December 25, 1957
Chung Pa Dong Church
Seoul, Korea

Luke 2:1

By virtue of Jesus' birth, the providential will that God had been working to fulfill for the 4,000 years since Adam had come to pass. Moreover, we can also say that the wish of our ancestors in the history of the dispensation of restoration since the fall of Adam was also realized through Jesus' birth. We must think again about the fact that Jesus' birth was the moment when both the will of God and the will of humanity were accomplished.
Since the birth of Jesus, 2,000 long years of history have passed. Now we feel we are living in the same kind of historic, universal and intense period as the time when Jesus was born 2,000 years ago, when the will of God and the will of humanity were realized.

The Meaning of the Birth of Jesus

Although Jesus was born in the small, bloody body of a baby, he was the incarnation who could represent the Will of God. His crying voice and movements represented God's grief of 4,000 years. They manifested the pattern of all the things that God tried to carry out on the earth. They expressed the sorrow suffered during the 4,000-year course of history when indemnity was being paid for the sins of humanity. Therefore, through his birth, we could usher in a scene of joy when a new history of goodness began.
When we think about how, due to one man, Jesus, the worries of God, the worries of humanity throughout the course of history and the worries of that time could all be gotten rid of, it is clear that Jesus was truly an immense personality. We stand in awe of him. However, in his time, there was no one who bowed before him with utmost sincerity on behalf of the heart of the Father, the hearts of all people and the countless prophets. You must feel indignant about this.
What kind of mind-set then is appropriate for those of us who have gathered to celebrate this birthday of Jesus? We must be able to represent the heart of the Father and the hearts of the countless prophets who came throughout the course of history. Moreover, we must feel the desire to offer a gift to baby Jesus on behalf of the hearts of the chosen people, who longed for the promised day at that time and yearned and prayed for the Messiah. You have to understand that only then can we comfort God's heart and the hearts of the faithful believers of that time. Though history has passed by, you can attain the right to participate in the glory of the Father with the qualifications of the chosen people in place of the Israelites.
Furthermore, you must offer gratitude with the feeling that the birthday of Jesus is the day that all things in Heaven and earth can express joy. It was the day of God's liberation from grief, as well as the day that the wish of all people was brought to fulfillment. While doing so, you must offer the gift you have prepared through your life of faith, with a nervous heart. With the heart that represents the heart of Father, the historical heart and the heart of the time, you must bow before Jesus and congratulate him.
Let us then examine who worked and how hard they worked for the birth of Jesus Christ. First, God worked for 4,000 years. Our ancestors, many prophets, wise men and heroes also worked hard. Moreover, the followers of Judaism, who represented the chosen people of the Israelites, also toiled and offered their lives. Similarly, until the birth of Jesus, you can find many hidden historical efforts that do not seem to have any direct relationship to it.
That is not all. Jesus lived his thirty years of life after coming to the earth. Since then, 2,000 dispensational years have passed for the sake of the will of the heavenly principles. Here we can find the historical grief of the past that existed before Jesus, as well as the 2,000-year history after Jesus that has been added to it.
The hope of Jesus, who was born for the sake of historical liberation, the liberation of the period, and the liberation of the future, has not reached fulfillment even now, 2,000 years later, because of the mistakes of the people during his time. Therefore, the sorrow of the 2,000 years after the death of Jesus has been piled on top of the sorrow of the 4,000-year history before his time.

God's True Intention for Having Jesus Come

What kind of mission do we bear on our shoulders today? We bear the mission to alleviate the bitter grief of God which remains, even after Jesus came and passed away. Likewise, we are living in an intense time when we are faced with the will of God's dispensation of salvation for the last time since the creation of the world.
In this moment of Christmas, if we are to express congratulations and take the responsibility to return the grace of celebration to Heaven, then we must embrace the heart of Jesus, who was concerned about this world. We must embrace the heart of God, who felt concern as He guided the dispensation for 6,000 years. We must build the altar of celebration for the glorious birth that came into being for the sake of the will of the dispensation. Otherwise, there is no way we can manifest our value as people who have accomplished, on earth, the glorious will in which God has been celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ until now.
Moreover, we who have prostrated ourselves before the altar of the Father must be able to represent the heart of Mary, who celebrated the birth of Jesus before Heaven 2,000 years ago. At the same time, we must go one step further and represent the blissful heart of God, who allowed the birth of Jesus. We must represent the hopeful heart of the prophets who worked hard for several thousand years until the time of Jesus' birth and actualize their long-cherished will.
Similarly, we must feel the sorrowful heart of God, Mary, Joseph and the shepherds at the moment when Jesus was born on earth as the one who was prepared to liberate the historical heart of the whole. We must feel the heart that agonizes over the fact that Jesus had to lie in a horse manger. Making the preparations to greet Jesus, who is coming with a new determination, we must step forward as the prepared people of glory about whom God can be happy. Otherwise, you must understand that Heaven's intention for having us celebrate Christmas cannot be brought to pass.
Until now there were many people on earth, but it is not an exaggeration to say that there was no one who truly celebrated the birth of Jesus Christ, the one who came with the mission to fulfill the whole will of God's dispensation. What kind of mind-set then must we have today? We must be able to represent the heart of God. We must be able to represent the hearts of the many millions of believers, heavenly soldiers and angels in Heaven. We must cultivate the resolution and sense of responsibility to put to rest all the bitterness and grief of God for Jesus. Similarly, if we do not offer bows of congratulations with a heart that prepares for the day of hope that will come in the future, then the hope of God will end with us. It will not be transmitted to our descendants. You have to clearly understand this.
Although, at the time of Jesus, all the people looked upon Christ, they did not think about the will of the dispensation that would unfold after Christ. Although they watched the birth of Jesus, they did not think about the will of God that would come about after his birth.
Therefore, although it is good to celebrate the birth of Jesus from the position of the Israelites, it is better to celebrate his birthday by figuring into the picture the will of the dispensation after the coming of Jesus; in other words, by substantially understanding the whole value of Jesus.
The birth of Jesus Christ 2,000 years ago begot the result of increasing the sorrow and grief, because of the faithlessness of the followers of Judaism. What must we do today to alleviate all this on behalf of the 6,000-year history? We must become the prepared incarnations who can remove all historical sorrow. Furthermore, we must also become connected to the heart of Jesus who is to come. Only then can the significance of our celebrating the birth of Jesus go beyond us and become linked with the eternal, historical ideology of our descendants.

