Grand Ball Room, World Mission Center, New York, January 2, 1992, Translator - Dr. Bo Hi Pak

Could you move back about ten more feet? Father wants to sit in front of you so he can see your faces very clearly. How many countries are represented here? Ninety six nations.
Not all of you were able to participate in the special pledge service today for the Day of Victory of Love. Father gave a very profound message about the meaning of this day. It is being transcribed immediately so the missionaries will have copies to disseminate among their members. Father has instructed that the recorded tapes should be transcribed today so that will be done.
What would you like to hear from Father today? You already heard Father's great morning message. What else would you like to hear?
Regardless of race, color, age or sex, the most important questions people ask are: Who am I? What am I doing? and What is important to me? Those questions are important to everyone. My self is very important. We have a built-in desire to become the center of attention and a central figure. We also have a built-in nature to make our family a central family. We want our tribe, clan and nation to become the center of the entire world. There is no one who doesn't think like that. We all have these concerns. But even though everyone thinks in that fashion, has anyone fulfilled that desire? No one has. Has even a head of state, President Bush for example, fulfilled that totally central position in terms of the world, nation, society and family? Not quite. Human desire is based on an eternal timetable. The U.S. presidency lasts eight years at the most.
We must recognize the core reason for this innate desire of men and women. History did not start from you, so the origin did not come from you. There was a beginning a long time ago. This desire exists not only within yourself, but it will exist in the millions and millions of people who will come after you. It is an historical desire which also extends eternally into the future. This desire goes all the way back to the Creator. It originated in the Creator who started with that particular ambition and desire. It originated right at the top. Therefore every one of us must realize we are not just simply one individual. We are a representative of an incredible number of people who have lived throughout history. We represent our entire ancestral tree and the future generations as well. One man represents all men and one woman represents a multitude of women.
As a representative you must feel you represent God as well. People do not know that. You know you are a representative, however you are not just representing the United States of America. You are representing heaven and earth. You are representing all of humanity.
When you act truly as a representative of the entire world and heaven and earth and humanity, people in the world will look up to you and pay respect to you. A couple, husband and wife, are not just a simple horizontal husband and wife. A couple is like a pinnacle on the tree of families that came before you. That husband and wife center upon their clan and the clan represents the nation. That's how the different races, skin colors and creeds have prospered and engendered themselves.
It is like a big tree. A tree always has a central stem or trunk. At the same time there is a multitude of branches both big and small. There is a central love, central root, central trunk and a central bud. You need the bud. Everyone wants to be connected to the central line. Even if you are a branch, you want to be connected to that central trunk line. By doing so you are connecting to the source of life. When you are in the central line you are standing on a vertical line, but if you are a branch you have to make a horizontal move to reach the central point. In other words, you are in a horizontal position. That is the only difference. However where you are doesn't make a difference. Every branch, the leaves and buds are all connected to the central trunk line where they receive life.
Each particular branch is connected to the central trunk line. Without it, the branch will die. The only difference is that the trunk has a strict vertical line. The central bud attached to the trunk disappeared so someone has to replace it. There is no longer a vertical bud, but the nearest branch would play the role of the central trunk line.
Wherever you are placed, let's say you place yourself in the South Pole, it doesn't make a difference. You are still connected to the central trunk line, therefore the central trunk line is "me". The central bud, all the surrounding branches and the central trunk line are all connected to me, therefore they are me. Nothing is foreign in this respect. Nothing is alienated, isolated or disconnected. The tree is engaged in one life. Everything on that tree shares the source of that one life.
If one branch is broken off, the entire tree feels pain. When Father pulls this brother's hair, where does he feel pain? Does only the hair say ouch? Your hair is pulled, but your mouth says ouch. Isn't that funny? It means there is some relation between your hair and your mouth. You share one life.
Where does life come from? It comes from love. Love is the source of life. You are the fruit of the love of your parents. Everything comes from love. When you go way down to the base of the root, you will find that love is the source of everything. All things germinate from love and are permeated by love. Here at the center, the center nerve is love. Everything else, such as your body and your life, surrounds that. Therefore you are also love because your axis penetrates down to the very bottom which is love.
Do you have life also? Life has circulating blood. There are three basic elements. First is life. When you say life, there is love on the right and blood on the left. When you say blood, love is on the right hand side and life is on the left. When you are centered upon love, on the right hand side there is life and the other side is blood. This is how those three come together.
When you are in love with someone, your blood heats up. That love stirs you to action centered on love. Man and woman come together in a head-on collision, but it isn't destructive. These three elements do not move separately, but harmoniously together. When the blood heats up, life is exciting and love is germinated.
How can life multiply and be extended? Your life has been handed down generation after generation, through what? By blood. You never say life lineage, you say blood lineage. Blood heating up, blood in action and blood handed down from generation to generation. New life comes from your blood. When parents are in love, the mother's blood, which is connected to her life, and the father's blood, which is connected to his life, come together to create new life. Do you think this man just came down from heaven? Where did he come from? The blood of his mother and the blood of his father. Life has been injected through the love of his parents. My self, my own being, could not have existed with my parents removed. If your parents are removed, you wouldn't be here. Your parents are the past and you are the present. Without that past there would be no future. The children are the future. Those three are one category. They cannot be separated.
You receive the source of life, love and lineage from your mother and father and you will hand it down to your children. But again, you cannot do it alone. You need your wife to do it. When yourself, your parents and your children are united, you are actually whole. Your body is completed. You are in the center of the past and the future. You are the representative of heaven and earth. You are the center of the universe as well. Not only are you the center between your parents and children, but you are the center of the universe.
What is the power to do this? It is the power of love, life and blood. Where does it come from? Originally, it comes from God. You can boldly say, "In my body, I have God's love. In my body, I have God's life. In my body, I have God's blood. Therefore I am a total representative of God." That is the true way of human rights. That is where true human value and dignity come from.
Our life comes from love and our life is handed down through the blood. The blood is separate in woman and man, but after that they come together, a connection leads to the expansion of humanity. You are the representative of the historical blood lineage of God. "I represent historical life. I am representing historical love. I represent God Almighty, the Creator. I am His child, His being and His representative. This is my pride and value and right. God is the center of love, life and blood and I have inherited those three things. Therefore I am representing God in this world and in eternity as well."
Even the smallest cells multiply. They are productive all the time. By the same token our life should be that way. Each cell has the elements of the entire tree; the root, trunk, branches and buds. Everything exists within each individual cell. My pride comes from the fact that my blood is the same as God's blood. My life comes from God and my love comes from God. They are the same; I am not foreign to God. If I pull a hair from this lovely brown head, who is that hair? It is me. It represents me. In this respect the universe is a place of equality because every one of us has inherited from God the same qualities of love, life and blood lineage.
When God hears us saying, "I am a representative of God and representative of the universe and world and nation", He would not say, "What a blasphemer! That guy is talking too big!" God won't say that. He will call you His son or daughter.
One's life will multiply. Because of time and other factors involved, there will be some variation in how far it will go and how wide an area an individuals life will cover. However, in terms of value, all men and women will be absolutely equal. Your life pattern is one of two possibilities: you are either giving energy to the tree or taking energy away from the tree. When a person becomes sick, he becomes a burden to the neighbors and family. What kind of person would you like to become? Would you like to be a burden or a contributor to the family, neighbors and world?
Productive societies are made up of individuals who feel "I need to contribute to society. I don't want to become a burden to the tree. As much as God invested every ounce of energy for creation, I want to give to others." We are not going to be pushed down. In other words, this world of ours is not going to see us struggling with each other. We are going to receive universal blessing all together like sunshine coming upon every man. In the same way, the life of God, the love of God and the blood lineage of God will come down upon every man.
When you become a true representative of the universe and God, where will you go? Do you pluck the apple and eat it? That would be like committing a crime. If you represent the Creator, you are a co-creator, so everything in the creation belongs to you. It is your prerogative and right to enjoy the creation. The universe would not push down that kind of man. The universe will protect and admire that kind of person just as the universe has lifted up God. It is the same thing. You are a walking God.
Reverend Moon came to America, not with the ambition to take over the United States. On the contrary, when he came to America, he wanted to multiply true life, true value and true lineage among Americans and lift them up so that they could become co-creators. The saintly life is to commit yourself like God. God's life has been one of commitment. God is committing His love, life and lineage to the creation. By the same token, your life has been designed in such a way that every day you are committing your love, life and lineage to humanity. You can indeed become a true image of God. You shall be a reprsentative no matter what, because the universe operates under that principle. God operates under that principle too, so you are a co-worker of God.
Father visited North Korea and Kim Il Sung. Do you think Father went there to take something away from him? Or, was Father pulling energy from the precious lives of the young American members of the Unification Church; their life, love and energy to give to Kim Il Sung and the twenty million poor people in North Korea for their survival, re-creation and prosperity? Is Father's way of thinking a crime? What are the communists? They are like a chunk of dirt. There is no soul, no love, no blood lineage in communism. In order to re-create them you have to give a lot of love, a lot of blood and lots of life. Where will Father get that? From you! Father is even thinking that for that purpose he would be willing to divert great resources from expenditure in America. How about that? That money can be invested in North Korea for the sake of life, love and blood lineage. The whole universe would welcome Reverend Moon, bow down and be thankful forever.
What a glory for the American members, to give life, the source of energy, love and blood as investment for the people of North Korea. Those twenty million people could spring out into new life and new prosperity and a new well being. It would be a new nation. What a great fulfillment that would be for our projects in America! You couldn't hope to do anything better than that in the United States. Kim Il Sung has an original mind and will see that Reverend Moon did not come to take anything away from him or exploit him. Instead Reverend Moon came to give him the source of life, love and blood. What will Kim Il Sung do? He will just go down and down and down and bow down.
