December 15, 1991, Grand Ballroom, World Mission Center, New York, Translator - Col. San Kil Han

The topic of Father's sermon this morning is, The Realm of Heavenly Liberation. Every individual on earth dreams of becoming happy and wants to lead a happy life with a happy family. People search for a place in which they can find happiness. That place must have something pertaining to all aspects of happiness. The conditions for happiness within the individual, family, nation as well as on the cosmic level must exist there. Let's examine and find the conditions necessary to become happy.

We would like the huge cosmos to embrace the world within it. We want the world to embrace many nations. The country should embrace many different clans and races. Within the clan we want to see many prosperous families. In the family we would like to have as many members as possible starting from the grandfather down to grandchildren. "I" am one of those individuals who is constantly seeking happiness. The happiness I would like to have is happiness in all standards and every direction. We don't want to have just one criterion for happiness, we want happiness in every possible respect. That individual is then likely to be thinking about the whole world. He is placing himself in a position of being greater than the world, greater than the clan and the nation. Such is the human being that has been created! Now we know what all mankind is seeking, but we don't see it anywhere around us. It is apparently something that man has lost.
We are not daydreaming. It is not the concept of happiness we are seeking, but the reality of happiness. Centering on myself I can pull the country and the country is pulled to me. If I push the country, the country is pushed away from me. We all want to be able to exercise our will in such a way.
Immediately we think that money can help us do that. Money is so important. But apparently even when people have a lot of money, they have the tendency to build walls and isolate themselves. Certainly then money is not the way to bring happiness to an individual.
The next thing we consider is knowledge. You may think a Harvard education will help you. But we see that knowledge also is helpless in achieving lasting happiness. If you take knowledge seriously, it becomes very narrow and specialized. Narrow knowledge can never encompass a world view. Knowledgeable people don't usually have a large view. If one scholar knows even one more word of vocabulary than another he claims he is better. So happiness doesn't seem to be found in knowledge either.
How about power? Everybody likes power. Can power produce happiness? If you have power do you want to distribute it and share it with others? No, you want to keep it to yourself. All these things we have listed don't seem useful in attaining happiness. At best they may help, but none seems to be an important factor in finding happiness.
All sorts of walls exist in the world today. Starting with national boundaries and the walls of secularism, what could possibly go through those walls or bring them down? Money? To some extent yes, but very little. There is only one hope in the fallen world to penetrate these walls and do away with them. That is love. Isn't that true? If we become a part of love in either the position of object or subject, and become involved in the give and take of love, there is no place we cannot go. Of course we have to consider that there is good love and bad love. There is also mediocre love, which is neither good nor bad, but neutral. Which layer of love do we live in today? Yes, we have to confess that we are living more in the realm of bad love. How would you define these three realms of love? What is the standard by which we decide either good, bad or neutral love? It's not complicated. It is all determined by the kind of man and woman involved.
According to the man and woman and their relationship we can determine what realm of love they are in. People will say, "She is a good woman" or "She is a so-so woman" or "She is a bad woman." And the same thing is true among men. With these three types of men and three types of women, there are six combinations that you can put together, not more. Only one of them is the best liked. The good relationship between a good man and a good woman is what the world wants to see. In America the population is 240 million, half of them are men and half are women. Is America a good country or bad country? You don't know? [Bad.] Are there more good men or good women in this country? Which percentage is higher? What is your guess? This is serious. We need a good analysis. In order to do so, you have to list everything and give it a lot of thought and evaluation.
Someone said America is bad. Is this because there are more bad women or bad men in this country? Let's be serious and honest about it. The divorce rate in this country is said to be more than fifty five percent. Can the cause of divorce be more often traced to man or woman? Answer clearly. [Both.] That is not acceptable, it is either man or woman. Some thoughtful woman here said, "women." So, individually speaking are there more bad men or bad women in this country? So, in order for that bad country to become good, should men follow women or should women follow men? Woman has to follow man. This is the conclusion. [A sister shouts, "Women have to follow God."] That's not even part of the question! In this country men follow women. Do all men follow all women? No, because of all women, only about ten percent are beautiful! Their eyes are crazy and upside down. Men seek to follow what they think are beautiful women.
People try to make themselves more beautiful by using cosmetics. Do women do that more or do men do that more? The use of makeup is almost the total monopoly of women. If you think about it seriously should we leave makeup alone or should we revolutionize cosmetics? Individual women may not like the way they look, but after they use elaborate makeup, they come to like themselves and walk proudly down Fifth Avenue. Not to be critical, but honestly, would you women like to wear dark, dingy clothing? Would men like to see women dressed that way? Or does everyone want women to wear nice, bright, attractive clothes? We like to see women wearing colorful and attractive dresses. Women want everybody to pay attention to them. Alright, let's say a women tries hard and gets lots of attention from men. Then what? Would she show them something good or something bad? That's the next question. What do you women think? After becoming beautiful and gaining lots of attention, then what? [Good things.] Yes? It's clear enough that when you become beautiful, you gain the attention of men and they will follow you. Now, would you determine to make those men who follow you into great patriotic men who can do service to their country, even to bring them to the level of saint? Or, would you make him pay for you and provide you with many things, to buy you drinks and live a lowly life? Which way would you choose? [The first one.] American women think on such a high level? It sounds strange to me. After you are well dressed where do you want to go? Maybe the theater and then a dancing hall. You enjoy yourself and feel high, then what would you like to do? Maybe you'd like lots of drinks after that. We're talking about the average woman in any country.
We think about the fallen world all the time. Is the fallen world closer to sainthood or closer to the secular life Father described?
Let us be reminded, everyone is seeking happiness. They do what they do in search of happiness. We know painfully well they cannot find happiness there. On the other hand, we have a group of people who are agonizing and suffering almost to the extent of misery. But there we can find true love, lofty ideals and all the positive things. Now we can reach a conclusion based on common sense. It is generally very true that in the secular life of physical enjoyment, almost no enduring love can be found. The general rule and conclusion is that you have more chance of finding love among those who lead a suffering life than among well-to-do people. That is exactly what Jesus pointed out when he said it is more difficult for a rich man to go to the kingdom of heaven than it is for a camel to go through the eye of a needle. The chance is so small.
Who is the most patriotic person in a country? Is it a person who has everything at his disposal and can do whatever he desires? Is this well-to-do person the one who has love or is it more likely the one who lives in a miserable condition but is ready to give whatever he has for the sake of the nation? Which one has more chance of finding happiness? The sacrificial person. Nobody envies him, but he himself is in a better position.
Of course there are two kinds of humble people. One is forced to live this kind of life simply because he is poor. That may be a different story. But the man who could lead a first rate, rich life but gives it up to live in a more humble fashion is the one who has the chance of finding love and happiness. You know the rules of the Principle very clearly. By the same token, a citizen in the greatest and most affluent country of America, who gives everything up and chooses to go to Africa and suffer with the people there, helping them to improve and raise them up above misery and sickness, is a great man. If Americans chose to trade for that way of life, they would be respected all over the world and they would find happiness. They would find the love and respect of other people. Does this sound far fetched or reasonable? This is reality.
You cannot accomplish that with money. In other words you cannot use money to go down to a low position. Only love, and true love at that, can make you do that. If you talk about true love, people will demand to know where they can find it. You can explain that when this happens, there is a good chance true love dwells there. God is the king of all goodness. Everything that is good is connected to God. But if God said, "I am good and you must all serve under me", can He remain good? Therefore God too, would like to give all the good things up and come down to live with those in difficulty. When everybody knows this and follows God down, would we want God to stay down forever or would we say to God, "We will replace you here. We will take your place here so why don't you go up a step higher above me." We would like to push God up and elevate him. In order for us to recognize and glorify something good, we have to lift God up. Nobody cheers something which is going down. So before we can cheer we want to bring God up. We have to do that so we can glorify Him. Isn't that true?
We talked about happiness. From this perspective we have to truly understand what is the happy way of life. Then if we choose to live in this fashion, we don't want to attract love or anything at all, but people will come in spite of that and recognize you and love you. Then you are where God wants you to be. Through logic and reason, we see clearly that in this huge and complicated world every imaginable wall exists. You cannot even travel a short distance without being blocked by some kind of wall. Only through true love you can go anywhere you choose-a good place or a bad place. You can go anywhere with true love.
Which travels ahead of an individual, true love or true life? Which one will pull which? [True love will pull true life.] Are you sure? What you have just said is; in order to follow true love you have to give up your life. Very interesting. Is it true or not? There is absolute power in that understanding. Now we are aware of the truthful statement in the Bible. Jesus always tried to teach men, "If you want to live, you must die." Another paradoxical thing he said is, your own family is your enemy. No one could ever understand this. Your family pulls you back and says, "Be comfortable." That will prevent you from going to heaven. Today's world challenges us greatly. Christians say, "Believe and you will go to heaven." We know this is not true. How can we just believe and go to heaven? We have to believe and do before we can go to heaven.
The world is full of true love like it is filled with air. The space of the world is filled with air isn't it? Now don't you experience within your small family and between brothers and sisters, that you cannot make another person do your will, right? An elder brother especially will never listen to his younger sister. Even in a small family there are walls. How can we bring them down and penetrate them? Pushing them down is one way, but can you successfully do that? Can you force your way in? Or because you are so smart can you sweet talk others and bring down the walls? It might work at first, but once they find out they've been deceived they'll come and pay you back with biting! That is human nature.
But love is different. Love is the only way you can penetrate the walls. Only true love can do it. The conclusion is simple. Father has a secret to share here. Let's say within a family there is an older brother who is really a tyrant because he is the heir. He is an impossible person, like a bear who won't budge. Nothing will make him move. But his little sister can penetrate him with true love. She will make a small hole in his wall, but he won't mind. In fact he will ask for more. That bear-like man won't mind this in true love. So the hole becomes bigger until she can run a thread through it. Then she breaks through another hole, and this time runs a thicker thread through it. Later she can use a rope, and eventually this little sister will be able to get her brother to be any way she likes him to be. The love of a small woman can have that kind of strong power. Is it clear?
These thick walls are penetrable by love. We often talk about the messiah. But who and what is he? He thinks about breaking through these walls and nothing else. In a way, he is a specialist who is always thinking, awake or asleep, about how to penetrate different walls. He doesn't want to just penetrate the wall, he wants to build a road and pave it so that many can come in with no problem. He is a highway builder. Messiahship is accomplished by the one who does this at the cost of his own pain and sacrifice. He endures pain and works hard knowing that this road will benefit more than just his family. Millions and billions of people will benefit from this highway. Without it they could not go anywhere. The messiah knows this better than any other person. He does not proclaim himself, but other people looking at his work and realizing the benefit it brings, will make him the center of his home, his clan, nation, and the whole world.
Everyone will fight to make him the king of kings. They will look at him forever not only as their king, but their True Parent, also true teacher and true owner.
Who is the true teacher? He is the one who teaches everything he knows that is absolutely necessary for everyone. Without knowledge he knows that people cannot amount to anything, so he teaches them again and again. If there is nothing more to teach he will even research something new so he can have more to teach. That is a true teacher. Do you understand?
He is a true owner at the same time. What does that mean? He not only owns this position himself, but he wants to give this true ownership to everyone forever and ever. He wants to make all men owners, so that they don't have to belong to anyone else. For example, America is a great country. If someone was the true owner of America he wouldn't stop there. He would create an even bigger country outside. This true owner would be twice as rich then, but he wouldn't want to keep it. He wants to give it to everyone. He creates and gives, over and over. He doesn't take and give. Let us assume there is such an owner, a man of heart. God has a big gift box that He is dying to give away. He is trying to find someone worthy of receiving it. Is any American qualified to receive the big blessings of God? We aren't that way now, but even the fact we are thinking that we need to become that qualified person will make God happy. God then has hope at least. He is waiting for the day He can give this big box to the true owner.