The Believers of Judaism Did Not
Understand the Will of God

As you can see, although God wanted to be congratulated for the birth of Christ, He did not want to be congratulated only in the present moment. He wants someone who possesses the ideology that can pierce through the past, the present and the future to offer congratulations with a heart that can relate with His heart.
What kind of people then should you be? You must become people who can represent the heart of God, Who toiled for the birth of Christ. Moreover, you must represent the hearts of the prophets and patriots who came before Jesus and have been exerting themselves in the spirit world since then.
How then must God's heart have been as He looked down upon the birth of Jesus? Angels prophesied the birth of Jesus to the shepherds, but there was no earthly person who prophesied the birth of Christ. This was God's sorrow. If there had been people who watched the birth of Jesus and proclaimed it as the advent of the Messiah in place of the angels then, then, just as there was celebration of the birth of Jesus in Heaven, the same celebration could have taken place on earth. On the contrary, we know that because the believers of Judaism, who represented the Israelites, did not accomplish this mission, Jesus had to die on the cross.
Therefore, you have to reflect upon whether you are capable of paying indemnity for the condition of faithlessness made by these ancestors and can actualize this will with a sense of responsibility. Moreover, when we reflect upon whether we can actualize this task and even pass that will to our descendants, we have to realize how intense is this moment today. We must reflect, and make a new determination and resolution.
If the Israelites at that time had connected with the heart of the angels and represented the rejoicing heart of Heaven, if they had embraced the heart of God who mobilized and sent the angels, Jesus would never have died on the cross. Had the chosen people been prepared to face death to carry on the fight of testimony and had shouldered the cross of Jesus to fulfill their responsibility, Jesus would never have died on the cross. Since the believers at that time listened to the prophecy of the shepherds and the testimony of the three wise men and John the Baptist, they should have been able to fight for the faithless people with a celebrating and glorious attitude from the day of the birth of the historical Messiah for which humanity had been yearning. If there were such believers, then the sorrow of having lost Jesus would not have been transferred to us.
Heaven made this move on that day, in that hour, 2,000 years ago. Yet human beings on earth have not been able to stand before Heaven with this kind of heart even after 2,000 years. As you have gathered with the intention to celebrate the birth of Christ on behalf of Heaven, you must understand clearly that this is the source of God's sadness.
This moment when we are celebrating the birth of Christ, God will examine whether He can find the same ardent heart He possessed within each of you. He felt irrepressible joy over the birth of Christ, for whom He had yearned as the only hope and about whom He had given prophecies through the angels and shepherds.
If we can receive this day with this kind of attitude, then even if we did not directly witness the birth of Jesus, and even if 2,000 long years of history have passed by, our heart can transcend the historical distance to connect with the heart of God and the angels. You have to understand that now is this kind of historical moment. If you have truly reached this state of heart, then you will feel the welling up of sorrow.
We are the pitiful people who cannot testify to the glorious Messiah with overflowing joy. Instead, we must testify to the sad story of how he died on the cross. You will feel this today.
When you consider this, you must come to the realization that throughout the passage of the long 2,000-year history until now, countless believers have celebrated this day. Yet there is almost no one who truly celebrated for the heart of Heaven. Moreover, in regard to the issue of restoring this day through indemnity on behalf of the 2,000 years, you must now step forward in their place and testify to the death and sorrow of Christ. Just as 2,000 years ago, believers testified to the imminence of the arrival of Christ after listening to the voices of the angels, wise men and shepherds. Only when you realize that it is your fate to accomplish this task will you not be ashamed to stand before Jesus, whose birth was historic.

The Way to Truly Celebrate the Birth of the Messiah

You who have gathered here today with a new will! You must think about the situation of Jesus and understand that inside Jesus' heart, there was the penetrating sorrow of the 4,000-year history before his birth. Moreover, you have to understand that penetrating deeply into this day is the sorrow of the thirty years of his life after his birth, as well as the sorrow of the 2,000 years after he died with the words of promise that he will return.
What kind of mission then must we fulfill today? You must, first, make a deep reflection as to whether you have made it possible for God to comfort you with the same sorrowful heart He felt toward Jesus. You must stand in the position from which you can take over the sad situation of Jesus. Next, you must become people who can receive comfort from all the prophets and patriots who came in history and who can be guarded by and receive the testimony of the heavenly soldiers and angels.
You must represent the value for which Heaven mobilized all heavenly soldiers and angels at the time of the appearance of Jesus. You must be able to grab hold and give comfort to Jesus with a heart that can represent the concerns of the countless prophets and patriots at the time of Jesus' birth. If you have not made this kind of preparation and determination, you cannot inherit the will and ideology of the dispensation of the present and the past centered on the day of Jesus' birth.
Due to his death, Jesus' intention to realize the purpose of God's dispensation of the 4,000 years was prolonged 2,000 more years. It became a 6,000-year history of restoration. The hope of the ancestors, which should have been fulfilled through Jesus, was prolonged for 2,000 years. The concerns of many apostles and believers and millions of angels were added to the concerns of God. You should feel a sorrow that is more intense than that of God, Who handed Jesus over to the cross, and that of Jesus, who was walking toward the cross. You should feel the sorrow of the millions of believers and angels in Heaven at the time of Jesus' death, as well.
By doing so, while reflecting on history, you alone must make preparations, on behalf of all things of creation, to alleviate the sad and grieving heart of Heaven and earth. You must earn the qualification to celebrate Christmas in the way Heaven wants by longing for the one day of the Second Advent and by making thorough preparations. Only when you understand the ideology of the coming Messiah and make the determination to shoulder even the mission of the angels to testify when the will is manifested, can you celebrate Christmas in the way Heaven wants.
You, who have gathered here today to conduct this service of celebrating the birth of Jesus, must realize that only when you eliminate the grief of God, Jesus and the millions of heavenly soldiers and angels can God finally behold the one day of eternal celebration. You must become qualified to inherit the will of Heaven and materialize it on the earth. God can then celebrate eternally.
As you can see, today you stand in the important focal point of history. Therefore, you are living in a time when you must prepare for the one day of hope when Christ returns. You must reflect upon the birth of Christ and celebrate it as historical witnesses and the heirs of God's dispensation. Only then can God look down upon you and be liberated from all the bitterness and grief that have plagued Him until now. Moreover, while you feel the joy of accomplishing the will of Christ in his place, at the same time, Jesus can also return his glory to God because of you.
This is a summary of an article in Sel-Gyo Mal-Seum Nae-Yong Yo-Yak, published by the Witnessing Department of the Seung- Hwa Youth Association.



November 10, 1957 (Sunday Evening)
Chung Pa Dong Church
Seoul, Korea

Acts 4:27-5:11

Father of love, in the present state, the last fight has come before us. The Will of the Father, which was prophesied to the Israelites, must be accomplished on the earth. Therefore, we know that the sacred spirit must appear again.
This is a new era when we must set up the unprecedented historical offering before the whole of Heaven and earth. We feel that the Father's hand of infinite exertion must be with us. Father, please trust in us, raise us up, call upon us and direct us. We earnestly pray for You to work to give us the power and ability of Heaven and allow us to materialize Your desired will on the earth.
The shouts of the 120 followers who became one in the upper room after losing the Lord produced new works of recreation in Heaven and on earth. In the same way, please let us also become one in our minds and bodies today to manifest the same phenomena on behalf of the will of the Father.
In doing so, Father, we hope that You will allow Heaven to shake and the earth to tremble so that the glory of victorious Heaven can be manifested on the earth. Just as the numerous prophets and saints have offered all they had for the sake of the one will of the Father, please, Father of love, let us also be offered before the will of the Father as the live offering who complies with a pure heart.
We have entrusted all of ourselves to the Father. Father, we sincerely wish for You to appear as the will of joy; that You will not prolong the promised time and chance, but will quickly raise us up to liberate the heart of grief bound for 6,000 years. Sincerely beseeching for You to allow each of us gathered here to have a new determination in our hearts and gradually to obtain the qualifications of children of the Father, we pray all this in the name of the Lord. Amen.
Today I will speak on the topic "God's Power is Revealed Where One Heart and One Will Have Been Realized."

