Belvedere, New York Translated by Peter Kim 1st March, 1990

As Unification Church members, we have a habit of using the words "True Parents." They are not just simple words, there is deep meaning in them. Throughout history or from any museum you visit, True Parents will be the easiest words to remember, but we are the only people who know that term and use it. Think about the history of Christianity. For 2000 years, people have known that Adam and Eve fell. It is obvious for them to figure out that they lost true parents and have had only false parents, but no one ever came up with this term True Parents. Only Father came and discovered it and taught it. There might have been some people who guessed that the original parents should have been good, but since the contents of the Divine Principle and the meaning of True Parents were never known until Father came and showed them, no one dared declare the term True Parentism.
It is an astounding event that Father came up with the secret to all the contents of human history and

Divine Principle. It is extraordinary, not a common event. Once you understand the meaning of True Parents you will understand mankind's parents up to this point have had a false blood lineage, not a blood lineage from God. That is the meaning within True Parents. It is a miracle! An astounding event! The words "True Parents" say that we have cut off the fallen blood lineage from Satan and immediately inherit true life, love and lineage from God. That is in the meaning of the words "True Parents." The term True Parents immediately explains that since man takes after Gods image, like God, who has life, love and lineage, we also inherit that from God. Originally our inheritance would last forever.
God is like a root connection to the blood lineage for our life. When we say we live, it means we're directly connected to God centered on true life, love and lineage. We have God tagging along with us wherever we go. We must have that absolute concept in our daily life. Though we say we inherit God's true love, life and blood lineage, it doesn't mean it is for our sake. It is for the sake of others. We have to live for the sake of others, that is the root of it.
Is anyone here thinking you want a love partner who is uglier than you, or children uglier than you? No. Everyone is seeking someone better than themselves. Where do you inherit that kind of mind and thinking? We are a result, not a cause. Since we think that way, God who is the cause must also be thinking that way. By the same token, since we think this way, God must be hoping for us to be even better than God. Better in what way, centered on what? True love. To prove that, even when God first created Adam and Eve, he held nothing back, He gave everything and more. Because of that, we inherited that heart. Even in this mundane world, people say they will give their life for the sake of love. That is true love. God was willing to give up everything, life and love when He created mankind
In other words, God created a true object and gave everything for the sake of that true object, not for His sake. So we, as created by God, must be that way. God created for the sake of man, not Himself God gave everything, so now has nothing. Even if His side of things is vacant, He wants to give more and that force creates a spinning movement. In electricity you see plus and minus. Minus moves to plus first and causes movement, not plus to minus first. Plus gives everything, then there is nothing left but receiving power which initiates rotation.
This universe was created centered on true love. That is living and giving for others, not for your sake. If we truly inherit God's attributes one hundred percent, you will be like God. You could not imagine thinking of yourself, but only living and doing for others. In the original world God created, we should have existed for others, not ourselves.
What is the fall? Exactly the opposite. Centered on the self, you seek love saying, "Love me" and "Give me." This caused heaven and earth to separate. God and Satan were divided. That is the cause. Because of it fallen people have their minds and bodies always separated. We didn't know why our bodies and minds were always struggling and fighting, but now we know. The biggest revolution for mankind is clearing, finishing and stopping the battle between the mind and body of mankind. Who is Satan? Satan is the object who thinks all exists for his sake. We inherited life, love and blood lineage from Satan so we have to clear and terminate it.
Every individual is like a one hundred year old tree rooted in that kind of selfish foundation. Can you pull your own tree out of the ground? No. In order to solve the mind and body problem, God created religions throughout history. God created religion to punish the body and put the mind above it. Your body is your enemy. Your body pulls you to hell. Your mind is trying to stop your body from being pulled. Where are you now? You know well.
So you understand clearly where you stand. You know if you are headed for heaven or hell. Who pulls you to hell? Your body, which is seeking comfort and easy works with its selfish motives. Now we have to attack and beat the body. For this reason religions teach fasting, prayer vigils and to stay away from sex. This is universal truth. All religions teach it. Ever since man was created, all sexual behavior and relationships have been centered on Satan. Not one single action took place centered on God. That is why I declare all sexual desire and behavior mankind practiced centered on Satan. Therefore whatever sexual activity you do is destroying yourself and not helping you.
Satan has three major weapons to destroy mankind. Food, sleeping, which means living comfortably or seeking an easy life and using sex freely and abusing it. That is why all religions teach to eat the least tasteful, bitter food. If you eat only tasty food, your body will be fat in the middle and misshapen. You won't be able to bend down to pray. but if you eat vegetables you will be naturally slim and can easily bend to pray.
Don't you want an easy life? That is why we have the tendency to have others work hard, while we seek an easy life. We also have the fallen nature that if you find a better looking partner you leave your spouse behind. Those people look like a snake sitting all coiled up to themselves and looking around. There may even be two snakes together, but they are looking someplace else for something better. American women are exactly like that, looking for better everything.
It is like a spider web trying to destroy this world. These are the devil's tools. Do American youth like hard work? They say "We're comfortable and have an easy life, but the rest of you should do hard work and support the world". There is a cry in the United States that the Japanese and Koreans are working too hard, so stop them from working. Those Americans are like Satan when they try to stop people from working. Americans won't even work for themselves, but Orientals work for others. Which side will God take?
Now the trend is necessary for life to come from the Orient. American people are seeking excitement and fun but it is leading them to hell. A good example is the many Korean residents in the Unites States' metropolitan areas. The Korean residents live and work in places like Harlem, ghetto areas. Residents there become jealous of their success that came from working hard over long hours. The residents rob them and try to kick them out. Not just Koreans, but all Asian people.
If you don't work hard, you are doomed to decline. Do black people work hard? Harder than whites? In your town, suppose there are three groups of people, one white, one black and one yellow. In one hundred years, which race will be the owner or the center of that town? The yellow people work harder not just for themselves, but for others. We are the people who know the secrets of Satan and Father has told us the secrets of God.
If you know that there is a hidden diamond mine in a certain area, wouldn't you sell all your belonging, your home and car and leave your family in order to go and find it? Those who don't know it is there will criticize you for selling everything and going for an empty mountain. They will think you foolish. But in reality, no matter who says what, you will continue with confidence and do what you have to do to get those diamonds. On your way to the diamond mountain you would be happy and smiling even if persecuted, with no food or a place to sleep. Right?
Let's think about our situation. We know the secret of true life, true love and true blood lineage of God from True Parents. Can we compare this to a mountain of diamonds? Would we exchange them? Absolutely not. If that is the case, is the Unification Church doomed to fail or be a success? No matter what beautiful treasure we have, if we cannot work hard God will be distant and go far away. No matter how much you know Divine Principle, true love, life and blood lineage, if you do not connect with God, or become interwoven with God, there is no hope. You need to practice this in daily life. Get close to the original source. Unification Church members tend not to pray enough. Since Father knows these secrets, he cannot leave us idle, but he kicks and pushes us to fulfill our role.
[Father draws a picture of the path to the diamond filled mountain. It twists and winds and goes in circles on the way.] The American way is to walk carrying nothing and in a straight line. You don't like the Asian and African way [carrying a heavy load.] You only want to walk the straight way. The heavenly way does not look like a highway. It is narrow and has many valleys to pass through. Satan who knows this secret mountain, puts up hurdles and roadblocks. It is a very difficult path so once you make it, the journey becomes priceless. Throughout history no one even imagined it. If you can tackle this, challenge and make it through, it is so precious.
In general, as you follow the path to heaven, everything is painful. No matter how difficult or vicious the roadblocks are, there is one secret to overcoming them. Dig a tunnel underneath! Otherwise you cannot reach the diamond mountain. Even when you dig a tunnel, it should not be for your own sake, to collect the toll, it must be for the sake of others, the public purpose. Father has prepared this tunnel already, but who appreciates it? People think he is Iying. Even along the central tunnel, Satan will create deviated tunnels to confuse us. How do we know the correct one? There is a long thin thread from our heart to the diamond mine. Hold tight and follow it. Even at the final point, just before the mountain, there will be deviating tunnels. Once you grab the thread, don't drop it no matter what. The tunnels aren't straight you see, but go up and down and in circles and loops. You will have to cross rivers. Do you still have hold of the thread?
No matter how much material we have around us in America we have to hold the heart thread to Father. Do you like Father that much? Father doesn't feel that.
We only have to follow. Think of what destruction Satan created when Father began to dig the tunnel. All the world was against him. But now it is time for Father to travel, anywhere with no roadblocks and no Satan. He can go to Russia, America, anywhere.
From Divine Principle, we understand the history of mankind has been a history of restoration and recreation. How many years? No one knows. God created Adam first, before Eve. When people say a perfected messiah will descend from God, they mean Adam, the true father is coming down. As True Father appears, all Satan's world will be shattered. Beginning with Judaism, all religions appeared in order to take over the world. The meaning of the word Israel is victory. God blessed Jacob, but not for himself. He had to overcome everything and win. Even from his deathbed, he had to win. Even when he felt he was dying he did not let the angel go. Heaven's angel had to give the blessing to Jacob in order to get away. That particular angel was from God's realm. Since Jacob won over the heavenly side angel, he won over the satanic side angel, no question. Therefore, Satan could not accuse his blessing.
Since then 4,000 years later Jesus came. When the Israelites received blessing it was for the sake of the world, not just Israel. Since then the Jews misinterpreted and thought it was only for themselves. That was the start of their deviation. They expected the messiah to bring blessing only for their sake, not for the world.
When Jesus came to Israel, he was to be accepted. They were to work together to restore the entire world. However, they rejected Jesus and so lost the entire world. Jesus came as true father. From the true father's point of view, the rest of the world was Cain. He needed both Abel's and Cain's world to be restored. Who should Jesus have used as a sacrifice to restore the entire world? Abel. But the Israelites failed and did not understand why they have been abandoned and struggling for the last 2000 years.
Because of the failure at Jesus' time, religious movements had to start from scratch until 2000 years later, the time of the second coming. In order to play the Israelites role, the Protestants, came from Europe as Abel. The Catholics stayed as Cain. The Protestants started a new religious movement to prepare the United States to receive True Father. That was the responsibility of the United States, which was prepared for three hundred years.
