March 20, 1994, East Garden, Translator - Peter Kim

[At the beginning True Father and True Mother were speaking with one another over the telephone and Peter Kim translated this to the blessed children:]
"You study hard and be united with Shin Won Nim and grow well, True Father says."
Mother's question to you is, who are you and what are you? Blessed children? What do blessed children look like? You must be different from the children in the world. You are different, right? (YES.) What is the difference? Does your appearance differ from theirs, or is it that your mind and
heart are different? (HEART.) Your root is different. It is Shin Won Nim's birthday today but from the age of Shin Won Nim up to the twelfth graders, all have been invited here today by True Mother. Do you know the reason? You must be the hope not only for the Unification Church but for the entire humankind. You must become the children whom God is able to trust and love the most. Therefore, you must love True Parents more than anyone else. All of your actions and thinking must stem from the same motive as that of True Parents.
Some of you older brothers and sisters are around the age of twenty years. Do you remember at what age Adam and Eve fell? (Fourteen.) In their teenage years. Once your age is over twenty you are considered an adult man or woman. Your age right now is the most precious and important age in your entire life. To be truly united with God and True Parents is the best thing for you at this age in your life. However, if you are not united with God and True Parents, Satan will invade your life. How many years has it been since True Parents declared the motto "True Parents and the Completed Testament Age"? (One.) What year did they proclaim that? 1993; so that means we are in the second year. You may not fully understand how precious and extraordinary this proclamation is. Mother wants you to understand why God couldn't interfere, even though He knew that Adam and Eve might fall. Do you know? (Yes.) You understand the purpose of God's creation, don't you? You are in the very important position of having to fulfill the purpose of God's creation. You are the only ones who are in the position to walk along with God and True Parents together in order to fulfill the purpose of God's creation. That is the importance of your position right now. No matter what you may do or where you may go, your senses must always be focused towards True Parents and True Parents' family. As long as you do that, all the foundations and victories that True Parents win will be bequeathed to you.
You may not fully understand right now, but True Parents' life up until this point has been so difficult. As you grow, you will be able to understand these things more. The fact that True Parents declared "True Parents and the Completed Testament Age" means that True Parents have already set the victorious foundation of the completion of the Old and New Testament Ages. They have gone beyond those levels. Ever since True Parents declared "True Parents and the Completed Testament Age" the time is different. Beginning in 1993, many different phenomena have been taking place in major dispensational countries such as Korea, Japan and America. It is unlike anything that has occurred in the past.
You know that True Mother had a worldwide speaking tour under the banner of the Women's Federation for World Peace last year. Mother traveled to forty different nations. When Mother went to Africa, she discovered that there were some missionaries and members who have been waiting for twenty years to meet True Parents in person. When Mother faced that reality on the continent of Africa, and saw all those bright young members with glowing eyes, Mother's heart was touched. Without speaking, Mother could spiritually feel their hearts and they were able to communicate. That is what is known as the world of heart. While in Africa, True Mother felt that if all the blood, sweat and tears that True Parents have spent in this country of America in the last twenty years had been invested-or even one-tenth of that effort-in the continent of Africa, what result do you think we would expect by now? Much greater than we are harvesting in this country now, or less? (Greater.) That is what Mother felt also. Therefore, Mother truly felt sorry to all those African brothers and sisters. At the same time, Mother felt that all of our American brothers and sisters are greatly indebted to our members all over the world.
Do you understand that through God's providential history, those who have been chosen by God must be willing to sacrifice themselves and even their nation for the sake of humanity? (Yes.) True Parents are the ones who have shown this kind of exemplary way throughout their entire lives. Because of this absolute standard that True Parents have set, and all the victories that they have won, Satan does not have anything to do with what True Parents are doing and saying at this point. Some of you are still young and growing, but once you become blessed and have children, you will understand what Mother is saying. When it comes to the meaning of love, love is experienced through raising your children. Love moves down from parents to children. Love travels downwards, but that does not mean that the parents do not love the first child. Your first child in your family received the full love of his or her parents when they were the only one. Then when the younger child comes, the parents give more love to the younger child, but that does not mean that the older child should feel bad. The older child must join the parents in giving love to the younger brother or sister. That is the way that love works.
We have learned from True Parents that we must live our lives for the sake of others. However, when it comes to the practice of this altruistic lifestyle, we often forget its application to our immediate family members. Suppose your elder sister is loving her younger brothers and sisters just as her parents are doing. Then they will follow their elder sister just as they follow their parents. Your parents did not have an easy life; they have been receiving a lot of persecution over the years. Also, they have been taught by the True Parents all these years, but we cannot say that they have been successful in completely resembling True Parents' lifestyle. If your parents had truly followed in True Parents' footsteps, exactly as True Parents had expected them to do, then the situation in America and this world would be different by now. For example, there is one drop of water on a steep mountain and it joins with many drops of water and collects to form a small pond and eventually a stream and river. Where do they all flow? To the ocean. Mother is making this analogy: the first generation, your parents, were like individual drops of water on a steep mountain. If they had truly resembled True Parents from the beginning, each of them, as a perfect couple and family collecting together would have formed a stream, river and eventually an ocean to save all humankind. A drop of water or a small stream may not be too strong, but once all of this water joins together it can form a large ocean, and nothing can stop the power of an ocean. Each one of you have that power within yourself.
Our destiny is set already. Do you feel that? (Yes.) If Mother were to explain the long history, even from the time of World War II, it would take too long, so she will skip over it with the assumption that you already understand. Its conclusion is that once you are totally united with True Parents, your life is wide open. You won't have to deal with any outside persecution, because you will be standing upon the victorious foundation which True Parents have laid. When True Father left for Korea, he gave instructions to the True Family, including True Mother. From Hyo Jin Nim down to Kwon Jin Nim, all are participating in the proclamation of True Parents and the Completed Testament Age to 100 major universities in this country. As your parents and your elder brothers and sisters may understand, in looking at the history of America we see that in the 1960s young people were seeking love and ideals on their own. However, they did not find either but ended up with drugs, alcohol and free sex. During the years that have followed, there have been serious-minded young people who have begun, especially in recent times, to think more sincerely about life. All those young people of the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s tried every possible thing they could think of until there was nothing else left for them to try. Then the 1990s came and True Parents declared the women's era and even the United Nations declared the Year of Women. The world was following the lead of True Parents and at the same time the young people of the world, particularly young females, began to follow this more reasonable direction.
After the worldwide speaking tour that True Mother gave, she came to the conclusion that our time has now come. What is our destiny at this point? First of all, mothers and children must unite together and then restore the father in each family. Eventually each family must be united with True Father and True Parents. That is the way the entire five billion people of the world will have hope to be restored. All throughout the country, in the major universities, True Mother and True Children are giving this proclamation at each campus. Even today one of the True Children is speaking at the University of Illinois. True Mother was on the road up until yesterday, covering all the venues assigned to her. As of yesterday Mother completed nine major universities and tomorrow she will speak at Yale University. This proclamation, in this particular time period, is giving hope and light to those young people all over the campuses in this country who do not know what to do and where to go. It is our mission to go out and reach them, every single person on the campuses. They are the ones who are still longing for parental love, True Love. They are the ones who are waiting and searching. We have to give them this proclamation, so that there is absolutely nobody in this country who says they did not hear about it. Your elder brothers and sisters, the True Children, are going around the country giving this proclamation, which is a very difficult job. The first step for you is to be absolutely united with them and give them all the support, love and prayer that you have. You must also go ahead and create the right kind of atmosphere so that you will be able to teach your friends.
Spring is just around the corner. What is the meaning of spring? Particularly the spring of 1994 is special. This spring is special, because as soon as you see the seed you will see the results there, ready to harvest. This is the time, a different time. If you try you will realize that you can experience this different time period. Blessed children are the true seeds at this time, but if you become a weak and stale seed which cannot germinate and produce fruit right away, then from God's point of view you may be replaced by healthier and stronger seeds from outside, who will sprout the results. In order to maintain your seed intact, healthy and strong you must be able to cut off all the bacteria that might damage your seed. Do you understand? It is true that your parents didn't fulfill their responsibilities in terms of being united with True Parents fully and expediting the providence of God. However, you must be different. Throughout history always the second stage has been important. The second generation must be stronger than the first generation. Only then will the third generation become perfect and will we have hope for the future. Do you follow True Mother? (Yes.) Therefore, you must be able to create your position or your place which is closest to the True Parents. You are the ones who have to create that. Only if you secure that position within yourselves will you be instructed and led in spirit by True Parents directly.
Before the Fall of man, don't you think that Adam and Eve communicated with God directly? Did they or didn't they? (They did.) They had a channel open to God, and you are in the same position. Nobody else will be able to help you or set you there. You by yourselves have to create that internally and externally so you can directly communicate with God and True Parents. If you truly wish to demonstrate the difference between the Unification Church second generation and the world at large, the elder brothers and sisters among you must be able to offer your heartistic care and love to your younger brothers and sisters. This will enable them to learn from you and practice the same love and care for their juniors. This is the way we will be able to attain total unity among our second generation, and that will make the difference between the Unification Church second generation and the people of the world. If you practice this principle, then whenever True Mother comes to America, she may invite you and guide you directly as she is doing today.
Mother feels sorry that this room is not big enough to set up tables and chairs for each one of you; instead, we had to sit and have a buffet breakfast. Are you still happy? (Yes.) In the future there are much greater and more joyful things awaiting us. Mother's conclusion is that you are truly lucky boys and girls. (Applause.) You can never imagine how much True Parents love you. True Parents always want to see in person the shape and faces of you children growing beautifully as you are now. Therefore, we must pray together so that our True Father and True Mother will live with us for another 100 years, so that they can watch us growing beautifully. Will you do that? (Yes.) Would you like Mother to sing for you? (Yes.-Applause.)
Although we don't want to believe it, it is a fact that True Mother is now the grandmother of many grandchildren. Therefore, she may not remember all of the lyrics, but still you want to hear? (Yes.) Today is Shin Won Nim's birthday, and the song Mother would like to sing for you is often sung by True Father. It is a children's song. This song is about a particular flower, usually blooming on the mountainsides of Korea, and it is commonly called grandmother flower. Even before the flower is blooming, the stem is always bent like an old grandmother's back. The lyrics of the song say, "Even when you are young, you are still bent, grandmother, when you are old, still your back is bent, grandma flower."
This spring of 1994 is special. How special? As soon as we sow our seeds, we can expect the results. In order to give more blessing from True Parents to you in this special spring season, True Mother is giving you a special gift. Only Blessed children and teachers, not parents, stand up. Please come to True Mother one by one and as you receive the special gift from True Mother give your father's name. The special gift from True Mother is the symbol that you will never forget today, the day that you came to East Garden by True Mother's invitation on Shin Won Nim's birthday and Hyun Jin Nim's wedding anniversary and received this special blessing from True Mother. Do you understand? (Yes.) Please begin to approach True Mother and give your father's name. You must use both hands in order to receive from True Mother.