The Sorrow Of The Disciples Who Lost Their Leader

After the resurrection, Jesus stayed on the earth for forty days. Before he ascended, he made the promise that he would send the Holy Spirit, the protector and giver of blessing. The disciples who followed Jesus looked at the glorious appearance of the resurrected Jesus and rejoiced, thinking that the promised will of God was being accomplished, but Jesus ascended without telling them clearly when he would return.
How must the disciples have felt at that time? They must have been overwhelmed by a strong sense of enmity toward the faithless Israelites and the sect of Judaism who had nailed their beloved Jesus to the cross. They must have made the determination that for the sake of the resurrected Lord and the will of God, even if their bodies were to become powder and their bones were to melt, they would follow the resurrected Lord for the sake of the ultimate victory.
With this kind of determination and resolution to make a breakthrough on the path even if they were to die or go to the cross, with earnest hearts that had yearned for Heaven since the time the Lord had passed away, they probably encouraged each other whenever they met. Because of this, Jesus promised that he would send the Holy Spirit to his disciples.
After that, with God working in the background, the 120 followers who had gathered in the upper room had an experience that exceeded their imaginations. They then could totally embrace the will of the dispensation. They could enter the state in which they could feel the internal heart Jesus had felt during the thirty years of personal life and three years of public life.
Accordingly, they were overcome with guilt for having betrayed Jesus. They came to realize that the Jesus who came to the earth was the only begotten son of Heaven, whom they should not have treated the way they did. Furthermore, the more clearly they realized that Jesus came to this earth as the Savior of all people, the more they made a firm resolution and determination in their hearts. They were then able to move toward the one purpose with one heart, centering on one will: brothers, apostles and believers all giving inspiration to one another. By exchanging their hearts and becoming one for the sake of the one will they were pursuing, although the 120 followers were all different individuals, they all headed in one direction based on the will of God. All their actions and movements were manifested in the same manner.
This kind of phenomenon took place among the apostles. Their hearts were burning with fire. Toward what direction did they shout? They began to shout at the Israelites, who had opposed Jesus. Not only that, they shouted to the countless numbers of humanity who did not believe in Jesus. They demonstrated that no one could change their hearts, united as they were with the new determination, resolution and pledge.
Similarly, you have to understand that they emerged as people who made a resolute pledge and determination before Heaven. Not only that, when they came with an unshakable center in spite of the severity of the persecution in their environment, Heaven elevated each of them as a representative of Jesus and passed the mission to them.
More than one person had this kind of mind-set. The more sorrow they felt for having lost the Lord, the more they were overwhelmed. The stronger the will of God moved, the more they felt enmity toward the people who had betrayed Heaven. When they came before Heaven with the determination to prevail over those betrayers and actualize the will of Heaven at once, what was manifested was not human power; it was the power of God. We have to understand that here the direct works of God's powers, which are beyond human imagination, revealed themselves before the ignorant, faithless and rebellious people.

The 120 Followers Who Manifested The Powers Of God By Becoming One

If the 120 followers had not met in the upper room and had not prayed as one heart with faith in the promise that Jesus would send the Holy Spirit, Christianity would not have become a world religion today. At that time, the 120 followers who prostrated themselves and prayed did not have any fear. They forgot all about their own dignity, honor and families. When the 120 followers prayed with one heart, believing only in the promise of the Lord that he would appear at a certain time and place, they could clear away the realm of death that had blocked Heaven from earth for 4,000 years. The Spirit then descended upon the earth.
This event was not a coincidence. By virtue of this, a new path to humankind once again was pioneered. Who caused this to take place? This took place because of the yearning hearts of the 120 followers, who focused all of their attention solely on the one will of the Father with a uniform heart, a uniformly sincere will, and a uniform spirit of offering. You have to understand that due to this, the dispensational works of the Holy Spirit, which had not been able to be carried out, finally made a new historic start.
The 120 followers were gripped by a sincere and desperate heart toward Heaven when they experienced the work of the Holy Spirit, which shook Heaven and earth and divided into fire-like tongues. They came to possess the mind-set that they would be ready to die no matter what kind of enemies they faced. As the power of Heaven was added to this, this power could not be undermined by anyone. You must understand that because they became the foundations of this power, the words they spoke had the power to make Heaven and earth tremble.
What must be done to accomplish the will of God today? First, we must possess the heart that can become one with God. After possessing the heart that can become one with God, we must then possess the heart that can become one with our brothers. You must never forget that in the Last Days this will become the best foundation for the fulfillment of the will of God.
If there are 1,000 or 10,000 people on the earth, every one of them has a different will. However, because the will of God is one, we must trample upon our own will and eliminate all the conditions that we present to ourselves. We must follow the will of the Father and His conditions, instead. Although our wills and minds are different and although our positions and environments are different, unless we become one with the will of the Father, the will of God will never be realized.
To what extent then did the apostles of that time unite? They united to the point where they supplied each other's needs. They did not distinguish what belonged to whom. Centering on the will of God, with the mind-set that what belonged to one belonged to the other, two of them became one, and ten of them became one. Therefore, when someone encountered some difficulty, they did not let that become the ordeal of that one individual. They considered it their own ordeal.
When they felt the difficulties of their brothers as their own so that it penetrated deeply into their own bones and flesh, even Heaven was touched. In other words, you must keep in mind that you also must forget yourselves like this and possess the heart which can offer all you have for the sake of the will of the Father, no matter how much sacrifice it will entail. You must possess the heart that can feel the difficulties of your brothers as your own.
For you who are living on the earth today, material things are your enemies. If you are imprisoned by the self-centered concept that the money in your pocket is your own and that only you can use that money for the sake of your own will, then you have not yet become one centered on the will of Father.
The anguish and distress of Heaven in coping with this exceed the degree of anguish and sorrow you can fathom. You must experience and comprehend the fact that it is distress and a desperate situation such that you cannot even imagine it.

The Person To Whom The Blessing Of Heaven Can Be Entrusted

Now you must learn from the movement of the early church, in which all the believers followed centering on the apostles. Otherwise, there is no way to put you in charge of the blessing of Heaven that is granted on the world level to you, the believers of the Last Days. You must take responsibility for the barriers blocking the heavenly principles and perform the judgment of God on His behalf. You must keep in mind that the time has come when you must make a self-reflection about whether you have abused the will of Heaven.
It is the work of Satan that appears to prevent this kind of movement of the apostles, their unity with the one heart that includes the whole body without discriminating against anyone. It is the work of Satan that tries to divide the environment in which they can become one, believing in everything and based on inseparable relationships.
Before these united apostles, Ananias and Sapphira appeared. They were envious of the apostles and believers. However, it was an envious heart centering on the world. We must keep this in mind today.
The amazing grace of Heaven appears as glorious grace. Everyone wants it to appear before him. Ananias and Sapphira enviously watched the execution of the unimaginable and amazing works of Peter, who brought thousands to repentance when he spoke in tongues or healed the sick. When they took on the appearance of an apostle, based on a humanistic desire to enjoy the same kind of position, God could not forgive them. You have to take special note of this point. You have to understand that concealing a part of what he sold and offering only a part of it, pretending that he had offered everything, is the cunning trickery of Satan, who is trying to destroy the will of God.
If one is a faithful believer who can reveal one's honest heart and be absorbed by the will of Heaven, then it is no problem to make an offering. Ananias and Sapphira came forth based on their own concern and selfish desires and came before the apostles who had forgotten everything and had offered everything with earnest hearts. The apostles had prayed, "We offer all of our hearts, so dead or alive, please use us according to Your joyful will." This condition of Ananias and Sapphira became the strongest condition to block the path of Heaven right after the ascension of Jesus, a moment when the early church should have been laying a new foundation.
You must in this moment realize that when the heart of Ananias was exposed by the Holy Spirit, Peter said, "Satan, Heaven cannot forgive what dwells inside your heart. I cannot forgive you for letting , Satan invade you," and judged him in place of the words of the Holy Spirit.
What kind of mind-set then should we have? Those who are trying to relate with the will of Heaven by setting some self-centered condition will be in the same position as Ananias and Sapphira. What does this foretell? You have to understand that this foretells the fact that, at the time of judgment, those who cannot become one with a group that has become united will not be able to avoid death.
The 120 followers who had gathered in the upper room abandoned everything: Forgot their own dignity, honor and social environment - Only for the sake of the ascended Lord. They then became united as one. In other words, they mingled into one body while they admired the words of promise to bring one world everywhere. This is the point where the signal light of God's new dispensation was raised aloft.
Similar phenomena to that which took place before the 120 followers who gathered in the upper room must unfold before us, those people responsible for the mission of the Last Days. Furthermore, now is the time when the works of the Holy Spirit, the Son and the Father are taking place inside you.
Who are the ones who will stand before the Father in the Last Days? It is written that those on whose foreheads the names of the Lord and the Father are inscribed can be part of the 144,000 who can stand before the Father.
Through the works of the Holy Spirit, we must earn the recognition of Christ today. After gaining the recognition of Christ and the Holy Spirit, we must earn the recognition of the Father. Since the Holy Spirit is the mother and Jesus is the father deity, if we have received the Holy Spirit, from now on it is time to receive the father deity.

