nations become like brother nations to create one family under God is being created right before your eyes.
I pray that all of you will become victors who are part of this historic and providential revolution. May the heavenly fortune that flows through the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind be with you all.
I pray in the name of True Parents that God's blessings be with you, your family and your nation.
Thank you. 


The Value and Significance of the Family Pledge. God has the providential mandate to fulfill His ideal for the creation to an absolute standard, He instituted and proclaimed the Family Pledge. It is God’s blessing to human beings that they would establish the prototype of all true families—of ideal families on earth—and return eternal joy to God. It is an essential tool for building the kingdom of heaven on earth and in heaven in which your families can live while directly serving and attending God.

The Value and Significance of the Family Pledge
Beloved blessed families!
Today, on this meaningful occasion, I would like to explain about the providential value and
significance of the Family Pledge. It serves as Heaven’s most precious and blessed guideline,
given to us for our lives.
The fact that we now have the Family Pledge is truly the greatest of all blessings. It came
from Heaven as a gift to all humanity on May 1, 1994, the day when the Family Federation
for World Peace and Unification (FFWPU) was inaugurated. The Family Pledge was given
when the Completed Testament Age, which brings to fulfillment the Old Testament Age and
the New Testament Age, was proclaimed. It is to serve as a milestone and guiding principle,
piercing through the darkness of the age before the coming of heaven, and opening a new
heaven and earth in the era after the coming of heaven. It is also the blueprint for the
building of God’s kingdom of peace and unity in heaven and on earth in the era of the
creation of a new heaven and earth.
Father and Mother Moon, the True Parents of humankind, emerged victorious from the
battles they had fought throughout their long course of indemnity that lasted forty years
after Father Moon founded the Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World
Christianity (HSA-UWC) in 1954. On that foundation, we were no longer required to recite
My Pledge as individuals. We were to recite and practice the Family Pledge together as true
families, the basic units of triumphal entry into the kingdom of heaven.
This Family Pledge is filled with the pain and suffering of God and True Parents, and it
should not be recited without tears. It is something that people should recite forever, long
after they discard the mask of religion in the fallen world and attain liberation. This is
because the family is the basic unit of the kingdom of heaven.
The Family Pledge is the absolute standard and constitution for the establishment of
God’s kingdom of Cheon Il Guk
Ladies and gentlemen, have you ever heard of the phrase “Family Pledge” anywhere in
the world? It has appeared for the first time in human history. In the beginning, God lost the
true family through the Fall of the first man and woman. He had created them to be His
children and the first ancestors of humankind. Consequently, as God has the providential
mandate to fulfill His ideal for the creation to an absolute standard, He instituted and
proclaimed the Family Pledge. It is God’s blessing to human beings that they would
establish the prototype of all true families—of ideal families on earth—and return eternal joy
to God. It is an essential tool for building the kingdom of heaven on earth and in heaven in
which your families can live while directly serving and attending God.
The precondition to properly recite the Family Pledge is first and foremost to attain a state
of complete mind and body unity, which is the state of “one heart, one body, one outlook
and one harmony.” This means that we must reach the standard of perfecting our character
through absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience. Our body should fully obey
the orders of our conscience, which was given to us as our first parent, teacher and owner.
Furthermore, all of our family members must perfect the basic framework of the unity of
the mind and body, the unity of parents, the unity of husband and wife, the unity of parents
and children, and the unity among siblings, centered on Heaven’s will. In other words, all of
us are to perfect a sphere of unity in true love. Only then can we recite the Family Pledge.
That is why the Family Pledge serves as the absolute standard and constitution in the
creation of the kingdom of peace and unity in heaven and earth, beyond the Completed
Testament Age.
From now, people will succeed in life not as individuals but as families. This means that
only true model families that acquire the recognition and respect of all people can stand in a
position that can lead the world. The perfection of the family is Heaven’s greatest and
highest blessing, but it is also a fearsome responsibility. It is the cornerstone of the building
of Cheon Il Guk. Creating true families is the shortcut to acquiring citizenship in God’s
Beloved blessed families, the Family Pledge is the greatest of all prayers. It is the record
of True Parents’ complete victory. It is the code of law that reveals the teachings of the
Completed Testament Age, the age of “justification through attendance.”
At the heart of the Family Pledge is the true family within the framework of true love. The
Family Pledge serves as a bridge, connecting our lives to God. It is like an explosion of true
love that completely captivates God. The Family Pledge is the energy and wisdom that
brings true love to the center of the connections between the vertical and horizontal, north
and south, and front and back, initiating eternal spherical motion. The Family Pledge is the
key to the gates of the kingdom of heaven. The gates to the kingdom cannot be opened by a
key made of gold or silver; they can be opened only by the key of a true family perfected
through true love. That is why all eight parts of the Family Pledge have as a primary clause,
“Our family….centering on true love.”
Ladies and gentlemen, the age of justification by attendance means the time of attending
God in our lives. Wasn’t the first of the Ten Commandments revealed in the Bible about
loving God?
In the era after the coming of heaven, God is revealing Himself in front of all people as the
True Parent. That is why the movement that attends the True Parents represents Heaven’s
authority and power, and is incomparable to any force of this fallen world. What can prevent
you from living a life of attendance that enables you to observe the living God with your
own eyes and to experience Him with all your senses?
For the first time since the Fall of our original ancestors, history is governed by the True
Parents. The original source has emerged that allows us to return to a new world through
the internal relationship with True Parents. That relationship can bring Satan to submission.
It is the center through which God is to be liberated. You all should offer thanks for the
amazing grace of being able to live together with the True Parents and to receive their
instructions directly.
When you are completely one with True Parents, your nation, people, tribe and family can
prosper. The True Parents are the embodiment and encapsulation of all glory in heaven and
earth. Once you clearly understand their value, would you exchange the True Parents for all
the money in the world? Their value is such that they cannot be replaced even at the price of
your life.