Как получить духовную помощь? Мун Сон Мён

Наше отношение
Какое отношение мы должны воспитать в себе, чтобы мобилизовать духовный мир? Нам необходимо изменить свои жизненные установки. Наше отношение - это стремление подготовить окружение для получения духовной помощи. Мы должны использовать слова Отца и стать каналом для получения духовной силы.На самом деле, духовный мир стремится стать
сопричастным нашей обстановке и деятельности. В значительной степени он хочет во всем принимать живое участие. Поэтому во всем, на что бы вы ни смотрели, вы должны искать благородство и относиться ко всему, как к собственности Истинных Родителей. Тогда все станет для вас дорогой антикварной вещью, сокровищем, ниспосланным Богом. Каждый предмет ждет вашего прикосновения, надеясь через вас почувствовать вибрации Бога
Относитесь ко всем вещам, как к святым. Почему носовой платок, принадлежавший святому, будет бесценной вещью? Из-за вибраций этого святого человека. Вы также должны придавать вещам ценность святости. Притрагиваясь к предметам, почувствуйте, что вы передаете им особое великолепие.
То же самое относится к людям, с которыми мы встречаемся и живем. Когда вы видите другого человека, как вы о нем заботитесь? Какие чувства вы испытываете к этому человеку? Вы должны действительно любить людей, потому что каждый человек - храм Бога. Когда вы прикасаетесь к кому-то, почувствуйте, что через ваше прикосновение вы оба получаете благословение.
Каждый человек имеет два аспекта - душу и
тело. Наша истинная душа хочет прикасаться к телу со всей сердечностью, неся ему любовь. Мы должны думать о своей душе, как о душе Бога, потому что ее любит Бог и именно там Он живет. Смотрите на каждого мужчину и женщину, как на святого человека. Относитесь к телу человека, как к святыне, и к душе человека, как к священной.
Если вы будете так жить, то скоро услышите внутри себя тихий голос, голос своей души. Тогда куда бы вы ни пришли, нигде не останется ни зла, ни тьмы вокруг. Только хорошие духи смогут прикасаться к вам, если вы создадите такую атмосферу. Если вы поставите себя в такое положение, духовный мир прольет на вас со всей своей щедростью благословение и силу.
Вы должны черпать энергию из духовного мира. Пусть она сольется воедино с вашим телом, чтобы даже ваши руки и ноги чувствовали себя по-особому. Когда вы будете лежать в постели, даже если это будет всего-навсего спальный мешок, место, окружающее вас, приобретет вид царского дворца, а ваше тело будет покоиться на царском ложе. Вы должны называть себя храмом Божьим. Тогда все добрые духи прикоснутся к вам.

Сон и пробуждение

Ложитесь с умиротворением и красотой в душе. Изгоните из мыслей все безобразное. Утром, просыпаясь, прильните к груди Господа, и после, идя выполнять свою миссию, вы будете пребывать на троне Бога.
Духовный мир постоянно окружает вас, внимательно к вам прислушиваясь. Всегда помните, что его можно мобилизовать. Если вы будете продолжать так думать, то ваша душа сможет контролировать обстоятельства. Постарайтесь превратиться в камертон, звучащий в унисон с Божественным звуком, в унисон с бескорыстием Бога.
При таком созвучии с Богом, встречая кого-либо, вы сразу сможете сказать, что это за человек, очень естественно это почувствовав. Иногда вы собственными глазами можете увидеть свое духовное "Я". Тренируйте и дисциплинируйте себя, чтобы развить в себе эту способность. Живя таким образом, вы всегда правильно поступите в любой чрезвычайной ситуации.
Вы соревнуетесь с духовным миром, поэтому должны быть убеждены, что одержите победу.
Адам по своему положению должен был сам управлять духовным миром, а не наоборот.

Молитва и ее действие

С помощью молитвы, исходящей из глубины души, вы можете изменить человека. Станьте магнитом, притягивающим людские души, духовным магнитом, привлекающим людей любовью. Сохраняйте такое отношение, и тогда ваша молитва станет реальностью.
Молитесь всем сердцем, сосредоточивая всю свою душу на объекте вашей молитвы, иначе ваша душа станет беспокойной и суетливой.
В духовной жизни нужно находить время для
молитвы. Сядьте и молитесь, даже если на это потребуется 8 часов - это время никогда не будет потрачено напрасно. Затем можете идти и работать для Бога еще 8 часов. Поэтому постоянно молитесь и, помолившись, идите вместе с Богом. Если вам, например, потребуется подготовить проповедь, духовный мир поможет это сделать. Когда вы куда-нибудь пойдете, духовный мир поможет вам найти путь и вы сможете почувствовать, что значит преодолевать препятствия. Вы станете бескорыстными, чувствуя силу своей души и тела, стремящихся к гармонии.
Итак, ключевое слово к такому образу жизни - уважение:
Уважайте все сущее, как святое;
Уважайте всех людей, как святых;
Уважайте себя, как святого;
Уважайте свою душу, как святую;
Уважайте свое тело, как святое.
Относитесь с глубоким уважением ко всем людям, кем бы они ни были. Относитесь к тем, кто старше вас, с уважением ребенка. Обдумывайте свои слова. Перед тем как произнести их, трижды подумайте. И всегда сохраняйте смиренное отношение.
Всегда делитесь лучшим, что у вас есть, с другими. Опустошите свой бумажник, тогда вы будете заслуживать лучшего. Если вы будете плохо относиться к людям, вы не сможете заснуть, а когда сделаете что-то хорошее, ваша душа будет спокойна. Дайте выход всей грязи имеющейся внутри вас и очиститесь от нее. Загляните к себе в душу: что вы там найдете? Не таите в себе эгоистических чувств - публично раскайтесь в каждом из них. Практикуйте добродетель смирения.