Reverend Moon is always in debt for the sake of doing God's work. He is probably the most indebted person under the sun. This is Reverend Moon's spirit, to even mortgage himself and get as much money as possible to do the work of God for the sake of humanity. Those on the receiving end are trying to get one more penny, a higher salary and more benefit from their organization. That is a crime. Those who follow Reverend Moon's principle shall remain, survive and prosper, but all those who go against it shall be demolished.
During my entire life, nobody gave me one month's salary. In seventy years I didn't receive even one month's salary. What about Robert Grant, Ronald Godwin and Donald Sills? Without receiving a salary would you stay here fighting or would you run away? This is serious talk. I'm looking for that kind of champion, the type of men and women who would be absolutely dedicated, giving every ounce of their energy for the re-creation of man and the world. Do you think Father is telling you some daydreamer's scheme or is he expounding a principle which not only he is living, but the entire world can live?
God is the Creator. Reverend Moon is the re-creator. The same principle applies. The creation principle applies to the re-creation. For that reason the purpose is so much the same that the Almighty God is ultimately responsible. If Reverend Moon runs out of money or energy, God is the one who will supply it. That is Father's conviction. Father always goes one step short of the edge of the cliff. With another step he would go over the edge. However he goes that far with the absolute faith and belief that God is coming and that if he runs out of energy, God will supply it. From now on, the more people understand Reverend Moon's goal in life, more people will come to aid and support Father, financially and spiritually, politically and academically.
Your blood came from your parents and ancestors, so you can say that through their blood flowing in you, your parent's life and your ancestor's lives are alive within you. Within your blood, right now, God's life, love and blood is living. God is asking and waiting for this particular individual body, which is the true image of God, to blossom and explode and multiply so that God's creation goal can come through you. Men and women are the image of God separated into male and female. By bringing them together they have the power of multiplication. They will multiply another image of God, which is children. What route will we take up to that level? How can we get there? The basic core energy is love, because out of love everything was created. Love is the origin and motivation of all creation. What kind of love? True Love. What is True Love? True Love means to invest your life, then forget it. Even if you lay down your life, you forget it. God wants you to multiply love. Do you think that love is smaller or bigger than God? Do you think God wants that love to be even bigger than Himself? [Yes!] How do you know? By looking at yourself you can see it is true. You always want a love bigger than yourself. Does anybody want their love object or partner to be smaller than themselves? How much bigger do you want them to be? So big that you cannot even handle them. You will be completely crushed by them. You would like to see south and north, east and west completely filled with that kind of love.
Does any parent want their children to be inferior to themselves? You want your children to be even bigger than God. That is love's true nature; to have a bigger partner and bigger object. That is exactly the way God feels. When God created His partner of love, did He want to make someone inferior to Himself or bigger than Himself? When you invest 100% of your energy you can only expect a 100% return and that's all. How can you make something bigger than 100%? You do that by investing 100%, and then forgetting, and then giving more and forgetting again. Keep giving 100% but forget your investment every time. That is how you will get a bigger partner and love object. Do you understand? True Love started out beyond the level of life; beyond life is where True Love begins.
How much do those distinguished gentlemen [referring to Dr. Grant, Dr. Godwin and Dr. Sills] practice True Love? How much do they really give 100% and more for the sake of their object, partner and children? When Father entered North Korea do you think he went with the feeling of going on a picnic? Or was he serious to the point of thinking that even if something happened to his life, he would have no regret but would still go there to fulfill his responsibility? If they wanted to, the North Koreans could have done anything to Father. Father was not only in the lion's den, but inside the lion's mouth. For example, they provided a very good motorcade. The driver was North Korean and there was an aide-de-camp always sitting in front of Father who was also North Korean. They could have plotted anything. They could have stopped all of a sudden and called an ambulance saying, "Reverend Moon has had a heart attack!" What would Mother be able to do? Two or three big men could have come and pulled Father out of the car saying, "His heart has stopped, let's take him to the ambulance." Once in the ambulance, instead of injecting some good heart medicine, they could have injected some lethal drug. Who would deny Reverend Moon had a heart attack in North Korea? They could have done it. But even under those circumstances Father was not intimidated even one iota. Father was proud, always commanding, yelling and criticizing. Father took God's position. Father was the representative of God. God cannot be intimidated under any circumstances. The North Koreans were the ones who were intimidated, asking, "Reverend Moon, how can I serve you better?" 150 people were serving Father night and day during the seven days he was there. At a meeting in the gigantic congressional building, there was a conference room in which they planned to preach Juche , their "self reliance" ideology, to Reverend Moon. We called it a brainwashing session. They prepared a brainwashing session for Reverend Moon! They gave a very polite, but very strong, propagandistic, scientific message to Father. Father listened and smiled then he told me, "Bo Hi Pak, give them a shock." So I reported the things Father has done in the last twenty five years for the sake of America and the world, for peace and anti-communism. They thought, "Well, we can tolerate this much. That's okay, that's fine." Then all of a sudden Reverend Moon stood up. They said, "Reverend Moon, why are you standing? Please sit down." Father said, "No, I am going to stand. Please bring me my water." He drank the water and then the Belvedere-style teaching began! Father spoke about True Love, Godism and the Headwing ideology. Father spoke with the same conviction he is speaking to you today. Finally Father began to criticize the Juche ideology, which is considered sacred in North Korea. Nobody can touch Juche.
By that point Dr. Pak was dying, thinking, "Oh no Father, we're not going to survive here!" Father was pounding the table, saying "You have to follow Heavenly Godism! Otherwise there is no way for you." Father's conviction was "I must do my responsibility. I came here to tell the truth. My life is in the hands of God. Whether I die here or go back home depends on God's decision. Let God make the decision but I will do my duty." That was Father's position.
Father was really giving with creative energy, like God at the time of creation. Father has been thinking of North Korea, that he would go to that country for the re-creation of that nation, society and the human beings who live there. God works in strange ways.
Father told them, "You are talking about the Juche ideology, the self reliant, central ideology. But who is central? God is central and I represent God. So I am the Juche ideology, not you. Yours is wrong, mine is correct." That was a declaration! Father was not only pounding the table, but he had his finger pointed at the Chairman sitting in front of him. Father told him, "You are the first one who should obey this ideology." He happened to be the chief of the entire propaganda organ of North Korea!
Father is not just preaching to you, he is living this Principle. He just practiced it in North Korea. It wasn't a special time, though; Father's life has always been like that. In North Korea he just lived his natural way. He represented God, His blood and life and love are within me and I represent Him. How could I be intimidated by these people? I pity them.
It is 180 degrees opposite there now. But forty five degrees turned around, then slowly but surely almost seventy five degrees were turned around. A crack was made in the dam so it can break open. What happened to Gorbachev after meeting Father? Only one and a half years later, Gorbachev and the Soviet Union are completely demolished. Within one year and six months something great will happen in North Korea. It will be a constructive, good thing for God and the sake of the world.
Your commitment for representation is necessary. "I am representing God, heaven and earth, humanity and the nation. Most important I am representing the Creator God, His love, His truth and His life and His blood." Are you going to be that kind of representative? [Yes!] Those who say, "Yes, Father, I am going to be a representative of Heavenly Father and a representative of His creative energy, a representative of the great spirit of His love, life and blood" please raise your hands!
"I am a representative of this great United States of America. No matter how much it comes against me I will make take that attitude and action and push." In the United States there was a confrontation: the United States of America versus Reverend Sun Myung Moon. That was actually what the trial was all about. Speaking spiritually and physically, who won? Did the USA win or did Reverend Moon? What about communism? One man, Father, versus the entire worldwide communism. Father did not come here to enjoy a glorious good life in the United States. Father didn't come aiming for that. Father was aiming at prison. When he came to this country, he knew he would end up in prison, yet he knew it was the only way he could shake up and save this country. Father gave his life to this effort. It is only by the grace of God that Reverend Moon survived. When Father became an inmate in that wide open, jungle-like prison, anything could have happened. One person could have stabbed him, someone else could have ambushed him in an attack and killed him. All kinds of things can happen in prison. The United States Government pushed him into that situation for him to die. Without hesitation they could have washed their hands, saying, "We're not responsible. We didn't want him to die."
As late as 1988, the KGB, together with Kim Il Sung, had a plot to kill Reverend Moon. Unfortunately the U.S. government collaborated with this master plan. Only by the grace of God could Father survive.
Then, in 1990, what happened? In April of 1990 Father was sitting in the Kremlin face to face with Gorbachev. Even at that time, Father made the most startling statement, saying the two pictures in Gorbachev's office, one of Karl Marx and the other of Lenin, must come down. Father also made a special television interview with Novosti. At that time he emphatically stated that all of Lenin's statues had to come down. Father also said Lenin's body should be taken from the mausoleum and be buried. In one and half years all the things Father ordered have been fulfilled 100%. Lenin is going to have a decent burial. Lenin's statues have all come down and Karl Marx came down. Not only that, but the USSR has been completely demolished. The USSR is like a phantom that disappeared from the face of the earth.
The small, minor government of South Korea thought Reverend Moon is taking too much power, he took over the government's role, he should not sign a joint communique and so forth, but what happened? After Father left North Korea, there was a meeting between the Prime Ministers of both Koreas. For forty six years they have been fighting over only one thing in Panmunjom: that was the height of the flag pole. North Korea would put theirs a little higher and then South Korea would put theirs a little higher and this went back and forth. The only thing they ever accomplished was agreement about the height of the flag pole. One day after another was filled with confrontation. Then all of a sudden Reverend Moon came out of North Korea and the North Korean Prime Minister hurriedly went to Seoul and nervously said, "Let us agree on something. Let us make a joint statement and have a signature ceremony." Father signed a joint communique in North Korea on December 5th. Eight days later, on December 13th, North and South Korea signed a joint agreement after forty six years of struggle. So, are you the baby of a tiger or of a cat? [Tiger cubs!] You look like kittens! [Tiger cubs!] No, no!