Father's topic this morning is the realm of Heavenly liberation. What kind of place is heaven? Here in this world, we need our eyes. Is heaven a place where we no longer need them? We need our eyes in heaven too. Our eyes are dying to see the sights and scenes of true love in heaven. In heaven will men's eyes by intoxicated by looking at another man? What will men's eyes want to look at? What will women's eyes want to look at? [Someone answers, "A true man will want to look at a true woman."] What do you mean by true man? The hairiest man?
A true man is the one who has given up his life 100 times for others. The one who has given up his life more than 100 times is a more true man. You become more true in that fashion. Which kind of true man do you want to be? Do you want to give up your life just ten times, or 100 times or a million times? If there was such a person in the spirit world and your eyes could see him, what kind of relationship would you have with him? How can you envelope him? One way you can relate to that true man even though you may not be as great as him, is to become like a child to him. Trust yourself to him. How can you refuse a small innocent child who is completely trusting you and feels most peaceful in your bosom? Isn't that one way of being a part of that true man? Any mother would give all her five senses and all her attention to that baby. She would devote everything to that child. What about God? Is God too great to be involved in that? God too, just like a devoted mother would pay all His attention to that baby. We prize concepts and good talk but would you trade that baby's reality for millions and billions of concepts and words? No, this reality is greater. This entity of true love can never be traded. No one would want to trade him for millions of words or concepts or acts of love.
Is it easy or difficult to go to heaven? [Difficult.] How difficult? Let us think about one simple criteria. In the fallen world we always struggle to survive and go to heaven. Who has more chance of going to heaven? The one who fights the battle and survives or the one who fights and loses in this world. The one who wins over the battle in this evil world is the one who has the chance of going to heaven. If your loving wife says, "Oh, there are too many walls and they are too high to go over, why don't we just give it up now?", can that couple go to heaven? The husband should say, "Satan, get behind me." The wife will not retreat peacefully either. She will jump, scratch and bite. If that is your wife will you fight against her or will you just give up fighting? Wait until she gets tired. Run her down and then carry her over into heaven. Father would like to see one example of this among the thousands of Unification Church members in America. If anyone has seen that person, please let Father know. Children will fight against you too. What can the parents do? They must put up with them and persevere. The country will throw a tantrum too, demanding that you aren't being reasonable.
They will do everything, perhaps even putting you into jail. What can you do? All we have to do is persevere. Maybe you barely manage to gain the recognition of your country. Then the world will come against you, saying, "We don't need a saint from another country. We will produce saints of our own country." They want to protect themselves and push you out so what can you do? You are only a small man and not powerful yet. Can you hope to fight against them equally and still hope to go to heaven? No, you cannot go to heaven fighting. You simply have to persevere and do more.
We know now that God is the king of perseverance and He apparently still has a longer way to go and persevere. Therefore we must simply do the same; persevere and try harder, until God doesn't have to persevere anymore.
Satan has been building walls throughout history. He will stop true man's approach to his goal. But the true man should not fight against him. He should persevere and even love Satan more and after all this is done, even Satan will be able understand the power and happiness of love. Then Satan will bow down to the true man saying, "Your way is better than mine. Let me surrender to that idea and learn that new way of life from you." This is the day when the solution to this complex world will begin. Once that happens the problems will be solved in no time.
How many people are willing to keep the same stance as God and that true man? Forget how many, is there even one person who has mentioned that stance here in the human world? Did anyone even teach this? What kind of person is Reverend Moon, the leader of the Unification Church? He is the only person who knows God's tradition of sacrifice. He is the only person who knows who God is and what God has been doing all throughout history. Following this tradition faithfully, he has penetrated all the walls of the individual level, the family level, even to the highest level of Satan himself.
Now Father met Kim Il Sung. Father has now realized exactly what he envisioned. Only through true love could Father penetrate the thickest, biggest wall of communism and Kim Il Sung; the worst impenetrable wall the world has known. Father understood that the course he has been following was exactly right. He completely got what he expected out of Kim Il Sung.
Even Father was challenged in that situation. In 1976 or '78, Kim Il Sung employed twenty six assassins to kill Father. Kikamura was one of them. His trial is still pending in the United States courts. Not just one or two people were sent after Father, but over twenty and this is addition to the KGB which was at its strongest at that time.
How could Father go over that? He didn't try to destroy them, but tried to love them and digest them and penetrate that thick wall so he could reach behind the Iron Curtain with brotherly love. It was not easy. It was relatively easy for Reverend Moon to love his own wife, children and disciples, but to love the archenemy of God and himself was not easy. How to accomplish that was his own challenge. Now Father could be so comforted in knowing that his understanding and actions were right and that his efforts were not in vain.
Father's meeting with Gorbachev seemed to be a very simple encounter, but this isn't so. It took all the energy Father had to survive and reach that point. After Gorbachev was penetrated by true love, he gave in and discussed many things with Reverend Moon. Look at how much the world changed in such a short time of one year. That is the Principle of "plus power." If there is a strong positive, a strong negative will come out of nowhere into existence right away. Even Kim Il Sung, the strong minus, has an original mind, deeply hidden and guarded. But when this strong positive force like the core of God appears, he will be switched. The contents will be communicated and this giant plus and minus will mingle into one.
It is just like when a parent is dying and wants to communicate his will. No child, not even a bad one can resist that. By the same token this tremendous power of the true love of God was always directed to Kim Il Sung. When Kim Il Sung heard Reverend Moon speak, he could not resist. He opened his mind and received a flood of thought. Reverend Moon spoke to him on that level, saying "Don't forget what I say." In spite of himself, Kim will do things and think things. He didn't plan for it to happen that way. Some call that a miracle but we would rather say a new creation is taking place.
As human beings, all of us have to stand in Father's position and meet our challenge as individuals born here on earth. Have we ever loved another human being so deeply? Have you loved your wife the way a true husband would love her? Have you loved your husband the way a true wife would? As a parent, have we loved our children so truly? Have we ever loved our parents so truly? These are the points we have to challenge ourselves on today. We need to go exactly the same way as God and Father did. The ones who can reach the realm of heavenly liberation will be a true brother, a true child, a true couple and true parents also. He will be a true ancestor. These are all categorized as the true generation. For the true generation, all the walls that we find in the world will not exist in the realm of heavenly liberation. All the walls will be gone, therefore all can go into heaven. No matter how many people are living now, or how many lived in the past and are now in spirit world, by participating in the same love, they all have the ability to eventually go to this realm. In the same way children have the ability to go where their parents go.
If your finger has the touch of true love it doesn't matter where you push through. It may be painful, but if it is a finger of true love you don't mind. Actually that pain is a pleasure. A true love finger can travel anywhere and no one will mind.
The model of all the achievements here is simple enough: God gave us family. The regret and sorrow of God is that until this moment he could not find a text with which he could teach his loving children. He simply did not have a textbook. Why? Because everything is fallen, there is no prototype for such a textbook.
We must understand and go along with God's historical desire and deep wish to teach right things to His true children. God's other regret and deep sorrow has been that He could not find love between brothers. When we say brothers, sisters are included. Saying brothers and sisters doesn't just mean between two people, there could be as many as thirteen or fourteen brothers and sisters. There was no textbook for God to teach them how they should live their lives. They remained ignorant. Another of God's deep regrets is that He could not make a textbook by which He could teach the true husband and wife relationship. Husband and wife could not learn anything because there was no textbook and God couldn't make it because there was no example. Today it doesn't exist either. Nor could God teach true parents proper conduct towards their children. That textbook is not there. These four textbooks are lacking.
As soon as these four textbooks are complete and everybody learns their secrets, then Satan will be completely expelled from the face of this earth. Then we will see the kingdom of heaven come on this earth. We won't have to wait to go to spirit world to see it. At that time no messiah, nor even religion will be necessary because people will already have fulfilled the goal of the messiah and religion. That is a world where everyone is intoxicated just as if they drank a lot of wine. They would be drunk with love. They wouldn't want any more. Everybody would be full. That world is full of happiness and no want.
How then will God go about compiling those textbooks? For that purpose God picked one person who represents all manhood. He then picked out one woman to represent all womanhood. Centering on this couple, all perfection will take place when these four textbooks have been completed.
Here we focused on true love, that a man representing all mankind will live in true love. That true love will be the same among children and brothers and sisters and life. All these four loves are there. After that textbook is complete, is it easy or difficult to learn? After the book is written it is easy. Thanks to Father we already know the reason for our existence. We already know that woman exists for the sake of man and man exists for the sake of woman and that parents exist for the sake of children and children exist for the sake of their parents. Every individual lives for the sake of another, going beyond his own life to love others.
Why is it that a man needs a woman and a woman needs a man, absolutely and with no exception? If a couple gets along fine alone, why is it that they need to have children? Why is it that the more children they have, the better? Why not just one child? Because if there are more subjects and objects of love, there is so much more you learn. The larger the family the better.
Look at it this way. Why does man need woman? Because he needs a textbook to learn from. Man learns from woman. This was why God brought man and woman into existence. Why do we need brothers and sisters? So that we can learn to love the parents. Without loving each other, they cannot properly learn to love the parents. In this way every individual component is created for the sake of others. Amen!
If a brother loves so much that his whole purpose of existence is for his family members, and he lives that way more and more, even though it hurts him and he is not paid back for his efforts, he must then forget the hurt and begin again and again. His brothers are there to love him and he is there to love his brothers. God also looks down at him. All three elements of love are directed toward that individual. This is a holy position where he is the essence of God's love.
Why should a family live for the sake of the nation? Why don't we just forget about the country? It is because a country is not just one family. There are hundreds, and thousands, even millions of families like your own. That makes a nation a million times more precious than one family. It is the law of recreation, that the smaller entity should be absorbed by the larger entity. God created it that way. When you come to think like this, go into the subway and look around. You see so many people who aren't just individuals, but heads of their families. Each one has a precious family as you do. You come to revere them and be sympathetic to their problems of managing a family. It may even strike you as awesome how so many people realize a family and reach to God. Think about those among them who will become prominent statesmen and maybe one day a president who can bring this country into prosperity and peace. Another may become a great doctor who one day when you need him can provide the cure for your problems. Then you can come to respect them. You will feel that all those people are there for your sake, able to provide for you as much as you can give to them. When you feel this respect towards them, it will be followed by love. Then you will feel thankfulness for everything.
Isn't it true that if you think like this in a crowd, then God looks down at you and will say, "He or she thinks like me." He cannot miss that. After that, God will get right behind that person and protect him. When he is going into danger God will preserve him from the danger. This is reality. God truly does that.
Doing as much as Father has done for this country, how can he suppress his anger and disappointment? America is traditionally a country where they treat guests well. But Father is the guest of all guests. There has never been any more valuable guest to come to America throughout history. But he received nothing but persecution here. How does Father overcome that? Father says these people must want to see the character of God beyond any dispute or doubt or compromise in their imagination. They all want to see the perfect personality and character of God in Father, so Father keeps on persevering, thinking, "Thank you. You are trying to help me become more perfect. So I will try better and harder." This is the way Father has lived in America. Jesus didn't feel anger at those who pierced him with the spear. He simply felt sorry for them. Jesus felt more pitiful than angry towards the mob.
[Referring to drawing on board.] All the steps here line up in a vertical arrangement. This family system is a unit. The national level is an expansion of the same situation. It expands to the world level with the same contents and same situation. That will expand to the cosmos and then the greatest expansion place which is heaven. Do you understand? The concept and contents is the same. That is living for the sake of others.
