Family Federation for World Peace, Farewell Banquet, August 1, 1996, Washington DC, Translator -- Peter Kim

Distinguished Guests, Ladies and Gentlemen.
With the end of the Cold War, new hope for peace and justice has spread rapidly across the globe. Leaders unable or unwilling to acknowledge the new international realities are being swept away by the tidal wave of change.
As we stand at the threshold of the new millennium, I believe it is time to review our traditional patterns of thinking and boldly seize these new opportunities. Thus it is my great honor to share with you my life-long advocacy for world peace and true family values.
In this world there are two kinds of human beings: men and women. Can they decide to exchange positions? Was your birth as male or female based upon your personal desire? Or were you born that way irrespective of your personal preference? The sex that we are given is an absolute and is not a matter of choice. We did not think it nor did we want it, but without knowing the cause, result, or process of our birth, we were born a certain way.
Thus it is undeniable that no matter how great a person may be, he or she is not a causal being, but is a resultant being. Therefore, there must exist the first causal being. Who is that causal being? Is it male? Is it female? You can call that first causal being God or any other name, but this causal being must exist.
Here today are gathered some of the most famous people in the world. You might say, "Where is God? Show me and then I will believe." But I warn you not to deny the existence of that causal being.
The topic of today's speech is "In Search of the Origin of the Universe." If we go deeper and deeper in our search for the origin of the universe, we arrive at God. We come to know that God possesses dual characteristics of male and female. How did the universe begin? Let us put aside our discussion of God for the moment, and consider humankind. It is clear that humankind is comprised of man and woman, or subject and object. In the mineral kingdom, molecules are composed of anion and cation. Plants reproduce through stamen and pistil. Animals live as male and female, and human beings as man and woman. If we examine creation, whether the mineral kingdom, plant kingdom, or animal kingdom, we observe that plus and minus on a higher level exists and develops by absorbing plus and minus from the lower level. Why does this phenomenon take place? It is because the existing world is responsible to perfect human beings, who are Lords of all creation. In the mineral kingdom, plus and minus, that is, subject and object, unite centering on the ideal of love and thus exist. In the same way, in the plant kingdom, stamen and pistil, that is, subject and object, unite centering on love and thus also exist. Medical science today points out that even bacteria exist as plus and minus.
How do subject and object, or plus and minus unite? By kissing? Love is not a concept but a substantial reality. What is the reality upon which love can settle? President Ford, President Bush, who attended the Inaugural World Convention of the Family Federation for World Peace, and all of you distinguished guests are famous but there is something that you do not know. You do not know what makes man man, and woman woman. The answer is: the sexual organs. Is there anyone here who dislikes the sexual organs? If you like them, how much do you like them? Until now you may not have thought it virtuous to value the sexual organs, but from now you must value them.
What will the world be like in the future? If it is a world which values the sexual organs absolutely, will that world be good or bad? Will it prosper or perish? This is not a joke. When God was creating human beings, into which part did He invest the greatest creative effort? The eyes? The nose? The heart? The brain? All of these organs eventually die, do they not? What is the purpose of the Family Federation for World Peace? If humanity were to go beyond the traditional categories of virtue, religion and any other human norms, but were absolutely in harmony with the sexual organs, earning the welcoming applause of God, what kind of world would it be?
When we are born as a man or woman, who is the owner of our sexual organ? Actually the owner of a husband's sexual organ is his wife, and the owner of a wife's sexual organ is her husband. We did not know that the sexual organ is owned by the opposite sex. This is a simple truth. We cannot deny this truth. Even after history progresses for thousands of years, this truth will not change.
Every man thinks his sexual organ belongs to himself, and each woman thinks her sexual organ is her own. That is why the world is perishing. Everyone is mistaken concerning ownership of the sexual organs. We all think that love is absolute, eternal, and dream-like, but when we come to clearly understand that the ownership of eternal love lies with the opposite sex, the world will not remain in its present condition. There are numerous scholars and Ph.D.s, but none of them have thought about this.
Can any of you deny this? If you ask your parents, your grandparents, your great-grandparents, the original ancestors, and even God who is the origin of the universe, they all will agree with this. This is a universal law. This truth will remain even after the universe continues to exist for billions of years. The natural conclusion is that when you stand before God, He will judge you as righteous or unrighteous according to this immutable law.
Even the fall of Adam and Eve originated in the violation of this law. Adam and Eve both erred by thinking their sexual organ was their own possession. Think about it. Would God chase Adam and Eve away because they ate a literal fruit? God is not such a senseless being. God chased them out because they did not meet the most basic criterion by which the universe functions. Because of their mistake with the original point of love, they could not be acknowledged anywhere in the universe. In the mineral kingdom, plant kingdom and animal kingdom, the positivity and negativity, that is, the sexual organ, is reserved for the sake of the complimentary partner of love. Adam and Eve did not know this.
Then why do the sexual organs exist? For love. Male and female exist in order to find love. What are characteristics of God? God is absolute, unique, eternal and unchanging. Then who is owner of love? The owner of love is not man or woman. The owner of love is God. Centering on love and through love, God and humankind become one. This is because both God and human beings absolutely need love.
Then, what kind of love does God need? God needs absolute love. What about you? It is the same for you and for me. Just as God needs absolute, unique, unchanging and eternal love, we also need absolute, unique, unchanging and eternal love. It seems that we all resemble God.
God himself has characteristics of masculinity and femininity, or positivity and negativity. Human beings, who were created as the substantial object of God, were created as man and woman. When man and woman marry, they become substantial plus and minus representing God. It is God's will that when we marry, we completely unite horizontally centering on God's vertical love.
The human body is horizontal, representing the earth. On the other hand, the conscience always loves the vertical and seeks the higher perspective. Thus human beings irresistibly seek the point at which they become one with the vertical standard of God. That point must be the center, and man and woman must meet each other at that point. Thus when every person, who is born from that center, grows up through experiencing the love of a child, the love among brothers and sisters, and conjugal love, the mature body represents the earth, and the mature mind centers on God. At this ultimate point, body and mind become one vertically and horizontally, thus establishing a base for happiness. Only at that place will God, who is the Absolute Being, rejoice centering on absolute love. In that place, husband and wife, who are love partners, also will rejoice.
When the relationships of parent and child, husband and wife, and brother and sister, which represent respectively north and south, east and west, and front and back, unite perfectly centering on that one point, an ideal, global shape is created.
Thus in the East, there is a saying that parents and children form one body. Further, they see husband and wife, and brother and sister, forming one body. What is the basis for that traditional wisdom? It all is made possible when the three relationships form a sphere, extending in all directions centering on true love. Those relationships must form a sphere with one center. There should be only one center. Unification is possible because those relationships in reality have the same center. The relationship between God and human beings is a parent-child relationship. Thus, God and man must become one, centering on true love.
Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen, how lofty is human desire? Your mind wants to reach higher than God. No matter how lowly a person is, he or she can desire a world even greater than that of God's desire. As a beloved son or daughter of God, if you say to God, "Father, please come!", won't He come? No matter how ugly a man's wife is, if he really loves her, he naturally will follow her when she calls. With unity centering on true love, the husband will respond to his wife's beckoning, the elder will follow the younger's call, and the younger will follow the elder's call. None of them will ever want to separate from the other.
If God is alone, does He feel lonely or not? How can we know that He feels lonely? Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen, do you have love? Do you have life? Do you have sperm and eggs? Do you have a conscience? You affirm all these things, but have you seen love? Have you seen life? Have you seen lineage? Have you seen the conscience? Have you ever touched these things? You know their existence, but you cannot touch or see them. You know them only through your mind's intuition. By the same token, even though you have not seen or touched God, you cannot say that He does not exist. What is more important, that which is visible or that which is invisible? I am sure you realize that the invisible is more important than the visible. You can see and touch money, position and honor, but you cannot see or touch love, life, lineage and conscience. We all have them, so why can we not see them? It is because they are one with us. When mind and body maintain absolute balance, you do not feel them.
Do you feel your eyes blinking? Try counting your blinks for three hours. Do you count the number of breaths you take everyday? Touch the left side of your chest with your right hand. Do you feel something beating? You can feel the beating of your heart. How many times a day do you hear the sound of your heart beating? Through a stethoscope your heartbeat sounds like the explosion of a bomb. But when we are busy, we go for weeks and months without feeling that. Think about it! We immediately feel a small fly sitting on our head, but cannot feel our heart beating even when the sound of it is a hundred times greater than the lighting of a fly. It is because we are one with our own body.
You may think it rude if I share this with you, but I would like to give you an example. You use the bathroom each morning. When you defecate, do you wear a gas mask? This is not a laughing matter but a serious one. If you are near someone else defecating, you will quickly move a good distance away. But when you smell your own feces, you do not even notice it. This is because that fecal matter is one with your body. Therefore, you do not feel that it is dirty.