Секретные методы

Если вы будете направлять свои усилия на развитие такого отношения, то духовный мир обязательно придет к вам на помощь. Духовный мир использует очень много каналов, через которые спускается вниз и участвует в осуществлении провидения Бога. Он изберет лучший из этих каналов.
В Церкви Объединения истинный лидер должен уметь мобилизовать духовный мир. Как только вы соприкасаетесь с духовным миром, начинают происходить всевозможные явления: некоторые - очень странные, а некоторые - совершенно замечательные. Не позволяйте им управлять вами: вы - субъект. Не поддавайтесь воздействию странных явлений; раньше вам приходилось в одиночку сталкиваться с трудностями, теперь у вас есть более ясное представление. Вы уже знаете секрет получения силы из духовного мира: свидетельствуйте людям, вкладывая в них все свое сердце и душу. Находясь в тюрьме, я молился, и заключенные просто приходили и стояли передо мной. Ведомые духовным миром, они знакомились со мной и привязывались ко мне.
И вы можете быть такими, как я. Проблема в том, что вы слишком далеки от того, чтобы мыслить в духовном измерении: святые вещи, святое человечество, святой храм, святая душа. Когда я был в худших ситуациях, испытывал одиночество и голод, мне приходили откровения или передо мной появлялся важный гость. Когда мне нужны были деньги, духовный мир направлял ко мне кого-нибудь.
Духовный мир никогда не бывает далек: он может сообщаться с нами. Но мы постоянно должны чувствовать, что делаем недостаточно и что всегда надо пытаться делать больше.
Действуйте пользуясь поддержкой духовного мира. Если за вами стоит духовный мир, вы никогда не будете одиноки, у вас всегда будет энергия и сила. Даже когда у вас не останется ни копейки, все равно не бойтесь. Будьте предприимчивы и смелы. На пути к успеху чем дальше идешь, тем больше хочется идти.

Земная жизнь и вечная жизнь

Может ли человек знать, сколько ему суждено прожить? Вдруг завтра вы умрете в возрасте 25-30 лет. Есть ли у вас гарантия от Бога относительно того, как долго вы будете жить? Ни у кого такой гарантии нет.
Мудрый человек рассуждает так: "Жить мне осталось мало. За этот срок я должен подготовить себя к вечности. То, как я проживу следующие два года, станет моделью для моей вечной жизни".
Наполнитесь чувством любви. Любите Бога и
любите других людей, как Бога. В течение всего дня, 24 часа в сутки отдавайте свою энергию другим. Если вы будете так любить человека, то, даже если вам придется рано умереть, такая любовь будет вашим наивысшим достижением в вечности. И когда потом Бог отпустит вам на жизнь больше времени, вы испытаете огромное чувство признательности. Всегда заставляйте себя жить полнее. Человек, который ожидает смерти и вдруг получает жизнь, пребывает в глубокой благодарности.
Оставьте после себя то, за что Бог сможет похвалить вас. Каждый момент настолько важен, что нет времени для беспокойства или отчаяния. Человек, сознающий, что по сравнению с вечностью земная жизнь коротка и, следовательно, должна быть наполнена реальными делами, поистине мудр. Подумайте над тем, какую духовную метку вы имеете на лбу. Спросите себя, скольких людей, сколько родов, сколько племен, сколько наций вы любили.
Стремитесь стать магистром любви. Планируя таким образом свою жизнь, вы никогда не проиграете. Стройте планы так, как будто у вас осталось только два года, а потом вдруг на третий год, когда вы по-прежнему будете живы, задумайтесь о том, сколько радости в жизни! Это - "воскрешенная" жизнь.
Мне еще нужно сделать очень многое: любить свою жену, детей и все человечество. Я должен любить Церковь Объединения, должен заплатить искупление за остальное человечество. Я должен освободить людей от греха. Я решительно настроен на то, чтобы оставить после себя ценное наследие.

Отношение к работе

Когда вы работаете, любите свое дело, любите вещи, с которыми работаете, и, безусловно, любите людей. Всегда относитесь к другим людям с уважением. Бог создал нас, но мы постоянно формируем себя, восстанавливая нашу изначальную ценность.
Возвращайте часть заработанного вами Богу как десятину. Отдавайте десятую часть своего дохода вашей местной церкви, десятую часть на работу национального уровня и десятую часть на мировой уровень: в общей сложности - три десятых.
Отдавая другим, не считайте, что вы отдаете из своего кармана. Отдавайте так, как будто это - часть сокровища, посланного вам Небесами. Тогда получающий через вас будет на самом деле получать от Бога. Духовный мир будет помогать вам, Бог все запомнит и воздаст вам в десять раз больше.
Пусть ваше предприятие станет местом пребывания Бога: не чувствуйте себя просто рабочим или администратором. Вкладывайте все свое сердце в работу. Решите, что вы выполните свою работу так, что она будет с пользой служить людям. И тогда ваша деятельность в любой области будет нести в себе любовь Бога. За что бы вы ни несли ответственность, отдавайте этому все сердце и душу 24 часа в сутки, почувствуйте, что вы - родитель и это - ваш ребенок.
Что бы вы ни делали, думайте, что делаете это в сотрудничестве с Богом, почувствуйте себя вторым хозяином и вкладывайте в дело всю свою любовь. Настоящий хозяин - это тот, кто больше всех любит.
Неся любовь, вы обретете вечную ценность.



