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International Peace Education Center

The Big Picture

In the final years of his life True Father initiated a project in Las Vegas aimed at offering a new vision for peace and human development to world leaders. He sometimes called this vision the “Shining City” project because he hoped it would change the reputation of Las Vegas from “Sin City” to a city of educational enlightenment.

He proposed the realization of a major educational institution where world leaders would be inspired by the worldview of Family Federation and its associated organizations while enjoying the region’s natural wonders such as the Grand Canyon as well as monumental achievements of human ingenuity such as Hoover Dam and Las Vegas itself.

Where We Need Your Help

True Father was filled with the vision to make Las Vegas known as a center of God’s love and truth, not as it is now—a city catering to the physical and selfish desires of human beings. In 2011, he personally directed the purchase of the International Peace Education Center site.

When purchased, the site was a 135,400 square-foot warehouse at 6590 Bermuda Road situated on six acres of land near McCarran International Airport. True Father guided the architects to create a monument in the style and tradition of the Cheong Jeong Gung palace in Korea.

The steel framework is already complete and the roof, framing, and exterior will soon be finished. We are now working hard to complete the project.

Our goal is to raise $5 million and finish construction for in time for a grand opening ceremony in August. All contributors will be listed on the “Giving Tree Wall,” which will be housed in the International Peace Education Center. Your name will also appear on the opening ceremonies program and on our virtual “Giving Tree Wall” on our website. But most importantly, for your contribution, you will receive our eternal gratitude and a sense of ownership of what can and will become one of the most influential buildings in the country.

Grand Opening Ceremony: Fall 2014

When complete, this will be our church’s flagship facility in the United States, as well as an educational, workshop, training and education center for the world. With the steel framework and exterior almost finished we need your help with completing the interior. Here are the various components the facility will feature:

  • Convention Center A large digital sign in the lobby

  • Digital Museum A showcase of True Father’s life as a peace-loving global citizen

  • Restaurant and cafe Serving both attendees and locals.

  • Educational Center A meeting space with 1,200-person capacity

  • Hotel Rooms Temporary rooms for guests attending conventions or conferences at the International Peace Education Center.

The impact of the International Peace Education Center

Though Las Vegas is often viewed as “Sin City,” this city is precious to God because it has the potential to become a thriving center for families seeking entertainment and the riches of ecological wonders nearby.

Las Vegas has changed its vocation from that of a simple vacation getaway to the world’s most popular convention and event venue; every year the city hosts over 21,000 conventions and events. Major corporations hold expos and trade fairs there to show off their newest products, and more than 40 million visitors stop in Las Vegas annually.

True Father saw this as an ideal environment to bring leaders of the developing world for a chance to study the Family Federation and the Universal Peace Federation’s world vision and mingle with people who have the heart to share the prosperity and technology of America with those who have the greatest needs.

How wonderful would it be if Las Vegas was known not as a city where people go to grab money for themselves, but as a place where finance could be harvested for great works such as peace education.

Other Ways You Can Help

  • PRAYER. Never underestimate the power of prayer!
  • SHARE. Please share as much as possible, whether it be on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Emails, or word of mouth!
Thank you all so much for listening to our hearts and partnering with us on this amazing project.
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