Explanation of Each Part of the Family Pledge
1. Seek our original homeland and build the kingdom of God on earth and in heaven
The first part of the Family Pledge is “Our family, the owner of Cheon Il Guk, pledges
to seek our original homeland and build the kingdom of God on earth and in heaven, the
original ideal of creation, by centering on true love.” You should know that being able to
recite the Family Pledge is one of the best pieces of news in all of history.
The “ideal of creation” refers to the ideal world with God at the center. It is the ideal of
creation to build the kingdom of God on earth and in heaven. However, since that ideal
could not be attained due to the Fall, we must achieve it through restoration. This means
that we must build the kingdom of God on earth and in heaven, the original ideal of
creation, by seeking our original homeland.
Because the family was lost due to the Fall, we must now build God’s family. This is not
an individual’s task. It is rather the task of our families, the owners of Cheon Il Guk.
Centering on true love, our families must “seek our original homeland and build the
kingdom of God on earth and in heaven, the original ideal of creation.”
The “original homeland” referred to here is the original homeland centered on families.
That is why all of you must go back to your own hometown and establish God’s kingdom on
earth and in heaven. Once you restore your hometown, your nation and the world will be
unified naturally. Then, there will be nothing further for you to worry about.
People who have lived on earth in a unified family centering on God’s true love, where
the kingdom of God on earth and the kingdom of God in heaven are one, will become a
family of the heavenly kingdom. We no longer live in the age of individual salvation.
Religions, and Christianity in particular, talk about the salvation of the individual, but that
will not suffice. God’s will is for the salvation of the family. Restoration must occur in the
family because the Fall destroyed the ideal for the family. That time has now come. In all of
history, this has never before happened on earth. Finally, the family has entered the era of
It is through families that we must build the kingdom of God on earth and in heaven, the
original ideal of God’s creation. Because we lost the family, our families must restore that
kingdom. The original homeland is centered on families, not on a nation. That is why I am
saying that you must return to your hometown. If you still have a family there, you must go
back to your hometown and build God’s kingdom on earth and in heaven. Once we restore
our hometowns, our nations and the world will naturally harmonize. The heavenly kingdom
on earth and in heaven will automatically be established. This is to unfold centering on true
“Our family pledges to...build the kingdom of God on earth and in heaven, the original
ideal of creation.” Here we say “build.” Why do we use that word? It is because we must
create God’s kingdom. It will not come about by itself. We must build it ourselves. This
current world is already hell on earth, and it is connected to hell in the spirit world. We must
recreate this world and turn it around 180 degrees.
Again, it is the mission of all families who have received the Marriage Blessing from True
Parents to seek the original homeland and build the kingdom of God on earth and in heaven,
the original ideal of creation. It is not just as individuals, but as families, that you must
complete the building of God’s kingdom. This is your first pledge as blessed families.
2. Perfect the dutiful family way of filial sons and daughters, patriots, saints, and divine
sons and daughters
The second part of the Family Pledge is “Our family, the owner of Cheon Il Guk, pledges to
represent and become central to heaven and earth by attending God and True Parents; we
pledge to perfect the dutiful family way of filial sons and daughters in our family, patriots in
our nation, saints in the world, and divine sons and daughters in heaven and earth, by
centering on true love.”
“Our family… centering on true love.” True love refers to love that appears where there is
unity between mind and body, between husband and wife, and between parents and
children. If you fail to practice this standard of true love, then you will surely be in trouble
when you go to the spirit world.
That is how fearsome the Family Pledge is. You should always live by it. If in your family,
the father were to violate even one part of the Family Pledge, then the mother and children
would all be jointly responsible. The entire family would have to take joint responsibility for
it. The significance of Eve’s Fall was that it brought about the Fall of Adam’s entire family.
This part of the Family Pledge also states “… by attending God and True Parents…” We
human beings were originally to attend and honor God and True Parents, but we were
driven away due to the Fall. As a result of the Fall, we lose the value of our existence unless
we attend God and True Parents.
God is the vertical true parent and the True Parents are the horizontal true parents. We are
to be born from the union of these two sets of true parents. God is the vertical parent, and
perfected Adam and Eve are the horizontal parents. On the foundation of these two sets of
parents becoming one, we can also achieve unity, and be connected to God and Heaven. For
this reason, nothing can be accomplished unless we attend God and True Parents.
Then, what kind of family is a family that represents and becomes central to heaven and
earth? It is the ideal family that God envisioned prior to the Fall of Adam and Eve. The
representative and central family in heaven and on earth refers to the family that represents
heaven and grows this relationship with God in expanding circles through the eight stages
in both the vertical and horizontal realms on earth. What I am saying is that the family
comes to the position where God representing heaven and the True Parents on earth are
united perpendicularly.
At the center of such a family, you must become a filial son or daughter; in such a nation
you must become a patriot; in such a world you must become a saint; and in such a heaven
and earth you must become a divine son or daughter. “We pledge to perfect the dutiful
family way of…divine sons and daughters. Each family member, as an individual, should be
able to attain the position of a divine son or daughter. When such divine sons and daughters
who are members of the same family gather together, a family of divine sons and daughters
is formed. This is what we are pledging.
We are pledging to represent and become central to heaven and earth by attending God
and True Parents. For this, our family must determine to fulfill the dutiful family way of
filial sons and daughters in the family, patriots and virtuous women in the nation, saints in
the world, and divine sons and daughters in heaven and earth—everything that Heaven
desires. We are saying that we will, as parents, educate our children, educate citizens in the
nation, educate saints in the world and make them qualified to become family members in
the heavenly kingdom both in heaven and on earth—that is, members of families of divine
sons and daughters.
That is why we say, “Our family, the owner of Cheon Il Guk, pledges to represent and
become central to heaven and earth by attending God and True Parents; we pledge to perfect
the dutiful family way of filial sons and daughters in our family, patriots in our nation,
saints in the world, and divine sons and daughters in heaven and earth, by centering on true
3. Perfect the Four Great Realms of Heart, the Three Great Kingships and the Realm of
the Royal Family
The third part of the family Pledge is, “Our family, the owner of Cheon Il Guk,
pledges to perfect the Four Great Realms of Heart, the Three Great Kingships and the
Realm of the Royal Family, by centering on true love.”