What attitude do we need to nurture in order to move the spirit world? We need to change our concepts. Our attitude is an environment that must be prepared in order to receive spiritual help. We must use Father’s words and make ourselves channels to receive spiritual power.
Actually, the spirit world wants to be part of everything we have and do. They want to be involved to such a great extent. So whatever we may look at, we must search for the nobility in it, and treat it as if it were owned directly by True Parents. Then everything becomes like an expensive antique, a God-given treasure. Each object is waiting for your touch, hoping to feel the vibration of God  through you.
Consider all things holy. Why does a handkerchief owned by a holy man become so valuable? Because of the vibration of the holy man. So you, too, should give all things a holy value. When you touch something, feel that you are giving it glory.
The same holds true for the people we meet and live with. When you see another person, how much do you care for him or her? How do you feel towards that person? You must really love the people you meet, because they are the temples of God. When you touch another person, feel that through your touch, both of you will be blessed.
Each of us has two aspects, mind and body. Our true mind wants to touch our body with heart and give love to it. We should think of our mind as God’s mind, because God loves it and that is where He dwells. Look at each man or woman as a holy person. Regard each person’s body as sacred and their mind as hallowed.
If you live like this, soon you will hear inside of yourself a small voice, the sound of your mind. Wherever you walk, no evil or darkness can remain. Only good spirits can touch you if you create such an atmosphere. If you place yourself in such a position, then spirit world will pour down upon you its abundant blessing and power.
You must attract this power from the spirit world and then weld yourself to it. Make it one with your body, so that even your arms and legs feel special. When you are in bed, even if it is a sleeping bag, your surroundings will become like a king’s palace. Your body will be resting in a king’s bed.
You must name yourself as the dwelling place of God. Then all good spirits will touch you. When you go to bed, lie down with a beautiful mind. Remove all ugliness from it. In the morning when you wake, come before the deep bosom of God, and then, when you go out to your mission, you will embark from the throne of God.
The spirit world is always around you, listening and attentive. Always be aware that it is within your reach. If you keep thinking this way, then you will be able to control your circumstances. Make yourself a tuning fork, resonating with and vibrating along God’s frequency. Resonate with God’s unselfishness.
If you partake of this resonance with God, then when you see someone, you will automatically be able to sense what type of person he is. Sometimes you will be able to see your own spirit man with your own eyes. Train yourself and discipline yourself to develop this capacity. If you live this way, you will be always able to act in the right way when an emergency arises.
You are in competition with the spirit world, so you must be determined to surpass it. Adam’s position is to control the spirit world, not the other way round. With prayer coming from deep within your mind, you can move a man from outside to inside. Become a magnet, a mover of people’s spirits. Become a spiritual magnet, drawing people with love. Maintain this condition or attitude, and then your prayer will become a reality.
Pray with all your heart, focusing your mind and soul on the object of your prayer, otherwise your mind will become restless and hasty. In the life of prayer, you must make the time to pray. Sit down even if it takes eight hours and pray. This time will never be wasted. Then you can go out and work eight hours for God. Therefore, be prayerful now and then go out, you and God together. If you have to write a sermon, for instance, the spirit world will help you prepare it. If you go out, the spirit world will lead you. You will discover the feeling of breaking through. You will become selfless, feeling the power of your mind and body pulling together in harmony. So the key word for this kind of life is respect.
Respect all things as holy things.
Respect all men as holy men.
Respect yourself as a holy person.
Respect your mind as holy.
Respect your body as holy.
Pay deep respect to all people, no matter what kind of person they may be. As a child, be respectful towards an elderly man. Think over your words three times before uttering them and always have a humble attitude.
Always share with others the best thing you have. Empty your pocketbook to give. Then you will deserve the best result. If you do not do good for your fellow man, you will have no sleep. If you have done good, then your mind will rest in peace. Unpack the dirty elements inside yourself and cleanse them. Open up the baggage of your mind and look what you find there. Don’t harbor selfish feelings. Repent publicly for any selfish feelings you may have entertained. Practice the virtue of meekness.
If you push yourself to develop these attitudes, then the spirit world must descend to assist you. The spirit world is using so many channels by which to come down and participate in God’s providence; they will choose the best one to use first.
In the Unification Church, a true leader must be able to mobilize the spirit world. When you touch it, all kinds of phenomena start to occur, some very strange, some very wonderful. Don’t be manipulated by them. You be the subject. Don’t let yourself be driven by strange phenomena. Before this, you may have had to face these challenges all alone, but now you have a clearer understanding.
You already know the secret of tapping power from the spirit world: witness to others, pouring out all your heart, soul and mind for them. When I was in prison camp, I would pray, and prisoners would just come to me and stand there. When they were introduced to me through the guidance of spirit world they would cling to me.
You, too, can be like me. The problem is that you are often too distant from thinking about the spiritual dimension: holy things, holy mankind, holy temple, holy mind. When I was in the worst of situations, lonely and hungry, a revelation would come or an important guest would appear before me. When I needed money, the spirit world would guide someone to me. Spirit world is never far away. They can cooperate with us. We should always feel that we are not doing quite enough, and that we always have to try harder.
Act with the support of the spirit world. If they are behind you, you will never be lonely. You will always have energy and power. Even though you may be penniless, still have no fear. You can be adventurous and bold. On the road of success, the more you walk, the further you yearn to go.
Who knows how long he or she will live? Maybe tomorrow you will die, at a mere 25 or 30 years of age. Do you have some guarantee from God how long you will live? No one has such a guarantee.
A wise person thinks like this: “I have only a short time to live. Within this time I must prepare myself for eternity. The way I live in the next two years will be the model for my eternal life.” Then explode your sense of love. Love God, and love another person as God. For an entire day, 24 hours, pour out your entire energy for someone. If you love a person like this, even though you may die early, you will have made the highest accomplishment in all eternity. Then when God gives you more time to live, your response will be immense gratitude. Push yourself to live more fully. The person who expects death and then is given life dwells in the fullest gratitude.
Leave behind something that God can praise. Each moment is so precious there is no time for worry or frustration. The person who recognizes that earthly life is short compared to eternity, and therefore condenses his accomplishments, is a wise man indeed. Think about what “label” you wear spiritually on your forehead. Ask yourself how many people, how many clans, how many tribes, how many nations you have loved.
Seek to become that master of love. Program your life like that, and you will never be a loser. Plan as if you only had two years to live, and then by the third year, when you are still alive, think of the joy of living! This is “resurrected” living. I still have so much to do: love my wife, love my children, love all mankind. I have to love the Unification Church. I must pay indemnity for all mankind. I need to liberate man from sin. I am determined to leave behind tremendous assets.
When you work, you must love that business, love the products you work with, and, of course, love the people. Always give honor to the other people. God created us, but we are also shaping ourselves and restoring our original value. Return a portion of what you earn to God as a tithe. Give one tenth to the local church, one tenth to the national level work and one tenth for the worldwide level, three tenths in all.
When you give to others, don’t think that you are giving to them out of your own pocket. Give out as though it were coming from a heavenly treasure. Then the person who is receiving through you is actually receiving from God. The spirit world can then help you, and God will remember everything and return it to you ten times over.
Make your company a dwelling of God. Don’t just feel like a worker or supervisor. Invest your heart in your work. Determine to make it a business that will serve all people. Then wherever your business goes, it becomes God’s “love extension.” Whatever you are responsible for, give it your heart and soul on a 24 hour basis. Feel like you are the parent and it is your baby.
Whatever you do, think that you are carrying it out in partnership with God. Feel that you are the second owner and pour all your love into it. The one who loves something the most is the ultimate owner. When you give love, you will attain infinite value.



Belvedere, International Training Center, Translator - Sang Kil Han, March 6, 1994