Since 1945, after World War II, the entire world was becoming one nation centered on Christianity. That was the time America was supposed to bring unity. Why do you think God allowed so many wars and struggles? Why did he finally give the United States the central role to unite the world? For the sake of America? No, for the sake of the world. It's absolutely clear. God prepared this world centered on Christianity to receive the messiah, True Parents. It was not for the sake of America but for the sake of the world. There was one purpose, to receive the messiah, one man, not millions of men. Every American should bow down and follow that one man. There is no "American way".
There are almost 185 nations in the world now. From God's point of view, even if He has to sacrifice over 150 nations, He must secure the messiah. Even if God loses all 185 countries and their kings, He must secure and protect the messiah. Do you think that is right? What if we have to love the Empire State Building or destroy New York City to protect Father. What if we lose nine tenths of America's population? If we are that serious, we can build the kingdom of heaven. Do you have confidence? If it takes money to meet the messiah, how much would you have to pay? Human history has been waiting for this day for hundreds of millions of years. How many billions of people sacrificed for this cause and waste in human history? If you meet the right True Father you can go to heaven, with a false father there is no hope. This is why God has taken this long to establish one true Adam.
Look at the religious world. Islam, Buddhists, Confucianists and Christians all fight There is no unity. Do they understand Father's concept? No they each think they are the highest. So Father initiated many world religious conferences. If Father leaves them alone, they will only constantly fight. Originally True Father had no responsibility to dc this mundane work. He was supposed to appear when the world was already clean. All sinful people were to confess and then he was to appear as messiah.
During World War II the United Nations was formed. Through the United Nations, America took the initiative to give independence to Japan and other countries which lost in war. this was never before seen in history. The time has come for all nations to have brotherhood on a horizontal level. They must be equal in order for Father to deal with them. Democracy is the ideology of brotherhood. It is centered on liberty and freedom. Can you secure happiness only through freedom? Centered on love you can secure happiness. Love is the center of everything. Once you have love as a root, you can use freedom to secure happiness. Why is the world fighting, even between political parties. They are traveling a zigzag path. The love path should be straight, traveling through every level. The crooked way will not find the ideal foundation.
Those who are fighting do not know the secret of living for others. After brotherhoodism, there needs to be husband and wife unity. America is actually practicing that now. The next level is parentis. Parents love can unify husband and wife and brother and brother. Parents stand above, in a vertical relationship, but the relationship between husband and wife and bothers is horizontal.
True love seeks the shortest distance. The shortest vertical line is from God. We know the messiah is supposed to come and came but is he necessarily supposed to be an American citizen? What do you mean by messiah? If the messiah comes as your brother, husband or wife, you could fight very easily, but if the messiah comes as a father with true love you cannot fight but must obey. How can you determine that Father comes with true love? This messiah should bring God's ideal to the world with God's true life, true love and true blood lineage. That is the messiah's role to the world.
Up to this point there has been no true life, true love or true blood lineage, but the messiah comes as True Father. The messiah bring the true seed for a new world. The fallen world has bad mans seed. Father is the only one in all history who comes with this good seed. Have you receive a true love seed from God? When? I am talking about before the blessing. Even, after the blessing, have you followed my way exactly? Why are your answers different? We still speak a different language from Father. That shows we have a different culture background.
We need to mix races. If you don't like one color, you will have that color of children in the future. Then what will you do? If you tell Father at the blessing, that you can be matched to anyone except a black, Father will look and see that spirit world has prepared a black spouse for you. If you still refuse, you are doomed.
Is God's mind and body battling? No. How can your mind and body unite? God's true love is the only way. You learned even God obeys and surrenders to true love. When you see love existing between man and woman, you are even willing to die. The same exists within God. Where does unification come from? When Adam and Eve seek God, they must do it for the sake of each other. When all function in that way there is a true love relationship. When Adam goes to God, go for Eve's sake, and Eve should go for Adam's sake. Then there is no fight or competition. When you see something you like, we have the tendency to take it first. If you do that for the sake of your nation, it is okay. Unification of the world comes from this beginning relationship. It is the base of ideological unification thought.
If within a group of ten friends, one is always seeking help, the others will run away from him. If one is doing everything for his ten friends, he will become the leader. Living for others is not a sign of declining, but of becoming the leader, teacher, parents for them. Your mind wants to be the teacher, leader and parent. It will lead you and make good recommendations to you. That mind is God's place. Mind and body unity is always a problem. You cannot just use a sword to cut off the problem of your body. You would have to die.
God is not far away from you. You agree the mind is your master. Your mind is always with you, trying to correct you, but the flesh is your enemy forever. A struggling life cannot be heaven, only hell. Please make peace between the two. The difficulty is within yourself, not outside. Your body is the most fearful thing to you.
We have to create a graft. The true olive tree and the wild olive tree look the same. They have the same form. But we know that the root is different The true olive tree is connected to God. The planting place of the true olive tree is the mind. The body belongs to Satan. The mind is plus, but the body is a plus too. They conflict with each other. Make the body weak. Turn it into a minus. Don't eat or sleep selfishly.
God wants to work through religions which teach sacrifice and fasting. Don't play around or use free sex. Don't drink and don't take drugs. Those are Satan's weapons. How can you make the mind strong? Pray. Create one mind, one heart and one will. These three characteristics should all be combined. Our mind is a minus to God's plus. A great power comes if we are in that position. Make it a habit to follow the mind. Then God can control you. There are two ways to do it. One is to make the body weak, the other to make the mind strong. That is why we must pray. Unification Church members don't usually pray enough.
Think of the struggles God had to go through to restore one man and send him to the world. Like Israel, the United States is an affluent country, but it is not affluent for America's sake, but for the sake of the world. If America does not know this it will decline. America may have to be sacrificed, but it will ultimately be saved along with the rest of the world.
Asians are flooding the United States to try and restore it. If the world accepted Father after World War II, True Mother would have been western, maybe British.
Like the relationship between Italy and England, Korea and Japan now stand in those positions. Italy is a peninsula, like Korea and England an island, like Japan. The world failed to receive Father, so he came to America and began as an individual gradually working up to every level. First individual, then family, the national, world and finally the universal level. Father did this, along with True Mother. Farther came here and started and now we have True Parents. If the world accepted Father in 1945, Father could have received Mother, but he had to begin as an individual level Father.
Father's family is now growing and widening the spectrum. Father's realm of influence is growing bigger. Satan's world is getting smaller and will eventually disappear.
What nationality would you like to have for the spouse of your children? You have to take your children's spouse from your enemy country. For example during World War II Japan and America were enemies. Asians see Westerners as robbers. They came with guns and swords and took everything. Asia's time is coming now, because they were persecuted. If Asian people truly work for the sake of the world, this unity will happen.
The first Israel failed because it lived only for its own sake. The second Israel, the United States is declining because it is selfish. The third Israel, Asia will prosper if it lives for the sake of others.
How many people of the world truly understand True Parents? It doesn't matter. It will take less than one day for the whole world to be taught about True Parents, once the time is right. Now even the communist countries are welcoming Father. Suppose Gorbachev proclaims that Father is the one the Russian people need? Everyone has heard of Reverend Moon-even the people of Russia and China.
Even the CIA will face an emergency if they lose Reverend Moon. Can Bush terminate the drug problem without Reverend Moon? What about the sex problem? The world absolutely needs Reverend Moon. The USSR is now inviting Father to come. If they greet him as a king, will America fight with Russia because they do not believe in monarchies?
Once the messiah establishes a foundation the concept of democracy will have to disappear. This concept does not fit the messianic concept. Can you elect the second messiah from the general population? We have no choice of who is God, or Father or Mother. All mankind are God's children. Can they elect their own parents? No!
Father has come a long way to establish the world wide foundation. Even Belvedere will soon be too small for this kind of meeting. No one can oppose us. If all mankind understood half of what you know, they would chase after True Parents. They will understand that only through True Parents can they receive true life, true love and true blood lineage. We have a greed for these things and only True Parents can fill it.
If God connects to your mind, automatically your body will follow. You must be like two tuning forks that resonate together. The enemy is not outside, but only in your flesh body. It is the most hateful dwelling place of Satan. Now you know it, so you can control it. We have the creative power to belong to God. We can clean this up, no problem.
Did you ever really help True Parents? Did you help Father through the time of Danbury? Father used his seventieth birthday celebration to declare True Parents to every corner of Korea.
When you hear the name True Parents you don't need the name of the Unification Church. It seems far away. But the "True Parents" is close and immediate. It shows we've been under false parents with false love, life and blood lineage.
The Garden of Eden was like a seed. Within it, the father and mother and God were to unite and grow. That seed would have grown into a giant tree of five billion people, all centered on God. Instead Satan created a false seed which grew and took over. It is the same as the situation of our mind and body. Our body takes over our mind. But a small portion of our original mind survived and is reaching out to Father. True Parents come there to that p]ace within our minds. From that place a small stem grows and we can graft on True Parent's bud. That will grow and then take out the entire evil root, leaving only the true seed. Grafting does not happen just once. When you fail, you must repeat it over and over again.
Adam and Eve fell as teenagers. Now teenagers follow the same way. That which was sown is now reaped. America is in the autumn time and in autumn is the harvest. The four positions are all mixed up and bound to decline. Men from grandfathers level live with women from the children's level. Everything is confused. True Parents are the only hope.
We must educate our family to True Parents. No matter how difficult it is let them come to True Parents. Once Americans become eager to come into True Parents front gate and walk around their home, then America will be saved. Every day we witness a dying America.
Father grabbed Nixon and tried to save the country. He tried with Carter and with Reagan. While Father has been doing this we couldn't even declare True Parents. We must testify now to the American people. Father has been doing this work, even while in Danbury prison. He created The Washington Times, Insight and World and 1. He did this all while imprisoned in the enemy country, in order to save this world.
What are you American residents doing? From now there will be no persecution, so go out and witness. Tell America they sinned against Reverend Moon. Even then you will not be persecuted, they will just nod.
The title of my speech today is "The Declaration of True Parents." Seventy years ago today the entire population of Korea stood up against Japan to declare their freedom and independence. It is an important holiday in Korea.
Father's conclusion is there will be hope for the United States if all of you make a re­determination on this significant day­­for a second independence for America to be totally united with Father and march forward. March aggressively. Can you do it? Those who pledge to do so, raise both hands!



