May 2, 1993
Belvedere International Training Center,
Tarrytown, New York
Translator - Sang Kil Han

The topic of Father's sermon this morning is Tong Il Kyo and in parentheses, Uri ui Charang. Charang means pride: Our Pride or The Unification Church's Pride.
All men want something to be proud of. This is true in an individual's life, and on the family level, too. A family wants something to feel pride in. What about the nation? It is true for the nation, too. The desire to have something to be proud of expands to higher levels with no exception. But stop to think of it - have we noticed any man who lives in the world and is proud of the world? We notice correctly that man is prone to be proud of the individual. We see that all the time. We also see that people want to be proud of their family. Also, the fact that someone wants to be proud of his nation, we see that all the time. But, no one feels proud of the world.
Let's imagine that we were going to participate in a contest of pride to see who could boast of the most things. Have you ever stopped to think of such a convention or competition? Have you ever stopped to think how much you have to be proud of? Do we have many families anxious to go into a world-wide contest to brag about their own family, all three generations? By the same token, there would be a match to be proud of the country. As is obvious in the fallen world until now, people have not been aware of anything beyond their own country. Of course, people have a concept of the world. When we say "the world," we mean one world under which everyone lives, just like one earth. Can the same person who won the grand prize for being proud of his own country, attend a similar match to be proud of his own family? Does he have as much to say about his family as he did of his own nation? Also, can the individual who won first prize for being proud in the individual match, go to the match where they are proud of the family and also win first prize there? One person won a prize being proud of himself, but compared to the person who won first prize for being proud of his own family, he is on a different level. They could never compare. By the same token, the one who won first prize for pride in his own family cannot match the one who wins for pride in his nation. What if we have a contest to see who is most proud about the world he lives in? Even the national level champion cannot match the world level champion.
We in the Unification Church frequently use this vocabulary and concept of the universe which no one else uses so much. If you look at the Chinese character for universe which is Chun ju, it explains much detail. Chun means heaven and ju means house: heavenly house. That is the universe. If you further analyze the world heaven, heaven means two men. Likewise house, which is ju, means house or be comfortable. The other part means freedom. So peaceful freedom or comfortable freedom means house. Freedom and comfort are there, which is a home. So universe exactly means house, but not just an individual house, a house which belongs to everyone. This is exactly what this character depicts.
What kind of person can you call a rich person? Who is a rich person? One definition is this: if you go into a rich person's house, you find everything. The more rich a person is, the more variety of things you can find in his house. The nation is a kind of house also. Whose museum would be better, an American museum or one from England or France? Which one is bigger? Father went to a museum in England where they had things from all four corners of the world. Englishmen had brought things from all different parts of the world like Africa and they were very proud of it. "Look, how big England is!" We may think all the articles which were displayed in the museum were very happy to go there, "I am so happy to be displayed in a British museum. I am very proud to be displayed there." But, did they go like that or did they not want to go, feeling, "It's not fair, it's not right"? They were crying, but were still displayed in the museum. Did they welcome going or deny going? (Denied.) As long as the objects are not happy or proud of being there, the museum will be just like a prison to them. Even when you go to prison, you go into the prison situated in your own country. Your family is nearby even though you are in prison. But, in this prison, your own country is far, far away and you don't have family nearby either. How can we justify this or ever say, "This museum is a wonderful place. We are so proud of our collection of objects from all over the world"? How can you be proud of it?
In the world, as you know, people have power and money and buy lots of artifacts from all over the world, which they take pride in, but what is the most precious thing you can think of? For instance, if there is a very precious article in the London museum and someone wants to trade it for you, would you trade yourself for that very precious object? What kind of a price tag would you put on yourself? Then what is the most precious thing you can think of? (Love.) Before we get to love, we were talking about something we can see. Mankind. Mankind includes everything: grandparents, children, partnership, True Parents and God, too. They are all included in mankind. If there is such a thing as the human museum, would there be anyone who wants to sit there for the rest of his life? Could he be happy? Objects are there to be admired by all men, so maybe they wouldn't mind, but if a man was put in that situation, he wouldn't stay there. No matter how good, or how beautiful a place is, we don't want to be fettered. We don't want to lose our freedom and have to stay there. Then, people can realize, "Oh, the most precious thing is freedom." At that point, nothing would be precious for a person anymore. The only thing he would be craving is freedom.
American people love freedom, don't they? Democracy, equality, freedom are very important here. What are we going to do after having freedom and equality? What is the purpose? What are we to do with them? If they are so precious, we must have some use for them. I live an all around good life, isn't that so? But then what is the definition of a good life? In other words, how can you say, this one is a good life, but that one is not such a good life? For instance, if Americans are very happy and they have a good life only for Americans and no one else has an equal life, is that a good life? No, it cannot be. Even though one country may enjoy the good life, it is not truly the good life because the world now comes into view.
As we see so visibly now, even though equality may exist in one country, if that same equality does not extend to the rest of the world, there is unrest and no one is happy anymore. Happiness, equality, and democracy are all glittering thoughts. Americans would not notice because they act freely and they have equality and democracy, but back in Africa, would the African people join in with the same happiness and equality and freedom that Americans have? No. It is something they have nothing to do with. They don't have this freedom. They don't even know what it is. The situation is different there. They wonder what equality is. In one country these things are highly prized, but it is not necessarily so in another country. If there is freedom in the world, then of course, every nation can join in and be equally free and happy. But, if only one country has freedom, the world can't necessarily go in and join them. Small things can go into a large space, but a large thing cannot go into a small space and fit. Isn't that true? If you have a big pocket, you can fit much into it, but if you have a small pocket, even if you have many small pockets, you can't fit a large thing in. Small things can go into any pocket. If you have a large pocket, you can sort out all the objects you have and according to their size, you can put them into different pockets.