Father's conclusion: there is no one living entity which exists for its own sake. Not one. Isn't it true that man and woman are even physically built for each other? Did God create man first and then see what was happening? Or did God have the concept of love very clear before He started to create human beings? Man's reality is to live for the sake of others. That is God's concept. Man must live for others. First comes concept and that is to love others. Second is reality and that is the opposite sex and partnership. Man first has to think about love and then he has to think about woman. But this love is for the sake of others. If he thinks about himself, he is Satan. If he thinks about everyone except himself, he is God-like.
Father lived for the sake of Kim Il Sung too. It is not because Kim Il Sung drew Father but Father drew Kim Il Sung. Father confirmed this to us today. America also may go against Father, but there will be one day when the whole country will kneel down before Reverend Moon once they know what he has been doing for America. The question will be who won? You know the answer. As of today, is America winning or is Reverend Moon winning? In terms of true love Reverend Moon won. He won in terms of God's formula.
Reverend Moon carried on that same way of life in Danbury prison. It also worked there. For some reason all the prison inmates were drawn to Reverend Moon. They didn't know why, but they felt drawn to him. There always seemed to be more people in the room where Father was. No one told them to do that, but they naturally did. When they finished their terms and were about to leave, they would always come to report to Father. They would cry just like they were leaving their own family. Reverend Moon was only a yellow guy, but these white men would come to him with respect. How about you? Do you love me or not? How much? Even though we would have to give up America, we would rather follow Father. So the nationality boundary, the race boundary, the tradition and cultural boundaries are no problem. We can solve all of them with unification. Let's do it! That's all!
Now we see the possibility of heaven being liberated. Heaven is bound and gagged now, but this is the way we can liberate it. Then all things are restored as God intended. The liberation of women will also take place. This is where the four textbooks will be fulfilled. With that, God will be able to travel anywhere He wants. He will be able to direct all mankind into any direction He wants. There will be no more sorrow, no more burden and no more tasks to do. God will finally rest. This is the realm of the liberation of heaven. This is where God can rest in peace for the first time. We must realize that we are living for that day. We are living according to the textbook on how to become true children, how to become true brothers and sisters to each other, how to become a true husband or wife and how to become true parents. When we live like this we are surely and steadily going to this area of liberated heaven where even hell can be converted into heaven. We must understand that ahead of us, True Parents are treading surely into that direction. That is all they are doing.
In True Parent's family, these four textbooks are already well under way. The textbook to learn what true children should be is first. Secondly, the textbook which teaches what true brothers and sisters should be. Third, the textbook which teaches what true couples, or true husband and wife should be and lastly what the true parents should be. Those four textbooks are already healthily well underway. That is what the true family is developing. Amen!
[Father addressed each of his sons by name] All brothers, you have to memorize Father's speech this morning. Do you understand? [Then his daughters] You have to make that standard of a true family system. Do you understand? You have to make that kind of tradition. Its not so easy. Don't forget Father's speech this morning. Say it in a loud voice. Yes!



September 8, 1991, East Garden, New York, Translator - Col. Sang Kil Han

Now we are in the position to see that the tide of the world is not influenced by many people. It does not take many, many people to shape events; rather, one or two decide the trends and the tide. We can see very easily that the tide of history always has been influenced by a few people who represent many. Only a few represent the Soviet Union, America, or Asia. They are the ones who decide the direction of history.

The Soviet Union now is witnessing the fall of communism. The secular humanism which is the guiding philosophy of life in America and the free nations is failing. The fall of these previously held concepts as well as the religious thought undergirding them lets all know that their direction holds no guarantee of success. They have difficulty in keeping up with the times.
The Soviet Union and China are going down. The United States thinks it is leading but the reality of America indicates weakness. There are many problems in the family; everywhere there are difficulties. Nobody would have believed that America would become like this. What leader really knows how to lead his country in these times? Even the American president does not know. Here Reverend Moon looms up and people begin to pay attention, asking "who is he?"
We all know what has transpired. For years Father predicted the future of the communist countries and how communism would fall. Everyday in every year Father said what would happen in the Soviet Union, and now history has come to pass as Father predicted. Also Father juxtaposed all the problems existing in America and warned how America would become. Father also proved to be very accurate in predicting what America would be. So now many people in the world are beginning to pay attention to Father-what he says and how he leads. Look for example at the recent ICUS. Father gathered together scholars centering on the science conference, as well as religious leaders from around the world. At the same time Father brought together leaders of the world and showed them the clear way to peace in a unified world in the future. No-one else dared do that, but Father did, and everyone believed in Father because of what he has done in the past.
This fostered a lot of hope for the world and the future. Without one way, you cannot have one goal. Everyone says "We want peace. Peace." But we have to have one way to pursue the one goal which is peace. Father made that very clear. Now everybody saw for the first time how peace can be achieved. Father even told them what peace is. Father gave a very basic definition of peace, yet even this flabbergasted people. Father showed the clear way to achieve peace.
Now the Unification Church, centering upon Father, has literally come to the apex, the highest plateau of the world. Father has clearly shown where the world should go.
What everybody assembled there together needs is the pulling power, the locomotive, the engine. Someone has to pull them in that one direction of world peace, which Father laid out clearly, and that one locomotive or pulling power should be none other than you. All the Unification Church members must be that power.
Now the world already knows that we need a very powerful direction. America and the free world have a Christian background. With this Christian culture, based on the New Testament and Old Testament, America is in the position to reorganize itself based upon these newly revealed facts. America is also in the position to help the communist countries who have lost their ideals and help them reorganize. All of this is now apparent. Everybody around the world knows. But the ironic thing is that only the Unification Church members are in the dark. They still do not know clearly that this is happening.
Using our teaching, we have solved all the difficult points in the Bible. Therefore we are greatly empowered. The power is in our hands. We should be able to turn people from atheism to theism. We are armed with that degree of power. And in the future we should be able to lead the world. We should be full of power NOW. That's the fact.
You have the arms, the weapons, but are powerless and don't know how to apply it. You don't even know what you have. That's the problem. Maybe we will all be dragged out by Father, first this way and then that. We have been so-called obedient, and have followed Father. But we haven't had the slightest idea what all this is leading to, what this really is. Now, as we have witnessed, all Father's important dispensational moves have been accomplished. As far as Father's role is concerned, everything is complete. But we don't know the fact that Father has already done this. We don't even know what he has done! That's our situation. Maybe you thought you walked the horizontal way, but actually you have been climbing up, and even now you should climb up more, rather than walk on the horizontal plane. We should walk vertically!
Now when you are walking horizontally, you can see fairly well where to go. But when you climb vertically, it takes all your might, every ounce of energy to go forward. There is no time to look around at leisure. You have to climb at the cost of your life.
Now are you on the same plateau as Father? Do you have no need to climb anymore? No; we must continue to climb. We are aware of the Eight Stages Ceremony (Pal Chung Shik), but at which stage are you? Just like an elementary school course has a number of grades to pass through, in which grade are you now?
Restoration by indemnity means that we are to pay the price first and then we go one step up. Now do we really practice this way of life? To begin with, do you believe it? You say "Yes," but are you paying the price, indemnifying and then moving on?
Just as there are cycles, such as the time of the first coming and time of the second coming, you have to re-indemnify and elevate the level. We have to restore by indemnity. Does the rule apply to us also? Very much so. Then what grade are you? At what stage of the eight stages are you now? The individual level? Family level? Clan level? Then are you at the perfection level of the individual? You have to measure your own position with your own ruler. Have your mind and body achieved unity? If your mind and body are not achieving unity, can you still go up to heaven? Of course this is one of the fundamental teachings we already know, but then again, some people still do not really know it.
Can an individual whose mind and body did not yet come into oneness have his family come into unity? According to reason we must say "no". Have American and Japanese members come into oneness? Have we achieved unification between American and Japanese?
Thanks to Father, who has somehow, all alone created an overall harmony, somehow everybody has survived, and sometimes are even getting along very well. Think about it. It's really a mind-chilling phenomena. If Father was not offering himself, then you would not be connected to any center. When you are not connected, you become independent. You then have no base to achieve unification, not at any level. Not even at the individual level and certainly not at the family level, much less the true country level. That's something we have to consider. When Father removes himself from here, can you achieve the same results as today? Just think what it would be like if Father were not available.
Unfortunately we cannot simply go up to heaven. "Oh Father, you are in heaven; so am I". We cannot say that. Not everyone who goes to the same school graduates at the same time. There are all kinds of variety, centering on the teacher. Some really follow what the teacher teaches and practices, making effort day and night. Others goof off all the time. There is a spectrum including all kinds. Not everybody graduates at the same time. Some flunk and have to do it all over again. They may take how many years? God knows!
What is your own assessment? What do you think about yourself? Do you think, now Father can leave you all on your own and you will continue to foster and protect the ideal, and you will promote it? Will you teach it to other people and safeguard it without Father's help? Can you do that without Father being close to you? Can we do it by ourselves, just as Father has been doing it himself? That means, since the seed has been planted and now it is harvest time, can Father now harvest? Is that grain now ready to be sown again, so it can also bear fruit? That is the question. When you harvest grain, some seeds are healthy, and when planted they will bear fruit. But some grains, although having a perfect shape, have nothing inside, there is something missing. Some grains are decaying, they are rotting. Such grains cannot produce healthy crops. So there are all different types of grain even in the same harvest. Do you understand the analogy?
Father is harvesting at all the different levels-individual, family, nation and world levels. Father has established the International Religious Federation for World Peace centering on religious people, and he has also established the Federation for World Peace centering on political figures. The political figures are like the body and the religious people are like the mind, even though in the past this proper order always has been reversed. The people in the body position have been influencing badly the people in the mind position. In other words, the politicians have always been suppressing the true religious activities. So Father has corrected that this time. Father took the religious people and the political people and set them where they should be, making unification within each side and then between them. That is what Father did in Korea.
So now, what is the difference? The difference is great. The political groups have always influenced people away from the position of the mind, and this should not be so. Now that Father has set everything in the right position, great changes can occur. The religious people, who are in the mind's position, will take initiative and take a leading role over those who are in the body's position, that is the politicians. Who has done that before? Who in the religious sphere has done this? Without centering on Father, this cannot be done. Without becoming one with Father , no-one else can do it.
These newly unified religious people will exert more influence in their own countries over other religious people too, and then eventually exert God-centered influence over political activities. They have just made such a beginning. In America, for instance, centering on the President, all the different religious factions can come into one arena and unite. They can understand that something may be imperative for the country, and then respond. But until now there has been no real center. Who leads them, and to where? There is nothing that God wants more badly than the true center. That means, God really wants some person and group in the spirit mind's position to have subjectivity over the political people who are in the body's position. Heavenly Father wants to see that very much.
It is nothing short of amazing that people representing science, politics and religion all gathered together. You know what their relationship has been like until now. No one of them could follow or respect the other. They were all downright enemies. Religion and science have been enemies to a great extent. Politics and religion have also been enemies, and politics and true science also have been enemies to some extent. Now these three will get together and embrace and welcome Reverend Moon without criticizing each other. Naturally, and most importantly, none of them will criticize Reverend Moon. This is an amazing historical event.
In history nothing like this has happened. But to Father, this is not amazing at all. It is something that should be happening everyday in your own city, in your own village, in your own arena. Everywhere you go, you should reproduce that. What is odd is that we have not seen this happen in the past.
The practical question is, when you go back to your own hometown and find scientists, politicians and religious people, can you play the role which Father has been playing all his life? Can you harmonize them? Can you make them take you as their center?