This year's slogan is what? The Unification of the New Nation. Proclaim it standing confidently. That is your mission and responsibility, just like Father. Do you understand? A tiger roars and all over the mountain other animals want to escape. Like that you must make a powerful proclamation. Then the world will change. When your frame of mind changes, the world will change. It is up to you. Those who have absolute confidence, once again, raise your hands.
Think about it, one tiger named Reverend Moon shook the entire universe. There are 1000 tigers in this room, you can turn the world upside down ten times. If that does not happen it means you are still kittens. What would a tiger do? A tiger would eat up a kitten. Father wants to see tiger cubs. There is a second generation in the secular world out there. There are a lot of tigers in the second generation out there. All they need is channeling to the proper ideology. They need a proper education and they can all become tigers. If you are kittens they will come in and eat you up. Your position will be demolished and you will become nobody. Many of you are way behind the world's standard. You are fearful and timid and act like old men and ladies. You have no power. Your eyes are like three day old fish eyes. It's true. Who will be afraid of you?
You saw at yesterday's entertainment program a video of the 20 and 21 year old Russian college students who are teaching the Divine Principle. Reverend Moon saw them as tiger cubs! Are you tiger cubs too? The first become the last and the last become the first. The Soviet Union started late but they might end up first. I see great signs of that. They will come up and quickly become tigers themselves. They will eat you up. Father does not see you as tiger cubs yet. Father said he does not even recognize you as kittens yet. I don't see a tiger cub among you. So many times in the past you have said, "Yes Father, we will do it. Please trust us one more time", but I don't see any tiger's action. I think I don't even have to show up here anymore from now on. I may go to Latin America, Argentina for example. I will go work with one university and turn it upside down to make a Divine Principle University. It may be much more profitable. Do you think Reverend Moon's teaching would be blown away? Could anyone say the Principle is ephemeral, a one-time fad? Do you think God will bring another new ideology with the next generation? [No!]
Father went to Korea and activated a generation change. The old leaders have completely moved out of the picture and have gone to the hometown providence. New church leaders, right out of college, have been assigned. Father is going back to Korea and he is going to lead those young people to become absolute tiger cubs then let them do their work. Father is saying there is not much left here in the United States. I have done my job here in the U.S. My mission here is fulfilled. What about the money we're spending in the United States? What if, from now on, we spend it in North Korea? What do you think that would do? You are responsible for the U.S.A. But you say, "We don't have any resources, we don't have any means." When Reverend Moon came to the United States in 1971, he had no resources. He didn't bring any foundation here. All he had was his commitment, his brain, his shining eyes and two bare hands.
Which nation are we talking about when we talk about the new nation? We're not just talking about Korea, we're talking about the United States. The U.S. has to become a new nation. You are becoming the new national leaders. America must become a new nation. You should not plunder the work of God. You must become a contributor to the work of God. God has been working and working and accumulating energy and resources, material, spiritual energy and so forth for the sake of this one day. You must not become a plunderer of those things.
Let me ask this question as my conclusion. Have you ever really lived a remarkable God-like life? Think about yourself. Have you really lived risking your life, sticking your neck out? Did you ever live your life in that determined way? How many hours, how many days did you live like that? You know yourself very well.
Father began this ministry with his life on the chopping board. He has lived with his neck sticking out. When all of us are sticking our necks out, in the eyes of God, whose neck is precious? Whose neck will God want to save? Yours or Father's? Definitely Father's. Knowing God's will, Father always stuck his neck out. He always risked his life, looking forward to prison because he was determined not to retreat. Did Father ever retreat? [No.]
The news of Father's indictment reached him just as he arrived in Korea from Germany. Just as he arrived, he received a telephone call from America telling him, "Your indictment has been issued." Reverend Moon was supposed to be in Korea for a prolonged period, but after hearing about that indictment and knowing the arraignment was coming up, Father said, "Let's go." Immediately, without even unpacking, he turned around and came back to the United States. There are many, many rich people who have tax evasion problems. They become tax dodgers and do whatever necessary to escape prosecution. They go away somewhere. But Reverend Moon's case is opposite. American lawyers recommended that Father stay in Korea, explaining that since America had no extradition treaty with Korea, he had no obligation to return and face trial. They told him to stay in Korea and be comfortable. Father asked, "Is that so?" and said, "I am not abandoning my mission in the U.S.A. God asked me to go to the United States. No lawyer can give me contrary guidance."
Father knew he was innocent, but Father also knew he was going to jail because of the media and public opinion. The American court today is almost like a kangaroo court. This is what the jury system is all about and Father knew he was going to jail. Knowing that, Father still came back to the United States.
Every day since Father came to the United States in 1971, Father has been in constant danger, with his life being threatened. He had to go beyond life, always sticking his neck out and risking his life. Furthermore, Father is not only risking his life, he is bringing his entire resources to the United States to do the mission. America is deeply indebted to Reverend Moon. How long will it take you to pay him back? Reverend Moon will not be here for a long period of time. Reverend Moon laid a foundation of tradition. The United States would not be faltering if it followed Reverend Moon's Principle and tradition. America has hope. Do you know why? Because of you. If you become a tiger cub America has hope. You are the hope of America. Like a farmer, you have to turn the field completely upside down. You can plough the field of America and make it so new life can germinate upon this beautiful land.
Again, if you listen to Father's message today and live up to it, America has hope. America will not decline. If you feel you are representing this great nation and its great heritage and especially if you represent the Creator God in America, America will not falter. This particular eye represents God's eyes. Millions of billions of eyes have come down here on earth and made God disappear. They did not see the correct way. But this eye, your eye, must see the correct truth, unlike the millions and billions of eyes in the past. This particular ear, nose, mouth and body are the same. So many billions of bodies came on the earth, but they have not done the right job. "I am the God-approved central person. I am the center of the universe approved by God. Therefore what I see, God sees and what I hear, God hears. Where I am going, God is going." That should be your thinking. Then you will become the center of this nation, the center of society, the center of the gathering, no question about it. Have you been living like that?
Today you have heard a very important message. It is the second message today. This morning you heard one and this second one is equally important. Father sees that this new year of 1992 is going to be the most important, crucial new year. Your new year's resolution is so important, so Father is giving the most incredibly crucial message to you. Father is urging you to commit yourself with an absolute iron will.
When America was liberal, Father helped Ronald Reagan to bring the national tradition in the right direction. By the same token, to the liberal world, you will become a conservative. In a way, the liberal world represents satanic tradition. You represent God's tradition so you will be known as God's conservative forces. You shall be the hope of America and the hope of the world. You will have a central role in this country.
The missionaries represent their own mission countries. Therefore we are not only talking about the U.S.A. You are gathered here from ninety six countries around the world. "I am going to represent God and True Parents in my country. I am going to make the difference in my country. I am the central figure in my country, not the President, but me."
All the missionaries must realize that though your situation may be lonely and difficult, compared to Father's situation in 1971 . . . Father came as a missionary to this country in 1971. The turmoil, confusion and difficulty that Father faced at that time makes your problems look like peanuts. It's almost like a county-level problem of the United States, much smaller than even a county problem. All you missionaries, did you hear Father? [Yes.] Please raise your hands and show Father. These are the missionaries. In 1975 and 1974 I sent out missionaries all over the world. I have not written you one letter yet. Why? Because spiritually I am looking at you all the time. No one really deserves my letter. I want you to be top of the national leadership, dealing with your President and Speaker of the House, Ambassadors, Embassies and so forth. But I see you are not even climbing above ankle level, the first level. When Father came to this country as a missionary in 1971, the first thing he did was knock on the door of all the big people; the senators, congressmen and secretaries, even the President himself in the Oval Office. At that time I was looked at very scornfully and some senators said, "This Korean man is coming here trying to change the way of life of American people. He is trying to alter our habits and influence us. There is no way this Korean man can do that." They virtually, spiritually spit at Father. I was very calm and comfortable with them. They were thinking, "We have been Senators and Congressmen for ten or twenty years. We are in good shape, we are doing alright. I know this country, I know America, but you are a newcomer and a foreigner and you do not even speak our language well. You come here trying to save America and help America? You are going to save me?" I do not forget that particular treatment they gave me. I said to myself, "You just wait ten or twenty years."
When Father was mistreated by the United States, he did not think of himself. He thought of God and how much God has been mistreated by ignorant human beings. He has been mistreated ten times, a thousand times, a million times more than me by the United States. That is the way Father felt. There was a time the United States was like an unsinkable aircraft carrier. It is not so anymore. The Roman Empire fell and all the great empires, one by one faltered. The United States is no exception. Unless this nation wakes up in time it will falter too. American people are complacent. They have been satisfied with their lives while Father was fasting and going without sleep and working double and triple time. America really did harsh, painful things to Father. Your own parents gave me much harsh treatment, but actually your parents must be grateful to me. What Reverend Moon has been trying to do is make their children, which is you, into better sons and daughters and better and more decent than any other Americans ever. Father wants to create a God fearing America, a moral America and dedicated America. Father is sure of one thing, I am giving you an education that Harvard University cannot give. No university or great professor could lecture on this subject. I am giving you that education, a real spiritual education of heart and soul. Man is remade and re-created. All I'm telling America is to wake up before it is too late.
In 1971 America looked good, but today, in 1992, America looks very bad. You know that. The American family must wake up. Those Senators were so snobbish and arrogant, as well as all the big shots in this country-the leaders of the economy and religion. Unificationists look like nobody, but they are really the soul of America. You represent the soul of America because I put the soul into you. Any political or community leaders you are assisting have a very special privilege. You are not cheap. Unlike those famous people, Unificationists listen to Father. Let's say you are Secretary of State, it still doesn't matter. If Father tells you to pack it up and go to Zaire as a missionary, you would take off. That is the kind of people I created. In that respect, it is not easy, because you are not zombies. Those who have that commitment and devotion to Father, those who are absolutely confident they could do that, raise your hands please and show Father. I don't believe that. Only those who can risk their life 100%, saying that even though that may be the cost, I would undertake that mission, tackle it and become successful, those who have that determination, please raise your hands once again. Say, "Yes, Father." [Yes Father!] Now you have raised your hands and answered clearly. The walls have heard your statement, the whole building, all the New Yorker, even the entire universe is looking at you. Don't forget this commitment. Do you understand? [Yes!] Thank you.