When you were young, did you ever taste the dried mucus from your nose? Does it taste sweet or salty? It's salty, right? Since you can answer, you must have tasted it! Why did you not feel that it was dirty? It is because it was part of your body. Reverend Moon has figured out something that no one in the world knew.
When you cough up phlegm, you sometimes swallow it, right? What about you who are here today? Have you ever had that experience? Be honest. Why do you not feel it is dirty? Because the phlegm was one with your body. We all eat three meals a day, breakfast, lunch and dinner. If you go about twelve inches down from your mouth, there is a fertilizer factory. By eating three meals a day, we are providing raw materials for fertilizer factories. After knowing that, can you still take food into your mouth with a fork and spoon? We know that there is a fertilizer factory in our stomach, but we live on without feeling its presence. Why do we not feel it? It is because we are one with it. In the same way, we have love, life, lineage and conscience, but because they are one with us in balance, we do not feel them.
Just like us, God has love, life, lineage and conscience, but He cannot feel them by Himself. Because they are completely in balance, God cannot feel them. That is why God also needs an object partner. We understand the necessity of an object partner from this perspective. When one is alone, one cannot feel oneself. But when a man appears to a woman and a woman appears to a man, the stimulation of love and lineage will erupt like lightning and thunder. You must be fully awakened about this. We have lived without knowing this truth. Man has not understood that God absolutely needs His love partner.
Then who is God's love partner? Is it a monkey? If human beings are resultant, can monkeys be the being that caused us? Can monkeys be our progenitors? Don't even talk such nonsense. In order for life to have begun from an amoeba and reach the human form, it must pass through the gates of love on thousands of levels. Does life progress automatically? Absolutely not. It is the same with all animals. The division of species is very strict. Nobody can trespass the separation of species.
If materialists who believe that monkeys are our ancestors crossbreed a human being and a monkey, do you think a new life form will emerge? It will fail no matter how many thousands of years they attempt it. Why will it not work? You must think about this.
Then what would God need? What part of your body would God need most? Your eyes? Hands? Your five senses? Within Him, God has both masculinity and femininity, but to exist as Father, His being is that of a male subject. With this in mind, would we say that God needs a love partner?
Then who or what within His creation could be His love partner? Is it man by himself? Or can woman by herself become God's love partner? What kind of partner does God want? Does God need a partner with great wealth? Does He need a partner of knowledge, or one of great authority? No, none of these things matter. God wants a love partner. Thus, centering on the place where husband and wife become one through their sexual organs, God wants to appear and meet us.
Why is that the place where man and woman become one centering on God? It is because love is absolute, and that place is where man and woman have the absolute desire to become one. Looking horizontally, man, who is plus, approaches that center, and woman, who is minus, also approaches that center. In God also, the masculine characteristic and the feminine characteristic become one as plus and minus. That union in God, as a bigger plus, becomes one with a bigger minus, namely, the union of man and woman. The question turns to the conditions by which that union can come about.
What is marriage? Why is marriage important? Marriage is important because it is the road to finding love. It is the road to creating life. It is the road where the life of a man and a woman unite into one. It is the place where a man's lineage combines with a woman's lineage. History emerges through marriage, and from marriage nations appear and an ideal world begins. Without marriage there is no meaning to the existence of individuals, nations, and an ideal world. This is the formula. Man and woman must become absolutely one. Parents and children must become absolutely one with God, love God, and live and die with God. And when they die and go to the spirit world, that is the place called Heaven. But there has been no individual, family or nation which has fulfilled that ideal; the world and humankind have not established that ideal, and for that reason the kingdom of Heaven that God desires is empty. All people who died until now fell into Hell. No one entered the Kingdom of Heaven.
From this perspective, we can see that Jesus came as Savior of humankind but could not enter the Kingdom of Heaven. He instead went to Paradise. In order to enter the Kingdom of Heaven, Jesus would have had to form a family. That is why Jesus wants to come again. Jesus was to marry, form a family, serve and live with God in that family, and then enter the Kingdom of Heaven with that family. He could not enter the Kingdom of Heaven by himself alone. Thus it is said in the Bible, "What is bound on earth is bound in Heaven, and what is loosed on earth is loosed in Heaven." We must solve the problems on earth. Since the disease was contracted on earth, it must be cured on earth.
Humankind descended from the fall. Therefore we dwell in the realm of the fall and cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven without making a foundation to rise above that realm. Man in the realm of the fall must destroy that realm no matter how difficult it is. Thus Jesus said, "Whoever seeks his life will lose it, and whoever loses his life for my sake will find it." In order to traverse this road of death, we must penetrate it and rise above by risking our entire lives.
Your families are in the realm of the fall. Your tribes and nations are the same. You must struggle and win. The fall occurred in Adam's family. Did Adam and Eve have children before or after they were chased out of the Garden? They had children after they were chased out; they created their family without any relationship to God. How can you go to the Kingdom of Heaven without knowing this? It is not conceivable; you cannot achieve the perfect ideal through ignorance. This is my warning to you.
Pray to find out whether Reverend Moon's words are true. No one knows how much hardship I endured in order to find this path. Even though I committed no crime, I suffered through six different prisons to find this path. Through this truth, I am able to straighten out and educate precious young people in the matter of an hour. Some people say that I am brainwashing youth, but in fact I am enlightening them with logical truth. Atheists have been silenced since they failed to prove scientifically and logically that God does not exist. On the other side, Christians entrap us, crying heresy because our doctrines differ, and they try to destroy us. But in this case, this so-called heretical cult is on the side of truth.
Satan hates whatever is on God's side, and God hates whatever is on Satan's side. Has anyone in the world liked Reverend Moon? You came here only on the basis of learning what Reverend Moon is doing. You did not come without knowing that.
Youth in the former Soviet Union, living in an ideological vacuum, are equipping themselves intellectually with a unification perspective through comprehensive ethics texts in middle schools, high schools, universities and even in prisons. Three thousand six hundred schools in the former Soviet Union are using such texts. They believe that my teachings provide the only way to overcome the corrupting influence of the decadent Western culture of homosexuality and free sex. They are proclaiming, "We must surpass America, which opposes Reverend Moon!" They want to move ahead of America in attending Reverend Moon.
Ladies and Gentlemen, do you like God? Would God enjoy watching Reverend Moon doing these works? Can the teaching of the Vatican harmonize with the teaching of Reverend Schuller, who also attended the Inaugural Convention of the Family Federation for World Peace? Their teachings are different. Then ask God whose teaching is true. What is the benefit of my telling you that your understanding of Jesus and Mother Mary is wrong? But you must understand one fact very clearly: Without being loosed on earth, it will not be loosed in Heaven. Reverend Moon, who knew this at an early age, has devoted his life to walking this path.
Should Jesus have married? Jesus should have married. Is Jesus a woman or a man? If there is a woman saint, would Jesus not desire to marry her? During the creation of Adam and Eve, God granted them their own sexual organs. Why would He have done that? Would God have married them when they reached maturity, or not?
The problem lies in their fall. Due to the fall, their blood lineage switched from God to Satan. Therefore, God chased them out of the Garden of Eden. Originally, Adam and Eve were to have become God's body, in the position of God's bride. The fall, in a sense, introduced a disease into God's body and ideal, as Adam and Eve acted like God's enemies. Can you imagine how much God's Heart suffered as He watched this taking place? The human fall is the grave in which you bury yourself. It was an act of expropriation. It was the root of free sex as well as the origin of individualism.
What kind of nation is America today? It has become a nation of extreme individualism, a nation whose people are pursuing private interests, over-indulging themselves, gluttonous, practicing free sex. Does God favor these things? What is the goal of such extreme individualists? They abandon Heaven and Earth, the world, the nation, society, their extended family and even their grandparents. Beyond that, they lose their parents and brothers and sisters. Therefore they live as gypsies and wander around as hippies, having no place to go when it rains and snows. So they are driven to end their lives by suicide. That is the result of individualism.
The original mind does not want to protect this extreme individualism and ridiculous exaltation of privacy. The original mind wants to live receiving love from the universe, the nation, our village and our parents. But because people walk the opposite path, their consciences become dysfunctional and they feel a contradiction with their own original mind. Thus more and more people would rather die than live, and commit virtual suicide by taking drugs. We are witnessing the truth, "You will reap what you have sown," being proven.
What seed did Adam and Eve plant in the Garden of Eden? It was the seed of free sex. Can that be denied? That is the reason they covered their lower parts. Is it not true that even children know they must cover up, for example, after having eaten the cookies hidden by their parents. This is a function of human nature. If the fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil were a literal fruit, then Adam and Eve should have covered their mouths or their hands. So, why did they hide their lower parts?