The topic of Father's sermon this morning is Ha Neul Yi Baraneun Ahn-Chak Eui Chochum, "The Focal Point of Settlement Which God Desires." Can you make out the meaning of this? As you all know, this year's motto is "Safe Settlement." We can even call it "Safe and Cozy Settlement." To illustrate this, we can cite the example of a tree. The seed of a tree falls or drops on the ground and then settles down. Roots slowly begin to take shape and it begins to grow. We have many different kinds of trees-pines, evergreens, etc. Do you believe that all the different kinds of trees came from one seed or from two seeds? Perhaps it was from one seed. All the varieties within a species come originally from one seed. This seed will eventually grow into a big tree and 
the tree will produce yet another seed, and then the cycle will be repeated.
When God starts a particular species, where would He like to have it settle down? He would like to have it settle down in optimum conditions-where there are the best soil, nutrients, climate, etc. The Creator must have chosen the best seed in the whole world to put in the best available soil. If God gave birth to a man who was to be the ancestor or seed of humankind, God certainly would have liked to have planted the man in the best soil, the best world imaginable. He would have put man in the optimum place. We can see that if man is the best of God's creation, then he represents the entire creation, all the other things, and to love him means to love everything else as well. The best seed of all of God's creation is nothing other than humankind.
When we say humankind, of course, there are two kinds: men and women. Between men and women, who will become the focal point? To God, who is the focal point? Plus or minus? Take a seed, for example. It is composed of plus and minus elements all in one set. That small seed explains fully the origin or basis of the entire universe. Then what is the plus? The plus is that part which is connected directly to the vertical. What is minus? That is the one which is connected horizontally. It is actually rather silly to argue which is the more important, because with the vertical line alone, there is no horizontal deployment. Subject alone or object alone means nothing. There is meaning only when subject and object join together, when they are clasped like hands. Those persons who comprise the left hand may regard the clasp as the center of his being and those who comprise the right hand will regard it in the same way. This will determine the focal point. However, when it comes to which one happens to be plus and which one happens to be minus, if you have two hands clasped, the plus represents the right hand and the minus the left.
In the Western world, this is not clear or distinct. How are you supposed to sleep? With your upside up or your upside down? Stomach up or back up? There is always inside and outside and the other sides, but that which is more important, the focal point, is always the inside. The way we greet people in the Orient is from up to down, bowing like so. That represents the vertical. Western people extend their hands horizontally.
Once plus and minus join and movement takes place, then the center becomes very important. If you move centered on a horizontal axis, it becomes a catastrophe. It just does not work. When we are in motion, we should be connected to the vertical axis and then go around horizontally, revolving around that vertical axis. The beginning and development of a desirable, wonderful culture for human history should be the same. It should have an axis, a focus. Focusing on that center, horizontal movement should become bigger and bigger and bigger.
In this world today there are many, many different nations. All desire their own country to be the center or horizontal axis and expect the whole world to revolve around them. America wishes the whole world would turn centering on it as the axis. Korea feels the same way. No matter how small a country may be, they do not think of themselves as small. Rather, they think of themselves as the center of the world. You, too, have this in common, whether you are a man or a woman, very handsome or beautiful or not so much so, which is usually the case. (Laughter.) All of you desire the whole world and all people to center upon him or herself.
Turning around expands you, makes you bigger. In order to become bigger, you must turn around and be in motion. Inhaling, exhaling, you name it-everything may appear to be still, but it is not still. All things are moving. Even in still water, there is a wave or motion of some sort. They are in motion in order to connect vertical and horizontal motion. This is what all motion is symbolic of.
Which is more important-more precious-the vertical or horizontal focus? It is always more precious to stand rightly focused on the vertical. Then everything else can follow, but only after we are properly focused. When we look at our faces, we can see many horizontal lines. Of course, the eyebrows are very important; so are the eyes. But which is more important-the eyes or the nose? (Laughter.) You may say, "Well, I do not get it. The eyes are far more important than anything else." But of the two, the nose is more precious. Why? Because that is the organ which connects to life. Without breathing, can you exist for even one minute? The eyes are very important, but even if you closed your eyes for one year, it would not affect or imperil life itself. Without breathing, after five minutes at most, that's it! (Laughter.)
Father has observed that when women put on makeup, they pat color everywhere else, but no one seems to make up the nose to emphasize it! (Laughter.) The vertical is so precious and God made it so precious that we do not have to care about it much. The woman already knows that it is vertical and it is already taken care of, so she builds her cosmetics around her nose.
The nose is a vertical organ among human beings and men have an additional vertical organ. What is that? It is man's sexual organ. Why is it so precious? Because it is connected to history. Generation after generation are connected by that vertical organ. It stands in a vertical line from way up in heaven to down below. Isn't this true? Can even American women recognize this? Without this teaching, you get confused. Now you know why man is more important. Vertical and horizontal are equal only when they join together. If you fail in that, you are not equal. Of course, Father knows many things that American women do not know. For instance, the vertical alone is not so stable. It has to join with the horizontal before it can be stable. Look at a tree, for example. If a tree stood by the trunk alone, it would be very unstable. A small wind would knock it down. But the roots and the branches are horizontal, and they all balance to support it. When this focal point happens to be high, it represents the enormous area of the horizontal.
The ideal of creation is exactly that-all things have this plus and minus element. That is how God created it. God represents the plus and minus throughout the entire creation. God Himself has plus and minus elements within Him. He wants to be in motion. If there is no movement, eternity is not possible. Always and for certain, without fail, everything that exists in the universe is always on the move. Isn't that true? Nothing sits still. Even the solar system is not still. It moves around, and while it moves around, things revolve centering on a vertical point. The solar system is far beyond our imaginations. There are hundreds of billions of solar systems within the universe. Can you describe how big that is? We are talking about the universe from the human point of view. Look at bacteria, small microbes. From their standpoint, human beings are like a huge cosmos! Isn't that true? To travel from one cell to another might feel like it takes a thousand years, if the microbe lasts so long. But everything has something in common. Everything has these same elements, down to the tiniest seed, and this is deployed everywhere. There are no exceptions.
If you examine it carefully, you see that an embryo has this. Right there, standing on both plus and minus, is an embryo. (Father draws a diagram.) Of course, it is like so, not in a flat dimension, but on a tilted dimension. That automatically represents four different directions, not two. If the seeds are like so, then when this part right here comes out, it is facing a 90 degree angle. That means a different direction. Why is that? It is in order to maintain life's balance. The four directions are north, south, east, and west.
This represents the entire composition of the universe, all created beings. We, too, are composed of plus and minus elements, male and female. A man and woman coming together will resemble this for the first time. This represents the conscience and the body. The conscience and body, plus and minus, should be thus. With this view of being equipped with these dual elements, then for the first time, you are able to reproduce. By her mind and body completely becoming one and resembling God, then this woman is ready to receive the male. Then from their powerful union, reproduction occurs.
We can see why now, at this time in history, the West with all its brilliant establishment must go forward to the so-called Pacific civilization. Why? Because the Asian culture is vertical. What is the rule? Should the vertical line move towards the horizontal one, or should the horizontal line move towards where the vertical is and join it there harmoniously? Thus men living in America do not like American women. Their tendency is to go far to the East and find Oriental women. Conversely, Oriental men want to travel far and find Western women. The right hand and the left hand, the man and woman, clasp and then they start dancing, revolving.
Have you been to Disney World where there is a small world display? (Laughter.) When you dance, do you want to dance like that small world or do you want to dance so that the whole world is involved? (Whole world. Father laughs.) Not just one race answered that way, but all people. No matter where you come from, it is the same.
With this view in mind, Father encourages international marriages. It is not just a whim-it is certainly not just Father's whim. You must make a big movement. You should not marry locally, but rather go from the South Pole to the North Pole, from the Far East to the Far West. This is best explained by migratory birds and animals. If even the birds of the world know this and human beings don't, then human beings are not a species which will excel! The salmon travels thousands of miles in salt water, then comes back to the fresh water and spawns. Why? It is in order to maintain the species, to better the species, if possible. The swallow always comes to the cold, northern countries in the summertime. They could save themselves the trouble of traveling all the way up, yet they come and then they go back. They could find everything in the South, yet they come to the North. Why? It is to maintain and better their species. If they feed on an insect in a hot climate, that insect expands only a little bit. The one in the cold climate expands more. Trees in the cold climate have many, many rings; whereas in the South, in the hot climate, the trees may grow faster but they do not have so many year rings. They do not last as long as the trees in the North. Without being taught, all nature knows and operates according to these principles.