That is the end of Act I. You want to have more? [Asking Dr. Sills, Dr. Grant and Dr. Godwin.] They seem to be enjoying it. I wonder how much they have become Unificationists, but Father says they seem to be enjoying it. The important thing is they can't just be bystanders. Do you want to just sit in a comfortable chair and watch the show or do you want to do the show? Father is asking you. That is your mission from now on. Father would like to see your show. There are all kinds of shows, including half-hearted shows. But nobody will cry, no tears will come from looking at a half- hearted show. Tears come only from watching the show of someone who is committed. Whether there is a salary or not, whether there is honor or not, whether there is criticism or not, whether there is controversy or not, I shall go and do. That is the kind of commitment needed from men who will re-build America.
I talk about the salary system of the United States and people say, "Reverend Moon, that is absolutely unreal, you are trying to destroy the American system." I am not talking about trivial systems, it is merely an example. What I am saying is that by following the Principle, any nation, any society, any corporation, any individual will not falter or be demolished. I have met thousands and millions of people and I have benefitted them. I never exploited them. I never took a penny away from them. I think that is the reason God likes me. God did not lose anything. But in my case, God is very unmerciful. He is very merciful for all others, but not for me. God is always pushing Father so hard. I only feel God behind me and always pushing.
Why didn't God stand in the forefront, on the front line? That would mean God is doing it, not His son is doing it. God wants to give all credit to His son therefore God stays behind. Afterwards He will say, "Bravo, my son. You did it. It is your glory, your accomplishment, your success." So sometimes it seems that God is pushing unmercifully. Many times Father said "God is very cruel to me." By the same token, did I commend you often saying, "You did a great job"? Did you hear that very often? [No.] I am a pusher, pushing you and scolding you all the time. But at the same time, when you turn around, I pray for you. I pray in a dark room with tears all the time, for you. In front of you I am a very unmerciful commander, but when you don't see me I am very soft-hearted. I want to push you from behind so the credit will go to you and not to me. I am not seeking credit. You shall be the hero.
When you face Father you are in awe, feeling a little fearful and overwhelmed. But still you like Father so much; you are very attracted to him. There is a dual aspect to Father, a very dignified and awesome aspect and a very merciful and fatherly aspect. You are pulled by them both. Father is the universal messiah and you are the tribal messiahs. You are the seeds of the messiah and you can grow into greater messiahship. You can grow in fertile ground. The ground will be covered with fertilizer. Fertilizer is a dirty thing. This smelly place is where I want to see you germinate and bear fruit. Father knows exactly how to use fertilizer. He does it by not giving you honor every day or sunny smiles every day, but by pushing you to the valley.
Father is wearing a beautiful tie today. This is the first time you have seen me with a tie at a conference, isn't it? The only reason Father wore a tie is because there was a ceremony this morning for the Day of Victory of Love. Because of the ceremony Father has to wear a tie, otherwise he would not. Father is almost thinking of a "No tie campaign," but the important thing is that you can contribute your tie money. You shouldn't save your tie money in your pocket. Give your tie money for unfortunate people. That money alone could become millions of dollars. Sixty thousand people are dying of hunger every day. God's eyes are tearful to see so many of His children dying every day. We have to wipe out famine. Food is the most basic human need. There is so much wastefulness in the lifestyle of white people. If you can cut that waste into half, nobody would be hungry. There would be no famine. America is wasting food. Wasting food alone has brought the world into famine. You have to teach how to farm and raise stock in Africa and developing countries. America has not been teaching this. Instead America has been plundering more instead of teaching and giving. You have to give more.
The African continent was plundered by the European white countries. South America has been the target for the United States. There are a lot of grievances in Latin American nations against the United States. I do not condone America's treatment of South America. I am on the side of the poor nations. I want to create a commonwealth of the Unified Nations of South America so they can deal with the United States better. AULA is the harbinger of such an attempt. If the United States goes too far in coming against me, from now on I have another recourse. I'd rather go to my headquarters in South America and bring those countries together. We will make the U.S. behave better and differently. I think that is the peacemaker's role. Do you follow?
How many years has it been since you missionaries came to see Father? Did you come last year? Those who haven't seen Father for two years, raise your hands. For the first time in three years, raise your hands. First time in four years? Those who saw Father last year raise your hands please. I know it would provide a great deal of strength if Father wrote you a letter individually, praising you for your good work and cheering you up. So far he has not done that, but he is willing to do it. I hope you deserve it. Look up to the pinnacle, don't look down. From now on you will not have much persecution. Persecution will become less and less. You shall be honored and recognized more so you can deal with the leaders of your country. Educate them and work with them. Do you follow? If you want to win the war, Father will win the war with bigger people. Even if you're going to be criticized, you'd rather be criticized by the head of the state. Father's opponent has been the United States of America and the entire communist bloc, the Soviet Union. They are the top of the world, there are no others bigger than they. By the same token, they are number one in the satanic world. Father went all the way to the top, knowing Satan's secret and using it as a weapon. If you don't come my way, I will take your people away from you. He will come my way. All kinds of opposition and accusation and criticism never bothered me. I have come to the point where there is no such thing as my enemy. There is no enemy out there for me. At least in my heart there is no enemy.
So you should deal with those at the top. Do you understand? Teaching Princple to the embassy is a very good idea. Use it as your channel for your testimony and witnessing. Father sent out three people from three nations to make each missionary team. One Japanese member, one German member and one American member. That means you can mobilize the Japanese embassy, the German embassy and the American embassy. They are the most powerful and influential groups in your mission country. With the three ambassadors in the position to help you out, you can do a lot. What happened was that there was no unity among the three missionaries. "Oh, you are Cain, I am Abel." There were Cain and Abel fights between the three missionaries. The Japanese missionary would say, "I joined the Unification Church first, therefore I am the oldest so I am Abel." The American member would say, "No, in World War II you were the opponent and we defeated you. You bombed Pearl Harbor and I will knock you out so I am Abel." The German member said, "What are you talking about? In terms of technology we are number one." That is the way the missionaries fought among themselves. But Father said the unity of those three, the three becoming one, is the key to success in that country. You can carry your witnessing to your embassy first. Your embassy is the place of your national language. Make those three embassies into one and you can automatically teach the nation, no problem. People of your own nationality are in your mission country. Disregarding those people, to whom would you go? In developing countries like the African nations, if the ambassadors from the U.S.A., Germany and Japan got together to help you out, it would almost be like the whole country was taken over. Do you follow? Deal with your embassies even now, it is not too late. Win them to your side. If these three ambassadors work together you can invite the head of state or King and Queen and they will respond. Making influence will be no problem. You don't know where to start. You have been pushing the cart, but it was the wrong cart.
In restoration by indemnity we know we have to pay indemnity to restore anything. All the communist countries have been brainwashed for over seventy years by Marxist ideology. But you can turn them around with a three or four day workshop. Then they go on to twenty-one day and forty day workshops and they become lecturers themselves. You saw proof of this last night. That is the power Divine Principle and Godism has. God's armament is very powerful.
Seventeen years have passed. What kind of foundation have you laid in your country? Very trivial, Father knows. You don't have guts; boldness was missing. You were not bold and strong in following direction. If you have no good strategy then just be like a kamikaze. You will have a head-on collision. In a satanic direction that kind of strategy would bring self destruction, but in a heavenly direction for the good of the public, that is the best way to quicker result. A head-on collision in a heavenly way is not necessarily a bad strategy. Sometimes it is best. That is one method. Another one is starting from the bottom and serving. You let them ride on your back.
There is no single, beautiful, easy way you can win a lot of people. There is only one way and that is to give your single-minded, whole-hearted devotion. Particularly you must start with prayer. Your offering table, with your candles and picture of True Parents, must not be dry. Your tears should constantly be making it wet. If it dries, make it wet again. Let's say your holy table cloth has been wet with your tears for ten years. In the meantime, without your even knowing it, an incredible amount of wealth has been accumulating. That is the power of your energy. It may be invisible but you have accumulated it. Do you follow?
Try sometime to pray for one single person every day for three years. See what happens to that person. You can test the power of prayer. Amazingly that person will one day happen to pass by your house and even though he may want to go away, he will not be able to. His feet will automatically turn toward your house and bring him inside to meet you. This is the mysterious power of prayer. It works.
When Father visited North Korea he started from Hawaii. Father already knew exactly what was going to happen. He already knew exactly how he was going to deal with the situation. Of course the other staff who went along had absolutely no idea. Father has an invisible antenna. Father is absolutely following the way the antenna signal points. Those people who do not have antennas are trembling and saying, "Oh Father don't do that. It's fearful." If Father followed that kind of advice what would have happened? That is just one example, but therefore I listen to nobody's advice. I know they don't have my antenna. I receive a signal but they don't. If I follow their advice I will always be misled. Do you think Father is telling you the truth or tricking you? [Truth.]
At least you have been following me for many decades. Even though you may not have an antenna you at least have the virtue of obedience. Following that long, you have been testing Father many times. I know you have been, that is the American nature. After these many years, now you come to truly believe in Father and that what he is saying will come true. Act one is over, let's give Father a great big hand.
What would you do if Father passes away? You should be truly grateful that you have been under the leadership; correct and wise, committed and faithful, God-centered leadership. It is an absolute blessing. When you are in despair and have no hope, only a great deal of despondency, there you will find hope. It's almost like a ship finding a lighthouse. You harbor hope and follow it and not only live a rich, worthy life, but also you have tremendous hope for the future. That is real happiness.