Reverend Moon is an intelligent man. I am not doing what I am doing because I am inferior to you. It cannot be denied that the fall was caused by fornication. To restore the fall of Adam and Eve, it is very logical to say that we must take a path 180 degrees different from that of the fall. We inherited a lineage on the path to Hell, due to the fall. That is why the Messiah must come.
The Messiah comes as the owner who should form the family in the Garden of Eden as originally intended by God. We must understand this clearly. It must be logical. The Messiah first should create a family which serves God. Through this family, he should establish a nation. Therefore, the family is the key. Centering on the Messiah's family, there should be an engrafting process. The problem is, "who can save me from this world of death?" That is why the opposite path is taken.
Look at the Old Testament era. The indemnification took place centering on the principle of "an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth." Look at Rebekah, the wife of Isaac. Isn't she the one who stole the blessing for Jacob by cheating her elder son, Esau, and her own husband, Isaac? Why would God love such a woman? How can we have faith in such a God? No one until now has answered these questions. Reverend Moon is the first person to provide the answers, because Reverend Moon is the only one who knows all the secrets of God.
Now, let us discover the dividing line between Heaven and Hell. Is it up in the air? Where is it? It is your sexual organ. This is a serious matter. This has turned Heaven and Earth upside down. Who can deny this? This is explained in the chapter on the human fall in the Divine Principle, the teaching of Reverend Moon. If you doubt this, ask God. You cannot reject Reverend Moon's Divine Principle, which contains content beyond your wildest dreams presented through logical explanations and in a well-ordered structure.
If you wonder whether Reverend Moon will go to Heaven or Hell, please die and go to spirit world. There you will find out. If you feel upset by my talk tonight, you could go ahead and commit suicide, and you will really find out. You have to realize that Reverend Moon overcame death hundreds of times in order to find this path. Reverend Moon is the person who brought God to tears hundreds of times. No one in history has loved God more than the Reverend Moon has. That is why even if the world tries to destroy me, the Reverend Moon will never perish. It is because God protects me. If you step into the realm of the truth Reverend Moon teaches, you also will gain God's protection.
When a sexual organ is used in the same way a blind person wanders aimlessly and without direction, it will undoubtedly lead you as its owner to Hell. By the same token, one will be led high up into Heaven when he or she uses the sexual organ according to the standard of God's absolute love. This is a clear conclusion.
Today, we face a serious youth problem, because in the Garden of Eden Adam and Eve planted the seed of free sex in the shade through their fall during their youth. In the Last Days, harvest time, there must be the worldwide phenomenon of rampant free sex among the youth.
Satan knew that the Lord of the Second Advent would come in the Last Days with the strategy to save humankind, who are in the realm of the fall, by lifting them up to the realm of absolute love, centered on God's true love. Satan cannot find any other standard of love other than free sex, as the archangel introduced in the Garden of Eden. Therefore, we see that the entire world is stripped naked and being pushed in the direction of death by free sex. All humanity is being forced to walk this path in the Last Days as the archangel's descendants. Because today's humankind descended from Adam and Eve, who fell under Satan's dominion in the Garden of Eden, Satan can boldly claim in front of God that he has a right to do whatever he will with all men and women in this world.
God knows what Satan wants. Through free sex, Satan wants to stop every last person from returning to God. In other words, Satan wants to destroy all humanity and create Hell on Earth. Is not the world in which we live today Hell on Earth? Therefore, we will find the road to Heaven by going 180 degrees opposite the direction of this Hell on Earth. When the Lord of the Second Advent comes, he will show us the 180 degrees opposite path, as a means to save the world and lead us to Heaven.
Then what is the road that is 180 degrees opposite the way of free sex? The path of free sex was laid because of the false parents. Therefore, True Parents have to come to straighten the wrong path. God cannot intervene. No authority nor any military, economic or political powers can do it. It was caused by false parents. Therefore, it takes True Parents to cut it open with a scalpel. True Parents should operate with their scalpel; that is the only way humanity can be saved.
The one who sinned has to indemnify the sin. It was in the family that a false marriage took place which corrupted the lineage 180 degrees. Therefore, True Parents must come and bestow marriage that is in a direction 180 degrees opposite, in order to open the path to Heaven.
Then, what did God expect from Adam and Eve? God expected absolute sex from them. You world leaders gathered here tonight, please learn this truth and take it back to your countries. If you start a campaign to secure absolute sex in your country, your families and your nation will go straight to Heaven. When there is absolute sex, an absolute couple will emerge automatically. Words such as free sex, homosexual and lesbian will naturally disappear.
Reverend Moon has lived an entire life overcoming a suffering path in order to initiate this kind of movement worldwide. Now the time has come for Reverend Moon to trumpet the fanfare of victory and move the entire world. Therefore, I am grateful to God.
The family sets the cornerstone on the road to world peace. The family also can destroy that road. It was Adam's family in which the destruction of the foundation of human hope and happiness took place. Therefore, when we establish the Family Federation for World Peace, the road going 180 degrees opposite the direction of the satanic world will be open, and for this we cannot help but give thanks to God. Without following this road, there is no freedom, happiness or ideal!
I wish that you would center on the absolute sexual organ, unique sexual organ, unchanging sexual organ and eternal sexual organ, and use this as your foundation to pursue God. You should realize that this foundation should become the foundation of love, life, lineage and conscience. We also have to realize that the Kingdom of God on Earth and in Heaven will begin on this foundation.
If all men and women admit that their sexual organ belongs to their spouse, we all will bow our heads and become humble when we receive our spouse's love. Love comes to you only from your partner. There is no love other than love for the sake of others. We must remember that we can find absolute love where we absolutely live for the sake of others. When you return home, you should expect to wage a war against the satanic world.
Wherever you may go, please try to spread Reverend Moon's message through television or other media. You will never perish. What force can turn around this world of Hell? It is impossible to achieve this unless our sexual organ is used in accordance with an absolute, unique, unchanging and eternal standard centering on God's true love which is absolute, unique, unchanging and eternal love. God is the original owner of the sexual organs.
Let us go forward all together for this common cause. Let us become the vanguard which will carry out God's true love. This is the very mission of the Family Federation for World Peace. Now, please go back to your homes and affirm with your spouses that your sexual organs are absolute, unique, unchanging and eternal. Proclaim that yours is truly your spouse's and what your spouse has protected so well until now is truly yours. And please pledge that you will live your life with gratitude and in eternal service to your spouse. In such families, God will dwell eternally and, centering upon them, the world-level family will begin to multiply. I sincerely hope that each of you will participate in the next marriage blessing of three million six hundred thousand couples. By doing so you will form a true family that can register in the Kingdom of God on earth.
Thank you very much.



Belvedere--International Training Center

Translator--Peter Kim, June 23, 1996

Every moment of our lives we should be aware of all that True Parents are doing. Immediately following World War II, had America accepted True Parents as the Lord of the Second Advent to humankind, the fallen history would have been reversed long ago. However, due to this failure of Christianity, Father had to
begin from scratch. During the past forty years Father has been focusing upon the four primary nations of Korea, Japan, America and Germany in God's providence. Those four primary nations were supposed to have united with the Lord of the Second Advent. However, they failed to do so and were taken by Satan. Therefore, Father has been working throughout the past forty years to bring them back to God's side.
Father began by taking Japan back to God's side. America was a nation originally chosen by God, but due its failure after World War II, God had to abandon America. In the providence of restoration, God stands in the position of the first generation and the Lord of the Second Advent to all humanity stands in the position of the second generation level. From that level Father was able to embrace America again. That is why Father came to America in order to save this nation. Otherwise, America would have been lost.
If America had united with the Lord of the Second Advent, then America would have been able to create the bride culture, the bride nation to receive the bridegroom in Christianity. Within America we can find both Catholicism and Protestantism prospering side by side. Catholicism represents the Old Testament Era and Protestantism represents the New Testament Era. Without establishing the foundation of the Old and New Testament Eras there was no way to begin the Completed Testament Era. Therefore, reluctantly, Father had to embrace America once again. Then based upon American Christianity he could establish his foundation to begin the Completed Testament Era. This is how the realms of the first, second and third Israel could be established.
As you know, Judaism was in the position of the first Israel, Christianity was in the position of the second Israel, and the Unification Church is in the position of the third Israel. In regard to this, we have to clearly understand that God's providence is the salvation of the entire humanity, not just one nation or one race. Without understanding this we will not fit into this time period known as the Completed Testament Era. In order to complete this providential time period of clean-up, there is a somewhat negative period that has to be faced. In order for us to be engrafted into the true olive tree, the wild olive trees have to be cut off. This means that you have to lose your life in order to receive new life again. Deny everything right down to the zero point.