When it comes to mankind, it is not recommended for a man to marry locally. If so, your offspring cannot be guaranteed to be of an excellent breed. This is the science of eugenics. Men should find their mates from far, far away. Those of you who are married to someone from another nation, raise your hands. Does that mean you have done well without knowing it? (Yes! Laughter.)
If you are accustomed to eating only what you get from a hot climate, you will have a loose bowel if you come to a cold climate and begin to eat their native foods. You might get a stomach ache. If you come from North to South, or go South from the North, at first you may have indigestion. Likewise, if you marry internationally, at first you may also have a lot of indigestion! You don't get along so well in the beginning. That is not bad-it is quite normal. Once you get over it, though, then there is absolutely no problem. No matter what you eat, you have no more stomach ache and the healthier you become! And the offspring coming out of that wedlock will fit in with a man or woman from any locality, any region. That means you are collecting and gathering very good seeds. With this perspective, you can safely say that the offspring of the Unification Church will eventually influence and encompass the world in a godly way because their seeds are better than others. Do you follow? (Yes.)
Do you know about the crane? The crane migrates a far distance and goes without food for a long time. They are very long-lived. They travel far in order to improve the offspring. Some species of crane travel from Asia to the Himalayas in order to give birth to excellent offspring. In order to influence the whole world in a godly way, we must really travel and do the work. This is not a small country, yet we have to travel it from end to end. Father knows that statistically we have relatively few numbers of Unification Church members in comparison to the rest of the world. Yet we have all traveled so much. This would be the record-breaking group of travelers in the whole world and in history! (Laughter.) Is that true? Father is sure that most Unification Church members have been in all 50 states at one point or another and you come from all over the world. Some man in Texas might never have traveled beyond a radius of one hundred miles in his whole life-never been to the next city! (Laughter.) Even some animals travel more than that, crossing international borders.
If Father continues on like this, we could go on all day and still not have enough time. But Father is busy and there is not enough time. At least we know now that everything is divided into two parts; nothing is alone. Your mind and body must become united; one.
What is the topic of Father's sermon this morning? Does anyone remember? (Laughter.) "The Focal Point of Settlement Which God Desires." God has made so much movement, exceptionally so. Do you think God wants to have some rest? After you have worked so hard, for a day or a week or a year, don't you want to rest? Don't you think God wants to rest? (Yes.) Where can He rest? In this huge, immense area, where is the most comfortable place for Him to rest? Right at the center. This is the axis; then there is the top, which is a very fine point on the axis, and below here it is dark. When God sits right here, He can spin around so fast He does not feel it. He can sit comfortably. When He sits here, then He can see everything. If man wants to rest, then we can reason so must God. This shaft or axis will turn around in a fraction of a second. One revolution, or going around one time, between this one and this one makes a huge difference, doesn't it? (Father draws on the diagram.) This travels so much distance, whereas this one does not. Since all things want to become comfortable, everything that exists is focused on this focal point. We all want to be comfortable, don't we? A wheel has to travel so much, but the shaft of the wheel does not travel at all. We can safely conclude that God sits and exists in such a place.
A very important point here is that no matter how big and wonderful a wheel is, unless this central point is fixed, unless it is really steadily settled, the wheel will just fly off. The faster it goes, the faster it will fly off. So the focal point of settlement becomes very important. We have to constantly look for it.
The Unification Church is immense. What is the focal point? (True Parents.) We always have a central focus. Do we always want to go close to the center focus or far away from it? (Close.) Why? Because you want to settle down, too. If you feel, "Oh, I do not care about this. I simply couldn't care less," that should not be in this lay-out. You will see the plus on this side, the minus on this side. It is all composed of plus and minus elements. When Father is here, everybody wants to come here, but that is not desirable. They should not neglect this other area over here. They come and then they must go back, but then they must come back to the center again. The ones who are very passionate to be here should not say, "Oh, I do not want to go over there," and those who are not so passionate to come shouldn't say, "Oh, I want to stay where I am." That is not good. Then you become stagnant and that which becomes stagnant dies. It comes to a state of paralysis where it cannot feel anything anymore.
You are here and you are very happy, but you must go over there, too. While you are on your way, before you even get there, you want to go back again. No sooner do you get here than you come back because you miss it so much. You can focus upon that point and come back and forth to it as you wish. That focal point is so important to all of us.
Should the focus move around and change positions or should it stay where it is forever? It should stay forever. In history, kings and queens built their palaces strongly, out of brick and concrete, in order to last thousands of years. Our focus point also must be built very strongly. Should the focus be shadowy or should it be brilliant? It should be brilliant.
Now you know what the focal point is. Who wants to be this focal point of settlement? All of you. "I want to be that point and reside in that point." But then there are qualifications. A focal man and focal woman should have a certain prescribed quality. God has made it that way. There is such a thing as holding records in the Olympics, for instance. Not everyone is the same. The ones who have the best record are the ones who can become the focus point. Even seconds count. In one second, one can stay on or go off focus and affect one's record. The best record is the focus point.
Do you want to be the local focus or the world focus? Do you want to be a focus for a lifetime or a focus for the length of history? You know all the right answers! (Father and members laugh.) We all want the focus, which is eternal and which is the highest. Who wants that? "I" want it. Each one of us wants it. Isn't that true? There are no exceptions. Some may not answer, but they still want it. If his spouse is the focus, then he is constantly ready to go there, even though he moves around. He may go around attending his business, but he will always go back and he will continue doing that until the next time.
This focal point of settlement which God desires-what is it? It is none other than "me." Is there any such person who does not want to become this focal point of safe, cozy settlement? Everyone wants to be that. Then even though this is big and huge and immense, there is no place you are not connected. You are connected to every part and every place and every element of plus and minus and all areas. It may be vague, but we cannot deny that such a description is true. We all want it. A man wants to be a king and not just a small, local king, but a king who would command the whole world. Likewise, women wish to be queens. How can you actually become one? When you say, "I am the focus point," what are your qualifications for it? God's expectation of such queens is that they have connections with all women. There are mountainsides which are so uncomfortable, no one wants to go there. If you go there and make connections, then you are the type of queen, the type of focal point God desires. We all want to be the center focus point, but centering on what? What is so important about that focus point?
How can I go around the world is such a short time when we have so many things to do and so many restrictions? When can I do all that? Even if you spend one minute per person, there are five billion persons in the world. No matter how long you live, one lifetime is not enough. It is not possible according to time. You cannot do it by spending a lot of money, nor can you do it by knowledge, nor by might, nor power. With what are you going to cover all that ground? Only with True Love. But have you seen it? Where is True Love? Where is the naked place of that True Love? Where does that naked place of True Love come from? Does it come from within yourself or from God? (God.)
Have you seen True Love? Have you experienced True Love? Have you exerted True Love? We all talk about God, but has anyone of us ever seen God? How can we know God? If you move so fast that even God has trouble catching up with you, God will say, "Slow down a little bit." Then you know there is God! (Laughter.) Do you understand? (Yes.) Your mind is involved, too. If you are working so hard your mind says, "Slow down a little!" and God is really trying to catch up with you and still cannot, then God will say, "Slow down a little, will you?" Then you know, "Oh, there is God." If one is ready to die, if he really plunges into death and jumps right into the fire, then if someone pulls him out, he knows that is God. When you are ready to go through the barrier of death for righteousness, God will intervene: "No, you are not to die. You are to live." Then you know God. We must all experience that in our lifetime. The famous quote from the Bible is that those who are willing to die will live. All the five billion person population of the world will drop out, but one will keep going so fast and God will stop him. That is a whole new world, compared to which the world we are living in is as nothing. That is the borderline.
In the immense universe, like thin air, would there be a world which is dark or not? What is your guess? So long as there are stars and the stars are emanating light, there is some light. Even if you go higher and higher, still it is not dark because there are so many stars and some stars are very bright. There is no really dark place. There is always some light. There is one place which is more light and more bright than any other place. There is such a place. Satan prefers the darker place. He does not like the light because he sees himself. Our consciences are always seeking a lighter and lighter place, always seeking the light. We must try hard lest our bodies create a shadow. We want the light.