Second Summit Council for World Peace, February 2, 1990 Founder's Address Crystal Ballroom, Lotte Hotel, Seoul, Korea

Mr. Chairman, Distinguished former Heads of State, Prime Ministers of Government, Honorable Legislators and Ambassadors, Ladies and Gentlemen:
I am pleased and honored to welcome you to Korea for this important conference. I am very glad that we are gathered together for the second Summit Council for World Peace with the theme of the reunification of Korea and cooperation between East and West. Furthermore, I am very happy that together with this summit conference, we are convening the eighth conference of the Association for the Unity of Latin America, commonly known as AULA, which has a tremendous record of achievement in bringing about the harmony and unity of Latin America over the last seven years.

I truly feel that the timing of this conference is very significant. This is the beginning of 1990, and the new decade of the nineties. In ten years, we are going to usher in the year 2000. In our lifetime, we will witness the beginning of the new millennium. We must feel the tremendous importance of living in this time, and not only witnessing dramatic changes in human life, but actually shaping those events.
It is a hope shared by all of us that the new millennium be characterized by true peace. For that to be so, the next ten years will be challenging and demanding. These organizations which have gathered here today, the Summit Council for World Peace and AULA, have a very important part to play during the next ten years. I extend my heartfelt congratulations to you for the work you have already done for the achievement of peace. At the same time, I would like to challenge you to become the champions of peace of the new decade