There are a lot of trees in America and a lot in Korea. They are not different trees, but similar. For example, the poplar tree in America and Korea is the same. If you engraft American poplar into a Korean or Japanese poplar, it will become even stronger. By today's method of cloning, even an individual cell can be cloned. Father gave the poplar as an example. But what about a Reverend Moon tree? A Reverend Moon tree is big and strong and nice. Did we become its branch or clone so that everywhere we go we can be recognized as a small Reverend Moon tree? What is your answer? "Yes, I am a small Reverend Moon tree"?
What does a Reverend Moon tree look like? How can we define a Reverend Moon tree? First of all, he is a man God loves. That one man that God loves so dearly does not just sit down and receive love from God. In fact he tries to love God in ever greater degrees. He is that kind of tree. No matter how many times he finds himself on the verge of dying, he doesn't die. He lives again and always tries to do even more to fulfill God's will. What about you? If you experience a severe setback, do you just simply die, or do you never die, because you are a Reverend Moon tree? To achieve God's goal in this world, just as Father we must give up our lives, our wives, give up our children and even our nations to go after God's will. Are we ready to do this? Think about it deeply. Don't just say "Yes Father, Yes Father". It's not that easy. You know that. Think deeply, and then say "Yes Father." It's life and death. Will you still say yes when you go through greatest torture in prison? You can only imagine how painful it is if they use pliers to pull the nails off your fingers. Can you still say "Yes Father" then? Then they cut your finger and they do all kinds of terrible things to you. That's a very serious situation. What if you go through that? How many times are you prepared to die for the sake of the will of God?
Even Jesus had to ask God "why are you giving me up?". What about you? Are you going to be better than Jesus? He then said, "Not as I will but as You will." He acknowledged that there was God's will and Jesus' will and they were not necessarily the same. "I don't want to die. I want to achieve my will for God." That was Jesus' will. But to let him die was God's will. Jesus said, "Don't do as I will but do as You will." Are we going to repeat that? How many times?
All of us have lived "as I will," but now we have to die and be resurrected. We have to be born again. When the American government very unjustly indicted Father, Father didn't have to come back to this country. If Father hadn't come, that would have been the end. America would have been happy and nobody would have questioned Father. They could not have forced Father to come back so they could punish him since there was no treaty between Korea and America. So even if he had committed many crimes, there was no way they could have forced him back. Father decided on his own to come back. Why? He saw that it was God's will. He saw that there was a way that America could be saved as a result of Father going to prison. So Father said, "Gladly I will go God's way. So he came back to America and went straight to prison. That opened up an avenue, a way for America to repent. If Father didn't come back and go to prison then America would have no way to repent. But as it is Father came back and sacrificed himself, like dying on the cross. Now there is a way open for America to repent, and when God accepts their repentance then America will live again.
We have seen the grand rule. God sacrifices His own loving sons and daughters, putting them to death. As a result of that He saves a greater number of people. God has been doing that ever since history began and He did it to Father. This is God's formula. He does that to all his loving sons and daughters. Why? Because of the fall. Man inadvertently received Satan's lineage, his blood, his life, his love. Man has no choice. To be in God's lineage, man must give up all these things. He must go through and beyond the difficulty of giving them up. It is like dying. You must first die before God can lift you up. That means we must go beyond the realm of this world, of Satan's love and Satan's life. We must go over Satan's world and be free of these three powers-Satan's love, life and lineage. This is then the starting point for the heavenly site, a foundation on the earth.
If someone says, "Are you going to save your life or give up the connection to Satan?" you must be able to say, "I will give up my life and give up Satan's connection." You must even deny your life. All of us want to be saved, right? But what do you mean? You are already alive, are you not? You are breathing, walking, speaking, you are very healthy and alive, so why do you need to be saved? You are alive but dead. So that means that you have to go out of the realm in which you are and move into a new realm of God. We want to be saved in that way. In order to start love, life and to start everything godly, no matter how difficult it is, what we need is to live or die for it.
So the Bible says that unless you receive the Holy Ghost, the Holy Spirit, you cannot be saved, you cannot live. When you receive the Holy Ghost, when you receive Mother, then you will come to a new realm. Do you follow? The Holy Ghost is what kind of God? It is the feminine God. What about Jesus? What gender of God is he? He is the husband God, the world God. Since Jesus died without fulfilling all things that he was to accomplish, the relationship became vertical between husband and wife instead of horizontal. The husband and wife relationship should be horizontal, but in Jesus' case Jesus went to heaven and the Holy Spirit continued to work on earth. Satan became rampant in between. Now in true love, these two must come into unity. So we become as ones conceived in the Holy Spirit (in the Mother's position), conceived a new and thus "reborn." And Jesus' male element is also part of the process of my rebirth. We are not born by the mother alone. The father's part should be in the mother before I can be born. That means that the Holy Ghost, representing the mind side, and you, on the body side, become one and receive the father's seed. Then Jesus can come upon us and we can receive love from the father's side before conception takes place. That is the meaning of being born again.
Whether you are a man or a woman, the Holy Ghost will come in the mind's position to each of you in the body position. You must become one with the Holy Ghost, and then Jesus will come down and inject love so the new person can be born.
That is exactly how the fall took place between Eve and the Archangel. It is the same pattern, only this time it is God and Jesus coming down, not the Archangel. That is the meaning of being born again in Christianity. But that reversal is the spiritual reversal. Now in substance we have to be born again. That comes at the time of the Second Advent. Mind and body will become one for the first time and will receive the inheritance from our Father.
This has been demonstrated often, in the early days of our church and even now. Whether we are man or woman, it doesn't matter, we really miss Father so much, so much that we even cry-in complete oneness.
There should be a role to be played with the passion of an unmarried Adam-person going into the mother's womb to be born again. It is relatively simple to explain what takes place. But it can be very difficult to actually go through this rebirth process. We haven't taken this serious step have we? You may hear what Father is saying, but what is Father really saying?
Simply, we are born again spiritually through Jesus and the Holy Ghost. That gives us a very important condition-that we are reborn through Father's body. It is important that we have this horizontal connection centering upon the body, with Father. Otherwise we cannot complete the process of being born again, and we cannot fulfill the course of restoration. We know that we have to be restored, which means to be born again.
Those spirit men who have never been born again come down and connect with an actual physical body to experience this born-again process. Then they can be born again through the body. When that happens, then the spirit man is actually born again and his mind and body are both perfected, and salvation is now complete. If you really love Jesus, when Jesus feels pain, you will feel pain too because you are part of him. You have to be that close. We are part of him because we are his children. The same thing occurs with Father. When Father feels so much pain, we have to feel the same pain or else we are not one with Father.
In the same way as you imagine you are a fetus in the mother's womb, you are the result of father's sperm, so we should feel the father's pain also because we are connected. But are we like that? If we are not, it means we still have a distance to go before we are restored. We must close that gap now while we have a body. What happens if we die now? Let's say a person has this much of a gap, this gap could continue on for hundreds of thousands of years in the spirit world. How about a larger gap? It would continue on longer. Now while we have a body we must become one. Then we probably won't have to wait thousands of years.
As much as Father taught us, it somehow has been eluding us. We did not concretely learn all that he taught. We still tend to think, "Somehow I will go to heaven." We have to be more exact, correct? We have to really know what it takes. It's a science. You can discern the person who is very exacting from one who is not. How do you tell? Their mind and body do not fight each other so much. Such a person whose mind and body do not fight, we say, "he's one with Father".
When mind and body are born again through true love, the person is free. This is not rhetorical or abstract; this is reality. Here is a man who used to love drinking very much, but now his mind and body became one, through true love. So he's well connected to Father. Then all of a sudden he realizes he really hates to drink wine. That kind of phenomenon always happens. Cigarettes, homosexuality, all these lose their allure. For instance, what happens if our brother or sister who joined the Unification Church continued to have homosexual experiences on and on. They would go directly to hell; there is no way they would return to heaven. We must understand this clearly. Then how can he be saved? When he becomes moved by the Holy Spirit, then somehow he will not desire to do that anymore. Re-birth through true love occurs. No matter how much he liked smoking, drinking or even homosexual activities, the mind now says, "No this is no good." Then that's it. It's the end of the dispute. He simply doesn't like it. He hates it. You will become like that. You must become like that.
What if you tried and tried to make that happen? Then you have to try harder. You have to cry and cling to God to make it happen. This is up to you. You have to pray. You have to deny your body, even to extremes, and you have to ask God to make your mind and body become one. Prayer is essential. Don't underestimate the power of prayer. Pray. Ask God, ask God. Beg God. Forget other things. All you want to do is experience Parents' love, inherit Parents' love. That's all you should want to do. Forget everything else. Seek Parents' love, Parents' life, Parents' lineage.
Isn't it the Principle view that since we started at one point, then we need to return to that point, change course and then go on? So we need to continue to deny ourselves until we reach that zero point again. Then new life can begin. At that zero point a new world, new life, new being can begin. So we need spiritual parents and physical parents. Then we need to connect these two into one. How difficult is Father's mission-to connect and unify those two worlds and make a victorious atmosphere in the spiritual world. To become the owner of this physical world, most important is Mother.
The original point is the one point of Adam's couple. We went the fallen way but we now have to come back to that original point, losing all of Satan's world-everything: nation, tribe, parents, brothers and sisters, even the self. We have to lose all this and reconnect with Father's new seed in the mother's womb, and bear a new child. From there a new world will start. This is the fallen people's formula course-the way to go back to the original point. This is according to Principle. This is not just Father's idea!
When you think about it, when were you born again? Can you remember? Otherwise you cannot claim you have new life, a new world centering on true love.
To be reborn is not easy. It is not simple. Heaven knew and Satan knew, but no human being knew. But now many human beings know for the first time in history. Father pioneered to road of knowing and applying this. As a result of that we can accomplish this now. So the Satanic world must depart now. It must lose ground, step by step. The Satanic world began through a mother's womb didn't it? So the new, sinless, born-again world should begin in a mother's womb.
So here is a new Adam. We must become one with Adam and be born again out of this new Adam. Therefore it is an absolute rule that we must love Father more than anybody else. That's why Jesus said, "You must love me more than anybody else, otherwise you will not go to heaven-you will not be worthy of me".
This is not simply to be done on a joyous or comfortable occasion. Each must bear his own cross, paying his own indemnity to become like Father. We wish it would happen very simply, automatically, but it doesn't happen like that. We have to indemnify, we have to pay our indemnity to become like Father.
So this is very much a spiritual process, isn't it? To become completely one with Father and to love him and cry for him means we have to cry so much because we miss him so much. That is spiritual. Then after that we are born again, and we have to go through the horizontal path where we have to fight against the world, accomplishing restoration through indemnity. So we have two wars to fight: the spiritual and the horizontal. Who among you are working very hard towards accomplishing that goal now? Yes, each of you. We are all supposedly very busy doing that. Of course we cannot do it simply by ourselves. Only parents can give us rebirth.
Father is working very hard to make this process as easy as possible for us. He is chasing Satan far away, as far away as possible. Therefore we all don't have to fight Satan so much, because Father already has defeated him. Isn't this true? Isn't that what Father has done from the individual to the country and world level. At the country level, people do not oppose us so much because they understand what Reverend Moon did for America. Father has established a foundation at every level and Satan has retreated.