(Father refers to the diagram.) Where do you want to be? (In the center.) Do you want to ascend right to the center or do you want to go horizontally here and then go to the center? (Right to the center.) Well, that is what everyone desires because they all want efficiency. They want to go without any toil. But then, this world is so thin, only one line. Thus the right answer here is that we must connect as broadly as possible with the horizontal world before we go to the center.
When we see God, God is huge, immense. He encompasses the whole universe. Does God love an individual or does God love the whole universe? Does God love a country or the whole world? (The whole world.) Does He love a race or does He love a country? Does He love a family or love a race? Does he love a family or an individual? (A family.) We all know that God's love is always higher, broader, encompassing more.
Have you ever felt "I represent the whole world, heaven and earth"? Have you ever thought that you were representing the whole of heaven and earth? How many times a year do you feel like that? It is quite a serious question. Which should we think about more seriously-a nation or heaven and earth? Should an individual think more seriously about himself or should he think about the whole country? This is one of the basic teachings of the Unification Church. We are taught by Father that the individual should yield for the sake of the family. The family comes first; then the individual. He must sacrifice and invest. Investing means that when we sacrifice, we do not even mind it. The race sacrifices for the country, the nation for the world, the world for the universe, the universe for the cosmos, and the cosmos for God.
To live for the sake of myself as an individual-is that to love God? (No.) We can serve God, then come down from the larger one to the smaller and smaller one in order to really substantially love the smaller one. God goes around here on the shaft or axis. God occupies this place. Even though He is all alone in the whole being of His immense creation, He knows and feels He is the center of the whole universe. He must become, and we must become, the center of the whole world.
Starting from the whole universe, the whole cosmos and world, we must become the center of the nation, the race, the family, and the clan. We must even become the center of the individual. God created Adam and Eve with that in mind. We must understand that is the ideal of creation. God was to be the focal point of Adam and Eve, and they were to have a family and clan and then it would extend into the nation and further to the whole world and universe. All creation would be connected through them. God created Adam and Eve for this.
Here are Adam and Eve and that is the focus. In this sense, Adam and Eve are a microcosm, a small cosmos, representing the whole universe and all the elements in it. All the elements are here. Isn't that true? Isn't Adam's and Eve's focus the whole creation? (Yes.) Within you are the eight steps. Maybe no one knows it as well as Father does because we are too small, but if you enlarge yourself, you will find these eight steps. You, like Father, are in that position. We all have these same elements, even though we are smaller than the universe. We all want to represent God, too, don't we? That means everyone wants to be a king or queen and rightfully so. We are meant to be so.
Do you see? Sitting, standing, walking, we must always feel this. We represent all eight steps of the universe. We represent God. "I represent the universe, I represent the world, the nation, the clan, the race, and the family." If the fall hadn't taken place, we would have had a relationship with God like the body with the mind. How close are the body and the mind? They are so close. This world and I would have been like a plus and a minus, like the mind and the body. So we all have the desire to occupy that area. We want to own and have control over that territory, don't we? Our mind is so high and lofty, even reaching to God. Horizontally, you want to expand your territory, your influence and ownership, and vertically, you want to reach the highest circle or the highest point. Why? That is because we have this focus point. My body should come here and then go out and then come here again. We must do that. Our mind and body should make that movement, that motion.
How can we do that? To traverse the universe would take thousands of years, even if we went at the speed of light. How can we physically do that? The way to do that is none other than our families. When we say "settlement," there is the settlement of an individual, a family, a nation, and also the settlement of the whole universe. If the fall had not taken place, it would not have been so complicated. All you would have to do is to settle in your family and everything else would be automatic. You wouldn't even have to think about it; it would already have been done. Horizontally, you would be able to go at any time to the other end. You could go anywhere and everywhere so long as another human being lives there.
But here we must take heed. We must be very careful. If we prize the individual more and take the individual more seriously than the family, destruction will follow. If we take the family more seriously than we do the nation, etc.-that is out of the order of the universe. If you think the family is more important than the nation, destruction is coming. We must be most careful. Otherwise, God cannot move freely. Do you follow? (Yes.)
The spirit world is our native land. That native land is beyond time and space. You can go anywhere instantly, even millions and billions of miles. You surpass time. You can travel millions and billions of miles in a fraction of a second. In comparison to the whole universe, your family is like one small cell of a body. How many trillions of cells does your body have? The cosmos is the same. If you are not accustomed to living this way on earth, even if we go to a fantastic place in the spirit world, we cannot travel freely. We are always blocked. We need a family here, but to train ourselves to adapt to that world to which we are about to go forever, we must realize that small family doesn't matter much. "The whole deployment of the cosmos is my family." Then you are free to go anywhere and you are welcome anywhere. Do you understand?
Thus it becomes so important that the individual lives for the sake of the family, the family lives for the sake of the clan, the clan lives for the sake of the race, the race for the nation, the nation for the world, and the world for the sake of the cosmos. If we are accustomed to that way of life, once we go to the spirit world in eternal life, to our own native land, then there is absolutely no problem going anywhere and coming back, easily and safely. That is why Father is stressing this point. Do you follow? (Yes.)
Once we reach that eternal realm of the spirit world, we can measure it by unit and our family is that unit. One meter, one centimeter, one kilometer, etc. There is such a thing as units there, and this is a unit. The family is a millimeter. You can travel this one millimeter anywhere in the spirit world if you fit to that. If we are accustomed to living in this way and are well-trained in sacrificing for the larger whole, then once we go to the spirit world, we can go in and out of God's mind and body and come back as many times and as fast as we can. No obstacle will block us.
At that time, no matter which part of God you go to, God will welcome you. "Oh, you are back again! Oh, you are gone again! Oh, you are back again!" So we are going to liberate this family, this clan, this nation and the whole universe and even liberate God from injustice.
Father has said over and over again to us that the family is the training ground through which we can adapt to that immense world and country or native land of spirit world. We will have a free pass there if we have the right orientation. Here we think, "Oh, my family, my family," but once we reach there, we must be able to love the children of the village, even sacrificing our own children for them. We must not just hug our own children and not care about the rest of the children of that village. That is what God desires. That is God's love. He sacrifices those closest to Him. He sacrifices His closest son and closest daughter. This is God's ideal. This is where many of our Unification Church members are in a dilemma. "I must save my own family before I pay attention to my nation. I have no room to think about my nation; just my family." Yet we know Father is talking about serving the world. No matter how many times Father says it, it goes in one ear and out the other. "I don't care about the world! My family and I have a lot of serious problems-how can we save this world?" Should you think like that? No.
We all want to stand on God's side. If we want to stand on His side for certain and be accepted by God, then we should be ready to give up even our loving husband. At the risk of his life, we should care more about our nation and the world. Where is your mind? Is your mind on your family or is your mind focused on saving this nation? What about the world and what about God? We must move and we must work. Before we feel hunger, we must work. From the very early times when Father literally had no money to buy a bowl of rice until the present, Father has not worried much about how to support his family. Yet Father's sons and daughters never went hungry. They hardly even get sick! This is no exaggeration. Death and misfortune come and try to work on Father's family and they eventually have to say, "Oh, I made a mistake in coming here," and leave a blessing behind instead.
This man may always be unhappy because the world does not support and help him even though he is doing such wonderful and important work, but this man does not understand Father's secret. If he knew, he would not think that way. There is nothing to worry about. The only thing to worry about is, "Am I living for the sake of God? Am I truly living for the sake of the world?" God made this universe. We see the universe; it is very real. How can He leave us starving? If we leave everything and do not even worry about it, but go to where we should be, then God is free to do anything to help and comfort us. In the satanic world, we might get help or we might not, but if we are ahead of the five billion person population of the world in doing God's work, then God is free to do anything for us. Do you understand? Within Satan's realm, God cannot intervene, but once you go over Satan's territory and realm, God is free to support you.
Living with God, loving God, being in partnership with Him-what else do you need? All of a sudden you may feel that your path, your partnership with God is being blocked by your family, your children, your clan is holding you back. Your nation, too, is blocking you from becoming a partner with God because Americans always think about America. They cannot very well go over the country of America to the world. They think it is too much, but you must jump beyond that. You must give it up and go. If you can do it here, you can do it here. It is always close; it is not far. Then you can reach here and expand upward rapidly.