. . . . Speaking of the Soviet Union, Father has educated 5,000 elite university students under this new value system, the ideology of Godism. Father has done the job for the Soviet Union and the Soviet Union will be alright because of it. Father has educated 1,000 professors in all fifteen republics of the Soviet Union. These people know precisely where they are heading.
Now the People's Republic of China's young people have been invited to Japan, where J-CARP will take care of them. They are so popular that by leaps and bounds more young people are coming from China to Tokyo to the CARP center to become reborn. North Korean students will soon be joining the Chinese. Soon that will happen, so North Korea, China and Japan will all be working together. Eventually Father would like to invite them to the United States as well. There are tremendous numbers of people who would like to come to the United States.
Father will be liberated himself because Father has already dispatched missionaries and tribal messiahs. Father is helping all the communist countries. Father has fulfilled all his roles. Christianity has been filled with martyrdom for 2,000 years. However, from now on Unification Church history will not require martyrdom. Put yourself in Jesus Christ's position, looking down from spirit world on the face of the earth at his own disciples. One after another was martyred for no good reason except for following Jesus. How heartbroken Jesus must have been. Can you imagine? After Father goes to spirit world he does not want to see people martyred for following him over the next one thousand or two thousand years. I do not want to see that kind of history.
If Jesus avoided the crucifixion and entered the Roman Empire he could have spoken to the elders at the lawmakers' houses and made great proclamations. There would have been great fanfare and welcome from the Roman Empire in his own lifetime instead of 400 years later. There would not have been a history of martyrdom. For that reason Father came to the modern day Roman Empire, the United States of America. I'm dealing with Congressman and Senators and the White House and all the ministries. Therefore Father is already working so closely with this nation. In his own lifetime this nation will come to realize the value of Reverend Moon to America.
The greatest martyrdom could come about through the expansion of communism. The communists would kill all of you without a moment's notice. That is what communism is all about. That is why communism had to disappear within Father's own lifetime. And we see it has happened. The next problem is the Muslim world. They are very militant. They could create all kinds of disharmony. But Father would like to ease that situation by bringing the Muslim world into unity with Father so they can ask Father's blessing upon their world. This is happening now.
Within Father's lifetime, he is laying enough foundation so that there shall be no martyrdom after Reverend Moon's era is finished. Within your lifetime, therefore, while Father is here on earth, you are the ones who must be bold and strong, marching on all over the world. Are you doing this? Are you grateful?
No religious leader such as Father has ever come on the face of the earth. No one has had this kind of ambition; no one has done so much. As the founder of a great religious movement, has Father fulfilled his mission? Father has accomplished both internally and externally. Internally Father has blocked and eliminated the way of your death so that you will not have that kind of suffering. And externally, Father has laid the foundation through organizations such as the Federation for World Peace and the Inter-Religious Federation for World Peace. They will be a shield to protect you. So you have an internal and external shield. That means our golden age has been ushered in. This is not a daydream; it is real and it is happening.
Father sees the presence of Dr. Ron Godwin, Dr. Bob Grant and Dr. Don Sills as very precious. Father looks at these precious three collaborators, supporters and members of this great movement almost like Jesus' three disciples. The three of them are really accomplished giants in our world. By uniting with Reverend Moon's ideology they will become even greater. Each of the three has very special characteristics. They are very different characters, as much as Jesus' three major disciples were different from each other.
[Speaking to these three men.] Father said you are lucky. If you fulfill your mission, fine. If you don't fulfill your mission, that is fine too. The reason is you are responsible for the first generation. The second generation is already mine, I claimed them already. But I don't want to see the first generation become like Moses' flocks who perished in the wilderness. It is very difficult to wipe out the concepts initially implanted in the first generation. Even Bob Grant, a great preacher and Don Sills, a great preacher and Ron Godwin, a great Christian leader, have been reading the Bible which says the Lord is coming on the clouds. That is the concept they have. Billy Graham has been preaching the Lord is coming on the clouds. For you the important thing is not the Washington Times or AFC or the Coalition for Religious Freedom. Wherever you go, that is your house, your podium. Your podium is not only your church. Wherever you are standing or wherever you meet people that is your podium.
Where was the headquarters for Jesus Christ established? Where is Jesus' headquarters church? Where is the secretary of his staff? Wherever Jesus dwelt was his headquarters. Wherever he worked with his disciples was his meeting place. Amazingly enough Reverend Moon doesn't even have one office of his own. He has no secretary and no special telephone dedicated to his use. He doesn't have any of those. Everyday, Father is offering himself. Wherever he is and no matter what he is doing, that is the place for offering; offering sacrifice. Sacrifice belongs to no one but God.
You were selected as a sacrifice. Abraham for example, selected a pigeon, a heifer and so forth. Those animals that were selected may have come from Mr. Jones' house, but it doesn't matter, they are not Mr. Jones' sacrifice. Once you are selected as an offering you belong to God and no one else. By the same token, Reverend Moon does not have his own identity. I am an offering to God. Wherever he is, Father gives himself on the offering table. There are no excuses. It is very important that we don't have any attachments; you do not operate out of organizations.
The program of 250 USA rallies was announced at the last conference. Father asked for a successful repetition of the three city speaking tour in 250 cities around America. The sooner the better! I would even like to see all 250 cities done before April. That is good for the United States. The Regional Directors are responsible for fundraising. They should be ready to do anything and everything to provide enough money for this crusade.
Those three champions, just bring them and work them day and night. If they can't keep up with the schedule and they run away that is alright, I will bring somebody else. But I think those three strong men won't run away. Father invited Ron Godwin to join in this great crusade not because he is such a great business man. He is, but more importantly Father is concerned about Jerry Falwell, who represents the great Southern Baptist Christian community. He is not fulfilling his responsibility, so Father would like to see if Ron Godwin can fulfill it. Unless he knows me now, Jerry Falwell is in the position of a foreign person. Jerry Falwell cannot become president himself, he should come together with Father and make the spiritual and moral foundation for a God-chosen man to be President of the United States. We have to have a righteous God-centered president in this country, not just anybody.
The Washington Times is a side activity, the prominent mission is a spiritual mission. That is basically what Father is saying. This is very important: the Washington Times is secondary. As far as Father is concerned your primary mission is a spiritual mission and the revival of Christianity is crucial.
The AFC alone cannot save the country. Christianity must be rejuvenated. All Christian ministers must be re-educated. They must become new Christians. Unity with Reverend Moon is of vital importance. Without it, no matter how much they do, God will not be on their side. You should be a champion for the teaching of the Divine Principle. You should be able to teach them and testify to them much better than anyone else because you have that background.
What American Christianity needs is not revival. It is already too late for that. American Christianity needs resurrection. After World War II the greatest revival came to American Christianity, but it did not do any good. The United States continues to go further down to a difficult position. Without Reverend Moon that resurrection cannot be a true one. I am telling you this as an historical testimony. It would not work because your success will be determined by God, and this is God's desire. If you want to test Reverend Moon, please go ahead. Dedicate yourself in forty days prayer with single-mindedness. Ask God for an answer by fasting forty days and praying. Father is not speaking to this country as a bystander or guest, I am speaking from the master's position.
You three must be united and working together. Three persons living in one house would be wonderful. In Jesus' time, the three main disciples had families. To tear down the barriers and live in one place was Jesus' purpose. I am saying the same thing. If you cannot do that, you cannot see the expansion of Christ's ideas. This is the same situation now.
I am destined to go to Asia. I would like to see these three champions take over the United States and be the real masters of this nation so I can return to Asia freely. 33.2 billion people in Asia are waiting for me. They are 100 times more miserable than the people of the United States, but I abandoned them and came to America to dedicate my most productive time during the last thirty years to this country. But I really belong to them and I must go back.
I abandoned Korea and came to the United States because of the importance of working on the world level. This is a key important statement: an alliance between Christianity and the Unification Church is absolutely vital. It is a life or death matter for this country's future. It is not easy because of public opinion and the media, but this is God's will and it can be done. These three most Abel-like champions will spearhead this work. I think you are here, not because of your own will, but because this is God's will. You have been divinely ordained, hand-picked by God to be here and represent each a different segment of Christianity. For that reason you have a crucial role to make that alliance between Christianity and the Unification Church. Do you follow?
I know those words are harsh and difficult to hear. But I am registering this as a testimony to God and the world. I'm not embarrassing you at all-again, I am doing it with a parental heart. Nobody else in the entire world would say anything like this to you. But Reverend Moon, with absolutely no personal ambition in it, is saying this to you because he is living with a parental heart.
Christianity in the United States has done the most evil against me; you know that. But I have no grudge or vengeful feelings. I have only sympathy. I only want to bring life to this country, that is my sole desire. However, my departure for Asia is immanent. Therefore I want to have some champions in the United States to take responsibility and move this country. You three can do the job.
You will be like the three disciples of Jesus. Each one of you will put your self in Jesus' position and multiply three disciples of your own. Then your number will grow to a team of twelve. With twelve people of your character and determination, at this level, you will be invincible. Your catch phrase will be the that American Christianity needs resurrection more than revival. Let us resurrect American Christianity. It is crucial to the survival of this nation and the world.
New York is a rotten place, you know that. 42nd Street is a living hell. Father would like to have 8th Avenue up to 42nd Street cleaned up. Only by resurrection of the Christian spirit can this be accomplished. You follow, right?
[At this point, Dr. Grant, Dr. Sills and Dr. Godwin stood up and grasped their hands together, holding them high. Father waded through several rows of members to himself grasp the clasped hands of the three, making four.]
Reverend Moon is going to go up and have a little meeting with Mrs. Moon. Father will come down shortly but Father would like us to proceed with the testimonies of these three men.
[Dr. Ron Godwin gave his testimony talking about the USA activities and his part in it. Afterwards Dr. Pak gave a testimony about Dr. Godwin and his first meeting with Father at Danbury. Father returned, and Ron Godwin made a presentation to Father on behalf of the Washington Times family. It was a large drawing of an Atlantic salmon.