From Confrontation to Reconciliation

The period between the close of World War II and the present, roughly forty years, can be viewed as the age of confrontation between two camps of diametrically opposed ideologies. There have been numerous conflicts between people and between nations, accompanied by an escalating arms race. There was really no moment in this time when people could have a feeling of peace in their hearts.
Then, in 1985, Mr. Gorbachev came to power in the Soviet Union, and began to initiate a series of changes. He encouraged greater freedoms of expression within the Soviet Union, undertook a restructuring of the Soviet economy, and perhaps most significantly, repudiated the Brezhnev doctrine. Within a short time, dramatic political change within the Soviet bloc became a daily occurrence. In the past few months we have seen the democratization of Poland, followed by Hungary, East Germany, Czechoslovakia, Bulgaria and finally Rumania. These events were accompanied by the crumbling of the Berlin Wall, the symbol of confrontation between East and West. With that, a new era of reconciliation has dawned.
I would like to extend my hearty congratulations to President Gorbachev for his courage and leadership in bringing about these constructive changes, enabling us to usher in this new era of cooperation. I am committed to support the Soviet Union in their genuine desire to uphold individual human dignity, and bring about both economic reform, and most importantly, religious freedom.
As you may already know, I am also committed to working together with the Peoples Republic of China. This giant nation comprises one fourth of the world's population. Certainly we cannot talk about world peace without taking into account the well­being of the 1.3 billion Chinese people. To help in providing needed jobs, technology and income, I am now building one of the world's largest automobile assembly plants in China. This is another aspect of our efforts for world peace.
Furthermore, as you may know, in 1981 I launched an International Peace Highway project. When completed, this highway will allow a family car to be driven from Tokyo to London. I am seriously discussing the project with the governments of Japan, Korea and China, and I hope that the Soviet Union will also welcome this project. Of course, this is a lofty dream, but every great undertaking begins as a dream. Not so long ago, no one could even have dreamed of men walking on the moon, but with a vision and hard work, it became a reality. So it will be with the International Peace Highway.

Problems in Western Society

At this point, having shared with you my tremendous feelings of hope and optimism for the future, I feel that I must also address what I consider to be a dangerous tendency by some people to celebrate prematurely the coming of peace. Although the Berlin Wall has fallen, tremendous difficulties remain in both camps. The leading nations of the free world, along with their vast material wealth, are beset with the problem of moral decay. They have fallen victim to a pervasive materialism and freedom is often abused. Furthermore, the rise to near dominance of atheistic secularism in the West has brought with it the collapse of moral standards. As a result, Western society is afflicted with serious social ills, among them the break up of families, an epidemic of drug abuse, an increase in sexual crimes and diseases, and widespread governmental corruption.
To put the matter simply, the current problems of both East and West are ultimately coming from the same source-a confusion of values. Communism has failed because the Marxist value system has proven to be false. It is no secret that I have been ardently opposed to communism throughout my life. I have been so because I know that the militant denial of God and the belief that progress occurs through conflict can never lead to success in building a good society. Through my own life experience I have come to know of a certainty that God is real, and the most important thing in life is true love. Human progress can come about only when God is cherished, and love is given the highest value. Clearly, neither communism nor the free world is presently equipped to lead mankind toward a peaceful 21st century.

A Worldview Centered on God

What we urgently need at the outset of this new decade is a true value system to fill the vacuum created by the collapse of values in both the free and communist worlds. That new value system must be based on the ideology of Godism-a worldview centered on God. Throughout my entire life, I have been working with members of all religions and denominations to advance the understanding of this God­centered worldview. In this way, it has been possible to create numerous broad based academic and religious organizations dedicated to the search for absolute values, and the establishment of true peace. I have also established news media organizations, as well as institutions of art and education. This entire world­wide foundation has been prepared to assist persons such as yourselves in your efforts to attain true world peace.
True world peace cannot be achieved without a clear value system shared by all. When values are clarified, humankind will no longer be in darkness. Godism allows each individual to clearly see the meaning and value of his life. Each person is then motivated to seek his own spiritual well­being by living responsibly and serving his fellow man. This is the ultimate solution to world suffering.

A Spiritual Awakening is Needed

In other words, what our world needs today to save itself is a spectacular spiritual awakening. The world must be awakened into the reality of God and equipped with a worldview based on God­affirming principles. This worldview will be capable of eliminating the confusion in the value systems of both camps.
Based upon such an awakening into higher values, the nature of the relationships between nations must be transformed. Until now, the driving force behind economic development has generally been the desire for profits. In this way, a great amount of human potential has been unleashed, and remarkable world development has occurred However, the desire for profits must be balanced with the fundamental understanding that all people are the children of God. We are all brothers and sisters. Furthermore, the purpose of our life on earth is not to amass material goods. We are alive in this world so that we can develop and perfect our eternal spirit. The only way to do this is through the practice of true love, that is, living for the sake of others.
True love must be practiced on all levels of life, including the relations between nations. The developed nations of the world should feel that they have been blessed by God for the purpose of helping others. They must be willing to sacrifice themselves for the underdeveloped nations of the world If the prosperous nations do not think in loftier terms that the desire for profits, their prosperity will slip away in spite of their efforts to retain'

The Reunification of Korea

Today, Korea is the point of convergence of the key nations of China, Japan, the Soviet Union, and the United States. At the time of the Korean War, people of many nations made the supreme sacrifice to determine the future of this peninsula. We have gathered here today in the same spirit of concern. It is entirely appropriate that political leaders from around the world should come here to discuss the issue of Korean unification. Historically, this is more than a national issue. It involves the entire international community.
I would like to suggest a few guidelines which I hope you will consider in your discussions about the unification of Korea. With regard to North Korea, there are several prerequisites to the process of reunification. First, North Korea must abandon its plans for a military conquest of the South. Second, they must put an end to their extreme isolation, and open their society to the world community of nations. Third, they must carry out their own version of glasnost, thereby giving their people the most important freedom, the freedom to worship as they desire, and the must put a stop to the deification of their leader.
Only then will North Korea be ready to undertake effective economic reforms. As North Korea begins to cooperate with South Korea and the other nations of the world, it will become more and more evident to them that unless people are given realistic hope for a better life, as well as incentive to achieve it, it is virtually impossible to increase human productivity.
I want to emphasize, however, that there must also be change in South Korea. South Korea has been experiencing an unprecedented wave of prosperity. This prosperity must be seen for what it is-the blessing of God-and it must be shared with others. This nation must now be ready and willing to embrace our bothers and sisters in the north, and help to alleviate their suffering. In the same way, the free world must now totally support the initiatives toward freedom which have been made in Eastern Europe, the Soviet union. and China.

A Biblical Analogy

The Bible tells the story of two brothers, Jacob and Esau. Though they were both destined to play an important part in the providence of God, there was a great conflict between them. Jacob was blessed by his father, but only after some trickery. When Esau learned of this, he wanted to kill Jacob and Jacob had to flee. It was only after they had lived separately for more than twenty years that Jacob returned with gifts and with love in his heart for Esau. When the two brothers met after this long period of separation, Jacob approached Esau and said, "When I look at you, I see the face of God." They forgave each other and embraced in tears. Esau no longer wanted to kill Jacob, but to live with him, share with him and learn from him.
Today the free world stands in the Position of Jacob The communist world stands in the position of Esau. Many communist nations, such as Cuba and North Korea, have been taught that, like Jacob, the free world has stolen the blessing from them. Like Esau, in the past they have wanted to destroy the nations of the free world. Like Jacob, for many years, the free world has wisely stayed militarily strong and avoided falling into a position where the communist world could destroy her. However, I believe that now the time has come for the free world to be reconciled with the communist world. When we see our bothers and sisters who have been suffering for many years in the communist system, we must see in them the "face of God." We must support them, comfort them, fill them with confidence, and allow them to enter the world community of democratic nations.
Ladies and gentlemen, I hope your deliberations over the next two days will be productive and rewarding. I am certain that because of such efforts as these, Korea will be one unified nation well before the end of this decade. On behalf of the sixty million Korean people of both the north and south, I want to express my gratitude that you have come. I pray that your efforts will be fruitful.
God bless you. Thank you very much.