The Four Great Realms of Heart and the Three Great Kingships would have been fulfilled
had Adam and Eve not fallen. But for the Fall, they would have fulfilled these and become
God’s royal family. This part of the Family Pledge refers to restoring fallen people and
making them into the royal family. The families who receive the Marriage Blessing need to
fulfill this mission.
Conjugal love should take place where the Four Great Realms of Heart and the Three
Great Kingships are achieved. For a man and a woman to receive love from each other, they
need to stand in such a position. Otherwise, they are not to love each other. Yet these realms
and kingships cannot be realized without love. That is why man absolutely needs woman,
and vice versa.
Blessed families should strive every day to achieve this goal. However, it cannot be
fulfilled with only a theoretical faith where you think that you should be able to fulfill your
goal simply because God does it in such-and-such a way. This is a practical matter and it is
set right before your very eyes.
4. God’s ideal is the creation of a universal family encompassing heaven and earth
The fourth part of the Family Pledge is “Our family, the owner of Cheon Il Guk, pledges
to build the universal family encompassing heaven and earth, which is God’s ideal of
creation, and perfect the world of freedom, peace, unity and happiness, by centering on true
God’s ideal is that the world becomes one family, or household, under God. If those who
have actualized the Four Great Realms of Heart and Three Great Kingships recite the Family
Pledge, there should be only one family under God rather than two families, or many. By
building the universal family encompassing heaven and earth—the ideal of God’s creation—
we should establish that one family under God.
To give you an example using air, when there is a lack of air in a low pressure system, air
from a high pressure system flows in and fills it up. Similarly, water in a higher place will
automatically flow down to fill up a lower place. Equilibrium is the ideal.
In the world today, there are advanced nations and underdeveloped nations. In the
advanced nations people have a lot, and end up discarding leftover things, whereas people
in underdeveloped nations lack many things, especially food. They may even starve to death.
Twenty million people die of starvation each year. Do you think that is God’s will? What the
advanced nations are doing is oppressing the universe’s natural system of interaction. If this
continues, the advanced nations will be unable to avoid divine punishment. Heaven will not
let this go unnoticed. Already signs of judgment are appearing in various places. One of the
signs is the prevalence of sexually transmitted diseases, and another is drug and alcohol
abuse. Both free sex and homosexuality are the madness of the lowest of the human race.
God detests such behavior the most; Satan, on the other hand, praises such behavior the
I, Rev. Moon, am leading a movement to save the tens of thousands of people who are
dying of starvation and malnutrition each day in the underdeveloped nations, even if it
means making people go hungry in the consumer paradise of advanced nations such as the
United States. Despite disorder in the human race, the natural world is constantly trying to
maintain equilibrium.
When we pledge to “build the universal family encompassing heaven and earth, which is
God’s ideal of creation, and perfect the world of freedom, peace, unity and happiness” the
word “freedom” here does not mean only the freedom of an individual, but the freedom,
peace, unity, and happiness of all the people of this world as one family under God. It refers
to a world whose people are living in happiness. That is why we should develop movements
in all villages, towns and cities throughout the world. In any place of wealth, we need to set
up structures through which it can be shared.
Ladies and gentlemen, a world of one universal family is a world filled with families who
have received the Marriage Blessing. When you go to the spirit world, you will find people
from all over the world living together. All five colors of the human race are gathered there.
The question is who among these people is truly prepared with a family ideal that can unite
the past, present and future? Such a person will become a central leader in the spirit world.
That is why we must train for this while we are on earth. We have to receive that training on
the basis of mind and body unity.
There are many people in this world who betray their conscience and act according to
their body’s desires. They hoard money, commit fraud, come up with schemes, and defame
others. However, money accumulated in this way will eventually strike them back in the
form of a rod of judgment.
It is the same in the spirit world. No matter how learned a person may be, if he uses the
knowledge he has gained for his own sake instead of for the greater good, that knowledge
will come back and strike him. That person will be thrown into hell. We should live for the
sake of the world centering on the ideal of one global family, God’s ideal. Yet, if we ignore
the world and live only for our own sake, the world will judge us.
I have not asked you to recite the Family Pledge centering on my family. You are to
pledge centering on your own families. Everyone is equal. I, Rev. Moon, will pledge
representing my family, but on behalf of all families. That is why we say, “Our family,
the owner of Cheon Il Guk, pledges to build the universal family encompassing heaven
and earth, which is God’s ideal of creation, and perfect the world of freedom, peace,
unity and happiness, by centering on true love.”
5. Stagnation leads to death
 The fifth part of the Family Pledge is “Our family, the owner of Cheon Il Guk, pledges to
strive every day to advance the unification of the spirit world and the physical world as
subject and object partners, by centering on true love.”
We must first think about the spirit world. It is in the position of the subject partner, and
the physical world is the object partner. Do you think there are more people living in the
spirit world or on earth? The population of the spirit world is far greater than the population
of the earth.
The spirit world is the subject partner, yang, and the physical is the object partner, yin. In the
same way, the mind is in the subject partner position and yang to the body, which is in the
position of object partner, yin. The body represents the physical world and the mind the
spirit world.
If we act in such a way that we do not recognize the mind and the world of the mind as the
subject partner, we are bound to go to hell. If we have lived in such a way that our body has
led our mind, we should now live so that our mind leads our body and subjugates it. I am
saying that such a time has come.
In our daily life we should have a consciousness that the spirit world is the subject partner.
Unless we reach perfection on earth—the object partner—we shall not be able to establish
the foundation for perfection when we pass into the spirit world. There is a direct
relationship between the two worlds. Only when the spirit world is linked to us every day,
every year, throughout our entire life, it becomes our second sphere of activity and place of
residence when we go there.
In other words, “the unification of the spirit world and the physical world as subject and
object partners” means that the two worlds must constantly move towards oneness. To
strive every day to advance this unification means to develop and progress. We are
prompted to do it quickly. We must not stop. If we do, we are already falling away toward
hell and death.