The Being Of Contradiction Who Has Two Hearts

What must we do to receive the God the Father? We must attain the qualifications to become one with the Father for eternity. How earnest must we be? We must earnestly make the appeal, "Father God, please descend upon us!" with a more earnest and desperate heart than those of the 120 followers who prayed with a united and sincere heart after Jesus' resurrection and ascension. The time has come when we have to do this.
What must you do then at this time? You must understand the fact that there is nothing that belongs to you. Your body, mind and even the things that belong to you are not yours. Those who claim them as their own are still on the side of Satan. You must think that all that belongs to you is the sense of mission that you feel in your hearts. We have to have this kind of attitude.
If we are not ours, then whose must we be? We must become the possessions of the Father. To become the possession of the Father, we must become one heart centering on the will of the Father. Without achieving one heart and one will, the will of God cannot be realized.
In the same way that the 120 followers became one the upper room, in the Last Days, can more than 120 people become united in one heart? This is a problem. For those of us who are trying to walk this kind of path, who is the enemy? If there is a group of people who are trying to prevent us from becoming united into one heart and trying to present conditions of destruction, they are your enemies.
What we must fight with today is not Satan in the world. It is the people who have the same form and movement as the apostles and are centered on the apostles in Heaven, the people who have the same form of movement as the faithful believers but who possess some different motive in their heart. If there are those among you with these kinds of motives, you must expose yourselves honestly before the faithful believers. If you do not expose your motives but try to conceal them and go before Heaven while you are setting more grave conditions, then your fate in the Last Days will definitely fall under judgment.
Consequently, today you must open your heart. If you do not do that and are enslaved to the same kind of heart as that of Ananias and Sapphira, then you will not be able to escape from the judgment of Heaven in the Last Days. It will be the same if you guard your minds and bodies, fill up on your own things, and do not think about the whole value of Heaven. If you do not become one with God in heart and forsake the heart that wants to bring accomplishment for your own sake rather than for the one will, then you will not be able to escape from the judgment of Heaven in the Last Days.
What then must you know now? You must understand that you are a being of contradiction who has two different minds. You have to understand that there are brothers who have thoughts that are different from yours. Even if so, you must not oppose the brothers with different thoughts; you must try to become one with them. This is the Father's will.
If you, as a being of life who has the true life, become one with the people who have experienced Heaven's miracle of fire, then you will obtain the material things of ten people. If you become one with a hundred people, you will obtain the material things of a hundred people.
What is the fall? It is our failure to unite our hearts with God. What is Satan? Satan is the one who is separating our hearts from Heaven. Today, seeking the will of the Father centering on this church, you are learning the words of the Divine Principle. Because living centered on the words of this Divine Principle is the will of God, you will not be able to avoid being in the same position a Ananias or Sapphira, if you cannot live centering on that will. Now is an extremely fearful time. If you become even the slightest bit accountable for a condition now, there is no way out of it. You must realize that the time is coming when no one can speak in your defense. In the present as it was in the past, ignorant people learn only after they have collided against the direction of Heaven. However, by that time it is already too late.

The Effort To Become One Which Is Better Than Ten Million Prayers

Do you worry about the will of the Father? Please then become one with your brothers. Do you have the desire to exert yourself for the sake of the Father's will? Please then become the spring of life that can bring unity. The sons and daughters of the Father are the people who eliminate all conditions preventing unity and manifest the power to bring unity in the place of their dwelling.
If you feel a sense of responsibility to be present at the last battleground for the sake of the Father's will and to accomplish the will of the Father, then you must forget yourselves and become one. You must have one heart and one will to achieve unity. Even if there is a traitor here, you must not hold grudges against him. As Peter lamented over it, you must first rekindle this kind of heart among yourselves and fulfill your responsibilities to remove all conditions of Satan. Otherwise, even if you accepted the will of God with zeal initially, the moment you are unaware, you will fall into the realm of Satan's play. You must take serious note of this.
If you cannot become one in heart and will now, it is worse than if you had never come to know the Divine Principle and the will of God. If Ananias and Sapphira had not known of the gathering of the apostles, they would not have been judged. You are living in this kind of amazing historical moment.
At this point, you must forget everything. Setting one mind and one will as the goal, you must reach for it, exert all your effort and loyalty, and cling to the hands of the Father.
You then will become victorious sons and daughters. After passing through the hands of the Holy Spirit, the hands of the son of man, and then holding onto the hands of the Father, there is no way Satan can seize it away from you. You who are living in this kind of moment today must cling to the hands of the Father and obey His words with the same degree of ardor as the apostles, who ardently cherished the promise of Jesus, "I will come." They longed for his coming. You must become a qualified person who can distinguish between good and evil, otherwise, you cannot climb over the great hill of judgment, not of the Holy Spirit or the son, but of the Father. The time of the Father's judgment has not yet come. At the time of Jesus and the Holy Spirit, sins can be forgiven, but at the time of the Father's judgment, there is no forgiveness.
We have come to learn this will. We have learned the words of the Divine Principle that if we do not become people whose minds and will can become one, then even the Father cannot manage us. You have to understand that the will of God manifests itself to the same degree that you have achieved oneness.
This moment now is the time when you must receive the sacred spirit of the Father and live with the same heart as the Father. When you do that, the Father will personally reveal things to you often. The Father will personally appear and intervene, pointing out the way that you must walk, teaching you the ways to fight Satan.
Therefore, you must hurry to receive the divine nature of the Father, to take after the mind of the Father, and to uphold the will of the Father. You can then feel that the Father is your substitute and you are His substitute. You become one. The more this kind of form expands, the more the will of the Father is realized. Greater than praying ten million times, you must make more effort than anyone else to achieve unity. If you have the desire to understand the value more deeply and fight for the sake of the will more than anyone else, then you will not have to stand on the stage of judgment.
Therefore, at this time, unless each of you exerts all of your minds and bodies to inherit the divine nature of the Father and live a life that unites you with the Father, you will not understand the will of the Father. As long as you do not understand the Father's will, you will not understand the heart of the Father. As long as you do not understand the heart of the Father, you cannot become one centering on the will of the Father.
Since you have been attending church until now, what you must realize is that before the will of the Father, everyone must become one in heart and will. The will of the Father must be conveyed as our own will. The mind of the Father must be conveyed to each of us as our own will. When this is achieved, God can begin to perform in His full authority.

