ALL CURENT PREZDENTS OF THE WORLD SPEAK ABOUT WAR and only MESSIAH SPEAK ABOUT PEACE. Lets join together to help God to establish peace on earth (True Mother's message at Joint Worship in the Second Year of Cheon Il Guk for the Victory of Vision 2020

True Mother's message at Joint Worship in the Second Year of Cheon Il Guk for the Victory of Vision 2020

May 11, 2014 at 8:52am

Today, it is Cheon Il Guk. By the Heavenly calendar, this is the second spring. Spring is the season of hope. Our dream... we can raise our dream into a very high place. Spring is such a season.

So, in this beautiful season, the news that we hear from around the world is filled with sadness and conflict that is truly tragic; as if this world is like a ship that has no caption, no compass. We are always in danger of crashing or sinking after meeting a violent storm, so insecure is this world.

When we look at these conflicts and violent problems, all the Blessed Central families of Unification Church, and the warriors of Unification, we must rise. (applause)

We cannot just sit idle and wait without doing anything. The Blessings that we have received, we cannot keep as our own. Seven billion people who are suffering as orphans;and, when we think about them, instead, we are the people that know that True Parents are the people that have come down to this earth to work with us. We have to let people of the world know that fact.

Therefore, in that light, I have relocated the world headquarters to Cheon Chun Gung ... Through this, I have opened the age through which True Parents of Heaven, earht and Humankind can rule directly . completed this yesterday; and, through this I have opened the age when True Parents of Heaven and Earth and Humankind can now rule directly. Is this not something for which we can be grateful .

This cannot stay as something for our own Blessings. We need to resemble True Parents. We are such true children and we are tribal messiahs ; and, when we fulfill this mission as true children and tribal messiahs, we will be at the position of ancestors. In order to fulfill this responsibility, we have to rise. We cannot wait any longer.

Even at this present moment, there are still people who do not know that True Parents are here and alive; and, these people are alive and they are dying all around the world, countless people. Even though they live at the same time as True Parents, they do not know this Providential history. This is the first time that this has come about, after 6,000 years of sufferening; but, they are still not in the postion to receive this Grace and Blessing ... and they just pass away tragically ... These are our brothers and sisters; and, we have to think about them and when we do, we have to roll up our sleeves. We have to rise.

We have to proclaim True Parents to the world without reservation, and let them know that without True Parents , this world cannot survive. This is the only path that we, at this moment, this is the only way that we can return these Blessings that we have received from Heaven.

Therefore, I have divided the continents into the language zones; and, through this, all humanity, in the realm of one second, I want to give them a chance, an opportunity to participate in the heavenly providence.

So, these continents, I have established a special agent who will help the tasks that are in these continents. These people, who are at the forefront, will help the humanity in testifying for the True Parents. The beginning ceremony for these people will begin, will be commensed after this event.

So, all who are here today, please join your heart and set your heart so that you are also participating in this great even together. I would be grateful that you would set your hearts so that you are also participating in this great event together.
And this special task will truly open the season of spring for the whole world, until we reap the fruit, let us rise together.

I truly, sincerely ask for you to rise, as I conclude my speech. Thank you very much ...

(And let us thank True Mother again with a warm round of applause.
And they do Monsei and bow as Mother leaves the stage with Sun Jin Nim at Her Side. ) https://vimeo.com/94843056

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