Stagnation leads down to hell whereas pushing forward leads to development. To sleep long
hours and be lazy, gluttonous and self-indulgent are not acceptable in relation to God’s
providence. We should keep ourselves busy. Life is short. Run without resting, just like me.
Run even without sleeping. Only then can you be connected to the world that you hope for.
How can you be connected to the world that you do not even think about? This is how
oneness is brought about. We should think about both the spirit world and the physical
world as partners.
6. Become a family that moves heavenly fortune
The sixth part of the Family Pledge is “Our family, the owner of Cheon Il Guk, pledges to
become a family that moves heavenly fortune by embodying God and True Parents, and to
perfect a family that conveys Heaven’s blessing to our community, by centering on true
“Our family pledges…by embodying God and True Parents...” You are a family that
embodies God and True Parents. The families that embody God and True Parents are the
families that mobilize heavenly fortune. When we say that we pledge to “become a family
that moves heavenly fortune… [and] conveys Heaven’s blessing to our community,” we are
not saying that we want to be blessed by God and enjoy a good life just for ourselves. We are
saying that we are all ultimately to become part of the royal family and that everyone should
be a citizen of God’s kingdom of Cheon Il Guk.

We are making a vow to become a channel of God’s blessing, sharing His blessing equally
with all the people of the world. The family of God and the True Parents is one family. There
is only one set of True Parents. However, since there are many blessed families throughout
the world, God wants all of them to become channels that share the blessings of God and
True Parents with others. You should strive to become such a family. This means that you
are trying to enable everyone to receive many blessings.
7. Perfect the world based on the culture of heart, which is rooted in the original lineage
 The seventh part is “Our family, the owner of Cheon Il Guk, pledges, through living for
the sake of others, to perfect the world based on the culture of heart, which is rooted in the
original lineage, by centering on true love.”
In our path of faith, the most important point is not to defile the original lineage. That
means that your descendants should not stain their lineage in the same way as Adam and
Eve did when they fell. That is why we say, “Our family pledges… to perfect the world
based on the culture of heart, which is rooted in the original lineage...”

The world of God’s heart, the world in heaven, the world on earth, and the world of True
Parents’ heart are all one. That is why we say that our family pledges “to perfect the world
based on the culture of heart...” This is our ideal. The culture should not be two, but one. The
cultures of the fallen world are complex and varied. Without establishing the world based on
the culture of heart, there is no way for us to connect to heaven on all levels, from the
individual to the family, tribe, people, nation, world, and eternal world.
Without that heart, the individual, family and tribe cannot be connected. Without a world
based on the culture of heart, there is no way for us to make connections from the individual
up to the cosmos. The world thus far has been going up and down in a zigzag fashion, and
that is why it has not yet been able to reach the final destination, even after many thousands
of years. Yet in the world based on the culture of heart, we can reach that destination right
away. This is possible only through true love.
8. Perfect the realm of liberation and complete freedom in the kingdom of God on earth
and in heaven
The eighth part is “Our family, the Owner of Cheon Il Guk, pledges, having entered the
Completed Testament Age, to achieve the ideal of God and human beings united in love
through absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience, and to perfect the realm of
liberation and complete freedom in the kingdom of God on earth and in heaven, by
centering on true love.”
In your family you must bring the royal family into being by becoming a couple where
each of you is united in mind and body. You should know that this is God’s ideal for the
creation, the fulfillment of the Completed Testament Age. The family where the man and
woman are united in true love is the beginning of kingship. Originally, Adam’s family was
to be the royal family. From there, the king of the tribe, the king of the people and the king of
the nation were to emerge. Then this kingship would have automatically continued on into
the eternal spirit world. From the earth, it would have been connected eternally to that
 The words “Completed Testament Age” refer to our having advanced into a new age. It is
the time when the world will be united, creating a peaceful world that begins with the
family and progresses to the tribe, people, nation, world and even to all of heaven and earth.
It represents the whole; it is not confined to the family unit. We were able to enter the
Completed Testament Age only after going beyond the level of the world and that of the
whole. Through the new family that perfects the Four Great Realms of Heart and the Three
Great Kingships, we can go beyond the realm of the world and achieve the required model
for the Completed Testament Age. When this happens the world will become one unified
world—the ideal heavenly kingdom of peace.
Ladies and gentlemen! Absolute faith, absolute love, absolute obedience! These constitute
God’s ideal of creation. God began creating all things based on absolute faith. He initiated
His Creation for the sake of His object partners of absolute love. Absolute obedience means
that there is no awareness of “self.” It is a state of absolute zero—complete nothingness.
When God empties Himself and returns to nothingness, a natural and reciprocal circular
motion begins. Because you give everything out and have nothing more to give, everything
will come back to you. This is the origin of interaction in the universe, and the principle that
everything comes back to you after you invest completely.
For this reason, you must not insist on your own way. If you do, you will come to belong
to the devil. You must not let Satan use anything that comes through your five physical
senses. Make it so that your eyes, nose, mouth, feet and hands are used as if they were God’s.
And try to live your life based on this standard of absolute faith, absolute love and absolute
obedience! God always has compassion for and assists such people. When you let go of
yourself, God can be with you.
Ladies and gentlemen, God created you as His absolute partners of love, totally investing
Himself. He created you because He needed you as His genuine object partners of love.
Without having a substantial form, either in the physical world or in the spirit world, God
was unable to relate to His children. That is why He had to acquire a physical form. That
form is of the perfected True Parents.
God wanted object partners of love on earth that He could love. That is why He began His
Creation. God created us human beings as His absolute object partners of love, and granted
us the ability to reproduce so that we might live for eternity through our descendants. This is
the essence of God’s creation.
The purpose of creation is God and human beings united in love
God is the root of love, the root of life, the root of lineage and the root of the kingdom
of heaven on earth and the kingdom of heaven in heaven. Had Adam and Eve not fallen,
God would have entered their hearts when they married and realized a loving oneness
with them. God would have become the vertical True Parent, and Adam and Eve would
have become the horizontal True Parents. We would have been born with the flesh and
blood of these two sets of parents. Our mind would have become the vertical self and our
body the horizontal self, and we would have led lives based on one heart, one body, one
outlook and one harmony.