Dr. Pak then introduced Dr. Robert Grant as a man with a deep spiritual connection to Father. Dr. Grant then spoke about his work for God and the direction of the USA activities. Finally, Dr. Pak introduced Dr. Don Sills, who has completed a forty day workshop under Reverend Ahn. Don Sills spoke about his growing relationships with the Korean elders and how he came to work with our church. He ended by offering himself completely to Father's service.]
Father spoke again:
Time has passed very quickly, but Father is very satisfied and fulfilled in his heart because Father has been assured that the three heavenly musketeers will do the job. Father looks at them almost as heavenly locomotives pulling the train of America in the right direction. They are locomotives, but not electric ones, they are choo-choo trains. Father likes that sound. Don Sills said wake up America. What is a better way to wake someone up than by making a locomotive noise?
I feel very confident that even though I may not be here all the time, if you trust these three musketeers and unite with them and join with them and work together toward the goal, I am sure you will fulfill a great victory here in America.
Father has precise instructions he wrote last night, after long meetings all day that went until 1:30 in the morning. Father still had the desire to give organized instructions to you. However because of the time element, it would take a couple of hours to issue these instructions. Instead, Father is now instructing us to get the video tapes of Father's midnight message, the God's Day morning message, this morning's message at the Day of Victory of Love Main Ceremony and this leader's conference. These four videos should be in each center. If you study these it will take the place of instruction Father has written.
This is the holiday season. We are celebrating the new year as well and making a new commitment. Father is very confident that we have a great new year ahead in 1992 with the slogan, "The Unification of the New Nation." We are going to create a new nation. Every nation shall become new. This new crusade will take place from today. Tomorrow you can leave for your own posts. God bless you and God bless your families. Most important of all, God bless your mission. Shall we show Father our appreciation? Thank you Father! Let's have three cheers of Mansei!



Bamboo Room, World Mission Center. New York, January 2, 1992, Translator - Dr. Bo Hi Pak

Restoration history cannot be accomplished without going through the course of indemnity. Throughout history there have been numerous wars. In a way, those wars can be interpreted as a part of the indemnity course. Each nation's history is also going according to the law of indemnity. You can apply this to any organization, family or individual; everyone has to go through their course according to the law of indemnity.
In God's providence, particularly the providence of the chosen nation of Israel, there must be confrontation with the satanic world. In order to go into the realm of victory you have to go beyond or cast off the realm of satanic control. We have to go beyond the realm of the fallen era. To go beyond that realm you have to go through struggle in different stages. As you know, Israel's history began with Jacob, then through the work of Moses the exodus took place. John the Baptist prepared the way for the coming of Jesus. In all these stages a certain course of indemnity had to be followed.
In order to attain the victorious realm in the different stages: the tribal stage, national stage, worldwide stage and so on-and that is precisely what the history of Israel is all about-you have to respect, love, follow the tradition of, and virtually worship the ancestors, those who played a major role in the dispensational field. In the case of Israel, this would be those such as Jacob, Abraham, Isaac, Noah and so forth. Tradition comes down from the ancestors, so in order to inherit it from those who played major roles in the dispensational field, you have to do your utmost, investing your heart and soul to live up to their standard and accomplishments.
Israel's national history is a history of the Abel side. It was the Abel line all the way through history until the coming of Christ. From the Abel line Christ will come. The chosen people and their history is the root of the coming of Christ. The chosen people create a nation and then connect to the world. Therefore when you follow the tradition of Israel, the chosen people and their leaders, you are going to inherit all their historical accomplishments. For that reason the satanic world comes after those central figures with a determination to attack and destroy them.
The central dispensation line is the chosen people's history. Israel can be divided into two: Judaism on the one hand, the Israel nation on the other. One is internal and the other is external. One is like the mind, the other is like the body. So if Jesus was welcomed by these two united together Jesus' dispensation would have been accomplished. Then all the indirect or surrounding religions, centered upon this mainstream religion, would have become one. However because of the crucifixion of Jesus this was not done, therefore everything became dispersed and confused. It's almost like the mind is there but the body has been lost.
Because of the failure of Judaism to accept Jesus and of the Israelite nation to defend him, Jesus was crucified. For that reason the entire attack focused upon Jesus and Jesus' family. They were at the center of attack. If Jesus had won the dispensational victory, he would have married and raised a family. No matter how strong an attack the satanic surroundings would have made, they would not have been able to destroy Jesus and his family. Jesus and his family would have survived.
If Jesus had gone beyond the formation period and growth period, past the point where Adam fell, then no one under the sun could have destroyed Jesus' clan or tribe. But Judaism, the Israel nation and those surrounding Jesus totally disintegrated, and they dispersed with no unifying element. Then Jesus and his family became exposed to a great deal of menace and danger. Because of that a lot of indemnity had to be paid. Since Jesus' body was lost, a great deal of indemnity had to be paid throughout the 2,000 year Christian history. It is a history of martyrdom, pain and indemnity for the sake of Jesus' lost body. In a way, Christian history is nothing more than a history of paying indemnity for the sake of Jesus. Because Jesus lost his body, Christianity has been steadily paying the price for 2,000 years. Thus Christianity can be known as the religion of indemnity.
After World War II however, Christianity had one great opportunity to reach out to the entire unified world. Christians had the potential to unify the world. Christianity however has to realize that its world-level foundation is not the final conclusion, and that the completed perfected Adam has also ascended to the world and that these two must be united. The worldwide foundation must be accepted and united by the coming of the perfected Adam. That was the mission of Christianity and it was precisely the mission which Christianity failed to do. Historically speaking the coming of the messiah is the most difficult period for survival. As you can see, the seventy years between 1920, the year that Father was born, and 1990, is a real convolution of world history. It has gone up and down with the most incredible fluctuation. This seventy years is truly the most unimaginably difficult period of human history.
Father, in the capacity of Messiah, before the war was through, was concentrating to inherit all the heritage of history. Then he was ready to engage with the world. The world foundation also has to accommodate or be controlled by Father. It is just like God when He created Adam. First He created the body with soil, then He breathed the spirit into his nose and Adam became a man. By the same token, by the time World War II was over, the world was like a clay Adam. It was a sculpture that needed to have the spirit blown into it. The world is a body and Christianity is a spirit, but there was no connection between the two. A person who will come with the power to bring Christianity and the secular world into one, this is the coming of the second advent. Unity between the spiritual side and the physical side on the worldwide basis is the mission of the messiah. From that point on, one unified world can be born. However, the Christian realm of the world after World War II rejected and rebelled against this great opportunity and providential will rather than accept it.
Father's dispensational work was always focused upon the center line, Jesus' spiritual salvation. When you read Father's sermons prior to the 1960 Holy Wedding of our True Parents, you will see that no one has given more testimony about the life of Jesus than Father. There is no one but Father who has shed so many tears for the sake of Jesus. No one cried more than Father on behalf of Jesus. Father shed tears by the gallons for the sake of humanity and the entire human race. Father was completely one with Jesus. If the Allied powers had united with Father immediately after defeating the Axis powers, Father's goal or God's providential will would have been established within twelve years. Because of their rebellion this was broken.
Father was standing just at the perfection level of the growth stage. That is where Father received the most incredible persecution. The most important thing Jesus lost was the nation. In order to restore the nation Father had to pay indemnity for fourteen years in Korea-two seven year periods. Prior to that Father could not have a Holy Wedding. Under the circumstances of the most incredible opposition and persecution, Father paid more and more indemnity, and only after those things were completed in the year of 1960 did Father's Holy Wedding take place.
Father's third seven year course was for the sake of the world. In 1968, day one, Father mobilized all blessed families. In 1968 Father established God's Day because Father had paid all the indemnity on the national level, therefore he could go on to the world to command the worldwide level. Then the world wide crusade was launched. In 1968 the political situation in Korea was intense. Kim Il Sung was absolutely ready to take over South Korea by a communist conquest. For three and a half years it was a very critical time. But Father mobilized all forces not for the sake of the domestic situation or national indemnity but for the sake of worldwide expansion of our movement.
After 1968, when the mobilization order was issued, blessed families went out for three years. Upon that foundation Father left Korea in 1971 and flew to the United States where he made his historical entrance through the capitol city of Washington, DC. Father arrived in 1971, and by 1972 Father had launched the most spectacular campaign in the United States to win Christianity. Amazingly enough, while Korean Christianity had completely rebelled against Father, American Christianity, which represents the world, welcomed Father. They truly welcomed Father in the initial stage. They gave the most incredible red carpet treatment everywhere Father went. Upon the foundation of winning over U.S. Christianity, Father mobilized our entire IOWC forces to Korea. Father brought this historical, victorious foundation into Korea. Father began the campaign in Pusan and took it all the way to Seoul. This was the most spectacular campaign to win Korean Christianity. At that time Father's dispensational strategy was to bring to Korea this victorious foundation as well as the International One World Crusade forces and win the Korean government. By doing so Father created formidable spiritual power which could overcome the rebelliousness of Korean Christianity.
At the time of Jesus there was a rebellion by the Israelite nation and also a rebellion by the Roman Empire. There was political opposition to Jesus and Jesus' ministry. In order to pay indemnity and restore that foundation, Father used a particular technique or strategy in Korea. This time he won the heart of the government. The government stood on Father's side. That signifies the Israel nation supporting Father. At that time, Father won the moral high ground. As a result the major political leaders came to Father and asked for his mercy and moral support. They asked for his guidance. Usually the Korean political apparatus pays a lot of attention to Christianity but at that time they realized that Father and the Unification Church had surpassed Christianity so they came to him.