So both vertically and horizontally Satan is being pushed back and as a result of that, we now enjoy a very peaceful atmosphere. Now we have come into the time when Father can make the Federation for World Peace. If we have not done anything before, but now we take it very seriously and carry it out, then we can become completely one with Father and he can re-create us any way he wants us to be. We should not be plus in front of Father because Father is plus, and two plusses repel each other. So we have to be minus. If we deny ourselves, believe in Father and obey Father, then we become one with Father, and Father can do many, many things through us. He will say, "You go." And even though you know you will die if you go, don't say "Oh no, I'll die if I go." Can we say that? If we really think we will die there and we say, "Father, do you really want me to go?" and he says, "Yes!" then we still go. The chances are that you won't die if God is guiding us. But that's God's problem. We should be ready to die, correct? Now all of us here are special people, special brothers and sisters here, but what is our qualification? Satan would like to see that each individual would have passed the life and death border a long time ago. We should always be ready to die.
But why does Father always nag me and chase me into a very uncomfortable position? You are like a cup with dirty water in it. So what do you want to do? Father would like to throw that water away. Then Father would be free to refill you with real water and you will be a different person. Do you understand? You may not see yourself so clearly, thinking that water is alright since you had that water all your life. But inside, God cannot tolerate many of those dirty family elements. So Father wants to first throw that out so he can re-fill you. That is a correct analogy.
Now as you look back over your Unification Church life, maybe you joined fifteen years ago. You suffered so much. Father knows that. Father now says, "Let's suffer again, all over again". You respond, "Oh Father, should we do that all over again?" But we had best do that again. We want to empty ourselves once and for all and then Father can work much more easily with us after that.
Blessed couples may say, "Oh Father, you blessed us, so I'm not going to depart with some of these things. I'm going to hold onto them for ever and ever.' Are you going to say that, or if the task is big enough, you will go at any cost, forgetting your husband, your wife, your children. They may starve, you don't know, but if Father says "We must go," then we go. A lot of you went through that course. Once you have done that then we don't have to suffer in the Satanic world again, from that point on. Our heavenly life begins from there.
If Christianity and America had supported Father, Father would not have had to go through all this. Father's family took all this persecution for forty years. All you blessed couples are now the growth stage of this process remaining. You have to follow Father's path of the cross.
This is why Father is chasing the blessed couples away to the couple's home. Once Jesus was crucified there was no way for us to evade going that same course. We may not be crucified literally, but we have to be crucified symbolically. So if Father has gone the same course, there is no way for us to evade going that same course as Father. We must go. Even though it may be only a short time. When Father went through that difficult course it was under terrible persecution, much more difficult than now. Now there is no persecution, so it is much easier for us. But still we must go this way. There is no way we can avoid that. If you go now, there is always somebody who can take care of your children. But when Father started this course this was not so. Father had to fight every inch of the way, in every area. Now, nobody will persecute your children when you leave them behind.
Because of what Father did in Korea recently, the Korean members will suffer perhaps more than any other members, but the Principle stays the same. Separate from your wife and your children, and go. Now they are gone. What about the organization, HSA? It doesn't matter. One individual will go and recover the clan and then come back with the victory; that is tribal messiahship.
What we have done on the individual level and the family level, now we are doing on the clan level which is our perfection level. Formation, growth and perfection, that is our formula course. That is our organization, too. Wherever we go there is always three tiers, three levels of relationship. Now we are working at the clan messianic mission.
Now the time has come for each individual, by going through this course, ultimately to go back to the original home, back to a completely new world. There will be no persecution there. So Father has restored himself three great rights: elder sonship, parentship and kingship. By doing that he pushed back the Satanic realm. He did this from the original Adam's position, the position Jesus would have been in if he had fulfilled. That of course is the position of the second coming, the original Adam's position. The third Adam, the completed Adam, the Second Coming, all these are synonymous.
Adam was the elder son wasn't he? But he lost that position didn't he? Also, Adam was to be True Parents originally wasn't he? He was also king, right? But he is now none of these.
On the 28th of July we all got together and heard the pronouncement of the Royal Family of True Love. The royal family was formed. The course that is taken from now is that of true love. Father individually restored the individual, the family, the clan, nation and world, and when he returns there is no opposition. Peacefully he can return. When he returns, we all can follow him and return too. The original Adam's course is the vertical line. This time he is making the historical condition based on true love. This same straight line will connect all families, centering on true love. The individual portion is small compared to heaven's portion. The tribal portion is bigger than the individual, the national is bigger still, and world bigger still. But all will have one center of true love, one main direction. The world direction is connected with the individual direction by the true love line. This is the love direction. Satan cannot follow this way because we will be going in the direction opposite to Satan's way-180 degrees different to Satan's direction. From here, from Adam's family, a new age starts. From Adam's family starts a new tribe and this ultimately will connect to the world. The foundation of heaven's world is the way opposite to Satan's. Heaven's side will gradually collect all humankind through true love, by people understanding the true way.
So now all the communist world and the free world welcome Reverend Moon. They want to follow absolutely. So that means they have to cut from everything that is not God's ideology and concept. So if we multiply individual, family and clan restoration then the whole world will come to exist within God's world automatically. Adam was supposed to establish a nation. That's what his purpose was. He was not simply meant to remain on the family or clan level at all, but rather to establish a country. Now we, by accomplishing clan-level restoration, will automatically be able to make a country through the root. Ultimately this big tree with a big trunk will be connected by engrafting. The tribe forms the branches which is connected to the trunk and root.
You are in the original Adam's position, given to you by Father, and he has said "go." So you are to go back to your hometown to become a tribal messiah. By doing that you can resurrect your own physical father and mother, and they too can stand in the position of restored Adam and restored Eve. You are in the position of Jesus' family whereas Father is the True Parents' family and through them everyone is automatically connected to the same realm horizontally. By doing that you will eventually get rid of the position of fallen Adam and Eve. You will also rid yourself of the failed Jesus position. In other words, you will establish a successful position and be connected directly to Father's position. By doing that the restored world will automatically come to exist. The first, second and third Adam will horizontally come into one, come into unity. There is now no spiritual atmosphere that will work against this course. So we can recreate the new Adam position, the new Jesus or second Adam position, and completely connect them into one. The sons of the first Adam (fallen people), and the sons of the second Adam (the Christians, restored half way) all become one with the third Adam's children's position.
We can make this connection through the tribal messiah foundation.
You have your hometown. Why? Your parents take the fallen position and we take the restored position. Jesus made a nation and we can automatically connect with the world through the engrafting process.
What it amounts to is that all you have to do is connect that branch of yours into the main trunk. Then all of your clan will come alive. As a condition Father has already pieced all these together. So as soon as we connect ourselves then all things will come alive. That is the strategy that works. Father's tree has all the conditions within it. We connect with it, from the root, by simply doing what Father is asking now. It will work. So all parts of the world will be directly connected with our native land, which happens to be your hometown, your native land, which has nothing to do with the fall anymore.
Today, your hometown is still under Satan's dominion. But once you go there and achieve this, then your hometown will be a restored hometown. You don't have to do anything special because of what Father has already done. So by connecting through you, with the true root, this will be achieved.
The parents' concept consists of three parts: the fallen parents, the second or Jesus' position parents, and the perfected parents. We are at the perfection stage of the parents' concept now, so we can fulfill all three parts.
The second position or middle position is always important because it is the connecting point. As a result of that, Adam now resurrects, and Jesus can resurrect, and your original self can also resurrect. Do you follow? That is the sketch, the outline of why the tribal messiah is necessary and why it works.
What is the actual meaning of the tribal messiah? First it is to let your own physical parents stand in an unfallen position, a restored position. The first thing you do is to put them in that position. Some of them are in the spirit world, but still they are under Satanic dominion, right? Jesus' disciples who are up in the spirit world, and who are on earth, are still not exactly in the heavenly domain. They are under Satanic dominion to some extent. Perfected Adam is now working spiritually and physically. He has created the victorious foundation to connect both ways-spiritually and physically. So you too can connect with what Father has achieved-the restored Adam position. And so all can be connected with this. When that is realized then the full spirit world can come down and resurrect. So we must do the tribal messiah work so we can connect with the spirit world. We have a lot of ancestry in the spirit world. To connect these three in the course of formation, growth and perfection, you must carry out tribal messiahship. By doing that, each level will be connected to the true root. By doing this the whole resurrection of spirit men becomes reality. This is what Father has been looking to accomplish.
The second coming will be the perfected Adam, and the position of Jesus and the first Adam will be in it, so your tribal messiah work will directly connect all your ancestry to the perfected Adam position. Jesus is a branch, Adam is a branch, there is Father's own original branch-all these will be combined in one concept of perfected Adam. The environment and domain of Adam was small, Jesus' was a little larger, and so on, but each is still connected to the mission of Adam, and Jesus. The core of each centers on Adam's family, Jesus family and third Adam's family. The restorational value is connected with the numbers of people who center on each of these three. But ultimately all are connected. The end result is that we will have the same value as everything perfectly restored. Father wants all of us to reach this.
One thing is for sure, even though you don't understand exactly what Father is saying because of the problem of translation, you must restore the fallen clan. You must be the clan messiah. You understand that part don't you? Why? So that you can make your own native land, your hometown, a heavenly hometown. And so you can make your own parents not the enemies as they are now, but on your side so you have your own foundation to stand on too. Then your whole clan will be blessed. The hometown that they inhabit will become a heavenly hometown. The hometown where Father was originally born must be restored also, otherwise it cannot be Father's hometown. The same applies to him. Just as Father must have his own hometown, you also must your own hometown. This is your mission-to restore it. You must feel God's heart by returning to your hometown and working through it. Otherwise you cannot live in heaven.
We have to restore Canaan. Because there is no persecution, no opposition, Canaan can be directly connected through your own hometown. The providential time makes this possible. So going back to your hometown, all you have to do is enroll in the Israelites' position, as belonging to one of the tribes. A tribe's ultimate goal is to establish a nation. That is the tribe's whole purpose.
We must understand that when the Israelites went into Canaan, almost four thousand years ago, they were more like beggars. They had been out in the wilderness for forty years. Compared to the Canaanites, they were beggars. The Canaanite seven tribes were rich, they had cattle, homesteads, pretty daughters and good sons, everything. Now the Israelites were in the position to digest the Canaanites. But they were digested by the Canaanites and Jesus had to suffer so much as a consequence. We are to set a Godly tradition. We are not to go back to Satan's tradition.
There are the seven tribes of the Canaanites, but we are in the elder son's position. That is the difference. The Satanic world will automatically stand in the younger brother's position. If you use your good subjectivity, the good inner sovereignty of yours, then they will listen to you. Now the big difference between you and your brothers to be restored is that they are individualistic but you are holistic. So they are about to be digested by you. You bag is bigger than their bag.
I wrote down these directions in my memos and gave them to the Korean and Japanese members. Now I will give them to you, and it will be all over the world. Follow exactly what I tell you.

"The Conference Memos and Direction given
before Father left Korea the 29th of August, 1991."

  1. The Return to Canaan, Restoration of Canaan, and its Dispensational Meaning.
    Tribal Messiahship, which we must take very seriously, would not have been necessary if Christianity and America had received Father 46 years ago. Within seven years, what you are about to accomplish would have been accomplished-by 1950. It was extended, postponed forty years. The date has been pushed back to 1992 as the date by which this has to be accomplished, instead of 1950.
    1. What was the purpose of the course in the wilderness? The purpose of the course in the wilderness was to separate from Satan, to separate Satan's world from God's world. To separate the two, it took Korean history 4000 years. We had to restore 4,300 years in 43 years.
    2. Now that we have gone through the wilderness course, we have to return to our home town and restore our ancestry.
      1. Restore Elder-Sonship.
      2. Restore Parentship.
      3. Restore Kingship.
      4. Make three great victorious conditions: your grandfather, your father and your brothers should serve you. You are Abel and Cain must be subjugated.