God Operates Only Where Hearts Have Become One

For Jesus and the Holy Spirit, the victorious miracle of resurrection took place only when they became one, centering on the heart of the Father. The ardent heart and will of the Father must become one with yours so that the silent powers on both sides, that are trying to bring this to pass, are moving in the same direction. At that moment, God can act in His full authority, in a way which exceeds all your concepts.
Therefore, God moves amid the prayer that two people are offering with a united heart. Consequently, I have formed the trinities. The problem is to what extent you have become one in heart and soul, centering on your trinities. You must keep in mind that those who did not achieve the one will centering on one heart, in spite of that being their mission, are standing in the same position as Ananias and Sapphira. To carry on the last battle today and forget everything else, we must achieve it with the whole united power, as well as one united mind and will.
If we are to set a motto, it is, "Let Us Become One in Heart and Will." To reach the state of one heart and one will, you must learn to forget material things, social prestige, social position, power and authority, and every such thing.
Since this has been blocked off, only when you learn to bravely overcome this will you be able to perform miracles like those the apostles performed with the help of the Holy Spirit, who appeared inside the upper room to destroy the ignorant enemies. You must also pray with the same heart, "Please let us become one in heart, one in will, and manifest it through united actions." This is the motto we must shout out at this time. If there is someone who blocks this and prevents its fulfillment, then he is the very enemy of Heaven.
Do you long for the realization of the great will today? If you do, then you must become united in heart. Do you want the appearance of the great glory? Every one of you must become united. Where there is unity in heart, everything can pass through. Infinite persistence is also possible.
Accordingly, today you must quickly become one in heart. Do you have some element in your heart that prevents it from becoming united? You must take this as your enemy and see it as the great Satan. This will drag you to hell. Satan will snatch you away. This will become the condition by which you will be made to stand on the stage of judgment.
With the determination to eliminate these kinds of conditions from your life and bring order to your environment, your minds and will must become one. We must become united until the moment when we can subjugate Satan as the representatives of the mind and will of the Father.
This must end not just in this hour today. If for ten years that which belongs to Satan remains, then until the fulfillment of the Father's will, you must be able to unite with one person for ten years. For ten years, you must be able to unite with a thousand people. We must offer our entire life to fight with Satan. By eventually vanquishing Satan, we must manifest the glory of the Father while we are alive. You must keep this in mind.


Had the heart and will of the Father and Adam become one, there would never have been this history of sorrow today, in which two worlds are in conflict with each other. The Father's grieving and sad heart dwells in our hearts today. Our original minds recognize this, but our fallen natures, centered on ourselves, deny it. We know that the original mind and the selfish mind are always in conflict within us, so please allow us to cope with our hearts and make them become one with the heart of the Father.
The time of battle is nearing when we must cope with our own will and make it one with the will of God. Father, if among the sons and daughters here there are those who cannot become one in heart with the Father, then please forgive them. Please allow us to forget ourselves and exert ourselves for the sake of becoming one with the heart and will of the Father.
We know that the heart which has become one with the heart of the Father cannot be exchanged for any amount of money. Beloved Father, we ardently wish for You to guide us to fight on in the search of that one thing, even by sacrificing everything.
The Father now is in an enormously difficult time. Satan is blocking our hearts, which long to become united. Please allow us to set a new condition of sacrificing ourselves for the sake of others, to accomplish the Father's will.
We earnestly wish for You to allow us to fight while longing for the will of the Father and manage the history of the dispensation that can broaden the glory of the Father's will.
Our gathering here today wishes to be of one heart and will united before the altar of the Father. We ardently wish for You to allow us to be established as the conditional offering that has the same relationship with the Father. Let it become the condition to subjugate Satan. We offer all the words in the name of the Lord. Amen.






November 1, 1957
Chung Pa Dong Church
Seoul, Korea

Genesis 4:1-8
Matthew 13:24-31
John 10:1-6

Father, You have raised us up in this perilous land. Though we are inadequate, You protected us with concerns and worries! Please let us stand upright before You to wipe Your tears and experience Your anguished heart with our minds and bodies. Moreover, if there are such people, please seek them out in this hour, discussing with them the great feat You are attempting to bring to pass. Even if the darkness of the Last Days and waves of death are sweeping over this era, Father of love, we earnestly wish for You to give us Your wisdom and the ability to discern and overcome them.
We know that because we are people living in sin, it is easy for us to approach everything centered on ourselves and to establish what is not the will, as if it were the will, and move forward with it. Father, please thoroughly awaken us.
By doing so, please allow us to affix our complete center and march toward the path of the eternal life of the Father. We beg You to let us become the sons and daughters who can penetrate through everything for the sake of the desired will of the Father and carry on the battle with Satan.
Until now, we have not known where the standard of life lies which can guide the ignorant people. We only worried and prayed for our own sake. Father, please awaken our inadequate selves. Father, we earnestly hope You will guide our minds and bodies to go on to the position of ultimate victory according to the laws of the principle.
We know that, even at this moment, Satan is trying to confuse us with all kinds of conspiracies and schemes to block the grace You are about to give us. Father, please guide us to be able to clear out them all and fight with Satan. Furthermore, beloved Father, we sincerely wish You to allow us to become the sons and daughters who can build an intimate relationship with the Father inside the victorious boundary.
Please allow a new perspective with which we can discern all things to those of us who must usher in the Last Days. Please lead us to understand that our surrounding environment is the object of our tests. Moreover, please lead us not to become satanic entities. Father, we pray that You will guide and protect us so we can step over the environment and manifest the Father's glory.
We know that, even in this moment, there are many lonely members, scattered across the countryside, who are praying before You. No matter what kind of situation they face and what kind of environment they live in, please personally protect them. By doing so, Father of love, please let them be able to cope with the heavenly mission bestowed upon them in the Last Days.
Please allow us, in this hour, to attain in our minds and bodies the power and the ability to fight with Satan with new resolve and determination for the sake of founding the one victorious day that can manifest the glory of God. Wishing that the Father's hands of infinite love will appear before all people on this earth and the thirty million people of this nation, we offer all the words in the name of the Lord. Amen.
The title of the sermon I want to give to you today is “Let Us Understand the True Path and Discern the Side Path.”