Father had the most incredible rally at Yoido Plaza; you may have even participated in that rally. World mission people gathered at the parade ground on Yoido Island. That was the World Rally for Freedom. More than seventy different nationalities participated. It was a spectacular rally. After that demonstration of Father's strength; Father wrote a dynamic and serious letter to President Park Chung Hee, telling him that "Your government cannot survive without having a spiritual heritage, so you must unite with us and move forward. Then there will be no problem with communism and North Korea. The political situation will be eased." After he wrote that letter, he left for the United States. That very day, Mao Tse Tung was buried.
But Park Chung Hee was not courageous enough to heed Father's recommendation. There has always been this political cowardice. This is always the trouble. Because of that, what happened? Park Chung Hee's political career was absolutely miserable. As you know, he was assassinated by his most important confidant, his own CIA chief. That's the way the Park Chung Hee regime ended.
Before World War II, Father was working to receive a most important spiritual inheritance. After World War II, and particularly after 1971 when Father came to the United States, Father had to work with the physical reality. That meant that Father had to deal with the political reality of Korea and the political reality of the United States. So when Father came back to the United States, he had to deal with President Richard Nixon. Upon the foundation laid in Korea, which was a physical victory, Father returned to the United States and Father confronted Christianity with his accomplishment. The 1980's was the era of the third seven-year course.
Why can't I jump over everything all at once? Why do I have to accomplish stage by stage? Why can't we just jump over everything all at once? Even though Father himself jumped over everything at once, the blessed couples of the Unification Church have been dragging their feet. The movement has been slow, and in particular you could not bring Korea to follow the Providence centering on Father. Therefore Father's own family has been put in a most difficult position. Always the second position is the problem. As Father mentioned, Park Chung Hee was the second major president after Syngman Rhee. Father's great grandfather had three sons, and the second son was the problem. Also Father's father was one of three brothers. Among them, the second brother died in a most tragic manner outside the house. Number two in Father's own family tree are always a cause of disaster. Always the second one, in Father's father's level and Father's grandfather's level, was a victim and died in very unfortunate circumstances. Also, in Father's family, Hee Jin Nim, his second son, was accidentally killed. This is an example of indemnity that Father's own family had to pay because blessed couples throughout Korea and throughout the world were not able to fulfill.
After the 1980s Father's own family has been in a great deal of difficulty, convolution and change. Most difficult times have come to Father's own family. So Father's own children have suffered a great deal, without them realizing it. Unforeseeable things happened. For instance, they would be driving out on the way to school, and find themselves in Barrytown. "Oh, I was supposed to be in school but I'm in Barrytown!" When the Korean blessed couples could not fulfill their mission, then Father took their responsibility upon his own shoulders, and Father's own family came to pay the indemnity.
So Father himself had to speak throughout the nation of Korea because Father has to be in the forefront. This was the people's rally for victory over communism in the major cities of Korea. He spoke in one city after another in order to mobilize national unity. When Father becomes strong, there are always opposing forces, particularly Christian. They mount their opposition. By the time Father came to the last city, Kwang Ju, opposition had been mounting and there even were warnings that Father would face difficulty and physical danger. This was the final rally. Father was consummating the crusade in Kwang Ju. The very same day, the accident occurred in the United States. Father knew something very unusual was happening. For that reason, when Father left the United States he had given very clear instructions to his own family that under no circumstances should they go outside the house.
Father's second son, Heung Jin Nim, was the one involved in the most tragic of accidents during this time. Father was in the position to completely comfort and completely nullify the satanic attack. In other words, Father had to put this particular event into its proper perspective in Unification Church history and Father's dispensational history. This was a most serious moment, a serious time.
Jin Bok and Jin Gil were in the same car. Because they lost their father early on Heung Jin Nim was always loving and caring for these two brothers. They are second generation of the thirty-six blessed couples. They were involved in this lack of fulfillment of responsibility. So by having this event occur between Heung Jin Nim and the second generation of the thirty-six blessed couples, all the thirty-six blessed couples and second generation's short-comings were indemnified. The same year that Heung Jin Nim became the most noble and sacred sacrifice, Father also sacrificed himself and paid indemnity by going to Danbury in July. However, Danbury was not a defeat for Father. Reverend Moon was absolutely innocent, and the U.S. government prosecuting him knew it. Christianity and the U.S. government wanted to prevent Reverend Moon from becoming too big. Before he became too influential, they wanted to cut him down. It was a conspiracy. They conspired together to put Reverend Moon's movement into complete jeopardy. In order to do that they put Father in jail that year. So the U.S. government and U.S. Christianity committed a crime against Father and against God.
The most extraordinary situation occurred when the U.S. Senate had its own investigation regarding the violation of Father's religious rights. A Senate Subcommittee found that Reverend Moon was innocent and actually was persecuted by the United States Government. Their recommendations were that Father's conviction be nullified. However, there were three bad musketeers who moved history to the other side.
Even in Danbury, Father could not abandon American Christianity. In fact, in order to restore Christianity Father instituted a crusade. Father chose 7,000 ministers to be educated. Elijah was given a mandate, "Do not to be disappointed; there are 7,000 un-stained warriors ready to fight for you." Elijah had 7,000 to restore Israel. Likewise Father wanted restore American Christianity and so he mobilized 7,000 ministers. If Jesus had had 7,000 followers, he would not have been crucified. But the crucifixion took place so we had to pay the indemnity to restore that. So we directly reached 300,000 active ministers with the truth, with Divine Principle. These 300,000 represented the entire American Christianity. We sent out ninety-eight large truckloads of Divine Principle video tapes.
George Bush was the new candidate for the Republican Party after Reagan. He was fighting against Dukakis. Father is the one who really transformed Bush's campaign from one that was dismal into one which could win an extraordinary victory. By winning the favor of the U.S. government the elder son's position moved to Father's side, and the conspiracy of the government was indemnified. Otherwise, the United States would have become the prey of satan. Satan would have taken the United States and U.S. Christianity. Father wanted to prevent that. So Father paid indemnity to restore these two elements.
Meanwhile, Father had already made a decisive blow against communism. Since 1989, the communist empire has been crumbling. Finally in 1990 came the natural subjugation of communism in Moscow through Father's rally. Father predicted this in 1976. Fourteen years later, on April 11, 1990, Father had his Moscow rally and meeting with Gorbachev. These represent the elder brother's position, the Cain position. The natural subjugation of Gorbachev was the restoration of the elder son's position. Now, Father has met with Kim Il Sung, and this was a meeting which transferred the final and ultimate elder son's position. There is nobody else after Kim Il Sung. He is the only one out there upholding the banner of Cain, the banner of Esau, the banner of the elder son's position. Father, through the natural subjugation of Kim Il Sung, is now totally-physically and spiritually-in the elder son's position.
In a way, Danbury was great victory for Father. Before Father's Danbury condition, Christianity in the United States was totally in the hands of satan. But Father could not allow that to continue. So Father's fame and reputation has gone beyond the national level to the world-wide and universal level. By doing this, now each move and deed of Father impacts world events. This is exactly what is happening. Father has truly come to the world-wide and universal level of restoration; and has successfully completed restoration. By doing so, Father can declare, as he did yesterday, the Unification of the New Nation. That slogan can now be proclaimed.
So, at the time of the Kwang Ju rally Heung Jin Nim in a way saved the True Parents' lives. That was a very critical rally. Without it, Father could not have saved Korea. Korea would have gone into the hands of communism. Because of the victory Father had in Kwang Ju, Korea has been maintained. Father has now completed, victoriously, the restoration of the elder son's right, restoration of the True Parents' right and restoration of the rights of Kingship. All these have been restored. From now on, Father is a totally victorious figure on the world-wide level, and on the universal or cosmic scale. For that reason, you all have to absolutely, obediently follow Father.
Yesterday Father's God's Day sermon was a very profound one. He mentioned the textbook for education. He mentioned the four textbooks. He basically expounded on those four patterns. Their purpose is to create the Royal Family of God. The satanic world has been enjoying kingship, has had its royal family. But this time, Father is restoring royalty, the royal family-kingship and queenship, from satanic hands into God's hands. Through the law of indemnity it will be very obvious that all that is satanic will be restored into the godly realm of True Parents.
This is a brief history of the course Father has walked. You will inherit Father's victorious foundation. Furthermore you will inherit the True Family's victorious pattern. They will inherit Father's tradition and you will inherit their tradition. Figuratively speaking, Father is the first generation, the True Family is second generation and you are the third generation. So far you have been in the elder brother's position; you have been acting as the elder brother. But now the indemnity has been paid and you will move into the younger brother's position. The True Family will be in the elder brother's position. You will go beyond the adopted son's level and be registered anew as true sons, however as younger children, younger sons.
Hyo Jin Nim's physical age may be lower than yours but it doesn't make any difference. Many of you are calling Hyo Jin Nim "elder brother," Hyo Jin Hyung Nim. Why? Because you are now coming out of the adopted son's position. He is the direct descendant of Father and you were in the adopted son's position, but how to harmonize these two realms is where Heung Jin Nim is playing a very, very important role.
During this time Father has to do something with the spirit world. Up until this time, spirit world has really had nothing to do with the True Parents or True Parents' family. In other words it has had no connection or no relationship with True Parents' love. They are like virgins and unmarried boys. Jesus himself was unmarried. But Heung Jin Nim entered spirit world as a special emissary of True Parents, as elder son of the entire spirit world. So spirit world now has that one alone who understands, has received and has lived under True Parents' True Love. Heung Jin Nim is now there as elder brother of all the spirit world. That means the True Parent's True Love realm has expanded from this world to include the spirit world. Heung Jin Nim is the mediator between the physical and spiritual worlds. Those in the spirit world who have no connection to True Parents now have a connection to True Parents and True Parents' love through Heung Jin Nim. Heung Jin Nim is representing the entire spirit world and is bringing the spirit world back to True Parents. So now, all the spirit world is descending to the earth to connect directly to Father's dispensation.