February 1, 1990 Hilton Hotel, Seoul Korea

Respected guests from overseas and distinguished Leaders of Korean society.
I would like to express my sincere gratitude to you for taking time from your busy public and private schedules to attend this banquet in celebration of my seventieth birthday. Your presence makes this a truly festive occasion. In particular, I am grateful beyond words that so many distinguished guests who have served as presidents and prime ministers of their countries, as well as former senators and congressmen from the United States, have come for this occasion. I offer you my very special gratitude.
Further, I would like to thank the International Law Society of Mexico, which boasts a distinguished history stretching back 180 years and whose authority is recognized widely throughout the world, for awarding me a very distinguished medal. I am particularly grateful that Ambassador Medhat el Masri and Ambassador Mario Antonio Munoz, who are both vice presidents of the society, have honored me with their presence for the purpose of the awards ceremony. It is an infinite honor to me to be awarded a medal which I understand is given only to royalty and heads of state. I am also very happy to have been included among the honorary members of this society.
I would also like to express my gratitude to Bloomfield University in New Jersey for awarding an honorary doctorate degree to Mrs. Moon. It is difficult for me to describe in words my gratitude toward Dr. John Noonan, President of Bloomfield University, and Dr. Sal Mazzande, Vice President, who have made a special trip to Korea to present this award. I pray that infinite blessing may be upon your institution.
Distinguished ladies and gentlemen, the mere fact a man lives to be seventy does not make him successful. Age by itself is not a goal worth striving for.
Never during my life did I even dream that someday when I lived to be seventy, there would be such a large banquet and that so many distinguished guests would gather to congratulate me.
I was sixteen when I first met God. Ever since, I have just done my best to hold on to God as tightly as I could and stay close to Him. As a result of that, I find myself standing here this evening.
God alone has made this evening possible. It is a miracle that He has brought about, and for that reason I must offer to Him my most humble gratitude. The encouragement you have given Mrs. Moon and myself and the praises that you make of my work-expressed through messages of congratulations, medals, academic degrees and all other form`: are rightfully offered back up to God. The glory does not belong to me but to God, and so I offer all of these to Heaven.
Looking back, my life of seventy years has been an indescribably thorny path. It has been a path of constant struggle and adversity.
I understand the strategy of Heaven, whereby Heaven allows itself to be struck and then uses this condition to take that which rightfully belongs to Heaven. The truth of the universe is that good prospers while being struck, and that evil creates its own downfall by striking at good. For example, in both the First and Second World Wars, the side that struck first finally lost the war. We may consider the confrontation with Communism to be the Third World War; and here too, it is aggressive Communism that is now collapsing. Knowing this truth, I found the energy to persevere even in the most difficult of situations.
After meeting the living God, my Father, I have not had so much as one minute, or even one second, for extraneous thought. I have lived my entire life with the singular determination to accomplish the Will of my Father in Heaven, that is, to bring salvation to the world and to establish a true peace among all men.
God has been burning with the desire to establish the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth so that all people of this world can live in happiness. The essence of God has been true love and his relationship to humanity has been that of a father to his children. Through history, however, mankind has not only been ignorant of God but has repeatedly pierced His heart with the nails of betrayal. I discovered that God in Heaven, the Father of all humanity, lives with deep resentment caused by the heart­rending sorrow of a parent who has lost His children.
My goal in life has been to resolve this resentment of God. My purpose for living has been to liberate the God of sorrow from His sorrow, loneliness and anguish. This has been the fundamental motivation for all that I have done through these seventy years, whether it be related to religious activity, the media, business and finance or politics.
I have taken on a great many tasks. I have also invested a great deal of money. Never have I invested money, however, for the purpose of amassing a large fortune for myself. Never have I taken on a task for the sake of my own honor and glory. Out of the sole desire to liberate God from His sorrow and suffering, I have shed blood, sweat and tears in an attempt to bring about the true peace of mankind.
I also realized fully that it is impossible to achieve such a peace, unless we first give God joy by liberating Him from His sorrow and suffering in terms of the individual, family, nation and world. I have sought to practice this through my own life. I have taught:
"God lives for us and the world, so should we live for the world and God."
Surely, the greatest enemy of God is selfishness.
Altruism-investing all of oneself for others, for the nation and for the world; living a life of sacrifice and service to others-may be considered by today's society to be a most foolish philosophy of life. As I came to understand the deepest truths, however, it became obvious that altruism is the path most beneficial to human society. It is the secret for living in eternal happiness.
That is why I have taught the believers in ;30 countries around the world who transcend racial and national barriers to follow me that they should live lives of constant sacrifice and service for others.
I am well known around the world as a leader in the anti­communist and victory­over­communism movements. The purpose I conduct a movement for victory over communism is not to kill communists but to liberate them with truth and true love so that they may live. This is the reason I am working to help the communist world today and rescue it from its current distress. For that reason, I have been welcomed even in the Soviet Union and China. Even Kim Il Sung in North Korea cannot be my enemy.
Recently, a distinguished group of Soviet journalists visited Korea for the first time at my invitation. On their return trip, I asked them to visit North Korea. They were at first reluctant, but finally they accepted my earnest request to go to Pyongyang and relay my message to Kim Il Sung.
This message contained the following three points:
First, I am not your enemy.
Second, you must give up your wild ambition to communize South Korea.
Third, stop trying to swim against the tide of world events. Throw out that which is false, and return to the truth. When you open your doors and reach out, you and I will become brothers, and we will be able to live together in prosperity and happiness.
Kim Il Sung will have no choice but to respond to
my proposal. Failure to do so will only precipitate his own downfall.
In China I have made an initial investment of $250 million in the project to build the Panda Motor Company industrial city. The purpose of this investment is not so that I can establish a foothold in China as a way of making a fortune for myself. It is my principle that not so much as a penny of the profits from the China project will be taken out of China. These profits will be reinvested in China to construct the International Highway of Peace and to bang China up to international standard in other areas of high technology. Thus, the motivation of my investment is to help the 1.3 billion Chinese people achieve a satisfactory standard of living.
I have reached agreement with the government of the Soviet Union to hold the World Media Conference and the International Summit for World Peace in Moscow this April. At these conferences, I will announce a draft proposal on how the 270 million citizens of the Soviet Union can achieve a satisfactory standard of living.
Dr. Joseph Churba, who is responsible for the International Security Conference that I founded, recently returned to me from Moscow with a very satisfactory report concerning an ISC conference held there January 25th and 26th. Dr. Churba was accompanied to Moscow by an ISC delegation that included a former U.S. Secretary of Defense, was well as a number of retired generals and other experts in the field of global security. Soviet participants in this conference included the highest military leaders of that country.
My purpose in holding this ISC conference was to further East­West reconciliation, and, in particular, to solidify the bonds of friendship and trust between the United States and the Soviet Union. The results of the conference show that these expectations were fully justified.
I am determined now that I will do my best to improve the economic situation and well­being not only of the Chinese but of the Soviet people as well.
Ten years from now, we will reach the year 2000. The task I have before me now is to see whether I can achieve world peace before that time. When we gather in the year 2000 in the same way we are gathered here tonight, it should be for the purpose of holding a banquet to celebrate the establishment of world peace.
We are all brothers and sisters before the one Creator God. As we live together through the next decade, let us transcend racial and national boundaries, break down the walls between religions and denominations, and climb over the barriers of culture and language. Let those of us who have plenty help those who have less, so that we may be the laborers to build a peace that will be remembered in history.
If the world leaders who are gathered here tonight will combine your strengths together, we will be more than equal to this task.
During this next decade, we will see the fulfillment of mankind's earnest desires for a true reconciliation between East and West and for an economic reconciliation between the richer and poorer nations of the world. Also, our long­cherished desire to see the unification of North and South Korea will be realized.
Ladies and Gentlemen, as we begin this new year of 1990 with great hope, I pray that God's blessing and good fortune will fill all of your homes. Let me end my message at this holy banquet that we offer to God by inviting you all to do away with selfishness, practice a life of living for others and be leaders in the vanguard for building a new century of world peace. Thank You very much.