Modern Man Cannot Distinguish the True from the False

Countless people of this era today are living in a state of confusion, unable to distinguish true from false. Now I want to examine what true and false are through the words in the Bible.
You know that because of the fall of the human ancestors, the grief of Heaven has been dwelling deep inside human beings for the thousands of years of history until now. While this grief can be found in humanity of the present era, at the same time, Heaven will feel great lamentation about our future generations, too. You know that the path humankind has taken after betraying the heavenly principles has become a source of sorrow and grief for all things of these Last Days.
What then must people do to remove this grief? What kind of people should they become? This is an essential problem you must understand.
How are you going to cross over this hill? You must cross over the hill of the lamentation of all things, of humanity and of Heaven, which still remains. In other words, you must alleviate the grief of Heaven toward innumerable people during the passage of the 6,000-year history until now. You must liberate humanity from this grief. You must liberate all things from the grief they have had since the time of creation.
Because you learned the principles of restoration through indemnity, you probably understand what indemnity conditions are. For an individual to set indemnity conditions, it must not end with him. It must also become the indemnity condition that alleviates the grief of God, which is implanted deep inside the internal heart, the grief of Jesus and the Holy Spirit, and the grief of the many millions of believers, heavenly soldiers, and angels in Heaven. It must even alleviate the grief of the many spirits who are in hell. That indemnity condition must also alleviate the suffering of all humanity on earth now. You have to clearly understand this. Furthermore, you must keep in mind that, on your own, you have to climb up a hill of suffering unprecedented since the time of creation and walk toward the ultimate judgment stand of the Last Days.
Now you are on the forked road of climbing over the universal hill of suffering to head toward the path of life. If you do not climb over it, you head toward the path of death. Consequently, you must stand on that forked road of life and death and deeply contemplate whether you are going to cross over the hill, how you are going to vanquish Satan, and how you are going to climb over that hill to unveil the glory of Heaven.
If there is someone who has these kinds of thoughts, then their life will become serious. His gaze must look beyond himself to behold the heavenly principles. His feelings must not feel the realities of this sinful world. He must feel the true love of God, who is concerned about this world. His movement must not be only for his own sake; it must become a motion that removes the grief of all things.
If anybody stands in this kind of serious state of mind and leads their life for the sake of climbing over the historical hill of grief on behalf of Heaven, earth and humanity, then that life will be incredibly extraordinary. It will command indescribably great life force. No matter what others do, you must safeguard your own mind.
While making your way through the hill of all kinds of difficulties, hardships and suffering, you must battle with Satan.
Consequently, you have to realize that the responsibility to step over the hill of suffering is given to each of you today. You have to remember always to reflect in which direction the foundation you are standing on, the spirit you possess, and the hope and standard you cherish are heading toward. If you neglect this, then the day you neglect it will be the day of God's sorrow. The moment you neglect it will be the moment that the infinite hopes and expectations that people and all things have had in you will all disappear. It will become an hour of sadness when you must climb over the hill of sorrows again. Today you have to sense this fact in your minds and bodies.
Today, then, what kind of hill must you climb over? You must, first, climb over the historical hill of lamentation and then defeat Satan, who is blocking you as the invisible force of fear in all your surroundings.

The Way to Avoid the Judgment of the Last Days

When you are trying to step over the historic hill of lamentation, if you are confronted with the forces of fear that originate from the enormous forces of Satan, you will not be able to continue in your path but will take the side path. Therefore, in order for you to cross over onto that path, even if your mind and body are to become the offering, even if the whole universe uses you as the condition of lamentation, you must offer your life and fight with Satan.
If you cannot do this, you will have no choice but to follow in the footsteps of Adam and Eve, who fell unintentionally. You will have to follow in the footsteps of Cain, who violated the will of God and betrayed the heavenly principles.
Because now is the time you must risk yourself and restore all the grief of the universe through indemnity, you do not have even one friend. Moreover, because now is like the moment before the fall of Adam and Eve when God could not intervene directly, He will not directly intervene in your affairs to let fallen men enter the new course of restoration on their own and climb over all the history of lamentation.
Consequently, various phenomena are appearing near you for the sake of pioneering all the conditions of lamentation. If there is some reality seen and felt, it is for the sake of helping you cross over the hill of lamentation on your own: in other words, to indemnify the hill of lamentation.
What then must you do to eliminate all grief? If you try to alleviate the grief of Heaven and earth, then all things will try to strike you. At that moment, even if you are struck and fall down, you must go forward with the determination to face death.
In the course you are traveling today, there will be material suffering. All things will strike you, and all people will strike you. When Jesus came to set the conditions of indemnity on the earth on behalf of humanity, all things and people struck and beat Jesus. When we reflect on that, we can understand that in your own course, there will come a time when people and all things will strike you. Moreover, when God strikes you in your course, if you lose hope and hold grudges against Heaven, then you will not be able to pass through the gate of judgment in the Last Days.
Therefore, Christianity teaches people to abandon everything. It teaches them to sacrifice all physical things. It is teaching them to disregard all humanistic things. At such a time, people can finally become good to freely enjoy the glory of the Father and be pulled into the realm of the Father's infinite love. If you cannot become this kind of person, there is no way you can uproot the elements of lamentation that have come down, embedded in human bones, until now.
Through what course of history did that element of grief come? After the fall of Adam and Eve, through the course of the 6,000-year history, Satan has been guiding that element of sorrow until today. You have to understand this and understand that you are in a precarious position where you might have to pass the elements of grief to your descendants.
Accordingly, now you must learn to abandon all that you have. You have to submit yourself before Heaven in obedience and receive the arrows of Satan for Heaven in front of any other person. You must step forward in the fight against Satan before anyone else. Moreover, you must do the same for humankind, for the will of God and for all things. You must volunteer first to sacrifice yourself. You have to understand clearly that only by becoming this kind of person can you avoid the ultimate judgment of the Last Days.

Neighbors Who Exist for the Sake of
Raising You to Perfection

When we divide biblical history into periods, we can understand that the Old Testament era is the period of symbolic offerings. Next is the period of the substantial offering. Next is the period of the offering of the heart. When we look at this vertically, what we see is God, humankind and all things. Because we cannot restore them all at once through indemnity, all the things that took part in the 6,000-year dispensation are all manifesting themselves to the whole world of the Last Days today.
In other words, the causes of God's grief for 6,000 years are surfacing before the whole of humanity on the earth today. Consequently, no one living in this era can be at peace. Everyone is swept into the realm of lamentation.
What then must you, who are living in this kind of period, do today? You must not make a mistake in any affair. Transcending time and space, you must never fall under the accusation of Satan. You have to understand that because until now, the 6,000-year history of grief has swept across with you at stake, the waves of the big flood of 6,000 years are crossing the path on which you are walking. If you do not want to be swept away by the waves of that flood, you must not become someone who struggles because they are attached to the affairs of the earth. To put it another way, you must not become blind to the dispensation of God because you are bound to yourself.
After you have crossed over the historic hill of lamentation, what must you do? You who have taken charge of the mission of Cain must learn to attend the sons and daughters of God, who come as Abel. You should be able to represent them. Removing all the fallen elements of sorrow, you should move only according to the will that God demands of you.
When you are relating to ten people in your surroundings, you must learn to sanctify yourself to make those ten people completely your own, considering them the people who can remove the conditions of your sorrow. You should deal with them with this kind of attitude. In other words, countless people exist in your surroundings for the sake of raising you to perfection. If you ask the question for whom and for what reason they are in action, the answer is that they are in action to make you a complete human being.
Moreover, you might think that God took different positions as He received the offering of Abel but did not receive the offering of Cain. It would have been different if Cain and Abel had made an offering to God together. If Cain had even the slightest desire to go through Abel, who represented Heaven's position, then God would have taken Cain's offering. Even if there might be a difference in time, He wanted to relate with them from the same position.
What then must you do if you now want to climb over the universal hill of sorrow before God and emerge as the one offering because of whom God can rejoice and be glad? You are not to build the altar of Abel, whose purpose is to restore all things in the universe and offer the lamb as the Abel-type sacrifice. You are to offer your substantial embodiment of life.
You must not repeat the mistake of Abel, who prolonged the dispensation of God by not being able to cope with the mission Heaven gave to him and who shed his blood. You have to have the mind-set that all the realities unfolding around you are for the sake of raising you to perfection. You must nurture an unshakable faith so that no matter who drives you to the hostile environment, you will not take a path that violates Heaven. By doing so, you must forget all things in your surrounding environment. You must march forward determined even to face death solely for the sake of manifesting the glory of the Father.
After Cain and Abel made their offerings, Cain found out that God only received Abel's offering. Cain then despised Abel and beat him to death. You have to understand, however, that from the time they had made the preparations to make the offerings, Cain already had hatred toward Abel. It was not that Cain beat Abel because he momentarily felt hatred when God did not receive his offering. Rather, even before that took place, Cain hated Abel and wanted to beat him to death.

