DAE MO NIM’s words from July 11, 2014.

(Unofficial notes)

"Good evening, everyone. The weather is so nice this evening. Tomorrow morning, I will leave for Japan at 7:20 am, so I better deliver this speech to you tonight instead of tomorrow. Back from Africa a week ago, I am recovering from water problems. However, Japanese members are waiting for me, so I am giving this speech tonight.

CP works started 20 years ago, 23 years ago if I include when HParents talked with me. The first words that DMN said to HFather were "I am insufficient." Heavenly Parent said: "That is why I am using you." All the construction around CP has been a big work but making Satan into angels and ES into AGS was a much larger work. The liberation goals were given in numbers to be completed by certain dates.

DMN asked HParents how to do this work. She had many worries and offered severe conditions such as 10,000 bows in one day. So much devotion was offered that one of DMN's teeth came out. HParent said to DMN, you need 1) to be sincere, 2) to work based on fact with no falsehood, and 3) to do it with love. DMN thought to herself, why did HParent say things in this order? She realized that love can only come after being sincere and working truthfully. HParent further said 4) have the mind of sacrifice and devotion and 5) work diligently, then HParent will do the work.

After making the training center in the SW, since spirits could not see themselves and their house in the SW, DMN decided to show them and let them know and listen to the DP. She showed Satan the past: before the fall, and after the fall when 2/3 of the angels fell with Lucifer. Why couldn't the spirits see themselves and their house in the SW? This was because of deep resentment. Spirits at the SW training center receive lectures and are shown the scenes of the creation of AE, and HParent creating all things and humankind. They are also shown the scene of the fall that occurred due to excessive desire and lack of love. They also see the central figures and providential contents for 100 days, after which they have become AGS.

Likewise, education, culture and medical services have to be "made" here in the restored Garden of Eden. The construction of the Wanglim Heavenly Palace (the main building at the training center) had to be completed in time for True Father's 80th birthday and the ceremony of the Coronation of God's Kingship. At the end of December 1991, on a dark, cold night, the sites for construction of all the buildings around CP were shown to DMN and Hoon Mo Nim. They went together to the site for the construction of the Cheon Cheong Gung. It was difficult to push through all the pine trees. They saw the site for the main building, building A, and building B, and were shown the amount of money needed. Despite the huge amount of money needed, without any fear they said yes to HParent, that they could finish the construction by the end of 2005. The Peace World Center had to be constructed quickly to attend TPs beautifully and to have TF's Seonghwa there. Pine Ridge resort is the first place that TPs went to after the helicopter accident. A hot spring emerged at Pine Ridge and that spring water cured True Father. Back pain can be cured there. TF did walking exercises in the spring and recovered quickly. A fishing area was also made there for TF.

By 2020, all the non-profit organizations around CP should become profitable. Originally we did not own the land beyond the Water of Life. We bought the mountain with the Tree of Blessing and a lot of other land around the area.We have also bought the mountains on the right and left sides of the Cheon Cheong Gung mountain and also behind the CCG mountain. So there will be no development around CCG in the future. We need to know the sincerity, honesty and living for the sake of others content of the CP providence. We also need to know the contents of the indemnity conditions made by TPs to remove Osin. These are the works by TPs to let us become one so that Satan cannot work. Then there can be a revival of the church. Even if a church leader gives a good sermon, it is not sufficient. You need to receive it well.

Reflect on yourself and become a person of character. We must become one -- one is heart, mind, body and mindset -- and also one with our church leader with absolute faith, love and obedience so that the sacred Heavenly Parent can live within us. We should not have fallen nature. No drinking, smoking or taking drugs, and no looking/touching/eating. Be afraid of public money, including tithing. Also, don't infringe others' hearts. If you speak thoughtlessly, a descendant may be mute. Witness to your family members and church members and offer a tithe of your time. Take pride in the Principle and TPs.

2014 is a difficult year and June, July and August will be difficult internally for our movement. Let's become one! Let's make this culture! Such filial sons and daughters of HParent and TPs I hope you can become. I will close here. Thank you."

God bless, itn, David Carlson

(Taken from the notes of a long-time foreign missionary who attends CP frequently)
Heung Jin Moon 문흥진's photo.
Heung Jin Moon 문흥진's photo.
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