In such a way, we are to perfect the unity of our mind and body by achieving unity with
God in love and thus becoming His sons and daughters. Once we are in this parent–child
relationship, we become God’s princes and princesses. We can enjoy a parent–child
relationship with God and inherit everything from Him. When we, as His children, become
husbands and wives, and unite totally based on true love, we become a family that lives by
attending God. That family becomes a base for peace and the ideal. When a man and a
woman, each being one half, unite together, they become the base through which they fulfill
God’s ideal love as His partners.
In other words, through the perfection of human beings as beings of infinite value through
true love, God also perfects true love, and completes the world of the ideal of creation where
His eternal, ideal love dwells.
In the relationship between God and Adam’s family, God was to be the first generation,
Adam the second generation and Adam’s children the third generation. God was to be in
the position of the grandparent, Adam in the position of the parent, and the children in
the position of the sons and daughters. In such a way, when three generations are firmly
secured in your families, the grandparents stand in the position of God in His kingdom.
They also are in the positions of the king and queen of the original physical world and
spirit world. The parents stand in the position of the central king and queen
representing the present kingdom of heaven on earth. The children, who represent the
future, are in the position of princes and princesses who inherit the kingdom of heaven
on earth and in heaven.
In this way, Adam’s family and clan were to live as the royal clan with God as its center.
After their life on earth, its members were meant to go to heaven and live in the eternal
world. That is the purpose that we were meant to fulfill. Heaven is where people go to
after living together on earth and attending their grandfather, who represents Heaven,
as if he were God, attending their parents as the king and queen of the present world,
and loving their children as the future princes and princesses. Heaven is the only place
where peoples’ desires, hopes and happiness are fulfilled.
The eighth part of the Family Pledge shows the way for us to live in the kingdom of
heaven on earth. It is a path that is possible only through a life of absolute faith,
absolute love, and absolute obedience. At the time of creation, God totally invested
Himself with absolute faith and absolute love based on the standard of absolute
The conscience represents three great subject partners
Ladies and gentlemen, the conscience comes first and precedes your parents, your
teachers and even God. Many people do not realize its value because the body has been
dominating the conscience. That is how it is in this fallen, hedonistic world—a world in
which many focus on physical pleasure and having fun. If we depend solely on money,
we will become lost. We will be driven into reckless relationships of love that lead us to
We have lost the true love that was to be created from the unity of God and human
beings in absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience. The first people were
meant to become perfect without knowing anything about the Fall. They were to create a
realm of unity with God. Yet everything was lost.
That is why we must establish the realm of the unity of heaven and earth. We must
dissolve all the sorrow that we caused God for not having done so. Without releasing
that pain and suffering, there can be no liberation for God or for human beings.
Internally and externally, I have been resolving all of that. That is why I call this the
perfection of restoration. It is the completion of restoration. That is what I am
proclaiming this now. It is because it must be brought to a conclusion in the right way.

Heaven’s tradition is the constitution of your family
Beloved blessed family members! The question now is how you will guard the pure and
true lineage that you have received from God. The Fall occurred in the Garden of Eden,
even though it was an undefiled place. It will surely not be easy to protect the pure
lineage in this evil and corrupt world of sin. So, the people born in this sinful world, no
matter how much they suffer, must take responsibility such that the children of future
generations receive and maintain the Marriage Blessing. It is their responsibility to
create a pure and pristine environment that will never again be defiled.

Consequently, your families should not be secular families immersed in old habits. What
is the best way to live for the future? It is to thoroughly educate your descendants. It is
also essential to live an exemplary life for the sake of your descendants. Despite
difficulties during the wilderness course, the people of Israel overcame the seven tribes
of Canaan. In the same way, you must also gain victory in your own battle, no matter
what hardships you have to endure. Parents must plant the way of Heaven, even if they
die doing so. If you live for the sake of Heaven and the True Parents, your children will
be blessed with heavenly fortune and naturally come to inherit the heavenly tradition.
The people of Israel entered the land of Canaan, but later perished. Why? It is because
they eventually succumbed to the existing environment and adopted the prevailing
habits and customs. The Israelites were tempted by the extravagant lifestyle of the
Canaanites who ate better food and enjoyed a more comfortable life than theirs. The
Israelites ended up coveting power and began to place their priorities on wealth and
knowledge. They even began to marry gentiles—as long as they were from rich families.
In this way, they betrayed the spirit of the chosen nation and ended up losing the
heavenly tradition.

The lessons we learn from the Family Pledge come from universal, cosmic principles, not
from any form of individualism. We should not try to avoid the various hardships that
we face in our lives. We must boldly break through our circumstances and win the
victory! To do this, our families must be armed with the tradition of the Family Pledge.
It is not, however, a task for just your families, or for a single generation. You must
firmly and solidly establish the heavenly tradition over at least three generations. You
have the mission of establishing a lineage that secures the tradition of the chosen people
from generation to generation.

You must broaden your base of true love and unite the hearts of all peoples. Light a
candle, offer incense and pray to become families that can unite the hearts of all peoples.
Live and die to create a bond of true love with all peoples and with heaven and earth. If
you live this way, God will protect your families through all ordeals and tribulations. It
is God’s desire to plant His seeds of love in such families.

Ladies and gentlemen, you must all establish the victorious tradition of a true and good
family based on the Family Pledge. The life that you lead in this revolutionary era after
the coming of heaven should be one of a victor. The bright light from the Pacific Rim era
is illuminating your path. God, the source of true life, true love and true lineage, is with
you in the homeland of the Korean peninsula and throughout the world. True Parents,
to whom God has given the Blessing of eternal value, are also guiding you on your path.
Be assured that there is nothing you cannot accomplish on the path ahead!
May God’s blessings be with you and your family for eternity!