Freedom and equality - do they apply instantly to everybody? Unless it is so, for example that one country has the same standard as any other country, then there is no such thing as freedom and equality. Let's say there are two jackets, exactly the same style, but one is slightly inferior, it has some speck on it or the needlework is done a little wrong. Two people have to choose one jacket each. Each person will want to have the better one. If you make an observation you will find this is true. If there are two identical items, but one is slightly better and one slightly worse, and if the two people are total strangers, they will want to reach out for the better one for themselves. You have the freedom to choose the better one. Who says, "No, Father, that is not so," raise your hands. This is true no matter where you are - in America, the Orient or Africa. It is the same. This happens often, people always want to have the better thing so they compete. They think they are free to do that.
What is the limit? How does freedom work? It is questionable. This freedom which we cherish so much here in America may fit into America. They don't mind that lifestyle here, but it does not fit in Korea or any other nation. Then of course, can we go out in search of what is complete, perfect freedom? The law in America and the law in Korea are different from each other. The standard of freedom becomes different. Then what is the perfect freedom? That is the question.
What about happiness? Where is happiness, what is it? Can you feel happiness all by yourself? (No.) You are very quick to respond no. In every day life we think about this, so everybody has a ready answer. If you don't experience it alone, then you must have someone to be happy with. Who is that someone? Who do you want to be happy with? A man wants to be happy with a woman. What about homosexuals? We have often pointed out that the only way for a man and woman to become absolutely united, which each one absolutely desires, is through the sexual organs. That organ has nothing else to do except join man and woman. This is not an interpretation, this is the reality we see in nature. By nature this is true. Because of love, man and woman came into being, we know that. Like Father mentioned in his sermon yesterday, the whole universe has been created for the same common purpose, the intertwining of love. Yesterday Father expounded on that. Likewise, because of love man and woman were created. Can the nose be situated on the hip instead of the face? We have two eyes. Can you ever imagine two eyes operating independently, one looking here and one looking in the other direction? Do eyes have freedom? Yes, they do, but can one look here while the other looks there? It would be an extremely unusual person, and no one has ever seen that kind of man, with two eyes working independently. There is no freedom to do that, if you call that freedom.
Have you ever heard of someone drinking water through their nose? Functionally, this is not impossible, because if you put water down the nose it will come into the stomach. Have you ever seen someone try that? You can search everywhere for that kind of strange person, but no one tries to drink water through their nose.
The bosom primarily belongs to the baby. The nipples are designed so they are perfect for the baby to suckle. Imagine a mother's breast with a man's nipple. The baby will have a hard time drinking his or, her milk. It is wise that the woman's nipple is bigger than the mans. Women have hips which make it very comfortable when you sit down. They are stable. Men cannot sit for a long time. Especially when you have a baby, you need to sit down and be stable. Men can never do that. If you call that scientific or agree that it is so, then we can call the whole universe a natural museum. When you observe the arm or leg of a chair or table, it resembles the construction of the human arm or leg. Man learned everything from nature. Even if he never realizes he brought the idea from nature, it is always the same as nature. The entire universe itself, no matter where you go, what corner, is the treasure house of knowledge. You learn from it, so you can call it a university. It is nature's university. We see things, like inhaling and exhaling, that in every animal, whatever kind it may be, has the same function. What about bacteria? Do you think they may have an eye? Jim, you're not a biologist, but what is your guess? Do bacteria have eyes? In bacteria there are male and female elements also. That means they must have the organ for reproduction; therefore, it is likely they also have eyes even though we have not identified them yet. Without eyes, how can they meet and identify each other? The organs of five senses must be there.
Is it a far fetched conclusion that though there is freedom, women do not have freedom without man? If someone says that conclusion is wrong, please raise your hand. Is that a true statement: women do not have freedom beyond the realm of man? It is the same way as two eyes that have freedom in synchronizing. The aim of the eyes of women goes to man. Man is their focus. The eyes of men aim at women. His aim does not go anywhere else. Original woman has a sense of smell. Is the smell of perfume the most enjoyable scent for her or the smell of man? It must be the scent of man. That is a very important point. If you are hesitating to answer maybe if someone brings you a big jar of heavenly perfume, worth millions of dollars and you wanted to buy it, maybe you would trade your husband for it. Is that what you're thinking now? Which would you rather do, open up the jar of perfume and have your nose stuck in there, enjoying it or would you rather rest on your smelly husband and have peace and happiness there? Which one? That is a legitimate comparison; it is not foolish.
Look at it this way. No matter how beautiful a woman may be, no matter if her eyes, ears, nose and lips are the most enchanting, beautiful things you've seen, if there is no man, then all of her beauty means nothing. A women would complain and even blame her own features. She would even loathe her beauty, thinking "Why is this nose so beautiful?" She would scratch her own face, because even though she has the most beautiful face, there is no man to appreciate it. She would be in agony. She would regret and blame her beauty.
Why do you spend so much time intently making up your face each morning? If there were no men in the world, or where you are going to, you wouldn't do that. Why
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