Those who remain within the concept of the Old Testament cannot become engrafted into the true olive tree. Christians have not been fully engrafted either. The realm of Christianity is one of spiritual salvation only. There is no physical based salvation within the realm of Christianity. At the time of the Second Advent the spiritual and bodily base can be united into one and engrafted into the true olive tree. Christianity has been in the position of awaiting the coming of the bridegroom. This true person stands in the position of true man. He represents humanity's elder brother, elder parents and elder king. After the Fall elder brotherhood, elder parenthood and elder kingship were all lost. Adam was supposed to stand victoriously in all three positions.
The Old Testament represents fallen Adam's position. This means that Adam became the wild olive tree rather than the true olive tree. Therefore, Jesus came as the second Adam. He stood in the position of the Messiah with the authority to engraft all the wild olive trees into his true olive tree. The entire nation of Israel was in the position of Cain. Whereas Judaism was in the position of Abel. Without the unification of Cain and Abel the parents cannot appear. Through the unification of Cain and Abel the elder sonship can be established. The position of mother is represented by the Holy Spirit.
In order for the children of God to be reborn, it is necessary to cut away completely the Old Testament concept. This means Judaism and the Israelites are all superceded. Jesus is the only center. Through the engrafting process onto the True Adam the new beginning can come about. However, Jesus lost his physical body on the cross. The two thieves on the right and left of Jesus represented right and left wing. Judaism and the Israelites could not unite centered upon Jesus and Jesus' family. Jesus was unable to find his bride and had to go to the cross. The ascension of Jesus represents the father and husband position. The earth represents the bride position.
How difficult it is to resolve this course of restoration of the past 2000 years. After Jesus ascended into the spiritual world he descended to the earth again. By the Completed Testament Era the name of True Parents and True Children will appear on the earth. On the world base we will see the establishment of elder sonship, true parents and elder kingship. This foundation was originally lost at the family level. Therefore we have to restore this by establishing the family foundation.
No matter what circumstances prevail, the responsibility of Christianity was to receive the Lord of the Second Advent as the elder son, elder true parents and elder king of humankind. But due to their failure that foundation has been lost. The failure of Christianity took place out of ignorance. However, that does not mean that Christianity is in the position to be forgiven. Directly following World War II, Christianity was clearly in the position of the king of the world. It was the ruling power of the world, centered upon America. Since World War II there have been two major ideologies, one representing the so-called right wing and the other the left wing. They have been like the right and left arms. We need a head to control these two arms. Therefore, this is the era of headwing ideology which is connected to God.
Because of the crucifixion of Jesus this head was cut off. Therefore, the world has been unable to control these two ideologies. In the Garden of Eden, had Cain and Abel been united centered upon Adam, headwing would have been established then. Due to the failure of Adam's family, headwing could not emerge. Jesus came as the second Adam and his family became a replica of Adam's family. Since the crucifixion of Jesus, this was expanded to the worldwide scale and left and right wings have been constantly fighting one another. From Adam's family all the way down to the present time, this satanic left wing has taken over seventy percent of the power. We need to understand what the ideology of this left and right wing struggle is.
Because of Jesus' crucifixion, headwing ideology was unable to be established in his time. This caused the continued struggle between the right and left wing until today. Now the struggle is on a worldwide scale. The True Parents have now come with the headwing ideology in order to unify these struggling two powers. By unifying the left and right wing ideologies centered upon True Parents, we can restore the lost foundation of Jesus' time. This is the historical viewpoint. Historians have never been able to figure out how things came about. Only when we look at human history from the viewpoint of God's providence, this kind of result emerges.
The left wing ideology represents the occupation and destruction of the human body. The advocacy of extreme individualism and privacy are tools to destroy the human body. Satan destroyed this world without following God's direction; that is why he advocates privacy. This way, no one can investigate what is going on in the satanic world. The practice of free sex creates incredible confusion and destruction within human beings. This kind of evil practice did not come about by chance. There is an evil force behind it all. If Satan advocates the practice of free sex we can be sure that God advocates absolute sex. This means one eternal partner. Never two.
Satan's goal is to destroy this world, the world which God created in order to fulfill the ideal of love. That is why a confrontation between free sex and absolute sex exists. In the world of absolute sex our love partner is our absolute partner. Where did the concept of homosexuals and lesbians come from? Even insects and animals do not practice homosexuality. However, human beings, who were created as the highest beings in God's creation, dare to practice such evil. In the bible there is little written about free sex and homosexuality. However, this trend is growing fast in today's world. Satan has provided drugs in order to confuse people so that they become totally unaware when the Lord of the Second Advent arrives. Drug abuse totally destroys the human mind.
God desires absolute, unique and eternal love. Do we all have five senses? (Yes.) Why do they exist? Only the power of love is able to mobilize these five senses to the core. When these five senses are mobilized into one point, Father calls this the love core. Then between plus and minus at the core they make a spark which is the action of love-making. It is like lightening and thunder. When your five senses are focused on this love core, do you want to have ten focal points or one central point? (One.) Absolutely one. Through marriage, the plus and minus love pillars come together and create a spark which will light the entire world. That particular lightning and thunder of the action of love-making will light the entire world.
We have two eyes but when we look at one object we focus on one point. Even our eyes are formed in such a way. Then as husband and wife we can never look at someone else in an unprincipled way. In order to be able to enter the Kingdom of God as blessed couples, we should carry our plus and minus light pillars and create this spark, lightning and thunder throughout eternity. Without doing so we will not be able to enter the Kingdom of God. As husband and wife we know how many poles or pillars we have within our heart. One central pole for our spouse or other poles? If we have so many poles centered on so many people in the position of husband and wife, we should be considered trash cans. This represents the worst kind of hell.
When the Lord of the Second Advent came, he was supposed to save the entire humanity from Hell. However, America, centered upon Christianity, failed to recognize him. As a result of this, America has been perishing in the past forty years. It is equivalent to the Israelites at the time of Jesus. They did not receive and recognize Jesus as the Lord. Therefore, for the past 2000 years the Jewish people have been persecuted and opposed throughout the world. Likewise, America is declining to the bottom of Hell. America is in the position of the enemy nation to Reverend Moon because of this failure. But only Reverend Moon is able to apply the brakes to the downward decline of America. He has invested his sweat and blood into this country during the past twenty-two years.
If Reverend Moon had invested the same amount of effort in other countries, then many other nations could have been saved. If we totally cut off the first and second Israel nations in the process of creating the third Israel nation, they would become totally erased from human history. Therefore, Father has connected these two nations to the third Israel nation. Centered upon True Parents we have to practice a life of absolute Love, Life and Lineage. In order to do so we have to go through the process of engrafting. Likewise the first Israel nation has to be engrafted into the second. The second Israel nation has to be engrafted into the third Israel nation.
In the marriages of the world, once a bride marries she should no longer cling to the customs of her family. Rather she has to adopt the customs of her husband's family. When we are engrafted to the Lord of the Second Advent we have to abandon all of our old habits because we stand in the position of bride to the bridegroom. The husband is in the position of bones and the wife is in the position of flesh. In order to unite, there has to be only one concept between them. This is where we need the practice of absolute faith.
In the world today is man the problem or woman? Who is the major cause of the problems of the world? (Women.) Because woman is the determining point of good and evil. Women have a tendency to think about themselves first. Even after her marriage, when she visits her husband's family she usually thinks about her own situation. She tries to deny the husband's family tradition.
Do ordinary American brides have the concept of individualism or entire familyism? (Individualism.) No matter how individualistic they might become, they cannot deny that their root is the family. Also, the root of their family is the tribe, nation, world and God. Therefore, if an individual denies their whole root system they will become wasted. The individual stands in the position of leaves of the tree. When leaves fall to the ground they become fertilizer. When the individual, in the position of the leaf, is trying to live a life for the branch, trunk, and root only then might this leaf be able to bear fruit.
Ordinary Americans are very proud of advocating their individual privacy. Extreme privacy is indicative of one small corner where no one else exists. If this is their standard then they cannot face their parents or anyone else. The master of that corner is Satan. This is how Satan leads people to Hell. Because of Reverend Moon's straightforward teaching, American women are against Reverend Moon. We need to be straight and clear, not zig zagging. We often know when something is right and wrong. But we fail to make a clear distinction, and end up in a midway position. For Reverend Moon there is no middle position. He is always on the side of right, and if anything is wrong he immediately attacks that. Do you like or fear Reverend Moon? (We like him.) Is that true? (Yes.)
