Family Federation for World Peace and Unification - True Mother’s Words at Aloha Reunion

True Mother’s Words at Aloha Reunion

On July 22, True Mother spoke at the opening ceremony of the “2014 Aloha Reunion with True Parents”. This is a currently ongoing workshop for youth and takes place in Hawaii. True Mother is there now, actively speaking, sharing and pouring her heart into the workshop. Here are her words on the opening day:

My message today for you is to become water that spreads out the true love of our Heavenly Parent and the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind. Water is a living substance that is essential to all people, creation and animals, without exception. Right? We may go by without breathing for some time; however, what will happen if we don’t have water? We die. Though water is so precious, it has become polluted; however, we cannot let it kill all living beings, right?

Thanks to True Parents, you are like pure water born from blessed families for the first time in 6,000 years. You are like pure water. All living beings should be delighted with your presence wherever you go. However, we do not enjoy such an environment today. Why is that so? You will learn why through this workshop; you will learn what kind of people True Parents are, what are your responsibilities and mission and the victorious environment that True Parents have achieved until now. You must be able to see it yourself and experience it. You are still growing; hence, I hope you all can nurture big dreams through this workshop period. Do you understand?

True Parents must not only be your True Parents and but also humanity’s. Even though the seven billion people of the fallen world do not know how they ended up in such an environment, their original minds desire to become happy, to find peace and to live a good life. Yet, the reality is that humanity, throughout history, has been cultivating all problems. They are raising those problems. Not a day passes by comfortably. We thought that we would be happy if food was abundant and lived well, but that isn’t the case either. We become discontent. Why is that so?

Originally, we were supposed to grow in accordance to God’s word, and receive God’s blessing. This world, however, could not receive that blessing. The Fall of Adam and Eve, the first ancestors, brought about the dismal human history. God was supposed to become the King of peace and the owner; however, because the world fell under Satan, peace could not reign in the world. When you observe human history, territorial problems, racial problems, religions and the culture developed from the convenience of civilization, these are all causing destruction, right? The only people who can resolve all these problems are True Parents. Only True Parents can do that. Yet, not many people know of True Parents.

This points back to your parents, who received the Holy Marriage Blessing by True Parents, who were supposed to create a wider and bigger environment in front of True Parents, yet—what can we say?—they lacked the ability to do so. As a result, they not have the needed support in all fields. Hence, I would like to entertain great hopes of your big dreams. What do you think? The first thing I did after True Father’s ascension was to organize Father’s teachings. We have accumulated around 600 volumes for the past fifty or so years. Not everyone can read them all, right? 

It is difficult to hold on to all those volumes and read them. It would be difficult to digest the many contents. That is why I have classified the teachings, given titles to them and organized them by level, so that you will be able to easily understand and digest the teachings that True Father gave to raise you into beings that can bring about new changes through the blessing of rebirth; hence, I mobilized all theology experts and am in the process of making three volumes, two of which have already been completed. The last volume is Cham Bu Mo Gyeong. Once these three volumes are completed, all humanity will be able to have access to these teachings, which outline how we were meant to live.

All people need water. Living beings dance wherever there is water. However, we need to be the pure water in this world—pure, untainted and not polluted. The world today, however, has become greatly polluted. As you probably know through the news, this is a season when Korea should be having rain. It is the rainy season in Korea. However, it hasn’t been raining much, and this drought has caused fields and farms to go dry and crack. Human mistakes have caused such phenomenon, and I cannot just helplessly watch this happen as the True Parents. We must all stand up and correct this problem. We must educate people that it is important to restore the environment into the one that God created, a world that has not fallen and one that is pure. This is our responsibility.

Now, when we look at this world, Hawaii can be seen as the most unpolluted island in the world. There are seven islands in Hawaii, and we call this island the Big Island. This is the most unpolluted island. The volcano is still active and exploding underwater. In other words, the island is still growing. It is a growing island. As you observe this amazing nature during the workshop, I hope you can offer sincere gratitude to our Heavenly Parent. As you compare the nature here and that of your countries, please reflect on the field you will study and how you can become leaders that can realize the ideal of the Kingdom of Heaven that our Heavenly Parent originally created, that same beauty within your countries. Please become determined to become like pure water. Family Federation for World Peace and Unification - True Mother’s Words at Aloha Reunion
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