Heung Jin Nim's contribution is enormous, absolutely enormous in dispensational history. He is breaking down all the barriers here on earth, thereafter in heaven. He is breaking down all the barriers between religions, nations, races and, most important of all, the barriers between the True Parents' world and the non-True Parents' world so that the two can become one.
Furthermore, Heung Jin Nim represents kingship-the hundred-twenty nations here on earth. The king's right has been coming to True Parents' side by Heung Jin Nim's ascension. So through Heung Jin Nim all those king and queen ancestors in the spirit world are being brought down here on earth. They can go to their own descendants. So kingship and royalty here on earth are disappearing, because they have no right to claim such positions after recognizing True Parents. So the world is becoming smaller and smaller, as the era of independent nations is over. Now there is a community of nations, a commonwealth of nations, or a united states of nations. The trend is toward creating blocs of nations. The United States of Europe, for example, and the United States of Latin America are distinct possibilities.
So all the good spirit persons are coming down and pushing up the evil forces that have been working on the face of the earth. In other words, the evil spirit world will be cast out, like casting out the demons. Now Heung Jin Nim has been gone for a solid eight years, this is the ninth anniversary and celebration. Even six or seven years ago, could you have imagined the atmosphere of today? Could you have imagined the world situation of today was possible?
Spirit world is completely organized centering upon Heung Jin Nim. A complete chain of command has been organized. By the same token, here on earth, the three generations Father has mentioned are organized-Father as the first generation, then the True family, with Hyo Jin Nim on the top, as the second generation; then you are becoming the third generation. Do you understand?
We have conquered death; that is the meaning of today, the Victory of Love. Through True Parents' True Love, which is prevailing not only here on earth but also in the spirit world, there is no barrier between the physical world and the spirit world. So that means this day is commemorating the banishing of death. Death is no more. We fear death no more-that is the meaning of this day. What is the most crucial thing about death? Why is death so fearsome? Because fear of death itself is the most crucial enemy satan uses. Now Father eliminated that fear of death, clearly revealing that we have a better life, a greater life to live in eternity, in spirit world.
Before he died, Heung Jin Nim was lying in bed unconscious, with his body functioning. Father knew that it was impossible for him to recover. So Father held a special ceremony in the hospital room. It was called the Unification Ceremony and it was conducted by Father and Mother. In the secular world, if your son is dying, is it common to do some kind of ceremony? It's a crazy idea. But the Unification Ceremony meant that Father was offering Heung Jin Nim. His life was offered to heaven by Father and Mother for the sake of the harmony and unification of all people, particularly within the Unification Church. That ceremony was absolutely significant and powerfully important. After the ceremony was conducted Father himself ordered the doctor to pull off the life support equipment from Heung Jin Nim. That is the way Heung Jin Nim's Sung Hwa came about.
From that point on the words Sung Hwa became a reality. Father gloriously welcomed the moment and made that event worthy before heaven and earth. In doing so Father decided not to shed one drop of tears. Do you follow?
This is why Heung Jin Nim's tomb, we call it a Won Jon in Korean, is a very important shrine for our Unification Church. So every one of you, when you go to Korea, go to worship at Heung Jin Nim's Won Jon. It will bring a great deal of blessing, particularly to your children. When you pray at the Won Jon, you should really pray tearfully, because even at that young age, Heung Jin Nim lived a pure life only for the sake of True Parents and for their protection. He died for the sake of True Parents and heavenly purposes. He was a living sacrifice. His life was given as a sacrifice. So you can tearfully pray for that life.
Furthermore, a bride, Hoon Sook Nim, was given for Heung Jin Nim. Therefore Hoon Sook Nim is the representative of Heung Jin Nim here on earth. You should value Hoon Sook Nim. She is a mediator. Heung Jin Nim did not accomplish a family; that is why within forty days of his Sung Hwa Father and Mother blessed him into a family. That family is connecting heaven and earth. This is so meaningful. Hoon Sook Nim's role is crucial. From the spirit world's point of view, Heung Jin Nim entered into the spirit world as the second advent of Christ. True love was the key. As Father previously said, but I forgot to translate, therefore even Jesus has to admire and respect Heung Jin Nim as his elder brother. Heung Jin Nim is coming down and assisting Father's dispensation here on earth. That is the second advent era. He is already a Lord of the Second Advent in the spirit world and he is coming down assisting Father, the True Family and you, and is making a second advent era most brilliantly successful. The time has come for the second generation to be receiving the blessing. Do you follow?
The Day of Victory of Love: by that power you are conquering death. "Fear death no more" is the true meaning of the Day of Victory of Love. So what do you think when you listen to Father, do you think the era of indemnity is over? Yes or no? [Yes.] From now on the satanic world outside is powerless. Therefore no persecution will come to Father or you anymore. With no more indemnity this is the time for us to move forward and rack up big achievements. Is this a day of celebration or mourning? [Celebration!] Until now, even though you came to the celebrations you did not know the true meaning of the Day of Victory of Love. But after listening to Father, the meaning of this day has become very clear. This particular message Father has given is very important to our leadership and Unification Church members. For that reason it will be transcribed and it must be read by all members of the Unification Church.
So, what tradition would you like to inherit? There are two most beautiful events concerning Heung Jin Nim. One, Heung Jin sacrificed his pure, young life for the sake of True Parents. The second is that True Parents are ready to sacrifice their lives for the sake of the nation and world. From Father's point of view, Father gave his beloved son as a sacrifice for the sake of the nation. This is the deepest, most beautiful conclusion on this Day of Victory of Love. Otherwise, we could not go beyond the realm of the indemnity course. We always would be like a man who is drowning. You stay in the water unless someone pulls you out. You must realize that all the fallen things you know, all your previous fallen knowledge, have become your formidable enemy. Your cultural education and your nationalistic understanding have become your adversary instead of your ally. Your country, your cultural background and your habits, those three points, until you cleanse the old habits you have been living by, and completely erase them out of yourself, you cannot enter into the new tradition of our True Parents. God, True Parents, True Parents' children-this is the direct chain of command. This is the elder son's line. This is life's center. Your life must be centered upon this axis, this vertical line. Is this just Father's word and manipulation of words, or is this truth? This is truth, not just words. Truth means forever.
All you missionaries, you have been away for so long and you haven't had opportunities to hear Father frequently. Now all of a sudden you open your eyes to see what Father has done for us, what the True Family has done for us. You think you are suffering in some foreign countries all by yourself, but Father has been suffering and alone. Why has Father been so suffering and alone? Because of the fall of Adam and Eve. When the parents' position is empty, there is no one to go to. So when the time comes, Father has to offer his own children. Just as God sacrificed His own son, True Parents did the same. This is our tradition. Do you follow? I am speaking especially to the missionaries today. Do you follow?
From now on the world's situation will crumble very quickly. You now know why; it is because the central dispensational goal has been achieved. Father has won a towering victory. For that reason, upon that foundation, the entire satanic world will chip away, bit by bit. It will crumble. God is thinking about only one thing now: while the True Parents are here on earth, living an earthly life-how can He give them glory. God is only thinking of this one thing now.
If Christianity originally had united with Father, Father would not be in this suffering position. Furthermore, Father's position would be glorified. Earthly kings and queens would not be able to compete with Father's glory. That's the way it was supposed to be. However, because of the rejection and rebellion of Christianity, Father has suffered. All this, however, has to be overcome. So before Christianity comes to attend Father, you are the first fruits of Father.
Kim Il Sung is the satanic messiah. From his point of view, compared to the way his people worship him, the Unification Church's standard is absolutely nothing. The only major difference is that Kim Il Sung created his empire and the absolute loyalty of his people by gunpoint. But True Parents would not do that. True Parents worked with true love and freedom, free choice. It is from self realization that you come up to the same level and beat their standard. Then you are the winner.
Western leaders assembled here, do you hear Father and understand him? [Yes!] The democratic era is temporal and is now passing. What is the United States doing now? It is crumbling and declining. This mecca of Christianity and democracy is crumbling. A new realization must come to Americans and all western people. As much as Father went down to the bottom of hell at Danbury, Father has gone up and resurrected and restored honor, becoming a worldwide, universal figure. By the same token, all the westerners who go to Asia go to the bottom of hell and resurrect over there. If you don't do that, the United States will decline, not only becoming a third class nation but a fifth class nation. Do you follow?
Asia is crucial. Asia is centered upon Father. Father's direction and influence and spiritual and physical foundation is Asia's foundation. Therefore Asia is the messianic land. Not just Korea, but the entire land of Asia. Do you think this sounds like crazy talk that is completely out of touch with reality? Or do you think that Father is really expounding the truth and a principle which makes sense and that will work in reality? [Truth.]
You are the same as Father. Father is where he is today because Father was awakened by the truth. One truth came to him and he could not deviate from it. By the same token, you receive Father's truth and your life will be the same as Father's. I am trying to make you tribal messiahs. Furthermore, Father would like to elevate you to being tribal True Parents. If the truth is propagated, Father won't have much more to do. Father can go away and have an easy life for the rest of his days, no problem. The work will continue because your ancestors will come down and whip you, asking "What are you doing here?" Your ancestors will be your teachers. They will be slave drivers over you. Father has received the most enormous persecution and under those circumstances Father has survived and prospered and built a foundation leading to victory. Father's true feeling is one of incredible revenge, yet he does not show it. He has overcome with True Love. God is a vengeful God in a way, but God is a God of love, following the parental tradition. No matter how difficult it may be, you should inherit our True Parents' tradition to be patient and overcome with True Love. You cannot harbor any hatred or grudge. There is no way you can, because God and True Parents have not done that. You should exactly follow True Parents' footsteps.
You are the leaders, therefore I am telling you this is the way to go. This is my most important teaching to you today on this Day of Victory of Love. You are the ones to propagate and disseminate this message throughout the Unification Church and entire world. Are you going to do that? Let's raise our hands and pledge, "Yes, Father!" Thank you.