The only way to enter Heaven is to go through Hell and out the other side. The world that we presently belong to is the world of Hell. The only ladder that will connect us to Heaven is the other side of Hell. We pass through the tunnel of this Hell and reach to the ladder on the other side and climb up toward Heaven. [Father draws on the board] This side represents the world of evil, and the world of goodness is represented here. Therefore, Father teaches us to live a life of service for others, sacrifice and fast. It is exactly opposite to what our bodies desire. Does America belong to Heaven or Hell at this point? (Hell.) If President Clinton hears Father's speech this morning he would be offended by Father's comments. However, whom do you think God would choose, President Clinton or Reverend Moon? (Father.) Then should Reverend Moon listen to President Clinton or should President Clinton listen to Reverend Moon? (Clinton should listen to Father.) Then should the American people listen to Reverend Moon? (Yes.)
It is easy to say, but it is another thing to do it. How about your attitude? Our conscience knows clearly where we stand when it comes to our dedication and commitment to Father. Once we join the spiritual world there is no more deception. Whatever level each of you has attained spiritually on this earth is where you will dwell in the spiritual realm. For example, if you have only dedicated thirty percent to listening to Father then you will remain outside of the palace of True Parents in the spiritual world. Then you will be in the position of longing to be inside of the palace with True Parents. In the practice of the truth do you think that Father practices only ninety-nine percent or one hundred percent. (One hundred percent.) How and why? Reverend Moon's path of life has been opposed by this satanic world.
Before joining the Unification Church we sometimes stood in the position of opposing Reverend Moon. Were you trying to avoid or embrace Reverend Moon prior to joining the Unification Church? Ask your conscience? But since you have spent many years in the Church do you still try to avoid Reverend Moon? (No.) Therefore, you have changed 180 degrees. The degree to which you practice the truth that you have received from Reverend Moon, will determine your location in the spiritual world.
Do you think that Father would be seduced by beautiful Hollywood people or would he kick them away? (Kick them away.) What about all of you? Satan may utilize various tactics in order to seduce you. By observing True Father's life we can know that he is one hundred percent at one with his teachings. Father never falls into the satanic traps of this world, no matter what. The entire world has been opposing Father for many years. But now this opposing world is following Father more than opposing him. More of the bright-minded people of both North and South America are now following Reverend Moon. Do Americans, in general, fully understand parental love? Then how can they be referred to as people? Even animals demonstrate parental love in their lives. The birds and animals often sacrifice themselves in order to protect the life of their young from attack.
Individuals who cannot attain the same level as animals can hardly be referred to as human beings. No matter how proud they may be of themselves, they will fall below the animals. That is Hell. Why do you suppose that Reverend Moon makes such a strong statement against American people rather than giving comforting words? Because it is Father's responsibility to use even his force to push them to follow in the right direction. A surgeon will cut open an infectious wound in order to heal the patient, even if it might be painful.
Therefore, Father will not tell Unificationists to take care of themselves and their families. Rather he will push you to take the more difficult path for the sake of others. When Father gave us the Blessing, it was for the happiness of our couple and our children. Yet when we see the nation of America and the entire world decaying we cannot live for our family's happiness alone. Reverend Moon's teaching is crystal clear. Individuals should sacrifice for the sake of the family, the family should sacrifice for the nation, and the nation for the sake of the entire world. Even though, in the future, there will be tens of millions of Blessed couples throughout the world, if they all have to be sacrificed for the entire world then Father will tell them so. That is how we will be able to liberate God and build the Kingdom of God on the Earth.
If the entire population of America begins to sacrifice themselves for the sake of the entire world then America will only prosper. It will stand forever as the central nation. Reverend Moon understands this secret very well. Reverend Moon's thinking has always been clear. He knows that he has to sacrifice his own life for the sake of the entire world. Also, true family have been sacrificed in many ways. Since the true family came to America they have had to deal with unnecessary persecution and suffering.
Next year the 3.6 million couples Blessing will take place. That means 7.2 million people. After this, almost 30 million people will be blessed. Father is thinking of offering all of these people for the sake of the entire world. Is that the correct way or the wrong way? (Right way.) That is because God thinks in that way. As parents are you willing to crucify your children on the cross if that is the course you need to walk? God has been walking such a path. At the time of Abraham God instructed him to sacrifice Isaac. If necessary, the entire Unification Church membership will be used as an offering in order to save the entire world. That is the path of saints and holy sons and daughters. Those of you here this morning who truly welcome from your hearts Father's teaching of this sacrificial way of life, show your hands to Father. You all raised your hands. That is amazing to see. Even after showing your hands, what percentage of those present will truly follow that path?
If your mission becomes a little more difficult than those of others and you begin to compare yourself with others instead of marching ahead, your offering becomes stained. Do you want to belong to a group of people who are constantly comparing their situation with other people, or just marching forward, looking straight ahead? (Marching forward.) Father has seen so many hundreds of people come here on Sunday mornings who have pledged themselves before Father, but many have forgotten their pledge as soon as they leave Belvedere. This is the standard of people whom Father has experienced. What if Father commands you all to pack and leave for Africa. Will each of you sitting here do so immediately? We always procrastinate in the face of Heaven's direction to us. If this is our thinking then we are no different than the disciples who sold Jesus. Many Unification Church leaders and members come to Father only in order to receive something from Father. What is the meaning of money? If you continue to follow money you will lose your lives. We don't need knowledge, fame and power.
Do you think that Father has been following money, fame, power and knowledge or God's truth? (God's truth.) His life has been opposing and denying all of these external things. However, now people regard Father as the most powerful, wealthy and deepest thinking man in the world. This all naturally followed. Reverend Moon is being admired in every aspect of life. Recently in Argentina we exhibited Father's life course at the Exposition there. There is no field which Father has not touched and become successful in. Consequently, everyone regards Father as a worldwide figure now. Father has initiated through WACOM varies fields of technology in Germany and Japan. Even in America through WRIST we have dealt with NASA. Highly qualified technicians recognized Father's contribution in their fields. God, together with Reverend Moon, helped those individuals involved in these organizations to become successful.
Let us return to this morning's topic, The Grand Clean Up Period in the History of Good and Evil. In order to accomplish this grand clean up of the history of the world we have to be determined to go all the way to the end of the world in order to pay indemnity. Without doing so we will not be able to achieve this goal. This is the position that we are now standing in. There is up and down, front and rear, and right and left. Where is the good side? [Father draws on the board to illustrate this point] Good is up, down is evil, right is good, left is evil, front represents good and rear represents evil. It is always relative.
Those self-centered individuals who feel proud of themselves are not good people. We have to realize that those who hold high positions of power may not be qualified to hold such positions. Those leaders may disappear in the future and others, more qualified will replace them. If the American people were living their lives for the sake of God and, at the same time I am doing my absolute best to lead my life for the sake of God, and if the degree of devotion and sacrifice I offer is greater than the American people's offering, then I will go beyond America. [Father draws a diagram on the board] If your position is down here [indicating to the board] and there are leaders who are proud of themselves here, it means that you are down in the area of evil, paying indemnity, but if your devotion and sacrifice is greater than these leaders you will automatically exceed them.
At the present time, many Native Americans are living on welfare from the government. Some people accuse the government of providing money and liquor to Native American Indians, encouraging them to drink and become hopeless. Yet if Native American Indians truly understood the purpose of their lives, and were able to devote themselves for the sake of America more than white Americans are doing, they could immediately jump above white Americans. However, they don't understand this principle. It would mean that even if America were to perish someday, the Native American Indians would be preserved. Black Americans and Native American Indians claim that white Americans are doing only evil and should be banished. But instead of criticizing they should simply devote themselves more for the sake of America and they would naturally prevail.
Reverend Moon brought members here from the former enemy nations of America and had them serve this country. They have endured persecution for the sake of the salvation of America. Because they followed Reverend Moon and came to America and devoted themselves for the sake of this nation, in the future they will be the ones to inherit the tradition and sovereignty of America. Since coming to America, Reverend Moon has been the leading force to unite all the various ideologies, in particular, the various denominations of Christianity. Reverend Moon created The Washington Times and the University of Bridgeport in order to lead the media and academic fields. By doing so, Reverend Moon has truly devoted so much for the sake of saving America. Now all those brilliant Americans will naturally follow and respect him. Eventually, the entire nation will be turned around through this. (Applause.)
We must understand that those who shed their tears and blood for the sake of the public purpose will become the mainstream of human history. They will become the central people and central nation. This is the path of truth. The reason why Reverend Moon could prevail in spite of six different imprisonments in his life, is because he has strictly followed the path of the true providence. He doesn't concern himself with whatever persecution comes because he has been busy with the providence. The solving of the problems of unification of North and South America, how to bring about equalization among all of the nations in terms of technology and wealth--all of these concerns have been carried by Reverend Moon throughout his life. Therefore he is always in haste along this path of providential truth.