    3. Original Ideal Family
        1. Heavenly Father King
        2. Earthly King
        3. Prince
        That means three generations. The Heavenly King position is the heavenly position. The King on Earth position is the Father and Mother's position, and the prince is the children's position. These three positions represent different levels of kingship. The first represents the past (grandfather), the second represents the present and the third one, the prince, represents the future.
      1. Husband and wife living in the True Love Palace.
      2. Parents and Children in True Love.
    4. Establishing a new tradition that is 180-degrees different from the satanic tradition.
    5. Complete absorption and digestion of the Cain traditions, the Cain realm.
    6. Establishing a nation: bringing everything into the heavenly position, the environment of heaven. In there our standard has to be very high. What standard? The standard of filial sons and daughters has to be very high, the standard of royal citizens toward the king has to be high, the standard of sainthood should be high (higher than the historical standard), and the standard of the holy man should be high. You see even the world has sons and daughters of filial piety. But our standard for filial sons and daughters should be higher, our standards of sainthood and holiness has to be higher.
  2. Training
    Organization based on the Divine Principle view:
    • Neighborhood (tong-ban), precinct (li), town (myun)
    • Town, county, state
    • County, state, central government
    • State, central government, capital congress
    • Central government, congress, world
    • Congress, world, cosmos
    • King's Palace, God
    This is the organizational plan based on the Divine Principle. Everything is comprised of three. The eye represents God, the nose, Adam and Eve, mouth, all things. The eyes have three parts-white, iris, and pupil. The ear also has three parts. Everything is created in three stages.
    1. The Contents of the Organization.
      If you so wish you can team up as four. Working alone is sometimes difficult. So four people can team up and form a group and work together, and have an advantage. A tribal messiah group can work together, and take turns. Do you know what Father means? Instead of doing everything individually, four people get together and you can take turns staying in this home town and then the next -four different home towns. Also, you can form a twelve-person group. That doesn't mean Father is saying work with twelve people. No, work alone; but, if you find it more advantageous, four people get together and work. If still you cannot do that then you can form a twelve person group. That is an alternative. If you are a really good organizer you can organize up to a 120-person group.
    2. Tribal Messiahs accomplish 120 families and 360 families and if you multiply that by two, 720 families. Those are your goals. Once you get their agreement to be trained, you can do almost anything to teach them.
    3. In the particular situation of Korea, many are from North Korea, so obviously they cannot go to their hometown right now. So in Korea Father allowed them to select a second hometown and establish that, which will immediately be connected to their original hometown when the north/south border is abolished. So Father is recognizing them as second son, and when the first son is restored, of course then you will have a first and second son. That pertains more to Korea, but in America also you can do the same thing. Even though you have your own original hometown you can select, just like in Korea, a second hometown. That means that when they pay enough attention to Unification Church and its teaching and its essence, its True Parentship, then that second town can follow just as easily as your hometown. Our main task is to teach them Divine Principle.
      1. Educational training
      2. Itinerary workers. IWs conduct the revival meetings and so forth. Over one hundred American members just went to the Soviet Union and did things similar to which Father is now describing there. We are about to do these things in our own hometown.
    4. Unification comes not from the country but from the individual and family levels. It works its way up, not works its way down: from individual to family, clan, nation and world. Use public meeting places and churches as the training sites, teaching rooms. In America we have a lot of churches so we have lots of teaching areas. In Korea you can live in churches temporarily. Actually you can come and live there physically, but in America it's a little different situation. That means use the Christian churches like your brother's home. Maybe we can change the pattern, and people can stay overnight.
    5. We will train and arm people with thought that is superior to the world's level. That means, in the world they have a value system which is pretty weak; but ours should be stronger. Our thought and organization should be stronger than our counterparts in the satanic world. By doing that we can win over the social situation (of course this is very much with the Korean situation in mind, but it applies almost equally to America). We organize an effective team and organization and teaching, centering on good people.
  3. The Mission of the Tribal Messiah: Three Great Missions
    1. Parent
      Owner, or master
      Father often uses these concepts, but also these are basic concepts for us to understand and use.
    2. Owner=Kingship position; Country level Teacher=School Teacher position Parents=Family
    3. The mission of the tribal messiah is our inevitable mission-our destiny. Messiahship is not something we can give up or leave half-done, it is something that we have to accomplish. Jesus came as a Messiah and if he didn't completely succeed he has to try again until he succeeds. So where is Jesus now? He is in Paradise, waiting to attain heaven. So once we undertake the tribal messiah mission we cannot quit as we wish; there is no quitting.
  4. The Tradition of God and True Parents.
    1. To live for the sake of others
    2. Invest and invest again and forget the fact that you invested, just like God and just like our Parents. Forget that you invested, don't remember it. Get it?
    3. Pray for perfection and dedicate a lot of heart for the sake of perfection. These three points are self-explanatory. These are Father's, Parents', God's tradition.
  5. Steps of Recreation.
    1. Creation of the Environment
      What did God create first in the beginning of the world? The environment. So we first have to create the environment because we are the Messiah himself-the representative of God. The Messiah represents God's creative power. So it is a formula. First we have to create the environment.
    2. Subject and Object
      When there is an environment, there is subject and object, otherwise there won't be any environment. The environment always has subject and objects. Even the mineral kingdom has plus and minus parts and the vegetable kingdom has stamen and pistil (same thing), and insect kingdom and man have male and female beings. Why do they exist in subject and object form? For the purpose of love, which is the whole purpose of God's creation, period-love! If you want find something mystical, the very fact that everything comes in these two beings, male and female, it's the most fantastic, it's mystical! How anybody could do that is mystifying. Centering on what? When you understand love, it's not mystifying at all. Your faces are telling me, what is so mystifying about it? But think about it-Love! Then it is a mystery!
      All of us have really suffered wanting to know what is our purpose in life. Everyone said, what is man's purpose? No one ever said, "What is man's purpose and what is woman's purpose?" Father is the great discoverer of that. Father said, "Not just man but man and woman." Why did man and woman come into existence? Because God had love in mind, that is why mankind came into existence. So man and woman become one centering on love. More specifically, physically, centering on what? The sexual organs. True? These are love's essential organs. There the unification between man and woman becomes realized. There is nothing obscene about it. It is not the mouth-to-mouth kiss that is the ultimate purpose of man and woman, nor to have a strong handshake. No one can oppose and say "I was not born for the sake of love." No one can say that. They say, "Yes, I am."
      So before man and woman came into being, the concept of love was already there. After that concept was established then God made man and woman; that is the reality. This is a very serious point. It's serious enough to divide the whole philosophical world into two opposing camps. So no one can deny, even though you are an ardent student, that man was born for the sake of love and woman was born for the sake of love. Why, then, do we have to marry? We get married so that we can become one centering on love. So becoming one is rather conceptual. Actually, becoming one through sexual organs, that kind of oneness, that is the real original palace of love, not only of love but of life and lineage too. So it is the most important area, the most valuable place in the human's life; no place is more valuable than that. The fall was the destruction of this great palace of these three things. What does the fall mean? It destroyed the three greatest palaces. This should have been established centering on God, but the fall established it centering on Satan. That is the difference.
      When God created woman did He create her with just woman in mind, independent from man or anything else, just a woman? Before God started creating woman, He already had a clear idea what man was like. Then he started creating woman. So, what is the purpose of woman's life? Woman's purpose in life is never for her own sake, as many people may think now. Woman was created for the sake of man. The starting point is that woman was created for man. So "me" has no place in God's creation; "woman" has nothing to do with woman, but woman everything to do with man, and vice versa, "man" has nothing to do with man. So in God's wisdom He didn't give man's most precious thing to man. In other words, God gave it to woman: "You hold it for him." So the sexual organ that women have, does it belong to her, or is the original owner of that part someone else? Who? Her husband, right? And the sexual part that her husband has, who is the real owner? The husband? NO! That is the wife's, the woman's. So this is a very great point here. You are holding something very valuable for someone else. But you thought all this time that it was yours, so you misused it in many ways. That very satanic attitude came about, "Oh, this is mine, I can use it in any way I please." That is a very satanic tradition, whereas the Godly tradition is the other way around: "That is not mine, even though it belongs to me, it is not mine."
      Why is there no peace today? Because everybody thinks that he exists for himself. If he knew that he exists for the sake of others he would never fight, and if man and woman, only knew that they came into being for the sake of love they would never fight. So whatever you have, centering on love, it is not yours, it is simply not yours. Centering on love, I am not the master of myself; my master is somewhere else: my husband or my wife. Isn't that true? What a striking concept this is. There is nothing over which either man or woman can claim, "It is mine." Nothing, not even my little finger. Not anything. It belongs to love.
      Centering on love, everything you have belongs to your spouse. Women came into being for the sake of who? Man. And man's love didn't come into existence for the man. Man's love partner is woman. Can you say "My love partner is me"? Nothing belongs to man. So how can you make a mistake and look at a woman other than your wife, and go wrong with her? You cannot; even if they pay you millions of dollars you can't. Your organ is not yours; it is your partner's! True? If you misuse it you are like a thief. If you have someone else's bankbook and you spend their money, you are a thief. Taking another love owner's place and using it as if you were his wife, that is robbery. Don't do it! The precious part that the man has, the wife has to ask for it or you should never expose it, because it is too precious. You are not going to use it in any other way because it is simply not yours.
    3. Corresponding relationships
      Find material through which you can recreate (fundraise). Restore from the satanic world. You must add your blood, sweat and tears to it and offer it to heaven. Through this you can go up and inherit the elder son's position. You must win approval from Satan.
      Father, too, just like God, invests so much but then forgets; he doesn't remember. If he remembers, Father says, he cannot continue. So he forgets, does it again, forgets, does it again, and it becomes bigger not on the same proportion but on a larger proportion. A lot of Korean people and the Korean government cannot figure Father out. Father makes so much money and puts everything into America and what does he get? They think, nothing. Is that so? Something is brewing, and that is, of course, what people don't understand immediately.
      If you really had a genuine friend, and that genuine friend gave you a present of love valued at $100, you know that it cost $100. Then toward that genuine friend and genuine present of love do you say, next time I will give him an $80 present? Not even a bad man would think like that. You would want to return to him $150, because you know his true intention. Because you know his true intention you want to pay back more, not less. Even though man fell, man is born with a godly essence; even fallen man has that kind of good God's quality. So we who live on earth, we don't want to drain someone's resources and then go to spirit world. We want to give more than we receive and when we do that and go to spirit world then we receive that much more than we gave.
      So we should have the habit to, invest-forget, invest-forget continually investing. We live for the sake of doing that. Among your friends, the one who always tries to do something for others, he become popular, doesn't he? He becomes the center of that group. That's Father's tradition, that's God's tradition. Why do you become the center? Because God is like that. Because you resemble God and God is the natural center, you are also natural center. So this is a formula: the more you do for the sake of others the more you will come to receive in the future. So that is the tradition of our Parents, and of God.
      Look at Unification Church members for example. If there was this kind of person we would have a great list now today. "Oh I joined Unification Church, I dedicated all my junior effort and youth, ten years, fifteen years into the cause. What do I get? I'm so short-changed. I am not going to do anything more." Does this resemble God? Apparently not. If you genuinely invested yourself, then the universe would have come around and filled you up already, like air. If there is a vacuum, a low-pressure area, then the high pressure will gush in and a storm will form. The vacuum power is greater than the pushing power. Do you understand? So if that is not happening to you then maybe you didn't work so hard during all those years. The inexhaustible, unlimited, power of life should come in when you invest and invest and forget.