A Providential View of the Pacific Rim Era in Light of God's Will The United States and the Future Direction of the United Nations and the World Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon March 17 in the Seventh Year of Cheon Il Guk (2007) Hawaii King Garden

A Providential View of the Pacific Rim Era in Light of God's Will
The United States and the Future Direction
of the United Nations and the World
Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon
March 17 in the Seventh Year of Cheon Il Guk (2007)
Hawaii King Garden
Respected Ambassadors for Peace and leaders from throughout the United States, including Hawaii,
distinguished guests from Japan and Korea who have come from afar to honor this occasion with
your presence, ladies and gentlemen! Together with my wife, Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon, and my family,
I extend my heartfelt welcome to you all.
Ladies and gentlemen, my heart is intense and filled with emotion as I stand before you today. It is
not because of the Misoo celebrations being held around the world to commemorate my eightyeighth
birthday. Neither is it because, owing to the fact that I am as healthy as a young man, I am
filled with the hope of living beyond my hundredth birthday.
The reason I am so serious is at the beginning of this year, 2007 (the seventh year of Cheon Il Guk), I
declared a jubilee year in God’s providence, a jubilee year the likes of which God and humankind
have never experienced in all the thousands of years of history. Heaven has greatly blessed this holy
God’s heart has been in pain throughout history because Satan’s dominion entrapped humankind
within its evil sovereignty, in the shackles of the era before the coming of heaven. That time has
finally come to an end and, from this year on, the gates to the revolutionary era after the coming of
heaven can be opened wide, ushering in the era of a new sovereignty of goodness, in which
humanity can serve and attend God as the central being.
Without your being aware of it, Heaven’s providence has been expanding in extraordinary ways.
Now numerous Ambassadors for Peace in 185 nations have received my teachings and are working
day and night in response to a special decree from God. Hence, today I would like to convey to you
Heaven’s message, which is entitled, “A Providential View of the Pacific Rim Era in Light of God’s
Will: The United States and the Future Direction of the United Nations and the World.” This is a
declaration of God’s plan for His dispensation and the direction humanity should take.
The Progress of Human History
Ladies and gentlemen, if you carefully examine the progress of history, you will undoubtedly
discover God’s plan and sense His presence as He tirelessly worked behind the scenes. Consider the
history of civilization, which began centering on four of the world’s great rivers. We are familiar
with the Egyptian civilization centered around the Nile River, the Mesopotamian civilization
between the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers, the Indus civilization on the Indus River, and early Chinese
civilization centered around the Yellow River. Civilization shifted over time to the shores of the
Mediterranean Sea where the Mediterranean peninsular civilizations flourished in Greece and Rome.
History continued to progress, and the European continental civilization emerged. This continental
civilization in turn became the fertilizer for an island civilization, Great Britain, to flourish in the
Atlantic sphere. The British Empire, which dominated the seven seas and wielded its might as “the
empire on which the sun never sets,” passed its splendid culture on to North America. We know
these facts from history.
Civilization arrived on the North American continent and soon took on the armor of democracy,
which was rooted in Christianity. This civilization raised the banner of the freedom of religion and
respect for equal human rights in its struggle against communism, which sought to establish an
atheistic sovereignty of evil. Through victories in the First and Second World Wars, and the third—
the Cold War—it won victory over totalitarianism and communism.
However, that victory does not simply mean that America is great, and the development of human
civilization did not stop there. Victory came because God had chosen and raised the United States of
America as the Second Israel, in accordance with His providential plan, and had raised and trained
the American people through Christianity. God worked through America to bring His providence to
its present stage of fruition.
Ladies and gentlemen, it is in the present time that the issue of the development of civilization
becomes important. Civilization has completed a circuit of the entire globe and has now arrived in
the Pacific sphere. Human history has now come to a point in the providence where it should
conclude and reach fruition through the Pacific Rim region.
No force can stop the providence now. Though there were both victories and defeats during the
course of indemnity under the evil sovereignty in the era before heaven, nothing could prevent the
rise of the Pacific Rim Era. Herein lies the special reason that Heaven declared this year to be a
jubilee year.
Our Mission in the Pacific Rim Era
Ladies and gentlemen, the arrival of the Pacific Rim Era signifies many things. What do you think
the world would have been like if Jesus had fulfilled the complete messianic mission during his
lifetime on earth? Jesus came as the Savior and Messiah, to save all of humanity. He did not come
just to save the people of Israel, a small nation located on a corner of the Mediterranean Sea. At that
time, Rome, based at the center of the Mediterranean, was the center of human civilization. Rome
was ready to rule the seas. Heaven’s desire was that Jesus first teach and transform Rome and then
rule over her, in order to bring salvation to all humanity through the vehicle of Rome’s brilliant
civilization. Yet, Jesus was cruelly put to death on the cross, as we know all too well through the
biblical record.
After thousands of years of preparation, God finally was able to send Jesus to the earth as His only
son. There is no way to fathom God’s heart as He anxiously watched Jesus’ each and every action.
Jesus’ death was a tragedy that broke God’s heart. It brought Him anguish even more extreme than
the time when Adam and Eve, whom He created as the first ancestors of humankind, were lost from
the Garden of Eden due to the Fall.
During the two thousand years since the cross, God, in the background of history, has walked a
suffering path that is beyond human imagination. Through this course, He prepared the United States
of America to serve as the nation of the Second Israel. As a Christian nation that includes
Catholicism and Protestantism as well as the Orthodox world, the United States’ mission is to bring
harmony and unity to Christianity as soon as possible, and, in the twenty-first century, to fulfill the
responsibility that had been the Roman Empire’s, but which was not realized in Jesus’ time. The
responsibility, within God’s providence, to bring harmony and oneness among the world’s six and a
half billion people and to expedite the creation of a peaceful, ideal world, is on America’s shoulders.
These are not simply the words of Rev. Moon. This is Heaven’s decree.
Then how can we unify Christianity? God has already revealed the solution through me, Rev. Moon,
the True Parent of humankind. God has given me the supreme command to practice a life of true
love, to understand completely the reality of the spirit world to which we go after we die, and to
establish a model, ideal family—a true family.