Father realizes that the American membership as it is now, is not good enough to save this nation of America, because American members have not inherited Father's spirit. This is the problem. Therefore, Father desires to push you even further. In order to feel the true gratitude of finding your hometown, you have to be chased out from your hometown and then finally you will return in victory and glory. At that time you will truly appreciate your hometown. When you are chased out from your hometown and your heart is filled with love for every aspect of that place, then someday when you return again, you will revive all of those memories and feel true gratitude. Otherwise, if you leave your hometown with no feeling of attachment, even if you return someday, you will feel very little.
Imagine the persecution and opposition that Reverend Moon has received because he has initiated the matching and Blessing transcending religious, cultural, national and racial traditions. Your physical parents and relatives have all opposed the path of this wedding, but still we all stood up strongly and received the Blessing.
Those Japanese wives who have American husbands did not receive the Blessing in order that you might just live in this country. That is not the reason for your Blessing. You have to understand that Father desires to see you Japanese wives, together with your American husbands, be successful here in America. More successful than anyone who opposed you when you left your home country. Then with victory and glory you will finally be able to return to your hometown and offer your accomplishments.
Those American husbands who are blessed to African wives should be more than willing to go to your wife's country and live there together and win the victory in that humble nation. That is the kind of tradition Father desires to see. Then this nation of America will prosper. This kind of tradition is very purposeful and important. American society is decaying daily through lack of principle and discipline. But this kind of model American husband who is willing to go to Africa and live the life of principle there and set the new heavenly tradition will be the saving grace for America. If we truly practice this way of life, following the heavenly tradition by sacrificing ourselves, then in the near future new heavenly art and literature will emerge from such people. This will usher in a new heavenly world. However, Father sees many internationally blessed couples who want to come and live here in America for their own comfort. Where can we find the seeds of new literature and art among these kind of people?
Only based upon the foundation of those couples who are able to devote themselves for the sake of God following the teaching of Reverend Moon, and becoming model couples who inherit heavenly tradition, can we expect the birth of new heavenly art and literature. As the children of such couples are born, generation after generation, the new heavenly world will emerge. The American husbands who go to Africa may encounter millions of different kinds of husbands there. However, they should be able to create and demonstrate what the standard of the new American husband should be. If such American husbands demonstrate their devotion and true love to their African wives, they will become the king of all other husbands. Once Americans establish such a foundation, America will never perish. Those of you who have received international marriages, show your hands to Father. What are you all doing now? You live here because it is a more comfortable place to live. However, your mission is to leave this nation and go out to the third world and live your lives for those people there. That should be your thinking. Until you have such thinking, do you expect Father to leave you alone or to push you out? (Push us out.) Your attitude is the problem.
No one has understood how much indemnity Father has had to pay in order to give the blessing to all of these couples. Those who receive matching through picture only demonstrate a very high level of faith. Do you imagine that it comes naturally? Father conducts such matchings based upon experience and intuition. He does not do so randomly. Father's hand knows which picture he should pick up. Even if Father wants to pick a particular man, sometimes his hand is moved to another man. God leads Father's hand. Therefore Father takes responsibility. No one knows that. People accuse Father of lying. When Father proclaims that a particular couple will enjoy happy lives, it is true. That is the kind of tradition Father has established. Even though he is requested to continue to make matchings by pictures, Father will eventually stop even picture matching.
Just think about the gap between the lives of secular American couples who, before marriage live together in order to test one another out. Then after marriage over sixty percent of Americans divorce. But with Father's Blessing, even without knowing each other's names, just by picture alone, you live happy lives. How great is the gap between these two examples. If we say that Unification couples are standing in a top gun position, then the secular American couples will belong to the bottom of Hell. This is a logical conclusion. No one can deny this fact.
The purpose of our marriage is for the grand clean up of the history of good and evil. What else is more important than this? Shed your tears in this country. When you left your home your parents and family all opposed you. Many of you left your homes and your parents in tears. Now you are in America with your husbands, raising your children here. Therefore, you have to make sure that you create an exemplary couple and family. Then upon your return to your parents you will be received as a victorious couple. The time will come when the nations with the most mixed races will gain the most respect. The nations of Japan, Germany and America are the main countries who have opposed the Unification Church. Isn't this true? (Yes.) But America is now turning around. America is in the position of the Archangel country. The nations in the parental positions are Korea and Japan, Adam and Eve countries.
On the Asian continent, the exemplary Christian country is Korea. Japan represents the country of mixed religions. One cannot find Christian tradition in Japan. It is not easy to unite these two nations, one having a strong Christian tradition and the other a nation of mixed religions. Korean Christians who go to live in Germany and America still continue to oppose the Unification Church on foreign territory. The majority of Japanese still oppose the Unification Church. The same is true for America. Actually, the American people, in general, were influenced by Korean Christians who came to America. Without knowing all of the details, American Christians were tricked, in a way, by Korean Christians and they opposed Reverend Moon. They even placed Reverend Moon in prison. But after all they came to realize that Reverend Moon did not do any wrong.
It was Satan's strategy to combine Christianity and Communism in order to oppose Reverend Moon. For forty years Reverend Moon kept quiet, just as God has been silent. While Satan was claiming that God was dead, Reverend Moon has been silent, because Reverend Moon realized that God has been opposed throughout history for thousands and thousands of years. Therefore, Reverend Moon took the same position as God for forty years, because if God is in the position of mind, Reverend Moon is in the position of body. Whatever happens, the mind and body should move as one.
Whenever Reverend Moon received extreme persecution or was even physically beaten, he felt this is the way that he could embrace the children of the satanic world and endured it. In such circumstances Father was always offering his love in order to turn people around 180 degrees. Once the American people fully realize the mistake they have made in persecuting and imprisoning Reverend Moon, they will turn around 180 degrees and follow him even leading. As Unification Church members we must understand that Reverend Moon and Unificationists have been sacrificed for the sake of the American people. Therefore, one day they will turn around completely to the side of Heaven. We must understand that as long as we maintain Father's tradition with each generation, then in the near future, the fact that Father was unjustly persecuted will become the exploding point for all American young people to unite together and follow the Divine Principle.
Just as it was the power of Rome that crucified Jesus, eventually, in the center of Rome, the Vatican now stands. By the same token in the midst of this America, the nation which has opposed Reverend Moon the most, is the very place where God's sovereignty may be established in the future. That is the blessing from God. We have to understand this. (Applause.) We must never forget that we have to shed more blood, sweat and tears in this country than Reverend Moon has done. You have to do so for the sake of your nation and in particular for the sake of the coming generations, in order that they might save this nation. Reverend Moon has been shedding tears, blood and sweat here and we have to do more than he in order to be able to firmly establish the heavenly tradition in this nation of America for the coming generations. It is certain that the grand cleaning period in the history of good and evil is coming. This will begin the history in which Western people will be on their knees for thousands of years in front of Reverend Moon.
If you shed more tears and sweat for the sake of America, then your tradition, your tears, will set the standard to lead and cover the entire world in the future. We have to draw a formula from this topic. Those people who live for the sake of themselves will become more evil. Those people who live for the sake of others will become even more good. If America tries to become the most powerful nation for its own sake, it will decline into an evil country. Whereas, if America is willing to sacrifice and devote herself for the entire world, even to the lowest level, then America will become the central nation of the world.
In the Old Testament era, those centered upon Judaism believed that once they received the Messiah then Israel would become the most powerful nation of the world. That was their expectation. They didn't realize that God's desire was not for Israel alone, but rather for the entire world. In the New Testament era, the same phenomenon took place. The Christians believed that when the Lord comes again on the clouds, only they will be lifted up and enjoy Heaven and all other people of the world will suffer.
If the entire world population is 5.3 billion, Christians make up only 1 billion of that population. That means they are just one-fifth of the world's population. What they don't realize is that God is willing to sacrifice 1 billion Christians in order to save the entire 5.3 billion people of the world. Christians don't realize this fact, but we realize it. The entire world has to be sacrificed for the entire cosmos, the cosmos for the sake of God. That is the principle. This is God's viewpoint. As long as America fails to follow God's formula, even if America conquers the entire world, from within America itself the decay will take place and America will perish.
Who is able to save this situation? Only Reverend Moon is able to resolve this tragedy. Since establishing the Washington Times Foundation Reverend Moon has enough strings to pull among influential people. Yet Reverend Moon abandoned all of this and went to South America to begin from scratch again. Within one year Reverend Moon has established a foundation in South America almost equal to the foundation established in America during the past twenty-two years. We must understand that in the history of South America they cannot ignore what he has contributed toward the development and prosperity of the South America continent. Since last December until May of this year alone, Reverend Moon has spent more than $10 million just for educational purposes in South America. Have you donated toward that cost? America is in the position to do so. If America fails to do so then the country that does so in place of America will receive the blessing instead. God is fair.