Chamshil Fencing Gymnasium, Korea February 1, 1990 11:00 A.M. Speech

Distinguished guests, Representatives from over 130 countries, Leaders of Korean society, honored Ladies and Gentlemen,
I thank you for gathering here today in spite of your busy public and private schedules to create such a grand occasion in celebration of my seventieth birthday. I am particularly grateful for your heart that celebrates the fact that my life has been centered on the Will of God. Many distinguished speakers have spoken generous praises of my work. Today's occasion would have little significance, however, it it's sole purpose were to applaud my past accomplishments. The content of our celebration must be determined by the degree to which my past deeds give reason for us to have hope in the future, the degree to which my work is able to brighten the future of mankind, and the degree to which my work is related to the Providence of God whose government encompasses the entire cosmos.
Throughout my life I have run at full speed to pioneer a course never before traveled by anyone. It is already widely known that on an external level I have been buffeted constantly by opposition arising from a lack of understanding. Within the realm of my heart, however, I have been in a constant state of tension, fighting every minute and every second to focus on how I can accomplish God's desire during my lifetime. My life has been so intertwined with God, that I could never speak of it without reference to Him. Because my life has been directly connected with the fate of the nation and the world, I have shared every aspect of it in a deep give and take relationship with God. As I recall now how I shared with Him my deepest sorrow, my greatest pain, and my most exalted joy, I offer my deepest gratitude to God with a heart that perhaps cannot be fully shared with any other person. All the glory of this day I offer up to the living God, my Father.
It is true, frankly, that the foundation that I have laid around the world is an astonishing accomplishment. I take pride, however, less in the external and visible aspects of this foundation as much as in the fact that no part of this foundation has been established centering on myself and the fact that each part is geared more to the future than the present, more to the interest of the whole than of the individual, and more to the larger purpose than of the more narrow purpose. The value of this foundation lies in the fact that God was its motivating force and that it was established under God's protection even under the severest hardships and most turbulent vicissitudes.
My seventy years certainly have not been an easy course. I had no friends in the world and no mentors. I travelled this course alone. I have recovered from many treacherous passages. Time and again, I have persevered even when death seemed certain. The only reason I did not lose courage in such circumstances was that I had a deep communication of heart with God. The content of the conversations that took place in that profound realm are beyond anyone's knowledge. I can only say that God always softly whispered His advice to me, and that He was the motivation for my life. He was even more than that-He was life itself. He was the source of my life energy.
I have never had the time to lend my ear to what others were saying about me. I never had the time to take my gaze off of God for so much as a second to cast a glance away from God. I have never been concerned with the public's opinion about me. I had no thoughts other than those of the earnest desires of God. With every cell of my being in unity with God, I have lived with an almost fanatic determination for the purpose of bringing His ideal of creation into reality.
Ladies and gentlemen, what do you suppose is this earnest desire of God for which I have dedicated my life?
Had there been no Fall, God would have been the invisible True Parent and man would have been His children. Man would have become a true life form, receiving love and a lineage of good from God, the parent of vertical true love, and Adam and Eve, the parents of horizontal true love. Also, through the process of love, man would have been able to connect the seed of life to his descendants.
The Fall occurred when the original human ancestors failed to fulfill true horizontal love under the auspices of God's vertical true love, allowing instead
the invasion of the Archangel, which led them to false horizontal love. As a result of this Fall, God lost the children He loved, and man was placed in a position where he had no alternative but to be born into the world as a dysfunctional life form embodying a contradiction between his mind and body. Satan, using the condition of horizontal love as a curse, has unjustly controlled man on all levels from the individual to the world. God, on the other hand, in an effort to return all this to its original state, has been carrying out His salvation providence. In accordance with the Principle, He has been working for the natural subjugation of Satan and working through the Messiah to graft mankind on to His lineage.
God has invested Himself fully into the restoration providence, which is actually a course of recreation, even as much as He carried out the original creation as a sacrificial act involving a total investment of His true love. I have followed His will and have offered my entire life to putting into practice these basic principles of true love and of living for others. I have led my life thoroughly in service to others within the Will of God and have continuously made a full investment of myself. The foundation I have achieved today has come as a result of this.
Advancements in modern technology have already brought tremendous changes to the planet Earth and are likely to bring even greater changes in the future. As a result of such advances, mankind finds himself faced with an acute emergency that requires us to gather our wisdom together in order to find a solution. Contemporary civilization now stands at an important turning point. In order to deal with this situation, mankind must first transcend national, racial and religious boundaries so that there can be cooperation among us on a global scale. This is necessary because of today's problems such as environmental pollution, overpopulation and protection of the environment are global in their scale. Second, the sickness of today's society, particularly the deterioration of ethical and moral standards and the deterioration of our humanity, including threats of racial and religious wars all have their causes in human nature. Thus, solutions to these problems must be approached from the perspective of bringing a revolution of consciousness to mankind and of remaking human nature. It is not a simple issue of making changes in social institutions and structures.
Ladies and gentlemen, all the activities that I have founded around the world are models of movements that rise above national boundaries, work to tear down the walls between races, are inter­religious in their nature and are global in their scale. Unificationists around the world carry with them a new world view that comes as a result of a revolution of consciousness
centered on the true love of God. They are already living as one human family. The only place in the United States where there is no racial friction or barriers between Black Americans and people of other races is the Unification Church. Missionaries from Japan, the United States and Germany rose above the historical hatred and struggles among their countries, and went out to their mission countries without knowing anything about their partners. Once in those countries, they dedicated themselves together for their mission work.
You already know that I have been contributing large sums of money to hold annual conferences to foster unity within and among the major religions such as Judaism, Christianity, Islam and Buddhism, and that the highest leaders of various religions have commended me highly for this effort. Also, there have been situations such as the Korean man living in a farm village who received through the international blessing ceremony a Japanese bride who had graduated from a famous university in her country. His entire village held a feast to congratulate him. In any gathering sponsored by the Unification Church, wherever and whenever it may be held, there is no racial conflict or prejudice. The members, regardless of what part of the world they are from, have gone through a change of character effected by means of the philosophy that I have taught so that they no longer live in a self­centered manner but live a life of giving for others. They are examples of citizens of the ideal world.
On a quantitative basis, the Unification Movement is less than adequate, but what we have accomplished until today has profound significance in the history of the universe. Have not the teachings of many saints and sages through history sought to accomplish such results? Are not many people of good conscience in today's world trying to find the guideposts that will allow them to lead lives of goodness? And how many young people today are wandering in search of new possibilities and dreaming dreams of a brighter future for the world? And how many such young people have become discouraged in their search and have broken down in frustration? I invite everyone to come and see for yourself. Come and look without prejudice. Examine for yourself this foundation that is not motivated of human concerns but is created with the intimate presence of the Will of Heaven. Design for yourself a brighter tomorrow. Build for yourself a clear system of values.
Look at the people of the Unification Church around the world. See how all of them, young and old, are filled with joy even as they travel on their course of total dedication. See how, in particular, the young people of the church maintain the highest ethical and moral standards even in the midst of a corrupt society, and are able to have pride in what they do. I see the young people of the Unification Church as representing the hope of mankind and the hope of God.
Let's think for a moment from a point of view that goes beyond narrow sectarian and religious interests. If the Korean people could undergo a change in character according to the philosophy that I advocate and could begin to live lives dedicated to others, what effect would this have on the future of the nation? Would unification of North and South Korea be a difficult task under such circumstances? And if all the people of the world could accept this philosophy, would not this guarantee a prosperous and peaceful world? My philosophy of "living for the greater purpose" is not meant to bring about the development of the Unification Church for its own sake, God and the world do not exist for the sake of the church. It is the church that must live in service to God and the world. Even now, I continue to seek the way of service, and my plan is to dedicate my entire life to this path.
Thank you again for your congratulations. I hope that this occasion today will be much more than a celebration of my seventieth birthday, I hope it will be an opportunity for you to learn of the universal path of righteousness that requires us all to live for others. I pray that God's blessing will be upon your work and your families.
Thank you very much.