Then what kind of love is true love? And what kind of family is a true family?
True Love and True Family
Ladies and gentlemen, God’s absolute true love does not instill a desire to have one’s partner exist
for one’s own sake. Rather, true love’s essence is giving, living for the sake of others and for the
sake of the whole. True love gives, forgets that it has given, and continues to give without ceasing.
True love gives joyfully. We find it in the joyful and loving heart of a mother who cradles her
baby in her arms and nurses it at her breast. True love is sacrificial love, such as that of a devoted
son who finds his greatest satisfaction in dedicating himself with all of his body and mind to
helping his parents.
When we are bound together in true love, we can be together forever, continually increasing in the
joy of each other’s company. The attraction of true love brings all things in the universe to our feet;
even God will come to dwell with us. Nothing can compare to the value of true love. It has the
power to dissolve the barriers fallen people have created, including national boundaries and the
barriers of race and even religion.
The main attributes of true love are that it is absolute, unique, unchanging and eternal, so that
whoever practices God’s true love will live with God, share His happiness, and enjoy the right to
participate as an equal in His work. Therefore, a life lived for the sake of others, a life of true love, is
the absolute precondition for entering the kingdom of heaven.
The path is now wide open for humanity to establish true families. The family sets the pattern for
living together in harmony. The warm environment of oneness based on love and respect between
parents and children, mutual fidelity and love between husband and wife, and trust and mutual
reliance among siblings is the manifestation of the model, ideal family.
This means that you need to establish a true family wherein the stem of true love emerges from the
root of true love and bears the fruit of true love. In this manner, the three generations of grandparents,
parents, and children should live together as one family and serve the eternal God. God desires to see
such families, and it is your responsibility as tribal messiahs and Ambassadors for Peace to seek after
and establish them—families of Cheon Il Guk, the kingdom of God.
You should form families that God will miss and yearn to return to after He has been away. You
should raise families to which He can come freely as the Parent visiting His children. This is what it
means to live in service to God.
In such a family, God is the subject partner over your conscience, acting vertically. Following God as
your vertical subject partner, your mind stands in the position of vertical subject partner over your
body, bringing your mind and body into unity. That is where parental love, conjugal love, children’s
love, and siblings’ love—in short, the four realms of love or the four realms of heart—are perfected.
Only in such a family can the upper and lower, front and behind, left and right be connected as one
and spherical motion ensue. This leads to God’s everlasting, model ideal families and nations, and
His peace kingdom. If only the entire world were filled with such true families! It would be an
orderly world where people govern themselves by the heavenly way and heavenly laws, with no
need for lawyers, prosecutors or even judges.
The Future of Humankind Is Rooted in the Future of the Pacific Rim Region
Peace-loving leaders from the Pacific Rim region!
Among the 6.5 billion people on the earth today, almost five billion are our neighbors, relatives, and
brothers and sisters belonging to the Pacific Rim region. In other words, many of us share the same
root as the sphere of the Mongolian peoples. There is nothing we cannot do if we receive the
Marriage Blessing and pull together centering on God’s ideal for peace! The future of humanity is in
our hands.
God’s providence has now spread from the North American continent and has blossomed as an
island civilization, the Japanese archipelago, which is in a position similar to that previously held by
the United Kingdom. It is now about to fulfill its destiny by coming to fruition on the Korean
peninsula, the homeland of the True Parents who have emerged on the earth as the Savior of
humanity and the returning Messiah. The Korean peninsula, which stands in a similar position to that
of Rome in Jesus’ time, is regarded as an area of conflict between the sphere of the religions and the
sphere of politics, which have the mission of resolving the world’s problems. From a geo-political
point of view, the Korean peninsula is emerging as the arena of most intense confrontation despite
the ongoing work to secure world peace.
The principles of restoration through indemnity dictate that civilization must bear fruit in the Pacific
Rim region, centered on the Korean peninsula. Fortunately, during the Korean War, the UN forces,
centering on the United States, were mobilized to the peninsula. Yet, they did not recover the
homeland and hometown of God’s desire as they should have according to God’s will, and they left
the job half done. As a result, global conflict and strife emerged, taking the name “the Cold War,”
during which time people were deprived of their possessions and displaced, leading them to search
for God.
In order to make up for this through indemnity, I established the Universal Peace Federation (UPF)
and then organized the “peace kingdom corps” and the “peace kingdom police force,” comprising
women on Heaven’s side who have received the Marriage Blessing, who love peace, and who are
willing to serve and sacrifice for the work of UPF. I have taken the lead in educating those involved
with these organizations. As the peace organizations that stand in the forefront of actualizing a world
of peace with God at its center, they will create the peaceful, ideal world that God desires.
You may not be aware of this, but I have been assisting the Six Party Talks now being held for the
sake of resolving the nuclear crisis on the Korean peninsula and reconciling the democratic nations
with the communist nations. I am presenting a solution based on the principles of peace and
harmony rooted in the new ideology with the Heavenly Father at its center.
At such intense times, what exactly should be the role of America and the United Nations? Hawaii in
the Pacific and Norfolk on the Atlantic bridge East and West, link North and South, and represent the
Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, and all the great oceans of the world. With the support and protection of
the American continent, the Korean Peninsula should protect and defend the Pacific Rim region by
bringing together all the island nations of the Pacific. I say this because the future of humankind lies
in the preservation of the Pacific Rim region centering on Korea, Japan and the United States.
As I was well aware of Heaven’s plans for this area, I invested thirty-three of the prime years of my
life in the United States beginning in the early 1970s, for the sake of world peace. I first visited
Hawaii and prayed at a critical moment when I was on my way to meet Kim Il Sung of North Korea
in 1991 with the purpose of bringing an end to the Cold War era. On that victorious foundation, I
have now returned to Korea and I am working to complete the providence of establishing God’s
homeland and hometown. This year, in particular, a jubilee year in the providence, I visited Hawaii
as the first stop on a trip to America.
Ladies and gentlemen, I ask that you closely analyze the current state of affairs in the world.