Father is warning you American members not to be proud of yourselves. You have the responsibility to restructure Hollywood and the gambling facilities in Las Vegas and other places. We have to eliminate all of this. Prostitution has to be eliminated also. You women want to change your clothing every day. The animals don't change their clothing every day. We have to learn a lesson from them. It is good to have people sell their excess clothing and donate the money to those people who are starving. That is good. Every day up to 60,000 people are dying of starvation. Mothers who have many children are all dying together because of lack of food. Yet we Americans do not feel their sorrow and pain as we sit here comfortably. That is why we are in the position to receive punishment. But Father has been preparing to save these people for the past thirty or forty years. Father even tells Mother that when she goes to the bathroom, only flush the toilet after three times of use. This way we can conserve water.
By saving money in this way Father wants to give money to Africa. If you maintain this kind of tradition and spirit in your house then your family will prosper. When Father returns home he takes off his socks. The reason he does so is to save the wear and tear on his socks. When Father stays at hotels for public speeches, these hotels provide good and luxurious towels in all different sizes. Father never touches the large towels. He only uses the small towel and wash cloth. He leaves the others untouched. American people waste far too much. How can we compensate for this kind of waste. While we are wasting this kind of material in our lives here, millions of people are dying. How can we compensate for this?
When Father speaks to you like this for many hours his underclothes become completely soaked. Yet if Father keeps them on for a few hours in a cool place they dry out and he can wear them for three days without changing. Mother notices that and takes them away from Father to put in the laundry bag. But Father sometimes goes there and takes the clothing out again. That is the kind of spirit Father is explaining to you here. Father doesn't care what others think of him for wearing underwear for several days without changing. His motivation is to save the world. Do you understand this spirit?
Even though people send gifts to Father he doesn't even want to open them. Father keeps them for the future purpose of giving them to the people in need. When Father moved from the old building at East Garden to the new building, Father realized that there were so many boxes of gifts still untouched. Eventually Father shares them with other people. That kind of family will prosper. Father never forgets about those twenty million people who are dying of starvation every year, particularly in the African continent. Twenty-four hours a day he wants to be reminded of that tragedy of humankind. Whenever he goes out fishing he looks at the fishing pole and thinks about how to solve this problem. That is Father's life. That is why Father wants to catch as many fish as possible in order to save them. The ocean has the solution to this problem.
Last week Father was in a small section of Kodiak island. Father continued to fish even in very bad weather conditions. Yet other leaders tried to take a moment to rest and escape from the hard work for a while. Father, who is almost eighty years of age, still kept on going. Father said that younger people do not understand Father's motivation for continuing on no matter what. As long as the leaders around Father can inherit the tradition and spirit from Father of doing such tenacious work for the sake of the world, then that particular place will become a holy place which will expand to the entire world. The place where Father's deep heart and spirit has been invested becomes a very holy place. Whatever Father does is always with the future in mind. Father's desire is to save the suffering people of the world.
The powerful nations in history went out and explored new territories and exploited these new continents and became even richer as a consequence. For example, the nation of Great Britain, at a certain point in history, went out to the world. Of course they did good and helped people, but they also exploited other countries and became a super nation. Out of that they have established the Commonwealth of Nations. In the British Museum there are thousands of items which were plundered from other nations exhibited there. Is that true? (Yes.) In many cases these items were simply stolen. Father doesn't want to see that happening anymore. That is why Father wants to organize these island nations and educate them properly. Father doesn't want to see those island nations becoming influenced by modern nations' immorality.
Since Japan has not fulfilled its responsibility well enough, Father is thinking of sending out Japanese families to the entire world and have them help the weak and poor island nations. A few years ago, Father mobilized 1,600 Japanese missionary women to go out to the world. Ten missionaries in 160 nations. But this time Father plans to mobilize 16,000 Japanese Blessed couple missionaries and send them out to the world. That means 100 missionaries to each nation. The nation of Japan has the responsibility to save the world. Therefore, even if they have to sell their homes and all their possessions, they should do that. But Japan is now neglecting this responsibility and so Father is sending the Japanese Blessed couples out. Through these Japanese Blessed couples Father intends to save the world. In order to do this, Father wants to organize and unite the island nations of the world so that they can work together harmoniously with the Japanese missionaries.
Throughout history it was usually the island nations that were conquered by the greater world powers. Because these islands were isolated they were easy prey. After the conquering of the island nations the next stage was the peninsula nations. After Father forms the Federation of Island Nations for World Peace, the next stage will be the Federation of the Peninsula Nations for World Peace. In order to accomplish this, in Kodiak Father re-shuffled our worldwide leadership. Many top leaders have been changed in Korea and America as well as worldwide. Father did this two days ago. In the near future, centering upon the Korean peninsula and Italian peninsula, the Federation of Peninsula Nations for World Peace will be inaugurated.
From the providential viewpoint, in order to utilize the United Nations organization and transform the entire world, we need a certain power base or organization which can be used to deal with the United Nations. That is why Father is now creating the Federation of Island Nations for World Peace, consisting of fifty-seven island nations. The founder of this particular Federation is Reverend Moon, not the United Nations. There are about twenty peninsula nations around the world. Father will also organize these nations. There are six continents which will be formed into a Federation as well.
On the African continent alone there are fifty-one nations. Father will form a Federation of Continental Nations of Africa so that they may stand as a strong force to deal squarely with the European continent. The South American continent already favors Father's ideas. Father intends to propose the Federation of the North and South American Continents. If powerful countries oppose Father's ideas, they will be excluded. The purpose of establishing such federations is for the sake of world peace. The leaders of some of the powerful nations may criticize Reverend Moon by accusing him of trying to become a dictator of all of these smaller nations. However, Reverend Moon's motivation is quite different. Father has always given you the freedom to choose and has been teaching you how to let your conscience guide you. Father has never practiced dictatorship over Unificationists.
Whatever Reverend Moon has initiated has always been successful. He is the one leading humanity toward peace. Therefore, the atmosphere is now one where people feel that they should follow Reverend Moon's example. In the near future the thirty-two nations of the South American continent will be totally united together centered upon Reverend Moon. The same will be true of the African nations. They know that for the past twenty years Father has been devoting himself to building oceanic enterprises in order to provide enough food for starving people. The fish powder that has been developed under Reverend Moon's direction is constantly being sent to the African continent. Reverend Moon may propose to the leaders of the African nations to unite the fifty-one nations in order to protect the raw materials and resources of the African continent which have hitherto been taken by the developed nations. Rather, Reverend Moon will encourage them to maintain and protect their natural resources in order to build a prosperous Africa.
Once the leaders of these African nations realize that Reverend Moon has enough power, knowledge and truth to teach the entire European continental leadership and nations, then the African leaders will unite with Reverend Moon and lead the European continent. Once Father organizes these federations, based upon six different continents, then he will ask the United Nations, "what are the powerful and developed nations doing?" The United Nations has been supported by the various nations of the world and billions of dollars have poured into the United Nations from around the world. However, that money has been wasted by the Communist spies who infiltrated the United Nations organizations, taking over various positions. Therefore, Father intends to clean up this mess within the United Nations. He intends to educate the leadership of the free world so that they become aware of what has been happening within the United Nations and set the correct course.
A certain level of friction exists right now between the United States and the United Nations. Centering upon the Republican Party leadership, the American government doesn't want to pay annual dues to the United Nations, which amounts to over a billion dollars. The United Nations opposes such an action because they want that subsidy. Therefore, Reverend Moon is the one who is mediating between these two in order to solve this problem. Do you understand? Reverend Moon has that much power in America. (Applause.) Who raised Reverend Moon to the level he is now standing? God's grace. In order to save this nation of America it has to be turned around 180 degrees. Who can tackle this job? Only Reverend Moon can do it. The American government and all of its various organizations is unable to accomplish this. The Christian world is unable to do this. Only Reverend Moon and the Unification community is able to accomplish this task.
Father has proposed to the United Nations that they must recognize the Religious Federation for World Peace, the Women's Federation for World Peace, the Youth Federation for World Peace and the Federation for the World Student Organization. If the United Nations officially recognizes these four organizations, which were founded by Reverend Moon, then Reverend Moon is willing to indemnify the debt which the United Nations is carrying. No problem. About seventy-five percent of the world's population belongs to various religions. If they all come forward and contribute to solving the United Nations debt it will be an easy task. Father may propose that all the salaried officials of the world contribute one-third of their pay checks to save the world for a period of three years. Then the world's problems can be solved. In the free world, if they were to donate one-third of their pay checks for three years they still could survive.