    4. Connecting with True Love
      Then we come to eternal life-the life that never stops, never ends, because it becomes greater. Our life, through true love, will continue and prosper more and more, eternally. It is easy to say eternal life, but where does it come from? There is nowhere it can come from except from in here. We don't have to think like that all the time, it is already on an unconscious level. Men, women all go after true love. Why? Because they gain something. That gain is eternal life. How grateful we are because it is the spouse, our partner, who helps me to gain eternal life. Without her, without him we cannot reach eternal life. Why should we get married? What's wrong with celibacy? It is wrong. True love has to be eternal. To be eternal you have to get married. Why do you get married? You have to have a specific purpose. For the sake of connecting to eternal life we marry. When you do that you become to eternal subject, who is God. Then you become eternal object to that eternal subject, God. And you become one with Him. That is the full purpose of marrying. By marrying and having an eternal life you occupy God, you pull God in, God cannot help but come to you.
      True love always has ownership, so God occupies us through true love. So if you and your husband, you and your wife have true love, God immediately comes and claims ownership. Wife and husband each are half, combined making one, true love sphere. Completing that centering on true love, then automatically the Original Center comes, making a partnership on the opposite side. Opposite side, connecting there, making that connection to subject-object, connected centering on love make ideal couple connected with one, centering on true love. Centering on True Love, making unification and centering on True Love you can inherit everything. Participation everywhere, same place. God is mine, including God's property, everything is mine. That means whole universe, centering on true love, unites with God and the whole created world is my property. Do you understand? That is ownership. You want ownership at a high level, don't you? You are greedy. Why? Originally we had that kind of position. After the fall it was a miserable situation. In your original mind is like an electrical power, indicating north and south, moving that original fork. Your original mind has that characteristic, walking in that same direction, no matter how much your present fallen situation resists that. Your original mind is working to go back to that original point. That is my mind-working power. Do you understand?
      So your mind clearly understands the high level it wants to reach. "I want all of the creation. Even the high level of God, I want to occupy fully." Greedy, aren't you? Same thing. Everyone wants to become a King. Everyone wants to be a high professor. Everyone wants to become the True Love Parents. These are the three main subject thoughts. Who is the main subject being of these three goals, or thoughts? God. God is the owner of all the created world; God is the great teacher, knowledge king; God is the True Love King. God is that kind of three owners. That is the subject one; we become the object ones. Object means the same level partner. So the mind that wants ownership is like God, also high teacher and high parents. Connecting into one. We have to have that kind of greed to lead us to that high level. Everyone's' greed can make the completion of the original purpose of creation of humankind. Do you understand?
      After the fall we had a miserable situation-we lost everything-but your original mind understood that kind of direction. Why? Because Adam and Eve grew up almost sixteen years. Their mind grew up going in the correct direction, constantly moving forward to the terminal point. They were ambitious. Do you understand? Humankind's ambition to obtain these goals is an original natural characteristic. Do you follow me, do you understand?
      Father wants that, no matter how difficult the situation. Do you know that I was creating the Washington Times during the court case? It was on tape that the American government wanted to kill me. They were my enemy-I understood that. But God until now, has been forgiving and loving His enemies, investing and forgetting that He invested in His enemies. I followed God's attitude-I forgave everything. Do you know how much the Washington Times spent? 830 million. How much money! Only one, The Washington Times , spent that much money. How much money was spent for all American activities? But Reverend Moon didn't take a loss. Why? I gave everything, centered on true love. So it expands everyday. So that I could affect the depth of American thinking, filling it full of true love water. Completely full, occupying everything.
      You know that Inquisition book has appeared all over America. After people read that, they can change completely, 180 degrees. Until now the worst guy is Reverend Moon. "Reverend go back home." But now they understand, and say Reverend Moon don't go back home. If you go back home America has no hope. Now this miserable situation in America; who can save her? The American government, economic power, knowledge power, cannot save her. She is perishing. No hope. But, Reverend Moon leading her can resurrect another hopeful world. Do you know what I mean? I gave everything and then forgot, through true love. By doing so I didn't perish. I was making that atmosphere, and then went up and up more and more. Until now, when Reverend Moon appeared somewhere, the media world said, "UHHHHGG!" Isn't that true! Not taking me as a serious person. Now there is a welcoming atmosphere all over the country. So you have to follow behind God and True Parents. Don't take the road that leads to death, only prosperity. That kind of attitude will only bring you prosperity; you will not perish. Believe in Father and invest.
      You have to know that recreation course and atmosphere. You have to make that recreation atmosphere. You have to make resources, that is fundraising work, going out and receiving persecution, meeting Satan on the frontline. They took our original front line power; they took the elder son's position, we were standing there in the youngest son's position. The youngest son cannot inherit ownership. Isn't that true? So then, we have to restore that ownership. Ownership refers that Cain and Abel concept. What is the Cain/Abel concept? That is subject-object. The vertical subject-object concept is that the parents are subject, and the children are object. The horizontal concept is husband and wife. Front and rear concept is brotherhood. That together is what we call Cain/Abel concept. At first Satan occupied that first son's position, so we stood in the youngest child position. We have to restore the original elders' position, that is mankind's original ideal of creation position. That was lost, we have to rediscover, go back. That is clearly the restoration purpose. You cannot deny that. So think about the recreation course formula way: how can we make the restored atmosphere? God first made the environment, that sets up that subject-object concept. This concept is the Cain and Abel concept.
      So, if you count that as a chapter, Father has already given you a whole book about what to do when returning to Canaan-how to restore your hometown when you go back.
  6. The Foundation of Victory and the Foundation of Cain and Abel.
    That means that unless subject and object become one the realm of victory doesn't come to exist.
    1. The Children's Foundation
      1. The Family Foundation
        Unless the family, centered on husband and wife, has good give and take the family foundation does not exist. A victorious family foundation becomes the Cain and Abel foundation. The foundation of victory only comes from the foundation of Cain and Abel. In other words, unless there is a good relationship between Cain and Abel, perfection does not result.
        So realize that wherever you happen to work, you are not working there to receive the living expense. No. Let's say your value is $1,000, and you invest it in something and get only $50 or $500 back. Why would you do such a foolish thing? Then why do you work in a company? If you work in a company you must work as if you are the eternal partner of that company. Then nobody can take you away from it. So you work with the company. If you honestly put your genuine effort in there you will occupy the full thing, not in a negative way but in a positive way. You will be the center. If somebody tries to eliminate you, no, he will be eliminated. You don't evaluate your spouse as a condition to do something, no, you unconditionally receive him or her. Likewise in a company where you are working, you are part of it, you're the partner, no one can erase you out of there. You are not working for money. Like Father, too, he goes day and night and invests and forgets and invests again, whether it returns or not. No one else can come to the same ground and try to occupy that. It simply will not work. Someone can say, "Oh, I can do as well as Reverend Moon, maybe I can do better, so that's mine." No. It's never possible. Because Father is subject and invested everything in the object, no stranger can come in and intervene in that subject-object relationship.
        Dr. Weinberg is such a razorsharp critical person and he will never easily respond to anybody's good will, even Father's. So he said in his confession that he watched and watched Father and the Unification Church and now he is very proud to say that there is no discrepancy between what the Unification Church claims it is and what it truly is. Everything that the Unification Church did was genuine, he said. Perhaps he watched how much Father invested in it and how much Father remembered, and maybe it passed his criteria, his test. He observed that Father invested and invested and has no trace of remembering it, and it moved Weinberg and he proclaimed "This is genuine; in seventeen years I found this out and now proclaim it." He was jubilant when he said that. Of course, even God is moved by Father. The fact that Weinberg is moved is really not that great. God follows Reverend Moon, how can Weinberg fail to recognize that, and not follow?
        Father likes to boast and be proud too. If Father really expressed his pride in all the things that he has done, he could do it so much that maybe you would all run away. Father is treating you like Father's bosom friends, eternal friends, and Father shares with you all the essential things. If Father knew that you were not worthy of it, how miserable Father would be. But Father trusts you as bosom friends and shows you these things, knowing that one day you will live up to your standard. This is the way Father feels. Father's grandson and granddaughter, how loveable are they? So Father embraces them. But can Father speak anything to them? He cannot, they are only two or three years old. Maybe you are a little better than that? At least you understand what Father is talking about, at least you seem to understand. You respond! So you are better than Father's three-year-old granddaughter and grandson. Maybe that is why Father is doing this. So Father misses you. Father means that. When you have to go away, Father wishes you would stay a few minutes longer before you go. Maybe you feel that heart, so you feel the same thing toward Father. You don't want to leave Father immediately, you want to stay with Father even a few more minutes. Knowing we are unworthy, we still want to do that, and that is the give and take of love.
      2. The Foundation of Tribe
      3. The Foundation of the Nation (Adam and Eve and Jesus' Foundation)
        If Adam and Eve hadn't fallen, God's country would automatically have come to exist. But since this didn't happen, we are about to restore it, and we have to do these things before we can restore it. If that foundation had been done in Jesus' time, Rome would have been absorbed and digested for the heavenly foundation.
    2. The Foundation of the True Parents
      1. The National Foundation.
        Jesus was to fulfill the national foundation-we are now restoring Jesus' work-but Father's work is much more extensive than that. Father first has to make a national foundation, then make a world foundation, and then a cosmic foundation, and then he returns to God. Then, from the children's to the parental foundation, everything will have been accomplished. What is remaining now, which is absolutely the last step, is the Unification Federation for World Peace.
        Unification federation means country-to-country. It means neighboring countries being on good terms, friendly countries. The whole world will be moving into the realm of salvation. We won't have to do tribal messiahship or anything like that. Whole countries will return to their original positions. Tribal messiahship is necessary to establish the national foundation. That is what we are doing now. The Unification Federation will be a vertical relationship. That will be really the end of Father's work. After that all Father has to do is enjoy and sleep. Centering on true love we can make the Federation for World Peace. That is the end, our terminal point. Isn't it? Then what will we see? The satanic world completely vanishing and only the heavenly world reigning forever and ever. This is the end of Father's notes.
What if a lot of the Egyptian people had followed the Israelites? Then the Israelites and the Canaanites would have established a subject-object relationship-an ideal situation. They would have realized a unified world right there. Subject and object relationship is the key-making subject and object into one and spreading that relationship all over the world. At that time they could have made a unified world. Do you understand? No fighting there. Egypt itself would have become the God-centered country. Compare this to the America situation. Reverend Moon and the Unification Church are subject to the American nation. The American government and the established churches have a reversed relationship. Making into one here could build up into the accomplishment stage.
America doesn't welcome me, so I go back to Korea. I will work to unify North and South Korea. I have been working on this for 13 years. Kim Il Sung wants to meet me. I always made conditions for North Korea, to unify the Korean peninsula centering on Father's work. Do you understand? Now they can take only one direction. Now the United Nations is admitting both North and South Korea. That means they are making the national foundation, on the same level as the entire Free World. Taking their visa, they can travel back and forth, no problem. Do you understand? The North and South Koreans were separated at the time of the Korean War. How can they stay separated? Even the American situation, the Western world or whatever country, if they hear about parents and children being separated, they immediately give residency to unite them. Same thing, both sides, automatically uniting relatives. How can anyone stop that? Making expansion of that relation to the national level. Automatically they are combined into one. North Korea understood that. All will be combined with Reverend Moon into one.
Reverend Moon has a worldwide foundation, all over the free world, and in South Korea too. Connect with Reverend Moon into one. South Korea has the same situation. How can they be unified with North Korea? North Korea's armament, their ideology, is communist; how can South Korea digest it? South Korea does not have that kind of knowledge; only Reverend Moon has it. Centering on Reverend Moon both sides can connect and digest each other, no problem. South Korea represents Christian world ideas, we have Divine Principle. North Korea is connecting to the communist regime. We have realized victory over communism, too. Both sides Father digested; centering on Father they will move 180 degrees different direction, no problem. They will be silent. Do you understand? They will say, "We want to follow you." That phenomenon will occur, based upon those conditions which Father made. Father's direction goes back to God's way. No one knows that direction, only Reverend Moon and the Unification Church. That is clear.