The Last Days: When True and False Will Be Unveiled

What must you who have inherited the fallen lineage do to climb over the hill of universal lamentation? Now you are not to build the altar that sets the condition of faithlessness and conflict. You must introduce the glory of the Father and build the victorious altar of Abel that can bring joy and glory to the Father.
Consequently, your life is not limited to you as an individual. It represents the whole. The life you have lived, centering on the will, does not end the moment you prostrate before the Father. There the determination is made between the two branches of the road, the Cain position and the Abel position. In other words, you are standing on the incredibly precarious path of history where you might easily become either Abel or Cain.
When we examine the principles of restoration, we can understand that the history of the dispensation for which God exerted Himself for 6,000 years is inducing human beings to seek a more Abel-type person and attend him. Therefore, God sent one person to humanity as the Abel on the world level for the sake of restoring everything through indemnity. That person was none other than Jesus Christ himself.
The believers of Judaism and the Israelites of that time should not have taken the same position as Cain in the past, who envied and despised Abel. Rather, they should have demonstrated absolute obedience and served Jesus, who was in the position of Abel. They then could have climbed over the hill of universal lamentation. Moreover, from that point on, they could have built the altar of life on earth that God wanted, the Abel-type altar of glory. However, you have to understand that due to Jesus' death, caused by the jealousy and envy of the followers of Judaism and the Israelites, all those wills were undermined at once.
If you possess unlimited desire and long for the infinite and eternal world, you must not be limited to yourselves. You must climb over all hills of lamentation that are blocking your path. After rising above them, you must courageously fight against Satan.
Moreover, when you obey Heaven, you must not obey for a certain moment. When you persevere, you must not persevere for a moment. Until the moment your life is extinguished, you must remain obedient toward Heaven and overcome difficulties. You have to keep in mind that if you cannot do that, then you will not be able to climb over the hill of the last judgment.
What kind of time then is today? Now is the time that the will of God is manifesting itself on the earth. Today, on this earth, there are Cain and Abel. Just like the words written in Chapter 13 of Matthew, on this earth there are grains which are full of wheat and grains which have empty heads. Furthermore, like the words in Chapter 10 of the Gospel of John, while there are true shepherds who are entering the door, at the same time there are false shepherds who are crossing over to another place and do not go through the door. Consequently, you have to clearly understand that this kind of phenomenon can also easily take place in our church.
Being aware of this, you must now be able to discern who is Abel and who is Cain, centering on the church. If there are two people, one is always Cain and the other is always Abel. If there are three people, then two of them can be either Cain or Abel, but you must be able to clearly distinguish that there are the most central Cain and the most central Abel.
Cain and Abel must never become divided. One is the right hand and the other is the left. Therefore, everyone must stand in the position of faith that God is my God and the others' God, and that He not only loves me, He loves others as well. We must make the best efforts to seek and attend the Abel figure and avoid the position of Cain. If you cannot do that, then for sure, you will one time in the future fall under the judgment of Heaven.

Human Beings Who Stand on the Forked Road
of the True and the False

When we look at our Unification Church, we can also see that here there are always Cain and Abel. Thus, God wants to reveal the words through Abel and hopes that everyone will become one with the Abel figure. However, there is someone who prevents people from becoming one with Abel, and that person is none other than Satan. Consequently, in order for you to live the correct life of faith, you must learn to discuss everything with that Abel person for the sake of becoming one with him.
In the Garden of Eden of the past, if Eve had gone to Adam and consulted with him about the tempting words of the archangel, Eve would not have fallen. Moreover, had Eve discussed it with God, she would not have fallen. After hearing the words of temptation, Eve did not consult with Adam or God, so she committed the mistake of the fall.
God set up the heavenly law "Do not eat," but Satan, who denied this, said to Eve, "For God knows that when you eat of it your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil." (Genesis 3:5) This kind of deceitful action and temptation of Satan is taking place today without you being aware of it.
Consequently, you must learn to discern the truth about all the things that are happening in your surroundings. In the same way a peasant must be able to distinguish grain from empty heads of grain and grain from the skin at the time of harvest, you must be able to distinguish the actions of God from those of Satan and can distinguish their results.
Now what kind of person must you become? You must be able to taste the joy of harvest. You must become people who can be raised before the Father with dignity. You are to bear the fruit, not of empty heads of grain, but the fruit of the true grain. Therefore, you must correctly receive the grace of Heaven that will help you grow up as the true grain.
You have to know the time Heaven gives the blessing. You have to understand the time of the new dispensation for the sake of the salvation of fallen human beings. You must not become like the empty heads of grain at the time of God's new dispensation. Rather, you must be able to correctly discern everything so that you can become the fruit of the true grain.
However, in the 6,000-year history, people have not been able to correctly distinguish true from false until now. There has not been even one person who bore fruit as the true grain on behalf of human history. There was no one who bore the fruit for which countless people in history have hoped. You have to understand that if there was someone who lived for the sake of harvesting them, that person must be Jesus Christ. Today you have to be concerned about what form the fruit, which will be born anyway, will take. With a craving heart, you must head toward the path of life. By doing so, you must enter the path of life and give birth to the new, second life.
It is not the case that only true things are in your mind. In the field called your mind, at times true grains are planted, and at times grains with empty heads are planted. Grains with empty heads are not planted only in the environment in which you are dwelling. Fallen elements remain in your hearts. You have to clearly understand that the person who walked the path of sacrifice for the sake of removing them and rectifying their hearts is none other than Jesus Christ.
How is your daily life? When you make a movement in your daily life, that action is either good or false. It is either one of the two. What you see, hear, say and feel are all either good or false. Similarly, you must sense that you are standing on the forked road where every reality is divided into true and false.
There are Cain aspects and Abel aspects in your mind today. Moreover, in your mind, there are true grains and grains with empty heads. Therefore, when you carry out some action, you feel forced to reflect whether it was more Cain-type or Abel-type.