If anyone opposes this suggestion, then Father will show the accounting of how many billions of dollars he has spent for various causes and silence them. If Father's idea is accepted by the world, do you think there is a possibility of uniting the entire world? (Yes.) Fifty years from now, no matter how sad you may feel, Father will be in the spiritual world. By then, at least two-thirds of the presidents of the world will be Unification Church members. (Applause.) For two thousand years Christianity achieved the goal of one billion people who became Christians. But that leaves over four billion people still living in poverty. If these four billion people recognize the help they have received from Reverend Moon and become inspired by the truth of the Divine Principle, then spiritually, as well as physically, they will be helped. They will become lifted up and eventually become Reverend Moon's supporters and Unification Church members.
The World Convention of the Federation of the Island Nations for World Peace took place June 16-19 in Tokyo. This Federation was initiated in Tokyo several days ago. Father has given direction to the Federation officials to mobilize ten top-level official representatives from each island nation of the forty island nations. Then these four hundred island nation leaders will gather in Tokyo on July 1. After this process, Father will send them back to their nations and expect them to inspire the leadership of all the island nations through utilizing the media organizations. Through this process, instantly the forty island nations will become well educated.
We are not talking about a dream here. This is a practical reality. Many of those small island nations really envy the power, ability and influence that Father has under his wing. Most especially the truth that Father has. In the nation of Laos in Southeast Asia, Father is planning to contribute to the development of the infrastructure of the nation of Laos. Airports, railroad systems, hospitals, factories and harbors are being planned and built through Father's company. Don't you think that Father has that kind of ability? (Yes.) Once those former Communist nations turn around and realize that Reverend Moon has been helping his enemy nation of America all these years, they will immediately realize Father's value and truth. That is why a nation such as Laos has invited Father to contribute to the development of their nation.
Since this worldwide boom has been taking place, do you all want to remain sitting in your seats here as spectators, or do you want to participate in this providence? (Participate.) Those of you who are truly determined to participate in such a providence, raise your hands. How about Western ladies with floppy hairstyles? Are you still willing to participate? (Yes.) Then you must be crazy. The secular world claims that you are all crazy. (Crazy for Father.) (Applause.) There is no time this morning to go into too many details, but on a worldwide scale we have completed the realm of Elder Sonship, and the realm of True Parentship. We are now entering into the era of Kingship. The entire world is reaching to that era. The era of Kingship on a worldwide scale means that we have to harmonize the nations of the world. That is why Father is now initiating the Federation of Island Nations for World Peace.
There are approximately 194 nations in the world. Of these nations, 184 are UN membership countries. Once the 100 Japanese missionaries are sent to 184 nations these missionaries will center themselves upon mobilizing all of the ambassadors of each nation. If we deal with all of the embassies in every nation of the world just imagine the degree of influence that can be asserted. From the four major nations, beginning with Korea as the Adam nation, Japan as the Eve nation, America as the Abel nation and Germany as the Cain nation, Blessed couples will be mobilized to be sent out to 184 nations of the world. That means 536 couples out of these four nations will be sent out to the world. If America doesn't have enough Blessed couples to be sent out, then Great Britain and France will provide a certain portion of these. If Germany cannot provide 184 Blessed couples to be sent out, then Italy will help Germany to reach their quota. If this happens, there will be seven different nationalities involved to represent God and True Parents. That means we can have seven different embassies in each nation to deal with.
Once they go out as True Parents' representatives then we will all promote the True Family Movement, Purity Movement and True Love Movement. Adam and Eve lost their purity. Based upon that, they lost the true family. Therefore, they could not practice True Love. Those couples from the seven nationalities that are sent out will all come under one leadership of True Parents. As a family unit they will stand in the position of national messiahs. Once Father sends out these national messiahs to 184 countries of the world, then based upon that, the world Messiah can sit. That is the way we will complete the restoration of Kingship. This will be the starting point of the Kingdom of God on Earth. Once we have been selected to be sent out to these 184 nations, we will become the original ancestors of that particular country. These representatives have to be absolutely united with one another centered upon Korean and Japanese leaders who stand in the position of parents, Adam and Eve.
Father has been promoting the so-called "hobby centered" industries and countries. When these representatives are sent out, Father wants them to build condominium structures where the four different national couples can dwell together and demonstrate their harmony and unity with one another. When they make money they have to share that money equally in order to educate their children and live harmoniously with one another. If they cannot accomplish this, then when they go to the spiritual world they will be isolated.
In the future do you imagine that America will still maintain senior citizens homes? In our families, grandparents, parents and children have to live together in harmony. Centered upon yourself, you need your upper position, your parents, yourself and your children as well as left and right, front and rear in order to protect you. You have to be supported by these four different directions and positions. Koreans, Japanese, Americans and Germans are all very different from one another. They represent four different directions. But we have to be united. Without making the foundation of digesting former enemy nations and uniting together in harmony, you can never build the Kingdom of Heaven on the Earth. This is very clear.
We need heavenly sovereignty in order to begin heavenly registration. Just as we have birth, marriage and death certificates, we also need heavenly citizenship. There are tens of thousands of Blessed couples all over the world but we do not have this heavenly registry. Our registration needs to be renewed. This is why Father is telling us that there has to be an international exchange. Following the order of the registration, the international exchange will take place. Maybe the people from the northern hemisphere will have to move to the southern hemisphere and vice versa. The world has reached the stage where geographically it is no different wherever you may live in terms of enjoying the benefit of the modern culture and technology. This is due to the computer technology.
The Washington Times has become the focal point of the conservative based media of the world through the Internet. The entire world is now subscribing to the Washington Times through the Internet. (Applause) Even the Washington Post and the New York Times are trailing. Father is a smart man. Father is trying to help you to create a second Reverend Moon out of your husbands. Father is also trying to help you find Reverend Moon within your in-laws. Once these representative national messiahs are sent out to the world they will have to be really tenacious in dealing with the various embassies. If the embassy doesn't have enough power, knowledge and money to provide to the new business people from that embassy's nation, maybe our national messiahs should be able to provide the means to help. Because Reverend Moon has everything it should not be a problem.
These ambassadors often don't have too much work to do. If you invite them to lunch they will come. If 184 nations receive 100 Japanese missionaries each, then if the families of these missionaries desire to obtain the nationality of that particular nation, they have the potential to become the governors and presidents of those nations. Maybe even United Nations ambassadors. Therefore, Father selected college graduates and very beautiful Japanese sisters to send as representatives to these nations. Everyone likes Japanese women. Isn't this true? (Yes.) Even in America we can see many Japanese faces.
In 1975, over twenty years ago, when Father sent out the first missionaries to 120 nations, he gave them the clear direction to be absolutely united with one another. However, they were not really successful at that level. Now at the family missionary level Father is again sending out representatives from these four nations to 184 nations.
In 1975 the missionaries were from Japan, Germany and the United States. They were all sent out on an equal basis and directed by Father to unite with one another. However, they had problems at the Cain and Abel level. They all argued with one another as to who should stand in the position of Abel. This is why they had difficulty to succeed in their mission. Now in the Completed Testament Age the family units are being sent out. The nations of Korea and Japan stand in the position of Adam and Eve, father and mother. Therefore, a hierarchy exists of parents and children. Now there can be no fighting. The family settlement can take place without any problem. No nation will be able to oppose that foundation.
Father has already established enough foundation in the world. Now it is a matter of organization. On the African continent there are many heads of states and tribal chiefs who welcome Reverend Moon. The time has come when we can deal with the heads of states all over the world. We can even deal with the United Nations. Therefore, Unification Church members must be able to speak more than one language. You should master at least three languages. Do you understand? (Yes.) The Unification Church will be recognized as the organization with the most female diplomats in the world. Once we have 100 missionaries established in each nation, those women missionaries will play the role of diplomats. Each missionary will be far superior to other diplomats in their country.
Since the nation of Japan is officially opposing Reverend Moon, when these 16,000 families are mobilized, they will have to sell their homes and property and move to those countries. The rest of the families within Japan may be called by Father to move to South America. Why should they remain in the nation which opposes our church? Therefore, Father has organized the Federation of the Island Nations for World Peace. The next stage will be the formation of the Federation of Peninsula Nations for World Peace. The shape of a peninsula represents a man's sexual organ. If the Federation of Island Nations stands in the position of a woman's sexual organ and the Federation of Peninsula Nations is in the position of a man's sexual organ, then they become united. Because the Fall resulted from the misuse of man and woman's sexual organs, in the time of the Completed Testament Age, these Federations of Peninsula Nations and Island Nations must become united into one in order to restore the failure of Adam and Eve's fall. This time is coming.
As Father mentioned earlier, the inauguration of the Federation of Island Nations for World Peace took place from June 16-19 in Tokyo. At that time Father delivered the Founder's message at this event. I would like to invite one representative of the Commonwealth Nations to read this message. Please welcome Michael Balcombe of Great Britain, who will read Father's message to us. (Applause.)