No-one know how to make a unification federation for world peace. In God is the power to be the king of knowledge, of sovereignty, of prosperity, of everything. That day is not far away from us, we can see that. It is within my vision. Do you know that? Now can you solve these things? I gave the contents, the explanations. Father just gave us the contents for reaching this goal, reaching our original world. Father would not mind to share more with you, but no more now.
So, God established the restoration of the elder sonship on the individual level when the Israelites came into being. They were standing on the right side and the satanic world was then pushed to the lefthand side. Here is the very origin of rightwing and leftwing. God has no place to settle down on this earth, He has to move to and fro. The head is who? That is the perfected Adam. The perfection of Adam is the perfection of a nation. It is not an individual; Adam is not an individual, he is already a nation. So expanding, it will become nation automatically, it's not two different things. So centering on the Israelites God promised to send the Messiah. Who is the Messiah? He is the head, the perfected Adam.
So the Messiah came on this foundation. Here are the Israelites, the Jewish religion and country, and here are all the peripheral religions, and here is where the head, the Messiah, came. So if Jesus, who stood in that position, had been voted in, he could have unified the twelve tribes immediately with no problem. Then with that, he could have made the subject-object relationship with all the Oriental nations and with the later-to-become Muslim nations. If the Israelites and the Christian church combined into one at that time, immediately Moses' twelve tribes could have come to the Islamic world-the Middle East side. Do you understand? At that time the Jewish center, the twelve tribes would have been in the subject position. Automatically they wanted to meet the Messiah, unite into one immediately. The subject's area would have enlarged. At that time the Oriental world, the religious and cultural world of Hinduism, Buddhism and Confucianism automatically would have been object to Jesus in the subject and center position. Subject and object would have combined, no problem, immediately. That then would be subject, and with Rome as object, being immediately digested, a unified world would have been no problem-a federation for world peace at Jesus' time. Within his lifetime, achieving that purpose would have occurred. Jesus on the national base of subject and object, Jewish and original Christianity combined, then that center would have opened. It is like the head, the nation means the head. Mind-side is right side; body-side is left side. Standing left, king position is head position.
But the Israelites and Jewish religion combined with Rome and cut Jesus' neck. At that time there were the right thief and left thief named Barabbas. Three thieves at that time! Who is the thief who was spared at Jesus' time? Barabbas. Only Barabbas. At that time the thief on the right, protected Jesus, thief on the left attacked Jesus. The two fought. At that time the right thief and left thief died at the same time. If Jesus was not killed, automatically those thieves would have combined into one. Those two combined with Jesus as subject, would have digested the left thief with no problem. In his lifetime, the false world could have been digested. At that time, Barabbas could have turned around 180 degrees.
That means Jesus' mission would have been completed. Combining all the Middle Eastern world, and combined with that, the Eastern and Western world in the unification federation of world peace centering on God's love. At that time Jesus was killed when those two thieves died. Died means Satan connected to those positions, making a world-level foundation. After Jesus was killed Satan expanded his world foundation.. The resurrection of those positions is at the Second Advent, the Last Days. The left side and right sides have expanded, continuing to fight. The communist world was the devil's world. That means at Jesus's death, the realms of right and left expanded to the world level. The United States was centering on the right, the communist world centering on the left. Exactly the same as at Jesus' time. At this time, we are resurrecting that world foundation. At the time of the second advent Jesus again appears as the center, and then the free world can combine into one and communist world combine into one and Muslim world combine into one. That is the mission of the Second Advent. Do you understand?
The Unification Church, centering on Reverend Moon, came to America to connect that victorious foundation with the American government, the presidential level. The Christian world didn't take the subject position. Instead, the Unification Church inherited the Christian world, combining with it into one. Father is standing upon that combined subject-object foundation. Reagan became the president in 1980 through me. Think about it. Five years after the Vietnam War, a conservative, moral, rightwing Reagan could become the President of the United States. Who made that? Reverend Moon. During my time in Danbury jail, in 1984, I helped Reagan too. He was my enemy. Bush, too. I chose those great American leaders, centering on the Unification Church as subject, with the American government as object-connected into one. The Washington Times helped America overcome the communist world. The Washington Times completely serving the nation, eliminating the Soviet curse. That means that, centering on Father, the rightwing united into one and digested the leftwing. That is the resurrected Jesus' world foundation. Occupying those two thieves completely, and Barabbas' position. Islam is like Barabbas' position, that third one. God's religious side doesn't have that kind of concept. On Satan's side, the communist world represents the body and the Muslim world is the mind. Syria represented the center of Soviet terrorism. How can God digest that kind of situation? I chose the Syrian Grand Mufti, and brought him and his followers here for forty days education, digesting them here in America. After that they are completely following me. Three Muslim nations fulfilled this course, which is now finished. Reverend Moon combined with those three, turning them around completely 180 degrees. Now occupying them, with no accusation, no persecution. Making one direction.
The time is coming when the mind and body, which were separated after the fall, will be united into one. Who made that? Adam, the worst parents, separated into two parts. The True Parents are combining the religious (mind) and political (body) worlds into one. Everything is being turned around, and the free world, communist world, religious world and political world cannot come against me. The whole world is following that. Automatically this makes a peaceful world, one terminal point.
How can all those directions be unified? The scientific world, political world, secular world and religious world combine centering on Father. This is everything. Why is Reverend Moon the Second Coming of Christ? Because the communistic world, free world and secular world, Muslim world, religious world and political world are all being digested. That is the messianic mission at the Second Advent. Do you understand? This is true, you cannot deny it.
That is the terminal political point, historical point, ideal world peace point, with everything toward one goal, making unification. That is all there is, all is finished. I established every areas' conditions. Not only conditions, almost reality! It is more than seventy percent accomplished.
So, you have to clearly understand Father's mission, how he could make that completion level. You have to know that, to understand how to inherit Father's foundation. How can you expand your national foundation to cover the free world? This is the Unification Church's mission. Do you follow me? No matter how difficult your situation, you have to push over, going on to the hopeful future. That is it.
Now we understand what the Lord of the Second Coming is, what the Messiah is. He is coming with Godism and Headwing Thought, Godism is vertically connected to the spiritual world. From Godism to Headwing Thought, he accomplished everything. So the one who understands this much, already understands that first are Headwing and Godism, and number three is Reverend Moon-there is no one else that can be connected right here. And the Unification Church. They all know what we stand for. Is it as clear to you as it is to all the world leaders? This is the right way of interpreting history. For the first time, Father explained it exactly, how history is proceeding and why. Also Father is completely right about the law of restoration by indemnity. This is a law which Father introduced.
So, the conclusion for us, now, is that we must return to our native land, our hometown, and create the subject-object relationship ourselves we must establish the subject/object relationship. You being subject establish the realm of object.
Have you ever thought before this moment that you have to establish the subject-object relationship in creating an environment? You first have to realize your own environment, and you have to teach the Divine Principle with words, to recreate people. So the Divine Principle should be your main armament for you to educate people.
Without knowing Divine Principle, they will eternally remain ignorant of the godly way. Now that Father entrusted you as the subject and object in the Cain and Abel principle, he can leave you anywhere. If Father goes to Russia and asks for a room, he trusts that they will give him one of the best rooms in the Kremlin palace. We are in that mission. We are Abel. Gorbachev will say, "Yes, of course." But can Bush say "Yes" with equal confidence? Well, if they can't, they are the losers. The Soviets will be the winners. Now Father is trying to evade that mishap. He is trying even now, trying even harder, to bring Bush and Gorbachev into the right relationship. But it is not so easy.
Now, you all have been to Russia, have you not? Please raise your hands-many. What did you feel there? What are the possibilities there? Which youth will be easier to educate-the Soviet youth or the American youth? (Soviets) What an irony-they are much more qualified here, but they are not going to be of any value.
No matter what any leader's personal opinion is, no one can take Unification Thought out of their minds-it is already implanted. Gorbachev thought the KGB were difficult to deal with, so please educate them. Father is still thinking about that. And Gorbachev said, we have no one to trust in the Western world-how true-Gorbachov saw it right. And he asked Father to find some men in lieu of Western people and educate them. And the CIA says, "What are you doing?" But that is what Gorbachev wants, and he needs it too. He needs good, patriotic people.
So, what is your guess? Do you think Father is smart or not too smart? (Smart!) Smarter than we? (Yes) A few dimensions ahead of today, that is for sure. Father is several steps ahead of you, maybe that is why you don't understand.
But, have you ever really believed in Father? You did not understand what Father was up to. You thought he had Oriental concepts, different from American people. And you thought that Americans were somehow smarter than Father, even though you wouldn't say it. But now, anyway you slice it, Father's thinking is far more substantial than anything you ever think.
So, Father invested here, there and everywhere, and you didn't know. Your head was spinning and you didn't know what Father was up to. Now, when Father put together the pieces like a jigsaw puzzle, it fits and you begin to see the picture. Now you start nodding more approvingly. Father is a wonderful leader-we didn't know that.
So, we thank Father and wish Father the final success, and we should go to hometown and become tribal messiahs. Do you understand what Father is saying? If the Israelites had not gone into Canaan when God told them to do that through Moses, if they had stayed in the comfort of Egypt, they would have been eternal slaves, servants. Now, Father, as the subject of a victorious foundation, is allowing us to be in the realm of object, and the object will completely obey to the subject, becoming one no matter what, and go ahead and carry out Father's direction. We will be owners ourselves. Otherwise, we will be slaves, like the Israelites would have been if they had remained in Egypt, servants.
You don't have to worry about the country so much. Do it, and the country will come to exist-God will bring us the country. And the nation and world will follow, the cosmos will follow, no problem. We can win over hell, too, and Satan too.
So Father accomplished it and made a special ceremony to that effect, the first of July. What if Father, for today's celebration of five birthdays, had that broadcast on television, and four or five billion people could view it worldwide. "Reverend Moon is so famous worldwide. It is his children's birthday today." All over the world, people would want to participate in those birthdays! Many countries are becoming like that. One time, two times, stir up the world. We can do, no problem. I made that television studio center-big. That company can connect to every country's television stations, no problem. Many companies are moving into our studio complex. Father literally became a media center.
So, we made Father work all morning. How can we express our appreciation? Now, Father will go to Alaska, and will continue to study to make up all the deficits we are making now. He has to pay extra effort to make this happen.
So, Father reduced this church hierarchy to a minimum. Father told Mr. Kamiyama and all the old 777 couples to go back to Japan and start anew. Only the relatively new Japanese members will remain in America. You see, the times are changing. In Korea, for instance, there is only one person at HSA, and everyone else went to their hometowns. We must stay abreast-what about America, should we do the same?
We didn't come around Father to get a job and a living expense. We came here to be educated and to create a new country, a new nation-and we are the soldiers of independence forces. We are not dependent forces, but independent forces. You must inherit the American Founding Fathers' spirit-you will be the founding fathers, the pioneers of this country-one nation under God, and we'll make one world under God. You are the harbingers, the pioneers. We know the sacrifices of the Pilgrim Fathers, and should we sacrifice more or less than they, knowing everything we know today? Decide in your mind, make up your mind. But you are not desperate-your door is open ahead of you-a big road, instead of a small road. All you have to do is have absolute confidence. The Pilgrim Fathers just believed, hoped. You can do much better because you know-how can you not do so much better than they? You walked the way knowing where you were going. Is that true? You know well.