Han Nam Dong, Seoul, Korea, January 2, l990 

Father's words to the leader's meeting
[Based on a rough translation given in the back of the room to the western leaders present. First Father asked how many second generation blessed couples have children. (At the main ceremony on God's Day, Father had asked the second generation wives who had borne children to stand up.)
Father asked President Young Whi Kim to speak on the meaning of the Day of the Victory of Love.
From President Kim: Because of the fall, the give and take of love with Heavenly Father was cut off. True Parents established the realm of God's love directly on the earth. Hueng Jin Nim received that love from True Parents, and on that foundation went to heaven and met God. He is the first person to go to spirit world after having received perfect love on earth. Hueng Jin Nim united with Jesus and the Holy Spirit, and then through him all spirit world could receive true love. Love is now claimed by God and no longer by Satan.
Father spoke:
If Jesus Christ had established the Kingdom of Heaven on earth, we could all receive Heavenly Father's true love through him. But Jesus did not finish the task. His body was invaded by Satan. Therefore it is necessary that the Lord of the Second Advent come.
After World War II, if Israel and Korea had united with the United States, then the Kingdom of Heaven on earth could have been established easily. At that time however, Christianity and America did not receive Father's words. If they had, the thirty six blessed couples would have included kings, presidents and famous persons, not just Koreans. But Satan controlled America and all of the Christian civilization. Since then Satan tried to destroy the foundation of the democratic countries.
Father re­established that foundation in Korea. By 1983 it was finished through three seven year courses. If all the blessed couples had united together perfectly, Father would not have been persecuted. Won Pil Kim's mission was to take care of Father's first son, Sung Jin Nim. Young Whi Kim's mission was to take care of Hyo Jin Nim. President Eu was to take care of [the eldest daughter.] But they all failed to care for them. Therefore Satan tried to control the thirty six couples. It is a miracle that only Heung Jin Nim died. Father's second son died; Mother's second son died and President Eu died.
So, the meaning of the Day of the Victory of Love is that the invasion of Satan into True Parents' home has been overcome. When Hueng Jin Nim died, Father made several conditions to overcome Satanic invasion. He made several offerings.
Spirit persons need to come down to receive True Parents' love. When Heung Jin Nim, who had received True Parents' love directly, went to spirit world, he became the first son in spirit world. So, Hueng Jin Nim connected God's power on earth with the spirit world. After his Seung Hwa, Father arranged the spiritual saints, such as Peter, [to come to earth?]
Father started a new mission after Hueng Jin Nim's Sueng Hwa, and America tried to kill Father. He went into Danbury. If he hadn't gone to Danbury willingly then another disaster would have come, such as Mother dying or becoming extremely ill. So Danbury is the crucifixion course of the twentieth century. But Father survived and emerged "reborn".
This morning Father prayed for the many good people killed because of Satan. Satan's countries were the communist nations. But now those countries have no real owner and neither do the democratic countries. father wants to unite all good people in spirit world to work with Father to make a new foundation on earth.
From now, who will destroy communist countries? The children of the top leaders. They will destroy those countries beginning from the top leaders down.
Hueng Jin Nirn and True Parents' home became the offering to make that foundation. When we serve Heung Jin Mm, who received True Parent's love directly, we can receive the new foundation, and a new blessing will come down. From earth to spirit world we can open the highway of love.
There is so much work to be done in spirit world. They are waiting for Father. Maybe Father will go to spirit world soon. Father thinks that he has made many foundations on earth. You don't know how powerful Father is. The Unification Church is the most powerful group on earth. If we make a good foundation with Divine Principle we don't need courts of law. Just meet in local homes, as tribes. If a wife falls, her husband will be the judge. The time will come when all problems will be solved on the tribal level.
Please understand, God has His power only in spirit world because of Jesus Christ. But by offering Hueng Jin Nim, Father has power in spirit world and on earth. Soon father will break the boundary between spirit world and earth. So we need not worry about death. When a man is born from the womb, he is not conscious of what is happening. When we go to spirit world also we are not conscious "literally. "there is no realization of what is happening. That is, we forget our prior life. So death is not the stopping point. Death begins a new process to start a new stage of life. True Parents' home and Hueng Jin Nim overcame the boundary line between spirit world and earth. The Day of the Victory of Love signifies that the sovereignty of death is overcome.
Hueng Jin Nim is of the second generation, so he needs permission from Father for whatever he wants to do. The central person is Father, not Hueng Jin Nim.
Beginning January 1st, Father is not using a translator. Father will invite the church leaders of twelve countries to Korea. [Father has Mr. Kuboki stand up.] These leaders will be Father's "underwear", they will be very close to his body. For six months they will study Korean at Seung Hwa University and then they will work in the countryside.
From January 1st, 1990, the new civilization has begun. The upcoming meeting of the Summit Club is one example. [Addressing Reverend Kwak:] What is more important, Seagye Ilbo or the World Mission Department? Both are important. Reverend Kwak's mission is both, plus the professors. Therefore, Father gave his fourth son, Hyun Jin Mm to Reverend Kwak's home.
Father is watching on television the Korean Assembly inquest into the Chun government. He feels sorrowful. Communist countries are declining because Father passed over the hill.
If Father can use television worldwide, all people can learn Divine Principle very easily. According to the Principle and our providential course, the boundary between East and West Germany has been destroyed.
Adam is the body of God. He is real parents. Many people can receive revelations about Father and Divine Principle. So, even President Young Whi Kim should carefully take care of spirit persons. If we make a mistake on earth, our ancestor will be damaged.
Today is an emergency time. Therefore, the blessed members working in our companies should go to their hometowns if there is no compelling problem which demands they stay with the company.
Father chastised a non­blessed person, who left the movement many years ago, but is interested again, for being in the room.
Father spoke in Japanese about making a hospital in Korea. Then he caught himself for violating the "only Korean with no translator" rule, and says, "That rule is only for official meetings". Followed by much laughter.]
Father will separate good and evil in each of our personal histories.
If Hueng Jin Nim had not died, Hyo Jin Nim would have died, also by a traffic accident. Father expected at that time that difficulties were coming, so he told Hyo Jin Nim not to go out. Therefore Hyo Jin Nim was safe. Heung Jin Nim however, obtained Mother's permission to go out. Therefore, Mother is responsible and must take care of Heung Jin Nim. If Mother had not given permission, she would not now be in the position to take care of him. When Father visited Hueng Jin Nim's accident site, he saw it was not Hueng Jin Nim's fault, but the truck driver's. Before Hueng Jin Nim died, he loved the sons of the thirty six couples and saved them by turning right, causing his own death. Father can declare the Day of Victory of Love, because, one, Hueng Jin Nim had Mother's permission to go out, two, the accident was not his fault and three, he sacrificed his own life for his friends.
The original three couple's children should have married True Parents' children, but they each made mistakes.
Father has a difficult time dealing with the church members. When Father was choosing Mother as his bride, a grandmother member wanted to choose the bride.
In the 1940's there were several special religious groups which served Jesus Christ from the womb. They prepared all things for the second Jesus Christ also, from the time of being in his mother's womb. One of their leaders joined our church.
