World peace is SIMPLY! with CIG ID Global

World peace is SIMPLY! with CIG ID Global

Sign petition https://www.causes.com/campaigns/99968-cig-id-card-global-passport-save-the-world

CIG ID card- Global Passport will save the world!


- Passport

- Bank account

- Medical insurance

- Driver license

…… and more in one ID card.

New global initiative invites UN, Presidents, investors, organizations and
private donors and everyone to join common project to unite all personal
official paper documents in one personal ID card.

CIG ID Global card with online account should compound all official personal
documents and personal data of any human being to free people from paper

CIG ID Global card should be valid in any country to make it easy to pass
borders without visa, make payments, receive medical treatment, drive a car, do
business etc.

Sign petition https://www.causes.com/campaigns/99968-cig-id-card-global-passport-save-the-world

Join the initiative by filing out Partnerships form: ————————- Family name: ____________________,
First name(s):_____________ Phone number(s) ___________, E-mail address_______,
other contact (MSN, Skype)___ Organization or institution you represent: __, —
Occupation / Position: __ Signature: __ (filed forms send to pacea21 ( @ ) gmail.com):
————————- Also you could join with a sponsorships or donations: Sending
donations by Bank wire etc. to International Volunteer Academy For more details
Contact us CIG ID Global card initiative at www.ivacademy.ru 
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World peace is SIMPLY! with CIG ID Global
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