The Standard of Distinction Between
the True and the False

Similarly, everything exists in the position of Cain and Abel or within the four directions of the vertical and horizontal. Accordingly, wherever you go today, you must be able to distinguish things, establishing Abel things as Abel-type and Cain things as Cain- type. Since even lower animals can determine whether the grass they are eating is poisonous or not, human beings, the lords of creation, must be able to correctly discern all the things they encounter. You have to distinguish clearly who is Abel and who is Cain.
If Eve, in the past, had been able to correctly discern the hands of temptation approaching her, she would not have fallen. If Eve had relied on the words of God and fought with Satan till the end, at the cost of her life, she would not have fallen. However, because she could not discern her immoral desire for something at an inappropriate time, she fell. You have to clearly understand this.
Now, before you there will probably be true grains and empty heads of grains. There will also be true shepherds and false shepherds. Therefore, you must now distinguish this clearly. A true shepherd does not call himself a true shepherd. He silently moves forward with the will of God and all things cherished in his heart. He does not make excuses for his own situation. You can look back and see that, consequently, when Jesus stood inside the court of Pilate, although the evil ones asserted that they were right, Jesus did not make excuses for himself.
However, there will come one time in the Last Days when you will not be able to distinguish the true things from the false. For this, God ordered that the people who are to receive that kind of time must pour oil on their heads and pray inside a secret chamber. If everyone makes the assertion that they are right, there will be great confusion and chaos. It will not be possible to determine who is the true shepherd, so God taught them to silently go into the secret chamber and make the judgment through prayer.
A true son does not boast about himself, unless the Father expresses pride in him. He does not give any excuses. Even if he is standing in the position of the Father's glory, he does not boast. Rather, he tries to lower himself. Consequently, you must make undying efforts to become that kind of person.
When we look at the Unification Church today, you have to understand that although you are not aware of it, the Teacher is unfolding a fierce battle on the spiritual and substantial dimensions to pioneer this kind of path. At present, you possess the element that will force you down to the dark realm of death because of a small mistake you might make. You have more elements in you that lead you to live centering on yourself, to satisfy your own selfish greed, than you have elements of living for the sake of the whole. Consequently, today you have to deny your inadequate self and entrust everything to the Father with the internal heart, "Please rule over us as You will." If you do not possess this kind of heart, you will be forced to take futile steps, and you will not be able to escape from the realm of death that Satan rules over.
Now in the course you are walking, you will face many temptations of Satan. Moreover, people who communicate with the spirit world will fall upon many tests. When human beings fall down in his test, Satan will accuse you, "How can you be like this?" and block your path. This is the reason that today you need a path through which you can avoid those kinds of accusations from Satan. You know this path very well through the Divine Principle.
What kind of shepherd then is the true shepherd? What should the true lambs who are following the true shepherd do? What are the seeds sown through the true words, the seeds that bear the true grains? What kind of lifestyle should you lead to stand in the position of true Abel? You must solve these kinds of questions and move forward. In this way, by attaining the qualifications of Abel, who can confidently go before Heaven and earth, humankind and all things, you can avoid the side path and walk on the true path. You must keep this in mind.

The Fruit Which Can Enter the Storage
of the True Shepherd

You must not recklessly make a move when you are given a vague teaching. You must never make a move without the direction determined by a clear truth. Even if someone unmistakably teaches you a new fact, you must not simply believe in it. You should discuss it with someone who is more Abel than you. You have to understand that if you talk among yourselves and bring confusion, you will bring about the same phenomena as the spiritual fall of the angelic world.
You, who have ushered in the Last Days, now must stand in the position of Abel and possess one gift that you can offer to the Father. If you want to step forward as the true Abel, then you must first possess some gift that only you and the Father can recognize. You have to have some precious gift no one else has. If other people find out about it, then even if that gift is true grain, it will become an empty head of grain.
Therefore, you today must prepare a gift of true grain that no one else can recognize and offer it to the Father with all your heart. When you do that, you can finally emerge as the true filial son of the Father, the Abel of all people on this earth. You will be able to give birth to new life.
You, who have ushered in the Last Days, must not stop at just following the will of the Father. You must also become the leaders who guide all people. When the knigdom of the Father is built, you can rejoice as the leader who led all the people and the true shepherd. To do that, you must become a group of lambs who offer a gift of concealed heart to the Father without borrowing from other people's efforts.
What kind of people are robbers and thieves? They are people who use what does not belong to them as their own possessions. Today there are many people of this kind. They are using our Divine Principle as if it is their own. A true person is someone who returns to Heaven what they have received as the possession of Heaven. You must never become robbers and thieves who use what belongs to Heaven as their own.
Thus, now you must obtain some condition on which to stand as an Abel figure. You must bear the true fruits that can enter the storage of the true shepherd. You must become the true fruit and true grain over which the true shepherd can be glad. Flowers that blossom in the spring season will bear fruit in the fall no matter what kind of flower it is. However, in order for those flowers to bear good fruits in the fall, they need appropriate amounts of temperature, humidity and nutrition in their growing process.
Similarly, in order for you to bear fruit as the Abel-type of people who can inherit the will of Heaven, then today, tomorrow, ten, twenty, thirty, sixty years from now, until the moment of your death, you must pour out all of your heart toward Heaven and demonstrate loyalty. Moreover, even if you are put in the position of death, you must fulfill all the obligations of faith toward the Father without changing.
However, it seems that when you face something in your life of faith that you cannot believe or do not understand because of your ignorance, you are easily swayed. You must not do that. If you are swayed by indefinite things and carry out actions based upon them, you will naturally end in the position of Satan. If that happens, you will surely stand on the ultimate judgment stand.
Enemies will certainly appear on the path you travel. Enemies with respect to faith and finances will emerge. Furthermore, some members of our Unification Church will become each other's enemies. Satan will seize the moment when you make a small mistake and drive you to the path of Cain.
How must you lead your life to defeat these enemies and not stand in the position of Cain? You must not live for the sake of your own comfort, but live a life of sacrifice for the sake of the whole. Your mind must become a parental mind and your body must become the body of a servant to live for the sake of all people. More than anyone else, you must attend the Father with all of your heart and become a pure offering before the Father. By doing so, you must fulfill the obligations of loyalty toward Heaven to rise above the three realms of formation, growth and completion that were lost.
Even if you have remained loyal to the Father for several decades until now, that alone will not bring everything to a conclusion. No matter how loyal you have been until now, in your one generation you must demonstrate more loyalty than three generations combined. Only when you can accomplish that can you finally at once restore through indemnity the three realms of formation, growth and completion. If you cannot do that, you will eventually dwell within the satanic realms, and you will not be able to step forward as the true Abel before the Father.
Consequently, you must now complete the duties of loyalty and faith toward the Father, of which Satan is not aware and about which he cannot make accusations. In order for your loyalty to remain eternally, you must be able to discern the side path, which is the result of Satan. Following the true path of Heaven, you must move forward until the last moment to obey the Father and become a pure offering.


Father of love, until now we have thought that only the front existed, but now we realize that there is also behind. We thought that there was only today, but we now realize that there is also tomorrow. We thought that there was only above, but now we realize that there is also below.
Moreover, we have also come to know that if it is a relationship centered on the eternal will, the right side can become the left side and the left side can become the right side. In other words, even if front, back, left and right were to change their positions, they could still stand before the Father. However, we also feel that because we could not uproot the original root of sin inside human beings, in this era today, front, back, left, right, above and below have all become mixed up and are not able to have give and take with each other properly.
Father of love! Please allow the imminent approach of a day of joy when front, back, left, right, above and below can all become completely one, centering on the eternal ideology of the Father. Now we earnestly wish that You will help us understand that if we do not have the desire to forsake ourselves, but want to elevate ourselves, we cannot escape from the judgment of the Father one day.
Beloved Father, we sincerely wish and pray You will allow us to become Your true and proud sons and daughters who can sing the glory of the Father by forming the relationship of inseparable oneness in which below can replace above, right can replace left, and left can replace right. Father, we know that in this era today, the invisible side path is crossing our path before us. Please allow us to become sons and daughters who can discern it and march toward Heaven in silence. By actualizing the will of the victorious day, let us comfort the Father.
Please let there emerge on the earth the day of the Father's joy, when all that have upheld the one purpose until now can end at the one purpose and bear fruit there. Father of love, we pray that You will allow us to be moved by the joyful heart of the Father and be happy.
Hoping that the Father will take charge and govern the remaining time, we offer all the words in the name of the Lord.


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