Although the days of communism are gone, even now powerful nations such as China and Russia
are constantly on the lookout for opportunities to aggressively pursue their own interests with the
powerless and small island nations. Regardless of what nation it may be, no small island nation by
itself can deal with these powerful surrounding nations and their economic, political or even military
ambitions. Those nations are so powerful that, if they wanted to, they could dominate any of the
smaller nations in a single day, without shedding blood.
Only when peace and security are settled in the Pacific Rim can peace for all humankind be
guaranteed. As I have mentioned, the small island nations by themselves will not be able to stop the
incredible tsunami of powerful nations moving into the region. The time has come, therefore, for all
these small island nations in the Pacific Rim sphere to unite as one and build the homeland of the
new civilization. The small island nations dispersed in both the northern and southern regions of the
Pacific, on either side of the equator, as well as Japan, Taiwan, the Philippines, Indonesia, the
Solomon Islands, Australia, New Zealand and other countries, should become as one country and
form one union to sustain peace throughout the Pacific Rim civilization. This will secure peace and
stability for all people.
What I am saying to you is that you have the responsibility to protect and save the oceanic realm,
which is a lifeline on which humanity’s future depends, from the environmental destruction and
conflicts that are worsening by the day, and to shield the natural resources for the sake of peace in
the future.
True Parents’ Work for Peace
Distinguished guests, I have surmounted and triumphed over a course of inexpressible suffering and
tribulations. I have not lived for personal glory or comfort. Even as I walked a thorny path, hovering
in a state between life and death, I received Heaven’s seal and was made fully aware of the
destination of God’s will. Thus, I held dearly to Heaven’s command to bring salvation to humanity
as I returned like a phoenix and continued my turbulent life.
In Jerusalem, in 2003, on the foundation of the victory attained through such blood, sweat and tears,
I had Jesus proclaimed as the king of kings before heaven and earth with the acknowledgement of
Christianity, Judaism and Islam. Following this, in 2004, I was acknowledged as the king of peace
both in a United States Senate office building and at the Korean National Assembly. Subsequently, in
June 2006, we held the Coronation Ceremony of the True Parents as the King and Queen of Peace in
Heaven and on Earth.
Ladies and gentlemen, on September 12, 2005, I proclaimed throughout all of heaven and earth the
establishment of the Universal Peace Federation (UPF), which will enable God’s providence to
flourish. Now, it is certainly possible for UPF to serve as an “Abel-type” counterpart to the UN in
the era after the coming of heaven. UPF will renew the “Cain-type” UN and lead the way for
millions of Ambassadors for Peace throughout the world who have taken up my teachings, teachings
centered on the Heavenly Father—which consist of the principles of true love and the ideal of true
family—and, without fail, fulfill the heavenly will of creating “One Family Under God.”
The International and Cross-cultural Marriage Blessing
Ladies and gentlemen, the Universal Peace Federation will be in the vanguard of carrying out the
great revolution of restoring the original lineage of humanity back to that of Adam before the Fall
through the International and Cross-cultural Marriage Blessing held on the interreligious and
international level. Some may laugh and say that it is impossible. Yet, if it is God’s will, there will be
a way. What do you think will happen if people from the United States and Russia marry across the
boundaries of their nationalities through the international and cross-cultural Marriage Blessing,
according to the teachings of Rev. Moon, who is doing God’s work? The two nations will belong to
one family under God, the eternal, absolute Lord of all creation. How could anyone harbor
antagonism toward, much less point weapons at, a nation which many millions of grandchildren
from their own lineage make their home?

Distinguished guests, you who have been called by God! The holy task of building the ideal
kingdom of heaven—the sacred reign of peace on earth—is being carried out enthusiastically in all
corners of the world, through the recovery of our ideal homeland and hometown. This is God’s hope
for changing the 6.5 billion people of the world to the lineage of the true tribe. At this very moment,
people are competing to fulfill their responsibility to hold hoondok rallies and Marriage Blessings in
twelve thousand locations in each of the 185 nations of the world.
The Coming Culture of Women
Ladies and Gentlemen, you have truly come to a meaningful occasion today. Please do not miss your
chance to ride on the currents of heavenly fortune that will surge together during this important and
sacred jubilee year. Take the lead in protecting and developing the realm of the oceans, which cover
seventy-five percent of the earth. Where else will you find a new treasure-store of natural resources
that hold the promise to resuscitate the earth endangered by all kinds of pollution and resource
The oceanic era that has begun represents the women’s era. Transcending nations and oceans, the
Pacific Rim region must fulfill its mission as the main vehicle for creating the culture of the oceanic
sphere, which is the sphere of women’s culture. Please take this to heart.
I also say to you, please engrave this message on your hearts. The families of your good ancestors in
heaven are blessed. Numbering in the billions, they have come to the earth today, and they are
listening to this message with you. This is because they too must perfect themselves through you,
their descendants, and advance to the positions of true parents, true teachers, and true lords and
Furthermore, they must become one in heart and body with the True Parent, the king of kings. From
the original position before the Fall, they must uphold the True Parents’ standard absolutely, take an
active role in carrying out their works, and be mobilized for the creation of the kingdom of heaven
on earth and in heaven through a life of service and attendance. Please do not forget that in this way,
the spirit world and the physical world unite as one living entity, and move and breathe together.
There is one more special request I would like to ask of you today. Please immerse yourselves in the
contents of my peace messages, to the point where you virtually know them by heart, and make them
the guidelines for your life. These messages of peace are a summary of my teachings that can be
found in more than a thousand volumes of True Parents’ speeches. God will stand at the forefront.
The spirit world and the physical world will unite to protect and aid you in creating the peaceful,
ideal world of God’s desire in which you can enjoy eternal liberation and complete freedom.
Again, I sincerely wish that you will engrave on your hearts the words I have conveyed to you, and
utilize them in educating your children, other young people, and the citizens of your nation. Aju!
May God’s blessings be with your families, your nations, the Pacific Rim region and the Peace UN!
Thank you very much.