It is God's ideal right here, the plus position, and making it happen and doing it is the minus and they meet right here. Because of the fall, these walls between the individual and the family, the family and the nation, the nation and the world, the world and cosmos are very much there. Once we knock these down, we can go back and forth with God as our partner.
Father has knocked down these walls. The focus of settlement which God desires is True Parents, Adam and Eve. This is the meaning of the focus point of settlement. After all these things have been explained and done, then God can find this settlement point and every element can find this settlement and resting point. Once this is done, it can deploy very quickly to the whole world. Do you follow? (Yes.)
The Completed Testament Era is when God intervenes and does the work together with man. It is faster, it is very possible at all times. To be Blessed means True Parents are the trunk and we are the branches. We are grafted onto and become part of the original branch which came out of the trunk. The central root, the central trunk resembles God's original body. Adam and Eve were to fulfill that kind of position, but they lost it all, so the world does not have that kind of root. That is why the world is as it is today. How can we restore that? We must do it through indemnity. Indemnity means that those in the Abel position take a sacrificial position; then they are going up to higher and higher levels. This is the Unification Church's hope and righteous cause.
Satan made many wars. Father made it up this ladder of sacrifice through every war, through the individual, family, society, nation, and world wars. It was at a high cost. You have to ride on the back of the Parents. You must connect to the True Parents. Therefore, this is the very focal point where the whole thing is connected, where the blossoms and flowers of God's ideal will begin to bloom. Amen.
This blonde-haired daughter can be wed to a black brother and still they will be healthy and give birth to a lot of healthy offspring, and they will live happily ever after in the spirit world. We must learn that if we are white, we must love blacks more than we love whites, and vice versa. Do you understand? (Yes.)
When Father came to America. Father never thought, "Oh, this is a foreign country." Father thought, "This is my country. I will plant the seeds of true love here in this country. I am the ancestor of this country." From the first day, Father thought like that. He never thought, "I am going to bring something back with me from America or learn something here." From the first day, rather than take anything from this country, Father thought to give to it. We all know and Father knows that there is no visitor who comes to America with this determination to give. Everyone wants to take from it, like a beggar. The owner is not a beggar. He owns it, so why should he take? He wants to invest, to give, to revive and reconnect it.
In the beginning, of course, that was too much for people to comprehend, but today there are people who do understand what Reverend Moon meant to do in this country. In each and every area, they know that Reverend Moon helped them. So Father must leave this country, after having done all these things, and arrive back in the East. His name will go out to the world faster that way. Now the people are becoming aware, "Oh, we need Reverend Moon. He is a genuine, bona fide leader. He is a beneficiary." Then Father must leave. If he lingers on, it is not so good. If Father stays, it will slow down. If he leaves, it multiply much faster. This is why yesterday in the leaders' meeting, Father said he might not be here again so often or stay too long. Father has a foundation everywhere. He can certainly come back to America, but Father does not feel he wants to linger here because it is a better country. No. Father has done enough in America. He has fulfilled his portion of responsibility towards America. Father came to America in order to serve it, forsaking his own native country and village, forsaking Asia itself because he took America's fate more seriously than that of his own kinfolk. Now they have come to understand this, so it is time for him to return and take care of his own people. Therefore, Father proclaimed Tribal Messiahship.
We all know the importance of the unification of North and South Korea and nothing short of Father doing it himself will bring this about. Father was the catalyst for this conference between delegations from the North and the South. Father made the arrangements. In the unending war of discord in the Middle East, Father must be the key to solve it. Father knows the root of the problem and the solution; therefore, no one but Father can do it.
Now that we have grown up so much, yesterday all the leaders pledged that they will carry on what Father has left to us in Father's absence. Father instructed them yesterday that those who have never been through 40-day training should do it by all means. That will really give a person a good start. Once he has that, he can do just as Father has done-go around the whole country witnessing to the people day and night. Then America will revive.
(Father speaks in English.) Mother must unite Cain and Abel. This is the ultimate course of restoration, so Mother will do a campus lecture tour. Colleges are in the Cain position and high schools are in the Abel position. Mother will do a tour of another hundred universities. This is Mother's mission-to unite the children.
On the other hand, Father will go back. Father has done everything here, so Father will return to the Orient and recreate the Eve country. Eve was created from Adam by God. Father is the Adam, so he must go recreate the Eve. North and South Korea are divided now. Why is that? It happened right after World War II. At that time, Eve was in the bride's position. A bride needs a bridegroom. At that time in history, Korea was for the first time an independent country. With that kind of foundation, the Christian churches represented the bride. They were waiting and waiting for the Messiah to come, but because of their arrogant pride, they rejected him when he came. Through them, the world could have been united centering on Christianity. There was the bridegroom and the bride. The family could have come. The world was ready. God prepared all that after World War II, but the Christian churches representing the bride's position chased out the true bridegroom, just as in the first family, Eve chased out the real Adam. The worldwide level bride chased out the worldwide level bridegroom and Father had to go into the wilderness. In preparation for the Lord of the Second Advent, an independent culture was prepared in order to give him to the world. But they chased the bridegroom out, and Satan occupied the Christian background and culture. He took over the whole world, claiming ownership, and the Lord of the Second Advent was chased into the wilderness. There were no children, no tribe, no nation, no world.
Think about God's position then. He was all alone in the wilderness. This was God's position, following Reverend Moon out alone into the wilderness. Satan always put up obstacles before me, trying to tear me down, for to him I am the most fearsome guy. The whole individual base, the family base, the national base, and the world base were completely taken away in the rejection of the one Reverend Moon. How miserable God's position was at that time. This was God's situation. From there, we started climbing up. It took fifty years. Rev. Moon is a smart guy. He had to infiltrate Satan's world, using his clever brain. He had to live out those steps, one by one. For 40 years, Father cultivated everywhere in the world. No matter what Satan's power, he cannot erase, cannot change Reverend Moon's power. Satan used military and cultural power-Satan used every kind of power to attack me. But step by step, Father fought back up all those steps.
No matter how much power America has, it cannot affect me. It does not matter how they attack me. History cannot erase that mistake of the world of the white race against me. Yet Father won. Father won over the American world. (Applause.) No matter how Satan's world came against me, it wound up being occupied by me. Satan proudly had all that knowledge and power arrayed against me, but now they are saying, "Reverend Moon, please don't go back! Stay and help us!"
Who can make the two separate cultures and worlds of the East and West come together if not Reverend Moon? We must make one world and one hope. That is our responsibility. Is that true? (Yes.)
When Father did not understand English very well, he thought Colonel Han was doing pretty well, but now that Father understands English, he knows that is not the case. Colonel Han chops important branches off, leaves things out, puts things upside down-so Father undertook the task himself! (Applause.)
(Colonel Han resumes translating). Wherever we may be, at whatever moment, we should take hold of Father. This is an analogy. Father went through this course as a pioneer. We must follow this same course, this same pattern, not pioneering anymore but following him to the national base. Father is not even talking about the cosmic base, just the national base. If we cannot even do so much as that, we'd better die early. From here, there is no persecution, whereas before, this was all persecution. 24 hours a day, like Father did, we must go without sleep and without food, devoting all our time to teaching, to doing seminars and teaching the people in your home town. Then your family will come alive and so will America. Then America will never perish. Without that, we all know what the fate of America will be.
Christians thought they could try to save America. Now they have come to realize that they have tried everything and that there is nothing more left for them to try. Now they will not oppose us so much. We will teach them, too.
Now we can harvest from the tree. From the small branch we create, we can harvest the same fruit and the same blossom as the main tree. Do you follow? It is the same seed, not a different seed, of what Father has done. You, too, can accomplish all that you desire by connecting and becoming one with the True Parents and standing on this same point of settlement and sharing all the foundation which Father created. Our mind and body will become united when we stand in the firm position of living for the sake of and loving the world. Your family will be in a position to love the world. Just as God Himself sacrificed His own son, the one closest to Him, in an effort to save the whole world, we too, like God and our True Parents, should sacrifice what is near and dear to us in an effort to save the nation and the world. Then we will be able to settle on the focal point.
Those who are determined to do this, those who say, "Yes, Father, I will become one with your family, one with you, and stand on the focal point of settlement. I will be the one to be like you," raise your hands.
Today at 11:00 a.m. Father flies back to Korea, and he does not know when he will return. While Father is gone, Father expects you to do your best to fulfill this mission. God bless you. (Applause.)