From now on if you pray eagerly you can cure disease by yourself.
Raise your hand if you are going back to your hometown. We are not in the Unification Church to get a job. Goodness means to stay the same until the end. We did not enter the Unification Church to get a job and we should remain with that mind. Father orders President Young Whi Kim to choose from each company people to go to their hometowns. Tong II company has a big union problem. From now you must solve it.
Father will go to the United States after he arranges the dispersion of company leaders going to their hometowns. If they won't go then Father will invite foreign members to go to those hometowns. Korean leaders should meet their brothers and sisters and arrange for their tribes after this meeting.
Father will try to open the 38th parallel. He will directly request Gorbachev to push Kim II Sung.
All blessed employees must arrange to go to their hometowns, centered on President Kim. Until then, blessed persons have no authority to recover their tribes.
Father suffered through his whole history because he followed the Divine Principle. Without following Divine Principle, we cannot survive. Father pointed out a leader of K­CARP who had given his son to be blessed to a Japanese sister and said, "If you hadn't done that, you would possibly die."
On the cross, Jesus Christ told the women not to pray for him, but to pray for their country and their descendants. Because of that, Father cannot speak ill of Korea.
If we do not work hard on earth we will repent in spirit world.
Father asks Dr. Pak if he remembers the letter he wrote to Father, while Father was still on the speaking tour of Korea, about Hueng Jin Nim's accident.
Most Korean leaders do not know Father's teaching given in America They could constitute an entire new Divine Principle book.
If we have a humble, modest attitude, everyone including Heavenly Father will like us. When you go to spirit world, you will understand the meaning of this.
The Day of the Victory of Love is the overcoming of death through love. From now on, Satan cannot invade us. Good people can go into evil territory, but evil people cannot come into good territory. Therefore, evil is bound to decline quickly.
Our blessed children should finish the seminary course, otherwise they cannot become important leaders. [Father had the principal of the Little Angels Middle and High School stand up and told her to make Divine Principle a required course.]
Hueng Jin Nim made a big effect, more than he ever could have made on earth. Father did not shed a tear until after Heung Jin Nim's Won Jun ceremony.
If Father's first wife understood Divine Principle, she would have been extremely righteous, and she would judge all of you saying, "If you understand that Father is the second Jesus Christ, why do you serve Father so poorly?" But, Mother is a very good wife. Mother represents Divine Principle well. For example, in 1965, Father gave a diamond ring to Mother in Northern Europe (maybe Denmark). It was a very memorable ring, but Mother gave it to another person. Mother gave ten presents to that person, but did not receive even one back from that person. Once Father gave a valuable coat to Mother and Mother gave it to Young Oon Kim without Father's permission. Young Oon Kim took very good care of it. It was a very wonderful coat, comfortable in every season. [Mother says "I repent". Everyone laughs.] Now Father cannot go to the store because he is too famous. Therefore he cannot give such a present to Mother and he is very sorry.
Father's watch is 18K gold; it cost $10,000. It is a most expensive watch exported from France. The watchmaker gave it to Father. He knew the principle that if he did so, then that style would automatically sell very well. Therefore he gave Father the most expensive one. [Henri Blanchard whispered to us that the watchmaker has received thousands of orders for that watch and cannot produce them fast enough.]
His father is French and his mother is Vietnamese. When he met Father he was making slippers. But Father saw that his hands were very skillful and told him to make watches. Now he has branch offices in sixty countries.
Fifty Korean church leaders will go to Japan in February. They will train there, then go to other countries.
[This was the end of the morning talk. The meeting reconvened in the afternoon.]
We started our movement not to eat and get a job, but to establish the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. From the community level Father wants to start a new movement. The community level is the myon or dong level. It is the basic level for every activity. The leader of the dong takes care of everything, especially the spiritual aspect. The dong center is the basic govemmental unit. Provincial or regional centers are not necessary. A decentralized system is better than a centralized system. Focus all activities on the myon or dong level, which is the basic level.
It is easier to witness in local areas than on a large scale. Neil Salonen made a big, centralized organization. Father disliked that. Leaders should not have big staffs, they should go to the countryside to witness. We should educate with tears. The easiest way to make tears is through hunger. Therefore I made all the Unification Church members poor. You can influence people easily through tears. Tears and hunger recover the country.
Father's brothers and sisters were killed by communists. Therefore Father can never be peaceful. If we get persecuted when witnessing, we also cannot rest peacefully. Father did not serve his parents well, but when you find the Heavenly Kingdom, then you should serve your parents.
In the United States, every day Father cried tears in his mind. Father wants to send our blessed members employed by our companies, with few exceptions, to the countryside. In Seoul there are about 100 churches, each with their own parish area. Members must attend the church within their own parish, no other. Members who are originally from North Korea should relocate to Seoul. If we have a dong level foundation, we can even expose Kim II Sung's spies. We can educate people so that Kim will have no effect.
Each company should check and have North Korean members become dong leaders in Seoul. This foundation must be set up within three years. I think we have the power to control Korea spiritually. Young Whi Kim should arrange and report to me.
All of you hold a small rally on the dong level. Why don't you use the radio or television system? It is a very powerful way to teach Divine Principle.
Father ordered Young Whi Kim to give money to every myon level to buy land for a church. This is our first task of the 1990's; to make a good foundation on the myon or dong level. Reverend Kim, Reverend Kwak and Mr. Hong recently held successful rallies in each province. Professors have been [or, are to be] appointed as myon level leaders. Please try to use KBS to teach Divine Principle to all society.
Please raise your hand if you feel difficulty in setting up this direction. The Japanese Church should follow the same direction. A person should be the leader of his own hometown. With such a foundation, distribution of the newspaper, of McCol and ginseng. and witnessing will be no problem.
[Father now refers to his little black book.]
Please announce that Father thinks that only he can control North Korea, Russia and China.
1. Unification starts from myself. Without unification of myself, there is no unification of the country. So first, unify yourself. Your mind represents God and your body represents all things.
You have followed me a long time-to help me or destroy me? I want to make you a strong person, but you are not yet strong. If you put up a Unification Church flag never bring it in, even in the rain and snow.
Father will never mention Kim Il Sung again, even if he dies.
Focus for 1990's decade:
  1. Relation between Father and myself is that between father and son, centered on Heavenly Father.
  2. My home, centered on God.
  3. My tribe, centered on God. From the tribe, the country will be connected.
  4. My people, centered on God.
  5. My world, centered on God.
  6. My cosmos, centered on God.
  1. Unity between God and man, centering on love. We can unite only with true love.
  2. Unity centered on life.
  3. Unity centered on blood lineage.
  4. Establishment of Unification sovereignty.
  5. With this foundation, the Kingdom of heaven on earth will come automatically.
Instead of prayer, do activities.
  1. Entrance into a new era.
    1. Heavenly kingdom centered on the home and family life.
    2. Making the kingdom of heaven centered on the tribe.
  2. Unity of Heavenly Kingdom on earth and in heaven, forever.
  3. Establish a happy world forever.
All the time, Father is thinking of us and missing us.